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Discord Missile
the discord missile was the specialized missile used by Separatist starfighters to deploy buzz droids into a combat zone. Because buzz droids lacked the huge thrusters of normal starships, they were launched at a target inside the missile, which didn't explode on impact. Rather, it cracked open, allowing its payload of buzz droids to lock onto the target starship and begin their work. Each discord missile had several fins, used both for stability and maneuverability, that allowed the discord missile to fly at incredible speeds through the tightest of turns. This agility, coupled with a thruster system that allowed it to keep up with any manned starship, made discord missiles nearly impossible to avoid. (VD3, X3)

Discril-class Attack Cruiser
this warship was built on the planet Daupherm, for use in the Daupherm defense fleet. The Discril-class measured 85 meters in length, and required a crew of 150 with 51 gunners. It could also transport up to 60 troops and 7,800 metric tons of cargo. It was armed with five turret-mounted laser cannons, four tri-particle beamers, and three tri-laser cannons. (VOF, CRO, PP)

see Distt Dok (PG1)

this tropical planet is a twin to the planet Iri, and is located in the Epidimi System. Like its twin, Disim is covered with dense forests and humid rainforests. The system was discovered by the Old Republic some 5,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, and discovered that both worlds had produced species of avians which had similar genetic structures. The Old Republic explorers tried to get the two species to mate, in an attempt to verify their genetic compatability. The experiment was a success, and a new species was created from the union of the two. However, the new species flourished while the two parent species died out. This new species, known as the Tarongs, now dominates both worlds. (GG12)

this ancient disruptor weapon was produced by the Mandalorians during the years following the Great Sith War, and was considered one of the most powerful and dangerous disruptor weapons ever produced. (KOTOR2)

Disintegrator Field
a defensive shield that consumes matter and disintegrates it. (COTF)

Disk of Quay
this ancient datadisk supposedly contained the musings and philosophies of the Weequay god known as Quay. It was believed that the Disk of Quay was no longer on Sriluur, but contained within the vaults of Shiin's Library, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (GMR7)

Disk Vectrals
the round caps at the end of a Y-Wing's engines, they have two intersecting fins which are linked to the avionics control package to provide maneuverability. (SCRE)

Disk, The
another mystical reference used by Lando Calrissian. (LCF)

Diskio Khzrry
this Xi'Dec and its sibling, K'lial, were the only surviving members of their family, which was well-respected in the Xi'Dec community. The rest of the family was killed while vacationing on the Savage Pleasure, during an Imperial assassination attempt. Following the death of the family, both K'lial and Diskio threw in their support for the Alliance. Using their species as a cover, they scoured Grohl Sector looking for other Xi'Dec to recruit into their family. While searching for Xi'Dec, they also appropriate rebel agents and whisk them to safehouses before Imperial officers can capture them. Diskio is the more insectile of the pair, using this dextrous limbs to deactivate locks and security measures. (CRO)

Dismantled Droid Disposal Device
one of the many Ugor waste collections corporations. Like all such operations, they are loyal to the Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency. (GG4)

this Imperial Star Destroyer was in the Bothawui System at the time when Praleena Pring's lover planned to defect to the Alliance. The Captain of the Dismay had planned on marrying Praleena himself, but was unable to stop Alliance forces from recovering Praleena and her lover. (SPG)

meaning "free spirit", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this Imperial dreadnaught was part of the fleet which patrolled the Killaniri System during the Galactic Civil War. (PG1)

this Imperial Moff survived the Battle of Endor, the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the debacle of Admiral Daala, steadfastly holding onto the Braxant and Bastion Sectors and a small contingent of subordinates. Ten years after the death of Thrawn, Disra found himself in a position which allowed him to rise to power. He had been funneling Imperial credits into building a fleet of Preybird-class starfighters manufactured by Zothip and the Cavrilhu pirates. Disra supplemented the cost of the Preybirds by supplying Zothip with cloned soldiers from Imperial stores. Then, using Flim - an actor who strongly resembled Thrawn - Disra quickly took control of several parts of the remaining Imperial fleet. (SOP)

Disrupter Ray
a primitive weapon that uses ion energy pulses to knock droids and other computer-based machinery out of order. (CSW)

