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Dursa Conegan
this Alliance Special Operations officer served under Crix Madine during the Galactic Civil War. Conegan was ordered to investigate the work being done on the Death-Hunter project, in the Jaemus System, after special agent Tigress stopped sending back reports. (SWJ9)

Durshana, Imono
this man was one of the staff members at the Rhinnal State Medical Academy during the last years of the Old Republic. A Force-sensitive individual, he originally agreed to serve at the Jedi chapterhouse, on the banks of the Frieste River, hoping to become part of "something bigger" than himself. Over time, Durshana became delusional, an individual who saw a conspiracy in everything that went on around him. He feared that every patient brought to the Academy had been "cursed". His lunacy crept into every part of his life, especially after he took to wearing Jedi robes and a replica lightsaber while on duty. (CCW)

this man was a native of the planet Bonadan, although he opposed the Corporate Sector Authority's use of force in resolving disputes. (GUN)

this Pacithhip was an up-and-coming podracer, joining the professional circuit shortly after the Battle of Naboo. (ETM)

Dusat, Jord
a human colonist living on Ingo, Jord was a rebel and a troublemaker. During his teenage years, early in the New Order, he was also a fairly accomplished landspeeder racer. He worked for Thall Joben, who was his best friend, as his personal mechanic. Jord longed to race the speeder he and Thall had built, the White Witch, in the Boonta Speeder Race, but an injury kept him out of the cockpit. Thall took his place and won the race, despite the illegal actions of Boba Fett. Jord and Thall, along with Kea Moll, later accepted positions within Zebulon Dak's corporation, but were told that they could not bring the droids. The trio had decided to turn down Dak's offer, having come to appreciate the droids, but R2-D2 and C-3PO would not allow them to miss the opportunity. The droids jettisoned themselves in an escape pod, leaving the humans free to take the job. (DCAR)

this was a slow-tempoed musical style practiced in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories during the height of the New Order. It was considered dark and moody by most other musicians. (GMR6)

Duskhan League
the Yevethan government ruling in the Koornacht Cluster. It was formed following the takeover of the Black-15 shipyards, and was led by Nil Spaar. Thirteen worlds in the Cluster were considered full members of the League, and included N'zoth, Wakiza, Zhina, Tizon, Doornik-207, Z'fell, Faz, and Kutag. (BTS, SOL)

Duskin re Lemte
this being was a modern musician who was classically trained during the last decades of the Old Republic. His music was best described as a fusion of leap-jump and heavy isotope, but many of his pieces included the basic elements of classical music. (MBS)

Dusky Sky Café
this popular restaurant, located in the city of Cambrielle on Ralltiir, was owned and operated by the Ithorian Kikow during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (PH)

this was a noted Ubese scout. (UANT)

this was a common name among members of the Trandoshan race. (WOTC, UANT)

this was a term used by the entertainers of the Old Republic to indicate that they were leaving one location, to travel to another. (MJH)

Dust Bowl Saloon
this saloon was located in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (BH)

Dust Fever
this illness was common among young children on Tatooine. Luke Skywalker had it when he was about nine years old. While in the grip of dust fever, the afflicted individual often had vivid dreams of strange and unusual themes. (JLS, T15)

Dust Pits
this was the name given to a particularly arid portion of the planet Yurb. It was known as the home of the razor-tailed tiger. (MBS)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The origins of the name Dustangle were lost in Duros history. (GCG)

a Duro archeaologist, and Dustini's cousin. (MMY)

this crop, grown on the planet Skann, is one of the key ingredients in the creation of Skannbult Likker. (GG9)

this was a grilled food which was favored on Tatooine during the early decades of the New Republic. Dustcrepes were often served with nausage as a breakfast meal. (SBS)

this was the Basic translation of a derogatory term used by the Ewoks to describe any being who was considered of lesser stature than the speaker. (DN2)

this was an ancient Zabrak courting ritual. (GCG)

this is Corellian slang for anyone addicted to spice. (TFE)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Dustini was so old that its origins had been lost over time. (GCG)

