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this medium-sized, yellow star was located in the Elrood Sector of the galaxy, and was the primary body in the Deril System. (PG3)

a mineral mined at the Arah asteroid mines. (RA2)

this is the primary planet in the Derilyn System, located in the Elrood Sector. The planet was subjugated by the Empire in a mere three days, and an entire sector army was stationed there. The various races that inhabit the planet - Coynite, Gamorrean, Human, Meris, and Teltoris - were cautious not to upset the Empire, but longed for their freedom. The Derilyn day lasts 27 standard hours, and the year lasts 350 local days. It has a varied ecology. (PG3)

Derilyn Space Central
this agency provided traffic control and protection for the starships which traveled to Derilyn. When the Empire subjugated the planet and interdicted the space from Derilyn to Berea, Derilyn Space Central was overtaken and restaffed with Imperial officers. (OE)

Derilyn Space Defense Platform
this huge space station was placed in orbit around Derilyn by the Empire, when it took control of Elrood Sector and interdicted the space from Derilyn to Berea. Originally built by Rendili StarDrive, this platform had two saucer-chaped sections connected by a thick, central fuselage. It measured 4,225 meters in length (measured from top to bottom), and was manned by a crew of 8,750 officers and 320 gunners. It had the space and capacity to house 10,400 visitors, 4,500 troops, and 1,000 prisoners. The platform could accommodate 15 million metric tons of cargo, including its sealed drydocks, and could maintain itself for five years before being resupplied. The platform was armed with 80 turbolaser batteries and 40 double turbolaser cannons. (PG3, OE)

Derilyn Travel Waiver
this permit was required by any starship which traveled between Derilyn and Berea, during the Imperial occupation of Elrood Sector. (OE)

this is the capital city of the planet Derilyn. (PG3)

this was the name adopted by the human natives of the planet Derilyn. (PG3)

this naturally docile creature was native to the planet Ohratuu. Former Alliance General Reeen Jivrak used a combination of toxins and chemicals to alter the nervous system of a deripor, turning it into a strong, violent beast used in hit-and-run attacks on his enemies. (SWJ10)

this predator was native to the inhospitable world of Sileron. They hunted in packs, using their sharp claws and their inherent fearlessness to bring down all forms of prey. (PG1)

this airborne creature is raised by the Kian'thar on Shaum Hii. Derlacs graze on the plants and animals that live near the surface of the oceans, and are prized for their flesh. Derlacs can grow to be fifteen meters in length. They are noisy beasts, and the cacophony of the derlac "cattle markets" is well-known throughout the galaxy. (GG12)

Derlag's Cantina
this small cantina was located in Mos Espa, some 32 years before the Battle of Yavin. (E1A5)

Derlin, Bren
a native of Tiisheran and a major in the Alliance at the time of the Battle of Hoth, Derlin was in command of the security and operations of Echo Base. Bren was the son of Galen Derlin, and became convinced that the Empire was evil after the murder of his father. He immediately joined the Alliance, in order to bring justice back to the galaxy. He took on whatever roles needed to be filled, often working for or with Carlist Roeekan. Because of his heroic actions in evacuating the Alliance's base on Nentan, Derlin was promoted to Captain by Rieekan himself. Derlin then served under Major Monnon on the Corps of Engineers before being promoted and assigned to Echo Base. It was Derlin who ordered the base secured, even though Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were still missing out in the snow-covered wastes. Derlin served as Han Solo's second-in-command during the assault on the second Death Star's shield generator on the Forest Moon of Endor. He remained with the armed forces after the Battle of Endor, and was eventually promoted to Colonel before serving on Coruscant when Thrawn attacked the planet. He earned the rank of Brigadier in the New Republic Defense Fleet before retiring. He later became the commander of the Alliance Veterans Victory Association, and maintained a position of trust and power within the New Republic. (ESB, TLC, TT, ROJR, TTSB, GG3, SWI74)

Derlin, Galen
this man was one of the most famous senators of the Old Republic, and a close friend of Bail Organa. He withdrew from politics altogether when Emperor Palpatine rose to power, returning to his homeworld of Tiisheraan in order to get away from the corruption of the Empire. However, he ws hunted down and assassinated by Imperial forces as a reminder of the power of the Empire. (TTSB)

