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this in-system starfighter was developed by the New Republic in the wake of the Battle of Endor, although it saw its greatest popularity after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The primary mission of the 5.3-meter-long Defender was to defend planets against Imperial raids. Although it lacked the speed of a A-Wing, the Defender was well-armed and highly maneuverable. It two wings were mounted on S-foils, and could stowed alongside the fuselage during routine patrols or extended outward and downward when in attack posture. It was armed with three laser cannons, one on the nose and one on each side of the fuselage. In order to save space and weight, the Defender was not equipped with a hyperdrive. (SOP, SWG2, DARK)

one of three Bakuran Bakura-class destroyers deployed by Hortel Ossilege in an effort to assist the New Republic in breaking the blockade of the Corellian System. It was one of four ships, along with the Intruder, Watchkeeper, and Sentinel, that were built specifically for the defense of the Bakura System, in the wake of the Battle of Bakura. After the decisive battle against the Sacorrian Triad, only the Sentinel and the Defender survived to return to their postings as part of Bakura's defense. (AS, CTD, FH2)

this was the name given to those individuals who worked as special investigators within the Imperial armed forces. (SWJ6)

Defender 12
this micro-blaster weapon was produced by Gee-Tech as an alternative to a hold-out blaster. This weapon could only fire two shots, which were designed to stun or incapacitate the target. (GUN)

Defender Droid
this version of bodyguard droid was produced by Tendrando Arms during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Defender was essentially a YVH combat droid crossed with the TDL Nanny droid, a combination that made it the perfect protection for children, adults, and starships. They were programmed to protect a child from harm, and were specially programmed to be suspicious of the secrets kept by children. Because the Defender Droid was essentially a combat droid, it would fight with everything in its arsenal to protect its charges. (DN1, DN2)

Defender of the Core
see Anaxes (SWI64)

Defender Wing
this was the name of a group of New Republic Y-Wing bomber squadrons assigned to General Salm. The wing consisted of Champion, Guardian, and Warden Squadrons. (XWN, KT)

Defender-class Assault Carrier
this starship design was one of the new classes approved for use by the New Republic Navy. It measured 700 meters in length, and was based on the Majestic-class cruiser. Its primary mission profile was as a fighter platform, since it was only armed with 20 anti-fighter laser cannons. Like the Majestic-class cruiser, the Defender-class carrier required a crew of 4,050, but only 20 gunners and the capacity to transport up to 700 troops. They had Class-1 hyperdrives. They were originally designed to transport three full squadrons of Defender starfighter, but many were modified to carry E-Wings. (SOL, CTD)

Defender-class Star Destroyer
known to the New Republic military as a "pocket Star Destroyer," these new-class ships were 65% the size of an Imperial-I class Destroyers but had the firepower of the Imperial-II class. They were the best-defended ships in the galaxy at the time of the Battle of N'zoth, with virtually impervious armor plating and shields. The Defender-class could transport a full wing of starfighters for assault missions, as well as a wing of long-range fighters. They saw limited production as the New Republic down-sized its military after the negotiation of peace with Admiral Pellaeon and the Empire. At 1,040 meters in length, each Defender-class ship was armed with 40 heavy turbolaser batteries, 40 heavy turbolaser cannons, 20 ion cannons, 8 tractor beam projectors, and 8 concussion missile launchers. This version of Star Destroyer required a crew of 6,795, with 244 gunners and the capacity to transport 1,600 troops. The first of these ships was christened the Obi-Wan, after jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. (CTD, SOG, NEGV)

Defending Your Freedom
a song written and played by the band The Emperor's New Clothes, first released as part of the compilation entitled Totally Patriotic. (GG9)

Defense Council
this body of the New Republic's post-Provisional government was responsible for the day-to-day security of New Republic space. (SOL)

Defense Fleet Command
this was the name given to the military commanders who oversaw the missions of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

Defense of Naboo
this disturbing, visionary poem was the work of Naboo native Omar Berenko, written several centuries before the Battle of Naboo. (IWE2)

