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Doru, Yaeger
this nervous young man took over to Nim'Ri as the head of security for House Hirskaala, after the Trandoshan left active service to become part of the underground alliance trying to unseat the Metatheran Cartel. (EOS)

Doruggan, Conn
an Imperial Captain of Alderaanian descent, Doruggan served on the planet Bakura shortly before the Battle of Endor. Prior to attending the Imperial Academy on Raithal, Doruggan was a star wegsphere player on his homeworld. Doruggan was attending the Imperial Academy when Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed Alderaan, but Doruggan blamed Princess Leia Organa for the disaster. Doruggan believed that Leia's refusal to cooperate resulted in the use of force, and defended the Empire to his friends. After graduation, Doruggan served under Wilek Nereus on Hakartha Station and on Berea before being reassigned to Bakura with Nereus. Doruggan was part of the group which arrested Eppie Belden, and when Leia Organa traveled to Bakura shortly after the Battle of Endor, he considered her a threat. (TB, TBSB)

this city, located on the planet Balamak, was the site of an experiemental communication-jamming system developed by the Separatists. The site was destroyed during the early stages of the Clone Wars by Old Republic forces. (SWI65)

this moon, the only satellite in orbit around the planet Almas, was one of the most popular tourist worlds of the Mid Rim. Once an inner planet of the Cularin System, Dorumaa was knocked out of its orbit by a massive impact. The impact pushed Dorumaa into Almas' gravity well, and its surface was literally flash-frozen as it moved into its new location. The frozen world was thawed out by terraformers of the Dorumaa Investment Group, who recognized the moon's potential and believed that there was no life left on the moon. Unknown to DIG, a variety of eggs and spores were also frozen, and began to revive as the moon warmed up. While the "rebirth" of the moon has been used as a marketing tool, many investors worry that some terrible creature has been released into the seas. (LFC)

Dorumaa Investment Group
this group of investors, based in the Cularin System, funded the terraforming of the moon Dorumaa. They hoped to create a tourist world, but were unaware of the fact that a wealth of life existed in the frozen seas of the moon. Once Dorumaa was habitable, DIG became the largest conglomerate found on the moon. Founded by a group of Humans, Gungans, and Twi'leks, DIG owned a number of resorts through their management outfit, Dorumaa Resort. DIG obtained funding from a variety of sources, and had representatives from SoroSuub Corporation and the business powers of Genarius on its board of directors. (LFC)

Dorumaa Resort
this was the primary service corporation which was operated on the moon of Dorumaa, and was part of the Dorumaa Investment Group. (LFC)

this alien race was characterized by the twin pairs of tentacles it had instead of arms, as well as the eyestalks it used to see. (APS)

Dorva Vine
this Corellian plant is grown in gardens for its beautiful blooms. (TPS)

this planet was the Imperial captial of Cadavine Sector, during the height of the New Order. (SESB)

this planet, located in the Videnda Sector of the galaxy, was the site of massive lommite mines, owned by Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ore during the last decades of the Old Republic. A normally temperate world, the mining operations had turned Dorvalla into a world covered with lommite dust. From space, Dorvalla seemed to have a thick band of perpetual clouds, as the dust was carried aloft by the planet's jetstream. In the rainy season, the dust turned to thick mud, making surface travel virtually impossible. This planet was located near the systems of Clak'dor, Sullust, and Malastare, which made shipping of the lommite to more sizable ports relatively simple. Dorvalla had a single moon. (DMS)

Dorvalla IV
this was the fourth planet in the Dorvalla System of Videnda Sector. (COD)

Dorvalla Mining
this small corporation was formed when the remaining companies of Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ores merged, after both were nearly destroyed by the Toom Clan, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The collapse of both corporations, which was engineered by Darth Sidious in order to gain control of the lommite mines, left them with only enough resources to continue the mining operations. Their fleets of ore haulers were destroyed, and so the Trade Federation was given complete control of shipping in the Dorvalla System. This fit into Darth Sidious' plans to build up the Trade Federation's armies of battle droids, in preparation for the blockade of Naboo. (DMS)