Disruption Bubble Generator
developed on the planet Bakura, this small device was used to temporarily disrupt the effectiveness of nearby communications monitors. The generator produced a spherical "bubble" zone which was impervious to sonic and other auditory scanning devices, providing the user with temporary protection from eavesdropping. (TB, TBSB)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was the lead ship of Warlord Zsinj's third fleet. (SOC)

a type of blaster which fires in a wide pattern, dirsuptors were illegal in most parts of the galaxy because they reduced solid matter to its constituent molecules. The internal components of a disruptor differed from those of a standard blaster in that they were stronger and able to produce a much more powerful beam of energy. Coupled with the specialized galven pattern in the barrel, this set of components created a beam of energy that could literally disintegrate durasteel plates. All this power came with a price, however. A disruptor usually drained a standard power pack after just five shots, and there was a five-second recycle time between shots in order to prevent overheating. (HSE, CCG9, NEGW)

Disruptor Beam
outlawed during the height of the Old Republic, disruptor beams were security devices which emitted a thin beam of coherent red light. The beam was capable of cutting a being in two without expending much energy. (HP)

this ancient disruptor weapon was developed by the Baragwin race, more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Endor. (KOTOR)

Diss Ti'wyn
this Bothan was a pilot in the Blackmoon Squadron, during the period surrounding the Battle of Coruscant. A Lieutenant at the time, Diss agreed with his commanding officer, Yaown Reth, that both General Wedge Antilles and Commander Eldo Davip were insane for allowing the Lusankya to be destroyed in battle. Neither pilot realized the true nature of the work being done on the Super-class Star Destroyer. (EL2)

this man, a native of Alderaan, held the rank of Lieutenant within the Hawk-bat pirate command structure. In reality, Dissek was Kell Tainer. (IF)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Dissolution by Self-Intention
this piece of classical musical was considered the masterwork of Borra Chambo. (MBS)

this was the brand name of Kelvarek Consolidated Arms' KD-30 firearm. (GFT)

Distant Peaks
located on the planet Vaynai, this range of geologically young mountains was often used as a place of exile for individuals accused on crimes. The slopes of the Distant Peaks were covered with sharp rocks, and very little vegetation had taken hold. The shorelines of the individual mountains were continually pummelled by heavy surf, making any landing by boat a dangerous adventure. (GMR8)

Distant Rainbow
a Starwind-class pleasure ship belonging to Mazzic, the Distant Rainbow was heavily modified, and served as Mazzic's mobile base. It was originally owned by a Rodian smuggler who sold it to Mazzic when he retired. Mazzic got a great deal on the vessel, mainly because the Rodian had no idea what he was going to do with it. The existing weaponry was eliminated in favor of a pair of quad laser turrets, mounted top and bottom along the same lines as the Millennium Falcon. Additionally, Mazzic installed upgraded repulsorlift engines and enhanced electronic countermeasures suites. He also made the Distant Rainbow as comfortable as a smuggling ship could be, although the Starwind's small size made quarters quite cramped when the ship was fully loaded. It could accommodate up to ten passengers and two metric tons of cargo, and required a crew of five to operate. (TLC, LCSB, GMR4)

Distant Sunrise
this heavily-modified freighter was owned and operated by Karrison Lee. (WSV)

Distant Wind
this modified XS-800 freighter was owned by Cunbus Locb. The ship was impounded by Imperial Moff Ammar, after it was learned that Locb had stolen several pieces of artwork from him. The artwork, never found by Ammar or his forces, was hidden inside the ship. Ammar later grew frustrated with his search and put the Distant Wind up for auction. The ship was armed with a double lase cannon mounted on the bow and a turret-mounted laser cannon. (SS)

Distinguished Flight Medal
a Imperial Naval award given to outstanding pilots. (ISB)

Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor
this Imperial award was presented to those officers who displayed extreme heroism and bravery in the heat of battle. (SWJ10)

this planetoid, one of the moons of the planet Corvis Minor Five, was believed to be hollow by New Republic scientists. The Intelligence agency believed that Prince-Admiral Krennel was building Pulsar Station within the moon, based on data recovered from Liinade III. Ysanne Isard's clone believed that Krennel's forces could capture Rogue Squadron with this information, and set up an ambush for them. They nearly succeeded in taking the squadron, until forces led by Colonel Vessery - under the direction of the real Ysanne Isard - destroyed Krennel's forces and recovered the Rogues. (IR)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Essowyn. It was located on the continent of Sorontill. (PG1)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "strong". (GCG)

this holoprojector was used by Blackhole to mask his true appearance. (CSWEA)

this band toured the Outer Rim during the early years of the New Order. They were known for their discordant, morose music, and more than one concert was marked by the apparent suicide of one or more fans. An entourage of more than seventy roadies, assistants, security guards, and business beings accompanied them throughout the Astal Sector, ensuring that their concerts went off without a hitch. (WOA28)

Distt Dok
this was one of the wondrous tree-cities built by the Gazaran in the rainsforests of the planet Veron. It was located on the southern coast of the continent of Ablor. It is also referred to as Dish-Dok on certain maps. (PG1)

this planet, the homeworld of the Tai'ni race, was aligned with the New Republic, and maintained a starfighter base. (SOP)

a natural element used in the armor-like plating that covers military buildings. (ISU)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "nemesis". (GCG)

this planet is the homeworld of the needle beast. (CRO)

this was a species of near-human stock, note for its wild hair coloration. Note that this is actually a reference to the Theelin race, specifically the females. (YJC6, SWDB)

Diva Arroquitas
this Theelin woman was a noted artist and a member of the Divas religious order. She was invited to serve as the Master of Ceremonies at the 2,344th Priole Danna Festival shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. She refused to accept the honor the next year, citing the dangers of traveling across the galaxy as separatists began rising up against the Old Republic. (HNN4)

Diva Funquita
this red-haired, Theelin slave was owned by Gardulla the Hutt, who had received the young female as a gift from Jabba the Hutt. A trained dancer and singer, she was also Gardulla's chief aide and majordomo. After Gardulla tried to trick Jabba into betting on Gasgano just prior to the Boonta Eve Classic podrace, Gardulla ordered Diva Funquita to ensure that Anakin Skywalker failed to compete in the race. She tried to enlist the aid of Ark "Bumpy" Roose, but the alien refused. Note that the Young Jedi Collectible Card Game - Boonta Eve Podrace expansion indicates that Diva was this character's species. (IG1, PRT, YJC6, SWDB)

Diva Shaliqua
this blue-haired Theelin woman was one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite slave dancers. She was in his control during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Her parents - one human, the other Theelin - had been indentured to Ingoda the Hutt, and had conceived Shaliqua in secret. When Ingoda learned of their duplicity, he could barely contain his rage. However, he kept Shaliqua alive, hoping that she would mature into a true Diva. Shaliqua made friends with another Theelin female, Diva Funquita, and both were later sold by Ingoda to Jabba the Hutt as payment for a business deal. Shaliqua became a member of Jabba's house band, although Funquita was later sold to Gardulla the Hutt. During the Boonta Eve podrace that saw young Anakin Skywalker defeat Sebulba, Shaliqua found herself the object of attention of a Corsucant human named Romeo Treblanc. Treblanc later purchased Shaliqua from Jabba and freed her. They returned to Coruscant, and Treblanc provided Shaliqua with the chance to study and train with the staff of the Galaxies Opera House. Shaliqua felt no loyalty to Treblanc, and later robbed his residence and fled into the underworld, unaware that he was planning to give her a role in an upcoming opera. Shaliqua managed to have a legitimate career in the entertainment district of Coruscant, working under a stage name that hid her true identity. Note that the Young Jedi Collectible Card Game - Boonta Eve Podrace expansion indicates that Diva was this character's species. (IG1, YJC6, SWDB)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this was a religious cult of Theelin females, noted for their incredible singing voices. Many scholars of the Old Republic believed that the Divas were the epitome of singers, and should be considered as the standard against which any other vocal performances were to be measured. As the final years of the Old Republic drew closer, and the Theelin population grew smaller and smaller, the term "Diva" was used to describe any female of the species, regardless of their level of talent. (SWDB)

Dive Boat
this was a form of submarine that was produced on the planet Dagro during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were exceptionally maneuverable, and were often used to navigate the canyon rivers and rushing waters that were found on the planet. (SWI77)

Dive, The
this seedy bar was located in Drepplin city, on Glova. The name fit the bar quite well. All forms of gambling were allowed on the premesis, and fights were extremely common. (POC)

this is a Mon Calamari sport. (SWJ9)

