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Dresselian Projectile Rifle
this primitive weapon was the favored rifle of the Dresselian race, which hand-crafted each weapon. (EGW)

this small, avian creature was native to the upper levels of the rainforests of Veron. (PG1)

this name was given to female Zabrak, although its original meaning was lost over time. The Basic translation of the name meant "raised fist". (GCG)

this winged beast was bred thousands of years before the Battle of Naboo, with the specific purpose of killing Jedi Knights with its deadly poison. The poison was created in specialized glands, but broke down quickly when removed from the drethi. When injected into a being with little or no connection to the Force, the drethi venom was virtually powerless. However, anytime a being made contact with the Force, the drethi venom burned unless treated by a Jedi healer. (GMR10)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "blessed". (GCG)

Dretti Grond
this being was a noted swoop racer, active during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

a city on the planet Zelos II, located on the western coast of Galleros. (PG2)

this was a pseudonym used by a smuggler who first discovered the murder of 300 colonists on Corva Yag. Drev was based on the planet Elrood. (SWJ13)

a planet. (GG11)

this smuggler added information to Cynabar's Droid Datalog, documenting the misuse of TDL nanny droids as assassin droid by corporate executives. (SWJ14)

Drever Corporation
this Parmic Sector weapons manufacturer specializes in small blasters, blaster cannons, and plasma cutters. It was operated by Jensen Drever II during the height of the Galactic Civil War, although the roots of the company could be traced back to the Clone Wars and earlier times. (GG9, LAWS)

this corporation produced a variety of anti-gravity pools for recreational and sporting activities. (GG2)

Drevin, Dorius
this bounty hunter posed as a Kooroo pilgrim in order to try and capture Loro Ecls, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Drevin was discovered to be a bounty hunter by one of the other pilgrims, Gudren Lagarian, and was forced to kill the pilgrim to maintain his cover. However, the crew of the starship which brought Drevin and the pilgrims to Gelgelar eventually captured him, before he could bring in Ecls for the bounty. (PSPG)

this smuggler believed that a clean, orderly ship would deflect suspicion if the ship were ever boarded by Imperial Customs officers. He maintained a small fleet MN-2E droids to keep his ship tidy. (SWJ14)

this was the capital city of the planet Bothawui, which was located in the foothills of the Kurual'grast Mountains. The Combined Clans Center Building is located here, as well as the planet's largest shield generator. The Vengeance group, under the command of Klif anf Navett, managed to infiltrate the shield's power supply and drop the shields, just before Moff Disra could implement his plans for the destruction of Bothawui. The attack was thwarted when the Tyrranic was discovered to be cloaked behind a comet, ready to pounce on the New Republic ships gathered there. (SOP, VOF)

Drev'starn Department of Criminal Discouragement
this was the name of the Bothan police force that patrolled the city of Drev'starn. The officers and investigators wore distinctive green and yellow uniforms. (VOF)

Drevun Six
this famed brotherhood of warriors was known for its trademark, three-bladed Somreth weapon. (AIR)

Drewood Mite
this small insect was a parasite known to live within the fur of womp rats on Tatooine. (FH1)

this moon, the third of three which orbited the planet Almania, was colonized many generations before the Battle of Yavin. (EGP)

this crimelord controlled the Gallapraxis System during the height of the New Order. Drex existed only as a huge, disembodied brain, kept alive by advanced technology and able to communicate through a series of holographic and audio transceivers. Drex hired Boba Fett to hunt down Feleen Bantillian and bring him to the Gallapraxis System for punishment, claiming that Bantillian had killed his son. In reality, Drex was Bantillian's father, and the pair had created the backstory to exact revenge on Fett for his earlier killing of Gavron Sil. Unfortunately, their plans were smashed by Fett's innate abilities, and he managed to kill Bantillian on Vornax. Fett returned to Drex to collect the bounty on Bantillian, bringing Bantillian's head as proof of his demise. Drex was forced to pay Fett the bounty, in order to maintain his cover story. To ensure that Drex never tried to doublecross him again, Fett placed an active thermal detonator in Bantillian's mouth before leaving Drex's court. (T18)

Drex Vahgr
this was a noted Hrakian individual. (GORW)

this star was the central body in the Drexel System. (MC9)

