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Dugs for Democracy
this Dugs' rights group rose to prominence on Malastare during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Duha Spear
this was a traditional Duros weapon. (BP)

this alien race has several tribes. Each tribe's members tattoo their faces with an elaborate design which indicates which tribe they live with. They live on the dark side of their planet, and their eyesight has deteriorated over the generations. Any Duhma travelling off-planet must wear a visor in order to block out the glare of the lights. (EOE)

this was the Huttese word for the number twenty-four (24). Note, however, that the Huttese counting system was based on a base-eight system. So, duhonocha indicated the number twenty (20) in the Basic language. (GMR5)

Duhrib Belt
this is an asteroid belt found in the Nah'Malis System of the Kathol Outback, located between the fourth and fifth planets of the system. (KO)

Duinarbulon Star Lancers
this legendary group of warriors were believed to be simply myths for many millennia prior to the Battle of Endor. Many archaeologists who sought proof of their existence often searched first for Duinarbulon Stones, the source of the Star Lancers' powers. (TTSB)

Duinarbulon Stones
thought to be simply a rumor, these stones were believed to be the source of power used by the Duinarbulon Star Lancers. (TTSB)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

this was the hissing, sibilant language of the Duinuogwuin race. It was virtually unintelligible, and unpronounceable, to other races. (GORW)

a Force-sensitive race of huge, snakelike creatures, the Duinuogwuin averaged up to 50 meters in length, with multiple pairs of legs on a scaled body. They also had gossamer wings and floppy, elephantine ears. The wings of the Duinuogwuin were vestigial in nature, virtually incapable of lifting their immense bodies. However, the Duinuogwuin were observed flying about by beating these wings, and many scientists theorized that there was a natural form of "repulsorlift organ" in the body of a Duinuogwuin that assisted with flight. The only time it appeared that the wings of a Duinuogwuin were of any use was during a flight through the vacuum of space, and environment that the Duinuogwuin were entirely capable of inhabiting. These beings earned the nickname Star Dragons because of their appearance and their penchant for traveling the galaxy. Their homeworld was unknown, but they appeared in almost any environment, even the vacuum of deep space. They were an honorable race, and there were rumors of the very ancient Duinuogwuin serving as Jedi Knights. It was also rumored among the xenoarchaeologists who studied them that a large percentage of young dragons were born as wild, vicious beasts. Each Duinuogwuin was monosexual, and they procreated by combining a haploid gamete with that from another dragon. Because of this, many newborns were non-intelligent brutes that had to be destroyed or abandoned. For this reason, many Duinuogwuin studied genetics and heredity, in an effort to prevent the slow degeneration of their race. No being knew where it was, but the Star Dragons maintained a hidden graveyard where they went to die. Several scientists observed the Duinuogwuin expelling super-hot belches of gas that could scorch plastisteel. (DFR, DFRSB, GG4, GMS, GORW)

Duinuogwuin Contention
this was a period during the early part of the Old Republic, when the Duinuogwuin race first made contact with the rest of the galaxy. An intense war broke out on Coruscant between both sides, until Supreme Chancellor Fillorean and the Star Dragon known as Borz'Mat'oh were able to work out a peaceful settlement to the hostilities. To commemorate the end of the conflict, both sides founded the University of Coruscant, hoping to provide greater education and promote greater tolerance throughout the galaxy. (CCW)

Duinuogwuin-Gotal Conflict
this brief war between the Duinuogwuin and Gotal races occurred several decades before the Clone Wars. A resolution to the hostiles was mediated by Tra's M'ins and Jorus C'baoth. (DFR)