Dustini Spa Ronii
a Duro, he was helping the archeaologists preserve the Duro history in the Valley of Royalty when Kadann started stealing their artifacts. Dustini was elected to leave Duro and seek help from the Alliance, which he did. (MMY, GMR2)

this was the pseudonym given by Ylenic It'kla to the flame-haired, female Jensaarai he battled with Nejaa Halcyon and the Jedi known as Desertwind. Dustrose was a compatriot of Nikkos Tryis, and was the first to die in the confrontation. (IJ)

this man was one of the many underlings who worked for the crimelord Vex, on the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Dusty was often part of the convoy that was dispatched to make regular deliveries for Vex, piloting a swoop to patrol the area during the exchange. During a fateful exchange that turned out to be a trap, Dusty was shot in the face by one of Riboga's thugs and was killed instantly. (LFCW)

Dusty Rengo
this male Clantaani was a known associate of Longo Two-Guns during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture in connection with the skimming of profits from a "legitimate" protection agency in Mos Espa, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who was on Tatooine trying to arrange a meeting with Jabba. (BH)

Dutan Kelliv
this Arcona was a cousin of Dutan Lee, and was a supervisor at Gallisport's SoroSuub munitions factory, and often provided classified information on shipping schedules and and security procedures to Dutan Lee. (SWJ9)

Dutan Lee
this Arconan arms dealer was a fixture in the Minos Cluster for almost twenty years. His entire nest was primarily involved with manufacturing and exporting mining equipment and supplies. Those family members who didn't work within this operation held positions of authority within the Cluster. He used the family mining business as a front, and supplied weapons to criminals and Alliance agents with equal passion. His primary base of operations was never in the same place twice, providing him added protection from Cluster criminals and Imperial forces. Steady customers discovered his new locations through a complex network of informants. His arms dealings were often undermined by his youngest sister, Dutana Leara. (SWJ9)

Dutan Mining Supply Exports
this mining equipment and supply dealership is the legitimate front for Dutan Lee's weapons smuggling operation. It was located in the city of Gallisport. (SWJ9)

Dutana Leara
this Arcona was the youngest sister of Dutan Lee. She was addicted to salt, and tended to talk too freely while under the influence. All of the Dutan nest was involved with Dutan Lee's arms dealership, and Dutan Leara often provided information on his dealings to Minos Cluster authorities. Her babblings led to a number of failed arms deals. (SWJ9)

this was Jon Vander's nickname as an Alliance starfighter pilot. (SW, CCG)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "strong swimmer". (GCG)

Dutra Zeneta
this aging Jin served as the commander of several Alliance special agent teams, notably Scandium and Shroud Teams. He was one of the few survivors of the Wellte-ir Massacre, as well as the Vidicx and Loac Campaigns. After the deaths of his team in the Wellte-ir Massacre, Alliance Command was worried that he was suicidal. However, he requested and received permission to use Shroud Team as a foster agent group, and worked hard to make sure isolated agents made it home. His primary skills were in the areas of tactics and infiltration, and those agents that served under him did so with intense loyalty. (SWJ10)

this Alliance GR-75 transport ship was captained by Areta Bell during the year leading up to the Battle of Hoth. Captain Bell commanded the ship during the evacuation of Hoth, and was escorted through the Imperial blockade by Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker. (IR, IWST)

this ancient Selkath served as a judge in Ahto City, on his homeworld of Manaan, during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War. Duula was one of the judges who presided over the trial of Sunry, and was convinced that Sunry could not have killed Elassa. (KOTOR)

Duu-lang, Aalia
this aqua-eyed criminal madame operated from a base in Stassia City. She was orphaned on Stassia at the age of fifteen, and found work as a conman and scam artist within the criminal organization of Hek Dallan. Aalia found that she had a shrewdness in the various dealings of Dallan, and began to build her own small fortune. Aalia also began currying the favor of local businessbeings and law enforcement agents, building up relationships which she later used against Dallan. In a swift coup d'etat, Aalia eliminated Dallan and took control of his entire organization. Known for her ability to manipulate any situation or being, Aalia came under Imperial scrutiny when Tren Pergallis took control of Stassia. During the Sweepstakes tournament, Zeck Tambell was able to link her to Reye Sedeya, and when the young man refused to go along with her plans, Aalia was arrested and imprisoned. (SWJ6)

this Society of the Black Bha'lir purchased huge tracts of land on this jungle planet, using them as refuges for the remaining black bha'lir they rescued from Iyred. (BSS)

this is a sentient race of humanoids. (TT)

this dog-sized reptile was native to the planet Yashuvhu. Despite being reptilian, the duuvhal was warm-blooded and was covered with emerald-green feathers. The bite of a duuvhal injected its prey with a toxic venom which was deadly to humans. However, the duuvhal rarely attacked anything larger than itself, even in self-defense. The human population of Yashuvhu often trained duuvhals to serve as pets and watchbeasts, and even taught their duuvhals to bite on command. (WOTC)