Defense Research and Planetary Assistance Center
DRAPAC for short, this is an Alliance facility set up on the top of Mount Yoda on Dagobah. (MMY)

DefenStar 5000
Hibomehrt-Wyrrgex planetary shield relay system, each unit provides cover for 100 square kilometers of surface area. (DESB)

DefenStar Limited
one of the largest planetary shield and orbital defense system manufacturers in the galaxy, DefenStar is a non-voting contributing sponsor of the Corporate Sector Authority. They created the customized, interlocking shield system that surrounds the main Imperial Academy worlds, although it has never been revealed where they are or how the system works. (CSA)

Defensus Solar
this private security force was hired by the Geelan to enforce the law on Zirtran's Anchor, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5)

this man worked for the Fernandin Scouting Expedition, and was in charge of the initial scouting efforts which sought to find a suitable planet for Wetyin's Colony. (GG2)

an MC80a star cruiser, it endured an attack from the Star Destroyer Immortal. It later served as the command ship of the Alliance's rear guard fleet during the Battle of Endor, coordinating the crossfire attacks against Imperial warships. (XW, CCG11)

an Alliance cruiser patrolling near Bestine IV when the Star Destroyer Merciless attacked the Alliance base on the planet. The cruiser barely escaped the attack. (MTS)

the first MC90 cruiser used by the New Republic, it was used as the New Republic's flagship, and also Ackbar's personal vessel, following the Battle of Endor and the 'retirement' of Home One. (DE1, DESB)

this Imperial Star Destroyer was under the command of Captain Essenton during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. In the wake of the Battle of Bastion, the Defiant was equipped with a gravitic amplitude modulator and reprogrammed by Jacen Solo and the Galactic Alliance to allow the Imperial forces to destroy a Yuuzhan Vong yammosk. With Borosk successfully defended, Grand Admiral Pellaeon sent the Defiant to Yaga Minor, where is once again helped drive off the Yuuzhan Vong. (FH1)

Deflection tower
a system of high-intensity deflector shields mounted on a configurable tower, these devices are the basis for many planetary defense systems. (SW)

Deflector shield
a force field that either repels or absorbs energy, a deflector shield was the primary means of protection used by most starships. These shields proved to be most useful in the vacuum of space, where the lack of atmosphere allowed them to operate at full capacity. (SW, HTTE)

a series of levels of readiness used to define the operations of the Death Star battle station. Defstat Zero indicated the normal operation of the station. Defstat One indicated that the station was on alert, and all defenses were upgraded to operational station. This level is only a warning level. Defstat Two indicates that an enemy craft has been identified in the space surrounding the Death Star's position. Defstat Three was the highest level, indicating that the station was actively engaged in combat. (DSTC)

this world, the primary planet in the Dega System of the Elrood Sector, was the primary mining colony for Radell Mining Corporation until the veins of minerals and ores dried up during the early years of the New Order. The miners left the planet, leaving rusting equipment and a polluted ecosystem behind. Smugglers have taken refuge on the planet, hiding in the safest mining tunnels. Dega's day takes up 19 standard hours, and its year encompasses 295 local days. (PG3, OE)

Degan Explorations
this company is a subsidiary of Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company. Degan was responsible for searching out new worlds that Chiewab could exploit for their chemical resources. (CSA)

Degan Gas Clouds
this pockets of interstellar gases and molecular matter isolated the Dega and Osirrag Systems from the rest of Elrood Sector. However, the gas clouds were segmented, and travel between Dega and Kidron was actually quite easy. (OE)

Degan Pirates
this was the name given to the raiders who operated in the Dega System during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Degan Pirates were decimated when they tried to attack a Trade Federation convoy, only to discover that Trade Federation Battleships - loaded with droid starfighters - had been hidden within the convoy. (SON)

Degarian II
this was one of the faster starships owned by Senator Crote of Frego, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He allowed Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to take the ship to Coruscant, escorting Lena Cobral back to the capital world to testify against the Cobral family. However, the Jedi were wary of another trap set by the Cobral family, and opted to hire passage back to Coruscant. When the Jedi finally did arrive on Coruscant, they learned that the Degarian II had been attacked while en route, and that there were no survivors. The ship itself was destroyed in the ambush. (TOW)