Dermal Autostripper
found in many spas and resorts, this device was used by a number of alien races which continually shed their skin. (HSL)

this was a medicinal substance that could be sprayed or brushed onto the skin to safely cover a wound. In addition to keeping out water, dermaseal also protected the wound from infection. (MJH)

Dermatoglyphic Identification
this form of indentifying individuals was developed by Jaso Corporation, and is often regarded as the finest physical identification system in the galaxy. Although not as precise as retinal scanning, it uses a database which is much more readily available to other systems. Dermatoglyphic identification takes a skin sample from the subject's thumb or fingers, and a number of tests and analyses are performed on the sample. Cytoplasmic biopsies and chitinous accretion analysis are the most useful tests for those species which do not have dermatoglyphic patterns. This form of identification cannot distinguish between clones or other beings with identical genetic material, and scar tissue or artificial skin grafts produce no results at all. One species which was abused by dermatoglyphic identification was the Wookiee race, because their hands and feet were often scarred during attempts to escape capture by Imperial slavers. Thus, the Imperials took skin samples from the sensitive skin on the Wookiees' nose. (TA)

an Imperial governor overseeing activities on Ansillivog. He is a middle-aged male with thinning, though striking, blond hair. (RPG)

this man served as the Commander of the Czerka Corporation's outpost on Kashyyyk, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this was one of the inhabitable moons located in the Birjis System. (SWJ12)

the fifth planet in the five-world Demophon System, Derr was destroyed when the system's primary star exploded as a supernova. (SN)

Derra IV
this planet was the site of an Imperial ambush of an Alliance supply convoy, just prior to the Battle of Hoth. Although Darth Vader's forces annihilated the Alliance convoy, it was learned later that the ambush had been devised by Admiral Thrawn, in one of his first campaigns as an Imperial officer. (ESBR, MBF)

an encryption scheme used by the New Republic in the first years after the Battle of Endor, it was cracked by Apwar Trigit's forces shortly before he attacked Folor. (WS)

this Marasan Grand Daern was exiled from Marasai during the reign of Emperor Palaptine, and hid on one of the Marasai colony worlds. (GG12)

Derrbi Wastelands
a rocky area of the planet Romar. (SWJ2)

this planet was loyal to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ13)

Derricote, Evir
a native of Kalla, Evir was an Imperial officer who found himself on the short end of many opportunities. He was one of the original members of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, and was in command of the ships when Soontir Fel was relegated to the 181st. As a Colonel, Derricote was simply a figurehead after Fel's arrival, for Fel's military genius quickly overshadowed Derricote's. This served Derricote just fine, as he would have rather spent more time with his mycosia flowers than in a cockpit. However, after decisive victories at Ord Biniir and Derra IV, Derricote was prompoted to General and Fel was promoted to Colonel and took his place. It was Derricote who discovered the forgotten Alderaan Biotics facility on Borelais. He maneuvered his way into an assignment in the Pyria System, following the ambush of an Alliance supply convoy at Derra IV, and was eventually stationed on Borleias. He was a large, overweight man. He used a series of false requisitions and orders to funnel funding and security from the remnants of the Empire to fund his secret operation at the nearly-forgotten Alderaan Biotics hydroponics plant. He then supplied many black-market reellers with a continual flow of Alderaanian delicacies, and made almost three millions credits before being discovered by Kirtan Loor. Derricote also used similar tactics and bookkeeping maneuvers to strengthen the defenses around Borleias. He later was assigned by Ysanne Isard to develop the Krytos virus, using the aliens found in the Invisible Sector of Coruscant. It was later learned that he was using Diric Wessiri as an enslaved assistant, allowing Derricote to remain out of the actual contamination area. Once the Krytos virus was unleashed into the water system of Imperial City, Isard had Derricote imprisoned in the Lusankya facility. She feared that he might expose her if he was captured. He was killed in a scuffle with Corran Horn, who was also imprisoned at Lusankya. Horn was trying to escape, and was followed by Derricote. The prisoner Jan had seen Derricote slip away, and arrived as Derricote attacked Horn. Jan managed to deflect Derricote's initial attack, giving Horn time to smash Derricote's skull with a shovel. It was later discovered that Derricote had a hidden storehouse of viruses aimed at various species throughout the galaxy, including the human race. (XWN, WG, KT, TEP, MBF)

