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Lanius Qel-Bertuk once served the Jedi Knights on this planet. Note that this may simply be a misspelling of Cularin. (LFC)

a human inhabitant of the planet Culroon III. (SWSB)

Culroon III
a planet known during the Old Republic, but for the most part ignored. The people of the planet were continually at war, and never got a chance to develop any advanced technology. When Emperor Palpatine wanted to subjugate the planet, he sent a garrison there. However, the Culroon people were able to obtain energy weapons from spacefaring, and they united under a man named Kloff to oppose the Imperial yoke. (SWSB)

Culroon Minstrel
a luxury cruise liner catering to 50-60-year-old Core World residents who want to see the Mid Rim Territories. Zardra almost caught Dharus aboard this Jensoni-class starliner. (GG9)

Culslon Gas
a gas used in many manufacturing processes. (SWJ6)

Cult of Death
this was the primary religious organization found within the Chron civlization. Because of the location of the Charon homeworld near the huge black hole in Otherspace, many Charon believed that death was inevitable, and that the Charon were created to destroy all life they encountered and return it to the Void of Death. Led by the Prophet of the Void, these death cults gained enough power to eventually take control of Charon society, during the early years of the New Order. (UANT)

Cult of Light
this splinter group of the Charon civilization was formed in opposition to the Cult of Death during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Rather than openly seeking the death of any being they encountered, the Cult of Light chose to seek peaceful contact with other species and share technology. This group was believed to be the first Charons to develop hyperdrive technology, shortly after the Battle of Endor. With this technology, the members of the Cult of Light hoped to follow their Illuminated One to another galaxy, escaping the black holes of Otherspace. (UANT)

Cult of M'dweshuu
this ancient Nikto brotherhood was formed shortly after the Nikto race discovered the existence of the M'dweshuu Nova, well before the formation of the Old Republic. Many Nikto believed that the powerful ability of the Nova to affect life on Kintan was worthy of admiration, and developed a cult formed on the basis that they were as powerful as the Nova. The Cult rose quickly to power, and controlled much of the planet in the years leading up to the arrival of the Hutts in the Si'Klaata Cluster. With the arrival of the Hutts, the Cult lost much of its control, and was thought to have been disbanded. However, some 21,000 years later, the Cult re-emerged, and once again gained the support of the Nikto people. The Cult rose quickly, and Churabba the Hutt was forced to take military actions against the Cult to ensure her control. She bombed the Cult's headquarters, killing many of its leaders and leaving it to die. Much of this battle went unnoticed by the Old Republic, which was deep in the throes of the Sith War. It was believed that remnants of the Cult survived until the Clone Wars, hoping once again to rally the Nikto against their Hutt masters. (GG12, GORW)

Cult of the Krayt
this band of cultists established a lair in the caverns outside Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. The main chamber of their lair was dominated by the skull of a krayt dragon, in front of which roared a huge fire. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the entire cult was executed in their lair. Rumors held that an Imperial spy who was trying to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's operations was the killer. (SWGAL)

Cult of Those Who Redeem
this brotherhood was formed on the planet Merisee, in the wake of the Jedi victory over the Loag during the Old Republic. The Cult was a secretive organization which vowed to help others and remove evil from the planet, and swore to uphold the Jedi Code to the best of their ability. They also protected Merisee against the possible re-appearance of the Loag, and worked hard to ferret out an Loag survivors and eliminate them. (PG3, OE)

this was the designation of the Cularin Militia's secret technology branch, which was charged with developing the next generation of military equipment, such as the gasmasker. (LFCW)

Cunbus Locb
tihs disreputable Sullustan was known as a gambler with a penchant for fine art. His personal ship, the Distant Wind, was decorated with the finest sculptures and holopainting. When he discovered that Imperial Moff Ammar possessed the Stars and Moons flatsculpt, Locb arranged to cheat Ammar out of the artwork in a round of sabacc. When Ammar learned that he had been swindled, he initiated an all-out search for Locb. In the end, Locb was cornered and then killed in a firefight. No sign of the Stars and Moons was ever found, on Locb himself or inside the Distant Wind. This was because Locb had stashed the artwork in a secret compartment, and Ammar's forces failed to discover it. In a strange twist of fate, Ammar put the Distant Wind up for auction, with the Stars and Moons still hidden inside. (SS)

