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this was a species of foul beast. (T7)

primary planet in the Drackmar system. (CPL)

native to the planet Drackmar, these reptilian beings have scales colored in a number of hues, and large sharp teeth contained in s vicious-looking snout. They must breath methane in a special helmet when away from their homeworld. They are humanoid in appearance. (CPL)

a female Selonian captured by Thrackan Sal-Solo on Corellia as she attempted to disrupt a Human League gathering. He eventually acceeded to her request for parole, although he kept her under watch. When Thrackan captured Han Solo, he pitted Han against Dracmus in a hidden location, simply to enjoy the fighting. Dracmus and Han were then forced into the same cell. (AS)

this small corporation produced a variety of fixed-emplacement weapons during the last years of the Old Republic. (GMR2)

this reptilian humanoid was part of the first group of students Luke Skywalker ever trained, during the period immediately following the Battle of Endor. Dracos admitted that he was frustrated at the lack of training in the use of the Force, and he openly questioned Luke's failure to focus on that aspect of training. Luke explained that the ability to touch the Force was vastly different than being able to actually use it, and that he lacked the ability to gauge an individual's connection to the Force. Luke was also worried that he might, inadvertently, create another Darth Vader. (MC92)

this race of tall, spindly humanoids was exterminated by the Empire for harboring Jedi Knights during the early years of Emperor Palpatine's rule. (DOE)

an alien race native to the planet Sesid, the Draedans are amphibious humanoids with scaled skin, webbed fingers, and a finned tail. Their toes are not webbed, Draedans can live out of the water, but must keep their skin moist of suffer greatly from dehydration. They have gills in their necks for breathing in the water, but also possess lungs for use out of the water. They live in the oceanic forests of lataren trees, and are expressive, emotional creatures capable of wild celebrations and cunning attacks. Their heritage is littered with territorial conflicts, which continued even after their discovery by the Old Republic. This continued during the reign of Emperor Palpatine, with some Draedan nations supporting the Imperial presence and others offering assistance to the Alliance. (GG12)

this was one of the many names given to male Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "wise." (GCG, WOTC)

Draenell Industries
this was one of the largest manufacturers on the planet Draenell's Point. It was based in the city of Juntrack. (GMK)

Draenell Planetary Council
named for Arnoll Draenell, this was the system-wide goverment which led the Bissillirus System until the Empire took control of Trax Sector. Four years before the Battle of Yavin, the Council ceded control of the system to the Empire. (GMK)

Draenell, Arnoll
this man was in command of the Old Republic scouting expedition which was stranded in the Bissillirus System after their ship's hyperdrive cut out. In order to make repairs, Draenell scouted and mapped the five planets of the system choosing to land on the wourld which became known as Draenell's Point. Draenell also named the other planets in the system. Draenell and his crew managed to repair their ship and continue their expedition, but were destroyed shortly afterward in an encounter with the Inchichtok race. (GMK)

Draenell's Point
this cool, agricultural world was located in the Bissillirus System, and was a convenient stopover point for traders and travelers in Trax Sector. The planet was named for Arnoll Draenell, the leader of the Old Republic scouting expedition which stumbled upon the system. During the Galactic Civil War, Draenell's Point supplied a good deal of agricultural foodstuffs to the Alliance. (GMK)

Draenell's Spies
this was the name used by the Alliance ground forces which were on-call to support the strike teams disrupting Imperial group forces during the attempt to destroy Bissillirus Resupply Base. (GMK)

this city, located on the planet Albrae-Don, was located on the coastline. (SWJ10)

a planet. (HNN5)

native to the planet of the same name, the Draethos were a race of large humanoids whose bodies were covered with rough scales. Their featureless black eyes and lipless mouths belied their intelligence, although most Draethos were socially inept. They were a long-lived race, with an average lifespan of about 800 years. During this time, the average Draethos continues to learn as much as it can. This desire is especially evident in younger Draethos individuals, who avoid talking about a subject for fear of missing a detail or failing to articulate what they know to be true. While most Draethos can speak their native language as well as Basic, they can also communicate telepathically. Note that the Ultimate Alien Anthology indicates that the Draethos were native to the planet Thosa. (PJSB, UANT)

this was the native language of the Draethos race. (PJSB)

this name, which meant "smooth" or "graceful", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

this alien race preferred to live in the mud of their home planet. Individuals who traveled offworld had to immerse themselves in mud at regular intervals in order to survive. (HSL)

this being was one of the primary businessbeings working for Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated, during the early years of the New Order. Vinda and his associate, D'rag, put out a collection request for the 2,500 credits owed to them by Han Solo for unexplained debts. They eventually issued eight requests for payment, and Han ignored them all until Spray showed up to repossess his ship. The debt was later repaid by Spray, who was actually Odumin, and who had used Solo to reach the Glayyd clan on Ammuud. (HSR)