this Ketton spy operated on Kwenn Space Station during the early years of the New Order. Known to members of the Alliance as a sly and cunning adversary, Derrida found herself in a kind of duel with Alliance operative Kassar Kosciusko after foiling five separate Alliance operations on Kwenn. She also framed Lieutenant Commander Zhir-Khan, falsifying Kwenn records to make it appear as if Zhir-Khan had betrayed the Alliance. Derrida was a known associate of the Kubaz spy Garindan, having spent some time on Tatooine before relocating to Kwenn. (AIR)

these nightmarish creatures were born of the Dark Side of the Force, and were named for the Sith word meaning "devourer." These creatures consumed the very thoughts and experiences of living beings, leaving behind the bodies without the living essense they once contained. In order to feed, however, a Derriphan had to enter the body of its victim, take control of the victim's mind, the drain off the essense of the victim. These creatures were believed to have been extinct, having died out after the Great Sith War. However, a few Derriphan managed to survive the battle, and existed during the Galactic Civil War. Those who claimed to have actually seen a Derriphan said that the creatures resembled miniature black stars, roiling with energy. (WSV)

an Alliance shuttle group captured in the Bruanii Sector following the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

this clothier produced some of the most fashionable suits and business attire of the New Order. (GFT)

see Derlin, Bren (IWST)

this was the name used by the inhabitants of the planet Tatooine to describe a small gang of pirates that harrassed their system during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GQRG)

Derwayne, Vella
this dark-skinned woman was one of the youngest Imperial Security Bureau protocol officers ever. She was noted for the fact that she had turned in her own parents for conspiring against the New Order. Vella distinguished herself in the area of reforming juvenile delinquents in the Core during the height of the New Order. (HR)

Deryvian Snake
a hissing reptile. (SWJ9)

this Exocron Airfleet cruiser captured a rogue Imperial probe droid near the planet, but was attacked by a group of pirates hoping to retrieve the droid. The crew of the FarStar assisted the Airfleet, under the command of Horzao Darr, and managed to drive off the pirate corsairs. Unfortunately, the Desaclates was severely damaged and crashed into the ocean of Exocron and was lost. The pirates managed to obtain the probe droid, but the ship on which it was being carried was caught under the Desaclates and was also destroyed. (KO)

this Chistori was one of the few members of his species to travel throughout the galaxy during the early years of the New Republic. Being sensitive to the Force, Desann trained for a brief period at Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 before succumbing to the Dark Side of the Force. After killing Havet Storm, Desann left the new Jedi order and set out on his own, hoping to forsake Master Skywalker's "weaklings" and create an army of stronger Dark Jedi. This army became known as the Reborn, and were first encountered by Kyle Katarn on Cloud City, shortly after the Battle of Endor. In order to solidify his position, Desann allied himself with Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar, and was instrumental in helping Fyyar perfect his unusual technology for twisting beings to the Dark Side of the Force. Desann was nearly captured on the Cairn asteroid, when Katarn and Skywalker confronted him. Desann, however, fought Skywalker to a stalemate and managed to escape. He then led the attack on the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, despite the loss of the Admiral Fyyar and the Doomgiver. Deep in the temples, Desann was forced to confront Katarn. The Jedi Knight used a combination of speed and tactics to defeat and kill Desann in battle. (WOTC, JK2)

this man was a native of Kalist VI, and served the Empire as a Commander in the armed forces. Because of a political blunder which occured shortly before the Battle of Hoth, Desanne was stripped of his official duties and relegated to acted as a liaison for travelling Imperial dignitaries. (CCG5)

this planet, part of the Allied Tion, is known for its beautiful mountain ranges. (ML)

based on the planet Alderaan during the early years of the New Order, this corporation provided the restaurant industry with spices and equipment. (CCW)

this scruffy-looking though lithe woman was the pilot of the scout ship Blind Luck, working for Desric Fol during the Galactic Civil War. (PG3)

DeSelvaine, Trem
this Karflo Corporation scientist performed a series of experiments on a Polydroxol, hoping to discover if the creature was intelligent. He worked for Administrator Renerdat, although he thought the Administrator a fool for trying to wipe out the Polydroxol just to obtain profits from mining Sevetta. DeSelvaine's work was possibly the first real examination of the Polydroxol, and his work with a Polydroxol individual produced a great deal of information on their biochemistry, morphing abilities, and intelligence. Unfortunately, the Polydroxol individual - which he had nicknamed Polly - learned of Administrator Renerdat's plans to kill it and all members of its race on Sevetta. Polly escaped, and killed all personnel aboard the Karflo research station. Despite his empathy for Polly, the Polydroxol associated DeSelvaine with the others and killed him as well. (SWJ12)

