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a heavy blaster pistol built by Blas-Tech, the DL-44 was one of the most popular weapons BlasTech ever produced. While its design gave it a short range, the DL-44 was extremely powerful for a hand-held weapon. Among its distinguishing features was its "cautionary pulser" grip, which provided a slight vibration to the user's gunhand when the powerpack was getting low. The weapon, which was copied by Merr-Sonn's Flash 4 pistol and by Imperial Munitions, gained its populariy due to the fact that Han Solo used a modified version of this type of blaster. However, its firepower forced many worlds in the New Republic to outlaw the possession of the DL-44 by civilians. (SW, DFR, RASB, EGW, AEG, NEGW)

DL-44 XT
this was an enhanced version of BlasTech's DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. (SWGAL)

this BlasTech blaster pistol was produced for Imperial use during the last years of the New Order. (DARK)

this was the model number of BlasTech's cutting blaster, designed for use by scouts and explorers. It produced a "cold blast" of energy, which was a prolonged burst of low-powered cohesive light capable of cutting down a tree. The "cold blast" is not strong enough to throw up sparks or start a fire during its use, but requires a great deal of power. (GG8)

this was a model of heavy blaster pistol produced by BlasTech during the New Order. Because of its relatively small size and high power output, the DL-6H was outlawed in many star systems. (FOP, GUN)

this was the model number of BlasTech's Firespray blaster, a deck-clearing weapon known for its ability to deliver a wide fire arc with sustained power. The weapon, originally rejected by the Imperial Navy because of its perceived short range and low rate of fire, was not so much aimed as it was swept across its target. (PP, GUN)

this Twi'leki spice merchant was a minor dealing in the Outer Rim, buying and selling spice along the Corellian Trade Spine. He was known to be a fair-weather friend to independent spacers, willing to employ them but unwilling to help them if they got into a jam. (PSG)

one of the most affluent cities on the planet Demophon, it was not as restricted as other cities during the New Order because the city's governor was related to an Imperial official. The city of D'larah was designed with pleasure in mind, and is visualy appealing. (SN)

D'larah Palm
a tree which has been genetically altered to grow in the domed city of D'larah, this palm has bright crimson leaves and produces a deep red fruit which has a sweet milk. (SN)

Dlarit, Aerin
this native of Thyferra was one of the higher managers in the Xucphra bacta corporation. He was also appointed a General in the Thyferran Home Defense Corps when Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra. He had no real duties, but was a perfect public relations man for Isard. He was also Erisi Dlarit's father, which made him a prime target for Rogue Squadron's ground forces during the early stages of the Battle of Thyferra. They made an assault on the Dlarit estate, which was set on a small knoll at the base of an extinct volcano and protected by a ring of Comar TriTracker batteries. In an effort to stir up the Vratix and embarras the Bacta Cartel, Aerin was executed by Elscol Loro and Iella Wessiri and left in his den, slumped over the desk and completely naked. (BW)

Dlarit, Erisi
a native of Thyferra, she was selected to become a member of X-Wing Rogue Squadron because she was also a member of the Xucphra faction, and was thought to have been complementary to the addition of Bror Jave to the Squadron. However, it was later discovered that Dlarit was actually working as a spy for Ysanne Isard and the Imperial factions which supported the bacta cartels. She was planted to provide information on the New Republic's reactions to the Krytos virus, which would guarantee that the bacta cartels would continue to monopolize the market under Imperial control. She was discovered as a spy when her ship malfunctioned and was captured by the Lusankya as it escaped from Coruscant. Her astromech reported no malfunction, and relayed the deliberate flight plan that took her into the Lusankya's holds. Once back on Thyferra, Erisi was appointed a flight leader among the Thyferran Home Defense Corps, and became romantically involved with Fliry Vorru. Their romance was short-lived, though, as Vorru was taken prisoner by Iella Wessiri and Elscol Loro, and Erisi was forced into defending her homeworld in the Battle of Thyferra. She managed to destroy Nawara Ven's X-Wing, but the Twi'lek managed to eject before being engulfed in flames. She was rewarded by becoming the target of Corran Horn, who managed to fire on her before she could escape to hyperspace. Horn's shots were on-target, and Erisi's ship simply disintegrated under fire. It was believed that Erisi did not survive the explosion. (XWN, WG, KT, BW)