Dragen, Falto
this man served the Empire as an Army Lieutenant, and was the first officer to the Imperial Prefect in command of the spaceport in Mal Ethon City, on Kwevron, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was regarded as a bully and disciplinarian, and believed that a frightened subject was a loyal subject. Dragen was originally from the planet Alderaan, where he chafed at his government's pacifist stance. He held to the belief that the New Order was the only true government, and wished to see Alderaan join it willingly, even after he turned his back on the planet and traveled to Kwevron. (RESB)

manufacturers of high-power blaster rifles. (TT)

this valuable crystal was mined in the D'olop mountains on the planet M'haeli. Dragite crystals had properties that were similar to Adegan crystals, and ancient records showed that dragite was used by the Jedi Knights as a focusing crystal in the construction of a lightsaber. (ROC, KOTOR2)

this domed city was the planetary capital of Deysum III. (GMK)

the Alliance shuttle which went to Stars' End to rescue a group of prisoners of war. It captured the Imperial freighter Genue as it was delivering the prisoners to the detention center there. (XW)

this Sedrian warrior served as one of Karak's personal bodyguards. (BGS)

an Alliance CR90 Corvette destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Dragon Battle Armor
this was the brand name of the NLZ5-11 personal combat protection was once manufactured by SoroSuub. (SWJ3, GUN)

Dragon Cave
located in Far Distance, on the planet Zonama Sekot, this large cavern was located near the base of an active volcano. The name derived from the intense steam which burst forth from the cave as the lava vaporized water. (RP)

Dragon Kite
a form of kite created on Coruscant, the dragon kite was used in a combat competition between two kite fliers. (XWRS)

Dragon Lords
this group of natives on the planet Drexel One had been exiled from their positions of technicians to the Master Machinesmiths because they were disgruntled by the oppressive Masters. Stranded at sea, they learned the ability to command and control the native sea-dragons, using unltrasonic devices to control them and use tthem as mounts. This ability to control and command was primarily used by the Dragon Lords as a ruse, for they actually had discovered that the sea-dragons were intelligent creatures who welcomed the exiles. With the help of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, they eventually overthrew Governor Quarg and reclaimed their world. (MC12)

Dragon Pearl
this was the name of Jiliac the Hutt's personal starship. A heavily-armed space yacht, the Dragon Pearl was also modified to hold six Z-95 Headhunters in its holds. The ship was commandeered by Han Solo and Mako Spince, to assist in the defense of Nar Shaddaa. The ship sustained major damage during the initial skirmishes, but helped bring down the Vigilance. With dwindling resources, Jabba had the ship repaired to operational status, in an effort to draw Jiliac out of her maternal slump. (THG, RD)

Dragon Pearl
this was another name for a beautiful gizzard stone recovered from the last chamber of a krayt dragon. The ancient Jedi Knights believed that a dragon pearl could be used as a crystal in the construction of a lightsaber, and that it imparted the wielder with a greater ability to fight back against an opponent. (TJP, KOTOR)

Dragon Snake
this species of fire-breathing, subterranean reptile lives in the caves of Corulag. (SST)

a vicious, deadly creature native to Onderon. (FNU)

Dragonbird Gardens
these beautiful gardens are located on the Imperial world of Aargau. Baron Tagge used the gardens as the backdrop for his discussions with other members of the Galactic Corporate Policy League. It was here that they began seeing that Palpatine could help them regain ultimate control of the Corporate Sector and free them from the restrictions imposed by the Old Republic. (CSA)

this was another name for the dune lizard of Tatooine. (SWGAL)