D'ukal, Shada
a Mistryl warrior, she was part of Manda D'ulin's team during the middle years of the New Order. When the team was paid to secure the Hammertong project, the mission went sour and Manda was killed. Shada and Karoly D'ulin managed to recover the Hammertong, but were forced to Tatooine in a stolen strike cruiser. In trying to secure passage, Shada impersonated Brea Tonnika and went into the Mos Eisley cantina just before Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker arrived to book passge to Alderaan. In a bizarre twist of fate, the real Brea Tonnika had left just three hours before Shada arrived. This tipped off Riij Winward, who was on guard at the Mos Eisley jail. He let Shada free, but could not get her to give up the Hammertong. She eventually found a way to get a section of the weapon off Tatooine and into the hands of the Alliance. Shada later became the bodyguard of the smuggler Mazzic, using her sharp-edged skills and knife-like fingernail inserts to keep Mazzic safe. The Mistryl society had allowed her to be employed by Mazzic, hoping to obtain wealth for Emberlene as Mazzic's organization grew. When the smuggler's company failed to live up to their expectations, the Mistryl sent Karoly to intercept Shada and return her to Emberlene for re-assignment. Shada balked at this, and a struggle ensued. Shada managed to defeat Karoly and flee from both Mazzic and the Mistryl. She then tried to meet up with Leia Organa-Solo to offer her services as a warrior to the New Republic. She tried calling, but her calls were always rerouted. So, she infiltrated a secret meeting between Leia and Talon Karrde at the Orowood Tower, but she ended up working for Karrde as part of the mission to find out where Jorj Car'das was hiding. After finding Car'das on Exocron and defeating Rei'kas, Shada learned from Car'das the true history of Emberlene. He offered her a datacard that contained the names of the mercenaries who destroyed the planet, as well as offering a second datacard. Shada decided that it was time the Mistryl moved on from their needs for revenge, and took the second card. It contained histories of Flim, Grodin Tierce, and Moff Disra, which she and Karrde returned to Admiral Pellaeon to use. After the Caamas Incident was resolved and a peace treaty was placed on the table, Shada agreed to work for the new Intelligence agency Karrde set up to share information between the Empire and the New Republic. Shada remained loyal to Karrde, and accompanied him to Yavin 4 during the rescue of the Jedi students from the praxeum on the moon. (TME, TLC, SOP, VOF, EVC)

this man served on the Naboo Royal Security Force with then-Lieutenant Panaka, during the years in which Captain Magneta commanded the force under the rule of King Veruna. (GMR2)

this was the name of a noted Sludir individual. (UANT)

this was one of the many noble ranks that could be held by Hapan males. (DN1)

this Virgillian ship was part of the fleet that joined the Alliance at Sullust, just before the Battle of Endor. It was the only Virgillian ship damaged in the hyperspace jump. (TBSB)

this was the name given to the Noghri meeting places found in each clan's land, on the planet Honoghr. Each of the dukhas was decorated with the clan's genealogical history, with the decorations blending into the functional aspects of the structure. On the exterior, pillars of polished wood taken from entire tree trunks held up the roof. The entire structure was held together by a metal band that ran around the outside of the pillars. A dukha measured about twenty meters in diameter and about four meters in height. A conical roof added another three meters. Entrance to the dukha's interior was through a pair of wooden doors. The interior of a dukha was no less impressive, with the main dais - known as the High Seat - standoing about two-thirds of the way to the back. In the middle of the room, a huge concave dish was suspended from each of the exterior poles. Lights hidden along the edge of the dish pointed into the bowl and up toward the ceiling, providing a way to light the interior with diffused light. The concave shape also served as a way to concentrate sound. (DFR)

an economic state found on the planet Kirtania, Dulai is in direct competition with Surana and Kinkosa City. (SWJ1)

this Imperial planet was retaken by the New Republic about four years after the Battle of Endor. The Star Destroyer Tempest was one of the few ships to survive, and brought its contents to Garos IV. (SWJ3)

Dule, Mebla
this woman was a mediocre pazaak player who lived on Citadel Station, in orbit around the planet Telos, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. She made a meager living selling goods from a small store on the station. (KOTOR2)

a planet. (PSPG)

D'ulin, Karoly
a Mistryl warrior, she was Manda D'ulin's sister and a part of Manda's team shortly before the Battle of Yavin. When the team was paid to secure the Hammertong project, the mission went sour and Manda was killed. Karoly and Shada D'ukal managed to recover the Hammertong, but were forced to Tatooine in a stolen strike cruiser. In trying to secure passage, Karoly impersonated Shenni Tonnika and went into the Mos Eisley cantina just before Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker appeared, trying to book passage to Alderaan. In a bizarre twist of fate, the real Shenni Tonnika had left just three hours before Karoly arrived. This tipped off Riij Winward, who was on guard at the Mos Eisley jail. He let Karoly free, but could not get her to give up the Hammertong. Karoly was later sent to Borcorash to "recover" Shada, for the Mistryl felt that Mazzi'c organization wasn't helping them anymore. Shada defeated her in a brief struggle and escaped. Karoly continued to pursue her, nearly catching her on Coruscant before Shada joined Talon Karrde. Karoly continued her pursuit, although she had very little to go on. She stowed away on the Lady Luck when Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, Lobot, and Moegid traveled to Bastion to try and recover a copy of the Caamas Document. There, she stumbled across Zothip and his team, and decided to see if she could settle an old score with them. Instead, she found herself in the midst of a power struggle between Zothip and Moff Disra. When Zothip and his men tried to fight their way out, Karoly took the opportunity to attack. She and Major Tierce took out several of the pirates, and Karoly managed to kill Zothip with a knife to his spine just as he tried to assault Disra. After Control managed to take over the Cavrilhu Pirates, Disra and Flim - disguised as Thrawn - offered Karoly and the Mistryl a chance to serve the new Empire. Karoly agreed to bring Paloma D'asima to Yaga Minor, in order to discuss an alliance. The alliance was killed before it could be created, though, when Admiral Pellaeon arrived on the scene and exposed Disra, Tierce, and Flim for their true selves. Karoly then accompanied D'asima back to Emberlene. (TME, SOP, VOF)