Duwan, Leig
this grizzled old man was an instructor at the Coruscant Medical Hospital during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A native of the planet Alderaan, Leig was known for the way he always seemed to smile when he talked to his students. There was one point in his life when Leig considered suicide. His father had died, his mother was in the hospital, and his sister had been lost on a frontier expedition. He could see no reason to live, and left the hospital to contemplate his demise. While he was walking home, a man on the street came up to him and thanked Leig for saving his life. Leig thought that the man had been a patient, but the man explained that he had been outside the hospital one morning. He also had been contemplating suicide, but Leig had smiled at him when he walked into work. The man explained that he had given himself an escape clause to his suicide plan: if any being were to smile at him, he would back out. The man had accepted Leig's smile as a sign, and chose to continue his life. Leig often used this story with his students, in an effort to explain to them that even the smallest of actions could save a being's life. (MJH)

Duwani Mechanical Products
this ancient manufacturer produced the 3DO series of protocol/service droids some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (TOJC)

this Yuuzhan Vong verb literally meant "let loose" or "bring in," and was used by animal handlers. (SBS)

Duwin tur voxyn
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase translated into Basic as, "Let loose (or release) the voxyn." (NJOSB)

this was one of the Empire's many security classification levels. (BI)

this was the designation of one of the Imperial stormtroopers who boarded the Tantive IV, after it was captured by the Devastator over Tatooine. Note that the Star Wars Trading Game - A New Hope expansion set claims DV-523 was a clone. (TCG3)

this was the designation of one of the Imperial stormtroopers who boarded the Tantive IV, after it was captured by the Devastator over Tatooine. It was DV-692 who stunned Princess Leia Organa, so that she could be brought before Darth Vader. Note that the Star Wars Trading Game - A New Hope expansion set claims DV-692 was a clone. (TCG3)

this silver-plated humanoid droid was Hoole's research assistant. Equipped with an OmniTask brain, Deevee faithfully tagged along when Hoole and the Arranda children got into trouble with the Empire. He successfully negotiated with Meego for the purchase of the Shroud, then used the data in the ship's computer memory to create an anti-serum which negated the effects of Doctor Evazan's reanimation serum. This saved the planet of Necropolis from the assault of Evazan's zombie army, and freed his human friends from Evazan's schemes. After encountering the Nightmare Machine on Nespis 8, D-V9 took a blaster bolt meant for Tash. After several more misadventures, Deevee decided that he had had enough. After some grueling repairs, Deevee retired to work at a Galactic Research Facility on Koaan. Hoole manumitted D-V9, allowing him free access to the facility. (GOF1, GOF2, GOF6, GOF7)

this Alliance outpost was known as the Quagmire by the soldiers who were stationed there during the Galactic Civil War. Located on the swamp planet Aracara, it served as a staging area for X-Wing fighters in the sector. DVL-181 was created from the abandoned Aracara Testing Facility. (HAS)

this strange planet was bioengineered by Borborygmus Gog for the Empire as part of Project Starscream. D'vouran appeared to be a normal, temperate world with rollin ghills, dense forests, and salty oceans. It had a breathable atmosphere, and Gog had it peopled with the enigmatic Enzeen race. It was discovered when the Misanthrope crashed into it and sent out a distress call. The accident was quickly covered up, although the planet was rumored to be the richest and most beautiful planet within 1,000 light-years, rumors which helped fuel its tourist trade. The tourists to the planet often had trouble finding it, since the planet seemed to move about on its own, and had no native system. In reality, the planet was somewhat symbiont with the Enzeen, a relationship engineered by Gog in an attempt to create life. The Enzeen were outwardly friendly, which allowed them to draw visitors into the forests. There, the planet would open itself up and swallow the visitors, bringing them to the Heart of D'vouran and deriving sustenance from their bodies. In return, the Enzeen were allowed to siphon off a small portion of D'vouran's life-force for their own sustenance. Eventually, the planet outgrew its creators, consuming the scientists who remained on the planet and breaking free of their control. It traveled like this until Mammon Hoole caught up to it. In fury, the planet tried to consume Hoole's ship as it fled, but only consumed itself in a spasm of rage. It suddenly reappeared, seveal light-years away, shortly afterward. (GOF1, GOF2)