Dorvalla Space Corps
this was the primary defense force which patrolled and protected the Dorvalla System, of Videnda Sector, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (COD)

this city is located on the eastern coast of the continent of Laz, on the planet Lazerian IV. (TSK)

this Rodian served as Jiliac the hutt's majordomo. (TPS)

this was the native language of the Trandoshan people. In consisted mainly of harsh growls and grunts, while the Doh alphabet was comprised of simple glyphs. (WOTC, UANT)

this was one of the colony planets which were settled by the Trandoshans. (SWRPG, SWJ4)

this Korunnai word was the plural of doshalo, indicating two or more brothers of the same clan, or ghosh. (SHPT)

this was the Korunnai word for a brother of the same clan, or ghosh. (SHPT)

this Yuuzhan Vong subaltern was escalated by Nas Choka for his brave work at Dantooine, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (JE)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "slaughters in a rage". (GCG)

Doshun, Hanna
this young girl was the daughter of Jimm "the Starkiller Kid" Doshun and his wife, Merri Shen. Hanna was born just over a yerar after the Battle of Yavin. (GMR4)

Doshun, Jimm "the Starkiller Kid"
this frustrated young farmboy from Aduba-3 joined Han Solo and Jaxxon in liberating an Aduban village from the clutches of Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud Riders. Jimm had seen the elders of the Onacra village simply capitulate to Arrogantus, and was certain that the villagers could have put up more of a fight. He adopted the alias of Jimm the Starkiller kid to try and separate himself from his family, despite the facts that he had been an orphan for many years. His parents had been killed in a high-hound attack, and Jimm had managed to eke out a living with the help of his tractor droid, FE-9Q. After defeating the Behemoth and bringing down Serji-X Arogantus' Cloud Riders in a titanic battle, Jimm fell in love with another native Aduban, Merri Shen, and remained on the planet to marry her. They eventually had a child named Hanna. Their lives were disrupted when Valance mistook him for Luke Skywalker. Jaxxon and Amaiza managed to deflect the bounty hunter's attack, however, allowing Jimm and his family to remain free. (MC8, MC16, GMR4)

Dostra Major
this yellow star, located in the Thandon Cluster, was the primary body in the Dostra System. (AIR)

this remote, Outer Rim world was located just outside the borders of the New Republic. Rax Joris managed to establish a garrison on the planet several years after the Battle of Endor, and remained in control of the planet for several years before Jaden Korr arrived on Dosunn to investigate an intercepted transmission from the planet. The transmission indicated a connection between Imperial forces and the Disciples of Ragnos, with the Imperials allowing the cultists to use their bases in exchange for protection. (JKA)

this common Zabrak surname meant "sentry" - or, more literally, "guardian of tents". (GCG)

Doth Brandy
this well-aged alcoholic spirit is considered a delicacy by the rich and powerful. It compliments the taste of tranna nougat, and is often consumed with the sweet candy. (TT)

this is the Brigian term for a communal leader. (TT)

Doton Het
this Twi'lek male lived on Citadel Station during the years following the Jedi Civil War. A noted gambler, Doton Het made a living by beating all opponents in various games of pazaak. During one game, he won possession of the Twi'lek female Ramana from her boyfriend, Harra. Doton Het later lost Ramana to The Exile, as part of another pazaak game. Doton refused to give her up, and The Exile was forced to defeat Doton Het in one-on-one combat to secure her freedom. (KOTOR2)

Dotswa Ween
this being was the Chairman of the Republic Civil Liberties Union during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Double Echo
Arly Bron's beat-up freighter. (RD)

