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this Imperial warship, part of the fleet commanded by Carnor Jax, was dispatched to Zaddja to locate and eliminate Kir Kanos. (CE)

this unusual starship was owned by the Kalai who inhabited the Zirtran's Anchor space station. The Destiny was attached to the station, and served as the living quarters of the Kalai. Its presence was a vast mystery to the rest of the station's inhabitants, as the Kalai rarely left its confines and almost never invited another being inside. Hidden within the Destiny's holds were advanced starfighters that were faster and more maneuverable than the X-Wing or TIE Fighter, but their true purpose was never discovered. (SWJ5)

a Mugaari transport destroyed when the Empire subjugated the Tungra Sector. (TIE)

one of the planet Pantolomin's larger islands. (DFRSB)

this planet was a twin to the world of Dubrillion. Both were located near the asteroid system known as Lando's Folly. Brown and dirty from space, Destrillion was an inhospitable world. Lando Calrissian, during his tenure as owner of Lando's Folly, set up great processing plants on Destrillion, where ores from the asteroid field could be turned into usable materials. Like its twin, Destrillion was eventually captured by the Yuuzhan Vong. (VP, FH3)

Destroyed Starship, The
this was one of the non-standard face cards that sometimes appeared in a sabacc deck, especially if the deck was used for telling a being's fortune. When it appeared during a fortune-telling, the Destroyed Starship indicated cataclysmic changes in the near future, often death and destruction. Many considered this one of the worst cards to draw. (LCM)

this was the name used by Governor Kugg, of the planet Dodz, to describe his huge assassin droid. The Destroyer had been modified to serve as Kugg's right-hand man, and was used primarily to force the citizens of Dodz to by the heavy taxes demanded by Governor Kugg. The Destroyer was built to intimidate and destroy, but it proved no match for R2-D2 and the Ranger X-1 defense droid owned by Jost Ellon. In a titanic battle, R2-D2 was able to draw power away from the Destroyer and channel it into the X-1. This caused a chain reaction within the Destroyer's circuits, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the Destroyer. (MDCAR)

Destroyer Droid
these large, mobile weapons platforms were created by the Trade Federation to augment their legions of battle droids. Destroyer droids were built on a platform that could curl in upon itself in what was known as "Wheel Form," and roll into battle. Once deployed, the destroyer would unfold itself, steadying its massive form on three stout legs in what was known as the "Combat Stance." Its arms were studded with laser cannons and projectile launchers, and its head was filled with sensitive sensors and detectors used to local its targets. Models developed shourtly before the Battle of Naboo included small shield generators, and a series in development had independent, programmable computer brains that freed them from the necessity of a Droid Control Ship. The destroyer droids were also known as droidekas, and were produced by the Colicoids of Colla IV. The form of the destroyer droid mirrors the forms of the Colicoids themselves, including the ability to roll up into a ball and surprise their targets. The main drawback to the droidekas was their incredible shielding. Although precisely calibrated to form a sphere when the droideka was standing upright, it had the tendency to interpret a floor or wall from a weapon if the droideka were to tip over. Such an upended droideka experienced a catastrophic shield overload if it were knocked off its feet, as the shield systems continued to ramp up power to combat the perceived threat of the wall or floor. Eventually, the droideka exploded. (SW1, VD1, IG1, SON, E3N)

Destroyer of Worlds
see Infant of Shaa. (JF, ZW)

this was one of Kuat Drive Yards' ion engine designs. They saw duty as the primary sublight drive systems on Imperial-class Star Destroyers. (EGV)

Destroyers, The
this band sometimes played at Bantha Traxx, on the planet Lianna. (WSV)

Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse Gun
see DEMP Gun (AEG)

