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this New Republic battle cruiser was part of the primary fleet stationed at Durren. When Seti Ashgad instigated pirate attacks on Ampliquen during his attempt to gain control of the galaxy with Dzym, the Caelus and the Corbantis were dispatched to Ampliquen. Both ships were infected with the Death Seed plague by Ashgad's agents, and once the crews were killed the ships were disposed on on distant planets. (POT)

this Bothan name was given to newborn females. Translated into Basic, it meant "Springlike." (GCG, WOTC)

this Imperial Moff was one of the most dangerous Imperials to survive the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Empire. He firmly believed he could bring about the downfall of the New Republic and restore the New Order to the galaxy. He began working toward this goal by removing any Republic support from his base sector, starting on the capital world of Rydonni Prime. He employed Rythani Products much the same way Palpatine did, contracting out military manufacturing and research. Caerbellak was a man who was equally adept at shady politics and military offensives, and had no qualms about using either when the need arose. He saw a chance to gain a great deal of power when Rythani began work on a prototype weapon that would help him wipe out supporters of the Republic. When the monarch of Rydonni Prime got in his way, Caerbellak fostered a relationship with his daughter, Kalieva K'ntarr. When Sienn Sconn tried to steal the prototype, Caerbellak allowed the theft to occur just as he killed the Rydonni king. With the help of Kalieva, Caerbellak became the de facto executive of Rythani Products as well as the consort of the ruler of Rydonni Prime. The prototype found its way to the New Republic, and using hidden transmitters, Caerbellak began marking New Republic outposts and research centers for destruction. (SWJ9)

Caet Shrovl
this female Shistavenan Wolfman was an albino, and was one of the pilots in Rock Squadron, serving the Khuiumin Survivors. She served as Rock Ten during the attack on the Galaxy Chance. Her albino coloration meant that she was extremely sensitive to light, and had to fully cover herself to walk around during the day. She considered her albinism the fault of the Empire, for they had experimented on her mother. She joined the Survivors because of their hatred for the Empire. Because of her self-imposed isolation, she was an easy target for Remart Sasyru, who beat her badly before being shipped to Bolt Squadron. She was one of the first Invids to test on the Tri-fighters Corran had equipped with hyperdrives, and she used this training to flee Courkrus when Corran, disguised as an "avenging Jedi," began terrorizing the pirate groups. (IJ)

a stimulating beverage, caf was brewed from the bean of the caf plant, which was native to the planet Garqi. (KT, GORW)

this plant, which was native to the planet Garqi, produced clusters of small beans that were dried and used to brew the stimulating beverage that was also known as caf. (GORW)

this was the name given to those Zeltron courtesans who were trained to fulfill any physical desire a being might have. These Zeltrons were much sought-after in the galaxy, especially by the Hutts. (EGA)

this stimulating beverage, favored on Core Worlds like Stassia, was best served hot. (SESB, SWJ6)

this species of carnivorous, predatory marsupials are the chief threat of the Brubb race. They are native to the planet Baros. (GG4)

this man served the Empire as a Captain, working for Admiral Screed during the capture of the fuel refineries on Biitu. (DCAR)

Caged Animal
this Concealer-class prison ship was used by the Imperial forces in Brak Sector to move prisoners to the Tarok Detention Facility on Bacrana. Moff Lesan Ramier fed false information to the Alliance forces in Brak Sector, through a double agent, that the Caged Animal would be transporting prisoners to Bacrana shortly after Lirisa Casti escaped from Cass Maston. Imperial ships would launch shortly after the Caged Animal and ambush any Alliance ships which tried to take it. Instead of prisoners, the Caged Animal was filled with armed, zero-G stormtroopers who were ordered to capture as many Alliance personnel as possible. (FBS)

Caglio, Jamson
this Imperial Moff was placed in charge of the Bormea Sector during the Galactic Civil War, and was one of Grand Admiral Tigellinus' supporters. (SWJ7, SWJ8, SWJ12)

