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Duracrete Worm
found on Coruscant, these burrowing creatures had adapted to living within the duracrete walls of buildings. Measuring over three meters in length when fully grown, the duracrete worm actually fed on the duracrete which was used to form the foundations of many buildings. The feeding activity of the duracrete worm left many structures with dangerously eroded foundations, and many such buildings had to be imploded before they became hazards to intelligent beings. (ISU, WSW)

a strong fabric used to make tents and portable shelters. (IA)

this tough, pliable fabric was developed for use in vacuum and environmental suits during the era of the New Republic. (DN1)

this dense, adhesive sealant was developed during the era of the New Republic for filling the micropits and other small dents that were formed in a starship's hull as it moved through realspace. (DN1)

manufacturers of sublight and hyperspace drive systems. (SWCP)

a city-area of Coruscant notorious for its gangs. (BTS)

it was on this planet that Jodo Kast parted ways with Zardra and Puggles Trodd, after a botched missions nearly cost them their lives. (SWI80)

this was a common name among the Temolak race. (UANT)

Durake, Laita
a native of the planet Kirima, Laita worked for the Imperial Customs Office there before the Galactic Civil War broke out. After the Battle of Endor, her position within Customs was lost when the Empire pulled out of the Kalinda System. When Customs officials returned to Kirima, Laita regained her position, which she took very seriously. She served under Captain Fouc aboard the Customs ship Impounder. (TSK)

a metal that is used to plate starship hulls and heavy bulkheads. (SWSB, Y)

this thin, fabric-like metal sheeting was used in the formation of hovercraft skirts. It gave vehicles like the Aratech 93-B more durability when traveling over rugged terrain. (GSE)

Duran Feather-lily
this exotic plant is found on just a handful of worlds, although a large population is maintained at the Lonatran Gardens by the Gree. (SWJ8)

Durane, Giles
this rotund man was a noted bounty hunter during the era of the New Order. Few beings were aware that Durane was also hired by Bail Organa of Alderaan to be his weapons master, and that Durane was responsible for training Leia Organa in the use of a blaster. Durane had served with Bail Organa during the Clone Wars, and each man had saved the other's life many times. It was during the Clone Wars that Durane's family was killed by a mysterious plague, hardening him to the realities of life. He was considered a very dangerous man, with no loyalties except to whomever is paying his paycheck, and he always completed the jobs he was hired to do. When Bail Organa requested his help in training Leiam Durane gladly accepted. When he completed Leia' training, Durane took another job, this time being paid by Imperial General Emir. Emir wanted Leia assassinated, and he hired Durane to dot he job. Unfortunately for Durane, Leia had learned her lessons very well. Before he could shoot her, Durane found himself shot in the chest by Leia's weapon. He died shortly afterward, but not before praising Leia's skills. (SWJ14, OWS, MCI3)

this strong, lightweight material is used in the creation of jumpsuits and work coveralls. It is very tough, and withstands the harshest uses. (POT)

a metallic alloy with an incredibly high tensile strength, duranium was often used to make the bars for prison cells or cages. Its crystalline structure was connected at an intermolecular level, contributing to its strength. (TJP, E3N)

this material was used to make protective gear such as helmets and light armor. (HSR)

this strong, lightweight material was used to manufacture shipping crates. (WG)

this strong, transparent material was used for windscreens on landspeeders and swoops. (EGV)

Durasha, Bern
one of Celia Durasha's brothers, Bern was serving the Empire in Generis Sector when she was a navigator aboard the Kuari Princess. (TFE)

