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this was one of several Duros-commanded warships which made up the Galactic Alliance's meager naval fleet, during the last stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Coriolis was one of many ships assigned to General Wedge Antilles and the task force dispatched to the Duro System. Unknown to Commander Col was that the task force was not sent to recapture Duro, but to eliminate as much of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet stationed there as possible. Col believed that Antilles was going to simply let Duro remain under Yuuzhan Vong control, and broke formation. Led by the Dpso, all the Duros warships tried to attack the Yuuzhan Vong on their own. However, they were no match for the amassed firepower of the alien invaders. The Coriolis and the other Duros ships were destroyed in just under three hours. (FP)

Corix Venne
this Bith musician worked in Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic, and attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace which was won by Anakin Skywalker. (YJC6)

this planet was located in the Kathol Sector ofthe galaxy, just off the Trition Trade Route from Kolatill and Charis. A marginally habitabel planet that was rich with metals and ores, Corjain was extensively mined by a number of corporations. Several small communities of non-humans grew up around the mines, and the Bothans established a listening post on the planet early in the New Republic. (DARK)

Corkscrew, The
this ancient, winding riverbed was located at the end of Jett's Chute, and emptied onto the Hutt Flats, on the planet Tatooine. (IWE1)

this planet's history is full of pirates who plied not only the spacelanes but the planet's oceanic shipping lanes. (SWJ5)

Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were spotted at the corner of Corlioon and Regisine, in the captial city of the planet Bastion, during their search for a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

Corlissi Ludar
this Sluissi represented his homeworld in the Old Republic Senate, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Senator Ludar was one of many beings who convinced their homeworld to secede from the Republic, joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (HNN4)

this city, the capital of the planet Brentaal, was the business center of the Brentaal League of Guilds. It was located on a salt flat between the Suporro Sea and the Gravaal Mountains. (SWJ7, SWJ14, CCW)

Cormond Museum of Arts
this noted museum was located in the capital city of Cormond, on the planet Brentaal. (HNN4)

this independent spacer was a friendly rival of Dharus, who often submitted data to Cynabar's Droid Datalog. It was Cormun who reported on the use of an 850.AA maintenance droid in the destruction of a city on Kothlis. (SWJ14, FTD)

Corneli, Micja
this man was a member of the Friends of the Slungerhounds, and vocally opposed the ban on the creatures as pets which was instituted by the Empire. (SWJ10)

Cornesian Wax
this was a thick, gummy form of wax that was used to protect wood during the last decades of the Old Republic. (BH)

Cornin, Ala
this female New Republic Senator was rescued from Imperial forces on the planet Gacerian. (PG2)

this coastal settlement was the capital city of the moon Pydyr, in the Almanian System. (EGP)

Corodex Snare
this slaver's snare gun was produced by Thalaxxian during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Coromon Aure
this was one of the many islands that made up the Coromon Islands chain, on the planet Fresia. (CCW)

Coromon Besh
this was one of the many islands that made up the Coromon Islands chain, on the planet Fresia. It was on this island that many of the Incom Industries employees made tehir homes. (CCW)

Coromon Headhunter
this vicious predator was native to the planet Fresia. It was a quadripedal beast with unusual, reverse-jointed legs which ended with heavily-clawed feet. The whip-like tail of the headhunter was used for both offense and defense, and its neck was protected by heavy scales. A colorful frill surrounded its long snout, and a row of pointed fangs ringed its lower jaw. The lairs of individual headhunters were littered with the skulls of its victims, as these were the only parts of its prey that the headhunter would not consume. (WOTC, CCW)

Coromon Island
see Prime Coromon (CCW)

Coromon Islands
located on Fresia, the Coromon Islands were found in the northern hemisphere of the planet, just west of the ViGureni continent. It was in these islands, on Prime Coromon, that Incom Industries built their headquarters. (RPG, CCW)

C'Oron Bel
this two-meter-long aquatic predator was native to the oceans and seas of Goroth Prime. Like most aquatic beasts found on the planet, the c'oron bel - also known as Silverjaw - could breathe air for short periods of time. Their long, tapered bodies were designed for speed, and their elongated jaws were filled with sharp teeth. Like reptiles, the c'oron bel could unhinge its jaws in order to swallow prey much larger than its own head. (GSE)

a suburb of Coronet, on the planet Corellia. (AC)

