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Drup II
this gas giant is the second planet in the Drup's Star System. It has 5 natural moons. (WBC)

Drup III
this volcabic world is the third planet in the Drup's Star System. It has two natural moons. (WBC)

Drup's Companion
this is the smaller of the two stars which are at the center of the Drup's Star System. (WBC)

Drup's Star
this star is the primary of the two stars that are found in the Drup's Star System. It is larger than its twin, Drup's Companion. (WBC)

Drurish System
this largely uninhabited star system, located near Kuat, served as a staging area for passenger starships outbound from the Kuat Passenger Port. (PSPG)

this Drall female was the owner of the Luminous Gardens, during the early years of the New Republic. (CCW)

Drutash Grub
this small creature was consumed as a Sullustan delicacy, often served with omaton sauce. (XW, EGP)

this alien pirate was part of the team which was led by Larken and Sahr, during the height of the New Order. Druug was the pilot of the Profit supporting Larken and the Pillage. The team once tried to attack the lowly freighter known as Kizbon's Box. They were unaware that it was actually an Interceptor-class Helix freighter, more than well-enough armed to handle the pirates. Druug and the Profit were quickly destroyed by the Kizbon's Box. (SWJ5)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "deep voice" - or, more literally, "ground thunder", in reference to tremors and quakes experienced on Sullust. (GCG)

this food was often served sliced, and covered with a fish sauce. (YDR)

Dr'uun Unnh
this Sullustan pilot was a member of the Alliance. When he was not in a starfighter, Dr'uun Unnh was a thorough and meticulous naturalist. He created a number of in-depth studies of planetary ecologies, and was delighted when the Alliance shifted its base of the fourth moon of Yavin. He spent a great deal of his ground time exploring the jungles. However, this proved to be his downfall, for he was out in the jungles when the Alliance began its assault on the first Death Star. He never made it into the battle, but was killed when Qorl's TIE Fighter crashed on the moon. The crippled fighter slammed into the camp he was occupying. He was buried on Yavin 4. Dr'uun's body was discovered by the Empire, and a sample taken to Dantooine, where it was cloned in an experimental rapid-cloning process. (ISU, GOF11)

native to the planet Socorro, this large herbivore was raised for its meat and hide. They lived near the water, which provided bouyancy to their heavy bodies. In case of attack, herds of druyza would plunge into the water and submerge themsevles to hide. Docile and furless, the druyza were distinguished by the two curved tusks which jutted down from the upper jaws. Many Socorro nomads domesticated the druyza and used them as beasts of burden or transportation. (BSS)

this lift-mine was created by Norsam for the Empire. It had a range of operation from 10 meters to 40 meters, and measured a meter in diameter. The DR-X55 can move quite fast, and can bring itself within detonation range in a matter of seconds. (CFG)

this Ishi Tib owned and operated Docking Bay 87 at the Mos Eisley Spaceport. Known to his associates as "Drue," he is an easy-going businessperson who is uncompromising and never forgets a debt. (GG7)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "elder" or "wizened", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Dry Gene Wheat
this crop, grown on the planet Skann, is one of the key ingredients in Skannbult Likker. (GG9)

Dry Goods Emporium
located in the riverfront district of the city of Hedrett, on Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic, this exquisitely-detailed building was the largest distributor of dried foodstuffs on the planet. It was owned by Cal Majjer during the last years of the Old Republic. The metalwork on the exterior of the building was done in deep, rustic colors, giving the building the appearance that it had been built out of wood. (EOS)

this Wookiee, one of Chewbacca's many cousins, was an accomplished pilot. In the early days of the Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk, Dryanta served under Katarra in the Wookiee resistance. When Chewie returned to Kashyyyk to attend to Lumpawarump's Test of Ascenion, he left the Millennium Falcon in the hands of Dryanta and Jowdrrl. The two Wookiees worked on implementing several improvements to the aging ship, including a 360-degree viewscreen and upgraded weapons systems. (TT, RD)

this Dim-U High Priest commanded the monastery on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War. He tried to appear superior to the regular priests by bathing more often, and wearing nicer clothes. (TM)