Caglio, Vastin
this man was the eldest son of Jamson Caglio, and was engaged to be married to Rivoche Tarkin shortly before the Battle of Hoth. He hoped to gain political power by marrying into the Tarkin family, and held no love whatsoever for Rivoche. (SWJ12)

Cahey, Bry
this known scoundrel was a friend of J'an Ane Jinder, and spent a great deal of time on the planet Mrlsst. (WOTC)

one of the Mistryls from Manda D'ulin's team that survived the ambush in Gorno, while they were trying to inspect the Hammertong project. She piloted the Mirage. (TME)

this Ubese criminal was one of many who went to work for Ghez Hokan, when the crimelord took control of the planet Qiilura during the last years of the Old Republic. Cailshh was a reckless individual, however, and often became overzealous while on a mission for Hokan. After needlessly setting fire to a farm, Cailshh was brought before Hokan for questioning. In anger, Hokan took Kast Fulier's lightsaber and decapitated Cailshh, as a warning to the other thugs who worked for him. (RCHC)

Cair Tok Noimm
this New Republic Senator was a member of the Council on Security and Intelligence. During the search for the Teljkon vagabond, she urged the council to continue searching for Lando Calrissian's team after the vagabond escaped near Gmir Askilon. (SOL)

this woman, a spacer and close friend of Melvirre, discovered a wealth of kucha-sculpt art on Terman Station, in a Huttese restaurant. (SSR)

this was one of the largest cities on the planet Seikosha. (POC)

this was one of the larger Rodian clans, living on Rodia during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were bitter enemies of the Reeven clan, and were led into battle by Evo the Blue. However, the Reeven clan had hired the assistance of Nym and his mercenaries, and the Cairns were quickly dispatched. Nym used an illegal thermal detonator to destroy the entire Cairn clan in one vicious blast. (CRBN)

this asteroid served as the base of operations for Galak Fyyar, during the early years of the New Republic. (JK2)

this vicious predator was native to the planet Rentalles. They hunted in packs, and attack with a combination of sharp teeth and long talons. (MBC)

this beast, native to the planet Chandrila, was hunted at the Hanna Wild Game Reserve for its tasty flesh. Resembling a large, hoofed lizard, the cairnmog was covered with bony spikes that served as protection. They could also be extended slightly in a dominance display, when the cairnmog inhaled a great breath and expanded its body to appear more threatening. Like most reptiles, these creatures had to hibernate in the winter. Cairnmogs were not carnivorous, but could be vicious when cornered or attacked. (CCW)

Cairnwick, Drun
this highly charismatic Alliance supporter led much of the resistance in the Minos Cluster during the Galactic Civil War. Cairnwick was training to become a Jedi Knight when the Empire took control of the galaxy. He hid on his homeworld of Adarlon, where he told his neighbors about the atrocities the Empire was committing. This incited the natives of Adarlon to rebel against Imperial control, and brought a group of stormtroopers down on his headquarters. Cairnwick had fled before they arrived, and managed to remain in hiding a few more years before he was eventually captured. He was arrested shortly after the Battle of Yavin, but still managed to rally support for the Alliance on the prison world Gesaril. He managed to rescue a group of Alliance POWs before stormtroopers could discover what had happened and seal the prison. (GG6)

Cairoka bird
white birds native to Alderaan. (CPL)

Caiza Quill
this scheming X'Ting individual served as the regent and leader of his people for many years leading up to the Clone Wars, until he was deposed by G'Mai Duris in a surprising change of fortune. Adding insult to injury, Quill had to be outvoted when Duris suggested that the X'Ting allow Obi-Wan Kenobi to seek out the hidden eggs of their royal line. Descended from a family of the X'Ting assassin clan, Quill failed to earn the respect of his peers, despite the fact that he seemed to work hard to ease the growing dissent among the X'Ting, who had become the workers of choice for Cestus Cybernetics. It was later learned that the labor contracts he negotiated virtually enslaved the X'Ting to the offworld corporate bosses. In this way, Quill had sold out his own people as slaves in order to win contracts that earned him a position on the Five Families, assuming the directorship of mining. Because of this, and because it was feared that he might use the royal eggs hidden beneath the planet's surface as a way to regain favor with the Five Families, Quill was removed from his role as regent. He remained a member of the Five Families, until he could no longer abide by Duris's continued Regency. He challenged her to a duel, but was unprepared for her tactics. Rather than trying to fight, Duris merely stood in front of Quill's posturing, until fear began to crack his own resolve. Ultimately, Quill conceded the duel to Duris, but continued to work to undermine her authority. Later, Quill was killed, along with most members of the Five Families, when the ARC trooper Jangotat infiltrated their secret bunker on the Kibo Plateau and ordered the Nexu to fire on his location. (HIV, TCD)