D'ulin, Manda
a Mistryl team leader, she was approached by Dr. Kellering to help guard the Hammertong project. However, in trying to ascertain the job's scope, she was killed in an ambush. Her sister Karoly took over command of their group, and managed to obtain the Hammertong. (TME)

D'ulin, Naradan
this Mistryl woman served as the caretaker and protector of Foolookola, the young princess of the race known as Fishfaces, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. When the princess' Loyalist family was executed for being impure, Naradan hired Vilmarh Grahrk to escort the princess off Ootoola before she, too, was murdered. (T3)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "shield". (GCG)

one of Plourr's sisters, Dullourr and her sibling Kassen were abused by the Priamsta before being murdered. (XWWP)

a distant relative of the Ewoks, the Dulok race was also native to Endor. They were lanky, ill-proportioned versions of the short, squat Ewoks, and had large, pointed ears and sharp fangs. They had pink skin covered with gray fur, and were rude and dishonest. (AT, OWS)

this was a form of martial arts training practiced by the Jedi Knights during the last decades of the Old Republic. (JQ6)

this Imperial Navy Captain was in command of the Intrepid patrol cruiser, and was responsible for patrolling the Gesaril System during the Empire's occupation of the system. (GG6)

Dulse Tethin
this obsequious Duros was the owner and operator of the Vydat Stardock, located near his homeworld of Duro, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (GMR2)

Duluur Sector
the Imperial Academy maintained a naval training base in this sector of the galaxy, during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

Dulvoyinn Bloodcat
this vicious creature is named for its blood-red pelt. (SWJ9)

this Mos Espa pit droid was part of the pool that worked the podraces at Jabba the Hutt's racecourse. DUM-4 was severely damaged during the Boonta Eve Classic race which was won by Anakin Skywalker, when Ody Mandrell brought his pod into the pits for service. When the pod's port-side enginer suddenyl flared to life, it sucked in DUM-4 and dragged the droid through its innards. DUM4 was spit out the back, while Ody Mandrell's pod was ruined. (TPM)

this was the designation of a series of pit droids. (APD)

this pit droid was assigned to Anakin Skywalker's podracer, during the famed Boonta Eve Classic race won by Skywalker. (IG1)

Duman Yaght
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior was the commander of the Exquisite Death. Duman Yaght was also in command of the strike team which boarded the Stardream to capture a group of Jedi Knights. He was unaware that the Jedi wanted to be captured, and that the captain of the Stardream was none other than Lando Calrissian. Shortly after the Jedi were incarcerated in the hold of the Exquisite Death, Duman Yaght was killed when he was shot and beheaded by Tesar Sebatyne during the Jedis' escape. (SBS)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "speaker" or "representative", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this was a derogatory term for any labor droid who performed a single, repetitive operation, such as welding the frame of a landspeeder. (MBS)

DUM-series Droid
this model of pit droid was produced by Serv-O-Droid. (OWS, SWRPG)

Dun Brandy
an aged alcohol favored by the Krish. (GMR1)

Dun Moch
this was the Sith lightsaber combat doctrine of totally dominating an opponent's spirit by whatever means possible. Dun moch (with an oomlaut over the 'o') usually involved verbal taunts and jests that exposed an opponent's inner doubts and weaknesses. Other forms of dun moch involved the use of the Force to hurl heavy objects at an opponent during combat, distracting the opponent from the true battle. (SWI62)