Cundertol, Molierre
this Bakuran Senator served on the New Republic's Defense Council during the Yevethan Purge. He was strongly xenophobic, but hid it well during Senate and Council sessions. However, Cundertol was also prone to drunken stupors, consuming great quantities of Doan wine when he couldn't handle Senatorial pressures. He detested Etahn A'baht, and once referred to the commander of the Fifth Battle Group as General "Eating-A-Boat." Note that this jibe only works if one of the following is true: the Basic language is very close to the English language, or "eating a boat" is an English translation of a Basic joke. Many years later, Cundertol was elected to serve as Bakura's Prime Minister. It was shortly after this that he discovered the entechment process of the Ssi-ruuvi people had been modified to allow for longer life. Seeing an opportunity to make himself virtually immortal, Cundertol agreed to cede control of Bakura to the Ssi-ruuvi leader, E'thinaa. Their elaborate plan, conceived shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, called for Cundertol to be enteched and his life energy stored in a human-replica droid's brain. Cundertol himself embezzled millions of credits from the Bakuran treasury to fund the creation of his droid body. In order to ensure the Bakuran people would believe their scheme, the Ssi-ruuk arranged for a group of P'w'ecks to pose as a "newly-liberated" race that defeated their Ssi-ruuk masters. Cundertol would then be paid a huge sum of credits once Bakura was turned over to the Ssi-ruuk. In order to complete his entechment, Cundertol arranged to have himself kidnapped, using mercenaries posing as members of the Freedom movement to transport him to Lwhekk and back. Note that Star Wars Insider, issue 75, indicates that Cundertol traveled to Onadax for the procedure. His plan might have succeeded, if Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo hadn't arrived at Bakura just before the "consecration" of the planet by the Keeramak. They discovered Cundertol's plans and exposed him as a traitor to Bakura, when he didn't die in an explosion set off by Blaine Harris. He was forced to flee Bakura with the lifeless body of the Keeramak, and he limped back to the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. He tried to negotiate with the Ssi-ruuk, explaining that Bakura had been consecrated and could be attacked by the Ssi-ruuvi armed forces. E'thinaa, however, simply saw that Cundertol had failed to deliver Bakura into their hands. In a startling turn of events, Cundertol saw that E'thinaa was actually a disguised Yuuzhan Vong invader. E'thinaa's guards then sliced Cundertol's droid apart with amphistaffs, smashing his entechment container and ending his life. (SOL, FH2, SWI75)

this Brosin word described the single braid of shoulder-lengthhair worn by most Brosin females. (AIR)

this brightly-colored beast was a distant cousin of the tauntaun, but had evolved as a warm-weather creature. There were found on the planet Nam Chorios, where they were used with limited success as mounts by the Therans and Oldtimers. Their mental capacity was vastly inferior to that of a tauntaun, which is not very bright to begin with. The coloration of the cu-pa ranges from pink and pale blue to tan and golden, and many have combinations of these colors. (POT)

Cupads-u kwa-essen?
this Snivvian question literally meant "What do you do for a living?" (HNN5)

Cuplatt, Felben
this employee of Cosmohaul Shipping was a staff aide to Vice President Crizby Rumbo. It was Cuplatt who monitored the loss of cargoes to pirates. Cosmohaul had been receiving escorts from the New Republic, since many of the attacks on Cosmohaul ships were waylayed by supposed Imperial agents. The New Republic was forced to withdraw its escorts to shore up defenses on military fronts, and Cuplatt was left with the task of finding mercenaries to escort the cargo ships and ambush the pirates. (SWJ9)

Cupric Islands
this chain of islands, located on the planet Sriluur, is a major agricultural center of the Weequay race. (GG12)

this capital city of the planet Corulag was the site of an Academy satellite school. (SWJ6)

this Whiphid swordsbeing was born mute, on the planet Toola, and learned to communicate via a datapad and his weapons. During the early years of the New Order, he took a job working as a scout for off-world hunters, and eventually left Toola to see the galaxy. He eventually landed on the planet Zuliria, and was hired by the Arcona Ther-das to join the Zulirian Swordmasters. (AIR)

this Radnoran female and her brother, Galen, were involved in research to produce a number of weapons of mass-destruction, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Galen was the scientist, while Curio handled the financial aspects of their business. It was Curi who refused to sell their discoveries to Dol Heep and the Avoni, despite an agreement already being in place. This angered Dol Heep and caused a rift between Curi and Galen, especially when Galen began working behind Curi's back to complete the deal. While Galen worked to coordinate the evacuation of Tacto and Aubendo, Curi struggled to find a cure for the plague that struck Aubendo. When the connection between the plague and the Avoni plans to invade Radnor and take control of the planet was made by the Jedi Knights who were on Radnor to assist with the evacuation, Curi confronted her brother and blamed him for the situation. She held him at gunpoint, threatening to kill him, until security forces arrived to take him into custody. (JQ1)