Zeen Afit's clunky old freighter. (THG)

this Corona-class frigate was the first of its kind manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, and saw duty in the Core Worlds for the New Republic. (CTD)

Corona Footwear Company
the company which manufactures boots and shoes for the Corellian Defense Force. (AC)

Corona House
the governor-general's residence in Coronet, it is a 20-story building. The governor-general's offices are on the 6th floor; a landing platform is located on the roof. (AC)

Corona Limited
this Mobquet luxury groundspeeder measures 10 meters in length, and has room for up to 6 passengers. It is available in 500 colors that span various visible spectra (many are undetectable to humans), although black is the most popular. (CSA)

Corona Sailor
this was generally considered the toughest breed of star pilots, regularly flying research and mining ships into the coronae of stars. (LTA3, MC51)

Corona-class Frigate
this was one of the earliest starship designs approved by the New Republic, although it saw limited production. It is not considered one of the new class of ships produced for the Fifth Battle Group, such as the Sacheen-class escort frigate. Built by Kuat Drive Yards, it was modeled after the KDY Nebulon-B frigate, and was designed to carry up to three squadrons up starfighters into battle. The Corona-class frigate measured 275 meters in length, required a crew of 782 with 56 gunners, and could transport up to 80 troops. They were hyperspace-capable, and were armed with 10 turbolaser cannons, 10 laser cannons, 4 ion cannons, and a pair of tractor beam projectors. (BTS, CTD)

Corona-class Transport
manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, these 28.4-meter ships could hold up to 80 metric tons of cargo and could accommodate up to six passengers. Manned by three crewmen, the Corona-class had minimal hyperdrive and shield capabilities. These ships were armed with a single laser cannon. The Corona-class was Kuat's attempt to compete with the Corellian Engineering YT-series, but it was generally regarded as overpriced and underpowered for its class. (SN, PP)

this planet was the site of an Imperial Intelligence center during the Galactic Civil War. (SH)

this was a small weapons manufacturer which produced snare guns, pulse rifles and other blasters during the Galactic Civil War. Note that this corporation is sometimes referred to as Corondex. (GG10, GG11)

the capital city of the planet Corellia, it contains a number of small buildings surrounded by large parks, plazas, and open areas. The beauty of the city is offset somewhat by its run-down spaceport. It was in this spaceport that Han Solo was abandoned as a child, and later "rescued" by Garris Shrike. The city is known for its gleaming towers and graceful domes. (AC, TPS)

this Old Republic Acclamator-class assault transport was one of the many ships that were destroyed at Duro, during the height of the Clone Wars, when the Separatist forces in the system launched Operation Durge's Lance. (SWI74)

Coronet Cantina
this noisy, crowded cantina was located in Coronet, on the planet Corellia, during the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

Coronet City Museum of Fine Art
located in Coronet, on Corellia, this museum had a collection of Venthan Chassu's works. Corran Horn's mother volunteered much of her free time to the museum. (TFE)

Coronet City Zoological and Botanical Gardens
one of the many beautiful museums and gardens found on Corellia, this establishment was the best of the best. They were very supportive of the wondrous work Rostek Horn did with his flowers, and supplied him bantha dung and other commodities in return for his specimens. (IJ)

Corosian Phoenix
this fantasically beautiful avian was sometimes kept as a pet. (TCD)

a planet. (YDR)

this immense Hutt ran his criminal empire from a base on Ord Mantell, during the centuries leading up to the Battle of Naboo. It was said that the only two things Corpo cared about were gambling and food. Corpo was killed when, in a violent rage, he struck his cooking droid MREM-02. The huge droid toppled over, squashing Corpo into a pulp. (T7)

this term was used in the business world to describe the unfailing loyalty and devotion to one's corporation. In simple terms, corporata was the belief that one's corporate "family" was the only family one would ever need. (SWJ3)