Dun, Nara
this new Republic information officer was one of the first beings to observe the Eclipse Star Destroyer when it emerged from hyperspace near Da Soocha, during the early years of the New Republic. (NEGV)

Duna, Trey
this man served as the Mayor of Imperial City for many years, from the last days of the Old Republic through the reign of Emperor Palpatine and into the early years of the New Republic. An inventor in his spare time, Duna worked hard to prove to people that the Mayor's office was not merely a puppet of the incumbent government. His best efforts were perhaps thwarted by the fact that he never tried to crack down on the criminal underground of Coruscant, preferring to minimize the damage inflicted by rival organizations. (CCW)

this corpulent man was a close friend and one-time busines associate of Tomaas Azzameen. Since then, Dunari has risen to power as the owner of one of the most notorious casinos in the galaxy. However, he remained loyal to the Azzameen family and to Twin Suns Transport Services. (XWA)

Dunari's Casino
owned by Dunari, this casino was a favored hangout of Eamon Azzameen. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Alliance recruited a group of smugglers to help provide arms and ships for the coming battle, during a series of meetings at this casino. (XWA)

Dunari's Rest
this was the name of the hotel which provided accommodations to the visitors to Dunari's Casino. (XWA)

this aging man served as a General in the small band of rebels that opposed the Imperial occupation of Jabiim during the height of the Galactic Civil War. When he learned that Nolan had made contact with the Alliance, he became angry. When he discovered that the Alliance agents called to Jabiim by Nolan Gillmunn included Luke Skywalker, Dunaub demanded that Skywalker be killed. Many of the older members of the rebels remembered the Battle of Jabiim, and believed that Luke's father Anakin had betrayed the Jabiimites by abandoning the planet to the Separatists. (SWESF)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant cautious" - or, more literally, "slow", which was once considered a desirable quality in a Sullustan miner. (GCG)

Dunb Shevv
this Sullustan con artist worked with Tusskerl during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The pair staged armwrestling contests at the Lower Deck on Cloud City, with Tusskerl wrestling any being brave enough to challenge him. Dunb Shevv ostensibly would keep track of all bets, but he artificially modifies the odds to ensure maximum profit. (RESB)

Duncan, Deadeye
this man was one of the many gladiator fighters chosen by Ajuur the Hutt to compete in his events, during the height of the Great Sith War. Deadeye was not an exceptional fighter, but served to soft up opponents for later fighters. (KOTOR)

this milk-producing bovine was native to the planet G'rho, and was domesticated by the settlers who inhabited the planet. (TBSB)

Dune Bantha
this was one of the three primary subspecies of bantha which were native to the planet Tatooine. Larger than the dwarf bantha but much smaller than the common bantha, the dune bantha was slender and dun-colored. It was named for the fact that it lived in the equatorial deserts of Tatooine, where it could survive very high temperatures and the extreme scarcity of water. (WSW)

Dune Biter
a species of desert creature is native to the planet Tatooine. Swarms of these tiny beasts roam the dunes, looking for carrion on which to feed. A swarm of dune biters can clean a bantha carcass in a few days. (TJT)

Dune Cactus
this succulent was native to the deserts of Aduba-3. (MC8)

Dune Cow
this was the term used by the Imperial engineers stationed on Zaloriis to describe the prototype AT-AT walker that was produced on the planet during the height of the New Order. The term came from the fact that the native Zaloriians thought the prototype was an immense dune-cow. (GBC)

Dune Lizard
a reptile native to Tatooine. (TLC)

Dune Mite
this tiny insect was known to carry a number of diseases, which it transferred to the creatures or beings it bit. (GCG)

Dune Princess
this luxurious sail barge took passengers on a cruise of the natural wonders of Tatooine. The barge became profitable after the emergence of Luke Skywalker as a hero of the Alliance. It was owned and operated by Heater, who was given special dispensation by Jabba the Hutt to operate the cruise ship. Heater went to great lengths to ensure that the Dune Princess was considered neutral ground by her passengers, and made sure that there were no firefights or collected bounties aboard the ship. However, Heater also ensured that every being who got on the sail barge left afterwards. (LAA)

Dune Sea
an area of open desert on Tatooine, the Dune Sea of Tatooine was broken into smaller sections by various landmarks. Ben Kenobi lived in the western part of the Dun Sea. (SW, SOT)

