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this was the alias used by an unknown human agent who was working in the criminal underground of Tolea Biqua, in the Cularin System, during the height of the Clone Wars. Many believed that D was actually working for Riboga, who was trying to unseat Nirama and re-establish himself as the dominant crimelord in the system. Among the criminal elements of Cularin, it was also believed that D was secretly working to unseat both Nirama and Riboga, to take over Cularin for himself. (LFCW)

D & S Supercircuit
this was a model of extremely fast, high-speed starship navigational computer, available during the height of the New Order. (SL)

D.Star Emperor's Revenge Site One
this was the codename of an uncharted system in the Kathol Sector, as maintained in starcharts owned by Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. The starcharts were bait Sarne used to trap the FarStar, during the New Republic's search for him, as th charts included a trapdoor program which was designed to destroy the FarStar's computer core. (DARK)

D.Star Emperor's Revenge Site Two
this was the codename of an uncharted system in the Kathol Sector, as maintained in starcharts owned by Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne. The starcharts were bait Sarne used to trap the FarStar, during the New Republic's search for him, as th charts included a trapdoor program which was designed to destroy the FarStar's computer core. (DARK)

D.T. Spool and the Skroaches
this was a rebellious musical group, popular among the younger generation on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

D/Crypt Information Services
this semi-legitimate business operated from a base in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. It provided slicing and other data-retrieval services for any being with enough credits to afford them. Bossk used them to help break into Slave I's computer banks, when the Trandoshan found the ship in orbit shortly before the Battle of Endor. (MA)

D/Square Decoder
this decryption and deciphering system was used in military and police databanks, as well as Imperial Ubiqtorate bases, and was quite powerful. It was designed and manufactured by Fedukowski. (VOF)

this was the official designation of Tantiss Station. (FP)

this Kuat Drive Yards freighter was the follow-up to the successful D9 Runner. The D11 had better armament than the D9, and was much faster. (SSR)

an Alliance probe droid, operating as a sentry in the Atrivis Sector. It alerted the inhabitants of the planet Mantooine of an impending Imperial invasion. The droid was destroyed, but not before it relayed information on the Imperials to Mantooine. (RASB, XW)

this blaster pistol was produced during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

a variety of propellant gas used in extra-vehicular space suits. (SOL)

this skylane route connected the CoCo District of Coruscent to the Boribos and Hirkenglade Prefectures, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

an Imperial outpost located in orbit around the planet Javin, in the Javin Sector, D-34 was used heavily just after the Battle of Hoth as an intercept point. The Imperials attempted to drive the fleeing Alliance ships into the Javin Sector and past D-34. The station was eventually captured by the Alliance, with the help of the Mugaari pirates. The Empire later recovered it. (TIE, WOA33)

this specially-programmed protocol droid served Vost Tyne as a secretary at the hyperbaride plant on Marca. It was completely loyal to Tyne, and was programmed with a Core-accented voice. (POM)

this servant droid was owned by Preela Dorat, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ4)

this was the designation of the New Republic Navy's antiradiation mitigation procedure, used when a starship's main reactor is damaged. (POT)

this G-1 series droid worked for the Tredway family on the 24 Tredway mines, in the Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt. It was able to save Dena Tredway, getting her to the asteroid's medical facility, shortly after Imperial Governor Parnell destroyed the asteroid base. After Dena was delivered to Luke Skywalker for transport to Ire Eleazari's asteroid, D435 deactivated itself to avoid Imperial capture. (JH)

this nondescript area of space was located near the Endor System. (SWGAL)

a humanoid droid which was assigned to Governor Grigor on M'haeli, D-4R5 was shot, and his memory wiped, as a way for Ranulf Trommer to use to infiltrate Mora's confidence. She was able to completely repair the droid, and it was put to use by the Alliance supporters on the planet. (ROC)

this protocol droid was owned by Merrik, on M'haeli. (ROC)

slightly small than an R2-unit, this determined little maintenance droid was part of the minimal droid pool at the Empire's hyperbaride plant on Marca. (POM)

this was the model number of the Deathtrain blaster pistol. (SWGAL)