Degarienne, Anii
this woman was Matt Turhaya's wife. She died about a year before the Imperial attack on Janara III, in a freak accident at a weapons manufacturing facility. Matt was forced to place their daughter, Alex, in the custody of relatives on Janara III. In the wake of the Imperial attack there, Alex was taken in by Tork Winger. (SWJ7)

an Imperial freighter supplying Zaarin's beam weapon research platform. (TIE)

Marg Sonat and Pari' Notgoth were both nearly killed on this planet, when a criminal enterprise they schemed up went awry. (POC)

this was one of the repulsorlift-equipped, floating cities found on the planet Rordak. (PG1)

DeGoort, Val
this man served the Imperial Navy as an Admiral during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was in command of the flagship Valor, in orbit around Goroth Prime, and controlled the ships which patrolled the Goroth System. He was respected by his subordinates, but a mistake in which he accidentally rammed the Valor into another ship during a training exercise earned him a demerit and the posting at Goroth Prime. For his own part, Admiral DeGoort despised Crela Nen and her adherence to every shred of Imperial bureaucracy. (GSE)

Degred Hon
this Bith scientist developed a so-called "gene bomb" during the height of the New Order, which he hoped to use in an effort to clean up his homeworld of Clak'Dor VII. When his scientific colleagues refused to accept his plans, Degred Hon chose to take matters into his own hands. He planned to hijack a shuttle from Mezhra Station and crash it into the planet, but a group of freelance operatives was able to thwart his plans before they could be launched. (GORW)

this Corellian criminal served Black Sun under Zekka Thyne, before the alien was imprisoned on Kessel. (TFE)

Deign Lian
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior was from a prestigious family of warriors, and served as Shedao Shai's second-in-command during the subjugation of Dubrillion and Destrillion. However, Deign Lian himself had shown none of his family's ruthlessness in battle when he was assigned to the Legacy of Torment. Deign constantly questioned Shedao's commands, unable to fully understand the military and psychological aspects of the invasion plans. This did not stop him from plotting with the Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster in their home galaxy, reporting on Shedao Shai's every move and highlighting his every mistake. Meanwhile, he obeyed Shedao Shai, although occasional lapses brought anger and physical retaliation from Shai. After Shedao Shai died in a duel with Corran Horn on Ithor, Deign Lian assumed command of the Yuuzhan Vong forces and unleashed a bioweapon on Ithor, reducing virtually all forms of life to bacteria-ridden husks. He then made to return to Dubrillion, where he awaited orders from Tsavong Lah. However, Traest Kre'fey ordered the Corusca Rainbow to activate her gravity well projectors, keeping the Yuuzhan Vong ships near Ithor and reducing their ability to defend themselves with dovin basals. In the end, the ships of the New Republic decimated the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Deign Lian was killed when the Legacy of Torment exploded under heavy fire. (DTR)

this young woman was a member of The Young, and a contemporary of Nield and Cerasi. After the elders of the Daan and Melida were defeated, Deila was named to the new government's Young Security Squad, serving as Obi-Wan Kenobi's second-in-command. After Nield exiled Obi-Wan, Deila tried to remain loyal to Nield. When he ordered her to allow Mawat to retrieve the weapons Obi-Wan had stored, she allowed him to do it because Nield was the governor. However, she learned from Joli that Mawat wanted to take control of Zehava for himself. Joli and Deila hid after Mawat ordered them to take up arms, hoping to flee the inevitable war that was brewing. They then provided information to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, telling the Jedi of Mawat's deception. (DOD, UP)

this specialized tool was often kept around by starship owners, especially those who were often in combat situations. The de-ionizer allowed a being to counteract the effects of an ion cannon blast, albeit it slowly, by neutralizing the excess ion energy that disrupted the electricaly systems of a starship. These weapons were only useful on small ships, where the ion energy could be localized to a few systems. (MIS8)