Dry-scale Hives
this was a skin affliction which affected the Rodian race. (UYV)

Drysso, Joak
this staunch Imperial supporter served as the Captain of the Virulence in the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. When the Executor was destroyed at Endor, Drysso took the Virulence and ran, hoping to make it to Imperial space before the Alliance's forces could catch him. He then served Ysanne Isard, and was eventually promoted to the command of the Lusankya, making way for his executive officer, Lakwii Vaarscha, to take command of the Virulence. When Isard ordered the destruction of the Rogue Squadron space station at Yag'Dhul, she sent both Varrscha and Drysso to do the job. However, Drysso was maneuvered by Booster Terrik into a position that locked the Lusankya in the space station's tractor beams, and Terrik brought all weapons to bear on the Super-class Star Destroyer. The Virulence interposed itself between the Lusankya and the space station, allowing Drysso the opportunity to escape. He took the chance offered to him, believing that Varrscha and the Virulence were destroyed. In fact, the ship was captured by Terrik. Drysso returned to Thyferra, and was defending the world when the Rogues initiated their attack. As the Battle of Thyferra began, the Lusankya took heavy fire from the recommissioned Star Destroyer Freedom, but managed to disable the smaller ship. Drysso then pummeled the Rogues' flee of freighters and smaller ships until the Virulence reappeared. Drysso believed that the tide had finally turned his way. However, the Virulence was under the command of Booster Terrik, and its starfighter bays were full of A-Wings under the command of Pash Cracken. Once again, the Lusankya took heavy fire until it was left adrift. Drysso threatened to ram the ship into the planet below, but he was shot by Lieutenant Waroen before he could execute this plan. Ysanne Isard later revealed that she had ordered Drysso to flee Thyferra, knowing that he would never leave his post. She sent Drysso to his death so that she would eventually have a chance to recover the Lusankya, once the New Republic had refitted her. (BW, IR)

the Alliance CR90 corvette group that escorted Alliance diplomats to a rendezvous with the Sullustans just prior to the Battle of Yavin. (XW)

this Imperial starfighter pilot was assigned as Soontir Fel's wingman during the Battle of Endor. Piloting Saber 3, this pilot was known as "Fel's Wrath," and trained under Fel at the Prefsbelt Imperial Academy. (CCG11)

this Imperial starfighter pilot served as Major Phennir's wingman during the Battle of Endor. He was recruited into the 181st fighter wing after scoring twelve kills during the subjugation of the planet Calamari. (CCG11)

this was the callsign of one of the TIE Fighters which defended the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG3)

this was the designation of one of the many Imperial TIE Fighters used during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG4)

this Alliance deep-space outpost was Admiral Harkov's primary rendezvous point when he defected to the Alliance. Unfortunately, he was intercepted there by Darth Vader and executed. (TIE)

this was the designation of one of the many Imperial TIE Fighters used during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG4)

this was the callsign of one of the TIE Fighters which defended the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG3)

the TIE Fighter pilot assigned to fly Black 2 as Darth Vader's wingman during the Battle of Yavin. He had the nickname "Mauler Mithel." His TIE Fighter was 27 flames painted on its hull, one for every kill of an Alliance starship. He also had a holo of his son, Rejii, mounted on the control yoke. (CCG)

the TIE Fighter pilot assigned to fly Black 3 as Darth Vader's wingman during the Battle of Yavin. He had the nickname "Backstabber." He had a Corellian slice-hound painted on his TIE Fighter. (CCG)

this Imperial TIE Fighter pilot was known as the "Dark Curse," and was assigned to the first Death Star. He was one of the pilots who served in the offensives against Ralltiir and Calamari, and served as an alternate to Darth Vader's two primary wingmen. DS-61-4 flew TIE Fighter Black 4 during the Battle of Yavin, and managed to score a hit on Luke Skywalker's X-Wing. (CCG2)

this was the callsign of one of the TIE Fighters which defended the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG3)

this was the callsign of one of the TIE Fighters which defended the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG3)

this was the designation of one of the many Imperial TIE Fighters used during the Battle of Yavin. (TCG4)