this area of the Dantooine System served as the base of operations for both the O.S.S. D-502 Junk Guild and the Aii`tkian Anthropologists, during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this sector of space in the Dantooine System was overrun by the Zel'iphian Slave Traders during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this was the Imperial designation of the area of space known as the Penumbra Omen. (SWGAL)

see Cyanoxis (HNN5)

this was the designation of the second-generation super battle droids, built to the specifications of the Trade Federation for used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. (SWI69)

this Imperial spaceport law required that all open hangars be equipped with time-lock devices. (IWST)

this unusual space station was constructed in orbit around Dantooine by the Detritus Satellites, during the early years of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this Alliance scouting and reconnaissance team was led by Mils Gessak, and searched for forward outposts during the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

this New Republic Intelligence ferret ship was assigned to the Fifth Battle Group as a trailer for the Teljkon vagabond. It was used by Pakkpekatt to violate the twelve-kilometer zone around the vagabond, after the fleet's interdiction picket was set up. Later, when the Lady Luck gained entrance to the zecured zone, D-89 was sent in to try and intercept the pleasure yacht using the same code. Unfortunately, the code had changed, and D-89 was destroyed by the vagabond before it finally managed to jump to hyperspace. (BTS)

this was the designation of a secret base maintained by the Empire's Ubiqtorate in the Ringali Nebula. D8-Red was built on a stable planetoid, and was home to the Special Navy forces. (FOP)

D9 Runner
this was a series of light freighters produced by Kuat Drove Yards. The D9 Runner measured 23 meters in length, and coudl transport up to 4 passengers and 75 metric tons of cargo. The D9 Runner was one of KDY's first freighter designs produced during the New Order, and found great acceptance for its low price and reliability. It was eventually replaced by the D11 model, which was faster and better-armed. (SSR)

this was the designation of the third-generation of super battle droids designed by the Trade Federation, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. An improvement over the D-60 series, the D-90 was created to work in small teams as commando units, rather than as members of a massive infantry division. The Separatists hoped to take control of the Spaarti Creations facility on Cartao and retool it to produce the D-90 droids, but the efforts of Commander Roshton and the Jedi Master Jafer Torles thwarted the takeover attempt. (SWI69)

this data file, created by Mon Mothma, was part of Leia Organa-Solo's personal archive. It contained the official decree that allowed Alpha Blue to exist as a secret governmental agency. (BTS)

this maintenance droid was abandoned when its starship was destroyed in space. It became what is commonly known as a void droid, and patrolled the Paradise System Junkyards. (SH)

Da Soocha
a planet with five moons in the Cyax system, in the Huttese language, Da Soocha means "Walking Planet." It is a water-covered world, which lended some credence to the Hutt legends of the Cyax system including a planet with an intelligent, godlike ocean. However, from all initial probes, Da Soocha's ocean is as normal as any other ocean. Admiral Ackbar had planned to rescue his fellow Mon Calamari from the Emperor's World Devastators by transporting them to Da Soocha. (DE1, DESB, EGP)

Da Soocha 5
Da Soocha's fifth moon, home of the New Republic's Pinnacle Base. It was chosen for the Pinnacle Base following the outbreak of civil war on Coruscant, primarily because its location was unknown to everyone but the Hutts. It is called the Pinnacle Moon because of its unique landscape. The huge gravitational pull of Da Soocha has created large tidal forces on the moon. These tides eventually washed away all loose sediment, revealing huge spires of rock that were spewed from volcanoes eons ago. These pinnacles are home for the Ixlls. The moon was destroyed by the resurrected Emperor Palpatine when he fired his Galaxy Gun at the moon, in an effort to eradicate the New Republic. (DE1, DESB, EE)

Da wanga
this Huttese pronoun meant "that one" when translated into Basic. (AAOTC)

this repair droid was part of the pool of automatons that worked aboard Matton Dasol's ship, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. D-A02 was present when Eli Gand killed the crew, and remained in hiding until it was discovered by a Jedi Knight on Kashyyyk. Although it exploded when taken from the ship, D-A02's head was later recovered, and its recordings were used as evidence in Eli's trial. (KOTOR)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Daal, Raymas
this small-time criminal operated on the planet Naboo, during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Daal was contacted by the Trade Federation's secret agents, and was supplied with funds to hire freelance mercenaries to help knock out Naboo's communications relays, in order to isolate Naboo during the Federation's invasion of the planet. Once the relays were knocked out, the Federation could deploy its jamming satellites in orbit, effectively cutting Naboo off from the rest of the galaxy. Although ultimately successful in hiring the freelancers, Daal was later captured by the Naboo Royal Security Force and detained for questioning. (WOA8)