Drexel II
this planet was the original homeworld of the Inleshat race of Iskalonians. Note that issue 12 of the Marvel Comics' Star Wars series, the Drexel System had just one planet. Could Drexel II have been destroyed? (EGA, MC12)

Drexel One
this water-covered planet, found in the Drexel System, was the homeworld of the sea-dragons. It was originally settled by Quarg's father, after the Old Republic forced him to cease his pirate activities in the Korteen Asteroid Belt. They lacked an abundant source of metals, but managed to use other natural resources to survive. These first settlers split into two groups: the wreckers and the technicians. These technicians later split from the wreckers, and eventually became the Dragon Lords of the oceans. Years later, the Alliance scouted the system after the Battle of Yavin, hoping to find a planet suitable for a new base of operations. Luke Skywalker took the initial mission to Drexel One, but his ship was disabled and he was forced to crash into the oceans. The planet was orbited by three moons. (MC12, MC13)

Drexel, Dan
this alias was used by Kyle Katarn when he arrived at the planet Danuta, just prior to stealing the plans to the first Death Star. As part of his cover story, Drexel was based on the planet Drog II. (SFE)

this was a species of vicious, insectile creature. (KOTOR2)

Drexol Ryyd
this was an Anx individual who was famous in the history of Gravlex Med. (UANT)

a great Hutt artist, and a contemporary of Jabba the Hutt. (CCG7)

this Imperial Intelligence Commander served under Admiral Pellaeon in the years after the death of Thrawn. He investigated the dealings of Lord Graemon and Moff Disra, searching for any misdealings that might shake up the remnants of the Empire. He found several instances of misappropriated funds in the records on Muunilinst, all of which Disra flatly denied involvement with. It was Dreyf, under Pellaeon's orders, who rifled Disra's desk and obtained datacards which helped implicate the Moff in several of his misdealings. (SOP)

this name was common among the Feeorin race. (UANT)

a vocal Imperial Admiral who argued that the destruction of the first Death Star was the result of poor anti-starfighter screening. He proposed the construction of the Lancer-class frigate as a solution. (ISB)

this Imperial Captain was in command of the Imperial outpost on Seoul 5, during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. It was unknown whether Drezzel escaped the destruction of the Seoulian control center or not. (MC84)

Drezzim Zar
this was a noted individual from Anomid history. (UANT)

Drezzle Sauce
this rich sauce is often used as a salad dressing. (SESB)

Dria Shiko
this was the name of a noted Woostoid individual. (UANT)

Driblis Fruit
an edible fruit. (TLC)

Dricella, Brelln
this Professor of Astrography was the Chief Astrographer at the New Republic Astrographic Survey Institute at the time of the Black Fleet Crisis and the Battle of N'zoth. Dricella was called upon the by Republic to prepare a comprehensive datafile on the Duskhan League and the Koornacht Cluster, to help understand the Yevethan threat. (CTD)

this fruit is preserved in ornate jars. (SH)

Driessel Flower
a flowering plant native to Drall. (AS)

Drif Lij
this Barabel was one of the pilots who flew as part of the Wild Knights. Drif Lij was working with Wonetun to help capture a Yuuzhan Vong yammosk, some twenty-seven years after the Battle of Yavin. Drif Lij piloted an older model T-65 X-Wing. In addition to being an accomplished pilot, Drif was also an excellent student of the Force. During the early stages of the Second Battle of Coruscant, Drif Lij's fighter was hit by plasma balls and exploded, killing the Barabel pilot instantly. (SBS)

Drifkin, Kinman
this was an alias used by Kinman Doriana, during his travels for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars. Drifkin was a member of the Aargau Medical Observer Corps, a neutral group in the fighting which was allowed to visit war-torn planets and report any atrocities which might have been committed. Doriana used the Drifkin alias on Cartao, during his search for a clone trooper commander's mission card. (SWI70)

Drift Chart
this was the term used to describe any computer-based simulation of the movements of the various bodies in an asteroid field. The drift chart used sophisticated algorithms to monitor and predict the locations of the asteroids, allowing a starship to plot a course through the field. Many times, the effectiveness of the drift chart was related to the number of asteroids in a given field, and many dense asteroid fields were simply unchartable. (KOTOR2)

Drift, The
this is the name given to the dust cloud which separates most of the star systems in Elrood Sector from the Kuras System. Because of its size, it makes travel to and from the Kuras System extremely difficult. (PG, OE)