Diversity Alliance
this loose, political extremist group was made up from several non-human races and planets about 14 years after the Battle of Endor. At the least, they stood for the freedom of all non-human races. At the worst, they demanded the extermination of the human race. The leader of this group was the Twi'lek Nolaa Tarkona, and the group's headquarters was on Ryloth. The Diversity Alliance broke up in thw wake of Tarkona's disappearance. (TEP)

this Old Republic Lieutenant was the first commander of the Ordnance/Regional Depot on Ord Antalaha. (PP)

Divination Biot
this unusual piece of bio-technology was created by the Yuuzhan Vong priests and seers to help them understand what the future might bring. (UF)

Divine Bantha
according to the Dim-U religion, the bantha was the source of a hidden message from some all-powerful being. The priests of the Dim-U religion devoted their lives to searching for the Divine Bantha's message to the galaxy. (HG)

this group of Imperial probes was destroyed by the Alliance, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Divini, Elana
this woman was one of the galaxy's most noted mudopterists, during the last decades of the Old Republic. A native of the planet Tatooine, Elana was the mother Kornell Divini. She was especially fond of Alderaanian flare-wings, and kept her own impressive collection as part of a huge display at the Coruscant Xenozoology Museum. (MJH)

Divini, Kornell
this young man, a native of the planet Tatooine, was one of the many youthful surgeons who were pressed into military duty during the height of the Clone Wars. Known as Uli to his friends - a shortened form of the term uli-ah - he was the latest in a long family history of doctors, reaching back several generations. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all had a practice together, but Uli wanted to leave the nest and see the galaxy. He trained at Coruscant Medical Hospital before doing a year of internship and a year of residency at the Galactic Polysapient medical center. At the tender age of just nineteen, he was given the rank of Lieutenant despite his lack of medical training, and was immediately dispatched to the planet Drongar to fill the place of Zan Yant. Although the rest of the staff at Rimsoo Seven had their misgivings, Uli quickly adapted to the life of a battle surgeon, and became a valuable member of their staff. (MJH)

Divinian, Bog
a native of the planet Nuralee, this man married Astri Oddo sometime before the Battle of Naboo. He fancied himself an important man, and worked hard to get himself noticed by the politicos of the Old Republic. He eventually earned a position on the board of the Galactic Games, working to coordinate the Games on the plane Euceron some six years after the Battle of Naboo. He hoped to use the experience, as well as the contacts he made, to make a bid to serve as Nuralee's Senator to the Old Republic. However, Bog's ability to make these contacts was only as good as his work, which was simply to provide seating arrangements for the various Old Republic Senators who had traveled to Euceron to witness the Games. Because of this, Bog was implicated in the illegal gambling schemes surrounding the Games by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, who matched his seating charts to the betting receipts they found in Uso Yso's records. However, it was revealed that the betting was part of elaborate scheme to discredit several Old Republic Senators, and Bog was cleared of any charges. Unfortunately for the Jedi, he also covered for Liviani Sarno and Maxo Vista, refusing to disobey the orders of a superior in the hopes of earning praise and promotion. While Bog explained to Astri that he would eventually do good things when he became a Senator, Obi-Wan realized that Bog was already in the clutches of the Commerce Guild. Within a short while after Astri gave birth to their first child, a son named Lune, Bog managed to become a Senator himself, winning an election on Nuralee and providing the Commerce Guild within another sympathetic ear in the Senate. As a Senator, Bog became something of an apprentice to Sano Sauro, who introduced Divinian to the schemes of Granta Omega. With their covert backing, Bog began speaking out against the Jedi Order, twisting certain events to make it appear as if the Jedi Knights were only acting in their own best interests. He even brought in Roy Teda, the deposed ruler of Romin, to speak out against the Jedi. In order to ensure that the plans of Granta Omega and Sano Sauro were not revealed to the Jedi, Bog warned his wife that she was not to speak to her old friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or he would take their son away from here. Astri, however, turned over a set of datadisks to Obi-Wan, which she had copied from his personal recorder. The disks revealed that Bog's part in the plans of Granta Omega was to nominate Sano Sauro for the position of Supreme Chancellorship, after the rest of the criminals kidnapped and then executed Chancellor Palpatine. The plan was ultimately foiled, when Granta and Jenna Zan Arbor were forced to flee Coruscant under the pursuit of the Jedi. Their plans to kill the Chancellor and many Senators was hatched nonetheless, and the Jedi were forced to fight hundreds of seeker droids in the Senate chambers to prevent their deaths. In the wake of the attack, Bog's proposal for eliminating support for the Jedi Order was soundly defeated, with even Sano Sauro voting against it. For all intents and purposes, Bog Divinian's political career was destroyed, and even his supporters back on Nuralee refused to continue with their endorsement of him. (JQ3, JQ9)