Desert Assault Trooper
see Sandtrooper (ISB)

Desert Bloom
this mixed, alcoholic drink was popular at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna. (WSV)

Desert Delight
this was one of the favorite items on the menu at Bantha Traxx, located on the planet Lianna. (WSV)

Desert Delite
this was a slang term used by the fighter pilots supporting General Khamar's defense of Praesitlyn, during the height of the Clone Wars, to describe the land formation that was officially known as "Area 62, South Continent." (JT)

Desert Demons
this was a small-time swoop gang that formed on Tatooine during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

Desert of Kariste
this small desert was located on the planet Sevarcos, between the Arrandle and Trekali Mountain ranges. (SWJ12)

Desert of Salma
a wasteland on Endor, full of pools of acid and dry lakes. The Gorax has built his fortress on its outskirts. The Desert is located just beyond the Yawari Cliffs. (EA, ISU)

Desert Plain
this flat expanse of sand separated the southern Dune Sea from Ben's Mesa, on the planet Tatooine. (IWE1)

Desert Plum
this plant, native to the planet Tatooine, grew mostly below the surface of the ground. The main body of the plant was a purplish tuber, which was a favored food of many desert herbivores. (WSW)

Desert Rat
this was the name of the starship owned and operated by Andi Tolen, after she left the employ of Herogga the Hutt and set out on her own as a freelance bounty hunter. (WOTC)

Desert Sail-20
this was one of Ubrikkian's single-occupant skiffs, produced during the last years of the Old Republic. (WOTC, GORW)

Desert Sands
the detachment of Imperial stormtroopers keeping law and order on Tatooine about the time of the Battle of Yavin. (SCRE)

Desert Sands Quadrant
this was one of the few civilian areas of space above the planet Tatooine, during the Galactic Civil War. Although the Imperial forces on Tatooine claimed to patrol the area, many independent starships were ambushed while trying to reach the planet's surface. (SWGAL)

Desert sponge
similar to the oceanic version, these creatures survive on Tatooine by collecting moisture. (COTF)

Desert Starlight
a song written and played by the band Red Shift Limit. It was first released as part of the compilation Limited Warfare, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Desert Survey Office
ostensibly a branch of the local government of Mos Eisley, this was actually more of an explorers' club than the geographical agency and survey bureau it was meant to be. Located on the city's northern edge, the Desert Survey Office was established to map the desert terrain of the planet Tatooine, as well as to locate the various hidden "treasures" that could be found beneath the shifting sands. The office was usually filled with old-timers who had been on Tatooine their entire lives, and who enjoyed placing false "hidden treasure" locations on the maps in order to fool tourists. True scouts and explorers almost never entered the office, knowing full well that nothing of any real value was to be found in the desert. (GMR7)

Desert Wind
this band of guerrilla fighters evolved on the planet Ord Cestus, after Cestus Cybernetics took control of the planet. Founded about twenty years before the onset of the Clone Wars, Desert Wind protested the nearly 300 years of oppression of native Cestians, striving to force the Five Families to renegotiate its business and spread more of its wealth to the workers who filled its factories. The first revolts that spawned the Desert Wind fighters became known as the Uprisings. Just after the Battle of Geonosis, it was believed that Desert Wind was crushed in a series of paramilitary actions funded by the Five Families, but small groups remained hidden in the mountains. These groups united under the leadership of Thak Val Zsing, who continued to order raids on corporate caravans. It was Desert Wind that attracted the attention of Jedi Master Kit Fisto, when he and Obi-Wan Kenobi were dispatched to Ord Cestus to discover the truth behind the development of altered, JK-series security droids. (TCD)

Desert Wraid
this was one of the different subspecies of wraid that lived in the deserts of Tatooine, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. The skull of the desert wraid was incredibly dense and strong, and was used by Tusken Raiders as a piece of armor. The bone itself was believed to have medicinal value, although no complete analysis was ever done. (KOTOR)

this was the pseudonym given by Ylenic It'kla to the third Jedi who accompanied the Caamasi and Nejaa Halcyon to deal with Nikkos Tryis and the Jensaarai. The name was derived from the man's scent, which has powerful connotations for Caamasi. (IJ)

this was one of the six major continents found on the planet Celanon. (PG1)

this star was the central body in the Desev System, located in the Allied Tion region of the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

