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a smuggling chief working for Billey, Dravis was a graduate of the Imperial Academy and accomplished pilot, although many of his old friends remembered his lack of punctuality that his flying skills. His father hoped Dravis would follow in his footsteps and join the Scimitar Wing, but Dravis had other plans. Although nothing has ever been confirmed, rumors persist that he stole an Imperial shuttle and fled to the Outer Rim Territories to escape from an unwanted child he had fathered. He made a meager living in the Outer Rim Territories during the early years of the New Republic, working as a smuggler until he found himself employed by Billey. Dravis was also an old acquaintance of Han Solo's, and it was Han who approached him with a job offer to work as a pilot for one of the cargo transport operations that supported the New Republic. It was Dravis who told Solo about Thrawn's appearance in the borderland regiosn of the galaxy, and that he thought it was Talon Karrde who had taken over Jabba the Hutt's empire. Later, Dravis agreed to help Karrde track down the source of Grand Admiral Thrawn's clones, when it became apparent that Thrawn had begun growing clones to serve as crewmen aboard his starships. (HTTE, TLC, TTSB)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Dravvad, Chelch
a native of the planet Corellia, this man was a New Republic Senator and a member of the New Republic Advisory Council when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. He supported the Jedi Knights and their efforts to defend the galaxy against the Yuuzhan Vong. During the initial phases of the plan to draw the Yuuzhan Vong to either Corellia or Bothawui, Dravvad resented the fact that Borsk Fey'lya accused the Defense Force of singling out the Bothans for attack by leaving Bothawui undefended. Dravvad was one of few members of the Advisory Council to reach Borleias, in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant. (VP, JE, EL1)

this personalized card allows an individual to obtain credits from specified banking kiosks. (WG)

this being was a reporter for Holonet Free Republic during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ10)

Drax Squadron
a stormtrooper squadron assigned to search through Mos Eisley and locate R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine. (TME)

Draxlor Company
this Imperial soldier squadron was on-call to support the ground forces who battled Alliance forces on Draenell's Point, during the Alliance's attempt to destroy the Bissillirus Resupply Base. (GMK)

this was a kind of portable fusion generator produced for use by explorers and scouts. The Draxton-12 was considered a small-yield generator, producing temporary solutions to power outages. (SSR)

Dray Beast
an eight-legged creature used to pull carts on farms, the draybeast was native to the planet Dellalt. (HSL, EGP)

Dray, Cooper
this 25-year-old swoop racer maintained his popularity only as long as he was winning. When he decided to race just for the thrill of it, he discovered an audience on the planet Bescane who simply wanted to watch him race. He settled down there, and was eventually contacted by an Alliance operative. When Imperial agents killed the operative in front of his eyes, Cooper vowed to make the Empire pay. He joined the Alliance as an undercover agent, using his contacts on Bescane to move contract workers off the corporate world. It was Dray who helped the Alliance locate agent Tigress, because he had become aware of the kidnappings of workers by Imperial Forces. During a swoop chase with Imperial forces, Dray was lost. Tigress, also known as the Lady Amber Comark, believed that he was kidnapped and cyborged as part of the Death-Hunter project. When the Alliance agents infiltrated Jesco Comark's base on Zeta Zero Nine, they found Dray in the midst of an intense torture session. He was rescued by the Alliance agents. (SWJ9)

Draygo, Vykk
this alias was used by Han Solo, following his escape from Garris Shrike and the Trader's Luck. As Vykk Draygo, Han was employed by Teroenza as a pilot. Vykk fell in love with Bria Tharen, although eventually Han revealed his true identity to her. They escaped from the Ylesian colony and fled to Corellia and then Coruscant. Vykk Draygo was pursued by a multitude of bounty hunters, as was Han Solo, because of the damage he caused when they fled the colony. Han dropped the Vykk Draygo alias after fleeing Ylesia, although he maintained all the identification papers. Note that this character is referred to as Vyyk Drago in The Star Wars Essential Chronology. (TPS, ECH)

