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this planet was the site of a Viraxo orbital facility, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XWA)

Dendis Dobo
this Duros male worked as a merchant on Telos' Citadel Station, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He was often at odds with another Duros merchant, his brother Samhan. Dendis didn't approve of his brother's dealings with the black market on Telos, but never made enough credits on his own to prove to his brother that crime didn't pay. (KOTOR2)

Dendratis Biological Exports, Incorporated
this corporation produced a variety of capture devices, including the bio-cocoon. (GFT)

the Anomid use this raw material to create the flowing cloaks they wear in public. (RM)

this was an exceptionally dangerous toxin that was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic. When injected into the bloodstream of most humanoid races, dendriton literally caused the blood and flesh to burn, slowly immolating a being from the inside out. (MBS)

Dendroid Vines
this species of thick-growing vine was native to Dellalt. (HSL)

this Imperial recruit was part of Kyle Katarn's squadron, during the taking of asteroid AX-456. He was a poor shot, but had made the grade to remain with the squad. (SFE)

Dene, Keenal
this man was a member of the fledgling rebellion against the Empire. (SWJ4)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "mystery". (GCG)

Deneb Both
this Ithorian forester was stranded on Tatooine, shortly before the Battle of Yavin, and struggled to get off-planet and start a new, better life. (CCG12)

this desert planet was famous for being the site of a great Jedi Assembly of 10,000 Jedi Masters who met to discuss the great surge in the power of the Dark Side during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. (DA, COTF, DLS)

Deneba Bush
native to the planet Deneba, this shrubby plant collected leaves that fell from other trees and held them with finger-like sticks. When its prey approached, thinking the bush was a harmless tree, the deneba bush would drop all its leaves and grab its prey. The deneba bush would them pull the prey into its mouth and consume it. (E1A7)

Denebian Holochess
a casino game. (RM)

Denebrillan Star Silk
this was one of the rarest forms of cloth available during the last decades of the Old Republic. Acquiring it meant that an individual was not only excessively wealthy, but also well-connected. (LFCW)

this man was in charge of a mining operation on Sabrix, extracting radioactive elements from the earth to enhance the coffers of the Sabrin Ring. Denedin himself was skimming profits for himself, until Prestor Mec exposed his embezzlement. Denedin was given an early retirement, courtesy of some Hutt hitmen. (GG11)

Deneelian Fizz-pudding
a dessert best served cold. (DK)

this remote planet, located in Brak Sector, was the site of an Alliance base which was estasblished shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (FBS)

this small weapons manufacturer produced a variety of neurological weapons during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this planet, located in a nebula near the Red Twins, was ravaged during the Clone Wars. Its surface was virtually uninhabitable after the conflict, and the surviving population simply left everything behind and relocated to Coruscant. Deneter was orbited by twenty moons. (LJ2)

this young Telosian man helped Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn bring down Xanatos and destroy the game called Katharsis. He was known as a small-time criminal, but his loyalties were unswerving once he gave them. He helped Andra and the POWER party by smuggling and stealing the supplies and parts they needed to keep up their protests against the government. He later discovered how to slice into UniFy's computer database, and helped Qui-Gon bring down UniFy, Katharsis, and Xanatos. Despite their constant squabbling, Denetrus and Andra eventually fell in love. When Andra decided to join Uni aboard the BioCruiser, Den followered out of love and devotion. Den was part of a growing faction which resented Vox Chun's presence on the ship, and was unafraid to discuss the matter with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. (DOR, JAD)

this man served the Alliance as a soldier during the Galactic Civil War. A veteran of the Battle of Endor, Denev was part of the strike team led by Han Solo which knocked out the shield generator protecting the second Death Star. Denev eventually left military service, choosing serve aboard Caluula Station as a mechanic and officer. Denev was on duty when Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon arrived from Selvaris, after a mission to rescue prisoners of war was nearly disrupted by the appearance of the Yuuzhan Vong Slayers. (UF)

this was a temperate world. (GG10)

this peaceful, human tribe was native to the planet Taloraan. They lived in gondolas slung from the gasbags of 100 sleft-chuffi. Denfrandi legend claimed that humans originally came to Taloraan in "palaces of metal that flew faster than the winds." However, the demons of the ancient gods became jealous of humanity, and cursed them to fall out of the sky. The gods, pitying the poor humans, provided the sleft-chuffni to rescue them. (SWJ5)