this Jawa worked as a mechanic in the city of Mos Eisley, on Tatooine, where he was known to take more naps than complete chores he was assigned. Deja had been exiled from his tribe because of his prophetic visions, which included the arrival of "white-skeleton warriors" on Tatooine. His shaman, after finding the remains of a disabled sandcrawler in the desert shortly afterward, exiled Deja out of fear. During a repair job, Deja fell asleep in the hold of a transport. A malfunction in the drive systems caused the ship to lift off and jump into hyperspace, and it was Deja who managed to repair the hyperdrive. The crew accepted him for a short while, but his smell and his constant cursing quickly irritated them. They dropped Deja off on an unspecified world and fled. Deja spent the rest of his time catching naps and traveling the galaxy, and stopped over on the planet Nubia for a short while during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

a holographic game played on a circular board with holographic pieces, dejarik was one of the oldest and most popular games ever created in the galaxy. It was believed that dejarik originated as a game played by the ancient Jedi Order, as an educational tool that taught players to consider the entire board, rather than a single gamepiece, when planning their actions. In this way, Jedi could train their minds to seek out all information on a given situation before acting. Chewbacca had a dejarik table on board the Millennium Falcon, and was considered something of a master player. The exact origins of dejarik have been lost in time, and scholars and historians continue to argue over them. Dejarik was sometimes referred to as holochess, although the two games had different styles of play. (CCG, CCG2, GFT, DN2)

the back feet of this creature were considered to be good luck charms, and were often worn on a short chain. (GG11)

this young man served the Old Republic navy as an Ensign aboard the Ranger, during the height of the Clone Wars. When the Ranger was boarded by Separatist battle droids, during the fight for control of the planet Praesitlyn, Ensign Dejock was able to lead Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon and a small force to engage them before they could take control of the ship. (JT)

this was a common name among the Yuzzem race. (UANT)

this young man was a computer slicer, and worked with Shell to steal data from a New Republic Intelligence agency computer shortly after the Starbuster Plot was exposed. They were eventually caught when a tracer, planted on Deke, led Lieutenant Prace to their position. (CTD)

Deke, Thickston
this Alliance Commander was in charge of the ground forces dedicated to protecting the city of Chakton from Imperial forces, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (MB)

Dekeet, Ib
this man was an Imperial Governor who survived the upheaval following the Battle of Endor. He later joined Moff Ardus Kaine in forming the Pentastar Alignment. (SWJ3)

manufacturers of high-quality power couplings. (TME)

this was a top-of-the-line Dekk power coupling, produced during the height of the New Order. (TME, HFG)

Dekker, Sann
this man was one of the prison guards known as the Helmet Squad, working at the Oovo IV prison facility during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Dekker was one of a multitude of corrupt guards at the facility, and was known as a ruthless extortionist. A group of Hutt crimelords placed a bounty being placed on Dekker's head, in connection with several other bounties which targetted members of the Helmet Squad. Jango Fett eventually claimed during his "rescue" of Bendix Fust. (BH)

this Sephi was a Commander in the armed forces that protected the planet Thustra during the height of the Clone Wars. When the Old Republic arrived on Thustra in an attempt to persuade King Alaric to remain with the Republic, Dekluun and his forces were deployed to protect the palace. However, Dekluun's position was betrayed by Senator Navi, who provided their location to the clone troopers being led by the Jedi Padawan Pix. Pix ordered Commander Clutch to attack, and their assault destroyed the base from which Dekluun was working. All soldiers, including Dekluun himself, were killed in the blast. (J5)

Deko Neimoidia
this was one of the primary Neimoidian purse-worlds, during the height of the Clone Wars. Like Cato Neimoidia, Deko Neimoidia was captured by the Old Republic's military forces, during the search for Nute Gunray. (SWI71, LEV)

at the advent of the New Republic, this was one of the twelve continents of the planet Kriekaal. It was located in the northen hemisphere, and was controlled by the Kherkhaman tribe. (SWJ13)