Destructor Beam
this was the name given to a prototype starship weapon that was developed by the Empire, during the early months of the New Order. It was essentially a high-powered turbolaser, and a small version of the superlaser that was later installed on the first Death Star. It was believed that the one and only version of the destructor beam was installed aboard the Courteous, and was fired just once during the blockade of the ThonBoka. However, the destruction of the Courteous by the Oswaft meant that the prototype and all data about it were destroyed. This meant that the further development of the destructor beam was scrapped. (LCS)

this Interdictor-class cruiser was under the command of Lieutenant Lon Donell during the early years of the New Republic. He used it to drag Republic ships from hyperspace, then captured the ships for his own fleet. Donell was forced to man the ship with less than a full crew, because his own troops were small in number. The Detainer was also short on support ships, carrying only a single TIE Fighter squadron, a pair of Skipray blastboats, and two Gamma-class assault shuttles. (WBC)

Detainment droid
this form of repulsor-equipped droid was essentially a floating prison guard, equipped with four arms. (DE1)

Detan, Narn
this New Republic Captain was placed in charge of re-establishing the government of a small colony in the Geal System. During the action, his troops enocuntered the bounty hunter Moxin Tark. Tark had been following Detan ever since the remnants of the Empire had placed a bounty in his head. Tark executed Detan in front of the New Republic troops, and managed to escape and claim the bounty. (WBC)

Detection Plus
this was the brand name of Krystallio's RMD-20 long-range surveillance remote. Known as the "Eye in the Sky," this device was a repulsor-equipped sphere designed to track criminal suspects for law enforcement agencies. (EGW)

this was the term used to describe any being who was employed to hunt down and locate fugitives or other criminals, often being hired by private concerns. (GMR10)

Detention Task Force
this study group was formed within the Corporate Sector Authority to analyze the costs and methods of imprisonment in various Authority and Imperial prison facilities. They determined that the New Order would likely lead to rebellion, and that a new breed of prison would be required to maintain larger numbers of criminals. They proposed the Stars' End project, and were involved in the initial design. The conclusion of the task force was that criminals could be stored in stasis booths, maintained in suspended animation until their sentences were up. This cut down on most operational costs - like food, clothing, and accommodations - while ensuring the safety of the prisoners. (CSA)

Dethro Glok
this being controlled much of the scrap trade which sprang up on the planet Ord Ibanna, after the gas mines there were abandoned. He was known as a ruthless leader, although he was strictest about maintaining the repulsorlifts which kept the cities of the planet afloat long enough to be salvaged. (RAC)

Dethro's Revenge
named for Dethro Glok, this was one of the many podraces which meandered through the cloud-cities of the planet Ord Ibanna during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Detien Kaileel
this Kabieroun served as the Kuari Princess' chief of security during the later years of the New Order. He fled his homeworld of Kabieroun several years before the Empire began subjugating the world, and studied police science at Balaidas Academy before the Empire closed it to non-humans. Detien then spent twenty or so years as a detective for the Mid-Rim Sentinel Agency before hiring on with Galaxy Tours as a security officer. A good friend of Celia Durasha and Dap Nechel, neither knew that Kaileel was also a supporter of the Alliance. On several runs with the Kuari Princess, Kaileel had been delivering guns and supplies to the underground on Mantooine, which had attracted the attention of Adion Lang and the ISB. When he was arrested aboard the Kuari Princess, Celia tried to rescue him from prison. She didn't believe that the rebellion was correct until Kaileel revealed that the Empire had destroyed Alderaan. When he was captured by Lang, his resistance led to his demise as Lang shot him before he could board his shuttle and escape. (TFE, SWJ8)

this was the most common explosive used in the creation of grenades and detonators. It was produced in moldable, fist-sized cubes. (SWSB, DESB)

Detonite Tape
this was a specialized form of explosive which found a wide market during the Galactic Civil War. D-tape (as it is referred to in the business) is a basic adhesive tape which has been impregnated with detonie gel. While not as destructive as a shaped charge, detonite tape was more flexible and adaptive to the shapes of doors, windows, and hatches. (ROE)

Detritus Satellites
this collection of scavenger droids was somehow released into orbit around Dantooine, during the last years of the Old Republic. The Detritus Satellites eventually began working together to protect their salvaging operations, constructing station D-7s1 during the early years of the New Order to serve as a storage and repair facility. (SWGAL)