D'lassik Ellipor
this was a distinguished Lannik individual. (UANT)

an Pakuuni container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Dles IV
this planet was the site of an Alliance penal colony during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ4)

this man was one of Darca Nyl's best friends, during the time he spent as a rocket trooper in mercenary band, many years before the Battle of Naboo. D'lew was killed when their transport ship took heavy fire while en route to a battlezone. (T23)

this was the model number of a series of hover-cams produced by Data-Link Industries during the early years of the New Republic. This hover-cam was favored by many news reporters of the day, because it could accept verbal commands and "learn" to anticipate its owner's commands. This allowed a reporter with an "experienced" DLI-250 to give the hover-cam minimal instructions, knowing that the droid would return with the desired footage. (GUN, SWJ6)

DL-III NightFang
this was the designation of Golan Arms' laser turret emplacement. (HAS)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a pretty crystal found in Sullustan mines. (GCG)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "rider" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

Dllr Nep
a Sullustan X-Wing pilot, Dllr served under Wedge Antilles as part of Rogue Squadron following the Battle of Endor. He joined the fledgling New Republic after Sullust began moving toward a relationship with them, and found the galaxy much to his liking. He was particularly interested in the various musical styles of the galaxy, although his taste in music often got on his fellow Rogues' nerves. When the Rogues were dispatched to search for the Starfaring near Malrev, Dllr began hearing the most beautiful music coming from the planet. He thought the music was a product of the planet, and could even see the music in front of him. However, the music was actually the power of the Dark Side of the Force being channelled by the mad Devaronian, Cartariun. Cartariun used the Dark Side to lure Dllr to his temple, where Cartariun began channeling more energy with Dllr's belief in the music. Dllr was mentally linked to Herian I'ngre by this music, which both had heard. However, Herian recognized the Dark Side before she could be overtaken. She willed Dllr to resist, which he was able to to for a short time. However, in the end, Dllr gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice. He absorbed the Sith energy wielded by Cartariun and tried to turn it against the Devaronian, but was shot in the back by Girvo Dza'tey. Later, having survived the blast, Dllr helped Herian to safety. However, both sacrificed themselves in eliminating Cartariun, flying Herian's X-Wing into his temple and destroying it. (XWRS, XWRR, HXW)

Dlor 3
this planet was the site of a secure passage seminar, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. Alliance Major Sisquoc hoped to confront Barosa Warren at the conference, in order to determine why Warren hated the Alliance. (AIR)

this long, sleek blaster rifle was manufactured by BlasTech, for use by Imperial stormtroopers. (CCG)

DLT20 Blaster Rifle
this BlasTech blaster rifle was the forerunner to the DLT-20A rifle. (GQRG)

see DLT-20A (GQRG)

this was the model number of the laser rifle produced for the Empire by BlasTech. It was one of the few blaster weapons produced with a magnatomic adhesion grip, which kept the weapon firmly in the hand of the stormtrooper firing it. It was known as a Longblaster, along with the BlastTech A280 rifle. (VD, AEG)