Durasha, Celia
this woman, known for her striking red hair, was one of the Lieutenants who served the Kuari Princess. Celia grew up the child of a graduate of the Imperial Academy, and dreamed of attending herself. However, her father, Reise Durasha, never forwarded her application for entry. He told her that the Academy no place for a woman. He then sent Celia's brothers in their turn, keeping her at home. She ended up attending Baylagon Technical Institute, and was hired by Galaxy Tours shortly after graduation. She served as the navigator of the cruise ship Majestic, and single-handedly saved the ship during a pirate attack. This got her noticed by the company, which promoted her and assigned her as navigator of the Kuari Princess. It was aboard the Princess that she became good friends with Dap Nechel. Known as Crimson to Detien Kaileel, she was disturbed to learn of his allegiance to the Alliance. When he was arrested on the Princess, though, she began to understand his loyalties. She also began to question her own stance when Kaileel's captor turned out to be her childhood love, Adion Lang. She was torn about who to believe when Kaileel revealed the truth about the Empire's involvement in the destruction of Alderaan. She sided with Kaileel, and nearly succeeded in helping him escape. However, they were intercepted by Lang, who shot Kaileel and killed him before he could escape. Celia took the shuttle and fled into the Maelstrom. Years later, she met up with Kaj Nedmak on Oasis after stowing away on his ship, and the two decided to go into the shipping business together. Celia liked his roguish actions, but feared his debts would catch up to him. It was for this reason that she reluctantly went along with his plan to use weapons they were transporting for Bwahl the Hutt to pay of a gambling debt to Rass M'Guy. Her fears proved correct, and they were forced to crashland on Ord Mantell. Celia feared Kaj was dead, and discovered Thune's hideout in the wilderness. Celia was duped by Thune into believing that Treytis Prash was the bounty hunter who captured Kaj, when in reality it was Thune herself. In a harrowing escape, Kaj and Celia enlisted the help of Prash and Thune's droid, U-THR. Celia and Kaj returned to smuggling, this time with U-THR's help. She went by the monicker of Mistress Crimson, and commanded the starship Starlight Red during this time. (TFE, SWJ5, SWJ8, SWJ14)

Durasha, Jak
one of Celia Durasha's brothers, Jak was a Navy ensign attached to the Relentless during the period surrounding the Battle of Yavin. (TFE)

Durasha, Raine
Celia Durasha's twin brother, Raine was a graduate of the Imperial Academy. He was part of the garrison stationed on Ralltiir during the suppression of rebellious activity there, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. When the uprising occurred as the plans for the first Death Star were moved through Ralltiir, Raine was killed in the firefight. (TFE)

Durasha, Reise
a native of the planet Lankashirr, Reise was Celia Durasha's father. He served the Empire - and the Old Republic before it - like the nine generations before him, and was a commander in the Imperial Navy. He sent all of his sons to the Academy, but told Celia that she couldn't go because "the Academy's no place for a woman." (TFE. SWJ8)

this was a type of strong, paper-like substance that held ink-based writing for a short period of time. After the writing faded, the durasheet could be reused. (HSR, EVE)

this small, easy to set up shelter was manufactured by Adventure Hunter and Hiker. It incorporated di-crome reflection coating which, when charged, helped the shelter blend into its environment. (ROE)

this strong, lightweight fabric was used in the creation of tents and tarpaulins, as its sheer surface repelled water. It could also be produced in a more luxurious form, for use in lining silverware trays and jewelry boxes. (DJ, TG)

this starship was part of the small fleet which the Jedi Knights used to move about the galaxy during the early years of the New Republic. Daeshara'cor was to have taken this ship to Bimmisaari, to investigate the Yuuzhan Vong presence on the planet, but she was never listed as being aboard the ship. The Durastar suffered a hyperdrive failure short of Corellia, and all passengers had to be abandoned. Daeshara'cor was not listed among the evacuees. (DTR)

this strong, durable building material was created from lommite, meleenium, neutronium, and zersium. It was believed that the chestplate and shinguards of Darth Vader's life-support suit were made of durasteel. (SWN, SWSB, CTD, SWDB)

Durateel Corporation
this Coruscant-based construction firm was actually a front for Black Sun. Although they produced quality buildings, Core Constructions often underbid the competition to win the contract, then had a series of cost overruns that simply fed credits into Black Sun's coffers. (SESB)

this Dantari was one of Maga's closest friends and supporters. (GOF11)

this ore, found in the Mestra and Tava Yagen asteroid fields, is an essential material used in the construction of hyperdrives. (GG6, CTD)

the native tongue of the Duro race. (MMY)

this Imperial Grand Moff ordered the suppression of rebellious activity on Gra Ploven. The Forger was sent to the planet, and its turbolasers were used to super-heat the planet's water supply and boil the native Ploven alive. (SOL)