Corporate Alliance
this was the name given to the alliance between the Old Republic and Corporate Sector, allowing the Corporate Sector Authority a large amount of latitude in which to conduct its business. Based on the planet Lethe, the Corporate Alliance was established for many reasons: to serve as the negotiating body for many of the galaxy's largest corporations and businesses, as well as to regulate the sales and distribution methods of these corporations. The Alliance was eventually allowed to arm its own battleships in order to protect its interests, thereby allowing the Republic to use its military forces elsewhere. The Corporate Alliance, like the Trade Federation, also developed its own droid army, in an effort to protect its ground-based assets. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, the Corporate Alliance - led by Passel Argente - wiped out a computer espionage training facility on Yirt-4138-Grek-12. It was believed that the Corporate Alliance was a supporter of Count Dooku and the Separatists, a rumor which was borne out during the Battle of Geonosis. During the battle, the droid forces of the Corporate Alliance were merged with those of the Trade Federation. This combined army would have overwhelmed the 100 or so Jedi Knights who traveled to Geonosis, but they were no match for the vast army of clone troopers brought to the planet by Yoda. (COD, HNN4, AOTCN, VD2, SWDB)

Corporate Complexes
this was the name given by the Saurton to the territories which were controlled by the various mining consortiums which worked on the planet Essowyn. Each complex was established to give a specific corporation complete control over the territory's resources. (PG1)

Corporate Relief Fund
this was a financial relief fund established by the Corporate Sector Authority, in order to provide pensions or other monetary sources for planets within the Corporate Sector that needed help with their planetary economies. (TF)

Corporate Sector
this area of the galaxy originally was set aside by the Old Republic for corporations to use for mining raw materials, several centuries before the Galactic Civil War. It was created after the experiment at corporate control in the Expansion Region failed. Several hundred systems - all supposedly devoid of intelligent life, according to extensive neutrino research - made up the original Expansion Region Corporate Sector, and corporations could purchase the use of entire systems under the watchful eye of the Republic. Huge corporations began moving into the area, hoping to acquire a piece of the huge profits it was generating. Thus, the Corporate Sector was more of a huge corporation than a political area of the galaxy. The corporate executives were bound by the Old Republic's Senate until Emperor Palpatine rose to power. Under the New Order, executives convinced the Emperor to expand the Corporate Sector to include nearly 30,000 star systems. Eleven new intelligent species were discovered, but their existence was kept secret by the power-hungry corporations. The executives agreed to pay Palpatine a percentage of their corporate profits if he would allow them to manage the sector by themselves, to which Palpatine agreed. Thus was born the Corporate Sector Authority and the CSA Security Police force. The current Corporate Sector was bordered by the Aparo and Wyl Sectors. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, much of the pathway known as Vector Prime traveled through the Corporate Sector, and planets such as Brigia and Ruuria were overrun as the Yuuzhan Vong moved toward the Core. (HSE, CSA, HT, HG)

Corporate Sector Authority
this was the name of the conglomerate chartered to exploit the natural resources of the worlds in what would later be called the Corporate Sector. Before the Authority was first set up, the Old Republic set aside a group of systems in the Expansion Region for and experiment in corporate control, several centuries before the Galactic Civil War. The profits were enormous, but the internal corporate chafing at Republic regulations led to mismanagement and abuse of the planets and their inhabitants. The various worlds encompassed by the experiment began to experience civil revolts at the corporational misuse, and the Old Republic ordered the Senate to take control of the Sector. In order to placate the corporations who balked at the new control mechanisms, the Old Republic created the Corporate Sector and the Corporate Sector Authority. The Authority was made up of several Signatory Sponsors, Contributing Sponsors, Additional Voting Sponsors, and Non-voting Contributing Sponsors. Each of the fifty-five voting sponsors was allowed to elect one delegate to the Authority's Direx Board. The Direx Board was overseen by the ExO, an Authority figure chosen from outside the ranks of the voting sponsors. The Authority, at this point, had control of several star systems that were devoid of life. When Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order, the corporate executives petitioned him to allow them direct control over sector resources. Palpatine agreed, in return for a portion of their corporate profits. In theory, the Corporate Sector Authority then owned everything in the Corporate Sector, and was in charge of mining it, guarding it, and using it. The Authority often used slave labor or other forced-labor to obtain the materials from their sources. It was believed that the CSA enslaved as many as eleven indigenous races which lived on the planets that were assigned to the Corporate Sector. The CSA even set up a number of scams in which entire races were duped into coming to the Sector for vast fortunes, only to be permanently indentured to the Authority. In order to preserve its autonomy, the CSA began secretly rounding up dissidents and rebellious individual during the early years of the New Order, in an effort to quell any public unrest that resulted from its unscrupulous actions. The prison facility at Stars' End held many of these prisoners, until the facility was destroyed by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Like the Old Republic that created it, the Corporate Sector began to crumble from within shortly afterward, as many employees abused their powers and spent credits without control. These extensive debts eventually forced the Direx Board to limit immigration and force new agents to sign contracts of financial responsibility. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the CSA's executive body chose to ignore the New Republic's mandates and cut their own deal with the Yuuzhan Vong. This ensured that the Corproate Sector would be spared any invasions, while providing assistance in rounding up any Jedi Knights who were in the sector. (HSE, CSA, RESB, EOV, HG)