Dragonflower Nebula
a spectacular gaseous formation located in the Doldur Sector. It is a pink aurora containing five dark, pulsing vertices. The hidden mining outpost of Silver Station is found on its outskirts. (SWJ6)

this speederbike was developed by the Wookiees, on their homeworld of Kashyyyk, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Like the starships of the Mon Calamari, each Dragonfly was unique when completed, the result of hand-crafting by individual Wookiees. For propulsion, a top-mounted propeller gave the Dragonfly lift and speed. (SWI79)

this was another name for the varactyls of Utapau, although it was generally used to describe those varactyls that had been trained for use as mounts. (E3N)

this was the name given to the varactyl-riding ground defense force of the Utapauns, during the height of the Clone Wars. (E3N)

Dragon's Breath
see Trihexalon (JSF)

Dragon's Pelt Savanna
this was the name, given by the Ewoks, of the vasts grasslands that covered portions of the Forest Moon of Endor. This area of the moon was home to the Yuzzum race and, later, the Sanyassan Marauders who were stranded on the Forest Moon. (ISU, WSW, GORW)

Dragon's Spine
a range of mountains found on the Forest Moon of Endor, the Dragon's Spine was the location where Terak and his band of Marauders made their home. (ISU, GORW)

Dragon's Teeth
this natural landmark was found on the planet Hapes. The Dragon's Teeth wwas a range of jagged rocks that jutted from the blue-green ocean waters near Reef Fortress. (L)

an unusual creature found only on Hoth, the dragon-slug was a fire-breathing worm which consumed lumni-spice as food. It created huge tunnels in the rock and ice as it searched for the spice. It was for this reason that lumni-spice was rare and difficult to harvest. The average dragon-slug could attain a length exceeding fifty meters, and lived a solitary existence beneath Hoth's ice. The body of a dragon-slug was covered with an armor-like hide, and it moved about on vestigial legs that could be found every three meters or so along their bellies. (CSW, WOA34)

a carnivorous predator native to the swamps of Dagobah, the dragonsnake was a long, armored creature with sharp fangs and razor fins. These creatures moved about by using their wide tails, but also had a pair of long arms for grasping and digging. The dragonsnake usually waits in the swamps, floating like a log until some other creature wanders too close to the water's edge. It then lashes out with its fangs and fins, capturing its prey and dragging it into the water. Once it controls its prey, the dragonsnake holds it under the water, coiled in its long body, until the prey drowns. The dragonsnake has been known to attack and kill the massive swamp slugs that share the swamps with it. Note that the Star Wars Customizable Card Game: Dagobah claims that the dragonsnake is often mistaken for the swamp slug. (ISU, CCG4, WSW)

Dragonsnake Bog
this was the simple name used to describe the body of water in which one of Dagobah's largest dragonsnakes lived. Luke Skywalker's X-Wing crashed into this bog, when he arrived at Dagobah following the Battle of Hoth. (IWST)

Dragos VI
this planet was scouted by Dantaree for the Alliance. (IAG)

this was New Republic fighter pilot slang for an Interdictor-class cruiser. (XWMR)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

this plant, once native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld, was grown for its fragrant leaves. When dried and crushed, dragwood leaves were steeped in boiling water to create a subtle tea. (T)

native to an unspecified world near Bandomeer, these huge avian reptiles are covered in silvery scales. They have piercing yellow eyes and teeth like crystal daggers. They have no arms, just their immense wings and strong legs. Each wing is tipped with a single claw, and they subsist primarily on fish and small mammals. Resembling a flying Ithorian razor shark, draigons will fight to the death to protect their homes, hunting grounds, and young. (RF)

this species of large, snake-like reptilian was found on many planets. It inhabited swamps and other noxious envirnoments, preying on the smaller creatures it captured. These creatures had large eyes and green scales, and could breath a jet of fire if cornered or angered. Many disreputable crimelords kept draigon-slugs in their dungeons as guards. (E1A3)

a reckless relay race run as part of the Colonial Games. (DCAR)

this Mining Guild ore hauler was owned by the Mining Guild, which sprang up during the early years of the New Republic. Commanded by Captain Forma, the Draisini was attacked and captured by pirates working for Grappa the Hutt. (CE2)

this was the name of one of the most well-knowm Em'liy gods. Dra'jhok was known as the Sender of Battle, and was the brother of Dra'vil. (GMR1)