Durga Besadii Tai
a Hutt - the only offspring of Aruk the Hutt - was a minor crimelord who rose to power a decade after Jabba the Hutt's death. Durga was larger than Jabba, and was distinguishable by the large, dark green birthmark on his face. Aruk took a huge chance in raising Durga, given that the birthmark would make his socially unacceptable. Durga was only 100 standard years of age when the Empire reached its height, serving Aruk until the old Hutt was poisoned by Jabba and Jiliac, through Teroenza. Durga suspected foul play, but couldn't prove it, so he had Aruk's body frozen and shipped to Coruscant for an autopsy. Durga exercised his right to take control of the Besadii clan, but met with strong opposition. The mysterious deaths of several Besadii Hutts quieted the resistance, deaths which Durga had arranged through a tenuous alliance with Black Sun. As Durga rose in power, Prince Xizor realized that he could control a good portion of Hutt business by controlling Durga. The Hutt was continually cautioned against selling Besadii out to the Falleen prince, but the need for Black Sun's help became too great. In the midst of his dealings with Xizor, Durga forced Jiliac's hand under the Hutt Old Law, and successfully dispatched the Desilijic leader. Xizor, working in the background, stifled Durga's investigation and manipulated him into a business deal in which Xizor gave the information in return for data on Nal Hutta's shields and weaponry. Durga fell deeper into Xizor's debt when he hired Nova Force to help defend Ylesia, an operation which led to the deaths of much of Nova Force's personnel and the complete loss of the Ylesian operation. The complete loss of Ylesia led Durga to eventually become one of Prince Xizor's vigo's, commanding his own moderate empire. He and many of his retainers allow any number of taurill to accompany them wherever they travel. Durga obtained the secret codes Jabba had hidden in his Tatooine citadel. The codes provided Durga with access to the New Republic's central databases on Coruscant. He had also contracted the brilliance of the latest clone of Bevel Lemelisk, whom he promised carte blanche to rebuild a better weapon. However, like many Hutts, Durga was always searching for bargains, and many of the systems and components were poorly made or outdated. It was Durga who executed Crix Madine aboard the Darksaber, and it was on the doomed station that Durga died, when it was crushed between two huge planetoids in the Hoth asteroid field. (DS, SE, THG, RD)

Durgard Brarun
this Duro was the Vice-Director of CorDuro Shipping, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was one of the growing group of Duro who protested the fact that the New Republic placed refugees on the surface of Duro in return for their labor in restoring the planet's natural environment. His sister, Ducilla, was a vehement opponent of the New Republic, and spent most of her time speaking out against the Republic's lack of defense against the Yuuzhan Vong. He even told Luke Skywalker that he would rather have Emperor Palpatine running the galaxy, since the Imperial war machine would probably have been better able to repel the alien invaders. He did nothing to support SELCORE's activities, and was one of the first beings approached by the Peace Brigade in an effort to short-circuit the work of the New Republic in favor of the Yuuzhan Vong. He agreed to provide the Yuuzhan Vong with the refugees transplanted to Duro as payment for the promise that Duro would be left unharmed if the Yuuzhan Vong used it as a base from which to strike at the Core Worlds. However, outside forces rallied to save Duro, and Durgard Brarun was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and brought before Tsavong Lah. Durgard tried to plead his innocence in the resistance, but the Warmaster would have nothing of it. Durgard Brarun and a number of other CorDuro officials were eventually fed to the creature known as Tu-Scart. (BP)

this immense Gen'Dai was on of the most notorious bounty hunters of the last decades of the Old Republic. Durge was distinguished by his polished, silver armor, into which he tattooed the symbols of the Mandalorians he had slain. For reasons unknown, Durge held a long-standing grudge against the Mandalorians, and for many years he existed in isolation from the rest of the galaxy. It was rumored that Durge's hatred of the Mandalorians stemmed from the fact that Jango Fett, and not Durge himself, was chosen to be the template for the clones by Darth Tyranus. It was also believed that Durge was well over 2,000 years old, and his crimson eyes seemed to indicate that he was not human. What was known for sure was that Durge had once worked for the ancient Sith, about 1,000 years before the Battle of Naboo. In the aftermath of the Battle of Ruusan, Durge went into hiding to avoid any sort of reprisal from the Jedi Knights. Some 900 years later, Durge was hired to kill the leader of the Mandalorian armies, and was instead captured and tortured. He escaped again, and went into hiding to recuperate, vowing to exact revenge on the Mandalorians. Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, Durge reappeared to discover that the Mandalorians had been all but wiped out. The only successors to their legacy were the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic, which had been created from the genetic material of Jango Fett. Durge decided to join the Separatist movement on principle, and to strike back at the clone troopers. Durge was one of many bounty hunters hired by Jabba the Hutt to eliminate Gilramos Libkath. Durge and the ten-year-old Boba fett both cornered Libkath in the burned-out hull of a Theed cruiser near Mos Espa, with Durge disabling Libkath with a blaster bolt. Young Boba stole the Neimoidian's miter-like hat and fled the ship, while Durge set out to destroy Libkath. In his wild firing, Durge blasted a crate of weapons, setting off a huge explosion. It was believed that both Durge and Libkath died in the fiery blaze. Durge survived, however, and became Count Dooku's right-hand man after Jango Fett's death, fighting with Asajj Ventress during the Clone Wars. Nearly a year after the Battle of Geonosis, Durge and Asajj Ventress tried to destroy the planet Naboo by unleashing the chemical weapon known as swamp gas, but were thwarted in their efforts by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. They fled to Queyta at the orders of Count Dooku, to secure the antidote to swamp gas. Five Jedi Masters, including Obi-Wan, arrived on Queyta to recover the antidote. In a series of struggles, Durge killed Masters Jon Antilles and Nico Diath, but was unable to stop Obi-Wan and Master Fay from obtaining the antidote. Once again, Durge and Ventress fled the Jedi and returned to Count Dooku. He was placed in command of the droid armies during the Battle of Muunilinst by San Hill, but was defeated in combat by Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was believed that Durge had been killed in the battle, when his body was destroyed from within by Obi-Wan, but many clone troopers believed that they saw parts of his body moving away from the battlefield. Durge reappeared more than two years later aboard the starship of Drama Korr near Maramere, and vowed to destroy the Jedi as part of an elaborate plan developed by Count Dooku. In a titanic struggle with Analin Skywalker, Durge was caught in the explosion of a group of mines meant to destroy Skywalker. The resulting damage left Durge unable to fight back against Anakin's use of the Force to push the bounty hunter into an escape pod. Then, Skywalker nudged the escape pod into the nearest star, incinerating the pod and Durge within it. (OWS, RNFW, BF4, CWC1, O)