Divinian, Lune
this young boy was the son of Bog Divinian and Astri Oddo, born shortly after the Battle of Naboo. After his father was elected Senator from the planet Nuralee, Lune spent a great deal of time with his grandfather, Dido Oddo. (JQ9)

Divis Arm
this section of the galaxy was a hotbed of reblleious activity during the height of the New Order, led by Dutra Zeneta. (SWJ10)

Division Three
this was the name given to the division of the Empire's Bureau of Taxation, which was established to eliminate the various black markets. Known as D-3, they were very aggressive. (GUN)

Divoran Holochess
this was a form of holochess in which 15 holographic armies were used by each of two players. The game was played on a multi-level board, with the object being to capture all 15 of your opponent's Emperor pieces. (GG9)

this obscure game of chance was played with a collection of multi-sided dice. Players cast the five dice, hoping to roll a combination of values in order to score higher than their opponent. (BHSW)

a long, three-headed snake native to Endor's forest moon, the divto captured its prey by stunning it with a venomous bite. The average divto measured about three meters in length, and was covered with reddish-brown scales that allowed it to blend into the forest. After the Battle of Endor, many divtos were captured or mistakenly transported off Endor's moon, and were quick to adapt on other worlds. The divto population found on the planet Mimban was unusual in that it had a transparent hide, allowing it to blend into almost any swampy environment. (DFRSB, ANT)

this man was employed by Yin Vocta as a spy, keeping tabs on the activities of Jabba the Hutt. After Divv discovered the names and locations of all Jabba's spies on Lianna, Vocta retained Divv's services as an assassin killing them all. (WSV)

this vicious creature lays its eggs in the bodies of living hosts. After they hatch, the egg-shaped pupae of this creature are considered a delicacy by the Hutts, but there is a short period of time in which the divvik are edible. After hatching from their pupal stage, they grow almost immediately into adults. The adults are nothing short of killing machines which prefer to dine on living flesh, despite the fact that they are less than a foot tall. The ball-shaped adults move about on two long legs, and use their arms to help them climb and grasp objects. Their whip-like tail is tipped with a dagger-like claw. The skin of the adult divvik is impervious to blaster fire, and their bite contains an acidic poisonous saliva which causes paralysis in most species, and can eat through plastisteel over time. If injured or otherwise cut, the divvik releases a toxic gas from their digestive system. The only safe way to eliminate a divvik is to suffocate it, but this often takes a long time. (PTR)

Mara Jade tracked the Cavrilhu Pirates that were fleeing their Kauran asteroid base to this planet before losing them completely, shortly after Luke Skywalker infiltrated the Kauron base. The planet is famous for the singfruit trees that grow there. (SOP)

this man was part of the Imperial forces that made an initial attempt to garrison the planet Maridun, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. After the first Amanin attack claimed the life of Commander Frickett and left the Imperials at half their original strength, Captain Janek Sunber placed Dix in charge of establishing a series of defensive lines that would allow the surviving forces to retreat. (SWELM)

Dixon, Janna
this woman was an Esseles-based reporter for TriNebulon News, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ6)

this planet was the site of an Alliance cell during the height of the New Order. (SWJ10)

this Imperial Lord was promoted to Governor General of the Fakir Sector of the galaxy, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He was forced to land his shuttle, the Resurgence, on Masterhome to repair damage sustained in a battle with an Alliance starship. While on the planet, Dixton was captured by another group of Alliance agents and the Anointed People, and sent to prison. (SWCP)

Dizenk-Olvod Ocean
this was the largest ocean found on the planet Veron. (PG1)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "hot waters". (GCG)