Drayhar's Cantina
this disreputable establishment was found in Eponte Spaceport, on the planet Kabaira. (SWJ7)

this individual was the abbot at the Dim-U monastery during the Galactic Civil War. He ran the monastery with a military style. (GG7)

this woman was one of the only females every to earn the rank of Imperial Inquisitor. Her confident nature and apparent concern for the beings she interrogates made her very efficient in wringing information from them, since most beings seemed to like her immediately. However, many Imperial Intelligence agents refused to work with her, because she often frightened them and excited them at the same time. Inquisitor Drayneen also had modest control of the Force, and could use it to subtly manipulate her captives. (RESB)

this Alliance Commander was in command of Edan Base, when it was attacked by the Havoc shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (IAG)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Drayson, Bhindi
this woman was the daughter of Hiram Drayson, and served the New Republic as a tactical expert within Wraith Squadron. In the wake of the Battle of Coruscant, Bhindi was part of the team assigned to accompany Luke Skywalker back to the capital planet. While the primary goal of the mission was to gather intelligence and try to locate Jacen Solo, Bhindi and her team were going to set up resistance cells on the battered planet. She was personally going to remain on the planet after the main mission was complete, to coordinate the cells and foster plans to oust the alien invaders. When Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong, Bhindi and her team managed to escape and return to Calamari. There, she served as one of the primary Intelligence operatives for the fledgling Galactic Alliance. (EL1, UF)

Drayson, Hiram
this New Republic Admiral was in charge of the Republic's mission to find the Katana fleet. He used to be in charge of the planetary defenses on his home planet, Chandrila, where he met Mon Mothma. During the Clone Wars, Drayson was removed from his position by the passage of Emergency Amendment 121b, also known as the Reflex Amendment, and replaced by Kohl Seerdon. Years later, Mon Mothman asked him to assist with defenses when the Alliance was formed, and then asked him to stay on with the New Republic as Admiral of Coruscant's capital ship fleet. Following the death of Thrawn, Drayson was placed in charge of Alpha Blue, and was one of the New Republic's highest-ranking military officials during the Great Purge. He was known in military circles as the Old Ghost of Coruscant. As the New Republic's government firmed up in the wake of the negotiation of peace with the Imperial remnants, Drayson decided it was time to retire. He married his long-time love, Joi Eicroth, but the marriage didn't last and they soon separated. (DFR, DFRSB, BTS, VP, HT, SWI71)

this man was a noted criminal, active on the planet Corulag during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this extremely vicious species of canine is native to the planet Korbin. They are a product of a long-forgotten breeding experiment aimed at producing an attack animal. The experiment was a success, but so much so that no one could control the draz. They escaped from their creators and now roam the wilds of Korbin. The draz are covered with steel-gray fur that stands on end when they attack, making them look larger than normal. They are unpredictable hunters. (PG2)

this Imperial Corporal served as a stormtrooper during the last years of the New Order. A native of Bespin, Drazin was dispatched with the garrison sent there after the Battle of Hoth, and was responsible for shooting C-3PO when the droid discovered the Imperial presence on Cloud City. Drazin later served as part of Commander Igar's honor guard during the occupation of Endor's Forest Moon, during the construction of the second Death Star. (CCG10)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

Dread Buccaneer
this was the nickname of Hez Kragg, one of the Old Republic's most notorious pirates. (SWJ7)

Dread One
this was one of the terms used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe their Supreme Overlord, Shimrra. (DW)

Dread Overlord
this was one of the terms used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe their Supreme Overlord, Shimrra. (FP)

Dread Pirates
this Old Republic pirate gang was led by Mendel Cutter. (SWJ5)