a Noghri of the clan Eikh'mir, Cakhmaim was assigned to guard Leia Organa Solo's twins during the reign of Grand Admiral Thrawn, five years after the Battle of Endor. Han Solo had decided to participate in the mission to destroy Thrawn's cloning facility on Wayland, and needed someone he could trust to help Leia and Winter protect Jaina and Jacen Solo. Cakhmaim and nine companions were dispatched to Coruscant to fulfill the mission. Cakhmaim's services were called upon some ten years later, just before the Caamas Incident, and continued into the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (TLC, SOP, FH1)

a yellow star which is the primary sun for Tibrin. (GG4)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

this young man was one of the thousands of Jedi Padawans who were thrust into battle during the Clone Wars. Distinguished by his short-cropped blond hair, Cal was the student of Jedi Master Tyffix, who was also killed in battle when Sephi suicide bombers infiltrated their command post. This left Cal and fellow Padawan Pix stranded with only a handful of clone troopers for support. Their call for aid reached Coruscant, and Jedi Master Yoda traveled to Thustra to try and convince King Alaric to remain loyal to the Old Republic. Alaric refused, and had both Yoda and Cal imprisoned until the battle was over. Cal became increasing agitated at Yoda's lack of action, wondering why the Jedi Master refused to take matters into his own hands. Yoda tried to make the youth see the error of his aggressive ways, remembering the charity Cal had as a boy. Cal, however, grew more and more impatient with the diminutive Jedi Master, and was more than willing to listen when Alaric's nephew, Navi, came to speak to him privately. Navi's words further kindled Cal's desire to fight, and he provided the young Jedi with a fabricated escape route. Although he convinced Yoda to follow him, Cal was unable to persuade him to defend himself when the escape route turned out to be a trap. Cal fought valiantly, but was cut down by blaster fire. As he died, Cal cursed Yoda for his lack of action, blaming Yoda for not killing Alaric when he had a chance. Yoda did his best to ease Cal's pain, but could not convince the young student of his errors. (J5)

Cal Ambre
this modified Kumauri Cal-class warship was used as a luxury gambling liner during the height of the New Order. It maintained a permanent orbit in the Bramior System, near Rove and just outside the system's asteroid field. The ship's armament was reduced to a single mass driver weapon, a pair of turbolaser cannons, and six tractor beam projectors. These weapons systems serve more to ensure that no stray asteroids impact the ship than for defense. Much of its internal structure was modified to create quest quarters and casinos, while the hangar bays were extensively reworked to accommodate the small shuttles used by its patrons. The ship was run by a crew of 2,150, with 46 gunners manning the defenses. It could transport up to 9,000 pasengers in luxurious comfort, and remain in orbit for up to three months before needing to be re-supplied. The primary game of chance played aboard the ship is Bombarde, developed specifically for the Cal Ambre. (CRO)

Calabar Queen
this luxury starliner was owned by Imperial Corusca Lines at the height of the New Order. It suddenly exploded as it approached Cadomai, and the Justice Action Network claimed responsibility. (SWJ11)

this was a planet that was located in the Outer Rim. (AEG)

the capital city of the planet Esseles, Calamar was distinguished as a center of high culture in the Darpa Sector. The outskirts were filled with parks, art centers, and schools, and some of the sector's most influential theater and entertainment were based in the city's center. (CRO, CCW)