this woman served as an Imperial Navy Admiral (the only female in any Imperial command position), and was in charge of the Maw Installation during the height of the New Order. She was educated at the Academy on Carida, and excelled at everything her teachers could throw at her. Unfortunately, being female in the Imperial Navy meant that she was constantly overlooked for promotions and awards. This angered her, but she struck back silently, creating an alter ego for herself in the Academy's computers. Her alias quickly became known as one of the Empire's brightest naval minds, and even Grand Moff Tarkin took notice. When he arrived at Carida to take this military prodigy under his wing, he was stymied by the fact that the physical person did not exist. He dug deeper into the computer records and discovered Daala's ruse. Though he was Imperial to the core, Tarkin realized that her genius could not be wasted any longer. He took Daala with him as a personal attache, and promoted her in the field. Her promotion to Admiral was presented by Grand Moff Tarkin, and Palpatine may have been unaware of it. She was placed in command of the small fleet guarding the Maw Installation, where she stayed for ten years, cut off from the outside galaxy. When the Maw Installation was discovered by Han Solo and Kyp Durron, she was forced into action against a vast, unknown enemy and with limited, outdated resources. Her initial strikes against the New Republic were tactically successful, but she lost three-quarters of her fleet in the process. She fled to the deep Core Systems, hiding from the New Republic while trying to unite the various Imperial warlords who also hid there, squabbling amongst themselves. Much of her "Empire" was made up of pirates and thugs, and those Imperial officers who chose not to follow Admiral Pellaeon Rimward to form another "Empire." She eventually met up with Pellaeon, and the two of them executed the warlords in a summit meeting that was supposed to bring them all together. The mass executions were Daala's last resort, but she chose to do it. She took command of the combined Imperial fleet, and set out to eliminate the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. She also arranged for part of her fleet to take out a number of important New Republic locations. Her plans nearly succeeded, but the combined might of the Jedi Knights and the New Republic proved too much for her fleet. The seventeen ships under Pellaeon were physically flung from the system; Cronus' ships were dispersed on secondary missions; and her own flagship, the Knight Hammer, was sabotaged by Callista before she could claim ultimate victory. Daala evacuated the ship as it plunged into the core of Yavin, and was rescued by Pellaeon's ships at the fringes of the system. Once aboard Pellaeon's ship, Daala resigned her rank as Admiral and turned the fleet over to Pellaeon. She re-appeared on Cybloc XII, shortly after the Death Seed plague had wiped out the New Republic forces there. She found R2-D2 and C-3PO among the decomposing bodies. She had been retired on Pedducis Chorios, but was offered an advisory position by the piratical warlords that ruled the planet. She hoped that the droids would reveal information on the battle in the Meridian Sector, but was dismayed to learn that Moff Getelles was among the combatants. She detested his condescending ways, and agreed to help out the New Republic by attacking Getelles. In the aftermath, she was reunited with Liegeus, and the two returned to her outpost on Pedducis Chorios. Daala made another series of attacks on the New Republic after the Black Fleet Crisis was resolved, having gathered a small force of Imperial defectors upon her return to the Deep Core. Her efforts were once again thwarted, and Daala was forced to blind-jump her starship Scylla into hyperspace. (JS, DA, COTF, DS, NEGC)

this planet was the site of a trade conference during the Galactic Civil War. Han Solo was escorting Leia Organa to the conference when they became entangled with the Five near Attahox. (CSWDW)

this people was one of the two major factions which inhabited the planet of Melida/Daan. Throughout the history of their planet, the Melida had seen the Daan as feral beasts, and used a legacy of perceived wrong-doings to continue their civil war. The older members of both societies fought to avenge losses sustained centuries before, using their children as laborers in munitions factories while they killed each other in battle. They had been involved in a war with the Melida for thirty years before Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn traveled to their planet to rescue Tahl. (DOD)