Dread Weapon
this unusual creature was bred by the Yuuzhan Vong to survive in the vacuum of space. It as essentially an organic chamber, with an esophageal organ running the entire length of its body. This organ could be pumped full of air, allowing a horde of Yuuzhan Vong warriors to exist inside, until the Dread Weapon latched onto a ship or space station with its wide mouth. After chewing its way through the hull of its target, the Dread Weapon then opened its throat to discharge warriors into the vessel. A secondary mission profile for this beast involved the extraction of beings from a ship or station. In this mode, the Dread Weapon's esophagus was pumped out before it attached itself to a target. When the creature had created a breach in the hull, it simply breathed in, pulling all the atmosphere of the target vessel - and anything not securely strapped down - into its gullet with the force of a sudden decompression. Any beings who survived this attack could live inside the Dread Weapon until they were taken into custody by their Yuuzhan Vong captors. (NJOSB)

this ancient starship design was produced by Core Galaxy Systems as a military cruiser. The CGS Deardnaught measured 900 meters in length, and was crewed by 45 officers and 20 gunners. Up to 50 troops and 3,000 metric tons of cargo could be transported aboard the ship, which was armed with a heavy turbolaser, 4 tractor beam projectors, and eight laser cannons. (TOJC, EGV)

Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
manufactured by Rendili StarDrive prior to the Clone Wars, these Old Republic ships required a huge number of crewmembers (16,000+) to run. They were about 600 meters in length, with a roughly cylindrical shape. The basic idea behind the Dreadnaught was taken from an old Mandalorian design, and was updated to create a ship that could be deployed to maintain a planetary occupation. Six weapons blisters were arranged around its midsection, and it had a clamshell-shaped bow. They were rated to speeds of .4 past lightspeed, with a top speed of 14 MGLT. The basic Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser was armed with 10 turbolaser batteries, 20 quad laser cannons, 10 laser cannons, one warhead launcher, 160 SBD shields, and a 80 RU hull. During the Clone Wars, the majority of Dreadnaughts found in the galaxy were in the service of Rendili's homeworld security fleet, protecting the planet from invasion. When the government of Rendili tried to side with the Separatists, the Old Republic dispatched a group of warships under the command of Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin. Their mission, which ultimately ended successfully, was to ensure that the Dreadnaughts did not become part of the Separatist fleet. Note that The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels says the Dreadnaught had a slow, Class Two hyperdrive rating and weak shields, facts supported by the West End Games sourcebooks but not by Dark Force Rising. (DFR, SWSB, ISB, TIE, RDR)

Dream Emporium
this was the name of the entertainment complex located in the primary starport of the planet Etti IV. It catered to both the local Etti population and to the members of the Corporate Sector Authority. (SESB)

Dream Runner
this Corellian Engineering gunship was part of the Alliance fleet which patrolled Trax Sector shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It was dispatched to assist in the destruction of the Bissillirus Resupply Base. (GMK)

Dream Snake
a dreambeast creature created by Halagad Ventor on Trinta. (DOE)

Dream Weed
a dangerous, carnivorous plant native to Togoria. (SL)

this unusual creature is created by users of the Dark Side of the Force, and its appearance generally conforms to the most feared image in its opponent's mind. The range of appearances a dreambeast can assume is virtually unlimited, and they can appear to take damage as a real creature. They also seem to inflict real damage on an opponent. When the illusion is finally dispelled - essentially, when the dreambeast is killed - the physical wounds it inflicted will disappear. However, mental trauma often ensues, rendering the opponent unstable for the forseeable future. (DOE)

this term was developed in Elrood Sector, after the Empire assumed control of the region. It was used to describe any member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (PG3)

Dreaming River Clan
this group of Dathomiri witches was one of the first clans to rebel against the Imperial occupation of their homeworld, during the early stages of the New Republic. Much of the clan was rounded up and incarcerated by Imperial forces before they were contacted by the agents of the Jedi Knights who were tracking Dal Konur. Together, they managed to free the Dreaming River clan and recapture Konur, along with some unexpected help from Kir Kanos. (WOA30)

this Force projection placed an opponent in a world created in the mind of the wielder. The illusion is often broken when the opponent tries to break through it, but until that time, it appears to be entirely real. (DOE)