this planet was the site of an Alliance base during the Galactic Civil War. The base was wiped out by the bounty hunter Beylyssa. (SWJ3)

Durgo, Ket
this man was the chief of security at the Galactic Museum on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. Durgo discovered that there were several individuals who were looking to steal pieces of art which the Museum planned to auction off, but feared that the security force of the Museum would not be able to handle truly inventive thieves. Durgo decided to secretly hire a group of mercenaries to help maintain the collection prior to auction. (WOA21)

Durgo, Sesh
this man spent much of his adult life in the city of Kala'uun, on Ryloth, eking out a meager existence while doing odd jobs for the local underworld. He believed that there was a better life awaiting him if could only find out where the Twi'leks hid their best stuff. He spent many years trying to locate the "good stuff," but never managed to uncover the treasure he so desparately sought. (GORW)

this vicious predator was native to the planet Barab I. The average durgolosk moved about on six legs, giving it the ability to twist its body through nearly a full circle without shifting position. Instead of arms, the durgolosk had two tentacles, each of which could inject venom by puncturing flesh with their tips. Six eyes were arrayed across the head of a durgolosk, sitting atop a mouth filled with fifteen-centimeter-long teeth. (GORW, WOTC)

this man was one of the Ministers who formed the government of the planet Danoor, shortly after the Battle of Endor. He was a contemporary of Waric Nane. Like his fellow Ministers, Durhant believed that the Lance of Endor was, in truth, a New Republic ship sent to maraud the Kathol Outback. After hearing from Kaiya Adrimetrum and the crew of the FarStar, though, he began to see the truth. (KO)

Durillium Sea
this vast area of empty space was located in the Moddell Sector, near the planet Endor. (SWGAL)

an alcoholic concoction that uses a phosphorescent agent to make it light up. (WG)

Durindfire Gem
this precious stone was bought and sold by the Empire to help finance the first Death Star project. They are found only on Tatooine, and very few of the valuable specimens ever left the planet. The Alliance was able to track the movements of large numbers of these gems to determine the various development sites used by the Empire. They also used this information to track down the origins of the Phantom project. (XWPA, TFE)

this alloy is resistant to sensor scans, and is valued by smugglers for lining suitcases and small hiding areas. (RD)

this shiny, black material was used in the creation of Imperial IT-series interrogation droids. (VD)

a hideous, three-meter-tall, monkey-faced reptile. (DCAR)

Durkii Squadron
this Imperial TIE Fighter squadron was part of the force that defended the labor colony on Kalist VI, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Led by Captain Jodeen, Durkii Squadron was on duty some eight months after the Battle of Yavin, when they were dispatched by their commanders to defend the tanker Nuna's Twins. Their initial appearance seemed to drive off the Alliance fighters who were harrassing the tanker, allowing it to finally reach Kalist VI. Jodeen and his men were then ordered to keep the Nuna's Twins in orbit, searching for proof of its "survival" while General Noils could determine if the ship could be cleared to land. (SWEWW)

Durkin, Armanda
the owner of Notsub Shipping, she was a wealthy power broker and shipping magnate based in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. She liked to gamble on risky ventures, and was able to make these investments pay off more often than not. She and her husband hav been insured by Maltsett Insurance, even though Maltsett declined to pay for damages and injured to her husband caused in a mysterious fire. Maltsett cited an obscure legal reference in their refusal to pay, and was won the hatred of Armanda in return. In an elaborate revenge scheme, Armanda has developed the alter ego Duchess, and steals shipments from herself in order to make Maltsett pay for the losses. (GG7)