Daan Council
the governing body that controlled the actions of the Daan, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (DOD)

this immense outcropping of quartz was located on the planet Bakura. Measuring some three kilometers in length and about fifty kilometers across, D'aarmont was situated at the confluence of the East and West Rivers. The city of Salis D'ar was built atop D'aarmont. (GORW)

meaning "joy", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this heavy vegetable was used in many gourmet dishes. Aside from its exotic taste, the dabaroo's skin exuded natural phosphors during preparation, making any meal which containd dabaroo glow an unusual blue color. The blue coloration can be altered by the amount of time the dabaroo skin is cooked during preparation, from an intense cobalt to a royal blue. (HNN5)

this was the name adopted by both the Quarren and the Mon Calamari to describe their homeworld of Mon Calamari. It was preferred by many Quarren, who felt that the name Mon Calamari was used by the Old Republic to emphasize the neighbors' own glories over those of the Quarren. (GORW)

Dac Extremists
this was a band of primarily Quarren terrorists who caused trouble for the Mon Calamari Council in protest of the "minimalization" of Quarren contributions to the history of the planet Calamari. The group was active during the height of the New Order. (GORW)

this star was the central body in the Calamari System. (GORW)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

the Nelroni Marauders established a base on this planet, which was located along the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. The Dachat base allowed the Marauders to prey upon the governments of both Hyabb and Twith, while taking their pick of the ships which traveled between them. Following the loss of their main base on Voon, the Nelroni were driven off Dachat by the ancient Jedi Knights. (TOJC)

Dacho District
this was one of the largest factory districts found on the planet Coruscant, some 700 years before the Battle of Geonosis. At that time, a chemical explosion in the Dacho district set off the planet's most lethal industrial accident. The explosion occurred deep below the surface of the planet, and unleashed toxic neuritic carbide gases, killing more than 300,000 beings who were trapped in the complex. Investigation by the Old Republic revealed more than the reason behind the explosion. Urban legend claimed that the sub-levels of the factories were processing the bodies of poor and disadvantaged immigrants in order to reduce them to their biological fluids. Although the actual cause of the explosion was classified by the Republic, every Dacho district corporate executive fled the planet, and the entire area was abandoned. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Dacho district was rumored to be haunted, and the Jedi Knights recognized a subtly nightmarish emanation of the Force from the area. It became known as the Dead Sector, and was avoided at all costs. Perhaps these were the reasons that Darth Sidious and his apprentice, Darth Tyranus, chose to meet there in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. (SWI65)

this man, known to his friends as Doc, worked with Uldir as a search and rescue pilot aboard the Pride of Thela during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Unknown to Uldir, Dacholder was also a member of the Peace Brigade. When the Yuuzhan Vong declared that they would halt their invasion if the Jedi Knights were turned over to them, the Peace Brigade told its members to locate and turn over any Jedi they encountered. Dacholder, knowing that Uldir was once a student of the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, arranged for Uldir to be taken by staging a fake rescue operation to the Winning Hand. However, during the transfer, Uldir activated an emergency airlock he had installed, and Dacholder was sucked out into space. Uldir took the Pride of Thela and escaped. (EVC)

this woman was a member of Han Solo's strike team, dispatched to the Forest Moon of Endor to take out the shield generator protecting the second Death Star. She was injured while trying to hold off a group of biker scouts. (SWRPG)

this possible Jedi candidate was located in the Imperial computers by R2-D2 and C-3PO, but was disregarded because he cheated rather than sensed the winners of blob races. He was a micro-electronics expert. Seeking to become wealthy and never have to work again, he rigged the Duchess Mistal's search for a consort so that the computer selected him as the candidate. She could not bear to be away from him, and so she wouldn't let him out of her sight. He fled to Umgul in an effort to escape their marriage, and tried to rig enough blob races to afford passage farther from Dargul. He was apprehended by Lando Calrissian during a blob race, as Lando was trying to determine if Tymmo were a candidate for the Jedi Academy. What Lando discovered was that Tymmo had been implanting micro-motivators into the blobs in order to coerce them into winning. Since cheating at blob races incurred the death sentence on Umgul, and since Tymmo wanted to live more than he wanted to die, he surrendered to Lando was returned to Mistal. (JS, JASB)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Dack Track
an Umgullian blobstacle course commissioned by Duchess Mistal of Dargul, and built by Slish Fondine. It was built to commemorate Dack's return to the Duchess's side. (JS)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Daclo Koat-xi
a New Republic Commander who led a field operations team into the galaxy to learn more about the World Devastators. (DESB)