Corporate Sector Authority Institute of Technology
this was the foremost educational facility sponsored by the CSA, during the height of the New Order. (FTD)

Corporate Sector Contract Standard
this is a language used by many businessbeings who work in the Corporate Sector. (TT)

Corporate-class Modular Unit
developed by Loronar, this station construction module was extermemly popular with colonists and scouts. Desgined to provide a high-level of protection in extreme environmental conditions, the Corporate-class unit could be configured for use in any number of ways, since each section provided its own life support, power, food, and water. (HAS)

Corporation Wing
part of the Bakur Complex, where the Prime Minister's offices are located. (TB)

Corporations Road
this wide roadway was located in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. It connected the Straight Street with Dune Street, and was the site of the city's primary business and government offices. (IWST)

Corps Commander
this was the designation of the war-robot in charge of defending the Queen of Ranroon on Dellalt. The Corps Commander controlled the other war-robots in the Guardian Corps, which was under orders to await the return of the High Command and defend the Queen of Ranroon until her contents could be placed in Xim the Despot's vaults on Dellalt. Although the Corps Commander was in charge of the entire Guardian Corps, it received its orders from the Survivors. Several years before the Battle of Yavin, the Corps Commander was called to duty to protect the Queen of Ranroon from the mining operations of J'uoch and R'all. The entire Guardian Corps marched on the miners, obliterating their entire operation. The only survivors of the attack were Han Solo, his companions, and Gallandro. Solo's group managed to reach a barracks on the other side of a bridge, and the Corps Commander ordered the Guardian Corps to cross the bridge and destroy the barracks. Bollux and Blue Max, however, had anticipated this final assault, and arranged to destroy the bridge as soon as the entire Guardian Corps was on it. The two droids were able to communicate with the Corps Commander, and ordered him to increase the marching paces of the war-robots until their footfalls set up a harmonic tremor that shook the bridge to pieces. In the destruction that ensued, the Corps Commander and the rest of the war-robots were smashed when they fell from the bridge. (HSL)

this swiftly-growing fungus was native to the planet Haruun Kal, and was named for the fact that it attacked dying bodies in order to feed. (SHPT)

this disgusting Corellian insect is named for the fact that they swarm to a carcass and consume it minutes, all the while excreting a noxious effluvia. (THG)

this was the name of Pors Tonith's flagship. (JT)

native to the planet Altawar, the Corragut - like the Frozians and Nosaurians - were a client species of the Corellians. (CCW)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

Correlidyne Visuals
see Corellidyne Holographics (NEGW)

see Corellia (MC100)

this gas giant is the fourth world orbiting the Outlier System star of Sacor. It has twelve moons. (CTD)

Cor'ric Sector
this area of the galaxy is located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

Corridan System
this planetary system, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was defended by the Black Sword Command during the Imperial Civil War. It was located in the Rim Territories. (BTS)

Corridor 6
where Luke and Lando intercept Niles Ferrier at Sluis Van Central. (DFR)

Corridor Ghoul
one of the mutated creatures that evolved under Imperial City on Coruscant, the corridor ghouls were discovered by agents of the NRI when they went looking for underground structures to use as safe rooms. They left the ghouls alone, for the most part, using them as a form of natural defense against intruders. The ghouls are four-legged creatures that stand about a meter tall. They have pale skin, large ears, long teeth, and no eyes. They use their ears, in concert with a series of high-pitched screams, to echo-locate their prey. (AS)