Drake Squadron
this Imperial fighter group was supposedly attached to the Night Terror, and was under the command of Captain Maristo. (SOC)

Drake Theater
located on Estalle Island, on the planet Procopia, this small theater produced more contemporary plays and operas that the Leoculd Opera House. (LOE)

Drake, Breslin
this Major served the New Republic Intelligence agency shortly after the Battle of Endor. He was part of the team which debriefed Baden Lathe's reporting on Leia Organa's negotiations with the Hapans and her kidnapping by Han Solo, and was part of the team investigating the Imperial Black Fleet after the Yevethan Purge. Drake later served as the manager of the ThrusterBurn tapcafe on Pembric II, working directly for Crev Bombaasa after he left active duty to the New Republic in search of the Imperial spy he knew only as The Wraith. Unknown to Drake, the man Bombaasa hired to assist at the ThrusterBurn - a Pembric native known as Drenn - was actually the Wraith. Four years after the Battle of Endor, Drake agreed to help the crew of the FarStar rescue Gaelin in return for transport off Pemrbic II. Drake later served as a counterintelligence agent aboard the corvette FarStar, during the search for Moff Sarne in Kathol Sector. (CTD, DARK, KR)

Drake, Ivor
this woman represented her homeworld of Kestos Minor to the Galactic Senate, during the final years of the Old Republic. She was also one of the many Senators who signed the Petition of the Two Thousand. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the New Order, Senator Drake was among the sixty-three Senators who were arrested for allegedly supporting the so-called Jedi Rebellion. (SWI84, SWI85)

Drakka Boar
native to the planet Randon, these immense beasts were used by Randoni traders to guard their treasure troves. Standing on six clawed legs, the drakka were distinguished by the spikes that protected their heads and tails. A ridge of spikes ran from the back of its head to its snout, and were used primarily for attack. Another collection of spines bristled over the tip of the drakka's tail, allowing it to club an attacker during a battle. Much of their bodies were covered with rust-brown scales, and saliva dripped continually from their toothy maws, flowing between two rows of sharp teeth. Those drakka boars which were used to guard treasures were mind-linked to their Randoni masters, allowing them to be controlled when access to the treasure was required. (VF)

this Imperial Star Galleon was part of the Death's Head's battle group, under the command of Captain Harbid during the early years of the New Republic. Grand Admiral Thrawn reassigned the ship to transport troops and Master C'baoth to Wayland, shortly before Thrawn's plans to attack the New Republic at Coruscant. Thrawn added General Covell and a crew to the ship's compliment, stating that he needed to send supplies and reinforcements to Wayland anyway. (TLC)

Draknahr Syndrome
this was an obscure disease that struck without warning, often confusing doctors who were treating another illness. Note that the n is emphasized by a tilde (~) when spelled out. (MBS)

this Codru-Ji was a noted swoop racer and the leader of the Hawkbat Gang, working below the surface of the planet Coruscant during the years following the Battle of Naboo. It was said that Drako never lost a race, although he was never without an ion blaster when he did race. Drako was killed in a race he set up, challenging young Anakin Skywalker. In order to ensure victory, Drako tried to shot Skywalker. However, he failed to see a repusorlift transport block his path. Drako's swoop smashed into the transport, killing him instantly. (AA)

this was a draught fermented beverage produced on the planet Kodai. (JAF)

one of the 5 inhabited planets in the Corellian System, it is also one of the Five Brothers. Many scientists had speculated that the Corellian System was somehow created by forces other than nature, since it had 5 inhabitable planets in close proximity, orbiting the same star. This was proven during the reign of Thrackan Sal-Solo and the Starbuster Plot, when Ebrihim and his aunt Marcha unearthed the repulsor on Drall, with Anakin Solo's help. (AC)

the humanoid race native to the planet Drall, these aliens resemble tall, thin Ewoks. The average Drall is the size of a young child, and is covered with short, dense fur ranging from gray to black, with brown and red variations as well. Their ears lay flat against their heads. They are a very dignified and sensible race, with individuals reaching maturity at just 15 years of age and gaining confidence quickly. (HSL, AC, AE)