Deuterium Pyro
see Deuterium-pyro (SWGAL)

this strong, alcoholic beverage was often consumed in single shots. (SWI65)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Dev, Yanix
to the casual acquiantence, Yanix Dev was an upstanding businessman who could have run any number of Inner Rim corporations. In reality, Dev was an egotistical distribution manager for the Karazak Slavers Guild. He liked to refer to himself as a "body broker." (GG11)

a form of music created and perfected on Adarlon. (GG6)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "peace officer", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this temperate world, located in the Colonies region of the galaxy, was home to the Devaronians and their cousins, the Devish. The terrain of Devaron was made up a low mountain ranges with deep valleys, shallow lakes, and thousands of rivers. Note that the Ultimate Alien Anthology indicates that Devaron was located in the Expansion Region. (GG4, SCRE, UANT)

this was the native language of the Devaronian people. (ANT)

these aliens are one of the most unique races in the galaxy, as their male and female sexes are so vastly different in appearance and temperament. The males are docile, non-aggresive creatures with smooth, hairless skin and short horns on their heads. They takes great pride in their horns, and groom them quite regularly. The females, on the other hand, are covered in calico fur and do not have horns. They are aggressive by nature, and tend to dominate their culture. It is believed that they are descended from a race of primates that lived in the mountains of Devaron, their homeworld, and that their horns were a genetic mutation that proved useful in fending off predatory brids. Devaronians are carnivores and in general, have an efficient metabolism, consuming nearly every bit of food they eat. The unusual blood of the Devaronians was silver-based, giving it a blackish color not unlike tarnish when exposed to oxygen. This means that they don't go to the toilet as often as other races. Devaronians were one of the first races to discover the secrets to space travel and develop stardrives. (SW, SCRE, GG4, TBH, T)

Devaronian Alipedene
this was a form of bio-engineered tissue replacement, created by scientists on the planet Devaron during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

Devaronian Blood-poison
this unusual gemstone was noted for its a strange silver color. When the stone was rubbed into an open wound, or used as a weapon to pierce flesh, it inflicted a painful poisoning into the bloodstream, which lingered for weeks unless treated immediately. During the era of the Old Republic that led up to the Great Sith War, these stones were often carved and honed into weapons. (TPS, KOTOR2)

Devastation, The
this was the term used by the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project to describe the destruction of the mission and the loss of the Outbound Flight. They were considered the original members of the Outbound Flight Colomy. (SQ)

an Imperial-I class Star Destroyer famous for its capture of the Rebel ship Tantive IV, the Devastator was Darth Vader's personal flagship until the Battle of Yavin. Prior to Vader's command, the Devastator was the flagship of Lord Tion, who commanded it during the destruction of an Alliance based on Ralltiir before his defection. It was later assigned to the fleet commanded by Darth Vader aboard the Executor. (SWR, SWSB)

this was a renowned vibroknife, produced by Merr-Sonn during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The Devastator was an exceptional weapon for close-combat trench fighting among ground-based military personnel. (SHPT)

Devastator Torpedo
this weapon was developed during the last years of the Galactic Civil War by the Empire. Rolf Treidum and his fleet of ships patrolling the Kathol Outback used one of these weapons on the planet Danoor, after Waric Nane failed to keep the FarStar and her crew on the planet. The torpedo was launched at the planet, and created a blast radius of about 5 kilometers. Everything within the blast was obliterated. The only drawback to the use of the devastator torpedo is that its launching system takes several minutes to recharge between shots. (KO)

this searing ball of rock is the first planet in the Lianna System. (ML)

DeVay, Varel
this young woman was the xenobiologist serving aboard the FarStar during its attempts to intercept Moff Sarne in Kathol Sector following the Battle of Endor. She grew up on a Core world, the pampered daughter of wealthy parents, and could have attended any university she chose. Despite her parents' wishes, she decided to follow her own path and study xenobiology. After graduation, she took a job working for a small company on Kal'Shebbol, but found herself actually working for Moff Sarne as a bioweapons developer. When the New Republic liberated Kal'Shebbol and forced Sarne into hiding, Varel opted to serve aboard the FarStar rather than return home. (KO)