Double V Formation
this method of employing a group of AT-AT and AT-ST walkers was developed by Arndall Lott. A group of ten slave-rigged AT-STs forms the first V, and helps clear a path through enemy forces for the second V. This second V is composed of four AT-ATs, which can get very close to their target if the AT-STs eliminate the lighter opposition. The benefit of this attack pattern is that the forward AT-STs can move to prevent flanking actions by the enemy with relative ease, or can be dispatched to mop up remaining enemy troops while the AT-ATs destroy the primary target. (WBC)

Double Viol
this stringed musical instrument is formed from a pair of hollow, resonating boxes that are separated by shaft. This shaft is strung with tonal cords which are plucked or strummed to produce music. (JASB)

Double Worlders
this was the term used to describe any biengs native to the Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus. These individuals tended to be sensitive to the assumption that they came from the least important of the Corellian worlds, an assertion made because neither planet had its own native, sentient species. Most Double Worlders thought of astrology as a form of religion, a characteristic which evolved from the complex orbital interactions and eclipses of the two planets. (CCW)

Double Worlds, The
the name given to Talus and Tralus, two planets in the Corellian System that orbit each other around a barycenter located on Centerpoint Station. (AC)

this was the brand name of Arakyd's sensor jamming system produced for use on space stations. (HAS)

Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop
this specialty drink, made from a variety of alcohols and mixers, was developed by Shayne Gerarre for the Spirited Spirits shop, located on the planet Cularin. The concoction was popularized by the Sop Houses established by Vanster Enan during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (EOS, LFCW)

a card game played in a number of casinos and gambling halls. (WSV)

Double-draw Fendoc
an obscure game of chance. (BW)

Doublefield Generator
this device is a form of forcefield generator which creates two opposing, spherical fields. The most obvious use of the doublefield came on the Loronar Field Secured Container Vessel, which employs Prexton doublefields to create spherical containers for cargo. (ISB)

Doubler Suit
this specialized form of personal protection uses a miniaturized, potable, three-dimensional holovideo recorder/projector and a specialized bodysuit. A being must allow itself to be recorded for an hour, during which time the doubler suit records the movements and physical dimensions of the being. The recording is then downloaded into a computer which turns the recording into raw data. When the wearer wants to go into the field in disguise, he or she wears a special bodysuit lined with thousands of microsensors. The raw data from the recording is fed to these microsensors, and allows the user to create a double of himself through the miniature projector. (GG10)

DoubleSec Corporation
this manfuacturer built gravity field compensators for large starships. (RM)

this was one of the three Acclamator-class troopships that was dispatched by the Old Republic to help defend the planet Duro, during the height of the Clone Wars. The ship and its companions were all destroyed in battle, as General Grievous showed that he was a master tactician. (SWI75)

Douglas III
this planet, which was home to the jackelope, was discovered by Mendel Douglas during his hunt to locate the jackelope. (LCM, GMR5)

Douglas, Mendel
this noted big-game hunter met his demise on the world which later bore his name. He had traveled to Douglas III in an attempt to obtain the pelt of a jackelope. Although the pelt eventually found its way back to his homeworld, Mendel himself died before returning home. (GMR5)

one of the three barren moons of Atraken. (PG2)

this was a common name among the Ryn. (UANT)

this Herglic was known as a notoriously lucky sabacc player during the early years of the New Republic. Doune maintained his base of operations on the planet Morado. After Doune won nearly everything the young human Nyo had, he entered into another match with the legendary Kinnin Vo-Shay. Vo-Shay quickly won more than 200,000 credits from Doune, and turned the money over to Nyo so that the young man could purchase a lightsaber. Doune then beat them to Nar Shaddaa and bought the weapoyo wanted. In a second sabacc match, Doune managed to win Vo-Shay's amulet, believing that the amulet somehow gave V-Shay an edge. Little did Doune know that the amulet was simply a gift from a female acquiantance of Kinnin's and had no magic powers whatsoever. (TFNR)

this was a name that was common among the Defel race. (UANT)