this was a model of holdout blaster developed by BlasTech during the early decades of the New Republic. (BP)

this was the Huttese verb for "to sell." (GMR5)

Dwarf Bantha
this was the smallest of the subspecies of bantha native to the planet Tatooine. They were skittish and shy creatures which were nonetheless very sure-footed, and lived in the canyons and cliffs of the outer deserts. (WSW)

Dwarf Nuna
this was the smaller subspecies of the nuna, or swamp turkey, which was native to the planet Naboo. (WSW)

Dwarf Spider Droid
developed by the Commerce Guild, the dwarf spider droid was used to infiltrate enemy lines and provide intelligence back to a homing spider droid. Sometimes called burrowing spider droids, these combat automata were armed with a laser cannon and move into underground mines and caves to reach their targets. A suite of infrared photoreceptors allowed the spider droid to locate its target. With the end of the Clone Wars, all dwarf spider droids were issued orders to deactivate, as part of Darth Sidious' plan to consolidate military power and ensure the loyalty of his troops. (VD2, SWDB, VD3)

Dwarf Vornskr
this smaller form of vornskr was much easier to control than the standard form, and thus was more often smuggled off Myrkr for sale as guard animals to crimelords and private citizens. (BF4)

Dwarf-class Freighter
this 150-meter freighter was built by Rendili Star Drive. It could transport up to 1,500 metric tons of cargo. It required a crew of 400, and was armed with 9 quad-laser batteries and a single turbolaser. The Dwarf-class had a gently-curving hull reminiscent of various Mon Calamari designs. (WG)

this small, reddish-brown beetle was developed by the Yuuzhan Vong as an environmental weapon. The Yuuzhan Vong used swarms of dweebits to destroy the ExGal-4 outpost on Belkadan, providing cover for their landing on Helska and their invasion of the known galaxy. Groups of dweebits lived in the root systems of the plants of Belkadan, exuding a chemical mix of excrement into the soil. As the plants received nourishment from the soil, they "exhaled" a noxious mix of gases into the atmosphere.Since the dweebits were prolific breeders, they eventually established huge underground populations. As they multiplied, they affected virtually every form of plant life on the planet, fouling the air of Belkadan at an ever-increasing rate. The noxious atmosphere eventually began generating intense storms and rendering the planet a toxic wasteland. (VP)

this planet was used as a training facility for Jedi Master Aqinos, during the time he trained Ilum and her offspring. The facility was once a base of operations for the Old Republic, but had been abandoned during the Terrible Glare. (OWS)

this was a gooey pastry made by the natives of Mos Espa, on Tatooine. (TPM)

Dwelling Circle
this section of the primary city on Kegan was dedicated to the housing facilities of the Keganites. (FFT)

this ancient Nikto represented his people in their negotiations with the Hutts, before the birth of the Old Republic. He signed the agreement which indentured the Nikto people into Hutt servitude for eternity. (GG12)

Dweomilis Advisory Foundation
this defense system think-tank and policy advisor board was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. Dweomilis works with companies like BlasTech and Santhe/Sienar Technologies to help define and administer defense manfuacturing. It was rumored that Dweomilis was a major contributor to the Empire's cloaking device program. (CSA)

this weasly Rodian worked as a spice merchant in Mos Eisley during the Galactic Civil War. (GG7)

this Yuuzhan Vong was used to indicate the affirmation of another's words or commands. It could be translated into Basic as "yes" or "affirmative". (NJOSB)