Drearian Defense Conglomerate
this manufacturer, based along the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region, produced a full line of sporting blaster weapons. They also supplied blaster weapons to Arakyd Industries and Cybot Galactica, for use in armed automata. They also were partnered with the Corporate Sector Authority, obtaining certain royalties and payments in return for allowing the CSA to manufacture its own weapons. (RPG, EGW, WOTC)

this Gorothite j'ber was known for its network of transportation and cargo services. (GSE)

Drebbick, Chorin
this Imperial Security agent worked in the Infitration section during the early years of the New Republic. He pretended to be an aide to Lydenn Carridon, in order to intercept the droid R1-T4 when it was transported to Janelle Serap on Seikosha. Always impeccably dressed and groomed, Drebbick was known as a cold, calculating individual who would kill anyone or anything that got in his way. (POC)

this creature lives on the planet Dathomir. (CTD)

this crime boss had a small operation which he ran from Keyorin. He once employed Bossk and IG-88 to capture Lando Calrissian, but they were unable to secure him. (EGC)

this was an alias used many times by Lando Calrissian, during the search for Boba Fett and Han Solo. It was believed that the Drebble alias was based on one of Lando's old enemies, Barpotomous Drebble. Drebble was a smuggler Captain was on Arcan IV during the theft of the religious icons the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel. He captained the Cobra with an unnamed Wookiee, who was actually Chewbacca. Calrissian reasoned that he would have more success locating Han if the pair traveled in disguise, rather than announcing themselves as members of the Alliance. Lando dredged up the Drebble alias because it was the name of an old enemy. After trying to enlist the services of Lemo and Sanda, Lando got drunk and let it slip that he wasn't really Drebble. (LTA4, NEGC, MC79)

Drebble, Barpotomous
this obese man was beaten by Lando Calrissian in a high-stakes sabacc match on Cloud CIty, shortly before Lando won the outpost from Baron Raynor. In fact, the match was witnessed by the Baron's wife, Ymile, who recommended that Calrissian play against Raynor. It was later revealed that Drebble had paid one of Cloud City's sabacc dealers to place a skifter into the deck used when Baron Raynor challenged Lando Calrissian to a sabacc match. Drebble claimed that he had used the skifter to ensure Lando was finally beaten, but the scheme never panned out. In the wake of this defeat, Drebble proclaimed to anyone who would listen that Lando had cheated him out of a fortune. Years later, Drebble encounted Lando again, this time on Stenos, where he offered a ten thousand dollar credit to the being who captured Lando first. The reward failed to inspire anyone to new heights of bravery, and Drebble earned a punch in the mouth from a bounty hunter for whining about being cheated by Lando. Eventually, Drebble came to realize that he was never going to capture Lando, since the conman always seemed to slip through his grasp. Unknown to Drebble, Lando used his name during many risky missions, posing as Drebble to infiltrate Imperial locations. The Alliance even proclaimed Drebble a hero, after his name was associated with several key victories over Imperial forces. Drebble was nearly killed by Lemo and Sanda, but Lando ensured that Drebble survived their attacks. It was for this reason that Lando gave Drebble the statue known as the Dancing Goddess, as a reward for his "heroism". Because of this notoriety, Drebble became the ruler of Stenos' capital city, during the months following the Battle of Endor. When Lando returned to Stenos to try and recover the statue in order to return it to the Godoans, Drebble decided that he couldn't keep it, knowing that the Godoans were dying, and turned the statue over to Lando. (T3, MC71, MC99)

this large herbivore was native to the planet Kuat, and was maintained by the human population because it created a natural form of compost, which was used in gardening. (EGP)