Dousc System
a planetary system located in Kesh Sector. (SWJ11)

this sculptor was a native of Loretto. Dous'tine was once commissioned by Prince Xizor to create a bust of the Falleen crimelord. The statue was confiscated by Dequc and displayed in his Black Nebula headquarters on Qiaxx. Mara Jade hid an remote control device inside it, along with her ligthsaber, in hopes of entering Dequc's private chambers in order to execute the crimelord. She claimed that Xizor had hidden a treasure map inside it, and when Dequc opened it, she activated the remote control. The device ignited the lightsaber, piercing Dequc's head and killing him instantly. (MJEH)

this old mansion, located in Koved City on Siluria III, was owned by Kaiya Adrimetrum and her husband. Following his death during the Imperial occupation of the planet, she used it as the focal point for planning her assault on the Imperial Governor, Quannith. (GG9)

this man was a member of the Coruscant Security Force during the early stages of the Clone Wars. When Senator Meena Tills was kidnapped and held hostage by Nuriin-Ar and his gang, Lieutenant Dovel was assigned to the investigation team that was led by Commander Obrim. Dovel chafed at the plans of Obrim and the clone commandos of Omega Squad, who wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, without losing any of the hostages. Dovel wanted to wait for a Jedi to come and begin negotiations for the release of the hostages. (SWI81)

Dovin Basal
this unusual piece of Yuuzhan Vong technology acts on the gravitational properties of a target body. They can be used like repuslors, to maintain a position above the ground, or in a reverse action to maintain contact with the ground. Individual dovin basals were spherical in shape, measuring about three meters across. They could lock onto a specific gravity source - even one surrounded by others - and focus their lock with extreme precision. The more focused the lock, the stronger it became, even across hundreds of thousands of kilometers. This allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to employ them as perpetual sources of thrust for their yorik coral worldships. Dovin basals resemble a large, dark red heart with deep blue spikes surrounding its body. Several battles into the invasion, the New Republic's starfighter pilots realized that the dovin basals also provided coralskippers with unusual shielding. Rogue Squadron discovered that the stronger a coralskipper's shielding, the less maneuverable the fighter was. They used reverse logic, and forced the skips to maneuver more in a dogfight, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the dovin basal shielding. As the struggle against the New Republic continued, the Yuuzhan Vong mined major hyperspace routes with dovin basals, although their primary function was not to ambush Republic ships. In reality, the dovin basals were reading the gravitic output of passing Yuuzhan Vong ships, allowing the Warmaster Tsavong Lah and his command structure to monitor the progress of every Yuuzhan Vong starship. Certain of these dovin basals were actually equipped with explosives, and could target specific ships with incredible accuracy. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that dovin basals and many other bio-engineered devices simply reverted to their natural forms. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence. (VP, DTR, DJ, EL2, UF)

Dovin Missile
this was the New Republic's name for any projectile launched into battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, in an effort to locate a dovin basal mine that had been laid by the alien invaders. The missile's mission was send out a triangulated signal until it was absorbed by the mine. The point at which the signal stopped indicated the mine's location, allowing New Republic forces to destroy it. (DW)

Dovish Hokken
this Jedi Knight was killed aboard the Monitor III, during the attempt to smash a group of Iridium Pirates which was ambushing Old Republic supply convoys near Vuchelle, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Dovlis, Reldo
this Imperial Navy Captain served aboard the Peacekeeper, and was part of the fleet which was sent to take out Nar Shaddaa. Dovlis was an older, less imaginative officer than Soontir Fel, the other Captain serving under Admiral Greelanx during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa. Dovlis was the first commander to realize that the smugglers were using illusory ships to discourage the Imperials, but he quickly discovered that real ships were hidden among the fakes. The Peacekeeper took a large amount of damage to its starboard engines, and soon found itself without power. Dovlis ordered the engines brought back on-line when the ship began drifting toawrd Nar Shaddaa. The failsafes were overridden, but the spasmodic thrust the engines provided only pushed the ship closer to the moon. When they gave out altogther, the Peacekeeper plunged into Nar Shaddaa's planetary shield. Dovlis died in battle, taking out a section of the moon's shield with his own ship. (THG)