this gas giant was the third planet in the Kothlis System, and was the twin of Dwi'lar. Dwi'kar was orbited by nine moons. The fifth moon was the site of an orbital gas refinery owned by Botha Ammunitions Corporation, where gases harvested both gas giants was taken for processing. (SPG)

this gas giant was the fifth planet in the Kothlis System, and was the twin of Dwi'kar. Dwi'lar was blue-green in color, and was orbited by eleven moons. (SPG)

a large creature native to the planet Gamorr, the dwoob was raised by the Gamorreans for its tough hide. Dwoobs were also used as draft animals, but their ornery nature made them difficult to control unless the driver was experienced. (SWJ14)

a male Whiphid, and Valarian's chosen mate. He is a hunter of some renown. He tries to skip out on his wedding night to hunt down Han Solo, after Jabba the Hutt put out a bounty on Solo's head. This enraged Valarian, and a huge fight broke out at their reception. D'Wopp was returned to his homeworld of Toola in various parts. (TME)

this planet was located in the Steniplis Sector of the galaxy. (AIR)

this Troig Saprah, Dwuir, sought to be separated from its Saprin, Tabb, during the year prior to the Clone Wars. The debates over the ethical necessity and medical ability to perform the operation started a galaxy-wide debate in many circles. Due to the poor medical facilities on Pollillus, as well as the possible death of one being in such a separation, Dwuirinstabb remained together for many months while the debates raged on. (HNN5)

this Troig became the subject of many medical and philosophical debates during the year leading up to the Clone Wars, when the Saprah, Dwuir, sought to be separated from its Saprin, Tabb. (HNN5)

this data card format was created by the Empire. It restricted information on data cards to Imperial access only. (GG9)

see DX-2 (GQRG)

this was the designation of a disruptor pistol produced by the Tenloss Syndicate during the New Order. Like other disruptor weapons, the DX-2 fired an energy blast that caused the target's molecules to become excited and lose cohesion, leading to the utter annihiliation of the target. This disintegrative affect made them illegal in most parts of the galaxy, but Tenloss maanged to continue to produce them for many decades. (EGW, AEG)

this walking war droid was part of the Imperial team, led by Govin Thane, that was dispatched to Cloud City to ensure that no refugees could flee the outpost. DX-2K2 was defeated in a firefight between Govin's forces and a team of Alliance agents, and the refugees were freed. DX-2K2 was armed with a retractable vibro-ax, a piar of heavy repeating blasters, and enhanced armor plating. (GMR3)

this was the designation of an industrial solvent which, when exposed to an oxygen-rich environment, disperses into a microfine mist that disrupts electronic equipment and hyper-irritates skin, nasal passages, and lung tissue in humanoids. (SWJ3)

Telgorn's first Delta-class transport ship. It is 20 meters in length, and has a normal crew complement of 5. The Empire used these transports to move stormtrooper squads. It boasts the following shipboard components:

  • 8 Taim and Bak KT4 Laser Cannons
  • 4 ARMek SW-2 Ion Cannons
  • 2 Krupx MG7 Proton torpedo Launchers (5 torpedoes each)
  • Front/Rear Projecting Novaldex Shields (rated at 80 SBD)
  • Quadanium steel armored Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 40 RU)

Telgorn's second-generation Delta-class transport ship. It is 25 meters in length, and has a normal crew complement of 5. The Empire used these transports to move stormtrooper squads. It boasts the following shipboard components:

  • 8 Taim and Bak KT4 Laser Cannons
  • 4 ARMek SW-2 Ion Cannons
  • 2 Krupx MG7 Proton torpedo Launchers (5 torpedoes each)
  • Front/Rear Projecting Novaldex Shields (rated at 80 SBD)
  • Quadanium steel armored Titanium Alloy Hull (rated at 40 RU)

see DXR-6 (GQRG)

this was the designation of a disruptor rifle produced by the Tenloss Syndicate during the New Order. It was based on the plans of the DX-2 disruptor pistol, but with more power and greater range. Like other disruptor weapons, the DXR-6 fired an energy blast that caused the target's molecules to become excited and lose cohesion, leading to the utter annihiliation of the target. This disintegrative affect made them illegal in most parts of the galaxy, although Tenloss managed to produce them for many decades. (EGW, AEG)

this was a smaller version of the Tenlosss Syndicates DXR-6 disruptor rifle, designed for those beings who had never used such a weapon before. (SWGAL)