Drifter's District
this section of the city of Phemiss, located on the planet New Plympto, was located just east of the Phemiss Low Port. It was here that the clanless Nosaurians lived, eking out an existence by panhandlings at the spaceport. (CCW)

Marcha's Drall caretaker at Mastigophorous. (AS)

the currency used on the planet Dellalt during the early years of the New Order. (HSL)

Drilbian Wine
a tasty fermentation enjoyed by Siene Symm. (SWCP)

Drill the Woofer
this phrase originated in the lowly cantinas of the galaxy, during the early years of the New Order. A slang phrase, it meant that a being was particularly bad at something, as in "You really drill the woofer!" (T11)

Driller Machine
this was an excavation vehicle developed by the Trade Federation to carve out tunnels and burrows that could be used to store dry goods beneath the surface of a planet. Measuring twenty-one meters in diameter and nearly thirteen meters in length, the driller machine was essentially a huge drill bit attached to a wheeled mobility system. The huge drill bit obscured all forward visibility, so the vehicle required a large crew of sensor operators and navigational experts to assist the drivers in moving it along the correct path. (PH)

this deadly, boring insect was native to the planet Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

D'rinba IV
this planet was occupied by the Empire, during the height of the Galactic Civil War, and served as a stopover point for supply ships delivering supplies and parts to the Forest Moon of Endor, during the construction of the second Death Star. (WOTC)

this Bith merchant was one of many major spice dealers who worked in the Vergesso Asteroid Field. He was speciestic, considering humankind to be inferior to the more evolved races like the Bith. D'ring'my worked from a base on The Life section of Vergesso Base during the height of the New Order. (SPG)

Drinking Cup
this natural, bowl-shaped pit was located on the planet Trogan, near the city of Kergara. It was noted because its central shaft was open to the sea at its bottom, which allowed the in-rushing ocean water to be forced into a swirling whirlpool during tidal shifts. This whirlpool rose up the shaft as the tide came in, and receded as the ides rolled out. Because of this natural wonder, the Ortolan Whistler decided that it would be an unusual place to build a tapcafe. The resulting establishment, known as Whistler's Whirlpool, was briefly popular, but was eventually abandoned. (TLC, NJOSB)

this was the term used to describe the gradual erosion of duracrete, when placed in the presence of dripping water. Over time, the trace quantities of chemicals in the water, dripping continually onto the duracrete, ate away at the material and left it structurally unsound. (EL2)

Driscull, Tev
this Corellian commodities shipper was the original owned of the Lantillian Short Hauler known as the Nova Whisper. He lost the ship when it was stolen by the criminal Dharus near Elshandruu Pica. (SS)

Driver Droid
an automaton programmed to operate ground vehicles. (LCM)

this species of grazing, herd animal was native to the planet Rordak, and was a staple in the diet of the Viska. (PG1)

this Wroonian served as a starport security officer on the planet Bothawui during the height of the Galactic Civil War. An associate of Garin and Sharalon, Drixar was als an informant for a major crime syndicate, although neither of his friends knew which one. (SESB)

see Dark Eye (AEG)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Callista's uncle, he hated to have a good time, and didn't want anyone else to have one, either. (COJ)

an Alderaanian family (TPS)

Dro, Aryn
see Thul, Aryn Dro (TPS)

this small, repugnant, insect-like creature was first used by the Grissmath Dynasty in an attempt to wipe out the political prisoners on Nam Chorios. The drochs bite their victims and latch on, much like leeches. Also like leeches, the drochs have the ability to drain the lifeforce from a creature. If removed quickly, the droch will have only taken a small amount of force, and the victim feels slightly woozy. If allowed to remain in contact woth the flesh, a droch will burrow into its victim and be assimilated. However, rather than simply dissolving, the droch somehow entwines itself with its host, becoming an unseen but demanding part of its victim. It can continue to drain lifeforce, while the host simply dies from the loss of force. In this fashion, the droch is virtually undetectable, and the victim appears to have died for no reason. The droch which continues to grow strong by taking life energy from various victims can grow to large sizes, about a half-meter in height. These larger drochs have the ability to control smaller drochs, and can also obtain life energy from its subservient drochs. For this reason, the natives of Nam Chorios tried to keep the drochs from spreading beyond Nam Chorios, although a single outbreak did occur. Drochs flourish is dark, shadowy areas, for natural and reflected sunlight tends to drain their power. A swarm of drochs was known as the Death Seed plague, and although it was eventually controlled, it was not known how it was finally defeated. (POT)