Calamar Intergalactic Spaceport
this was the largest starport on the planet of Esseles, during the last years of the Old Republic. (E1A2)

Calamar University
an Imperial school located on the planet Esseles. (JASB)

an ocean-covered world with little solid land mass, Calamari was home to two amphibious races: the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. It was a tectonically stable world, without mountains. The planet was covered with deep oceans, with many islands and coral atolls. Much of the exposed land was marshy, and incapable of supporting any kind of civilization. Thus, the two native species turned to building floating cities from the ores mined from the ocean floor. Some parts of the cities were exposed above the ocean's surface, but the majority of the space in Calamarian cities was underwater. Much of the planet's history was written in the civil wars staged between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari, although these wars became little more than skirmishes as both sides lacked the firepower to destroy each other. That all nearly changed with the onset of the Clone Wars, when the Quarren Isolation League threatened to turn the planet over to the Separatists. Only the intervention of Jedi Master Kit Fisto, and his rallying of the Mon Calamari Knights, managed to fend off the Quarren and keep the planet free. However, the resentment between the two races continued to ferment just below the surface. Calamari was also famous for its shipyards, another fact which made the planet a prime target for opposing factions throughout the history of the galaxy. Calamari was orbited by a single moon. Its day lasted about 21 standard hours, and its year spanned 398 local days. In the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, and the death of Borsk Fey'lya, the New Republic's provisional government - led by the newly-elected Chief of State Cal Omas - was established on Calamari. After the surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong near Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance put plans in place to rebuild Coruscant to once again serve as the political center of the galaxy. Because of its remote location, Calamari was returned to the Quarren and the Mon Calamari when the Galactic Alliance chose to make its temporary base on Denon. (ROTJ, DE1, SWSB, GG4, DA, COTF, DESB, DW, OWS, UF)

this New Republic warship, a Mon Calamari MC90 cruiser, was commanded by General Ceousa during the attack on the planet Almania. (TNR)

Calamari Cafe
located on the Bazaar Deck of the Kuari Princess, this restaurant caters to Mon Calamari tastes. (RM)

Calamari Xinphar
a drink favored by Ibtisam. Nrin Vakil remembered that Ibtisam had ordered one shortly after the Battle of Brentaal. (XWM)

this was the native language of the Mon Calamari people. (EGP)

Calamarian Council
see Mon Calamari Council (GORW)

Calamarian Knowledge Bank
a group of giant bivalve shell creatures which inhabit the Calamari oceans, they are in effect giant brains capable of storing incredible amounts of information. They listen to the daily life of the creatures around them - accumulated from a network of small, non-sentient creatures that mindlessly collect data from the Mon Cals and the Quarren - and store the data for later use. The Mon Cals and the Quarren can petition the banks for information at any time. (DA, JASB)

Calamarian Minisub
a small, submersible vehicle used by the Mon Calamari to patrol the oceans of Calamari. (GDV)

Calamarian Tanker
a cargo ship built at the Mon Calamari shipyards. (ROTJN)

Calamarian Water
this filtered water was produced from the oceans of the planet Calamari, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FH1)

Calamasthon Defiance
this group of environmental terrorists was active during the decade leading up to the Battle of Geonosis and the Clone Wars. (BH)

Calamity Season
this was the term used by the Advozsec to describe any series of natural disasters that occurred in proximity to one another. The length of a calamity season was variable, and there was no set point in Riflor's year when it occurred. The start and end of a given calamity season were simply makred by the end and beginning of calm periods. (GMR4)