this winged, reptilian creature was used as a mount on its native world of Utapau. The dactillion species was belived to have been one of the first to evolve on Utapau, as ancient records from the Utai and Pau'an civilizations both describe attacks by the dactillion on their earliest settlements. These four-legged, avian creatures were solitary hunters that consumed small creatures or carrion from the grottoes and pools of water at the bottom of Utapau's sinkholes. Dactillions were also known to raid the nests of the varactyls, taking eggs or hatchlings. Because of the planet's strong winds, dactillions only ventured out into the open during calm periods. Utai historians show that the dactillions were tamed as mounts shortly after the varactyls, by clever individuals who lured dactillions into cages with offers of fresh meat. Over time, trained dactillions allowed the Utapauns to travel swiftly beyond their sinkholes, to explore the surface of their homeworld. Dactillion-mounted Utai also became part of the planet's primary defense force, and were instrumental during the Clone Wars in securing their cities. The average dactillion measured some six meters in height when standing upright, and had a wingspan of twenty-four meters. The long beak of the dactillion was tipped with two sharp spikes, which it used to spear its food as well as for defense. (OWS, SWDB)

an alien race. (RM)

this yellow ammonia crystal is vital to the survival of Arconans who are away from their homeworld. Dactyl is used as a dietary supplement to stave off the effects of low-ammonia atmospheres. Even short periods of time without a regular supply of ammonia will kill an Arconan, so a steady source of dactyl is maintained during travel. (RF)

Dactyl Stork
native to several swamp-covered planets, the dactyl stork was noted for its back-bending leg joints. (T)

this was the handler of the computer operator who managed the Cularin HoloNet nodes, during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

Dade, Herron
this man served as a General in the armed forces of the planet Gandle Ott, during the early years of the New Republic. General Dade was the commander of the planet's military forces, and was one of the many who felt that the Empire had not done the planet - or Kathol Sector, for that matter - any favors. He was also a skilled diplomat, and stepped into the limelight when the crew of the FarStar landed on Gandle Ott, during their search for Moff Kentor Sarne. (DARK)

Dade, Lilla
a scout in Page's Commandos, her job was to drop behind enemy lines and open a path for the rest of the team. Page considered her probably the best Pathfinder in the entire Special Operations division, which led to her selection as the primary infiltrator placed on Kal'Shebbol, shortly before the New Republic assaulted Moff Kentor Sarne's stronghold there. Years later, Lilla had maintained her standing with the New Republic military, and remained one of their best trackers. She was part of the assault team dispatched to Ylesia to ferret out and capture the leaders of the Peace Brigade, some time after the Second Battle of Coruscant. (HTSB, DARK, Y)

Dadeferron, Dixon
a native of Kail, Dixen was Torm's father., He was turned into the Corporate Sector police force by Torm for infractions loosely based on the land-use disputes between the Dadeferron family and the Authority. Torm's real motivation was to gain control of the Kail Ranges. (CSA)

Dadeferron, Torm
a native of the planet Kail, Torm and his family were independent landowners within the Corporate Sector. Torm himself was distinguished by his good looks, which were punctuated by his piercing blue eyes and his red hair. He was jealous of the power his father held as the owner of the Kail Ranges, and wanted it for himself. When his family became involved in a series of land-use disputes with the Corporate Sector Authority, Torm was approached by Authority agents and offered the chance to own the Ranges outright if he would convict his father of some wrong-doing. Torm agreed, and soon his father, Dixon, and his brother, Trevim, were arrested and removed from Kail. Torm's involvement with the Authority didn't end there. He joined up with Rekkon, ostensibly in an effort to locate his father and brother who had "suddenly disappeared" after the land-use battle. However, this story was just a cover for his real work as an Authority operative whose mission it was to infiltrate Rekkon's group and eliminate it. Torm succeeded in killing Rekkon aboard the Millennium Falcon, and later learned of the location of Stars' End when Rekkon wrote it down as he died. Torm was later discovered by Han Solo as Rekkon's killer, after Han tricked him into revealing the true location of Stars' End, which was information only Rekkon and Han were supposed to know. After a brief struggle, Han managed to get Torm into an airlock and ejected him into outer space without a pressure suit. (HSE, CSA)