Durkish Corporation
this small manufacturer produced a number of aural detection devices during the era of the Great Sith War. Durkish once produced a series of visual detection systems, but abandoned them in favor of aural systems. The corporation's leaders reasoned that visual systems could be fooled, but aural systems were almost foolproof because every living creature had to breathe. The normal sounds of respiration, even when slowed, could be picked up by aural detection systems. (KOTOR)

this shaggy creature was noted for its continual state of dishevelment. (LJ2)

this planet is the homeworld of the Saurin race. Durkteel was one of the first ten planets to join the Refugee Resettlement Coalition, shortly before the Clone Wars. (CCG2, HNN5)

this Bothan served the New Republic as a Captain the Navy, and was the pilot of Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya's personal transport, the First Citizen. (SBS)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "winter". (GCG)

this Gamorrean was once employed by Abdi-Badawzi as an enforcer, but was traded to Ploovo Two-for-One to pay for a debt. Durmag thoroughly enjoyed his new role on Ploovo's Protocol Team, since Ploovo had a large number of beings who needed "reminders" of their delinquent payments. (AIR)

Durmin, Tajis
this Imperial soldier was trained in combat techniques and weapons skills. He was part of the first Death Star's complement of trooper guards. (CCG)

Durn, Marka
this man was a trader who plied the Nanth'ri Trade Route during the Galactic Civil War in his beat-up Ghtroc freighter, the DeepHopper. He was a friend of the Alliance, although he dropped dead shortly after locating the treasure of Celis Mott. He was known in spacer circles as a top-notch navigator, and had automated much of his starship's systems with the help of his droid, R2-C9. (IA)

this Jedi Knight was a good friend of Jedi Master Jeisel, during their training and throughout the early part of the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, Durnar was killed during the conflict. (RSOS)

this feline being was one of the leaders of the Alliance cell located in the Cantros System, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was discovered that Durne was playing an audacious game, pitting tow groups of his people against each other, claiming that the other side was actually the Empire. He hoped that by killing Niru he would be able to gain power over the Cantros System through force, but Luke Skywalker managed to defeat him before he could take the shot. Niru then captured Durne to hold him for questioning. (MC93)

this was a peaceful creature native to the planet Corellia. (SWI62)

Durns, Jonas
this noted scholar and historian discovered evidence that Hez Kragg was an actual person, and not just the Dread Buccaneer of children's stories. Jonas discovered the location of the Kragg's Fury, which was rumored to contain the riches of the Fleet in its holds, from Sig Coven, and hired a group of freelance scouts to find it. Coven's coordinates led them to the VV-99-7JE-2N71 star system, where they found the ship's remains. However, when they were unable to break the coded entry system - based on the fact that Hez Kragg had spelled the word "Fury" with an I instead of a Y, in accordance with his homeworld's native language - they set off a series of automated defenses. The Kragg's Fury plunged itself into the orange-yellow star of the system, but not before the explorers escaped with a huge gemstone as proof of their finding. (SWJ7)

Durns, Keya
this icy-eyed woman was the daughter of Jonas Durns. She accompanied her father, along with Sig Coven, on the search for the Kragg's Fury during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ7)

this planet, located in the Duro Sector, is the homeworld of the Duro race. Han Solo's grandfather, Dalla Suul, was born on Duros. The Duro race had established a vast starship construction industry, nearly equal to that of Corellia. The government of the system is made up of a consortium of starship construction corporations, with all necessary political decisions being made by the corporations' stockhoders. Thus, any Duro which owns stock in these companies can participate in the governing of the system. The planet Duros itself is uninhabited, since the Duros have covered it with automated farms. The former population, and all visitors, live in twenty orbiting cities that provide easy access to the starship construction facilities. The planet was later stripped of its natural resources by the Empire and used as a dumping ground, and became so toxic that the Duro who lived there were forced to move into orbiting space stations. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Duros High House agreed to place domed cities on the surface of Duro, in order to house the refugees fleeing the aliens. In return, the Senate Select Committee for Refugees (SELCORE) agreed to employ the refugees in activities which would restore the planet's natural environment. Despite the underhanded efforts of CorDuro Shipping and SELCORE, the scientists and refugees began to eliminate the toxins and restore the planet's ecosystem. Despite the assurances of SELCORE and CorDuro Shipping, the Yuuzhan Vong ultimately attacked Duro, hoping to destroy the orbital cities and capture thousands of refugees and Duros as sacrifices. In the batlle, all of the cities were destroyed, with the exception of Urrdorf City. Duro was left in the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong for many months, before a daring plan to liberate the planet was formulated. General Wedge Antilles took a small task force, reluctantly accepting a Duros-manned squadron, to the Duro System in an effort to draw out the Yuuzahn Vong forces. The plan was to draw in as many Yuuzhan Vong warships as possible by approaching the system but not attacking. Commander Yurf Col, a Duro who wanted his homeworld to be liberated, was angry at the lack of action, and took the Duros forces into battle against Antilles' orders. Col and his forces were easily defeated by the Yuuzhan Vong, but the alien invaders were unprepared for the New Republic's total assault forxce. Eventually, the Yuuzhan Vong were driven out of the Duro System, liberating the planet and returning it to the New Republic. (SCRE, GG4, CPL, MMY, REB, THG, BP, CCW, FP, UF)