Corridor, The
a smuggler's access to the surface of Belsavis, The Corridor consisted of an atmospherically-stable portion of Belsavis' southern hemishpere. Smuggling ships entered low-orbit through this hole, and then landed on the ice, away from the volcanic vents and rifts. A series of tunnels led from the 10-12 remote landing pads to various parts of the domed valleys. Nubblyk perfected the tunnnels during his tenure as town boss of Plawal. (COJ)

a race of tiger-like creatures found on the Forest Moon of Endor. These creatures took in Asha, when she was a child, and raised her to be a fierce warrior. (ECAR, EGC)

this man was a friend of Chessa's, and was based on the planet Kelada. Corros was also a General with the Alliance, and was known as the man who recruited Dirk Harkness into the Alliance, shortly after Chessa's death. (SWJ1)

Corrosion Slug
this species of mollusk exudes a corrosive slime as it moves. (CSW)

a planet. (TOJC)

this Trandoshan male worked for Nolaa Tarkona during the latter days of the Diversity Alliance. When the New Republic sent a delegation to Ryloth to investigate the Alliance's true goals, a struggle broke out among the various factions of Jedi Knights and aliens. In a battle with Lowbacca, Corrsk managed to injure the young Wookiee during his escape from Ryloth. However, Corrsk was unprepared when Lowbacca maneuvered him into an airlock. The young Wookiee locked Corrsk into the airlock, then vented the airlock into space. Corrsk died of explosive decompression shortly afterward. (TEP)

this Victory-II class Star Destroyer was part of the fleet commanded by Ysanne Isard shortly after the battle of Endor. It was commanded by Ait Convarion. Isard used it to protect the planet Thyferra, along with the Lusankya, Avarice, and Virulence, during her short reign there. The Star Destroyer was sent to intercept Rogue Squadron when they took control of a bacta convoy led by the Xucphra Alazhi, and was forced to destroy the freighter. As punishment, Isard sent the Corrupter to destroy the settlement on Halanit. It later went to Alderaan to intercept the Rogues there, with the assistance of the Aggregator, but was completely disabled by the sudden appearance of the Valiant. It drifted into the asteroids that used to be Alderaan and was destroyed. (BW)

this Imperial-II class Star Destroyer was part of the Empire's fleet, just before the Battle of Endor. The Alliance disrupted the resupplying of this ship in order to force it to withdraw from battle until it could be brought back up to working order. (XWA)

Corsail, Rake
this pirate was the leader of a group which made regular runs to Questal during the Galactic Civil War, but were captured and imprisoned by Moff Bandor. His group was swindled by a shady docking supervisor, and couldn't pay their fees when the Empire took control. They were imprisoned as examples. They were eventually freed by the group of Alliance agents that rescued Tiree. (GCQ)

a fast ship developed by Incom. (TME)

this Alliance X-Wing pilot was stationed as Edan Base, and was part of the air support which allowed the Alliance to abandon the base when the Empire attacked it, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (IAG)

Corsair Squadron
one of the two starfighter squadrons the New Republic relied heavily on when Rogue Squadron resigned its commission to fight the Bacta War, along with Gauntlet Squadron. These X-Wings were later assigned to the Mon Karren, during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. (WS, SOC)

Corsair-class cruiser
this 18-meter heavy assault starfighter was built by SoroSuub. It was armed with two turbolaser batteries and a pair of ion cannons. (GG9)

this Ghtroc 720 freighter was owned by Grumme Vinn, and had been in his family for years. It was originally purchased as a smuggling ship, but Grumme Vinn worked hard to make a living as an honest trader. (PSG)

see Corellian Security Force (HG)

CorSec Plaza
the address of the large complex owned and operated by the Corellian Security Force. (IJ)

CorSec Wing
this area of space, located near the Corellian System, was regularly patrolled by both the Alliance and the Corellia Security Force during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Any Imperial ships caught in the CorSec Wing were summarily destroyed. (SWGAL)

Corsignis Property Alliance
this group of economic investors, led by Deniv Corsignis, tried to obtain control of the spaceports on the moon Pinett, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Opposing Corsignis was the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group, which did not want an off-world group controlling the ports at Oscum and Beliarr. Both parties decided that the only way to force the other to accede was to blockade Pinett, so starships from both groups patrolled the space around Pinett, hoping to shoot down each other's transports. Eventually, the Pinett Freedom Force provided a way for the two groups of resolve their differences and come to an agreement on how to manage the development of Pinett's spaceports. (WOA25)

a planet located in the Greater Plooriod Cluster. It was a planet known for its devotion to life, but it was subjugated by the Empire and occupied during the Galactic Civil War. It was also the site of famous swoop races. According to Rebellion, Corsin is located in Sesswenna Sector. (MTS, REB)

this amphibious creature was native to the Lesser Firagh Peninsula, on the planet Thonner. (GMR9)

