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Credit Stick
this device replaced the traditional credit chip as the preferred method for maintaining a being's monetary value. The credit stick was a pen-shaped device that performed the same functions as a credit chip, with the same forms of memory algorithms and security checks, but in a smaller device. (SWRPG)

this was the nickname of an weapons collector who bought and sold arms on Gundark's Gear Datalog. (GUN)

see Credit Stick (LFCW)

this was a common name among the Toydarian race. (WOTC, UANT)

this bounty hunter was hired by Themog to scare off or kill any of the mercenaries hired by Mortris Gallorr to help remove the criminal element from the planet Chrona. Creed later stumbled upon the Ta-Ree energy which permeated the Kathol Sector, and tried to master the skills needed to command the Ta-Ree magic. (SWJ12, E)

this was the Huttese word for the concept of credit. (GMR5)

this Ssi-ruuvi Lwhekk-class manufacturing ship was sent as part of the fleet that invaded Bakura. It produced battle droids for the Ssi-ruuvi navy, but exhausted its ability to produce battle droids during the seige. The word cr'ee'ei literally translated to "maker ship." (TBSB)

Creek Fever
this disease was sometimes contracted by beings who wandered the jungles of Yavin 4. Unless treated, creek fever was often fatal. (EVC)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Creel, Iving
this native of the planet Concord Dawn was a well-known Pleader. It was Creel who handled the case of Jaster Mereel. (TBH)

literally meaning "seat of power," this was the name of the Shreeftut's palace on Lwhekk. The building so immense that many Ssi-ruuk considered it to be its own city. (TBSB)

this ten-limbed creature was one of the Yuuzhan Vong's many biological constructs. Six of its limbs served as legs. Two of the other four were quite thin and ended in fronds which could induce pain when they touched flesh, and the other two were heavy and ended in sharp pincers. These four were held upright as the creature sidled from left to right in order to move. The top of the creature's body was soft, and was used to carry young yorik coral buds. Three compound eyes sat atop a thick central stalk which could move around to allow the creature to see. The creeper's job was to take young yorik coral buds and implant them into the living body of a slave-host. These yorik-kul then kept the slave from revolting while it fed on the host's vital fluids and energy. A modified version of the creeper was used to connect a Yuuzhan Vong pilot's cognition hood to his ship's controls. (DTO, EVC)

this species of vine is native to the planet Datar. It is noted for its large, horn-shaped leaves and soft white color. (E1A5)

this was the Huttese word for and form of credit card used to pay a debt. (GMR5)

Creev Zrgaat
this was the name of a distinguished Togruta individual. (UANT)

an Imperial Captain, he was in charge of keeping Troomis busy. (RASB)

Creip, Neb
this dark-skinned man was one of the many Senators who were part of the Galactic Senate during the final months of the Clone Wars. (DAG)

this star was the central body in the N'Zoth System. (CCW)

Crel, Naven
this man worked for the Auditor-General's office, as part of the Corporate Sector Authority, during the height of the New Order. During the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin, Crel went undercover to investigate the possible duplicity of Chils Meplin, who was accused of selling CSA secrets to the Empire. Crel was apprehended by Fiolla at the corporate headquarters of Commex, and was to be transported back to a secure facility. When Fiolla was suddenly rerouted to Abo Dreth, it was Crel who saved her when she was captured and held at gunpoint by Akeeli Somerce on planet's surface. Although Crel managed to shoot and kill Somerce, Somerce also got in a good shot that proved fatal to Crel. Before he died, however, Crel managed to explain his mission to Fiolla, allowing her to continue his investigation. (SWDB, OWS)

this was one of the most common names used by the Farghul people. (UANT)

Crell, Ardon
know as "Vapor" to his associates, Ardon Crell was a member of the local moisture farmers' union number 253, near Mos Eisley on Tatooine. He paid Jabba the Hutt a regular sum to assist in protecting the moisture farmers from Sand People raids. (CCG7)

Crella System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Barnaba during the New Order. (LOE)

this legume was grown on the planet Gelgelar. (SWJ14)

this was one of the many names given to male Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "holy" or "pious." (GCG, WOTC)