Dred Imperative
a starship which ran a regular shipping route to Demophon, before the planet was destroyed. (SN)

this Hutt sold weapons throughout the Outer Rim Territories during the last decades of the Old Republic. He was known to travel quite often, carrying out his actual business in person. However, Dreddon preferred to let others do the killing that was sometimes necessary to complete his business. Dreddon once sold a huge lot of military surplus to the Toydarian junk dealer Watto, a lot which included the Tyrian struts used by Anakin Skywalker on his podracer. With the death of Wallanooga, Dreddon managed to acquire much of the other Hutt's gunrunning business. Later, Dreddon put out a bounty on the head of Black Sun vigo Antonin, who also put a bounty on Dreddon's head. While Jango Fett successfully eliminated Antonin, Zam Wesell killed Dreddon. (SWO, IG1, JF, WOTC)

this disreputable Corellian accountant often used first-generation A2 accounting droids in his business, skimming credits from his customer's accounts and later blaming the droid's processing defect for any detected errors. He always upgraded his droids after an error was actually caught, but he tried to keep at least one first-generation A2 in service. (FTD)

Drednar, Drek
this dashing pirate and his band operate from an underground base on Taraloon. Distinguished by his missing left eye - lost in a battle with a bounty hunter - Drek and his band were in the piracy business for the money. Drek ordered his crews to avoid bloodshed at all costs, and most of his image was bluster and pomp. Drek's personal ship, the Sable III, served as the primary ambush ship. (SWJ5)

meaning "shrill", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Dree Vandap
this female Rodian was the Jedi Padawan of Crian Maru, six months before the Battle of Ruusan. Dree and Crian were dispatched to Harpori to locate Kaox Krul, but arrived too late to save the Duros colony there. The Dark Jedi caught them in the Balowa System, disabling the Golden Song as well as his own starfighter. Landing on the only inhabitable world in the system, the two Jedi readied themselves for battle. Kaox Krul attacked them at every turn, until Crian Maru could confront him on her own terms. The two Jedi together were initially a match for the Sith warrior, but when Crian was thrown from the battle with a blast of Dark Side energy, Dree Vandap's limited training put her at a severe disadvantage. Kaox Krul wasted no time in killing Dree, before Crian could return to the fight. (GMR5)

Dree, Duno
this man served with Qu Rahn as a pilot during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. Despite his young age and lack of combat experience, Duno gladly helped Rahn in his rescue missions to help relocate refugees. He claimed to be twenty at the time, but was actually just seventeen, having lied on his entrance exams to join the Alliance. During a mission to the planet Dorlo, the team was captured by the Dark Jedi Jerec and his followers, and were executed to force Rahn to reveal what he know of the Valley of the Jedi. Duno was spared briefly by Rahn's defense, but the Jedi could only handle one opponent at a time. The immense beast known as Maw attacked Duno with glee, slicing the youth in half at the waist and wallowing in his blood. (RAG)

Dree, Tantos
a bounty hunter who travelled with Roark Garnet. (RPG)

a space pirate working with Tirog. (RPG)

an alien working for Bogga the Hutt some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Dreebo was an extremely poor fighter pilot. For some reason, Bogga had employed him in the small protection fleet he maintained. Dreebo was killed when Finhead Stonebone attacked Gruna's Wasp transport. Dreebo tried to knock out Stonebone's ore suckers, but missed every shot and was eventually shot down himself. (TOJ)

this was a common name among the Dresselian people. (UANT)

a species of fish which makes a chirping sound, the dreeka are native to the planet Ithor. (TME)

this Chiss, who served Voss Parck and Stent during the ten years leading up to the Caamas Incident, was the first to link Mara Jade to Thrawn. He reported back, and then tried to make contact with Mara. She received the transmission, although she couldn't understand it all, but made the connection with Thrawn's full name. This led her to Nirauan, where Parck could interview her face-to-face. (VOF)

this city was located on the western continent of the planet Bothawui. (SPG)

an uninhabited world in the Hapes cluster, visited by Isolder and his father when Isolder just a boy. (CPL)

this female Gran was still in training to become a Jedi Knight when she was dispatched to the planet Stend IV to thwart the plans of the Army of Life, which hoped to import a cargo of clodhoppers and restore the planet's natural environment. She led an assault on the Majestic Gundark as soon as it landed, hoping to forestall the delivery of the clodhoppers. (WOA2)

this was a common name among the Filordi race. (UANT)