DJ-88 (Dee-Jay)
the powerful caretaker droid programmed to protect the Lost City of the Jedi and teach the young students there, Dee-Jay was built to resemble a scholarly human, complete with a metal beard on his face. Dee-Jay was responsible for raising the boy Ken. His outer casing is white, and he has red, ruby-like eyes. (LCJ)

Djalla, Jib
this young, human, Fallanassi male was one of the group that fled to Griann, on the planet Teyr. Along with Tipagna, Norika, and Novus, they were no longer in Griann when Akanah and Luke Skywalker searched Teyr for them. (SOL)

Djambo, Eger
this Imperial stormtrooper served under Major Grau during the height of the New Order. A Corporal by rank, Djambo was killed on Alashan by a Sentinel creature, while Grau was investigating the underground ruins exposed by a team of Alliance archaeologists, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (MCI6)

this was the military police force created by the Gorothite people to try and hold off any hostilities between the Corellian and Aqualish factions which controlled the hyperbaride mining operations on Goroth Prime, soime 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The name D'Jar'Min literally meant "Planetary Defense Arm." Initially, the D'Jar'Min was little more than a symbol of autonomy for the Gorothites, but it evolved into a powerful police force. (GSE)

this Devaronian operated the Black Hole bar on The Life level of Vergesso Base, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was not happy that the bar was a rowdy establishment, and didn't hesitate to have the Base's security forces blast any being that didn't listen to him. (SPG)

Djas Puhr
this male Sakiyan was once employed by Sebulba as a slave herder. As Sebulba made his way around the podracing circuit, Djas Puhr was responsible for acquiring new slaves for the Dug's brisk slaving business. After Sebulba's defeat by Anakin Skywalker in the Boonta Eve Classic, Djas Puhr found himself unemployed, and decided to use his skills as a bounty hunter. He used Mos Eisley as a base during the Galactic Civil War. He had incredible peripheral and infrared vision, coupled with keen senses of smell and hearing. All of these attributes made him a feared hunter. (CCG, E1A5)

this was a Nediji word for a demon or devil. (MJH)

Djem So
this was another name for the Form V style of lightsaber combat. Note that this contradicts the naming of Shien provided in Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 68. (WOTC, SWI68)

Djinn Altis
this was the name of the Jedi Master who went to Chad and found Callista Ming, during the last years of the Old Republic. Master Altis, who worked from a training facility located in th clouds of Bespin, was one of several Jedi who were at odds with the Jedi Council over the Master-Learner pairing, claiming that it was not always the case throughout the history of the Jedi. He also believed that the age restriction on accepting Padawan learners should be lifted. He was rumored to have been one of the Jedi who served aboard the Chu'unthor before it was destroyed on Dathomir, although this was simply a twist of the truth. Master Altis purchased his own training ship and named it the Chu'unthor in honor of the ancient training ship list on Dathomir. Rumor also had it that Altis died on Dathomir, in a battle with the Nightsisters, leading to some confusion about the original Chu'unthor's actual age. (COJ, DS, NEGC, SWDB)

this Imperial logistics officer was a Lieutenant when the Empire garrisoned Cloud City. Djirra was earlier in charge of determining how to use carbon-freezing techniques to place a being into hibernation. (SESB)

Djo, Augwynne
Mother of the Singing Mountain clan on Dathomir, and Teneniel's grandmother. (CPL)