this was a common name among members of the Dug race. (UANT)

this female Cerean was one of Ki-Adi-Mundi's older sisters. (IG1)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Droe indicated bread, as well as a home or hearth. (GCG)

this remote planet had a small but fervent cell of Alliance support. (SWJ3)

this man was one of the many suitors who tried to win the hand of Queen Mother Tenel Ka, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

this was the Eickarie word for a tribe. (FB)

this large sauropod was native to the planet Aridus. These spotted reptiles were used as mounts and beasts of burden, and could store large amounts of water in thei body tissues. (EGP)

Drofo III
this Toydarian owned and operated the Hotel Drofo, on Oseon 6845, and was known for his imagination and business acumen. (GMR5)

this species of large, black beetle is native to the planet S'krrr. The drog travel in swarms, and will eat anything in their path. They will even scavenge for food, and have few natural enemies. They were known to the insectile S'krrr as one of the main pollinators of the multitude of plants found on their planet, and are therefore carefully maintained by gardeners. Their only true enemy, besides the S'krrr, are the shreevs, which consume about thirty drogs each per day. Thus, the S'krrr gardeners work to maintain a balanced population of shreevs and drogs. Drogs reproduce prolifically, requiring that shreevs be kept around in order to help control the drog population. Many xenobiologists have claimed the the S'krrr themselves are descended from the drogs, although this has never been scientifically proven. What is known is that a cult of S'krrr worshipped the drogs with god-like awe. (GOF8)

this slug-like creature and its friend, Bossil, were native to the Forest Moon of Endor. They tried to convince Malani to steal the Sunstar, after learning that Malani was in love with Wicket. Malani was blinded by her affection for Wicket, and nearly failed to see that the two slugs were simply trying to steal the Sunstar for themselves. Bossil and Drog had planned to use the Sunstar to turn the Forest Moon into a muddy swamp, but the young Ewoks quickly realized what was happening and thwarted their plans. (ECAR)

Drog II
this planet was located in the Corporate Sector. (SFE)

Droga, Jeng
this Dark Side adept was one of Emperor Palpatine's students, and was the pilot of the Emperor's personal yacht, the Emperor's Shadow. A master of the Jar'Kai style of two-handed comabt, Droga was known as a somber man whose loyalty to Palpatine ran extremely deep. It was rumored that Droga and Palpatine shared a psychic bond, which was the reason he was promoted to command the Emperor's Shadow. It was believed that Droga went insane and vanished, along with the Emperor's Shadow, shortly after the Emperor's death at the Battle of Endor. Further investigation revealed that Droga had fled Endor for the planet Kaal, where he went insane, killing the bridge crew and crashing the ship into the ocean in an effort to join Palpatine in death. Droga did not die, though, as Palaptine's Dark Side spirit found Droga's dying body when it fled the destruction of the second Death Star. Sate Pestage later recovered Droga's body, and used Sith magic to extract Palpatine's essence. Droga was allowed to live on, and later blamed himself for not protecting Palaptine when the Emperor was finally dispatched on Byss. Droga returned to Kaal, hoping to find a way to resurrect Palpatine yet again. He emerged during the Third Battle of Yavin, and went irrevocably insane upon learning that four former Royal Imperial Guards had pretended to be the Emperor. Droga was eventually captured and brought to justice by Kyle Katarn. (SWJ7, SWJ14, GMR5, WOTC)

Lando Calrissian got mixed up with this planet's queen and her rebellious sister, some time after the Battle of Hoth. Drogheda was located in the Teraab Sector of the galaxy. (MC83, LTA6, SWMW)

this was the term used to describe any sort of repulsor-equipped workstations used by technicians and repairmen to reach lofty emplacements. They are U-shaped enclosures which have plenty of room for tools and parts storage. (GG11)

this was the Huttese word for "droid". (TF)

any of the various automatons in use for a number of tasks throughout the galaxy. The official definition was provided by Cybot Galactica as "any mechanical and/or electronic construct designed and put into service to assist organic life." Droids took a variety of forms, from walking humanoid protocol units to hovering spherical interrogation units. It was generally held that droids "evolved" from the ancient robotic technologies of the galaxy, as soon as the first forms of artificial intelligence were programmed. There were 5 basic droid classifications:

  • First-Degree, programmed for physical, mathematical, and medical sciences (2-1B and IT-0 droids)
  • Second-Degree, programmed for engineering and technical sciences (Treadwell or R-series droids)
  • Third-Degree, programmed for social, diplomatic, or tutoring interaction (3PO-series protocol droid)
  • Fourth-Degree, programmed for security and military applications (Viper probe droid)
  • Fifth-Degree, programmed to handle menial and non-intelligent tasks such as salvage, mining, sanitation (ASP-series droid)
Most droids designed to interact with sentient life at a higher level were given vocabulators which produced speech in their owners' languages, and many were given sexes and personalities through their programming. These droids, with their near-sentient artificial intelligence, were known to "sleep," or at least go into a state of suspension in order to "rest" their central processing units. Many droids were happy serving their owners, but some were badly mistreated or abused, and developed abherent personalities. These droids sometimes revolted against their owners, and several infamous droid uprisings during the latter stages of the Old Republic led to a general anti-droid sentiment among the organic inhabitants of the galaxy. During the Old Republic, an owner was responsible for the actions of their droids, even if the droid acted of its own volition. Much of the galaxy's perception of droids was changed during the Clone Wars, when endless numbers of battle droids were developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems for use as soldiers and fighters. For three years, the galaxy was bombarded with images of droid armies cutting down the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, and public sentiment began to move toward outright hatred of automata. With the institution of the New Order, Emperor Palpatine sought to have all droids banished from service, but the remnants of the Galactic Senate fought to maintain the use of servile droids. The Empire later established the "Droid Statutes," in an effort to further curb the criminal usage of droids. At the height of the New Order, anti-droid sentiment seemed to be prominent throughout the galaxy. Many historians believed that three factors caused this. First, the Clone Wars had shown how destructive and unfeeling an army of droids could be. Second, droids were viewed by an oppressed galaxy as taking jobs that could be done by an organic being. Third, many beings simply found the idea of non-organic sentience to be offensive, a feeling that echoed the pro-human stance of the Empire. This hatred of droids was nothing compared to the vehemence with which the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed droids, some twenty-five years after the Battle of Endor, as the alien invaders simply hated and destroyed all forms of non-organic technology. (SWN, SWJ14, FTD, SWI78, E3N, LCM)

Droid Abolitionist Movement
this fanatic group, led by the fiery Xalto Sneerzick, promoted the belief that all droids were sentient creatures, and should be freed from subservience. The movement reached its height when Xalto and his followers grew bold enough to attack Cosmohaul Shipping transports, but died when some of Xalto's "emancipated" droids felt threatened by him. The droids killed Sneerzick's entire team. (SWJ9)

Droid Bomber
this modified version of the basic droid starfighter used by the Trade Federation was designed to carry and deploy a payload of heavy bombs or other artillery weapons, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (TCG5)

Droid Caller
see Caller. (VD)

Droid Caller
this modified transport ship was the personal starship of Osaji Uhares. (WOA32)

Droid Control Ship
this was the name of a unique Trade Federation battleship which was heavily modified for use in controlling the immense automated armies of the Federation. Based on the same Hoersch-Kessel Drive cargo platform, the droid control ship resembled the ring-like battleships it supported. However, the control ship was different in that powerful sensory rectennae and broadcast transmission towers studded the rear of the ship, allowing the droid control ship to hover in high orbit - up to 16,500 kilometers away - while maintaing transmission link-ups with ground-based forces. Once the other battleships had deployed their droids, they often moved out of the system entirely until the invasion was over. This left the droid control ship behind to handle the operations of the droid army. Armament and the on-board complement of droid hardware was similar to that of the Federation's battleships. However, shielding was much great on the control ship, providing an added measure of defense. Dspite the upgraded sheilding and plating, droid control ships were easy targets for the opponents of the Federation, and the loss of a droid control ship eliminated all the battle droids on the ground. This led to the development of a mobile control unit which could be deployed on the ground and moved about to avoid capture. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, these mobile units were held in reserve, until a droid control ship was damaged or destroyed. Then, the mobile unti was activated, reanimating the droids and catching Republic forces by surprise. (SW1, X1, SWI69)