Dreezien, Yustavan
this man was one of Chandrila' smost successful crimelords, managing a thriving business moving illegal spice shipments onto and off of the planet. For many years, this was accomplished with the help of Cilyn Gara, who allowed Dreezien to transport spice aboard his otherwise legitimate transports. However, when Gara decided to stop shipping the spice, Dreezien hired Kodi Vilthar to assassinate Gara. He then tried to have Vilthar eliminated to cover up any loose ends, then convince Magda Gara to re-establish their trade relationship. However, Magda hired a group of freelance mercenaries to discover her father's killer, and Dreezien was eventually brought to justice. (CCW)

Dreffon IV
a planet. (GMH)

this was one of the repulsorlift-equipped, floating cities found on the planet Rordak. (PG1)

this Caarite served as a Corporal in the security forces of the Metatheran Cartel, during the last years of the Old Republic. Corporal Dregz was the leader of the team which was dispatched to the planet Cularin, during the Cartel's build-up there following the Battle of Naboo. (EOS)

Drei, Tho-Mes
this Jedi Master and instructor was known for his lectures on making and keeping promises. He was an advocate of a Jedi Knight who made sure to honor any promise he made. If he was unable to come through on the promise, Master Drei demanded that his students make amends to those he failed. Master Drei's message was basically that a Jedi Knight should never make a promise they could not keep. In his own words, "Deliver more than you promise. The best way to be always certain of this is to deliver much, even when you promsie nothing." (PJSB)

Dreighton Nebula
a spectacular nebula in an unimportant sector of the galaxy, the Dreighton Nebula was avoided by many space travelers. The nebula had been said to be haunted, and many ships that traveled through it mysteriously disappeared. During the last years of the Old Republic, the Dreighton Nebula served as a source of stygium crystals, used to create cloaking devices. Years later, Ru Murleen discovered an Imperial weapons research station there, and found that the Empire was responsible for the numerous missing starships. (RA2, HNN5)

Dreis, Garven
Dreis was an Alliance starpilot, serving at the Dantooine base before volunteering for service as the leader of Red Squadron during the Battle of Yavin. He was the only pilot, besides Luke Skywalker, to even attempt a shot at the Death Star's thermal exhaust port, although his shot deflected on the surface instead of going down the shaft. He was later killed in the battle. (CCG, SW)

this former scientist was an explorer working under tenure with the Obroan Institute. He and Mokem had stumbled onto the Shadow Traproom on Liok, but both were killed in the strange room before they could perform more in-depth analysis. (TT)

this sea creature is a staple of Calamari cuisine. (GG11)

this was a common name used by the Klatooinan race. (UANT)

Dreleene, Aricos
this man served as the Imperial Moff of Toblain Sector during the height of the New Order. He once tried to purchase a Surronian L19a freighter, but was surprised to find that his craft was actually a regular-version L19. Unable to obtain a true L19a, he decided to create a fake. He invested a huge sum of money to have a series of outlaw techs upgrade the ship, which he had originally named the First Edition. He was able show off his prize to other Imperial dignitaries, and no one could tell that the ship was a fake. In the end, however, Dreleene was ambushed along the Warchigade Trde Route by pirates who believed he was flying an L19a. The pirates maliciously recored Dreleene's whining attempts to claim the ship was a fake, and then placed then on Cynabar's Infonet. The Empire disowned Dreleene, choosing let him wallow in an Alliance prison. (SS)

this race was known for the starships it built, which were often used by pirates. The ships were shaped like a chisel and had a stubby aft section. (TPS)

this small-time criminal had an aversion to slavery. (GUN)