Crème D'Infame
this was considered one of the most valuable wines ever produced during the Old Republic, and any bottle that survived to the era of the Clone Wars was virtually priceless. (YDR)

Cremlevian War
one of the most legendary battles ever fought in the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy, it provided the impetus for the Yuuzhan Vong to grow strong and powerful. When the tide was turning against the various tribes of the Yuuzhan Vong, Yo'Gand united the tribes and used a strong dovin basal to destroy the planet Ygziir, the homeworld of their enemies. The tactic eventually became known as Yo'Gand's Core. (VP)

this small freighter was owned and operated by Nuun Pargen during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (SON)

Crescent of Valor
this award was presented by the Alliance to those personnel who perform with bravery and valor while under fire. The medal is an embossed crescent upon a field of stars, suspended from a blue ribbon. (ROE)

Crescent Rasp
this unusual avian creature was native to the moon of Rori. (GQRG)

Crescent-class Mark II Transport
this was the military version of the Crescent-class transport, armed with a single light blaster cannon. (SS)

Crescent-class Transport
a starship manufactured by Hyrotil, the Crescent-class transport measured 30 meters in length and would be operated by a single pilot and up to eight passengers. The Crescent-class ship was a delta-winged craft, with a central fuselage sitting along the centerline of the broad wings. It was designed to appeal to the affluent young beings who wanted to travel among the stars in relative luxury. There were two versions of the Crescent-class produced, a basic civilian version and the Mark II military version. Despite its size, the Crescent-class could only transport up to 80 metric tons of cargo. The civilian version was unarmed, while the Mark II was armed with a light blaster cannon as standard equipment. (SS, CRO)

this transport ship, produced during the height of the Old Republic by Krasten Shipyards, measured twenty-five meters in length and was armed with four laser cannons and a pair of concussion missile launchers. It required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could accommodate up to four passengers and twenty metric tons of cargo. Note that the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook indicates that the Nebulon Ranger was a Crescent-X9, not a Coruscant-class heavy courier, as indicated in other sources. (PJSB)

this is the third symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "c". (SWM)

Creshaldyne Industries
this corporation produced a series of camouflage suits used by scouts and paramilitary personnel. (ROE)

Crespin, Edor
this New Republic General was a native of the planet Corulag, and a former member of the Imperial Navy. A tall, lean man with an impassive face, Crespin was given command of the starfighter training base on Folor shortly after the Battle of Thyferra. Crespin's most notable feature was the mirror-surfaced patch he wore over his prosthetic eye, which was an omnious, glossy black orb. It was rumored that he lost his eye in an engagement with the Warlord Zsinj, on a world on the border of Zsinj's holdings. Crespin commanded Comet Squadron before being promoted to General, and thought Garik Loran could never do enough for the Republic to make up for his contributions to the Empire. In this he was proven wrong, and got a chance to see how wrong first-hand, when Crespin was given command of the Tedevium and the Screaming Wookiee Squadron following the arrest of Atton Repness. As the commander of the frigate, Crespin was added to the fleet which supported the Mon Remonda during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. They arrived during the final act of the battle for the Razor's Kiss, and Crespin assumed temporary command of Nova Squadron as well. They pummeled Zsinj's ships with a massive wall of energy, destroying the Razor's Kiss and nearly taking down the Iron Fist. (WS, IF)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "icy water". (GCG)

Crested Wake
this is the Basic translation of Dembaline's Shwock Dubllon. (VP)

Creterk, Rievale
a native of the planet Coruscant, Creterk worked as a flight attendant at the Eastport terminal, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Creterk suffered a broken arm when a fight broke out between rival groups of Houk and Weequay at the Eastport processing station. The Weequay were severely beaten by the Houks before a security team could stun the Houk combatants into submission, but fifteen beings were killed and forty-five were injured before the brawl was stopped. Many claimed that the fight could have been stopped by the presence of a Jedi Knight, but there were none to be found. (HNN4)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

Crevasse City
this city was located in a deep, rocky valley on the planet Kalkovak. It was the primary offworlder settlement. (UYV)