Dovos, Shas
this man was native of Onderon, and a dedicated student of metallurgy who stumbled upon an old text of Sith magicks nearly 1,000 after the fall of Sith Empire. Shas had found the book in an ancient Onderonian temple in the wilds near his village, and started reading it. The book intrigued him, as it dealt with the formation of a heavy, spiked set of jet-black armor. While many considered the armor a work of art, Shas knew that much of the armor was imbued with Sith alchemy. After ten years, he finished the armor, and event which unleashed the Sith spirit trapped in the text. The spirit used its own Sith powers to meld Shas's essence to that of the armor, creating a new creature it named Warb Null. Shas Donos, from that point onward, ceased to exist. (TOJC)

Dowager Queen
the first colony ship to arrive during the modern colonization of Tatooine, it was forced to make a crash-landing when it arrived about 100 years before the Battle of Yavin. The wreckage was left where it landed, and the city of Mos Eisley grew up around it. Decades laster, the Dowager Queen's remains formed a series of homes and hiding places for the city's homeless. (TME, ISU, SOT)

Dowd, Bilman
this man was a member of the same bounty hunters' guild as Boba Fett. To Fett's knowledge, Dowd had been a member longer than even Fett himself. A tall, thin, elderly man, Dowd met Fett on Devaron when the bounty hunter captured Kardue'sai'Malloc. His role as representative was to collect the guild's ten-percent handling fee. (TBH)

Dowellin, Randar
this crimelord was famous for his collection of rare coins and artifacts. He kept many pieces in his collection laced with a chemical tracer, in case they were ever stolen. This bit of insurance paid off when Bon Sequors stole a portion of the collection in a daring heist. (SWJ11)

Dowin tu gu
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase translated into Basic as, "You have done well." (VP)

this ancient Quarren surname meant "speaker for the clutch". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan. (GCG)

this was the name given to the planet Ast Kikorie by its native population. (GMR9)

known as the Balawai by the Korunnai, this was the name used to describe those off-worlders and settlers who lived on the lowlands of the planet Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

this was one of the major cities found on the planet Kelada. (GCG)

Downport Arena
this open arena was located in the city of Votrad on the planet Brentaal, near the Votrad Independent Downport, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

Downrush Falls
this immense waterfall was formed when the Great Downrush, the largest river found on the planet Haruun Kal, flowed over the cliffs at the southern edge of Pelek Baw. At this point, the Great Downrush was nearly a kilometer across, and poured tons of water over the Falls. (SHPT)

this is one of two cantinas located in New Atraken City. (PG2)

this was the name of the slum areas of the city of Fabrillan, on Malthor. (CRO)

one of two transport ships used by Ackbar to supply Project Shantipole. (XW)

known as the Thakiz Baw'kal by the Korunnai, the Downstorm was name givent to the winter winds which whipped up the gaseous seas of Haruun Kal and brought deadly, toxic gas to the lowland settlements. These toxic gases can scour the lowlands of life in just a few hours. (SHPT)

a recreational facility frequented by many members of Wedge Antilles' Rogue Squadron while in training on Folor. (XWN)

this was the name used by the clone trooper leader who accompanied Jedi Master Ronhar Kim on a mission to Merson, during the height of the Clone Wars. The small force was doomed from the start, as poor intelligence left them outnumbered five-to-one and cut off from their starship support. The Separatist battle droids quickly converged on their position, and Dox was killed in the fighting that ensued. (RBL)

Dox Ocean
this is one of two major bodies of water on the planet Lazerian IV. (TSK)