a humanoid race characterized by their blue skin, red eyes and long, thin faces. There is no nose on their face. They are a calm, peaceful race (although the Star Wars Screen Entertainment software claims that they are reckless innature) and are considered dependable workers and gifted storytellers. Their society was formed many millennia before the Galactic Civil War, and was very advanced technologically. Most Duros are interested in space travel, and are employed in one of the many industries that deal in travel between the stars. Those Duros who remain near their homeworld work for one of the many starship construction facilities that orbit the planet Duro. Many of the Duros found off-planet are graduates of the Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration, and can navigate a hyperspace jump with limited star charting. The general population of Duros also refused to admit that the Neimoidians were genetic descendants of their race, despite the scientific evidence which proved their relationship. During the Galactic Civil War, the Duros were ostensibly loyal to the Empire, although the Empire established observation centers at many starship yards to keep an eye on them. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, many Duros felt that the New Republic was too lax in its defense against the alien invaders, and several Duros claimed that the galaxy would have been better prepared to defend itself if Emperor Palpatine had still been in power. (SW, SCRE, GG4, BP, EGP, EGA)

this star was the central body of the Duro System, located in the Duro Sector of the galaxy. During the height of the New Order, this star and its planets were considered part of the Corellian Sector, but the New Republic eventually rectified this situation. (CCW)

this was another name for the Durese language. (GORW)

Duro Academy of Deep Space Exploration
a Duro school dedicated to passing on the knowledge of travelling in hyperspace. (SCRE)

Duro Defense Force
known as the DDF, this was the military braintrust which was charged with protecting the planet Duro during the New Republic. (BP)

Duro Delta Twelve
this aging shipyard was built in the Duro System during the Old Republic. Known as DD12, the shipyards prospered until the institution of the New Order, when the Empire chose to use its own shipyards to construct starships. DD12's production dropped off sharply, and many sections of the shipyard because havens for smugglers and other spacers. A sizable repair facility remained in operation during the Galactic Civil War, servicing incoming ships and providing a place for the local Alliance cell to meet with potential recruits. (WOTC, CCW)

Duro Relocation Colonies
a series of planetary sites selected to migrate the native Duros from their toxic world. Pii 3 was once selected and used as a colony, but was later abandoned. (SWJ6)

Duro Sector
this area of the galaxy originally was centered around the planet Duro, during the Old Republic. After the Empire took control of the galaxy and stripped Duro of its natural resources, it was decided that the Duro Sector no longer needed to exist by itself. In an effort to stir up trouble between the Duros and the Corellians, Emperor Palpatine declared that the planet Duro and its surrounding sector would be annexed into the Corellian Sector. This decision was eventually overturned by the New Republic. (WBC, CCW)

Duro Shipwrights Guild
this was the primary starship manufacturing consortium on the planet Duro, during the early years of the New Order. The Alliance courted the Guild for support, hoping to bolster its small contingent of loyal shipyards. (RESB)

Duro Squadron
this was the name of a squadron of Duros starfigher pilots who joined the forces of the Galactic Alliance when they tried to retake the planet Duro from the Yuuzhan Vong. Although he accepted their help, General Wedge Antilles feared that they were too emotionally involved in the fight, and couldn't be counted on to obey orders. His fears were realized when Commander Yurf Col decided that he couldn't accept Antilles' mute acceptance of the Yuuzhan Vong control of the Duro System and resigned his commission. Duro Squadron, along with several Duros-commanded warships, tried to break ranks and attack on their own. However, without the support of the rest of the New Republic fleet, all the Duros ships were destroyed by Yuuzhan Vong forces. (FP)