Drall Hollow
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. (SWGAL)

a member of the Alliance, Dralla was a veteran of the Battle of Derra IV. There, Dralla witnessed how the Empire destroyed the Alliance's GHT-series medevac droids, preventing the Alliance from maintaining their field medical units. (FTD)

Drallan Enclave
the name given to the diplomatic embassy building used by the Drall in Coronet, on the planet Corellia. (AC)

Drallig, Cin
this Jedi Master, known for his skills as a swordsman, was one of many who participated in the Clone Wars. Master Drallig learned how to fight with the lightsaber from Jedi Master Yoda, and taught lightsaber combat techniques to some of the greatest Jedi of the era, including Obi-Wan Kenobi. For an unknown reason, many of Master Drallig's students referred to him as the Troll. Unfortunately, Master Drallig was also among the many Jedi killed by Anakin Skywalker shortly after the First Battle of Coruscant. Anakin had just been named Darth Vader, and slaughtered every Jedi he encountered in the Jedi Temple, including Master Drallig, who was protecting his students from harm. (OWS, E3, VD3, E3N)

this was the native language of the Drall race. (EGP)

the name given to those extremely nationalist Dralls who want to rid the planet of humans and Selonians. They rose to being about the same time as the Human League. (AS)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "faithful". (GCG)

Drall's Hat
this was the name of a constellation which was visible in the night sky of the planet Corellia. The constellation cut through the constellation of the Ronto, ending with a red star known as the Eye of the Pirate. (REC)

Dramassian Silk
this was one of the most sheer fabrics produced during the Old Republic. (APS)

this Nebulon-B frigate was part of the Imperial fleet which protected the Bissillirus Resupply Base during its construction, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GMK)

this fabric was often used to make tablecloths. (LCM)

Dranae Shai
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior, a relative of Shedao Shai, confronted Corran Horn after the Jedi had rescued a group of slaves with the help of Ganner Rhysode. Rhysode himself was supposed to have fled, but returned to rescue Corran. Corran had nearly defeated Dranae, although the Vong warrior had mortally wounded the Jedi with a bite from his amphistaff. Corran used the Force to attract a group of slashrats to Dranae's struggling body, and the vicious creatures swiftly consumed him. Corran eventually survived, thanks to Ganner's rescue, and became a prime target for Shedao Shai's vengeance. (DTO)

one of Kaarde's pet vornskrs. (HTTE)

this was a name that was common among the Sanyassan race. (UANT)

this New Republic Senator was elected to governmental service after the dissolution of the Provisional Council. (SOL)

this cellulose-based foodstuff is digestable to certain species that can assimillate it. (RM)

the Alliance lost track of Zayl Braith after she left this planet. (AIR)

this woman, a native of the planet Alderaan, was working as a doctor on the Cloud City outpost when the first Death Star destroyed her homeworld. Although not an official part of the Alliance, she held no love whatsoever for the Empire, and worked with the rebel underground on Cloud City after the outpost was garrisoned by Darth Vader. (GMR3)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the many names given to male Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "creative." (GCG, WOTC)

Drashtine Initiative
this was one of the many small settlements that were petitioned and argued by the New Republic Senate shortly after the revelation of the Caamas Document. The proponents of the Initiative argued for allowing the Bothans to avoid immediate financial restitution for the destruction of Caamas. The Sif'krie government cast the decicing vote on the Initiative, blocking the Frezhlix Senator from adding his voice to the opposition. This led to a series of Frezhlix attacks on Sif'krie pommwomm shipments. (SOP)