Desev System
this star system was not unusual in that it was a binary system, containing the stars Desev and Maugina. However, Desev was thae primary body in the system, while Maugina orbited Desev just outside the elliptical path of the planet Gauther. (GORW)

this was the term used to describe the human inhabitants of the planet Desevro. These people descended from some of the oldest human stock in the galaxy, despite what the snobs in the Core Worlds would say to the contrary. The Desevrars were proud of their heritage, and were not afraid to fight for its importance on the galactic scale. Despite the fact that many Desevrars hated the Empire for relegating them to backwater status, they were staunchly pro-human, and hated alien races as much as the Imperials. To a Desevrar, all alien races were considered Hutts. As a people, the Desevrar tended to believe that their lot in life was the result of some conspiracy hatched by the Cronese, who may or may not have been in league with the Core Worlds, in the splitting of the Tion Hegemony. (GORW)

this planet was the second world in the Desev System, located in the Allied Tion sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by a single moon. As the sector capital, Desevro was known to have one of the oldest human cultures in the galaxy, depsite the basic tenets of High Human Culture that sya the birthplace of humanity was in the Core Worlds. Once the capital of the Livien League, Desevro was conquered by Xim the Despot before the formation of the Old Republic, thereby solidfiying his position as one of the galaxy's most powerful rulers. (ML, GORW)

this Imperial Governor was in control of the planet Gandrossi VI, in the Perrin Sector, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Desh lost a large sum of credits in a sakresh game to the Devaronian merchant Ulicx Vinaq. In retaliation, Desh had Vinaq's ship loaded with Imperial arms, then issued a warrant for the Devaronian's arrest, claiming that the merchant stole the weapons from Desh's armory. (GG10)

this natural element was combined with terenthium to produce a super-light allow which was used by OmoTact Corporation to manfuacture skyships like the Roahks 7m. (GG2)

Desh, Reck
this former smuggler was known for his flambouyant appearance, which including body piercings and tattooes. He also favored electrum jewelry. A former acquaintance of Han Solo and Roa, Desh tried his luck as a mercenary for hire during the early years of the New Republic. He even went so far as to sell his services to the Yuuzhan Vong, shortly after the Battle of Ithor. He joined a group of renegades known as the Peace Brigades, and set out to foment unrest and distrust of the Jedi Knights. Han Solo and Roa tried to track him down, shortly after the destruction of Obroa-skai. After Roa was captured on the Jubilee Wheel by the Yuuzhan Vong, Han ran into Reck during the Peace Brigade's ambush of the Queen of Empire. The Brigade had hoped to recover the priestess Elan and return her to the Yuuzhan Vong, despite the Vong's own plans to have Elan infiltrate the Jedi Knights. Elan was recovered by Han Solo, but Reck and his mercenaries managed to expose her and take her to their ship. Han pursued, and found that Elan had exhaled a breath full of bo'tous, which had killed the entire crew of the Peace Brigade's ship. Reck was among the dead. (HT)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "spirit". (GCG)

this was a species of large, leathery-winged, avian mammals. (HR)

Design Team Beta
this noted group of scientists and engineers who worked for Hydrospeare Corporation was generally credited with the development of the Explorer submersible as well as an aquatic version of the AT-AT walker. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Design Team Beta was based at a research facility on Kailor V, was headed by Doctor Tolum Harous, and included Mosara Thiirn, Diran Miciluz, and Sere Lure. (AIR)

this was one of the most powerful Hutt kajidics. It was controlled by Jabba the Hutt for many years, until his death just before the Battle of Endor. Jabba moved the clan's base of operations to Tatooine, and did most of his business from his Mos Eisley townhouse, which was known as the Desilijic Complex. (EGC, THG, IWST)

Desilijic Complex
this was the name given to Jabba the Hutt's Mos Eisley townhouse, created on the planet Tatooine. The entrance to the townhouse was located on Paradise Road, and was little more than a low dome. Most of the complex was located below the surface of the city, in an extensive network of caves and grottoes. (IWST)