Calandra, Annora
this woman was an auditor with the Mining Guild, at the height of the New Order. This meant that she spent most her time traveling to member companies and collecting their membership fees. However, she found that her position as auditor meant that she was simply at the beck and call of her superiors, who demanded that they remain outside any Imperial entanglements. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, she established a coalition of individuals who agreed to work with House Melantha to force the Empire out of Tapani Sector. She only went along with Vaskel Savill's plans because they furthered her own, but she was unaware that Savill planned to eliminate her after the destruction of the Imperial torpedo sphere near Tallaan. After her participating in the annual Vor-cal, it was revealed that Annora was also representing the Nok Cartel and several members of The Chamber, who were also funding the mission to destroy the torpedo sphere but wanted to remain anonymous. (LOE)

this plant was grown for its wonderful-tasting seeds. When dried and lightly salted, calarantrum seeds were the perfect accompaniment to salads and vegetarian dishes. (HNN5)

a small, Outer Rim weapons manufacturer, Calban was based on the planet Calabosh-2. When it openly courted the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, Calban found itself quickly subjugated and nationalized by the Empire. Much of its assets were placed under the control of Imperial Munitions. Note that this corporation is referred to as Caliban in the Arms and Equipment Guide. (GG9, AEG)

Calcified Lichens
this unusual musical group was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic. (CCW)

this form of Yuuzhan Vong biocreation was used to implant yorik coral into the body of an enslaved being. The calcifier had speciallized limbs which allowed it to cut into flesh. Then, it would actually break off pieces of itself and place them inside the victim's body. Over time, these implants of yorik coral crippled the victim and rendered them helpless. (JE)

Cal-class Warship
an Old Republic warship, the Cal-class ship measured 3,000 meters in length. It was armed with a huge mass drive weapon mounted atop the main hull, as well as early turbolaser emplacements and tractor beams. Its design was based on the original Kumauri Battleship, but was rendered obsolete with the advent of full-ship shielding and the advancement of turbolaser technology. (CRO)

one of Kud'ar Mub'at's organic subnodes, Calculator was created to determine any number of mathematical outcomes. Calculator could provide data on how quickly a ship would arrive at the web, once it had been spotted. It could also be used to determine the odds of a certain event happening. However, Calculator was not involved in the maintenance of Mub'at's finances. This was left to the treacherous Balancesheet. (MA)

this providence of the planet Lianna was involved in the last great independence war recorded on the planet, attempting to free Lianna from the control of the Kingdom of Barseg. Nothing remains of the providence or the society that lived there. (ML)

Calder, Noble
this Imperial Navy Lieutenant served aboard the Aremin during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5)

Caldera Righim
this male Talz was known as a pacifist during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War, and lived on the planet Tatooine. He was a personal friend of Wuher, and spent much of his free time in the Mos Eisley cantina. (CCG12)

Caldera's Crest
this group of guerrilla fighters was noted for its resistance to Imperial control on the planet New Bornalex, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GORW)

this heavily-muscled Imperial Major was a security warden aboard the first Death Star. He began his career as a security guard on Odik II, and was promoted to the position of warden on Despayre, where he came under the watchful eye of Grand Moff Tarkin. (DSTC)

Caldoni System
this population of this star system was nearly wiped out by the Tendor Virus, until a cure was discovered by Jenna Zan Arbor more than twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (EVE)

Caldrahlsen Mechanicals
this corporation produced third-degree droids, specializing in litigation automata used by law enforcement agencies as well as the Empire. Their corporate headquarters were on Esseles. (FOP)

this ancient Jedi Knight was once part of the terentatek-hunting team that was led by Duron Qel-Droma and his partners, Guun Han Saresh and Shaela Nuur, during the years of the Great Hunt. He was injured on a terentetak hunt on Taooine, and was therefore unable to accompany his teammates on their fateful missions to Korriban and Kashyyyk. (T23)

this was the word used to describe the monarchy of the Viska people. The position is held for life, and was inherited by birth. However, the older Viska didn't automatically inherit the throne. All of the previous caleisk's offspring were forced to battle each other, and the survivor was named the new caleisk. (PG1)

this planet was known for its moons, which were covered in deserts that were baked by the system's nearby sun. (FH1)

Calfta Bongi
this Aqualish was the head nurse on board the Kuari Princess during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (RM)

this was the native language of the human population of the planet Shiva IV. (MC53)

this was the term used to describe the human population of the planet Shiva IV. They were distinguished by their red-tanned skin and their fiery emotions, which blossomed into a full-blow battle madness when they fought in wars. (SWDB)