Duro Starshipwright Shipyards
this was the name of the huge, orbital shipyards established around the planet Duro. While not outfitted to handle military vessels, the DSS could accommodate virtually any size starship, from starfighters to massive cargo haulers. (CCW)

this was a slang term defined by the New Republic to describe the muck which covered the surface of Duro, during the effort to reclaim the planet's natural environment. (BP)

DuroDelve Industries
this Duros mining operation purchased the rights to most of Glydus Mining Corporation's equipment and facilities, after Glydus declared bankruptcy. DuroDelve was later nationalized by the Empire, and the only piece of property they maintained control over was the Glydus Ming Platform. (GMR2)

this material was kept aboard many small starships, and could be used to patch small holes the hull. (MIS8)

this city, located on the planet Antared III, was the site of one it's major starports. (GMH)

it was on this planet that Obo Rin first learned of the Charon race. (GG4)

this planet was located in the middle of one of the Corporate Sector Authority's steer-clear areas. Thus, it was the site of a single Authority installation during the early years of the New Order. Duroon had three natural satellites and a varied, temperate to semi-tropical environment. An active volcano fissure ran across the planet's east-west axis, venting large amounts of magma onto the surface, as well as steam and radiation into the atmosphere. Han Solo and Chewbacca delivered a smuggled shipment of guns to a race of aliens enslaved on the planet by the Authority, who wanted to revolt against the Authority. (HSE)

a high-density plastic. (KO)

this man was living on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, when the planet was subjugated by the Sith. He helped Carth Onasi and the survivors of the Endar Spire escape a Sith patrol and locate Bastila Shan. (KOTOR)

Duros Allied Army
this was one of the few militant groups that formed among the Duros population, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CRO)

Duros Bio-Comp 1000
produced from Durosian technology by MerenData, this was essentially a portable, organic computer system. A collection of microscopic lifeforms, contained in a fluid culture, mixed and reacted to electrical impulses to group together in such a way as to store data in their formations. Power for the Bio-Comp 1000 was provided by another species of organisms which performed a kind of photosynthesis within the computer's chassis. Data processing was carried out via complex bio-chemical fibers that store instructions and modify the combinations of data-storage organisms. (GFT)

Duros Cultural Center
this was the primary gathering place for those Duros who were living on the planet Coruscant during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. The DCC was located in the Boribos Prefecture at the time. (SWI75)

Duros High House
this was the primary governmental body of the planet Duro and its orbital cities, during the early decades of the New Republic. The Duros High House struck a deal with the Senate Select Committee for Refugees (SELCORE) during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, taking on refugees in return for their labor in restoring the natural environment of Duro and in repairing the surface manufacturing facilities. However, it was later discovered by Tresina Lobi that the Duros High House did not want the reclamation project, but several votes on the body were bought out by independent shipping concerns like CorDuro Shipping. (BP)

Duros Sector
one of many sectors of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport, it has been unused since the early days of the Empire. (DE2)

Duros Space Run
this hyperspace route connected the planet Duros with other major commercial centers. (GMH)

another name for the Duro race. (COJ)

this was the native language of the Duro race. (EGP)

this starship manufacturer was known for its design of the Mneffe-class Superluminal shuttle. (ND)

this Conjeni pilot was part of Bruce Mercy's band. Along with Morph, Durquist piloted the Starburst during pirate missions. (TSK)

this Dark Jedi was a native of Elrood, and was orphaned when Imperial forces demanded custody of his mother. They claimed she was being arrested for treasonous acts against the Empire, and Durrei's father objected. The Imperials opened fire, and Durrei tried to upon the meager Force skills he had. The Force failed to prevent the deaths of his parents, and Durrei grew angry. The Dark Side of the Force reached out to him, and Durrei wiped out the Imperials with his mind. From that point forward, he allowed himself to be consumed by the DarkSide. He was just twenty-two when he helped rally Imperial forces in the Corva Sector after the Battle of Endor. Durrei established a base of operations on Jandoon, where he collected ancient Jedi relics and other mystic artifacts, and hoped to recover a Kashi Mer artifact that had been found by Mahk'khar on Tuulab. He had kidnapped Professor Oron's daughter, Meela, and hoped to exchange her for the stone-like artifact. (SWJ6)

this planet, located in the Meridian Sector, was the site of the New Republic's primary Naval base in the Sector. (POT)

Durren Central Planetary Council
this was the primary governmental body which provided leadership for the planet Durren. The Council was a strong supporter of the New Republic, and was the focus of a revolt instigated by Seti Ashgad and Dzym, during the droch's attempt to gain control of the galaxy. (POT)