Djo, Tenel Ka
the daughter of Isolder and Teneniel Djo, Tenel Ka was raised on Dathomir in the tradition of the other witches in Teneniel's clan. Tenel showed great aptitude with the Force, and later attended Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, at the same time as Jacen and Jaina Solo. She was a reserved, distant companion to the twins, in keeping with the strength she learned on Dathomir. When Luke discovered the connection between Lando Calrissian's lost corusca gems and the space station Borgo Prime, he took Tenel Ka with him to search out any leads on the Shadow Academy. Later, she posed with him on Dathomir as Force sensitives, and were transported to the Shadow Academy. There, they helped rescue Jaina and Jacen. Her Jedi training nearly came to an end when Luke Skywalker requested that the students at his praxeum built their own lightsabers, in preparation for battling the Shadow Academy. Tenel Ka felt that the weapon was no the important link, but the warrior was. She didn't focus all of her energies in her lightsaber, which she built from an old rancor tooth. In a practice duel with Jacen Solo, Tenel pushed herself and Jacen to their limits. Her lightsaber failed to maintain its energy beam, and Jacen's blade passed through it, severing Tenel Ka's left arm above the elbow. The wound was instantly cauterized, and replacing the hand was impossible. She travelled back to Hapes to recover from the incident, secretly wondering about her own abilities. She found herselve in the midst of Ambassador Yfra's treacherous plans. The series of ensuing battles forced Tenel Ka to realize that, although the warrior is very important, how the warrior maintains their touch on the Force is most important. Her injury was of minimal importance if she truly mastered the Force. She returned to Yavin 4, and built a new lightsaber. She kept to her original design of using a rancor tooth, but worked with the Force to create a weapon superior to the original. It used a rainbow gem from Gallinore, and produced a turquoise-colored blade. After becoming a full Jedi Knight, Tenel Ka and the rest of her friends were thrust into the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. She was one of the Jedi who were sent to Myrkr to destroy the voxyn queen, and one of just a handful to survive the mission. The Jedi team stole the Yuuzhan Vong frigate Ksstarr and took it to Hapes, where Tenel had to face the real possibility that her mother might die or be assassinated. The Hapan people were demanding stronger leadership, and feared that Teneniel Djo might lead them to ruin. Tenel Ka refused to take her mother's place, deciding that she wanted to remain a Jedi Knight. It was also during this period on Hapes when she declared - at least to herself - that she had loved Jacen Solo. When she discovered that her mother had been poisoned, Tenel Ka used what little political power she had to turn the Hapan fleet over to Colonel Jagged Fel, in the hopes that he could command them in battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Tenel Ka then confronted her grandmother, announcing that she would take her mother's place as Queen. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Tenel Ka allied the Hapes Consortium with the fledgling Galactic Alliance. She also found herself wanting to answer the call of UnuThul. She resisted the urge to travel to the Unknown Regions, understanding that her place was on Hapes. However, when Jacen Solo arrived to request her help, Tenel Ka was more than happy to assist. She was able to requisition a small fleet of ships, led by the Kendall, that traveled to Qoribu to help defend the Colony against the Chiss. Unknown to most people on Hapes, Tenel Ka and Jacen had shared an intimate night together, and Tenel Ka managed to adjust her reproductive system to capture Jacen's genetic material and hold it until it was safe to become pregnant. She kept the pregnancy a secret, knowing that an heir would cause all sorts of trouble. Even Jacen was unaware of the situation for an entire year, until a tremor in the Force brought him back to Hapes. Tenel Ka was forced to admit to her plan when Jacen discovered the child, at which point they both had to fight for their lives against a swarm of Gorog assassin bugs sent by the former Queen Mother, Ta'a Chume. Once Tenel Ka and the baby were safe, Jacen arranged for Ta'a Chume to be held indefinitely, after Tenel Ka ordered that she be kept alive for a public trial. Note that Tenel Ka has been named several times as Kenel Ka or Tenel Ta throughout the Young Jedi Knights books. (HTF, SA, L, DK, JUS, SBS, DJ, DN1, DN2)

Djo, Teneniel
a Dathomir witch of the Singing Mountain clan, gifted with the use of the Force storm. She finds Luke and Isolder after they land on Dathomir, and she claims ownership of Isolder. She later gives part of her own life energy to save a Nightsister in the hopes that she could be saved and turned back to the Light Side. She and Isolder were later married, and Teneniel moved to Hapes with Isolder. Once on Hapes, she and Isolder gave birth to a daughter, Tenel Ka. Teneniel Djo continued to live with Ta'a Chume, although the Queen Mother continued to rankle at Isolder's choice for a bride. However, Ta'a Chume eventually stepped down as Queen Mother, and Teneniel assumed the rank. Twenty years later, during the early stages of the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong, Teneniel Djo became pregnant again, in an effort to produce a suitable heir to the throne. She and Isolder were at odds over the role of Tenel Ka in the succession, and Teneniel Djo had to battle Isolder's will to become pregnant. Unfortunately, the emotional backlash in the Force from the Battle of Fondor caused Teneniel Djo to miscarry her unborn child, and she sank into a deepening despair. Meanwhile, Ta'a Chume began searching for a new woman to replace Teneniel Djo. The former Queen Mother hoped to mold some strong woman into her own image and insinuate her into Isolder's life, removing Teneniel Djo from her position as Queen Mother. The woman she chose was Jaina Solo, but Ta'a Chume could not simply stand by and wait for Isolder to divorce his wife. The former Queen Mother secretly arranged for Teneniel Djo to be poisoned, an act which Tenel Ka and Jaina Solo were unable to prevent. Both arrived in the Queen's quarters to find Teneniel Djo slumped over in her chair, dead from an ingestion of poison which appeared to have been the handiwork of the Ni'Korish faction. (CPL, JE, DJ)