a human bounty hunter commissioned by Darth Vader to locate the Millennium Falcon. He failed to locate Han Solo, but he built a loose partnership with Boba Fett. He grew up as a swoop racer on his native planet of Corellia, and was a member of the Ferini team before he was defeated by Han Solo in a private race. Dengar was severely injured in the race when he lost sight of Solo and flew underneath him. When Dengar tried to pull up, he slammed into Solo's swoop, causing severe facial and cranial traumas. He recovered, thanks to the prodigious efforts of the local health corps and the technical resources of the Empire. He was fitted for several cybernetic implants, including new eyes and a series of neural pathways to augment his damaged systems, and given a new set of memories and "programming." The Empire cut out his hypothalmus gland and inserted a central computer module to control the new systems. The Empire expected him to be a faithful assassin, and despite the erasure of his mind and emotions, Dengar continued to develope a great hatred for Solo. He spent a number of years recovering from the injuries suffered in the swoop crash. However, he memories began to intrude on his consciousness, and Dengar left Imperial service after being told to kill the holy children on Asrat. He decided to try his own hand at bounty hunting, and spent a number of years in remote sectors of space known only as 'Payback' while memories of Han Solo began to resurface. The Empire put out a warrant for his arrest. It was during this time that he first met Manaroo, after killing Kritkeen on Aruza. The old rage he felt against Solo caused Dengar to take bounties which bore resemblances to Solo, and Kritkeen was one of them. Dengar later answered the summons of the Empire when the bounty went out on Solo's head, as Darth Vader gave him one chance to remain free if he captured Solo. Dengar failed to capture him, always one step behind Boba Fett. When Manaroo shared herself with him via her Attanni, Dengar suddenly got an insight on what it was like to be human again. He helped rescue her parents before landing in Mos Eisley. When Manaroo was captured by Jabba the Hutt's henchmen, Dengar plotted to kill the crimelord. He insinuated himself into Jabba's palace, outwardly helping to protect the Hutt from Alliance reprisal at the capture of Solo. When Fett approached him to celebrate Solo's capture and imminent death in the Pit of Carkoon, Dengar agreed and consumed some drugged Twi'leki liquor. He passed out, missing the trip to the Pit of Carkoon that should have ended with the deaths of Solo and Luke Skywalker. Instead, Jabba had him tied to the desert floor near the Teeth of Tatooine. Dengar managed to escape, driven by his fear that Manaroo was dead. She wasn't, and she later found him as she seached the desert in a speeder she had stolen. They traveled to Mos Eisley, and Dengar slowly recovered from his wounds. He also agreed to marry Manaroo. In an effort to find enough money to pay their mounting bills, Dengar went out to the desert to find the remains of Jabba's sailbarge. He tried to locate Jabba's ident chip in the wreckage, but instead found the nearly-dead Boba Fett crawling from the sand. In return for saving his life, Fett agreed to be Dengar's best man. After he married Manaroo and nursed Fett back to health, Dengar and Fett set out to hunt down Han Solo again. When they found him on Nar Shaddaa, they thought they had it made. Solo's escape further confounded Dengar and Fett, who were stranded on the spaceport moon. (ESB, DE1, MTS, DESB, EGC, TBH)

Dengar's End
this was the name given to a section of the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, one of the most popular swoop racing courses of the New Order. It was named for the noted swoopracer Dengar, who lost a race at that very spot to Han Solo. (SWGAL)

this Hutt was one of the lesser slavelords who owned property in Mos Espa, some 32 years before the Battle of Yavin. (E1A5)

this man was the only surviving member of the royal family of Velmor, which was led by King Lorac. He fled his homeworld as a youth, hiding from Imperial persecution on a jungle planet where he crash-landed during his flight. His beloved, Loren, was killed in the crash, leaving Denid alone but for his former advisor, Jedidiah. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were dispatched to rescue Denid and return him to the Alliance, in the hopes that his story would serve as a rallying cry for the rebellion on Velmor. During their attempt to obtain the throne, Denid fell in love with Leia, especially after she agreed to portray Loren when they arrived back on Velmor. In the ensuing intrigue, Denid found himself the only surviving member of the royalty, after Anod was shot by Traal and Zelor was defeated by Luke. He assumed the throne which was rightfully his, and agreed to throw off the yoke of Imperial control and join the Alliance. Leia respectfully refused his marriage proposal, and Denid agreed that the Alliance needed her more than he did. (LTA2, MC49)