Dsalian Theories
this set of theories dealt with low-atmopshere combat tactics. (AIR)

this was the designation of one of the Dreadnaughts that was part of the Outbound Flight starship. D-Six was one of the five Dreadnaughts which was buried when the ship crashed into a large planetoid in the Redoubt, after it was attacked by a group of Chiss led by Thrawn. It was in D-Six that the Outbound Flight Colony established the Quarantine for potential Force-sensitive individuals. If a strong connection to the Force was discovered, an individual was exiled to D-Three. (SQ)

this planet was the innermost planet of the Coyn System. It was a hot, rocky, volcanic wasteland. The name "D'Skar" meant "dagger" in the Coynese language. (PG3)

this was the name of the traditional Coynite dagger used in combat. (OE)

this personal rocket pack was developed by Zandraman during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was a small, planetary shield generator produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the early years of the New Order. (EGW)

this was the identification number of the Desert Sands Stormtrooper who failed to recover R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Lars homestead on Tatooine. (MTS)

this was a unit of measurement which described the amount of data a portable device could hold. Indicating a data screen unit, each DSU contained enough information to fill the screen of a standard datapad. (EGW)

this was the model of blaster used by the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo. Poroduced by BlasTech, the DT-12 heavy blaster pistol sacrificed weight and accuracy for sheer power. Its large grip was suited for non-human hands, making it popular among Rodians and other races. (JKG, AEG)

this was the model number of Greff-Timms Industrial's SnapShoot quick-draw pulse-wave blaster. It was a favored "last resort" used by law officers during the Old Republic, as its design and rapid firing capabilities, which gave them an edge in a duel. (TOJC, GUN)

this was one of the high-powered blasters produced by BlasTech during the era of the Clone Wars. It was known as the Annihilator, was highly customizable, and was classified as a super-heavy blaster. General Grievous used one of these blasters, which had incredible power without a loss of range. (VD3, WOTC)

d'Tana, Keil
one of the early aliases used by Han Solo, during his tenure with Garris Shrike. He later tried to use the alias in order to sell the Talisman to Truthful Toryn, but the Duros was already aware of the fact that the ship was stolen. He saw through the alias, but offered to take the ship off Han's hands for scrap prices. Han was forced to accept the offer. (TPS)

see Detonite Tape. (ROE)

this Rodian corporation produced a variety of specialized droids for use by Rodian bounty hunters. (SPG)

this was the designation of one of the Dreadnaughts that was part of the Outbound Flight starship. D-Three was one of the five Dreadnaughts which was buried when the ship crashed into a large planetoid in the Redoubt, after it was attacked by a group of Chiss led by Thrawn. During the crash, the turbolift pylons connecting D-Three to the rest of the ship were damaged, virtually cutting it off from the other five Dreadnaughts. Because of this, it was in D-Three that the Outbound Flight Colony established an isolated prison for beings suspected to have some connection to the Force. If these individuals actually exhibited some control of the Force, they were first sent to the Quarantine on D-Six. There, potential Force-sensitives were tested. Any member of the colony who exhibited a strong connection to the Force was then incarcerated in D-Three to keep them from acting against the rest of the colony. It was believed that only two individuals had ever been sent to D-Three, although many wanted Evlyn Tabory to be sent there, after she was discovered to have the ability to use the Force. (SQ)

this Gorothite j'ber, based in the o'beki of Graith, was generally considered as the primary political force on Goroth Prime, during the height of the New Order. (GSE)

D'Trel B'Far Talis
this Gorothite was a member of the D'Trel clan. (GSE)

D'Trel B'Krel D'Naz
this Gorothite spoke out against the environmentally-sealed cities established on Goroth Prime by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. (GSE)

D'Trel B'Rar Jok
this Gorothite served as the Rel'Kan of her people during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She was little more than a figurehead, but was dedicated to use whatever power she commanded to help the Gorothites. Privately, she supported the Gor'Jen'Ar, but feared being discovered as a rebel. (GSE)

this was the designation of one of the Dreadnaughts that was part of the Outbound Flight starship. D-Two was one of the five Dreadnaughts which was buried when the ship crashed into a large planetoid in the Redoubt, after it was attacked by a group of Chiss led by Thrawn. (SQ)

this was the designation of an Imperial orbital detection satellite used to protect secret planetary installations. (SWJ11)