Durren Orbital
this space station served as the New Republic's primary Navy shipyard in the Meridian Sector. It was located in orbit around the planet Durren. (HT)

Durron, Kyp
a native of Deyer, Kyp was taken prisoner by the Empire when his parents were arrested for speaking out against the destruction of Alderaan. Kyp and his parents were shipped off to Kessel, and forced to work the spice mines, while his brother Zeth was conscripted and sent to Carida. His parents were killed by inmates, and Kyp was orphaned for many years. When Han Solo and Chewbacca are shot down over Kessel and also forced to work the mines, Kyp becomes friends with Han, and together they escape the mines, only to discover the Maw Installation. Upon returning to Coruscant, Kyp is asked by Luke Skywalker to join his new Jedi Academy, for Kyp shows a great deal of Force sensitivity. Kyp agrees, and begins training on Yavin 4. Following Gantoris' death, Exar Kun's spirit then takes control of Kyp's will. Kun shows Kyp the power of the Dark Side, but Kyp's basic nature twists the knowledge. He believes that, even though the power stems from the Dark Side, it can still be used against the Empire. Kun's spirit does nothing to alter this perception, and assists Kyp in retrieving the Sun Crusher from Yavin's gas core and allows Kyp to draw on his power as Kyp begins destroying Imperial worlds. It is when Kyp destroys the Caridan system that Han finally catches up with Kyp, and convinces the young man to return to Yavin 4. Luke then worked with Kyp to return him to the true nature of the Force. As his powers grew, Kyp became a respected member of the Jedi Knights. He befriended Dorsk 82 when the young alien traveled to Yavin 4 for training, and the pair were dispatched to Corbos when the miners there unearthed an ancient creature. Kyp managed to defeat a small Leviathan, but the creature's death awakened an even larger one. The combined efforts of Kyp, Dorsk 82, Kirana Ti, and Streen managed to defeat it. He soon became one of Skywalker's new Jedi Masters, but began to question Skywalker's training methods and philosophy. Kyp believed the Jedi were above the common being, and could roam the galaxy and dispense justice as they saw fit. He continued this philosophy with his first student, Miko Reglia, when the formed the Dozen-and-Two Avengers. However, the Avengers were unprepared for the onslaught of the Yuuzhan Vong, and the small squadron was nearly destroyed at Helska. Only Kyp remained, and he vowed to exact a suitable retribution on the alien invaders. In this endeavor, Kyp found himself again at odds with Master Skywalker, who refused to condone Kyp's vigilante plans. Kyp set out again on his own, forming Kyp's Dozen. They tried to rescue Wurth Skidder from the Yuuzhan Vong clustership Creche', but arrived too later to save him. Kyp destroyed the immature yammosk which was controlling the ship, leaving it for dead in orbit around Fondor. Shortly after the Battle of Duro, Kyp approached Jaina Solo to become his student, after Mara Jade Skywalker became pregnant. Jaina said she would consider the offer, but distanced herself from Kyp after he misled her - and Rogue Squadron - on the nature of the shipwomb that had been growing near Sernpidal. Despite his obviously personal agenda, Kyp was sought out by the New Republic's commanders as a source of information about the alien invaders, and was appointed to the High Council that advised the Chief od State on Jedi activities. During the final stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, after the living planet Zonama Sekot agreed to help bring about an end to the conflict, Kyp was one of several Jedi Knights were bonded to seed-partners and provided with Sekotan starships. During the final battle fo Coruscant, Kyp also realized that those Jedi who had acquired seed-partners were also those who had suffered terrible loss or tragedy, such as his destruction of the planet Carida. (JS, DA, COTF, JAL, VP, JE, EVR, Y, NEGC, UF)

Durron, Zeth
the older brother Kyp Durron, Zeth was sent to the Imperial training center on Carida after his parents were arrested by the Empire for speaking out against the destruction of Alderaan. The rest of his family were shipped off to the Spice Mines of Kessel, where only Kyp mnaged to survive. Zeth was trained as a stormrtooper, but was killed when the planet was destroyed by Kyp. (JS, COTF)

Durs Ranch
this was a leisure farm, owned and operated by Jerren Durs on the planet Froswythe, during the early decades of the New Republic. Visitors were treated to a week of living as settlers, herding banthas and working on the farms. Jerren Durs imported a herd of ycaqt to serve as mounts for his visitors, using their swift speed to keep ahead of the rangy banthas. (WOA20)

Durs, Jerren
this man owned and operated a leisure ranch on the planet Froswythe, during the early decades of the New Republic. (WOA20)

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