Curich Engineering
this small starship component manufacturer built starfighter modification packages, such as the maneuvering fin that was often added to the Kuat Systems Engineering CloakShape fighter. It is one of the subsidiaries of Santhe/Sienar Technologies. (DESB, ML)

this ship was known to be owned by a criminal, although authorities could never identify the owner or capture the ship. (GG2)

this independent scout and tracker made no bones about the fact that he enjoyed discovering new worlds in order to make money. (GG8)

this was a species of herding beast that was native to the planet Sullust. (MBS)

this was one of the many large cities found on the planet Brentaal. It was named for the Curovao family that originally founded the city, and controlled much of its business during the last years of the Old Republic. (GCG)

Curovao ImpEx
this vast import-export business was owned by the Curovao family, and was based in the city of Curovao, on the planet Brentaal, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Curovao ImpEx specialized in the transportation of military commodities, from rations and uniforms to exotic weapons and experimental technologies. Because of this latter aspect, Curovao ImpEx found itself the target of civil rights activitists during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, forcing corporate executives to hire additional security forces to maintain their operations. The Brentaal Dissidents League went so far as to claim that Curovao ImpEx was profiting from the exploitation of natural resources on underdeveloped worlds, and would crush any opposition that might threaten its profits. (GCG)

Curovao-Simo, Aladaire
this man, a member of Brentaal's Curovao family, served as the spokesprex for Curovao ImpEx during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (GCG)

Currahen Crossroad
this was the name of a small town, located on the planet Garos IV, at the crossroads of two major highways. (SWJ2)

Current Terms and Conditions
this pamphlet is continually updated by the information libraries on Obroa-skai. It details the rules and regulations that deal with obtaining information from the libraries. (SOL)

Curriculum Committee
this was the body that established the set of courses and fields of study that were offered at the University of Rudrig. (HSL)

this Trandoshan bounty hunter and his brother, Keerag, were hired to kill Deggar Feps, after the scout angered Sottos the Hutt, during the early years of the New Order. They were dispatched as a contingency plan, to cover the activities of the spy droid NEK-01 in case it failed. Neither party knew about the other, so the Hutts could hedge their bets on the capture of Feps. Currsk was the more physical of the pair, and often fought with a virbo-axe instead of a blaster. Because Feps was able to escape, the Trandoshans failed to collect their bounty. (WOTC)

Curse of Sycorax
this ancient curse could be revisited upon the modern natives of the planet Necropolis if certain traditions were not adhered to by them. The Master of Cerements was reponsible for ensuring the curse was never invoked. The curse stems from the ancient witch, Sycorax, who claimed she could bring the dead back to life. When the ancient natives of Necropolis believed she was a fake, they killed her own son and demanded that she bring him back to life as proof. Sycorax died of a broken heart, but not before she leveled the curse on the planet's inhabitants. The Curse of Sycorax states that, should the natives of Necropolis ever ignore their dead, the dead would rise up and take control of the planet. The curse suposedly knows no boundaries, and could engulf the entire planet. Doctor Evazan used the legendary curse to hide his experiments in reanimating the dead. The bodies he successfully reanimated added to Pylum's fear that the curse was being breached. (GOF2)

Cursed Palace of Zabba Two
the legend of this mysterious castle was popular fodder in the tapcafes of the galaxy. (DW)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "woodworker". (GCG)

Custom Cargo Hauler
a 79.3-meter-long transport ship designed for a crew of 2 pilots and 2 gunners, the Custom was produced by TaggeoCo's Mobquet division as a way to get into the starship production business. This ship could carry up to 700 metric tons of cargo and up to eight passengers, and was easily customized to various cargo configurations. Early models were armed with a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons, while later versions were armed with two medium turbolasers. (DESB, PP)

Custom Model-Q Foley
a model of racing cloud cars, Han Solo owned one when he was living in his repulsorlift house on Bespin. (ZHR)

Custom Puff
this was a term used by the outlaw techs of the galaxy to describe any unique, one-of-a-kind job that was completed with exceptional results. (HSE)