Deksi Fivvl
this old Aqualish served as Naz Felyood's longtime engineer aboard the pirate ship Jynni's Virtue during the height of the New Order. Fivvl also served as the ship's parttime historian, since one of his primary hobbies was studying the history of the galaxy. Much of his information was shoddy at best, but Deksi produced enough valid information to keep the crew from getting into trouble. Much of Deksi's information about the planet Korriban, however, was later rendered inaccurate by the Jedi historians of the New Republic. After landing on Korriban, Deksi and the crew found themselves beset by Korriban Zombies, when Captain Felyood tried to take the Heart of Graush. In an effort to make sure the zombies didn't get the ship, Babbnod Luroon set off the self-destruct mechanism, killing the remaining crew as well as the zombies. (PH)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Del described a philosopher or idealist, or referred to philosophy. (GCG)

this Alliance soldier was assigned to Oracle Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (FBS)

Del Korrot
this Cerean emerged from the Clone Wars and presented himself to Emperor Palpatine as a Jedi hunter. Palpatine was amused by Del Korrot's audacity, and agreed to support Korrot's efforts within the Empire. Palpatine allowed Korrot to freelance outside the Empire's borders, so long as his Imperial duties were completed. Using the starship Shadow I, Del Korrot traveled the galaxy looking for any Jedi Knights who might have survived the Jedi Purge. He wore a suit of cortosis-impregnated armor, and often killed innocent beings simply because they were in the way. He claimed these innocents were latent Force-sensitives, but Emperor Palpatine began to tire of his unnecessary killings. The Emperor sent Darth Vader to eliminate Del Korrot, and the Cerean was unable to overcome all the methods of attack the Dark Lord could bring at him. Eventually, Vader was able to strike down Del Korrot and kill him. (DSSB)

Del Velmor
this was the capital city of the planet Velmor. (WOTC)

Del, Shondra
this Alliance agent was instrumental in bringing together the rebellious forces in Elrood Sector, and was responsible for recruiting Jacob Nive and the Khuiumin Survivors into the struggle against Moff Andal. She spent much of time in Elrood Sector posing as the independent Captain of the freighter Stars of Elrood, which allowed her to remain in contact with Gwynn, the owner of Gwynn Dispatch and Shondra's primary contact. Under cover, she worked with the Friends of Paran, supplying them with goods and armament while cultivating their ties to the Alliance. Eventually, the Friends of Paran led her to Jacob Nive. (OE)

this planet was the primary world in the Dela System, and the financial center of the Centrality. Dela was Lando Calrissian's destination after winning the Millennium Falcon in a sabacc match, during the early years of the New Order. Unfortunately, Lando's piloting and astrogation skills were poorly suited for hyperspace travel, and he ended up in the Oseon system instead. (LCM, ECH)

Delacrix System
this planetary system orbited a configuration of three stars. During the last decades of the Old Republic, there was a thriving trade between all the inhabited worlds of the system. (FFT)

Delahrg, Riggins
this man was the Imperial Governor of Tallaso during the Galactic Civil War, and was known as the consummate conman. He enjoyed a good life onTallaso, but was always a big fish in a little pond. Following the Battle of Endor, the Empire forgot about Tallaso, and Delahrg was overthrown in a coup de etat. He fled to Vandron, where he bluffed his way into a position on the planetary government. That government crumbled, and Delahrg was once again without a job. However, he found steady work as a politician-for-hire, selling his verbal skills and knowledge of Imperial politics to the highest bidder. (HR)

this was the natural moon of the planet Junction 5. Delaluna had a breathable atmosphere, and many settlers from Junction 5 chose to make their home on the moon. More than 20 years before the onset of the Clone Wars, the natives of Delaluna were believed to have developed a weapon that could be used to against large-scale targets. While the authorities on Delaluna denied the existence of the weapon, the natives of Junction 5 - who called it the Annihilator - lived in constant fear of being destroyed by it. (LOJ)

Delan, Gendal
a native of Pendarr III, this man was the leader of the military group known as Pendarran Warriors. They assisted the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic during the Clone Wars, and were later targeted for elimination during Emperor Palpatine's purge of the Jedi. Gendal was killed by Imperial agents, leaving his son Kolor an orphan. (WBC)