Corsit-puzzle Tree
this tree, native to the Lesser Firagh Peninsula on the planet Thonner, was named for the fact that its trunk was covered with thick spikes that often impaled the amphibious corsits that tried to climb it. (GMR9)

a forest world Han Solo visited, during his service with the Alliance. (TLC)

Cort, Farl
this man was one of the leaders of the settlement on Halanit, shortly before it was destroyed for accepting bacta from Rogue Squadron. A short, balding man, Farl was greatly concerned with the outbreak of a disease which resembled the Cardooine Chills. When Gavin Darklighter escaped from the Corrupter and made it back to Halanit, Cort befriended him and helped him get Gavin's X-Wing repaired. However, when the Corrupter attacked Halanit in retaliation for taking bacta from the Rogue, Cort was among the huge loss of life at the hands of the Thyferran Home Defense Corps. (BW)

a season on Zalso. (SWJ4)

see Cartao (TCD)

this obscure planet was ruled by a monarchy during the last decades of the Old Republic. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi pretended to be the king and queen of Cortella when they tried to infiltrate the Leadership School on Andara, in an effort to locate their Padawans, Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin. (JQ5)

Corteone Ocean
this large body of water, located on the planet Talus, formed one border of Qaestar Town. (CCW)

this was the term used by the Yuuzhan Vong Shapers to describe a section of the Qang Qahsa, wherein specific levels of knowledge were stored. Each cortex was supposedly delivered to the first Supreme Overlord by the gods themselves, in the Before-Time of Yuuzhan Vong history. There were five cortexes that were open to any member of the Shapers caste. Two additional, inner cortexes were accessible by Master Shapers. An eighth cortex was rumored to exist, created in preparation for the yuuzhan Vong's invasion of the New Republic. This eighth cortex supposedly held information on the lifeforms of the galaxy, along with information on the Force. Unfortunately, the eighth cortex was empty, a fiction created by Supreme Overlord Shimrra to give credence to his invasion plans. (DW, EVR)

this highly-reflective gas was mined for a number of reasons. Its presence in the atmosphere of a planet made the planet appear to sparkle and flash when viewed from space. (GMK)

this was an alien race. (TCD)

this rock, present in the crusts of planets which have corthel-laden atmospheres, is mined for a number of uses. Among its primary uses is in the manufacture of photo-receptors used as droid eyes. (GMK)

Cortical Datasplint
this unusual piece of cybernetic technology was created to allow a sentient being to store huge amounts of data in a secure location, without having to enter it into a computer. The datasplint was essentially "hard-wired" into the brain of an individual, allowing a being to place sensitive data in a secure location. The being could then literally forget it, knowing that they could retrieve it from the datasplint at a later time. Because the datasplint was accessed directly by the brain, it could be protected using memory encryption and trauma sensors. These sensors would trip if the being was interrogated or tortured, locking out unauthorized access without the user having to remember to encrypt it. (JKA)

this planet's government was full of bluster and self-importance when it applied for membership in the New Republic. It backed down before it was officially admitted. (BTS)

this unsusual ore was known to repel the energy of a lightsaber blade. It was believed that Emperor Palpatine had some of the walls in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant lined with cortosis. The Jensaarai sect also used strands of this ore to layer their unique armor. Using the Force, they wove the cortosis into the shapes of vicious, predatory animals, making their armor forbidding as well as better able to defend themselves. The Chiss also knew of the strengths of cortosis, and used it in the walls that formed the Hand of Thrawn fortress on Nirauan. Despite its resistance to the blade of a lightsaber, cortosis was unstable in the presence of explosives, and would shatter if hit with a grenade. However, cortosis was known to cause any lightsaber that struck it to overload and shut down. This allowed many individuals to defeat a Jedi who was unprepared to fight without their lightsaber. (IJ, VOF, RSOS)

this was the brand name of cordioline trehansicol. (VOF)

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