Crevasse City
this city, found on the now-destroyed world of Alderaan, was unique in that it was nearly invisible above the surface of the planet. It was built entirely within the confines of a series of weather-worn canyons and fissures. This was a prime example of how the Alderaanian people worked with their environment to create living space. Crevasse City was known for its wondrous hotels and inns, providing visitors and vacationers with a variety of options. (ISU, CCW)

this was a Nubian ion drive design that was favored by the Separatists, during the height of the Clone Wars. (X3)

this Ebruchi was in command of the first inhabited planet discovered by Admiral Thrawn and the crew of the Admonitor, shortly after Thrawn was exiled to the Unknown Regions. Creysis had been given the command by his clan leadership, and told to guard it with all his might. Thrawn posed as the commander of a colony ship, and Creysis demanded that he turn over a hyperdrive-equipped TIE Scout in return as a gift. Thrawn politely refused, but Creysis asked for the ship as soon as Thrawn had finished his "exploration." Creysis, however, had other plans in mind, and captured the ships and crew sent by Thrawn to negotiate a deal. Creysis explained to Commander Parck - who was part of the captured crew - that the Ebruchi planned to use the ships as templates from which to build their own navy. However, Thrawn had anticipated Creysis' treachery, and had removed key components from the ships that were captured. In the end, Creysis' and his forces were decimated by the Admonitor. (SWJ11)

this was one of the four social classes found among the Em'liy, who were native to the planet Shalyvane. Each of the four castes was considered equal within the Em'liy society, and each was led by its eldest member. Like all other classes, the Criclamon were named for one of the lesser gods in the Em'liy pantheon. (GMR1)

this was one of the lesser-known gods who were worshipped by the Em'liy. (GMR1)

Cridark II
a planet. (TBSB)

this large, avian predator was native to the planet Orellon II. Measuring up to four meters in length, and having a wingspan which exceeded ten meters, these birdlike creatures were feared by the Kentra because of their ability to perform aerobatics in flight. Because of their ability to fly, the criers were the only natural predator of the Kentra. (SWJ2)

this was the name of the domesticated vornskr owned by Corell Muntique. Muntioque trained the creature for use on big-game hunts. (LOE)

this was a term used on many planets to describe a crimelord. (GCG)

Criminal Gallery
this exhibit in the Galactic Museum had displays of some of the worst criminals ever brought to justice by the Alliance and the New Republic. (KT)

Crimler Naval Base
this was the name of the primary Imperial Navy office on the planet Gandle Ott, located in the capital of Montrol City. (DARK)

one of the survivors of the Battle of Hoth, Crimmins was evacuated on the Bright Hope. A combat specialist, Crimmins was chosen to be one of the first to escape the ship in a life pod. (TBH)

Crimmler, Harod
this man, a leader in the Historical Battleship Preservation Association during the height of the New Order, disparaged Admiral Kendel's choice of using havod alloy in the hull plating of 100 Star Destroyers. Crimmler cited that fact that doonium had been used for a millennium, and that the white-gray coloration of a warship's hull was synonymous with military might. (SWJ10)

a native of Lorell, this man was a professional kickboxer who, in many matches staged throughout the Hapan Cluster, had never been defeated. He could size up an opponent and determine their weaknesses as soon as he stepped into the ring, a skill which gave him an incredibly advantage. Crimpler was also politically aligned with the Ni'Korish faction, and hated the Jedi Knights. However, shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Crimpler was drafted into the Hapan military and prepared for war. Crimpler saw the Yuuzhan Vong as a foe that could not be read and, therefore, could not be defeated, and so he defected from the military and took up the career of a pirate. He was one of the many pirates aboard the Starsprite when it captured Tenel Ka, and was imprisoned for his part in the kidnapping attempt. However, he was allowed to escape so that Jaina Solo could remove the Yuuzhan Vong implant which had been placed in his body for further study. (DJ)