this female S'kytri served as the Speaker of the Supreme Council, and acted as the voice of the governmental on her homeworld of Skye, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She presided over the trial of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, who were stranded on the planet when Han Solo set out to defeat Kharys. Like Aragh, Deveren believed in the prophesies that claimed a being would arrive on Skye to free the S'kytri from Imperial control. (LTA1, MCA1, GMR1)

this Imperial soldier was killed on Eiattu when Nrin recovered from his wounds. (XWWP)

this was the name of a noted Spiner individual. (UANT)

a pirate escort shuttle group destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Devil's Doorknob, The
this was the name given to the opening through which The Corkscrew emptied onto the Hutt Flats, part of the Mos Espa Circuit racecourse found on the planet Tatooine. Podracers had to flip their vehicles on their sides in order to pass through the Doorknob. The Devil's Doorknob later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (IWE1, SWGAL)

Devin, Virtrol
this man served as Drek Drednar's security chief, and was often the first member of the pirate team to board a captured starship. (SWJ5)

this Krytollak empress ruled her people during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. She had access to Imperial observers who helped her govern the planet Thandruss, in response to the Krytollak support of the New Order. (GG12)

Devis, Mynar
this man served the Imperial Remnant as a Captain during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, commanding the Interdictor cruiser Wrack. Captain Devis was part of the Imperial portion of Operation Trinity, monitoring one of the escape routes to be used by the forces of the Galactic Alliance. He admitted to being a fan of Han Solo's exploits since the age of five, when the smuggler's ship Millennium Falcon was dragged out of hyperspace by the Imperial forces. When the Yuuzhan Vong crippled the HoloNet with the use of the mabugat kan, Devis agreed to take a flight of TIE Defenders and race back to Grand Admiral Pellaeon to warn them of the communications failure. After delivering his message, Devis returned to Bilbringi to lend assistance to the forces of the Galactic Alliance. However, without the other two fleets, General Wedge Antilles' forces took a pounding at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Devis and his wingmen worked with Solo and the Millennium Falcon to help clear escape routes, but they too were beset by Yuuzhan Vong forces. In order to ensure that the Millennium Falcon survived to fight another day, Devis remained to guard Solo's rear , then plunged his TIE Defender into the hull of a Yuuzhan Vong interdictor craft. The resulting explosion took Devis' life, but enabled the forces of the Galactic Alliance to eliminate the interdictor. In the wake of Operation Trinity, many within the New Republic's military came to believe that Devis was actually the son of Gilad Pellaeon, after Han Solo delivered word of Devis' actions to the Grand Admiral. (FP)

another race of Devaronians, the Devish resemble their cousins outwardly, but there are several social and physical differences. The male Devish are born with sharp teeth used for hunting. The females are born with the sharp and blunt molars, and can survive on food that would kill most males. About one male in every fifty is born with both sets of teeth, making him a kind of solitary but useful hunter. Those Devish, male or female, with two sets of teeth, have the molars on the outer set and the sharp teeth on the inner set. The molars can be retracted, leaving the sharp teeth clear for ripping meat. Because the Devish used vicious quarra to execute criminals, the planet Devaron was never allowed membership into the New Republic. (TME, EGA)

this social strata was the higher of the two which developed over the millennia on Exocron. Descended from the original engineers aboard the Exocros Cabal, the Devisors were responsible for maintaining a safe and "good" level of technology for the rest of the planet's inhabitants. The Devisors believed that technology and space travel were inherently evil, and made sure that nothing new would come to harm the other colonists. This division of the population made the Devisors the unstated rulers of Exocron. However, there were several pirate groups and corsairs who believed that the Devisors were holding the people of Exocron from joining the rest of the galaxy. One group, led by Eida Sharden, managed to finally break the Devisors' hold on the population. After assisting Horzao Darr and Kaiya Adrimetrum in freeing the FarStar, Pagda Gevtes was captured and the Devisors were reduced in stature. (KO)

this clone commander, who was officially designated CT-65/91-6210, was trained as a Captain on Kamino, and was assigned to the 327th Star Corps during the build-up of forces prior to the Clone Wars. He was placed in command of Hawkbat Battalion's K Company, during the Battle of Geonosis. On Geonosis, K Company was all but wiped out, and Deviss risked his life to drag two injured clones to safety. For his actions, he was awarded a medal and given a new command. After his Jedi General was killed during the Battle of Altyr V, he was forced to lead an improvised attack on a Separatist ion cannon, destroying the weapon and allowing Republic forces to win the battle. Another award for valor was followed by a promotion to Commander for Deviss, and he was assigned to served under Commander Bly during the final stages of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