Dune Sea Cyclone
this twisted piece of plasteel was considered a piece of art, in that it contained a holograph of a Dantooine landscape. (TG)

Dune Sea Sabacc
this variant was developed by the settlers of Tatooine, although the Jawas are the only players who seem to understand the rules. R'kik D'nec claimed to be undefeated in playing this form. (CCG7)

Dune Stalker
this was the name used to describe a particularly vicious clan of Sandpeople that began rainding moisture farms and outlying settlements on Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GQRG)

Dune Street
this road, located in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, was the center of the city's warehouse district. (T16)

Dune Street
this main road was located in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, and linked Corporations Road with the Inner Curved Street. (IWST)

Dune Worm
this creature was rumored to have been just as ferocious as the krayt dragon, on its homeworld of Tatooine, although it was seen even less frequently than the krayt. A young specimen was said to reach lengths of three to four meters, and continued to grow throughout its life. The mouth of a dune worm was filled with crystalline teeth. (MIS5)

this huge mammal was believed to be native to the deserts of Zaloriis, although many xenobiologists doubt its existence. It was later discovered that the "dune-cow" was actually the name given to an Imperial AT-AT by the superstitious Zaloriians, who had never seen such a thing as the AT-AT. (GB)

this was a smow-covered planet located near Coruscant. (DH)

Dunell, Brak
this Tapani Sector saber rake was also a member of the Justice Action Network, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Unknown to most people, however, was the fact that Dunell was actually an Imperial Security Bureau agent who was fanatically loyal to the Empire. He secretly despised having to maintain his JAN sponsorship and his alliance with House Melantha, hoping for the day when the Empire would completely subjugate Tapani Sector. In order to cover up his funding of JAN, Dunell adopted the alias of Bel Janius.. Ultimately, the torpedo sphere was destroyed. The responsible party was never revealed, but the event gave Dunell and the Empire the basis for staging a complete subjugation of Tapani Sector. (TSIA, LOE)

Dunestrider, Lars
Luke Skywalker used this alias when he was captured by Major Grau on Alashan, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The alias was short-lived, however, when Grau discovered that "Lars" was not alone, but was accompanied by Leia Organa. (MCI6)

Dung Mite
this species of dung-eating insect was native to the planet Talus. (GQRG)

this was a disgusting creature that was named for the fact that it burrowed into the droppings of other animals. (JQ10)

a lean, crafty Grand Moff serving the Empire beyond the end of the Galactic Civil War, Dunhausen wears earings that are shaped like blasters. (GDV)

Dunlak, Redge
this man was a bookie who worked on the planet Tatooine during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. When Jabba the Hutt discovered that he had been tampering with several Hutt-owned podracers in order to affect the outcome of certain races, he issued a bounty for Dunlak's capture. Dunlak tried to hide by joining Gardulla the Hutt's organization, but was captured by Jango Fett when the bounty hunter tried to infiltrate Gardulla's fortress. (BH)

Dunn Jassigan
this being was one of the galaxy's most renowned military analysts. (ROE)

Dunnage Beads
these small pellets were manufactured for use in shipping goods in cargo crates. Mush items to be shipped didn't fit into a cube or rectangle, so they had to be packed into a cargo crate and protected from breakage. After the items were placed in a cargo crate, dunnage beads could be poured into the crate to cover the item completely. Then, the crate could be sealed and laded onto a starship. Because of their soft but dense construction, dunnage beads could absorb the shock of a sudden jolt, thereby protecting whatever they were packed around. (HSL)

this man was a member of the Naboo Royal Security Force, serving with then-Lieutenant Panaka under Captain Magneta. (GMR2)

a Mugaari Lambda-class shuttle destroyed when the Empire subjugated the Tungra Sector. (TIE)

Dunoche, Theol
this man and his Togorian partner, Coelle, were wanted by the Twi'leks of Kala'uun for stealing ryll spice and for selling Twi'leki females into slavery. He was a native of the planet Bespin, and despite the bounty on his head, he actually rescued the Twi'leki females from slavery and provided them with jobs through his old friend, Etsero. (ND)

Dunrik, Gruu
this old man served as one of the primary medical officers at the Alliance base on Aargonar 3, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. In his youth, Doctor Durnik was training as a Jedi Padawan during the last years of the Old Republic. He was never chosen by a Jedi Master, and had not completed his training when the Jedi Purge was initiated by Emperor Palpatine. This allowed Dunrik to escape the Empire, but it also steeled his resolve to do what he could to overthrow it. He obtained an education in medicine, and went to work for the Alliance. Doctor Dunrik secretly sought out those individuals he perceived as being sensitive to the Force, in an effort to unlock their potential and help restore the Jedi Knights. (RESB)