Dadeferron, Trevim
Torm's brother, sent to Stars' End with his father, Dixon, as part of the plot to place Torm in control of the Kail Ranges and remove the dispute over the use of the Ranges. (CSA)

Dadefra, Alistar
this man was the Imperial Navy Captain who commanded the mission to wipe out the Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates. He used the tractor beams on his Victory-class Star Destroyers to hold the pirates' corvettes at bay while spacetroopers boarded them and killed the occupants. He then started lang-range jamming, cutting the smaller pirate ships off from their commands. The Star Destroyers then opened fire at will, followed by an intense concussion missile barrage launched at the surface of the planet Khuiumin. The Imperials sustained 86 casualties while wiping out nearly 8,000 pirates. After the success of the mission, the 53-year-old Dadefra was promoted to the command of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Brazen, and dispatched to Elrood Sector to wipe out the rebellion and piracy which sprang up after the Battle of Yavin. He spent a great deal of time disciplining Captains Pryl and Zed, working to defuse their rivalry in order to center their efforts on destroying the Alliance. When the Brazen was ambushed by pirates, Dadefra managed to limp back to Derilyn for repairs. Unfortunately, the Alliance was able to destroy the Brazen. It was unknown if Dadefra was aboard the ship when it exploded. (SWSB, OE)

this gas giant was the outermost of the three worlds in the Marcellus System. It had five moons. Note that the report from Vost Tyne to Aaz'del Hutrick referred to this planet as Dardris. (POM)

this Twi'lek family founded the Daedalus Gas Mines corporation, after convincing a group of investors in the profitability of gas mining on Genarius. They put a large sum of credits into the development of the floating city of Friz Harammel, and funded the development of the AR-25 Bubbleship and the VA-13 Sweeper. (LFC)

Daedalon System
a planetary system. (TPS)

Daedalus Corporation
this mining outfit operates on the planet Korbin. (PG2)

Daedar Xiese
this was a famous Iktotchi individual, distinguished in the histories of the moon of Iktotch. (UANT)

Daedelus Gas Mines
this corporation was focused on the mining of gases for a variety of uses in industry and manufacturing. Daedelus invested heavily in the development of the city of Friz Harammel, located in the atmosphere of the planet Genarius, and was rewarded when the city proved to be incredibly successful. (LFC)

this was one of the Alliance's Nebulon-B frigates, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this was the largest of the underground cities located on the planet Aleron. (PGT)

Daelar vuv Tertarrnek
this Covallon was one of the Alliance's deepest cover agents, pretending to be the pet of Moff Harlov Jarnek. The Imperial Moff, a prime example of a xenophobe who couldn't see anything not human as intelligent, thought vuv Tertarrnek was an interesting pet and nothing more. vuv Tertarrnek, on the other hand, understood everything the Moff said, and was able to provide the Alliance with a bounty of information on troop and starship movements in Tandon Sector. However, vuv Tertarrnek's position as a pet made it hard to transmit data back to the Alliance without being caught, since Jarnek liked to keep his pet at his side to impress others. vuv Tertarrnek maintained his position at the Moff's side by using his empathic sense to match his actions to the Moff's needs. (CRO)

Daele, Hart
this Jedi Knight was known as a theoretical mathematician. He was especially gifted in the playing of Divoran Holochess. He was a native of the planet Damualer Triac. (GG9)

D'aelgoth Sector
Han Solo and Xaverri once conned the Assistant Secretary to the Imperial Moff of this sector out of all his money while implicating him in a treasonous crime. (THG)

this planet was known as the site of the Clarion Scholars Academy. (SWED)