Devist, Carib
this tallgrain farmer from the Dorchess Valley of the planet Pakrik Minor was actually one of the sleeper agents dispersed throughout the galaxy by Grand Admiral Thrawn, and was a member of cell Jenth-44. Carib was "activated" by Grodin Tierce, shortly after the revelation of the Caamas Document. Like his brother, Sabmin, Carib was also a clone of Soontir Fel, bred for his piloting skills in case Thrawn needed additional pilots in his war against the New Republic. However, Fel's love of the outdoors and his family somehow made it into his makeup, and the Devists decided that they didn't want to fight when the orders came through. They opted to negotiate with Leia Organa-Solo for their freedom. Carib agreed to help the New Republic by taking a doctored recording of an alien starship to the nearest Ubiqtorate base, in hopes that it would be rerouted to Bastion. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian could then travel to Bastion and retrieve a copy of the Caamas Document. In the meantime, Devist agreed to served as the diplomatic representative to the New Republic from Pakrik Minor. He threw in his full support of President Gavrisom, and was used as a rallying point. He was also able to identify several Imperial ships among those gathered around Bothawui, and was instrumental in the discovery of the Tyrannic. (SOP, VOF)

Devist, Daberin
Carib Devist's son. (VOF)

Devist, Keena
Carib Devist's daughter. (VOF)

Devist, Lacy
Carib Devist's wife. (SOP)

Devist, Sabmin
this tallgrain farmer was the brother of Carib Devist, and was also a sleeper agent in cell Jenth-44, planted by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Sabmin was the first agent on Pakrik Minor to receive Imperial notification that the agents had been activated, and organized the agents for action. Like his brother, Carib, Sabmin was also a clone of Soontir Fel, bred for his piloting skills in case Thrawn needed additional pilots in his war against the New Republic. However, Fel's love of the outdoors and his family somehow made it into his makeup, and the Devists decided that they didn't want to fight when the orders came through. They opted to negotiate with Leia Organa-Solo for their freedom. (SOP, VOF)

this nation, encompassing the three continents of the western hemisphere of the planet Lazerian IV, was the only nation on the planet. (TSK)

this city, found on the continent of Laz on the planet Lazerian IV, is the capital of the nation of Devit. (TSK)

DeVitt, Chase
a native of Corellia, this man ended up on Socorro with only a few credits to his name. He was brought to the planet by Drake Paulsen, but his good looks and roguish style earned him a quick position in the criminal underground. His skills with sabacc cards got him hired by Tiranga the Hutt, who employed Chase as a "luck-buster." Whenever a customer of Tiranga's Loft got too lucky and started winning, Chase was sent in to call their bluff. His success rate at stopping these runs created a healthy rivalry between Chase and some of the galaxy's best sabacc players, and his ability to beat them has helped fill Tiranga's coffers. (BSS)

this small, heavy-set Imperial Admiral survived the Battle of Endor and controlled a the Rachuk Sector for a few years afterward. He was Uwlla Iellor's commanding officer. He is a very opinionated person, and his opinion is usually wrong, although he works hard to make people see that it is the only opinion. He was killed in the New Republic raid on Vladet. (XWN)

this is a species of heart-shaped, green-skinned aliens was native to the planet Ord Radama. The average lifespan of a Deevlikk was around ten standard years. Devlikks were highly attuned to the magnetic poles of their homeworld, and never became lost in the cities found there. Off-planet, however, Devlikks quickly became confused about their surroundings. (IG1, IWE1, NEGC)