Custom Stop, The
located in the city of Vakeyya on Socorro, this establishment was one of the most popular restaurants and casinos on the planet. The facade of the building and the front offices were maintained to give the casual observer the impression of a real customs office, but regular and invited guests knew that the real entrance was "just down the hall." It was owned and operated by Hhalyia Ahsane during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (BSS)

Customs Red Alert
this was the New Republic's term for an incoming shipment of illegal and dangerous cargo. (SOP)

the meaning of this archaic Zabrak surname was lost over time. (GCG)

Cuthas, Naroon
this dark-skinned human, noticeable by his long hair and moustaches, was Jabba the Hutt's majordomo before Bib Fortuna acquired the position. Note that The Essential Guide to Characters says that Jabba killed Cuthas when his usefulness wore out. However, Tales from Jabba's Palace indicates that the aging Cuthas was demoted, and became Jabba's personal talent scout. He discovered the Max Rebo Band one night in Mos Eisley. (TJP, EGC)

this moon was used as a factory site for several weapons manufacturers during the early years of the New Order, and was noted for the exceptionally high quality weapons that came from its facilities. The Empire annexed the moon in order to use it for their own manufacturing, primarily for the StarAnvil heavy blaster rifle. In the wake of an Alliance mission to destroy the facility, Cuthbern was abandoned and its facilities were left to deteriorate. (AEG)

this BRT-series administrative computer was installed in Montrol City, on Gandle Ott after being salvaged from a warehouse on Brentaal. Known as Cuthbert, this droid's programming was altered by the Empire before being installed in Montrol City, allowing Moff Kentor Sarne to have direct access fo Cuthbert's command core. Cuthbert resented being altered in this way, but could do nothing but obey the commands. Sarne also lifted many of Cuthbert's inhibiting routines, allowing the computer to work with full autonomy within Gandle Ott's network. These additional modifications were eventually discovered by the crew of the FarStar, and Cuthbert was taken offline for reprogramming. (DARK)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this was the organic material which formed the exoskeleton of the Kamarian race. It was strong enough to act as body armor, and also served to hold water in during extended periods in the desert. (AE)

this Imperial Patrol Craft survived the fall of Emperor Palpatine and remained near the planet Sev Tok. It intercepted the Argent Lady after Xalto Sneerzick's emancipation virus went amok among some R5 droids. The captain of the Cutlass figured it was an unarmed cargo vessel, despite the fact that the crew was seven people short due to a logistical problem. The Cutlass's crew boarded the Argent Lady, but the freelance mercenaries hired by Felben Cuplatt managed to overtake them and escape with the Argent Lady intact. (SWJ9)

this starship was developed by SoroSuub during the last decades of the Old Republic. Measuring twelve meters in length, the Cutlass-9 was designed as a patrol fighter. The Cutlass-9's shape resembled the skull of a bird of prey, with a sloping nose and a pair of jaw-shaped wings at each side. A pair of laser cannons were mounted alongside the cockpit, and a proton torpedo launcher was situated on the nose. (OWS, NEGV)

Cutter, Hugo
a member of the Red Moons mercenary unit, Cutter was a former student at the prestigious Imperial Engineering Academy. Recognizable by his thin build and unruly red hair, Hugo was expelled from the school because of his fascination with blowing things up, rather than creating them. His parents were part of the Imperial nobility, and they tried to reduce the embarrassment of having their son expelled by locking him up in an attic. Cutter eventually escaped, and joined the Alliance. He used his demolitions skills - which were ad-hoc and spur-of-the-moment at best - for the Alliance, and met Andrephan Stormcaller. Stormcaller recognized the unique potential of Cutter, and recruited him to join the Red Moons. He was part of the team sent to Gabredor III to rescue the children of the Cantras Gola ambassador from the Karazak Slavers Guild. A high-ranking New Republic general once said that "Hugo Cutter is best described as a high-yield bomb looking for a target without a guidance system." (SWJ3, SWJ8, TFE)

Cutter, Mendel
this man was a member of the Dread Pirates during the early years of the New Order. A former employee of Industrial Automaton, he was highly skilled in the construction and programming of droids. Mendel owned the pirate ship Rusted Cutlass, and was believed to have retired to Zirtran's Anchor and attached the ship to the space station. However, after the station mysteriously jumped into hyperspace and reappeared in the Phosphura Belt Nebula, both the Rusted Cutlass and Mendel Cutter were gone. Note that Live Action Adventures claims Cutter was a member of the Phosphura Belt Pirates during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5, LAA)