Delan, Kolor
a native of the planet Pendarr III, Kolor was the son of Gendal Delan. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power and eliminated the Jedi Knights, he also eliminated the Pendarran Warriors. His purge included Kolor's father, Gendal, and Kolor grew to hate the Empire with every fiber of his being. When he was old enough, the orphaned Kolor formed his own military operation, Pendarran's Revenge. This new group assisted the Alliance several times during the Galactic Civil War, but after the Battle of Endor, Kolor turned his attention to the New Republic. It was unknown if he held a grudge against the fledgeling government, or if someone hired Pendarran's Revenge to act against them. (WBC)

Deland Tyerell
born on Tatooine, this Aleena was the son of the noted podracer, Ratts Tyerell. A noted podracer himself, Deland went by the nickname of "Pabs" during his racing career. He got his start with his brother, Doby, racing on backwater worlds in unsactioned races such as the race through the Great Dordon Caves on Euceron. It was on Euceron that Deland and Oby made friends with Anakin Skywalker, and Deland even defended the young Jedi Padawan during a fight with Sebulba. The scuffle which ensued left Deland with a broken arm, but this left Anakin to pilot their podracer. Their well-intentioned plan to free their sister, Djulla, from slavery nearly cost Anakin his life, as they had agreed to assist Maxo Vista in rigging the race. Only Anakin's skill kept him alive and avoided disaster. However, Doby and Deland knew that they were in big trouble. In the confusion of the race's finish, they grabbed their sister and fled Euceron. In the wake of his father's death at the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine, Deland dropped his nickname and established the Ratts Tyerell Foundation, with the goal of outlawing podracing on the pretext of the emotional damage it can cause to the families of the racers. Just before the Clone War, Delend managed to convince the authorities at the Doolis Podrace Arena, on Caprioril, to cancel their annual race. (HNN4, JQ3)

this gas giant was the fourth planet of the Prakith System, located in the Deep Core region of the galaxy. It was orbited by eight moons. (PH)

this planet sided with the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, and was supportive prior to the Battle of Yavin. The planet was rich in ores and minerals that were used to create parts of many weapons, which made it a strategic asset. After the battle, the Alliance chose Trux Zissu to act as the planet's governor. The natives of the planet spoke no less than sixteen different languages. The year on Delatine lasts just over 365 local days. (SA1, SA2)

Delari Prime
this primary planet in the Delari System, located in the Corva Sector, was a bountiful world until it was hit by an asteroid several millenia before the Galactic Civil War. As a result, the planet pushed closer to the twin stars at the center of the system. The climatic changes which occurred rendered Delari Prime a desert wasteland. The Empire established a communications base on Delari Prime, but it was abandoned after the Battle of Endor. The base was eventually sold to an elderly archaeologist. (SWJ6)

Delassin VI
this oceanic world had a strong heritage of seagoing merchants and sailors. They have taken repulsorlift technology and used it to make life on the sea easier. (SWJ6)

Delat Personal Electronics
this small corporation, based in the Elrood Sector, produced a variety of consumer goods, including datapads and holographic projectors. (PG3)

another planet in the Alderaan System. It was home to an Alliance satellite transmission station which orbitted the planet. Carlist Rieekan was inspecting the station when the first Death Star blown up Alderaan. (MTS)

Delaya-class Courier
this ancient Hoersch-Kessel starship was highly aerodynamic, having a number of large steering vanes and airfoils. These were tied into a computer system that could adjust each one's angle for maximum maneuverability. The ship's twenty-one engines were arranged in groups of three, and each group was connected to a servo-mechanism that allowed them to be independently positioned for direction and maximum thrust. The Delaya-class could attain speeds of 950 kilometers an hour in atmosphere. The stock ship was lightly armed, and had minimal hull plating. These could be added for combat use, although the Delaya-class was designed to transport personnel from planet to planet. The Delaya-class courier measured 70 meters in length, and required a pilot and co-pilot to operate. The ship had room for up to 8 passengers and 10 metric tons of cargo, and was often armed with a front-mounted proton torpedo launcher and a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons. (EGV, TOJC)