this young man was the Prince of the planet Naldar, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He died some two years before the Battle of Endor, when Imperial forces first tried to subjugate Naldar. His twin sister, Princess Vila, assumed his identity in order to help rally support for fighting back against the Imperials. Before his death, Denin wished to meet a true Jedi Master and train as Jedi Knight, a dream his sister tried to keep alive. It was rumored that Prince Denin became part of the Force when he died, and was reunited with Vila when she died trying to save Flint. (MC92)

this woman was married to King Lorac, of the planet Velmor, during the height of the New Order. When the Empire subjugated Velmor, some years before the Battle of Yavin, Denira and her family was executed by a mob which had been funded by the Empire. Only two sons, Denid and Anod, escaped the death and destruction. (LTA2, WOTC)

Denirid, Jondrix
a native of Bridin Anchorage, this young man attended the Brandis Technical Institute during the early years of the New Republic. His father, Thalis, and his mother emmigrated to the planet during the Galactic Civil War. (GG11)

Denirid, Thalis
this man moved his family to the colony world of Bridin Anchorage during the Galactic Civil War. Although he was glad to be away from the war, he was saddened by the amount of illegal activity on the planet. (GG11)

Deniv Corsignis
this Chargrian male was the founder and chief executive officer of the Corsignis Property Alliance during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known for his bullish sense of business, preferring to crash his way through obstacles rather than negotiating around them. (WOA25)

Denizens of Dakaret IX
this poorly-received holo-movie premiered shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Starring Quintana Trill, the film was a critical flop. (GFT)

Denka Melru
this was the name of a noted Adarian individual. (UANT)

according to Ewok legend, this night spirit often tricked Ewoks into walking off the edges of platforms in the dark. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

Denn Walc
this Arcona male was the son of Nest Leader Kimar Walc. Denn was famous for having spent years collecting and sifting through data on the female of his generation, in an effort to locate a suitable mate. Denn hoped to secure his place as the future Nest Leader, and to provide an heir. However, all his work proved worthless when he discovered that his "perfect mate" was heavily addicted to salt, and therefore unable to bear offspring. (EGA)

this young man was a student of xenoarcheology at the University of Agamar during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Denna was part of the team which traveled to Bimmiel with Anki Pace, to serach for Jedi artifacts. He and Vil were sent out to repair some equipment but failed to return. It was believed that they were captured and enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong. (DTO)

Denna, Dams
this diminutive Naboo was a noted animal trainer and herdmaster, and served the royalty of Naboo in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Denna had a place of honor in the celebration of the victory over the Trade Federation, controlling the kaadu and fambaa which were ridden by the Gungan military in the celebratory parade. Denna was also a collector of Linn'con memorabilia. (CCG15)

this planet was the site of a secret Santhe/Seinar laboratory. (SWJ9)

manufacturers of starship laser weapons, such as quad-laser cannons. (TT)

this planet was similar to Coruscant in the fact that the entire planet was devoted to urban cities and business sectors. Denon was second only to Coruscant in the galaxy in terms of the amount of commercial activity that took place on its surface each year. In the wake of the galaxy's invasion by the Yuuzhan Vong and the surrender of the alien invaders at Coruscant, the fledgling Galactic Alliance chose to make a temoprary base of operations on Denon, rather than continue on Mon Calamari, because of its proximity to the Core and the fact that it had escaped the notice - and destruction - of the Yuuzhan Vong. (VD2, UF)

this was a common name among the Yinchorri race. (UANT)

Dens, The
located in Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus, this residential area was set aside for the city's Selonian residents. (CCW)

a material with an incredibly high melting point. (SE)

Dent, Gans
this man was one of the associate directors of Galladinium Galactic Exports during the height of the New Order. (SWJ12)

Denta Bean
this was a major foodstuff of the Old Republic. (CCW)

this planet was the site of a raid by Crix Madine, when he was still a member of the Empire. The Imperial Governor, Taliff, had been deposed by the Dentaal Independence Party, which had declared the planet a free world. Madine was told to make the rebellious world cooperate, and to do so he planted the seeds of a Candorian plague there. Madine followed his orders, but he never felt good about doing it. During a series of military maneuvers on the planet, Madine simply disappeared from the Imperial armed forces. The Empire later blamed the plague, which killed nearly every living being on the planet, on the Alliance. The Alliance, however, discovered that the plague was similar to a plague that was unleashed on Sedesia. (DS, SWJ5)