D-type Fighter
this is the basic Yevethan starfighter design. The D-type was named for its delta-wing formation. They were 12 meters in length, and were flown by a single pilot. Each was armed with three laser cannons, mounted on each wing and the tail. Like TIE Fighters, these ships were not hyperspace-capable, but they did have shields. (SOL, CTD)

this Huttese pronoun translated into Basic as "you." (E1A14)

Du Hatta
this was one of the many worlds colonized by the Hutts. (SWI67)

meaning "sharp-tongued", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Dual 20PCX
this is a two-chambered fuel injector used on pod racers and other high-speed ground craft. (RAC)

Dual 32PCX
this is a two-chambered fuel injector used on pod racers and other high-speed ground craft. (RAC)

Duality, The
this was a popular Tarrack cult founded on the principles of joy and service. (TT)

Dual-Phase Lightsaber
this was the term used by the Jedi Knights to describe any lightsaber which was constructed to operate at two different blade lengths. These weapons were rare, because very few of the crystals used in lightsaber combat could handle the additional power required to extend a blade's length. (PJSB)

this was a common name given members of Trianii society. (WOTC, UANT)

this rock-eating beast was native to the planet Cularin. Measuring up to three meters in length, it was named for the fact that it had two heads at the end of its neck, which it used to dig wide tunnels through the rocks which gave it sustainence. These creatures migrated to Cloud Mountain after the volcano erupted, where they found vast quantities of molten ores being brought to the surface. The dua-wurm fed by biting into the rock and leaving behind a saliva which was filled with acid. This broke down the rock and made digestion easier. When miners discovered Cularin's rich natural resources, the duam-wurm was considered a dangerous nuisance, since it ate the very ores that were being mined, and viciously defended its territory. (WOTC)

this was the Huttese word for the number three (3). The Hutts used a base-eight numbering system, since their hands had just four fingers each. (GMR5, TF)

this Fyodoi is Kalor's son. (PG2)

this was an insult used on Antipose XII. It was also a secret code word used by Lando Calrissian to gain entrance to Bohhuah Mutdah's spaceport on Oseon 5792, during the early years of the New Order. (LCF)

this swampy, semi-tropcial world was the homeworld of the Dubravan race. Jal Te Gniev was sent to this backwater planet as an Alliance recruiter after he stole an X-Wing and crashed it, in an attempt to prove he was as good a pilot as Luke Skywalker. (VQ)

this humanoid race is native to the planet Dubrava. They have bright green skin and glowing eyes. There is no nose on their face, and their heads are covered with shaggy hair. (VQ)

this planet was a twin to the world of Destrillion. Both were located near the asteroid system known as Lando's Folly. A blue-and-green world from space, Dubrillion is a lush planet that is the exact opposite of Destrillion. Lando Calrissian, while the owner of Lando's Folly, used Dubrillion to house living facilities and luxury suites. Unfortunately for Lando, the Yuuzhan Vong moved into the asteroid field and set up a sort of base camp. They picked off several ships traveling to and from Dubrillion, but in general allowed the natives of the planet to flee for the Inner Rim. However, as soon as the New Republic began to evacuate the planet, the Vong attacked the remaining natives, decimating the fleeing refugees before the rest escaped. Eventually, the Yuuzhan Vong, under the command of Shedao Shai, established a new base of operations on Dubrillion. (VP, DTO, DTR)

Dubrillion Aquarium
this vast collection of Dubrillion's native ocean life was taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong and used as a base of operations by Shedao Shai. The Aquariums appealed to the Yuuzhan Vong reverence of life, and were kept more or less intact. (DTR)

an Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was one of the many noble ranks that could be held by Hapan males. (DN1)