Desilijic Shift
this was a term used to describe any change in the focus of a business agreement, based on a less-than-desirable outcome. Originally attributed to the business actions of the Desilijic kajidic, the Desilijic shift involved taking the basis of the agreement at face value, whether or not the true objective was attained. Thus, an individual could claim to have met their end of the bargain, even if the other party didn't achieve their own goals. (DN1)

this was the name of a distinguished Vor individual. (UANT)

this corporation unknowingly employed the slicer known as Baylan to develop its communications infrastructure software, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Later, Baylan was able to use backdoors he had previously installed to re-enter the system and tear it down. It was during this time that Baylan realized the average worker was too indoctrinated to the corporate way of life that they were too scared to set out on their own course of action. Baylan had been using his slicing abilities to distribute corporate credits into the accounts of average beings, and realized that they were too scared to do anything with the credits. However, this realization didn't stop Baylan from continuing to alter corporate bank accounts. (LFCW)

Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corporation
this small manufacturer produced speeders and enclosed vehicles for explorers and scouts, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (X2)

this was one of the two primary factions of the Saurton race. The word "Des'mar" literally meant "forward-thinking". They considered themselves to be forward-looking visionaries who welcomed the prosperity brought to Essowyn by the mining operations which worked in the asteroid belts. They were in the minority in terms of numbers, but far exceeded the Quenno in wealth and power. (PG1, DARK)

Des'maric One
this was the name of one of the GAT-12h Skipray BlastBoats operated by the Des'maric Pirates, during the early years of the New Republic. The ships had been stolen from the starport on Elshandruu Pica. It was commanded by Miktiss' lieutenant, Yun. (DARK)

Des'maric Pirates
this band of space pirates operated in the area between Minos Cluster and Kathol Sector during the early years of the New Republic. Led by Miktiss, they worked the Trition Trade Route by obtaining information on convoy schedules in a deal with Crev Bombaasa. The Des'maric Pirates used the freighter Asagov Raider as their base, and attacked their targets in a trio of brightly painted Skipray BlastBoats. (DARK)

Des'maric Three
this was the name of one of the GAT-12h Skipray BlastBoats operated by the Des'maric Pirates, during the early years of the New Republic. The ships had been stolen from the starport on Elshandruu Pica. It was commanded by Miktiss' primary lieutenant, Ginzet. (DARK)

Des'maric Two
this was the name of one of the GAT-12h Skipray BlastBoats operated by the Des'maric Pirates, during the early years of the New Republic. The ships had been stolen from the starport on Elshandruu Pica. It was commanded by Miktiss' young lieutenant, Jerri. (DARK)

Desnand, Feebee
this plump woman was Io Desnand's wife. Feebee wore false eyelashes that were so large they resembled black-veined butterfly wings. She favored full-length, animal-skin jackets. When Io had the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk in captivity on Aida, she asked him to skin the beast to obtain a lizard-skin gown. (TBH)

Desnand, Io
this Imperial Governor was in control of the Aida and Lomabu Systems during the Galactic Civil War. He maintained a penal colony on Lomabu III, where he held several hundred Wookiees. He had planned to use the Wookiees as bait in a trap to capture a major portion of the Alliance fleet. However, Tinian I'att and Chenlambec had lured Bossk to Lomabu III at the same time, hoping to trap him by claiming the Trandoshan was there to poach Wookiee pelts. Desnand's plans were foiled when Tinian and Chen trapped Bossk before he could launch his own plans. Desnand almost skinned the Trandoshan alive before Bossk managed to escape. (TBH, HM)