Delbaeth, Ivixa
this ancient man was one of a handful of forward-thinking Jedi Masters who developed the idea of creating a mobile base of operations for the Jedi of the Old Republic. Some 400 years before the Battle of Yavin, these Jedi Masters felt that the Jedi - as well as the rest of the Republic - were resting on their laurels, and needed to ensure their continued development and advancement or become stagnant. To this end, Delbaeth and his fellow Jedi designed the massive training ship Chu'unthor, to serve as mobile base of operations from which the Jedi could observe the galaxy and keep pace with its trends. (PJSB)

Delban Faxicorp
this Nimbanese droid manufacturer was headquartered on Nimban itself. (GG12)

Delban Serv-O-Droid
this was the corporate conglomerate which owned the Serv-O-Droid corporation. (SWJ11)

Delcas HoloVid
this entertainment company was actually a dummy corporation established by Imperial agent Renik during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

Delckis, Rannd
an Alliance Communications Officer who served on the Flurry at Bakura, Delckis was a native of the Virgillian System and a veteran of the Virgillian Civil War. Delckis was born into the aristocracy, and even attended the Imperial Academy. After graduation, Delckis served on the Stormwind as a junior communications assistant. Fatefully, the Stormwind was ordered to the Virgillian System to put down rebellious activity on the primary planet's forested moon. Delckis was forced to accompany his commanding offcier, Captain Jarroth, to the moon's surface, where he witnessed the brutal interrogation of suspected freedom fighters. Rather than return to the oppression of the Empire, Delckis defected and stayed behind when the Stormwind took off. However, Delckis was not welcomed into the ranks of the freedom fighters with open arms, given his family history and his initial support of the Empire. Tessa Manchisco, however, recognized his skills and his loyalties, and requested his presence onboard the Flurry. Rannd proved to be an invaluable resource, providing the Virgillians with expertise in the use of Imperial sensors and the HoloNet. Unfortunately, Delckis was killed when the Flurry was destroyed during the Battle of Bakura. (TB, TBSB)

Deld, Corlin Quarle
this man was Daven Quarle's grandfather, and one of the principle owners of Verkuylian BactaCo. He was considered one of the leaders of the planet Verkuyl, until it was nationalized by the Empire. He was known as a cautious, even paranoid, businessman, and the headquarters of Verkuylian BactoCo were riddled with secret passageways and hidden rooms. It was Deld who bought the planet Verkuyl originally, recognizing the potential profits of the vast alazhi forests. He built the factories and hired the workers, and was known as a fair and honest leader despite the fact that he held the workers as indentured workers on ten-year contracts. When the Empire nationalized Verkuyl, Deld erased the entire computer database on Verkuylian BactaCo, in an effort to ensure the Imperial forces wouldn't see his business dealings. (TFNR)

a planet which was home to an ancient race of primitive tribemen. (GG2)

Delefrenquin, Morgraine
this woman was a noted entertainment reporter for the Chandrilan Daily Messenger during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

Delegation of Two Thousand
this was the term used to describe the 2,000 Senators of the Old Republic who signed the so-called Petition of the Two Thousand, which called for the elimination of certain emergency powers that had been granted to Chancellor Palpatine during the height of the Clone Wars. Although Palpatine agreed to hear the petition, he twisted its intentions when discussing it later with Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine told Anakin that the petition was not a call for a return to normalcy in the Republic, but the opening salvo in a Jedi-led plot to overthrow the Chancellor's office and place control of the galaxy in the hands of the Jedi Council. According to Palpatine, the Delegation of the Two Thousand that drafted and signed the petition was under the control of the Jedi Council's powers of persuasion. The Petition later became the basis upon which Palpatine began his purge of the Senate, since he knew that most every Senator in the Delegation of the Two Thousand had opposed his control of the galaxy. (IS3, E3N, SWI85)

a planet. (HNN4)

this shipping corporation was harrassed by pirates in the Vexta Belt, until it mobilized its own militia and wiped them out. (SWJ3)

the Telosian gladiator was one of the combatants in the game of Katharsis, several years before the Battle of Naboo. (DOR)