Armanda Durkin's piratical alter ego. Duchess has been harassing Notsub Shipping freighters, stealing their contents and escaping in the Vengeful Sandstorm. (GG7)

this female Duros was the sister of Durgard Bruran. She was one of the most outspoken Duros during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, vehemently questioning the New Republic's lack of defense against the alien invaders. Ducilla despised the idea of diversity which was embraced by the Republic, claiming that symbiosis among the various alien races was only stagnating the government's ability to act. She preached for a single governmental regime, not unlike that of the Empire, in order to bring about an end to the Yuuzhan Vong. (BP)

species of this long-necked avian were native to Naboo and a wealth of other worlds. (SWN)

this temperate world was the third planet in the Utos System. (CCW)

Duct Unlimited
this major manufacturer of starship life support systems was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA)

Dud Bolt
this alien, a Vulptereen with a long, crocodilian snout, was one of the Outer Rim's best pod racers. He has been secretly hired by Sebulba to protect the Dug during podraces. Dud Bolt favored the podracers built by his own people, and drove an RS557 model for many years. In the famous Boonta Eve Classic podrace won by young Anakin Skywalker, Dud crashed and failed to finish the race. (RAC, IG1, PRT)

this was the Gungan term for manure. (E1A9)

Duel, Rik
a smuggling friend from Han Solo's and Lando Calrissian's early years on Nar Shaddaa, Rik Duel helped the Alliance take out the bounty hunter base on Stenos. He and his companions, Chihdo and Dani, had joined the Alliance after seeing what the Empire was doing to freelance smugglers, and found themselves wrapped up in the ancient religion of the Stenax people. After the Alliance fled Stenos, Rik remained behind, ostensibly as a point of contact in case any other Alliance personnel returned to Stenos. In reality, Rik was searching for the statue of the lost god Vol, which he believed would earn him the respect and loyalty of the Stenaxes. However, as soon as the statue was located, Duel threatened to take the statue to Imperial Governor Matrin. He nearly succeeded, but the Stenaxes learned of his plans and set out to recover their statue. It was believed that Rik, along with Governor Matrin, were killed by the Stenaxes before they recovered the statue of Vol. However, Duel remained on Stenos and bided his time. When Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian returned to Stenos in an effort to locate Bossk, Luke ran into Rik during an escape from a bar mob. The group managed to overcome the efforts of Bossk and IG-88 to eliminate them, freeing Stenos from the control of the bounty hunters. Rik, meanwhile, began scheming a way to use the Stenaxes as a fighting force. This never materialized into a good plan, so he rejoined Dani amd Chihdo and set out for Iskalon to salvage what they could from the ruins of Pavillion. This plan also fell through when Mone demanded that they leave the planet. (DESB, THG, MC70, MC71, MC72, MC82)

Dueling Academy
this form of educational facility was believed to pre-date even the Old Republic itself, with several being able to trace their roots back to the era of Xim the Despot. The earliest of these academies was established to teach the art of self-defense with weaponry, but over the centuries they evolved into schools which taught the art and chivalry of dueling. Each academy had its own set of philosophies on dueling, which were shaped by the master instructors and the weapons they preferred to use, but all considered physical combat to be the basest from of combat. During the height of the Old Republic, attendance and graduation from a dueling academy was a mark of prestige, conveying a worldly sense of mystique and upbringing. Many of these schools benefitted from the teachings of individuals who failed to attain the rank of Jedi Knight, for these individuals brought the art of lightsaber combat to dueling schools. For this reason, the general public came to see the Jedi Order as the greatest of all dueling academies. While many of these schools accepted the linkage to the Jedi as a way to bolster their own image, they failed to see how public opinion could influence their existence. During the last decades of the Old Republic, as the Jedi Order was deemed ineffectual in the struggles leading up to the Clone Wars, the public lost interest in dueling schools. In just a few years, all but one dueling academy - the School of Hidden Wisdom - had shut down operations and faded into history. (PJSB)

this form of vibrorapier was produced by LaserHone during the height of the New Order. (PP, WOA18)