Drell Kahmf
urban legend held that this Iridonia scientist was able to recover the brain and part of the spinal cord of Darth Maul, after the Sith apprentice was killed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in combat during the Battle of Naboo. The brain was returned to Iridonia, where Kahmf kept it in a specialized bacta tank, hoping to provide "Iridonia's greatest champion" with a chance for revenge against the Jedi Knights. Kahmf developed a solid-state hologram that could be manipulated by the brain to produce a vision of the Sith apprentice. This apparition was supposed to have driven several high-ranking Iridonian officials mad over the years. When Luke Skywalker arrived on Iridonia to negotiate a treaty between the Zabrak and the New Republic, he was able to discover Kahmf's laboratory and shut down the support system that kept Maul's brain alive. Kahmf fled the scene when he learned that Luke was a Jedi Master. (T17)

Drellis Syndicate
this moderately large criminal organization was active during the early years of the New Republic. They were believed to be responsible for breaking Brahle Logris out of prison on Tamazall, during Grand Admiral Thrawn's reign of terror. (GG11)

this Imperial Army Colonel was placed in charge of keeping the peace on the planet Bakura, during the Empire's initial takeover of the planet. (SWJ5)

this Imperial biker-scout was a native of the planet Coruscant. He grew up racing swoops through the underworld of Imperial City, and was a natural fit as a scout trooper. His reckless method of handling a speeder bike derived from his background as a swoop jockey, and he was still tempering his skills when he was promoted to the rank of Corporal and assigned to the garrison on the forest moon of Endor, during the construction of the second Death Star. (CCG10)

this planet was one of the galaxy's most wondrous tourist destinations. Its wondrous seas were considered translucent, with light penetrating deep into the water and creating beautiful displays of color. This gave rise to the name of the planet's most popular tourist attraction, the Sea of Translucency. (JQ8, JQ9)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'dren added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

Dren Kuu'la
this female Lethan Twi'lek was known more for her physical prowess than for her dancing, which many considered to be mediocre. Although she found work as a companion during the early years of the New Order, Dren Kuu'la was most often employed as a bodyguard, accompanying her escort while scanning his acquaintences for weapons or ambushes. Whenever she found a possible suspect, Dren didn't hesitate to ensure that any possible threat to her employer was met with stern resistance. (GORW)

this small droid manufacturer produced a number of labor droids, including a line of binary load lifters. (DARK)

Dren-garen, Taym
a native of Tatooine, Taym supplied the Tusken Raiders with weapons, and helped instigate several attacks on human settlements. This helped draw the attention of local authorities away from his employer, Jabba the Hutt. (CCG7)

this man, who claimed to be a native of the Pembric System, served the Empire as a spy and saboteur. During the early years of the New Republic, Drenn assumed the identity of the Wraith, and served Moff Kentor Sarne as an assassin. Drenn also worked under the alias of Klendost Petrivoor while on the planet Sebiris, researching new toxins but unaware that he was being trailed by Breslin Drake. He was inserted into the Bombaasa Cartel and took on a job at the ThrusterBurn tapcafe, unaware that Drake - the manager of the ThrusterBurn - was actively searching for him. Drenn joined the crew of the FarStar in an effort to relocate Sarne, but his identity was revealed when the FarStar landed on Sebiris in search of clues to Drenn's identity. Drake was later captured and imprisoned. (DARK)

this young Senali girl was the daughter of Garth and Ganeed. She became good friends with he adopted brother, Prince Leed of Rutan, and she supported his plans to remain on Senali. When King Frane tried to have Leed returned to Rutan, Drenna tried to hide Leed from the Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had traveled to Senali with Taroon to speak with Leed. Eventually, Leed agreed to meet with them, and Drenna found herself liking Taroon. Any friendship they might have had was nearly destroyed when it was learned that Taroon had tried to have Leed kidnapped in order to secure his own position on the throne, even after Leed had offered him the chance. In the end, however, the cooler heads of the Jedi allowed King Frane to see Taroon's potential as a leader, and Leed was allowed to return to Senali. Drenna then offered to remain on Rutan, so that Yaana could return to Senali and be with her family. King Frane agreed. Drenna's strength and courage were not lost on King Frane, who hinted to Taroon that she would make an excellent Queen. When King Frane decided to allow Taroon to succeed him as King, the relationship between Taroon and Drenna was allowed to evolve. (SP)

this starport city was also the capital of the planet Glova, but only had a native population of about 20,000 during the early years of the New Republic. (POC)