this short-statured woman was one of the many individuals who lived and worked on the BioCruiser in the year following the Battle of Naboo. She was sent by Uni to greet Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker when they arrived on the ship at the behest of the Old Republic Senate. (JAD)

this Alliance soldier was the only rookie chosen for inclusion in Han Solo's Endor assault team. He served under Bren Derlin, but he was a nervous, trigger-happy youth. He nearly gave the commandos' position away trying to take pot-shots at the Imperial forces, but Derlin was able to restrain him each time. Note that the Star Wars Customizable Card Game - Endor expansion claims Delevar was a veteran of the Battle of Hoth. He was a scout and medic for Solo's assault team, and prided himself on being an effiicent soldier in General Madine's commando forces. (MTS, CCG10)

this was one of the most common names used by the Farghul people. (UANT)

Delfii System
it was in this deepspace system that the Alliance to Restore the Republic held a military summit to discuss the assault on the second Death Star, just prior to the Battle of Endor. (TIE)

this smuggler worked the Minos Cluster, and was based on the planet Travnin. (SWJ14)

Delgas Medical
a pharmaceutical corporation headquartered on Kabaira. (SWJ7)

this was one of the many provinces found on the planet Ansion. (APS)

this starship was owned by the Corellian resistance during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. It was donated to the Alliance, and was part of the fleet supporting Red Hand Squadron and the Retribution. (RD)

Della, Gaylan
this Alliance agent's cell was based on the planet Veron, but was compromised by Imperial spies who managed to infiltrate its ranks. Della himself was captured, but was later rescued by an Alliance team sent to Veron to investigate his disappearance. (PG1)

this planet was one of the many worlds located within the Tion Hegemony. The average day on Dellalt was slightly shorter than the galactic standard on Coruscant, giving Dellalt a year that lasted half again as long as that on Coruscant. Gravity on Dellalt was also slightly greater than standard. Dellalt orbited a blue-white star, and was in turn orbited by a pair of natural satellites. It was known as the homeworld of the Swimming People, a race of aquatic sauropteroids. Dellalt was, at one time, part of a strategic cluster of planets settled during pre-Old Republic Expansionist growth. It was during this period that the planet came under the watchful eye of Xim the Despot, who hoped to use it as his base of operations when he began his galactic conquest. Dellalt became the primary jewel in Xim's empire. He built huge vaults on the planet's southern continent to store his amassed wealth, and planned to fill them when his conquests were completed. Thus it was that the starship Queen of Ranroon was en-route to Dellalt, to deliver a huge shipment of war materiel, when Xim fell at the Third Battle of Vontor. The Queen of Ranroon eventually arrived at Dellalt, but the vaults could not be opened without Zim. So, the ship was hidden in the mountains near the vaults, until it was discovered by Han Solo and Badure many millennia later. Since the time of Xim, a large mining operation flourished on Dellalt, but it began to stagnate under the ownership of J'uoch and R'all. As with much of the Tion Hegemony during the rule of Emperor Palpatine, Dellalt was virtually forgotten. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Dellalt was overrun during the second wave of attacks. (HSL, HT, EGP)

Dellalt Project
this was the official name of the academic search for the Queen of Ranroon, which was led by Skynx. (ECH)

this was the name given to the human inhabitants of Dellalt. (HSL)

Dellaltian Bank and Currency Exchange
this was one of the few major banks in the Tion Hegemony, based on the planet Dellalt. The primary headquarters of this financial institution were housed in the abandoned vaults that had been originally built to house the treasures of Xim the Despot, but were left empty after the loss of the Queen of Ranroon and the death of Xim at the Third Battle of Vontor. Unknown to everyone, however, was the fact that the Survivors had dismantled the great ship, and had stored its cargo in the deepest vaults located beneath the bank's main building. This secret was eventually exposed several years before the Battle of Yavin by Han Solo, Alexsandr Badure, Hasti Troujow, and Skynx. (HSL)

Dellard Tranc
this male Genian worked as the head of security for Fry Industries on his homeworld of Genian, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SOJ)

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