D'lund, Hannis
this young man was a native of the planet Tuttin IV, and played the touchboard for the amateur band known as Far Cry, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. At seventeen, Hannis was the oldest member of the band, and was a muscular youth with long blond hair. His grandparents had bee Core World aristocrats during the last decades of the Old Republic, and his family fled to the Inner Rim when the Empire took control of the galaxy. Hannis himself had grown up on the run, and saw life as something of a game. (GMR6)

this boxy security droid was part of the detail that maintained the Star Tours facility near Endor, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

this Alliance protocol droid was codenamed Dagger, and was planted in Imperial Moff Vanko's office as Vanko's personal decoding droid. In this capacity, DM/C3 could provide the Alliance with valuable information on fleet movements, while at the saem time planting false reports in Vanko's mailbox. It was DM/C3 that alerted the Alliance to the secret meetings between Vanko and Torpin aboard the Kuari Princess. DM/C3 was smashed to bits when the Riders of the Maelstrom took control of the Kuari Princess, but managed to remain active long enough to provide the Alliance agents on board the ship with the ship's lockout control codes. (RM)

Dmaynel Kiph
this Devaronian from the planet Coruscant was the leader of the Alien Combine of the Invisible Sector. (WG)

this was the name of Raquid Krev's security droid. Krev used the droid to guard his ship, the Lexus Primal. A group of spice-jackers once fooled the droid into letting them onto Krev's ship by disguising one of their members as Krev himself. D-Mot allowed the false Krev to deactivate itself, thereby allowing the spice-jackers to steal the cargo. (GG11)

DN Bolt Caster
this plasma disruptor weapon was produced by Drever Corporation, as a military version of the popular Phoenix II plasma disruptor tool. The DN Bolt Caster found widespread use among the clone troops of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, as its plasma beam was particularly effective in destroying battle droids. The effectiveness of the DN Bolt Caster far outweighted its cost, which was expensive enough to keep the weapon out of the hands of most mercenaries and planetary defense forces. (LAWS)

Drake Lo'gaan, posing as Jodd Sonta, was assigned to a security detail on this Coruscant-based transport platform, shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. (EAR)

this woman was one of the leaders of the Friends of Paran, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (OE)

this port city, located on the planet Sriluur, was the site of an Imperial garrison during the Galactic Civil War. It served as the planet's primary gateway, and three of the planet's largest spaceports were located in the city. Interestingly, Dnalvec was considered more of a frontier town than Meirm City or Al'Campur, primarily because it bordered on the Houk Territories and often saw conflict between the native Weequay and the Houks. (SWJ6, CRO, SWJ10, GORW)

this being was a noted dejarik player, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. In the sector championships held on Arkania, D'nisenz was played against Garem Will when Ohh Bronna and Corwin Kaezeb got into a fistfight during their own match. Will and D'nisenz tried to remain oblivious to the struggle, but their own table was shut down during the match, D'nisenz was declared the winner of the championship, although there was no existing protocol to cover the series of events. (HNN5)

this Bothan served under Zozridor Slayke as a Lieutenant in the Freedom's Sons and Daughters military operation, during the height of the Clone Wars. When Slayke ordered his troops into battle of Praesitlyn, after the Separatists took control of the Intergalactic Communications Center, Lieutenant D'Nore was placed in charge of captruing the redoubt that was codenamed Izable. Once they had accomplished this, D'Nore and his forces were at the forward-most point in Slayke's defenses, forcing them to be alert at all times for enemy activity. (JT)

this planet was located in the depths of Wild Space, and was charted but largely unexplored. It was known to be the homeworld of the Filar-Nitzan race of gaseous beings. (AE)

this Huttese word roughly translated into Basic as "if." (E1A14)

Do chonda
this was a phrase used by Twi'leki gambler and card players. Translated into Basic, it literally meant, "I fold." (SWJ7)

this Old Corellian word means "peace." (BSS)

Doaba Badlands
a desert region of the planet Socorro, the Doaba Badlands cover nearly three-quarters of the planet's surface. Hidden water reserves under the surface provide pockets where plants can grow, including the zsajhira berry. They were named for Iann Doaba, a great warrior who disappeared in the desert after exiling himself in the first recorded instance of the Long Walk. (SWJ2, BSS)