Crimson Aces
this independent mercenary force of starfighter pilots rose to prominence during the Galactic Civl War. Acting from their base of operations aboard the converted frigate, the Stacked Deck, the Crimson Aces flew a motley collection of fightercraft into battle against the forces of the Empire and their own former leaders on the planet Repea. Originally a part of the Repean military, the Crimson Aces were once led by a man named Gikkin, who was an outspoken opponent of the New Order. Fearful that Gikkin and the aces would turn against them, the Repean government enlisted the help of the Empire in smashing the Crimson Aces and scattering the survivors into the Cron Drift. Gikkin managed to meet up with the survivors and reform the Crimson Aces as a mercenary unit. Their primary mission was to disrupt the relationship between Repea and the Empire. After the Empire destroyed much of Repea in an orbital bombardment, the Crimson Aces left Repea and set out on their own, hiring out their services to the highest bidders. (GMR9)

Crimson Casino
this casino and bar was located on the space station known as The Wheel. (MC18)

Crimson Corridor
located in the third quadrant of Coruscant's Zi-Kree sector, which lawless section of the planet was the hunting grounds of the Raptors gang, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The Corridor was known to be the hangout of gangs, criminals, predators, and assassins, and was patrolled by the Raptors gang. (DMSH)

Crimson Duty
this was the term used within the Greel Wood Logging Corporation to describe the logging activities on Pii IV. The ferocious wildlife on Pii IV demanded that only the more experienced loggers would get Crimson Duty, as well as the increased pay it merited. (SWJ6)

Crimson Empire III
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Crimson Flare Quadrant
this area of the Yavin System was exceptionally dense with debris and gaseous material, making it difficult to fly a starship through without proper planning. (SWGAL)

Crimson Forever
this was the name given to the unusual disease encountered by the galaxy in the year between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. The crew of an Imperial Star Destroyer contracted the disease from an unusual crystal, and the vast ship was found adrift by Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron. The crew's eyes and skin had turned a blood-red color, and they had no vital signs. After locating the crystal, Luke and the pilots all succumbed to the disease. However, it was later discovered that none of the beings who contracted the Crimon Forever - named for the weird coloration of the victim's skin and eyes, and the fact that the coloration didn't fade - were simply put into a deep comatose state. Their bodily functions were slowed down to the absolute minimum, so they appeared to be lost forever. While under the Crimson Forever, victims had intense dreams. Domina Tagge later revealed that the stone which seemed to cause the disease was actually part of a pair which, when separated, produced a negative aura within the Force. Once the two stones were reunited, the Imperial crew and the members of Rogue Squadron were revived. The priests who worshipped the stones revealed that they were actually living beings. Rather than risk another outbreak of the disease, Leia Organa placed the two stones together in a Star Destroyer, and set its auto-pilot to travel at sublight speeds into the intergalactic void. (LTA2, MC50)

Crimson Fury
this was one of the ships attached to Red Hand Squadron, and assisted the Retribution during the attack on the slave ship Helot's Shackle. (RD)

Crimson Jack
this red-haired pirate ambushed Han Solo and Chewbacca, who were on their way to Tatooine to pay back Jabba the Hutt in the wake of the Alliance's victory at the Battle of Yavin. Jack then stole the credits they had earned at the Battle of Yavin and stranded them on Aduba-3. Jack's pirates struck from their hidden base using a fleet of starships captured from both the Alliance and the Empire. He personally commanded the pirates from a captured Star Destroyer he found adrift shortly after the Battle of Yavin. When he found the shipo, Jack killed all the personnel aboard it and salvaged it with financial backing. Using the converted Star Destroyer as his base of operations, Jack hoped to find a hidden treasure in the waters of Drexel, so that he could retire from piracy and enjoy life. When he learned that Luke Skywalker had been scouting the Drexel System as a possible site for a new Alliance base, Jack decided to capture Leia Organa and hold her for ransom. He demanded information on Drexel in return for Leia's life. They arrived at Drexel One during the final between Governor Quarg and the Dragon Lords, and Jack's Star Destroyer was stranded by the sonic jammer until Luke Skywalker and Han Solo managed to disable it. Rather than leaving Drexel, Jack decided to wait in ambush for Han. During the struggle that ensued, Jolli destroyed Jack's Star Destroyer while Han shot and killed Jack in a blaster duel, ending Crimson Jack's piratical reign of terror. (EGC, MC7, MC11, MC15)