this purple vine was native to the planet Garqi. (TFE, SWJ7)

this was Platt Okeefe's pilot's license number. (IDC)

Djulla Tyerell
this young, female Aleena was the daughter of Ratts Tyerell. After Ratts died in the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, just before the Battle of Naboo, Djulla's uncle sold her into slavery in order to earn enough credits to live on. Djulla's rights were purchased by Sebulba, who used her as his personal masseuse and groom. Her brothers, Doby and Deland, hoped to defeat Sebulba at the podraces being staged against the backdrop of the Galactic Games on Euceron, some six years after the Battle of Naboo, thereby winning back Djulla's freedom. In order to ensure victory, the brothers agreed to help Maxo Vista by accepting information on the racecourse before other racers, thereby bringing the racers into a crowded part of Eusebus. However, Deland was hurt in a fight with Sebulba, and Anakin agreed to pilot their racer. Anakin's Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, discovered that the brothers were in league with Maxo Vista, and had the Euceron arrested. Doby and Deland, however, grabbed Djulla and fled Euceron in the resulting confusion. (JQ3)

the planet on which Vill Goir taught Kam Solusar the use of the Dark Side of The Force. (DE2)

this volcanic, wind-swept planet was located in the Mid Rim, and was the homeworld of the Huralok race. (GORW)

this was the codename of the Imperial replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

this protocol droid traveled with its master to the planet Zeltros, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Although not a living being, and seemingly incapable of any biological need for pleasure, DK-4F3 experienced one of the most invigorating oil bath treatments it had ever had from a Zeltros cafarel. (PH)

this Alliance agent one worked with Airen Cracken. In order to escape a group of lizard-men who had captured them, the group drew straws to see who would plant a bomb to distract the creatures. D'kar drew the short straw, and set out to explode the bomb. The only available "bomb" was created by plugging a positive flow detonator to a negative flow coupler. The "bomb" exploded the instant D'kar connected the two pieces, and was killed immediately. The rest of the group escaped. (CFG)

D'kee-class Landing Ship
this Ssi-ruuvi starship was carried into battle by the Sh'ner-class planetary assault cruiser. Twelve D'kee-class ships could be carried in each Sh'ner-class ship deployed. The D'kee-class ships were piloted by four P'w'eck servants and eight P'w'eck gunners who are remotely controlled by a Ssi-ruuk aboard the Sh'ner-class ship. In addition to this crew complement, 100 collectors traveled on the ship to round up potential entechment subjects. The D'kee ship was armed with 100 paralysis cannisters, which it dropped over population centers as it plummetted through the atmosphere. The cannisters explode some 3,000 meters in the air, releasing large amounts of a Ssi-ruuvi paralysis toxin. The toxin was effective in two ways: skin contact and inhalation. The paralyzing effect lastsedabout eight hours, during which time the victims were alert but unable to move. Once the toxins had been released, the D'kee-class ships then descended to collect up to 10,000 entechment subjects each. (EGV, TBSB)

this was a heavy blaster pistol produced during the early years of the New Order. (WOA18)

a sleek, hand-held blaster built by Blas-Tech. They were quite plentiful during the later years of the Empire, and often found their way into the hands of the Alliance. One of the many places that saw a flood of DL-18s was the planet Tatooine, and the weapon earned the nickname "Mos Eisley Special." (RASB, DFR, CCG7)

this small blaster pistol was produced by BlasTech, as a follow-up to the DL-18. It was sturdier than its predecessor, and was produced to match the Merr-Sonn DD6 in the first of the so-called "blaster wars" between the two manufacturers. (GUN)

see DL-44 (GQRG)

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