Duelist Elite
this series of dueling droid was produced during the last decades of the Old Republic by Trang Robotics. The Duelist Elite sported some of the most sophisticated servomechanics available, giving arms and legs of the droid an incredible range of motion. The arms of the Duelist Elite were longer than a normal man's, giving a reach which negated most melee combat styles. The arms of this droid ended in unique connection sockets, into which a variety of bladed weapons could be inserted. The Duelist Elite was also equipped with an advanced cognitive matrix and artifical intelligence programming, allowing it to learn its opponent's tactics and adjust to them swiftly. (DMSH, EGD)

Duenna Derida
this old Phindian woman was a member of the Syndicat which controlled the planet Phindar during the Old Republic. She was also an agent of the local resistance movement that rose up against the Syndicat's control of the planet, and assisted Guerra and Paxxi Derida in their plan to infiltrate the Syndicat's stronghold and recover food, supplies, and valuables. The two brothers were able to enter the palace with the help of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Duenna was extremely loyal to the brothers and their cause, even in the face of renewal threats from Terra. Guerra and Paxxi later revealed to the Jedi that Duenna was their mother, and that Terra was their sister. Duenna had joined the Syndicat in order to try and restore Terra's original memories, but was unable to do so. This put her in considerable risk, but she endured it as long as there was hope for her children. (HP)

this was the name of Race Kartan's personal starfighter. (JSF)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Duffit, Stanfeld
this man was the mayor of Montrol City, on the planet Gandle Ott, during the early years of the New Republic. He enjoyed having the BRT-series droid CUTH-BRT-92-X3 installed in the city, since it relieved Duffit of having to actually participate in the day-to-day operations of the city, leaving him free to attend social gatherings. (DARK)

this underworld ritual, originating with many Hutt crimelords on Nar Shaddaa, was also known as the Cutthroat Hunt. Under the tradition of the Duff-Jikab, a being was forced to serve as the prey species in a hunt conducted by their captor. Under traditional laws, the prey was given a pre-defined head start before pursuit began, but this aspect was often overlooked in deference to getting the hunt underway. If the prey managed to survive in the wilderness for the entire day, without being captured or killed, they were allowed to go free. Otherwise, they were at the mercy of the hunters. (BHSW)

Dufilvian sector
sector of the galaxy containing Filve. (HTTE, TLC)

this alien race resembles a small horse, although it is completely hairless. The Dug have leathery, grey skin and small, beady eyes. They can easily walk on their hind legs, their forelegs, or all fours. They used their four hands to help them move through the trees of their homeworld of Malastare. Much of their language was punctuated with knuckle rapping and foot stomping. Dugs became the sworn enemies of the Gran when a group of Gran established a settlement on Malastare. They fought viciously for many years before the Old Republic intervened, as the Gran believed that the Dugs were subservient and incapable of ruling themselves. Unfortunately for the Dugs, the Republic ruled in favor of the Gran, and the Dugs were pushed to the fringes of Malastare's economy. Dug society became insular, and they turned into self-congratulatory braggarts. During the last years of the Old Republic, general opinion of the Dug race suffered because of this. They were perceived as criminals with a penchant for violence. Mating among Dug males and females was centered around a display in which the male puffed out their skin, indicating his desire to mate with a given female. If no other male was near, the female accepted the male's offer. When a Dug died, the body was prepared for a funeral by piercing it with heavy hooks. During the funeral itself, heavy iron balls that were inscribed with runes were attached to the balls, and the body was dropped into the Ghoop Ocean. (SW1, TPM, SWK, SWPRG, SWI64, NEGC)

this independent spacer built his own astromech droid, named PR6-3, to assist him in his travels. (FTD)

this was the language used by the Dug race. (GMR10)

Duggan Station
this was one of the twenty orbital stations built by the Duros above their homeworld of Duro. (BP)

this was the traditional Hapan trumpet. (DJ)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and referred to a small but ferocious predator found on Sullust.. (GCG)

this small predator was native to the tunnels and caves of the planet Sullust. It was famed among the Sullustan race for its strength and ferocity. (GCG)

Dugo Bagy
this Sullustan con artist and low-life was known to Han Solo as a source of information on Lando's Folly. Han caught up with Dugo Bagy on Reecee. He told Han of Lando's plans to mine Kerane's Folly in the Hoth asteroid belt. (VP)

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