Dox, Garil
this Alderaanian man was one of the few members of his society to join the Empire. Lieutenant Dox served as a gunner aboard the Reprisal, during the months following the Battle of Yavin. However, after the destruction of his homeworld of Alderaan, Dox decided to exact a measure of revenge against the Empire. During Darth Vader's attempt to locate the Alliance following the Battle of Yavin, Dox arranged to have any potential locations destroyed before Vader could reach them. His actions were considered extreme to many members of the Alliance's command, but they came to an end when his duplicity was discovered by Vader. He begged to be killed, especially after his schemes resulted in the destruction of an Alderaanian outpost on the planet Ejolus, but Lord Vader was not in the mood to end his suffering. Dox was assigned to an Imperial labor camp, where he would be forced to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of this life. (SWEMO)

this continent, found on the eastern hemisphere of the planet Lazerian IV, was somewhat independent of the nation of Devit, although the natives of Doxet allowed King Alarik X of Devit to rule on planetary matters. (TSK)

this is the capital city of the continent of Doxet, and was the seat of the quasi-independent Doxet government. (TSK)

Doxin, Paldis
a corpulent scientist, Doxin was educated at the Magrody Institute during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He stayed at Magrody to perform research into the development of hypermatter and its uses, and secured a large grant from Republic Sienar Systems to continue his work. Years later, Doxin was hand-picked by Grand Moff Tarkin to work at the Maw Installation, where he was placed in charge of high-energy concepts and implementation. He was killed when the Maw Installation's prototype Death Star was torn apart in the Maw's black holes. (COTF, HNN5)

Doxxen Tea
a steeped brew favored by the Shashay. (TA)

a Habeen shuttle used to evacuate their research base during the attack by the Nharwaaks. (TIE)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "feminine warrior" - or, more precisely, "stands beside the spears". (GCG)

Dozen Rules, The
this code of conduct was developed by Urias Xhaxin, but was similar to most such codes maintained by pirate captains. Basically, the rules were: be flexible and stay mobile, never pick a fair fight or one against someone your own size, never hunt in your own back yard, gamble at all times, make a name for yourself, stick to the shadows whenever possible, stick to the job at hand, always make sure you have a well-thought-out plan that can handle the unexpected, the target's crew is not the enemy, maintain initiative at all times, keep your crew well, and remember - there are no sure things. (PP)

Dozen-and-Two Avengers
this was the name of Kyp Durron's vigilante group, led by himself and Miko Reglia during the months leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Kyp and Miko represented the "Two" in the name - the only two Jedi in the group - while the other members were simply rogue pilots. Their ships consisted of a collection of starfighters, with the two Jedi flying the new T-65XJ model X-Wing. They were nearly destroyed after discovering the Yuuzhan Vong presence near Helska. A swarm of coralskippers launched a massive wave of volcano missiles, which took out many of the non-Jedi Avengers in the opening seconds of their battle. Miko was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, and Kyp fled to a remote sector and stranded. In the wake of their destruction, the Dozen-and-Two were reduced Kyp and a few others. Kyp recruited new members, but simply called the group Kyp's Dozen. (VP, JE, NJOSB)

Dozoisian Snark
this creature was noted for its venom, which could be extracted to create a deadly poison, used by assassins during the last years of the Old Republic. (BF6)

Dozu Lam
this small settlement was ostensibly the capital of the planet Tejrivozs. It was built many thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, and was originally established as a refugee center, in case the calamity season on Riflor became too rough. When no season proved entirely disastrous, Dozu Lam was was forgotten, and it eventually became a haven for all manner of criminals from any number of worlds. (GMR4)

this long-barreled blaster rifle, produced during the height of the New Order, was the favorite weapon of many bounty hunters. (SWGAL)

a shortened name for the Corporate Sector System Development Programs, which provided aid to frontier worlds forgotten by the Old Republic. D-Progs were a product of COMPNOR, and were one of many examples of COMPNOR's ability to exploit the Old Republic's weaknesses. (ISB)