Droid Disabler
this ionization gun was developed by Felebreck Electrical Defense Systems to stop a droid. Initially used to halt runaway or out-of-control droids, many criminals used these devices to neutralize security droids. (LOE, GFT)

Droid Electromagnetic Pulse Gun
see DEMP Gun (ISB)

Droid Harem
the Great Heap's Castle on Biitu, he kept captive droids there and pampered them before consuming them. (TGH)

Droid Modification Team
this was the term used to describe a group of specially-trained technicians who rework, retool, and reprogram droids for specific tasks. (GDV)

Droid Rot
this is the term used to describe the deterioration or corrosion of a droid's electrical wiring and circuitry. (SWRPG)

Droid Starfighter
see Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid (SON)

Droid Statutes
these were the Imperial laws which were enacted within the Imperial Penal References to cover criminal actions perpetrated by droids. The Droid Statutes mirrored the laws which pertained to organic life forms, and provided suitable punishments for the offending droid and its owner. . (FTD)

Droid Tipping
a phrase originally developed by the Gungans, this activity essentially involved knocking over an inactive droid. The phrase was created at the end of the Battle of Naboo, after Anakin Skywalker had destroyed the Trade Federation's Droid Control Ship. Without a signal to give them directions, the battle droids on the surface of Naboo suddenly were deactivated. Several Gungans, including Jar Jar Binks and Captain Tarpals, realized that the droids were unable to fight back, and began knocking them over. Soon, all the battle droids had been "tipped" and thrown into scrap piles. (IWE1)

Droid Uprising, The
this era of Bakuran history occurred shortly after the planet was first settled by the Bakur Corporation. The H'Lokk Consortium had infected Bakur's droids with a virus that would instruct the droids to sabotage the settlers' colonization efforts. The virus' programming was flawed, however, and removed the non-violence failsafes of the droids. The droids began killing people, and with a week the Bakuran settlers had destroyed all the droids. The settlers lost forty percent of their original number, but the droids were disposed of, halting H'Lokk's plans. (TBSB)

Droid World
see Kligson's Moon (FTD, MC47)

this immense beast was native to the wilderness of the planet Belgaroth. The body of the droidbreaker, which was originally called the swamphulk, stood about five meters in height, and resembled a heavily-muscled rhinocerous. The huge, triangular head of the droidbreaker was protected by a thick plate of bony and armor-like scales. Its eyes were recessed into the skull for protection. The nose of a droidbreaker was also plated with armor, and their long tongues were extremely tough and prehensile. They earned their name from the fact that they consumed refined metals and plastics as easily as they devoured organic matter, preferring the circuitry and wiring of droids. Droidbreakers were also attracted to power sources, and could sense fluctuations in power at distances of up to 200 meters. Despite the high metal content of the droidbreaker's diet, many races found that the flesh of the droidbreaker was quite tasty, especially if ferrous-based foods were required. (CCW)

this was the Neimoidian name for the destroyer droids they used to intimidate their enemies. The word was derived from two Colicoid words meaning "droid" and "drone." The Colicoids invented the term after the Trade Federation ordered destroyer droids that were not independently controlled. Over time, the Neimoidians adopted the term as a word for "reinforcements," although destroyer droids were also denoted as droidekas. (IG1, SWRPG, SON, E3N)

Droideka Dispenser
this form of transport module was developed by the Separatists to deploy large numbers of droidekas into a battlezone, with minimal losses. Similar to battle droid dispensers and super battle droid dispensers, the droideka dispenser was an armored module that could be dropped into the middle of a combat zone, allowing the droidekak packed inside to emerge and begin firing without suffering an damage before battle. (LAWS)

Droidfest Of Tatooine
an annual event in which the various Jawa clans combine to create a huge used-droid sale. (ZHR)

this was a term used by the clone commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe the use of an EMP grenade against living troops. Electromagnetic pulses wreaked havoc with the sensitive electronic systems of a droid or other technology, but were generally harmless to living beings. However, the Katarn armor used by the clone commandos was loaded with technology that was disabled by the blast of an EMP weapon. Thus, any commando hit by an EMP weapon was considered to have been "droided." (RCHC)

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