Dentaal Independence Party
led by Hancc Rellow, the DIP was formed when the Empire took control of the planet Dentaal. Governor Taliff completely disbanded the ruling House of Dentaal, allowing the Empire to be in full control of the planet's politics. The surviving members of the house met in secret and formed the DIP, which eventually ousted Taliff in a bloody coup and reclaimed Dentaal for themselves. This action resulted in the Empire's own form of retaliation, in which Crix Madine and a team of commandos unleashed the Candorian plague on the planet. (SWJ5)

Dentamma Nebula
this gaseous cloud was ruled by a royal house. (AE)

Dentani Starport
this starport was under the control of Governor Desh during the Galactic Civil War. (GG10)

Dentarian Ripple
a deceivingly strong alcoholic drink. (GMH)

Denua Ku
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior served as one of Warmaster Tsavong Lah's personal guards, during the invasion of the galaxy. Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Denua Ku was ordered to watch over Viqi Shesh. It was easy to distinguish Denua Ku from other Yuuzhan Vong, by the simple fact that his skin was dominated by a long and puckering scar. This scar originated atop his skull, then ran down his face and neck, criss-crossing his chest, and then running down his right leg. This was one of the first scars he had caused in his flesh, as many tattooes and scars ran across it. When the Warmaster began suspecting that his failing radank claw implant was the result of the meddling of priests, Denua Ku was placed in charge of rooting out the possible suspects and bringing them before the Warmaster. When it was learned that a Force-wielding being was loose on Coruscant, Denua Ku was ordered to take Viqi Shesh to the planet's surface and locate the being. They were unknowingly searching for the being known as Lord Nyax, and several times their party got separated and Shesh escaped. Denua Ku managed to survive an attack by the Dark Jedi and hunted the former Kuat Senator down using a nisbat. He nearly died during an attack on the Jedi infiltration team lead by Luke Skywalker, falling from a destroyed catwalk and impaling himself on a length of rebar. Mortally wounded, Denua Ku refused to allow the Kuati to escape. He used every last ounce of strength to track her down in the Tersons' apartment. However, rather than die at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, Shesh threw herself out a window and fell to her death. Denua Ku, too exhausted to continue, died in the apartment. (EL1, EL2)

Denuab Venithon
this Ithorian and his twin brother, Dorin, were among the most vicious pirates of the New Order. This made them a great aberration to the normally placid Ithorian people. Formerly members of such notable groups as the Fivaran Organization, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, and the Yarnak Gang, the Venithon Twins joined the Hy'thor Pirates shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Twins left the Fivaran Organization after a failed raid on the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI, and fled to the Hy'thor gang, where they quickly established themselves as cruel leaders. They were even made special ambassadors to Safonne Pendon's gang. Whereas Dorin was belligerent and bullish, Denuab was somewhat reasonable and diplomatic. (AIR)

this planet is the site of a Baragwin colony. The Baragwins of Denuhi-8 are known as friendly, cautious individuals. (GG12)

Denusian Squirmer
this long-bodied, blue-shelled crustacean was a favored delicacy of the Hutts. They lacked any true legs, but their arms ended in heavy claws. (T7)

a tough, sturdy fabric used for work clothes. (LCM)

Deodurn Polar Pipeline
this was one of the largest water pipelines found on the planet Coruscant, supplying a large section of Imperial City with fresh water. (CCW)

De'Ono, Luther
this rugged young man was in his mid-twenties when he was named part of the ExGal-4 team sent to Belkadan. He was part of the search group sent out to locate a huge storm which had been detected on their sensors. When Bendodi Ballow-Reese realized that the ecological damage to Belkadan - caused by Yomin Carr's dweebit beetles - was going to kill them before they could return, he turned over his oxygen packs and fled into the jungle. Luther thought he was crazy and tried to follow, by Bendodi shot Luther in the chest, then Bendodi shot himself. (VP)