Dunstal Noft
this Shistavenan Wolfman was a former smuggler who found employment as an honest pilot working for Damarind Corporation. As a trawler Captain, Noft plied the atmosphere of Yavin, searching for corusca jewels. (GG2)

a crazed human sea captain living on Calamari, he had been hunting whaladons - and Leviathor, specifically - for many years prior to the birth of the New Republic. He was a heavy-set man with and neatly-trimmed white beard. He employed a crew of Aqualish hunters to help capture the Whaladons, even though the killing of Whaladons was outlawed on Calamari. Dunwell was a trusted friend of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs, and supplied them with Whaladon meat. (GDV)

this SoroSuub blaster carbine was produced during the early years of the New Republic. (UANT)

this twenty-legged insect, native to the planet Tatooine, was hunted by the moisture farmers of the planet for its edible meat. The duodecipede was protected by a spiky shell, which required hunters to apporach it with caution. (X2)

this small corporation was a minor player the droid manufacturing arena, producing the 79-series human-cyborg relations droid. (SWJ11)

Alliance starpilots' slang for a TIE Bomber. (XWN)

this device was developed during the final years of the Old Republic, to meet the needs of the scientific community. A duplicator could recreate any object that was first digitized by a prototyper. During the early years of the New Order, many duplicators found their way onto the black market, where they were purchased for use in counterfeiting schemes. (HSL)

DuPre, Kylan
this New Republic Lieutenant was one of Admiral Drayson's most trusted chief aides, at the time of Grand Admiral Thrawn's rise to power. Kylan had previously served as a quartermaster aboard the Stormstrike, which was part of Chandrila's home defense fleet. It was there, during a routine inspection of cargo on Mon Mothma's command ship, that DuPre first met Drayson. A surprise TIE Fighter ambush left the command ship damaged and a power conduit overloading. DuPre threw himself in front of Drayson when the conduit exploded, saving the Admiral and earning him his respect. After DuPre recovered from numerous shrapnel wounds, Drayson named him an aide. Kylan is a near-human male, and remained loyal to Drayson in hopes of earning his own Admiralty. His hunger for command eventually earned him a measure of disrespect and loathing from his peers. (TLC, TTSB)

Dur Sabon
this oceanic planet was the homeworld of the Dur Sabon race. (T3)

Dur Sabon
this race of huge, sentient eels was native to the planet Dur Sabon. Their pectoral fins had evolved over time into large arms which ended in webbed hands, and their heads were surrounded by a pair of huge fins. (T3)

this is a heavy-duty shield generator manufactured by Novaplex. (EGV)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "of or relating to mines". (GCG)

Dura Mater
according to a HoloNet comic that appeared sometime during the height of the New Order, Dura Mater was one of many settlements on the planet Tatooine. According to the humorous story, the farmers of Dura Mater were bumbling idiots who believed that Jawas were legitimate businessbeings who always operated on the up-and-up. The fact that the droids they purchased from the Jawas always seemed to break down just before the warranty expired was simply a huge coincidence to the farmers. (T20)

dura-armor was an industrial-strength material that could absorb and re-direct blaster energy. Composed of neutronium, lommite and zersium molecules set in a certain matrix, dura-armor was used in the plating of combat droids and in the production of solid shielding. (HSE, ISB)

this unscrupulous distributor was based on the planet Duro during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

this was a form of thin, flexible cable that was highly resistant to stretching or breaking. (SWJ5)

Duracomp Scanner
this starship computer system is used to scan a planet for metallic content. (TA)

a strengthened fiber rope used in netting. It is a good conductor of electricity, and was often used in stun nets. (E1A2)

a building material that can be poured into forms. It then hardens into a nearly impervious surface. (DA, SWSB)

Duracrete Slug
this slug, native to the undercity of the planet Courscant, was very similar in appearance and activity to the duracrete worm. The slug was differentiated from the worm by seven nodule ridges that lined the slug's back. These nodules were undigestible bits of concrete which were exuded as the slug digested its food. The duracrete slug could attained lengths of nearly three meters, although there were unsubstantiated reports of individuals measuring more than ten meters.. (VD2)

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