the biologically-engineered starship used by Ber'asco and the Charon death cult to remove the "disease" of life from the realm of Otherspace. Like a massive organic castle in space, the Desolate is an amorphous mass of strange, weblike constructs measuring over 450 meters at its longest point. It acts like a magnet to any ships traveling in Otherspace, drawing them to it and collecting them in a weird belt which surrounds the ship. Those ships which contained information on new species of life were physically attached to the Desolate so that Ber'asco could obtain information necesssary to destroy them. The weapons systems of the ship are hidden in rocky pods which open to allow the firing of projectile weapons. The Desolate is a strangely dead ship, in keeping with the Charon beliefs surrounding the Void. Consequently, the Desolate seemed to be a black hole which consumed the Force. There were four main decks surrounding the central core, with a series of hollow tubes connecting adjacent levels. A docking bay of sorts is separated from the vacuum of space by a penetratable membrane which seals itself as ships pass through it. The main bridge was the site of a large, brain-like computer node. Ber'asco used this node to communicate with other lifeforms. The lowest part of the ship seemed to be a manufacturing facility for the Charon red mist. After the Charon were first defeated by Alliance agents while in Otherspace, Ber'asco had his bioscientists create a hyperdrive for the Desolate, so that it could jump into realspace and attack the galaxy beyond. However, when Grand Moff Ravik's mind took control of Ber'asco's body, and Ber'asco's mind took control of Bane Nothos' body, the battle between the two caused a small amount of damage to the ship's control systems. Rather than emerging over the planet Stronghold, the Desolate smashed into the world, sustaining huge amounts of damage as it skidded over the rocky surface. The ship was abandoned on Stronghold, after Alliance soldiers overcame the Charon and defeated Ravik. (OS, OS2)

this Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser was part of Warlord Zsinj's third fleet. (SOC)

Desolation Alley
this was the name used by the inmates of the Galactic Correctional Authority's penal colony on Oovo IV to describe the prison's cellblocks. (RAC)

Desolation Peak
this small, pointed spire of rock emerged from the middle of a small sea, near the Imperial freight complex on the planet Byss. (EGP)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was assigned to Admiral Grendeef and the Miser base during the height of the New Order. It was staged from the planet Kirtarkin. It was destroyed when Alliance agents, trying to recover the Isis cordinates from the crew of the Wanderer, reprogrammed the Star Destroyer's navigational comupter. The Desolator made a sudden jump to hyperspace, and re-emerged at the center of the rogue star G-138. All hands were lost, including Admiral Grendeef. (IC, WOA33)

Desparate Pilot
this was one of the many cantinas that were located on Naos III, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LEV)

a planet in the Horuz system, it was used as a penal colony by the Empire. The planet was covered in thick jungles that were fed by wide rivers and shallow seas. An abundance of lifeforms inhabited the jungles, and many were predacious. Captives in the penal colony were held in check with the threat of leaving them outside the colony's walls to fend for themselves. It here that the Empire found a willing, if unruly, source of labor for the construction of the first Death Star. The huge battle station was erected in orbit, without regards to the prisoners or the planet. The prisoners didn't realize it at the time, but the huge amount of scrap and debris that was created and left in orbit effectively sealed the planet off from outside contact, since no sane pilot would fly his ship through the chaf. When the prisoners became too unruly to effectively work on the Death Star, Tarkin went to Kashyyyk and captured some Wookiees to use as slaves. Once the battle station was complete, Tarkin ordered the new superlaser tested immediately. The Empire's first successful use of the weapon came when Tarkin fired on Despayre itself, killing all of the native life, the slave labor, and destroying the planet. Note that the Rebellion Era Sourcebook claims this planet was called Horuz. (MTS, DS, DSTC, RESB)

a Selonian word meaning "honorable." (AS)

a Sovereign-class Star Destroyer under construction prior to the Emperor Palpatine's rebirth on Byss. (DE1)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Desrini District
this was one of the northernmost sections of Galactic City, located on the planet Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. Shortly before the Clone Wars, one of the garbage-launching machines that propelled refuse into orbit misfired, sending industrial waste and shrapnel into the civilian area of the district, killing 48 and injuring more than 200 other beings. It was later discovered that a group of families were illegally tapping into the power supply for the launcher. The homemade power taps disabled the launcher's obstruction sensors, allowing it to fire even though the path was blocked. The Desrini District was closed off for many weeks, as the clean-up of industrial waste left the area unlivable. In the wake of this disaster, the Desrini District was set upon by a swarm of dianogas. More than twenty-five homeless beings were reportedly eaten by the scavengers before the problem was brought to the attention of the authorities. (HNN5)

this Alliance Colonel was Lanish Ran's commanding officer. (SWJ4)

a planet. (WBC)

Destato Island
this island was located on Procopia, some 400 kilometers from Estalle Island. (LOE)

Destination: Adventure!
this passenger liner plied the spacelanes of the Periphery along the Sisar Run during the Galactic Civil War. It provided a number of tourist and vacation packages, as well as starships repair and resupply facilities. The ship's actually owners were part of the Black Sun criminal organization. (SSR)

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