De-Orbiting Kinetic Anti-emplacement Weapon
this crude form of projectile weapon was used on many backwater worlds during the height of the Clone Wars. Known as DOKAW, this projectile was simply a solid, 200-kilogram cylinder of durasteel, about the size of a missile. To these cylinders, rudimentary propulsion and guidance systems were attached to allow for more specific placement of the missile. Launched from orbital platforms, a DOKAW was used to bombard ground-based weapons emplacements or bunkers. While not as sophisticated or accurate as other guided missiles, a DOKAW was nevertheless cheaper and just as devastating to the enemy. This made them a favorite weapon of backwater tyrants and military forces who wanted to quickly eliminate the opposition's positions. (SHPT)

the meaning of this Zabrak surname was unclear, but translated into Basic as "swimmer". (GCG)

Depa Billaba
this slender Chalactan Jedi Master was a member of the Jedi Council, and was part of the group that deliberated over the possible training of young Anakin Skywalker. She was rescued from a band of space pirates when she was just six months old. Her rescuer turned out to be Mace Windu, who recognized her strength with the Force and brought her back to Coruscant. There, she grew up among the other Jedi trainees, becoming Windu's Padawan and eventually became a Jedi Knight. She chose to honor her parents by living by the native culture of Chalacta, and embraced many of its religious tenets. She wore the Mark of Illumination, given to her upon her achivement of the rank of Jedi Knight. Depa, who was one of the youngest beings ever elected to serve on the Jedi Council, was known in the Council for her insights. Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, Master Billaba was dispatched to Haruun Kal, in an effort to earn the trust of the native Korunnai in supporting the Old Republic. She disappeared just a few months into her mission, until a recording was found hidden in the mouth of a murdered Balawai woman. The woman had been brutally injured before and after her death, giving rise to the belief that Master Billaba had turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Her old Master, Mace Windu, was sent to locate her, and discovered that she had allied herself with Kar Vastor. During her time on Haruun Kal, Master Billaba had lost a good deal of weight, and her appearance had become haggard. She had even removed the Greater Mark of Illumination from her forehead, and had covered the scar with a rag. Master Billaba had been the mastermind behind the Upland Liberation Front, hoping to keep a ragtag group of surviving Korunnai from being exterminated by the Balawai who were allied with the Separatists. An early victory in forcing the Separatists off Haruun Kal was later proven false, as the Separatists had simply backed off into the Gevarno Cluster to later ambush any Republic reinforcements. Master Billaba decided that her place was on Haruun Kal, helping the Korunnai defend their freedom and their right to live on their homeworld. She turned over her lightsaber to Master Windu, and set out to defeat the Balawai with Vastor's help. When Windu refused to let her free of her commitment to the Jedi, she struggled internally between that commitment and her intense desire to free the Korunnai. During Master Windu's suicidal plans to take Pelek Baw from the Balawai, Depa was caught by the blast of a proton grenade and thrown to the ground. She faked her death, trying to decide where her loyalties lay. When Windu tried to revive her, she grabbed her lightsaber and ignited it, spearing her teacher through the stomach. Windu survived, and managed to defeat the forces protecting Pelek Baw. His efforts brought the Summertime War to an end, but Master Billaba was emotionally and mentally lost by this time. She was returned to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple, but was held for trial until she could recover. Her crimes were listed as crimes against civilization, a category of crimes which had not been prosecuted since the Great Sith War. Until she was able to stand trial, however, Depa remained at the Jedi Temple, where she was cared for by many Jedi healers, including T'ra Saa. (TPM, IG1, OWS, SHPT, RSF)

Department of Cost Accounting
this branch of the Old Republic's Ministry of Finance was charged with determining whether or not certain expenses were worth the Republic's investment. The Department was pressed into service heavily during the early stages of the Clone Wars, in an effort to determine whether further development of the clone trooper program was warranted. (SWI65)

Department of Information
this New Republic agency was in charge of registering and documenting all claims made by scouts and explorers who discover new planets. (GG8)

Department of Personnel
this New Republic agency was charged with maintaining the employment records of any being working for the New Republic. The Department of Personnel was in charge of paying salaries, hiring and firing, and assigning work locations. (GG8)

Department of Supply
this New Republic agency was charged with ensuring that there were sufficient resources - droids, ships, survival gear, food, etc. - available for the discovery and/or colonization of new planets. (GG8)

this was one of the many floating cities found in the atmosphere of the planet Genarius. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, it was believed that elements of the Sith were working from a base on Depatar, in preparation for an attack on the Almas Academy. (WOTC)

this was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located in the Swamplands, on an island located between the East and Outer Washes (GORW)