Doaba Guerfel
this city was located on the planet Corellia. The name of the city came from the Old Corellian language, and meant something like "Peaceful Fool." (GQRG)

Doaba ol'val tru
this was an Old Corellian phrase used as a formal greeting. It wishes the recipient peace and hope. It could also be used to say goodbye to a loved one, and was often intoned during funerals to release a being from their earthly body before traveling to the afterlife. (SWJ7, BSS)

Doaba, Iann
this ancient warrior was a Jedi Knight, and was one of the original colonists to settle the planet Socorro. He fell in love with Cjaalysce Beal, and actually killed a man who tried to steal her love from him. His conscience, laden with guilt, led him to exile himself from the rest of the colonists. His self-imposed exile - dooming himself to wander around the open desert - later became known as The Long Walk among the Ibhaan'I shamen. When Cjaalysce learned of his exile, she fled into the desert in search of him. She was lost for many weeks, until her dessicated body was found on a rocky outcropping. Beneath the body, searchers found Iann's robes and his lightsaber. They also found an indelible shadow of his form, and it was generally believed that Iann's grief was so great that it consumed him. The shadow, the past vestige of Iann's spirit, was rumored to have attached itself to a portait of Cjaalysce, and was witnessed wherever the portait was shown. Benoni Ulte came into possession of the portait during the early years of the New Order, and himself claimed to have seen Ian's shadow hovering about it. (BSS)

one of the hunters who answered Jabba the Hutt's call for the capture of a live krayt dragon, Doallyn is a native of the planet Geran. He has strange, bluish skin and light eyes, and the skin on his face was horribly scarred from a attack by a Corellian sand panther. As a native of Geran, Doallyn required hydron-3 in the air he breathed. Thus, when he came to Tatooine, a trace-breather was added to the helmet he wore as part of his hunter's armor. Doallyn was captivated by the sights and sounds of Mos Eisley, and sampled too much liquor when he arrived. He ended up in a high-stakes game of wildstar and woke up to find he had signed on as one of Jabba's palace guards for a year. Jabba kept Doallyn dependent and loyal by doling out daily doses of hydron-3. When Jabba left for the Pit of Carkoon to execute Luke Skywalker, Doallyn was left behind. There, he befriended Yarna d'al' Gargan. They both were met by Tessek when he returned from the Pit with news of Jabba's death, but neither listened to Tessek when he stated he was in charge of the palace. Instead, they fled the palace and headed to Mos Eisley, to rescue Yarna's cubs. Along the way, Doallyn made use of his knowledge of the krayt dragon to kill one that got in their way. He took the pearls from the beast's belly and saved them for Yarna, who used them to pay for the release of her cubs. The group then left Tatooine, stopping first on Geran before deciding to live as free traders aboard their starship. (TJP)

Doan Wine
this good spirit induces a state of shock when imbibed in great quantities. (SOL)

this planet was the primary base of operations for TaggeCo's businesses in the Greater Javin area of the galaxy during the early years of the New Order. TaggeCo later sold the compound, with the assistance of Planet Dreams' primary salewoman, Treva Horme. (WOA34)

a female Phlog, Dobah was the mate of Zut and the mother of Hoom and Nahkee. (ECAR)

this Imperial officer was serving under the Black Sword Command when the Yevetha took control of the shipyards in the Koornacht Cluster. He was imprisoned on Pa'aal, and became one of the major leaders of prisoner cells which rose up against the Yevetha during the Black Fleet Crisis. (TT)

this pilot flew with Bolt Squadron for the Khuiumin Survivors. After Corran Horn - under the alias Jenos Idanian - took control of the squadron, Dobberty served as Remart Sasyru's wingman. (IJ)

this was the name of one of the statues located in the Gungan Sacred Place. It rested on a shelf of stone, overlooking a rapid stream and waterfall. (E1A11)

this Tahlboorean verb means "stop." (DRPC)

this Imperial recruit was part of Kyle Katarn's squadron, during the taking of asteroid AX-456. (SFE)