Crimson Nova
this was the of a powerful branch of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, active during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was Crimson Nova's leadership that sanctioned the bounty offered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the heads of the Jedi Knights, during the height of the Clone Wars. Previously, the guild had chosen to avoid the Jedi Knights, knowing that their powers were too great to overcome, in addition to the fact that the Jedi Order operated with the consent of the Galactic Senate. As the Clone Wars ground on, however, many bounty hunters came to see that the Jedi were just as vulnerable as other troops, and they became emboldened to the idea of killing a Jedi for a large sum of credits. The Crimson Nova chapter was approached by Kh'aris Fenn, who had a person vendetta against the Jedi, and agreed to take on the bounties. To put a stop to the hunts, Jedi Master Mace Windu led a strike team to the Crimson Nova base, a space station known as The Rig, to bring the Crimson Nova leader Mika to justice. After a brief firefight, Mika was stunned into submission by her mentor, Stroth, bringing an end to the hunting. (RSF)

Crimson Nova Pirates
this group of outlaws worked near the planet of F'Dann IX. They were hunted by Imperial forces, led by Pter Thanas and the Dominant, and were able to keep the Imperials at bay for some time. (TBSB)

Crimson Slug
this species of space slug was found in the Tapani Sector of the galaxy. (TSIA)

this Alliance soldier accused Rik Duel of cheating at cards, during a period of downtime following the Battle of Endor. Chihdo stood up for his friend, and Crin shot him in the chest. The incident only served to drive home the need for patience and open minds as the Alliance of Free Planets sought to create new galactic government. (MC90)

a game of chance found in most casinos, crinbid was played on a horseshoe-shaped warp-top table. (DFR)

this was an alien race known for its tenacity and territoriality. (SWJ7)

this incredibly rich man was Xanatos' father, and was a native of the planet Telos. He was the wealthiest, and most powerful man on the planet, but he couldn't offer his son what he really wanted: to become a Jedi Knight. When Qui-Gon Jinn discovered Xanatos, Crion allowed the boy to be taken for training. However, he secretly maintained contact with his son. In Xanatos' absense, Crion became more and more greedy, and put into motion a plan to overtake a neighboring planet and steal its resources. Xanatos was drawn into the plan, until Jedi Master Yoda sent Xanatos and Qui-Gon back to Telos on a mission. The exact nature of the mission was not provided, but Qui-Gon quickly discovered the plot set in motion by Crion. Qui-Gon tried to expose the old man and his son - Qui-Gon's own Padawan apprentice - but the people of Telos instead formed two distinct fashions and sparked a civil war. In the battle, Qui-Gon was forced to cut down Crion with his lightsaber, first cutting the fingers from one of Crion's hands before dispatching him. Xanatos watched in horror, then recovered one of the rings from his father's severed fingers. He touched the hot metal to his cheek, leaving a crescent-shaped scar as a reiminder of Crion's death and Qui-Gon's seeming treachery. (DR)

this fish, native to the shallow oceans of Vaynai, produced a form of slimy oil which was secreted around its body to protect it from a variety of accidents. This oil was also highly poisonous to most species, causing damage to the musculature and rendering the victim unable to move or escape. (GMR8)

this Snivvian word represented the number 1. (HNN5)

this woman was a reporter for the Galactic News Network, and worked at GNN's Indu San bureau during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ6)

a crystalline mineral found on the planet G'rho. (TBSB)

this fried snack was often served at cantinas. (MJEH)

Crispos Isle
this island was the site of House Barnaba's entertainment villa, located in the equatorial ocean of the planet Barnaba. A huge, geodesic dome contained the facilities, inlcuding dance halls, game rooms, a full kitchen and dining room, vehicle lots, and medical facilities. (TSIA)

this Imperial Lieutenant served under Colonel Veesle on Omman, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ3)

Criton's Point
access to this planet was restricted by its government, the Pentastar Alignment, as well as the Velcar Free Commerce Master Commissioner. It was known as the home of the mysterious Library of Xer, which was in the process of being excavated by a small scientific team during the early years of the New Republic. Rumor had it that, located in the center of the Library, was a tree which was strong in the Force. Its day lasts 28 standard hours; its year lasts 400 local days. (SWJ3, SWJ5)

this was the userid of a computer hacker who participated in various discussions on the Cularin node of the HoloNet, during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

this man served on the crew of the FarStar as a kitchen cook and dishwasher. (KR)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

this was a tiny unit of measurement, used by the Yuuzhan Vong to indicate a small distance. (T)