Depil Cream
this was a form of skin cream used to treat acne and other conditions common in humanoid teenagers, during the last years of the Old Republic. (MJH)

Deponn Shipyards
this was one of the three primary starship construction facilities that made up the Kuat Drive Yards. Like its companions, the Deponn Shipyards was located in a ring of facilities that orbited the planet Kuat. (CCW)

this was the title held by the leaders of the Bank of Aargau. (PH)

Depot, The
this was Gilad Pellaeon's name for the area of space surrounding the planet Wayland, during the early years of the New Republic. The name was in reference to the fact that Imperial forces were massing near Wayland to acquire crews of clones, and the Chimaera was the primary ship on guard duty. (DFR)

this was the somewhat derogatory term used to describe the small security forces assigned to guard Imperial supply depots during the Galactic Civil War. (IA)

a local Tatooinan term for death, as in "buy the Depp." It was coined following the death of Prefect Orun Depp at the hands of an assassin droid. (TJP)

Depp, Orun
this minor Imperial Prefect served under Tour Aryon. He was a bureaucrat who specialty seemed to be the administration of land deeds. He was suddenly killed by an assassin droid. (TM, GG7)

Depp, Sylvet
Orun Depp's brother, Sylvet worked as a clerk in the Mos Eisley branch of Zygian Savings and Loan. (GG7)

raised on Eriadu, Deppo grew up racing swoops and tinkering with their components. His parents threw him out when he was 11, and so he was forced to take odd repair jobs. He was caught stealing a speederbike owned by the bodyguards of Governor Tarkin's niece, and was forced to work in the motor pool. His skill with mechanics earned him additional training, and he worked his way up to the position of an Imperial engineer working on the World Devastators. When the ship he was working on was attacked, he escaped in a lifepod and was rescued by the Alliance from the seas of Calamari. (DE1, DESB)

this was a form of aquatic armor developed for use by the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Each black depthsuit was made from a flexible material that provided a clone trooper with protection against the intense pressures and temperature changes encountered underwater, allowing them to gain access to a remote location by moving through deep water to avoid detection. (TCD)

Deptronic Infusion Tank
used aboard all Mon Calamari starships, these spheres provide the needed environment to maintain Mon Calamari health outside of their native oceans. (SWTJ)

this luxurious city was located on the planet Ord Cantrell. It was the site of some of the most luxurious resorts in the galaxy. (CE2)

this Jeodu, who maintained a base of operation on the planet Qiaxx, tried to revive the Black Sun organization after the death of Prince Xizor at Coruscant. Emperor Palpatine sent Mara Jade to eliminate himon Svivren, where he had been trying to gather the support of other crimelords in the development of Black Nebula. In the Basic tongue, the word 'Dequc' means "whitehead." Dequc had many of his lieutenants impersonate him, hoping to drive off assassins. After using Captain Strok's troops as a diversion, Mara quickly infiltrated Dequc's offices in Wrils and beheaded one of his stand-ins. However, she found out that she had not executed Dequc, and was forced to rework her plans. It was during this time that Emperor Palpatine was killed over Endor, and Mara was imprisoned by Ysanne Isard. She infiltrated Dequc's palace on Qiaxx, and used a bust of Prince Xizor to care out her plans. Mara Jade hid an remote control device inside it, along with her ligthsaber, in hopes of entering Dequc's private chambers in order to execute the crimelord. She claimed that Xizor had hidden a treasure map inside it, and when Dequc opened it, she activated the remote control. The device ignited the lightsaber, piercing Dequc's head and killing him instantly. (MJEH)

this woman was one of the many salvagers who established a niche on the Khoonda Plains of Dantooine, in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. Like her fellow salvagers, Deraala split her time between scavenging the ruins of the Jedi Enclave for useful artifacts and selling them to other members of the Khoonda Plains community. (KOTOR2)

Deral Reiko
this Reussi was an informant who grew up in Torel Vorne's criminal organization. He evolved into an efficient asset locator, and has developed his own information agency. In this capacity, he supplies bounty hunters with information of newly-posted bounties. (GG9)

this small creature is often kept as a pet. (JAL)