Dobei Eranusite
this scientist had been an associate of Jenna Zan Arbor's, and was invited to the party she held at Didi Oddo's café. (EVE)

Dobi Deene
this musician was popular during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

this was the smaller of Sernpidal's two moons, measuring just twenty kilometers in diameter. The Yuuzhan Vong planted a dovin basal in the center of Sernpidal City and used it to draw Dobido into an ever-closer orbit around Sernpidal, until the moon crashed into the planet and destroyed it. (VP)

Dobiella Nok
this Huttese phrase roughly translated into Basic as "not this one." (E1A14)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

Dobo Brother's Emporium
this merchant store was located on Citadel Station, in orbit around Telos, and was owned and operated by Samhan and Dendis Dobo during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. (KOTOR2)

this pirate had his ship's computer system sliced into during the last years of the New Order. He had failed to pay an outstanding debt, and shiptracers managed to located him on Reuss VI. His ship was confiscated, and Dobra was stranded on Reuss VI. (GUN)

Dobreed, Lana
this man dreamed of being a shop owner in his hometown of Mos Espa, on Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic. However, because of the debts he incurred while gambling, Lana had to set up a small transportation business to make ends meet. (CCG13)

this man was one of the Imperial sleeper agents placed on Pakrik Minor as a tallgrain farmer by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Dobrow was in charge of maintaining the TIE Fighters hidden on the planet, in preparation for eventual use. (SOP)

this company maufactured the DB-4 starliner. (TT)

Doby Tyerell
this Aleena and his brother, Deland, were podracers during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Born on Tatooine, Doby and Deland got their start racing in unsanctioned, often illegal, podraces, such as the event that was held in the Great Dordon Caves of the planet Euceron during the Galactic Games. It was during their pre-race preparations that Doby and Deland met fourteen-year-old Anakin Skywalker. They seemed genuinely concerned that their sister, Djulla, was a slave to Sebulba, and that they were working to win the podrace in order to win her freedom. It was later discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi that Doby and Deland had been in league with Maxo Vista and the rigging of the podrace. Their speeder was to have received advance information about the course, so that they could win the race in the end, despite the accident which Maxo Vista had planned. When Deland was hurt and Anakin agreed to help out by driving, Maxo Vista decided to use his speeder for the accident as well. This would cause an explosion and get rid of the Jedi. However, Maxo Vista was arrested before he could do any real harm, and Anakin managed to keep the disabled podracer from doing any damage to the spectators. (JQ3)

this female Twi'lek served as one of the original members of Rogue Squadron, during the groups earliest days as part of the Alliance military. She was a gutsy pilot by anyone's standards, and could fly just about anything. After the raid on Incom's headquarters to obtain X-Wing starfighters, Doc was one of the many pilots who began training on the X-Wing. She proved once again to be a quick study, and was part of the small team assembled to infiltrate Commenor and obtain a smuggled shipment of R2-series astromechs from Nera Dantels. Unfortunately, her ship was badly damaged during their escape, experiencing failures in both the shield generators and hyperdrive. Rather than risk the jump to hyperspace, Doc flew her dying ship into the cloud of pursuing TIE Fighters. The resulting explosion took her life, but ensured that her fellow pilots escaped. (SWED)

a female phlog, Dobah was the mate of Zut. Together, they had two offspring, Hoom and Nahkee. (ECAR)