this was the core name used by Chiss General Prard'ras'kleoni. Drask was a hard individual who disliked anything that upset the natural order of Chiss life. Thus, when he was requested to accompany Aristocra Formbi on a mission to meet with Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker regarding the remains of the Outbound Flight Project, Drask struggled to keep his consternation in check. When Aristocra Formbi agreed to provide the Geroon Remnant with star charts and astronomical data, Drask's mood darkened still further. Mara later discovered that Drask's foul mood also stemmed from the presence of Chak Fel and his stormtroopers aboard the Chaf Envoy. Drask continued to be a thorn in the humans' sides, reinforcing his Chiss superiority at every opportunity. After the discovery of the Outbound Flight on a planetoid in the Redoubt, Drask found himself working with Chak Fel and the Aurek-Seven unit of the Imperial 501st Legion, searching the D-Five and D-Six Dreadnaughts in an effort to return to the Chaf Envoy. It was during this time that the Jedi discovered that Bearsh was not actually a Geroon, but was a Vagaari. As the Vagaari launched their attack on the Outbound Flight, Drask found himself fighting for his life alongside the Imperials. He was stunned when, after a vicious attack by the Vagaari and their wolvkils, Chak Fel relinquished command of Aurek-Seven to Drask himself. Fel realized that his naval expertise wouldn't help much in the battle against the Vagaari. Drask agreed to take command, but demanded that Fel use his naval experience to help them navigate the Dreadnaughts and return to their ships. Later, after the plans of Estosh and Vagaari were revealed, Drask discovered that he was unaware of the Chiss' part in the mission, although he deduced parts of it as time went on. Drask did reveal that he had been behind the falling cable that nearly struck Luke, which he had arranged as a way to see first-hand the skills of a Jedi Knight. (SQ)

this Hutt crimelord once paid Sienn Sconn 100,000 credits to steal Rythani Products' latest prototype weapon from Moff Caerbellak. Draskha's personal empire began to grow after the fall of Emperor Palpatine and the birth of the New Republic. (SWJ9)

this Yuuzhan Vong Prefect was in command of the worldship Harla during the early stages of the aliens' invasion of the galaxy. His broad-faced visage was heavily scarred, but Drathul considered himself a handsome Yuuzhan Vong individual. Despite Nom Anor's failure at Helska and the loss of the priestess Elan, Drathul grudgingly decided to keep Anor at the forefront of the invasion. Drathul was eventually promoted to High Prefect, overcoming his support for the outcast Nom Anor and becoming one of Supreme Overlord Shimrra's closest advisors. He soon found himself under closer scrutiny, however, as the Jedi Heresy spread across Coruscant and many of his subordinates were found to be involved with the movement. Much of the evidence of their own involvement was actually planted by Nom Anor himself, who had adopted the name Yu'shaa, as the Prophet of The Message. Drathul remained loyal to Shimrra, however, and bore the Supreme Overlord's criticism and scrutiny with solemn dignity. However, as the Galactic Alliance continued to win battles and as evidence mounted as to Shimrra's past treachery, Drathul began to doubt his Supreme Overlord. He even voiced his desire to join the Quorealists to Nom Anor, who was beholden to Drathul as the prefect of Yuuzhan'tar. When the combined forces of the Galactic Alliance made a final push to recapture the planet Coruscant, Drathul remained at Shimrra's side, until the ground forces of the Alliance reached the Citadel and began moving on the Well of the World Brain. Along with High Priest Jakan and Qelah Kwaad, Drathul descended from the Citadel and traveled to the Well to anoint the Jedi who were captured there. Among those captured were Harrar, Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, and Drathul demanded that they be captured and held as sacrifices. His plans were cut short when Nom Anor, leading Mara Jade Skywalker and a band of Shamed Ones, flooded the chamber and confronted the warriors arrayed before them. Drathul demanded that the captives be executed, but his commander instead turned his forces against Drathul's guards. In a flash, Nom Anor was free, clutching at Drathul's neck and strangling him to death. (HT, FH2, FH3, UF)

a Gamorrean acquaintance of Gerrick. (RPG)

Draukyze System
this star system was the site of one of Grand Admiral Thrawn's first hit-and-run attacks, during the early stages of his campaign against the New Republic some five years after the Battle of Endor. (HTTE)

Dravian Hound
another name for the nashtah. (CSA)

Dravian Starport
this orbital space station is located between the planets Syned and Cotellier, and serves as a way station for ships passing between them. Its remote location - it was situated in open space, away from any inhabited system - meant that a traveler had to want to travel there. Its location attracted all kinds of rogues and smugglers. The various levels of the station were packed with casinos, hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of goods dealers. (GMH)

this was the name of one of the most well-knowm Em'liy gods. Dra'vil was known as the Spirit of Battle, and was the brother of Dra'jhok. (GMR1)

this planet, located in the Allied Tion, is dotted with ruined fortresses from the sector's early history. (ML)

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