Derble Fonkin
this was the name of a distingished member of the Toong society. (UANT)

this Zeltron male fell in love with Leia Organa while at a conference on Kabray, during the height of the New Order. She seemed to have exceptional "emotional resonance" to Derc, who then used his Zeltron pheromones to try and woo her. However, Leia was too busy in her work for the Alliance, and the appearance of both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo drove Derc away before he could even ask for her name. He talked about the incident with Jojo the bartender, who suggested that Derc try and use Essence of Zeltros to enhance his own natural abilities. Derc took the perfume and spent several months trying to locate Leia again. (PH)

an Imperial system patrol craft operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

a member of Imperial Intelligence's Internal Security division, Derdram was assigned to the Executor when the massive ship was placed under the command of Darth Vader. Derdram was responsible for making sure that Imperial personnel were safe from Alliance saboteurs. (CCG4)

this man, a member of the crew of the Jynni's Virtue, was killed on the planet Korriban by unknown forces, after the ship was forced to crash-land on the planet, near the Valley of Golg. Shortly afterward, Derec's reanimated body returned to attack the ship's surviving crew, having been turned into a thing known as a Korriban Zombie. (PH)

one of Wedge Antilles' Rogue Squadron X-Wing pilots, serving during the early days of the New Republic. (XWRS)

Derel, Minas
this man worked on the planet Pirin as a licensed expeditor, which meant that he helped bounty hunters locate the most recently-posted bounties. He tried to match the target to the hunter, in order to maximize the chances of success. Derel skimmed a percentage off the top of the total bounty collected as his fee. (GG10)

Derelict Planet Reclamation Act
this law was enacted by the Galactic Alliance, in the wake of the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, some thirty years after the Battle of Endor. The DPRA basically stated that any being who could pilot a starship was free to seek out planets that had once been inhabitable, but had been damaged by Yuuzhan Vong terraforming. These planets had been deemed unusable, but over time it became obvious that life would slowly return to normal if left alone. Thus, these planets were able to be resettled within five years of the Galactic Alliance's victory. The Reconstruction Authority was then charged with overseeing the claims made by these new explorers, and ensuring that proper credit was given to the discovery of new worlds. Many feared that the Authority was being funded by wealthy corporations like RePlanetHab, in order to gain certain preferential treatment when it came to claiming rights, since corporate raiders always seemed to simply track independent explorers before jumping their claims. (DN1)

Derelkoos Desert
located on the planet Klatooine, this desert is famous for the Fountain of the Ancients. Found in the center of the desert, the Fountain rests in a bowl-shaped depression. From this depression, liquid wintrium seeps. The wintrium forms fabulous, enduring shapes and patterns as it hardens over many centuries. The Fountain holds many cultural significances for the Klatooinan people. (GG12)

Derellium Wine
a native Lianna vintage of wine. (ML)

Derem City
this was one of the largest pre-deluge cities ever established on the planet Kamino. Derem City was once the capital of Kamino, until it was buried under three kilometers of water. However, this depth meant that Derem City was also the most accessible of the ruins that made up the former Kaminoan civilization, and modern Kaminoans often made pilgrimages to the ruins to contemplate their existence. The city itself was well-conceived and laid-out, with glorious sunspires dotting the perimeter. These sunspires eventually formed the anchors for the Razoral Reefs. Exploration of the Derem City ruins uncovered a vast library that appeared to have been maintained by a group of Jedi Knights, as it contained a sea-crystal holocron that was later discovered to have been created by Qalsneek the Bull. (GORW)

Deremot, Solla
this woman was a research scientist, and was part of Imperial research team MS-133 during the early years of the New Republic. A native of Kal'Shebbol, Solla was educated in the Colonies before returning to her homeworld. She found herself torn between the Imperial control over her planet and her own beliefs in the tenets of the New Republic, especially after she was selected to work as an assistant to Doctor Lancer Brunou on Aaris III. (DARK)

this frozen ball of ice was the sixth planet in the Beheboth System. (PH)

this felinoid alien worked with Jabot to con wealthy beings out of their fortunes in card games. Both Dereth and Jabot had Traxes BioElectronics implant communicators placed in their skulls, allowing them to transmit and receive each other's thoughts. Using the implant communicators, Dereth hid behind a screen and monitored Jabot's opponents, silently sending information on the cards the opponent held and their actions during the card game. (GFT)

this man worked with his partner, Jaboth, as a professional gambler. They owed their success in high-stakes games of sabacc and Helcos to technology, as the pair had communications implants placed in their skulls. These devices allowed them to communicate without attracting attention, and they could discuss what the others players and the dealer were holding. (EGW)

a planet. (SWI67)

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