DX-series Droid
this series of assassin droids was developed during the Old Republic, many years before the New Order. While the weaponry of a DX-series droid could be reconfigured, most were equipped with a retractable vibro-axe, a pair of heavy blasters, and strong armor plating. (RESB)

this being was the author of Warm Thoughts for Invertebrates. (HNN4)

one of four natural satellites of the planet Onderon, Dxun was the closest to the planet, and the home of the Dxun Devourers and Dxun Beasts. In a precise balance of nature, the Dxun moon orbits extremely close to Onderon on a regular basis. Its orbit is so close that the atmospheres of both bodies begin to mix, allowing the vicious beasts to migrate from the moon to the planet. For this reason, it was known to the Onderonian natives as the "demon moon." At the order of the ancient Jedi Master, Arca, a tomb for Freedon Nadd and his Sith artifacts was built on the Dxun moon of Mandalorian iron. (DLS, TSW)

Dxun Beast
a huge, winged reptile native to the Dxun moon of Onderon. They have flat, wedge-shaped heads with 10 horns, two short arms, a huge wingspan, and long tails. They are extremely territorial, and will violently defend their lands. The Jedi Master Arca hoped to use them to protect the Sith knowledge obtained from Freedon Nadd by placing all Sith artifacts on the Dxun Moon. Exar Kun was able to use the Dark Side of The Force to strike the Dxun down and gain entry to the storehouse. (DLS)

Dxun Devourer
another winged denizen of the Dxun moon, these flying creatures are somewhat smaller than Dxun Beasts, but doubly vicious. Also known as Dxunian raptors, or skreevs, these creatures also had two arms but lacked the horns that the Dxun Beasts had. Instead, they have a long, jutting lower jaw, which is pointed. This lower jaw is used as a attack weapon. The wingspan of this creature was nearly twenty meters across. (DLS, GMR3)

Dxunian Raptor
this was another name for the skreev, or the Dxun Devourer. (GMR3)

Dxunian Stalker
this was another name for the gharzr. (GMR3)

a BlasTech heavy blaster pistol, the DY-225 was originally developed to overcome the long-range accuracy problems of other BlasTech weapons. Although the DY-225 failed to live up to its promise, it nonetheless was a powerful weapon for stunning individuals, and found widespread use among police agencies and bounty hunters. (GG9, AEG)

Dyani Zaan
this was the name of a distinguished Togruta individual. (UANT)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Dyanthis Vine
a dark-leaved, creeping plant. (POT)

this Imperial Colonel was assigned to coordinate the defense of the control bunker on the forest moon of Endor, as part of the garrison stationed there during the construction of the second Death Star. A natural leader, he worked well with Moff Jerjerrod during the initial planning phases of the installation's security measures. Among the defenses they developed was the reserve force of stormtroopers and other personnel maintained outside the main bunker, which could arrive shortly after an invading force and wipe them out. (CCG10)

Dying Slowly
this is the former name of the town called Death, located on the planet Jubilar. It was the capital city of the planet's Regional Sector Four. (TBH)

this man was a native of the planet Corellia, and an associate of Kaori Batta. (GUN)

this was a valuable ore which was mined some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (GSE)

manufacturers of starship weaponry and detonation devices. Note that this corporation was described as Dymex in Balance Point. (SCRE, EGV, BP)

see Dymek (BP)

Dymurra, Gnifmak
this Loronar Corporation executive was in control of the manufacturing operations in the Meridian and Antemeridian Sectors, in the years after the Battle of Endor. His primary function was as CEO for the Core systems. It was Dymurra who was contacted by Beldorion, who offered the executive wealth and prestige if he assisted in Dzym's plans to control the galaxy. Dymurra agreed, and provided several synthdroids as well as arms to Dzym's forces. These forces, aligned with Seti Ashgad, attempted to gain control of Nam Chorios and launch the drochs into space, but their plans were foiled by Leia Organa-Solo and Luke Skywalker. Leia obtained memos and correspondances which implicated Dymurra in the plot, which were corroborated by the information discovered by Yarbolk Yemm. The executive was imprisoned for his part in the affair. (POT)

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