formerly known as Klaus Vandangante, Doc was an only child born on the planet Coruscant. He was doted on by his widowed mother, Carmilla Vandangante, living in luxury and privilege. As a youth, this was maddeningly boring, and he rebelled by programming the droids to stop feeding him food he didn't like. His mother and tutors discovered his "new talents," and restructured his lessons. Klaus soon became a gifted student, and graduated with honors.Following graduation, Klaus was offered a job with Alkherrodyne Propulsions. He quickly accepted, but was unprepared for corporate life. Alkherrodyne had a company policy of programmed obsolescense, something that Klaus didn't learn in school. He chafed against the ideals of creating useful, reliable tools and the need to maintain the bottom line. When Alkherrodyne's Azaria 66 began exploding in the field, they needed a scapegoat to blame it on. They chose Klaus, who was summarily fired and taken to court. After several legal battles, Klaus Vandangante was financially and professionally bankrupt. The fact that Alkherrodyne also went bankrupt was of little consequence, for Klaus no longer existed. He began wandering the galaxy as the spacer called Doc, and found himself in Corporate Sector space. There, he met the beautiful young smuggler Shardra, who introduced him to her own network of spacers. He found work as a starship mechanic, showing an incredible ability to make any modification work reliably, and his results were highly effective. He fell in love with Shardra, and the couple soon gave birth to a daughter, Jessa. However, Shardra's sudden death in a fuel dump explosion once again rocked Doc's world. This time, however, he had Jessa to fall back on, and he dedicated himself to her education and growth. She, like her father, showed a great mechanical aptitude, and she stayed on with him to further his outlaw tech business. He and Jessa recruited the best techs they could find, and have been helping everyone from smugglers to the Alliance. This is how they got tangled up with Han Solo, a brash young pilot who was constantly repairing his ship, the Millennium Falcon. However, Doc's repairs soon came under the scrutiny of the Corporate Sector Authority, who had laid out the regulations for starship modifications. Much of Doc's work involved skirting these regulations and most of his modifications were deemed illegal. Doc suddenly disappeared, part of the sector-wide sweep of criminals placed in the Stars' End detention facility.Han Solo trusted Doc to make most repairs to the Falcon, and went to see him when the loss of his sensor dish in a weapons run to Duroon. However, Doc had already been kidnapped for incarceration at Stars' End. When Han learned this, he agreed to help Jessa rescue Doc. Han and his group of adventurers were able to infiltrate the detention center and rescue the captives, including Doc, who returned to his modification business with Jessa. (HSE, CSA)

this was the nickname given to the FX-series medical droid modified by Massad Thrumble. Doc - originally designated AOI-C - was a one-of-a-kind, and had the upper section of the FX series mounted on a treaded base. Thrumble programmed the droid with top-of-the-line medical and surgical skills, and gave it the necessary tools to perform surgery on any number of species. Doc considered the reprogramming of Guri - who rescued the droid from Spinda Caveel - to be a "wonderful technical challenge." (SEE)

this strange alien was a member of the unique culinary staff maintained by Corpo the Hutt. He was an expert in a variety of cooking methods, and often provided commentary while rival chefs battled to please Corpo by cooking new dishes from a theme ingredient. Note that this character is a reference to Yukio Hattori, the culinary expert on the television show Iron Chef. (T7)

this was the familiar nickname ascribed to the droid designated MD-OC6, who was part of the original team that founded Bartyn's Landing on Lamaredd, some 500 years before the Galactic Civil War. (GMR7)

Docent Vant
this tall, blue-skinned Twi'lek female was one of the Jedi instructors at the temple on Coruscant, during Obi-Wan Kenobi's early training. She had but a single headtail, which was ornately tattooed. It was Docent Vant who brought Obi-Wan the news that he had not been chosen as a Padawan, and must leave the temple on his thirteenth birthday. (RF)

Dochi At-Rial
this Vashan theocrat set out to obtain the Tessent during the early years of the New Republic, hoping to satisfy his own curiosity about the idol. He labored among the common Vashans who were virtually enslaved by the Ayrou, something he considered a religious duty. While digging in the mines, it was believed that At-Rial discovered the Ayrou Tessent and hid it by swallowing it and storing it in one of his antestomachs. He maintained his secret, as well as his life, because the Vashan miners protected him in ranks wherever he went. However, At-Rial maintained the appearance of a religious figure only to ensure that he retained his guard. (GMR9)

this eight-legged, avian creature was native to the moon Mina, where they were domesticated and used to herd pechs and rujos by the native population. Dochinies were directed with tones from a special pipe, which produced sounds that were just above the normal range of hearing for a human. (GMR9)

an Imperial freighter used to carry TIE prototypes to the Cygnus performance trials that were raided by the Alliance in an attempt to capture the Cygnus executives. (XW)