Drepplin Street
this was the primary thoroughfare of the city of Drepplin, on the planet Glova. (POC)

this bounty hunter didn't like the Stokhli spray stick as a weapon, simply because it was very expensive to acquire for most hunters. (GUN)

this small outpost was considered to be the capital of the planet Korriban, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. It was located atop a large plateau, a considerable distance fro, the Valley of the Dark Lords. A small spaceport serviced the minimal traffic to the planet, most of which was transportation for Czerka Corporation. During the era of the Great Sith War, Dreshdae was also the site of a Sith monastery, where beings who had become devoted to the Dark Side of the Force gathered in the hope of joining the Sith. Over the following millennia, the monastery was virtually forgotten, and Dreshdae continued to provide a meager existence for its inhabitants. (KOTOR, JQ10)

Dreshig, Ballin
this weathered man was known as one of the most notorious computer slicers and fixers of the New Republic. His "calling card" was an electronic tag with some form of wry humor imbedded into it. (GG11)

Dresk Kist
this Slith shaman was the first of her kind to make contact with the Alliance, when a team of Alliance agents assisted Pippa Rosheen in fighting the disease which was inadvertently brought to Yavin 13 by the Fernandin Scouting Expedition team looking for a new location for Wetyin's Colony. (GG2)

Dreskin Foundation
this zoological society was based on Coruscant during the height of the New Order. They once tried to acquire a Burskan gundark for their collection of exotic animals, but their plans were thwarted by the efforts of the Natural Planetary Protectorate. (WOTC)

Dress for Success
this clothing store was located on Bespin's Cloud City, during the height of the New Order. (GMR3)

this small, white-dwarf star is located in Trax Sector. The planets which orbit the star were deemed uninhabitable by Imperial scouts, so the Alliance established a base on the moon Qetix IV. The base served as a starfighter repair base, supporting the capital shipyards of the nearby Ventil System. (GMK)

this world is the primary planet in the Dressel System, and is the homeworld of the Dresselian race. It is a world perfectly suited for human life, being a temperate world of vast plains. It was discovered by the Bothan Askar clan, who recognized the emerging Dresselian race and left them alone. The Askars settled in the Dresselian Asteroid Belt instead. (GG12)

this was the native language of the Dresselian people. For many millennia, it evolved in isolation on Dressel, until a Bothan exploration ship found the planet. Since that time, many Bothan terms have found their way into the Dresselese lexicon, and the symbol-based written form of Dresselese was dropped altogether, in favor of the Bothan alphabet. (UANT)

an alien race native to the planet Dressel, the Dresselians are tall, thin humanoids with heavily-wrinkled skin. They are often referred to as Prune Faces, a description of their long, wrinkled skulls. They are a tenacious race, discovered some 200 years before the Galactic Civil War by the Bothans. The Bothans recognized the potential of the Dresselians, and left them to evolve on their own. However, the Empire took control of the Bothan mining interests in the system and subjugated the Dresselian race. Throughout their enslavement, the Dresselians remained dedicated to their own independence, and followed the Bothans in support of the Alliance. They have developed steam-level technology, but have willingly accepted the blasters and repulsorlift technology offered by the Bothans. (GG12, CHRN)

Dresselian Asteroid Belt
this swath of rocky debris lies just inside the orbit of the planet Dressel, and was discovered by the Bothan clan, Askar. They settled in the asteroid belt itself, allowing the Dresselians to continue their evolution unobstructed. However, the Empire wanted the mineral wealth of the asteroids, and dishomed the Bothans. The Imperials also set up mining headquarters on Dressel, subjugating the Dresselian people in the process. (GG12)

Dresselian Beer
a foul-smelling, cheap beer. (IG1)

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