this was one of several Duros-commanded warships which made up the Galactic Alliance's meager naval fleet, during the last stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Commanded by Yurf Col, the Dpso was one of many ships assigned to General Wedge Antilles and the task force dispatched to the Duro System. Unknown to Commander Col was that the task force was not sent to recapture Duro, but to eliminate as much of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet stationed there as possible. Col believed that Antilles was going to simply let Duro remain under Yuuzhan Vong control, and broke formation. Led by the Dpso, all the Duros warships tried to attack the Yuuzhan Vong on their own. However, they were no match for the amassed firepower of the alien invaders. The Dpso and the other Duros ships were destroyed in just under three hours. (FP)

this is a model of starship heat sink. (RM)

this gas giant was the seventh planet in the N'zoth System. It was orbited by fourteen moons. (CCW)

this was the designation of Uulshos' Deep-X Explorer space yacht. This 12-meter long craft was targeted to be a pleasure craft, but found a following with scouts who converted it for deep-space exploration. The DPx required a single pilot to control, and could handle 50 metric tons of cargo and up to five passengers. The DPx was a flat starship, with a pair of wings extending out from the central section. The central section housed the cockpit, passenger areas, and engines. (SWJ9)

DP-x Explorer
see Deep-X Explorer (LJ1)

this was the name of the Ronto-class transport vessel owned and operated by Jae Juun and his partner, Tarfang, after the loss of the XR808g during the Qoribu Crisis. Jae Juun had originally been set up by Han Solo to acquire a Sailfish transport from Lando Calrissian, but the Sullustan had trouble just keeping up with the payments and maintenance on the Mon Calamarian vessel. So, he traded its equity back to Lando and purchased the DR919a in its place. However, the ship was too slow to handle the demands of the shipping operations Lando offered to the Sullustan, so Juun decided to go to work for Second Mistake Enterprises instead. When Juun realized that the spinglass sculptures they had sold to the naval personnel of the Fifth Fleet contained Gorog assassin bugs, he reluctantly agreed to help Han Solo and Luke Skywalker recover them before anything happened. Instead, they discovered the presence of fifteen nest ships within the Tusken's Eye, and were forced to try and delay the Gorog nest ship. During the search for the Gorog vessel, the DR919a was discovered and took heavy fire, and eventually was holed by a blast. The group was forced to abandon the doomed ship in order to reach the Gorog, much to Jae Juun's dismay. His only consolation was that Master Skywalker promised to replace the DR919a once they had completed the mission. In a last-ditch effort, Jae Juun crashlanded the ship onto the surface of the Gorog nest ship, demolishing the ship but keeping her crew and passengers alive long enough for them to exit. (DN2)

this planet was best-known for its indigenous hunting beast, the nashtah. The gravity on Dra III was heavier than standard, and over time caused its native species ot grow stronger and heavier. (HSR, HSL)

this was an alien race characterized by their white skin and barrel-chested bodies. Their skulls were crowned by a group of small, vestigial horns, and their face was dominated by four nostrils set above a lipless mouth. (BH)

this creature was native to the planet Relkass, and was known to be a nasty predator. They were generally omnivorous, feeding on razorgrass and small rodents, although they preferred to feed on the Relkass sentinel plant. This posed a problem for the inhabitants of Relkass, as the narcotic in the sentinel plant caused the draagax to go into a predatory frenzy, killing any warm-blooded creature on sight. The average draagax resembled a tall rodent, standing nearly two meters tall at the shoulder and having long ears and sharp teeth which could inject a debilitating poison. Their large eyes were adapted to seeing in the visible and infrared spectra. (COG)

this Sullustan was discovered at the abandoned Alliance base by Tash Arranda and her surrogate uncle, the Shi'ido Hoole. Dr'aan seemed to be an exact double of Dr'uun, and was later revealed to be a clone produced by the Empire by an experimental, rapid-cloning technique. (GOF11)

Drace-2 Alert
this Chiss level of battle readiness was used whenever a military expedition needed to mobilize to rescue the beings in another ship which was damaged or in danger of exploding. (SQ)

an alien race known for its size and strength more than its intelligence. They have pale, pinkish blood. (TFNR)

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