Dock 47
this docking bay was where Kaarde and Dankin are instructed to park the Wild Kaarde at the Bilbringi shipyards, just before the smugglers were planning to steal a crystal grav-trap to sell to the New Republic. (TLC)

Dock City
this was the primary port city located on the planet Gambolla. (SWJ11)

Dock Plat
an Imperial freighter stationed at Zaarin's beam weapon research platform. (TIE)

this subnode, a twin to the subnode Handler, was generated by Kud'ar Mub'at to coordinate the landing of ships carrying visitors to the assembler's web. (MA)

Docking Bay
this smoky bar was located on The Life level of Vergesso Base, and was always busy but never raucous. (SPG)

Docking Bay 2037
this docking bay, located on the first Death Star, was where the Millennium Falcon was held when it was captured in the Alderaan System, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (SW)

Docking Bay 3733
located within Coruscant's Eastport facility, this docking bay was leased by Vyyk Drago during the early decades of the New Republic. In this way, Han Solo was able to avoid a minimal amount of attention. (HT)

Docking Bay 41
located at the spaceport on Etti IV, Han Solo uses the ID of the starship parked their as his own, in an effort to elude the authorities and escape after giving Ploovo 2-for-1 a Dinko as a gift. (HSE)

Docking Bay 45
the docking bay at the Etti IV spaceport where Han parks the Millennium Falcon while stopping over to pay off Ploovo 2-for-1, several years before the Battle of Yavin. (HSE)

Docking Bay 94
resting place of the Millennium Falcon at the Mos Eisley spaceport, prior to Han Solo's meeting with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker to discuss passage to the Alderaan System. (SW)

Docking Bay A13
this was where the Mud Sloth put down in Talos spaceport, on Atzerri, during Luke Skywalker's search for his mother's identity. (SOL)

Docking Club
this eatery catered to the free-traders who stopped over at Byblos Tower 214. The atmosphere was dark and smoky, and the food was much better than that found at the Biscuit Baron. (PSPG)

Docking Pad 15
location on Coruscant where Luke parks an old transport ship, so that a wing of X-wings can be loaded into it's hold for relocation to the site of the Katana fleet. (DFR)

Docking Platform 25
where the Bilbringi Control parks the Etherway just before the Battle of Bilbringi. (TLC)

Dockside Cafe
this was an upscale restaurant and bar located in the city of Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. (SL)

Doctor Cantryl
a slim man who preferred to wear white suits, Doctor Cantryl was the resident crimelord of Montrol City, on Gandle Ott, during the early years of the New Republic. (DARK)

Doctor Cornelius
one of Evazan's aliases. (SWR)

Doctor Death
another of Evazan's aliases. (GOF2)

Doctor, The
see Z2-1B (WOTC)

this name was common among the Feeorin race. (UANT)

meaning "bold", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Dodann, Temlet
this man was a Judiciary of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was Dodann who broke the slavery ring which was masterminded by Senator Tikkes and the Thalassian Slavers. (HNN5)

Dodbri Whiskey
this is an awesomely strong spirit. (SOP)

Dodd, Halbreck
this man worked as a negotiator for the Corporate Sector Authority, during the height of the New Order. Dodd was one of the primary parties who argued in favor of the CSA, during the Authority's three-year war against the Trianii. (SWJ7)

this was the capital city of the planet Yag'Dhul. (HNN5)

this was the name given to the Givin who led the Body Calculus. (EVR)

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