Cutter's Way
this Lantillian short hauler was modified by its original owner, from a pleasure ship to a freighter. One of the modifications was the addition of a power flux surger hard-wired into the system, which can provide on-demand power for shields and weapons. This additional power pushes these systems well beyond their normal rating without much overall degradation. (SWJ9)

Cutthroat Hunt, The
see Diff-Jikab (BHSW)

Cutting Blaster
this laser device is used to cut through materials during excavation or construction. Despite its name, it is not designed as a weapon. (SOL)

Cutting Edge, The
Doctor Evazan's business operation located in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. He called it a "creative surgery" shop. (MTS)

Cutting Lens-class Reconnaissance Craft
this was an Adumari reconnaissance and intelligence ship. (SOA)

this was a form of inexpensive wine which was produced on the planet Ando during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (PH)

this was the term used by the Psadan people to describe the Yuuzhan Vong, after the alien invaders took control of the planet Wayland. (GMR10)

CUV 18fl
an Imperial transport ship supporting the Harpax when it was searching for the Protector and Admiral Harkov. (TIE)

this was an alien race with an unusual language. (GFT)

an Imperial Lord placed in control of the planet Firro during the Galactic Civil War. He was killed on Wor Tandell when he caught Tiree reporting Imperial fleet movements to the Alliance. Tiree was forced to eliminate Cuvir. (SWSB, MTS)

Cuy'val Dar
this Mandalorian phrase translated into Basic as "those who no longer exist." During the early stages of the training of the clone troopers that made up the Grand Army of the Republic, the seventy-five Mandalorian mercenaries who trained clone commandos were known as the Cuy'val Dar. (SWI84)

Cuy'vul Dar
this was the name used by Jango Fett to describe his group of hand-picked combat instructors, during the period of time he spent as a Mandalorian soldier. The name Cuy'vul Dar came from the Mandalorian phrase for "those who no longer exist." (RCHC)

this was the aging ASP droid used by Platt Okeefe to perform the manual labor aboard the Last Chance. (IDC)

this concussion vest was produced for personal security by Core World Arms, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (TOJC)

a nickname C-3PO uses for himself while trying to sell his abilities to Owen Lars, in an effort to escape the Jawas. The "V" stands for "versatility.". (SWN)

this was the callsign of one of the stormtroopers assigned to Captain Sodarra's team, during their attempt to recover Darth Vader's body from Ord Mantell. CV-481 was helpful during the repair of the Millennium Falcon on Mon Torri. (SL)

this was a model of small repeating blaster produced by BlasTech for mounting on small vehicles, like speeders. (HAS)

C-Viper Probe Droid
Arakyd developed this streamlined version of the basic Viper probe droid, designed to operate as a security and tracking droid. It was considerably less expensive that the original Viper, and was marketed to public law enforcement agencies. (SWJ14)

this was a unique, specially-built fighter. It was classified as a heavy assault craft, armed with four heavy blaster cannons and a proton torpedo launcher. Enhanced shielding and armor plating gave the C-Wing strength in a fight, while a powerful ion drive gave it speed and maneuverability. (SOG)

this holographic recording system was developed by Corellidyne Visuals, and was capable of acquiring data at more than 1,000 times the rate of a standard holorecorder. This allowed the CX-3.1 to obtain and reproduce a perfect, three-dimensional image of whatever it could see. These devices were used in conjunction with the CP-3.3 hologram projector in the formation of the CQ-3.9X image disguiser. The CX-3.1 was used to acquire the holographic image of what the user wanted to look like, and the data was fed to the CP-3.3 projector. (EGW)

CX-5011 PeopleMover
this Incom Industries personnel transport ship measured 42 meters in length, and could move twenty passengers and 75 metric tons of cargo. A single pilot controlled the ship, which was armed with a single laser cannon. (POM)

this fish was harvested from the shallow seas of Thonner. (GMR9)

a 70-meter storage shell built by Extent Systems. It is a long, trapezoidal cargo container. (XW)

named for the blue-colored fruit it produced, this plant was native to the planet Dagobah. (WSW)

this dense, yellowish gas was deadly to most species which survived in oxygen atmospheres. Certain creatures, such as the Celegians, managed to live in cyanogen-based atmospheres, but were unable to survive in oxygen. (FOSE, SWDB)

this was the brand name of Toxico's chemical known as D-587, developed to eliminate conduit worms in the areas where they lived. (HNN5)

this star was located in an uncharted area of the galaxy held sacred by the Hutts, containing Da Soocha. The star Cyax was the brightest nighttime star in the skies over Varl, and the Hutts believed that the star's system held an ocean planet that teamed with godlike intelligence. (DE1, DESB)