Calian Confederacy
this was the name used by the human population of Shiva IV to describe their alliance. The Calian Confederacy stood opposite the Twelve Tribes of T'Syriel for many generations, locked in a ceaseless civil war until Keral Longknife and Aron Peacebringer united the two peoples, sometime before the Battle of Hoth. The humans of the Calian Confederacy were known for their battle strength, a kind of physical reaction to combat that made them more ferocious as the battle grew more intense. (MC53)

see Calban (AEG)

this humanoid race is characterized their bushy manes and strong wings. Their wings end in prehensile feathers. They have short tails that twitch whenthey're nervous or agitated. It is generally believed that the Calibops are all talk and no action, and prefer to discuss a potentially dangerous or hostile situation rather than actually doing something about it. (SOP, VOF)

Calif City
this is the capital city of the planet Dentaal. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the city's population was decimated by the Empire, which introduced disease-ridden Candroidan hookworms into a shipment of cloth bound for the city's factories. Once the cloth was made into clothing, the hookworms infected the population with Candroidan Plague, and wiped the population out in a mere three weeks. (SWJ5, TBSB)

Calimondo Plateau
this was the highest point of land on the planet Gorsh. (PG1)

Calin Industries
this was the name of the corporation founded by Hoot Calin, during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War. Many of Calin's technologies for protective plating were put into production by Calin Industries. Much of their initial work was based on construction droids, but the corporation soon discovered that higher profit margins could be made with military models. (KOTOR)

Calin, Hoot
this noted engineer and founded of Calin Industries developed a form of protective plating that relied on better manufacturing processes, rather than exotic alloys, to protect a droid. His work was done primarily on the planet Taris, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this gas giant is the fifth and outermost planet of the Faarlsun System. It has twelve moons. (WBC)

this planet, located in Tapani Sector, was the capital world of House Calipsa. It was a plain, brown world from space, with little natural vegetation. However, Calipsa was rich in natural ores, and mining operations dominated its surface. This left the planet covered with air-borne pollution, contributing to its orbital appearance. (PGT, LOE)

Calipsa Run
this minor hyperspace route connected the provinces of Calipsa and Mecetti to the Procopian Shipping Lane. (LOE)

a Ripoblus escort shuttle working with the Berono during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was the third moon of the planet Savrant, in the Bacrana System. During the height of the New Order, a surveillance post was established on Calito by the renegade Bacrana System Defense Force. (FBS)

this was the short name for the city of Calius saj Leeloo, found on the planet Berchest. (TLC)

Calius saj Leeloo
this city, found on the planet Berchest, was known as The City of Glowing Crystal. It was named for the way in which the city was carved from the incredibly beautiful crystal formations that grew from the millennia-oldcondensation of saline spray from the Leefari Sea. The reddish water was, over thousands of years, deposited in such quantity that it created the large crystal structures. Artisans and the population further sculpted and refined the crystals to make the city more beautiful. (TLC)

this male Jedi was part of the security force that protected the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, some nine years before the Battle of Naboo. (TTB)

Calk Fen
one of Jabba the Hutt's accountants, Fen was responsible for maintaining the file on Han Solo's debt, which totaled 224,190 credits when Jabba was killed on Tatooine. (MTS)

Calkin, Rip
known as "Iron One" in the sport of smashball, Calkin was one of the few players to ever score 700. (POT)

this tree only grew on the highest plateau of the planet Kegan. (FFT)

Callamvor Hotel
this hotel was located in Storrd Township, on the planet Seregar. (ND)

this woman, a native of Tilam City on the planet Pendal, was the leader and founder of the Granse Confederacy. A former "advisor" to a Kuat Drive yards executive, she was employed to assassinate any rivals to the executive's position, both within and outside KDY's corporate ranks. Rumor held that she simply walked away from her last mission, to join her cousin Zayl Braith in order to work as a freelance assassin. The KDY executive sent five bounty hunters to kill her, but she eliminated them all and sent them back to the executive in a series of small freight cubicles. They founded the Granse Confederacy, and earned a spot on the Alliance's most wanted list by striking at several installations and nearly wiping out a large number of Alliance and civilian personnel. For an unknown reason, Callandir had a deep-seated desire to kill Alton Lochner, and many within the Alliance theorized that the Granse Confederacy was formed to ensure his death. (AIR)