Crlisst Herssek
this was a noted member of the Mrlssi race. (UANT)

an Pakuuni container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Croaker Bush
this large-leafed bush was native to the planet Drongar, and was named for sound made when the waxy leaves rustled against each other in the breeze. (MJH)

native to Wyndigal 2, this unusual avian stood well over two meters tall. Much of their height was due to their long, double-jointed legs. They had vestigial wings which resembled tiny hands, and long, flexible necks. Their was brightly colored, served to help protect the croator from the ultra-violet sunlight which bombarded the planet. A tuft of feathers protected their heads, while a thick cape of feathers protected their bodies. They lacked a true beak, instead having a long, dangling proboscis which they used to vacuum up their food. They reproduced asexually, laying their eggs and then moving on. Travelers to Wyndigal 2 discovered that the skin of the croator could be fashioned into a poncho or coat, providing a great deal of protection from the sun's light. (COG)

this being was a member of Koong's criminal organization, during the early years of the New Order. (DCAR)

Croc of Gold
the first ship purchased by Devon Fuller, the Croc of Gold was a small freighter destroyed near Tashtor Seneca by Imperial forces. (GG9)

this green-skinned alien was one of the many gladiators who tried to win their freedom from the arenas of Rattatak, during the final years of the Old Republic. (CWSB)

Croft, Miles
this was the alias used by Jedi Master Tholme to infiltrate the estate of Devaronian Senator Vien'sai'malloc, during the height of the Clone Wars. Croft was a veteran of the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, but retired from military duty shortly afterward. He went to work for Has Doneeta as a business negotiator and steward, overseeing the business of Ryloth Ventures where necessary. On Devaron, Croft was accompanying Doneeta's daughter, Tuulaa, on a mission to establish trade relations with various planets. (J3)

Croig Jacamden
this aging Duros was the owner of Croig's Fix-It Barn, on the planet Nam Chorios. It was rumored that he had connections to most of the smugglers in the Chorios Systems. (POT, GMR2)

Croig's Fix-It Barn
this small, speeder repair shop is located in the city of Hweg Shul, on Nam Chorios. The owner gave Luke Skywalker a job there, during Luke's search for Callista. Croig's was the largest repair shop on the planet. (POT)

this was perhaps the smallest, sentient lifeform ever encountered in the known galaxy. Crokes were a race of slug-like multipeds native to the planet Crakull. Resembling large snails without their shells, the Crokes had 12 hairy, black legs. They measured less than a meter in length. They were vicious, intelligent creatures who were masters at camouflage and deception. (LCS, NEGC)

this barren ball of rock is the sixth planet in the Corellian system. (CTD)

this Imperial Governor was in command of the Koornacht Cluster during the Galactic Civil War. He maintained control of the occupation force left in the Cluster to man the Black Sword Command's shipyards. He did not survive the Yevethan raids that took place shortly after the Battle of Endor. (TT)

this first-generation plant is a favorite among terraformers. Like gomex moss, crom survives without much water, and can break down rocky soils into basic nutrients. This converted soil is much more useful for planting second-generation plants like brachniel. (POT)

this huge humanoid beast was "owned" by Mosh Pelkan. Cromag was the primary combatant in Pelkan's gladiator pit, and fought every and any challenger. Many of the challengers were prisoners of Moff Bandor. Cromag had over-developed shoulders and arms, and his ape-like face was dominated by huge eyes which caught every movement near him. Cromag fought in the pit, riding a series of repulsor-disks to keep above an electrified floor. Weapons were at his disposal, when he needed them, hung on the walls of the pit. Cromag was ultimately confident in his abilities, and rarely used weapons where his hands would suffice. (GCQ)

this Garoos was a freelance scout and bounty hunter employed by Mazzic to bring in Lak Jit, after the Devaronian escaped from Wayland. He arranged to deliver the thief to Shada and Mazzic at the Dona Laza tapcafe. (SOP)

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