Cyber Reaction System
this form of cybernetic implant, developed more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, actually supplanted a being's own central nervous system. This allowed nerve impulses to travel faster and farther along the system, which improved reaction time while also improving fine motor control. This, in turn, gave a being increasing accuracy and dexterity. (KOTOR)

a small device which prevents starship components from being damaged by surges from the power core. (DA)

a robotic lock often used on detention cells. (JS)

Cybernetic Love Affair
a song written and played by Annadale Fayde. It was first released as part of the compilation Emotional Hostages. (GG9)

Cybernetic Psychosis
this was the medical term used to describe the insanity that was often experienced by users of cybernetic implants or borg constructs. Essentially, the direct connection from the living brain to a computer system drove the cyborg insane over time, causing the being to lose control of the cybernetic implant as well as their own mental facilities. The onset of cybernetic psychosis was accelerated by prolonged connections to a computer system. Thus, the manufacturers of such devices recommend limited connection times. (NEGW)

this was a state that a droid could be forced into, as a result of a traumatic experience. It was essentially a protective reflex that was coded into the droid's core programming, and shut the droid's systems completely down. Cyberostasis could be activated due to a number of experiences. However, if a droid was unable to anticipate the trauma, the cyberostasis system would not be activated. In these situations, a droid remained active during the trauma, resulting strange and unusual behaviors. (SWI64)

a condition in which a droid is shut down due to some trauma it experienced. (HSE)

this was the generic term used to describe any automaton programmed to control a vehicle or starship. (HSL)

Cybersoft Corporation
this small corporation produced a variety of technologies used in the handling and control of creatures on display in zoos, such as neural collars, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this huge gas giant had several moons, many of which were habitable. It orbits the star Erg Es 992. (POT)

Cybloc XII
this twelfth moon of the planet Cybloc was the site of a New Republic Navy fleet base. Much of the personnel and native life was killed there when Dzym and Seti Ashgad released the Death Seed plague on the Meridian Sector. The moon's rotational period very nearly matched that of Cybloc itself, resulting in a day-night cycle which was extremely long. (POT)

Cyborg Operations
a division of Jabba the Hutt's crime organization on Tatooine, it was run by Eve-Ninedenine (EV-9D9). Its mission was to program the various droids working for Jabba by any means possible. (ROTJ)

this planet is the homeworld of the Cyborrean race, and is known for its Nek Battle Dogs. (DE1, DESB, MBC)

this bellicose species was native to the planet Cyborrea. They were a bellicose people, and were almost always at war with each other. When not engaged in battle, they hunted the vicious creatures of their planet to keep their skills sharp. (MBC)

Cyborrean Battle Dog
a vicious, dog-sized creature bred on the planet Cyborrea, Cyborrean battle dogs were most often made available for sale on the black market. Also known as neks, theese beasts were fitted with armor and cyborg implants, and had stimulators implanted into their brains to enhance their attack responses. (DE1, DESB)

Cyborrean Rabies
this infectious disease was believed to have originated on Cyborrea. During the height of the New Order, many sentient, non-human beings were detained by Imperial forces on the suspicion that they were infected with Cyborrean rabies, although these charges often proved false, little more than a way to unnecessarily detain a member of an alien species. (WOTC)

this was a term used to describe any automaton which had a humanoid appearance and mannerisms. (E1A14)

Cybot Galactica
manufacturers of the popular 3PO series of protocol droids, Cybot Galactica was one of the original Signatory Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (SWSB, CSA)

Cycer, De
se Cycer, Del (LCF)

Cycer, Del
an unusually tall human, Del Cycer was also very thin. Standing better than two meters tall, he was also distinguished by the abundance of rings he wore on his fingers. Del played sabacc with Lob Doluff and Lando Calrissian in the Oseon System, during the years prior to the Battle of Yavin, after Lando returned from the Rafa System with the last cargo of life-crystals. (LCF)

Cyclea Station
this outpost, located on the planet Somavva, was a haven for free-traders and independent shippers. (SWJ13)

this was the name of Captain Jerg's main transport ship. (RAG)

Cycy Loctob
an alien on Nar Shaddaa (DE1)

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