Callat, Follnor
this man was a native of Alsakan, and was trained as a xenoarchaeologist during the years of the New Order. He grew up as a Core Worlds snob, and remained disdainful of non-Core planets and races as he matured into an adult. Despite his chosen field of study, Callat deplored the "miserable conditions" of the remote locations he explored, no matter where his travels took him. Doctor Callat once held a professorial position with the University of Rudrig, but was expelled when he was linked to several criminal organizations. He was stripped of tenure at the University of Sanbra, and was dismissed from the Prime Campus of Shafr Center. Several warrants for his arrest led to many of these firings, based on his flagrant disregard for local laws and his penchant for raiding the digs of other archaeologists. He was also wanted by the Iotran Antiquities Enforcement agency in connection with several thefts of Iotran artifacts, and was connected to a number of other unsavory archaeological activities. After the Battle of Endor, he used his less-scrupulous contacts to put together a party to search out the Alsakan version of the Tessent. Among the team members was a Blood Carver and the Mandalorian warrior Fenn Shysa, all of whom set out with Doctor Callat from a base on Ast Kikorie. From Ast Kikorie, he had created a network of informants who gathered all rumors of the Tessent's location, which he used to begin his own search. (GMR9)

another name for an owner, it is a handheld device which transmists a summoning signal to a droid's restraining bolt. The signal compels the droid to return to its home base. (SWN)

Callia Sector
this area of the galaxy was located on the edge of the Inner Rim, near Hutt Space. (DM106)

this upscale restaurant, located in Equator City on Rodia, catered to those beings who enjoyed Kubaz cuisine. (SESB)

this antiques shop was located aboard the luxury liner Cal Ambre. It was owned and operated by Retter Lewis, and specialized in rare and unusual religious artifacts. The shop had two levels: one which catered to the casual window-shopper, and a restricted upper level for serious buyers. Prices weren't posted on any artifact, under the assumption that if a being had to ask the price, then they couldn't afford it anyway. (CRO, SWJ4)

this man served as an accountant, in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (FTD)

Calline I
this ball of searing rock was the innermost planet of the Calline System. Orbiting close to the system's yellow-orange star, Calline I was believed to have a wealth of metal and mineral resources, but its harsh environment made it too dangerous to mine. (RESB)

Calline II
this planet, the second world in the Calline System, was tide-locked in its orbit around the system's yellow-orange star. The thin line of habitable region along the terminator was scouted as a possible location for an Alliance base, and the team discovered a vast network of underground tunnels and caves, probably the result of prior seismic activity. Unfortunately for the Alliance team, they found that the planet had already been settled by a group of smugglers. The Alliance team tried to negotiate with the smugglers, but an agreement could not be reached. (RESB)

Calline III
this gas giant was the third, and outermost, planet in the Calline System. The planet had no natural satellites, and its atmosphere lacked any profitable gases. (RESB)

Calling of Life
this was the term used by the Tarasin race to describe the strange dreams and visions that compelled the elders of the various tribes to meet in a vurgat. Many considered the Call of Life to have been the workings of the Force. (LFCW)

this Red Nikto was Skahtul's principle partner during the hunt for Luke Skywalker. He and a band of mercenaries from the Klatooinan Trade Guild agreed to join the Barabel in return for a portion of the bounty. He planned to have Skahtul and her Barabels conveniently eliminated during the struggle on Kothlis, and told his mercenaries to fire at Skahtul's men instead of Skywalker's forces. Skahtul found out and ambushed Calliose, capturing him and bringing him back to the Klatooinan Guild for a bounty on his own head. (SESB)

see Ming, Callista (COJ, DS, POT, SWJ14)

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