Daeric Starport
this was one of the larger spaceports that were active on the planet Talus, during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "female ruler" or "queen" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

this Twi'leki female was one of the first of her species to attend Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. As a child, she was orphaned when her mother was enslaved, and she spent a lot of time in starports, talking to pilots and learning how to exist outside society's mainstream. Daeshara'cor never forgot the loss of her mother. After joing the praxeum, she struggled mightily with her training, though she believed that Luke's trainings were being lost on Kyp Durron. Daeshara'cor, however, still harbored anger over the loss of her mother, which eventually led her down a path toward the Dark Side of the Force. Shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong first invaded the galaxy, Daeshara'cor was given the mission to determine if any data files from the Maw Installation survived its destruction. After learning how the Yuuzhan Vong enslaved other beings and turned them into mindless slaves, she chose not to board the ship and began her own search for a superweapon to destroy the Vong. She planned to travel to Vortex, hoping to lead the Jedi away from her path. However, Anakin Solo and Chalco located her on Garos IV. Daeshara'cor was forced to capture them and hold them ransom. Anakin, with Chalco's help, managed to escape and capture Daeshara'cor, and they returned her to the Jedi gathered on Ithor. She apologized for her actions, and was eventually forgiven by Master Skywalker. She later fought side by side with Anakin in the Battle of Ithor, but in the end she was mortally poisoned by the bite of a Yuuzhan Vong amphistaff. Anakin despaired that he could do nothing to save her. As her life expired, Daeshara'cor gave herself up to the Force, and her physical form disappeared. (DTR)

Daetan Taakses
this Rodian was the founder of the Pinett Freedom Force, the protest group which tried to protest the blockades established by the Corsignis Property Alliance and the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group during the Galactic Civil War. He started the protests with a very public hunger strike, and the Pinett Freedom Force continued to expland its protests to ensure that ships from either faction were not allowed to land on the moon. Daetan was a pacifist, and felt that peaceful protests such as a hunger strike would be most effective. However, his hunger strike, coupled with the demonstrations by the Pinett Freedom Force, meant that port workers found themselves without work. Whenever he managed to go out in public, he was under constant vigilence against violence from the port workers. (WOA25)

Daf Spearmaster
this Whiphid was part of a mercenary band hired to train the TransGalMeg security force on the planet Narg. However, when the natives of Narg realized that Daf wasn't human, he was released from service. Since that time, he has remained on the planet, frequenting the Free Access Grill and spending his evenings talking with Lin Konpost. Daf realized that his chances of a good living were limited on Narg, but feared that Imperial control of the galaxy would make his life even worse. (TA)

this smuggler was part of the gang led by Lemo and Sanda. She was given the statue of the Minstrel by Lando Calrissian, during Calrissian's escape from Arcan IV, in an effort to distract her. She then fired on her former companions, hoping to throw them off in order to find the Dancing Goddess herself. (LTA4, MC79)

this mercenary worked for Valance the Hunter during the height of the New Order. A beaked humanoid with long, three-fingered hands and pointed ears, Dafi relished the interrogation of captives. After capturing Jaxxon, Valance ordered Dafi and the rest of his gang to discover the location of Han Solo from the Lepi. Jaxxon refused, even under the ministrations of an agony inducer, until Amaiza arrived to rescue him. In the brief firefight, Dafi and the rest of the bounty hunters were shot and killed by Amaiza. Note that the Star Wars Miniatures website indicates that Dafi was a Mon Calamari. (MC16, SWMW)

Dafid, Wex "TIE-Die"
an Alliance tactical training officer who taught the new starpilot recruits on board the Independence. He earned the nickname "TIE-Die" for his many ways to destroy the Imperial starships. (XW)

this Yuuzhan Vong Prefect was ostensibly the leader of the Praetorite Vong, and was in command of the primary invasion force launched at the known galaxy, some twenty-five years after the Battle of Yavin. Da'Gara was charged with executing the initial assaults on those planets which were the first Vector Prime objectives. This mission was coordinated with the actions of Yomin Carr on Belkadan, who ensured that the outpost planet could not report on the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. His career was ended quickly after the loss of the Helska base, and his failure nearly ruined the career of Nom Anor. (VP, HT, NJOSB)

Dagdan Dimnid
this Advozse worked in the Imperial Treasury during the height of the Galactic Civil War, acting as a spy for Emperor Palpatine himself. (GMR4)

Dagel Igara
this was a noted Baragwin individual. (UANT)

Dagelin Minor
this inhabitants of the planet were nearly wiped out by a strain of the Hardan Plague carried to the planet by a swarm of Bogan's Brown Nafen which had been imported to control an outbreak of dhuru flies. All but two percent of the population succombed to the disease. (COG)

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