Devon Four
this planet was embargoed by the Old Republic several years before the onset of the Clone Wars, when the government refused to pay its taxes. The embargo came just before a plague struck the planet, and the Republic refused to allow shipments of the antidote to reach the planet's surface. Several smugglers managed to break through the blockade, and the planet's population eventually survived the threat. (TCD)

one of the New Republic assault shuttles participating in the assault on Borleias. It later assisted the retaking of Coruscant by transporting troops to the planet's surface. (XWN, WG)

a recommissioned Black Sword warship used by the Yevetha to purge the planet Polneye. It was a Victory-class Star Destroyer. (BTS)

Devotion of Yevetha
Tal Fraan served aboard this Yevetha warship, leading a group of human slaves. (SOL)

Devourer Organism
this was a specially-developed organism that was used by the Old Republic to scrub the atmosphere of the planet Coruscant, in an effort to maintain a breathable quality of air. These organisms were bred to be highly effective and efficient at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, thereby taking the place of the plantlife which no longer covered the planet's surface. (EL2)

Devourer Tank
this device was produced during the New Republic for the automated disposal and recycling of organic material, especially on worlds like Coruscant where garbage disposal was extremely important. Organic material was collected and placed into the tank, which was essentially a vat of viscous "goo" that broke down the organic material. Every so often, the goo was pumped out of the tank, and the inorganic sludge at the bottom was scraped out, in order to maintain the tank's effectiveness. The goo which was placed in the tank was barely aware of its surroundings, and the individual molecules could work together to grasp at organic material and drag it into the tank. The devourer tank's goo was a modified version of the devourer organism developed to scrub Coruscant's air. (EL2)

this Old Republic cruiser was dispatched, along with the Reliant, to the Cularin System during the height of the Clone Wars. The mission of the two ships and their supporting craft was simple: secure the Cularin System and institute martial law until the crisis was over. Chancellor Palpatine ordered Cularin secured after allegations of treason were leveled against Senator Lavira Wren, who was under investigation for collusion with the Separatists. (LFCW)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Devros Crystal
this was an exquisite crystal, used during the last decades of the Old Republic to made some of the more elegant - and expensive - goblets and glassware. (LFCW)

Devvol, Fez
this man was the manager of Aqualis Base during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He developed relationships with the Krikthasi in order to make his work on the planet easier. (PG1)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "fierce" or "stout", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Dew Cake
this delicious bread was produced on the planet Wroona. (PSPG)

this Dug slaver was one of the many members of his species who worked for the crimelord Sebolto during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. A bounty for his capture was issued by Gorga the Hutt in connection with the theft of several of Gorga's Twi'leki dancers. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty during his attempt to locate Sebolto on Malastare. (BH)

a species of large, omnivorous, dinosaur-like lizards found in the deserts of Tatooine and Breeka, dewbacks were named for the sweat they exude during periods of rest. The dew-like sweat collected along the scales of their backs, and members of a dewback herd licked the sweat off each other for water. This sharing of the "dew" on their backs helped the dewbacks develop social relationships. The sweat was often collected by certain races for medicinal purposes. The average dewback was a solitary animal for most of the year. They congregate in the Jundland Wastes each year to participate in a huge, orgiastic mating ritual which followed the mating season of the krayt dragon. The eggs are then left behind, safe because the dragons have moved on. They young must fend for themselves once hatched. Faster and more agile than a Bantha, Dewbacks can be trained for use as mounts. Dewbacks were easy to domesticate, especially if raised from the egg. However, any domesticated Dewback must be set free each year for the mating season, or else they went into a wild rage. They are also used as a food source by humans and Tusken Raiders. Dewbacks are active during the heat of the day, but become sluggish during the cold desert nights. While lumbering in appearance, the average dewback could attain a running speed of fifty kilometers an hour for short bursts. (SW, JS, SWSB, GG7, XWWP, GF, EGA, WSW)

Dewback Inn
Hath Monchar planned to sell his information, detailing the Trade Federation's plans to blockade the Naboo System at the order of Darth Sidious, to Lorn Pavan at this Coruscant inn, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The Dewback Inn was located in the Zi-Kree sector of the cityworld, in the area known as the Crimson Corridor. (DMSH, MBS)

Dewback Kord
this man was the chief mechanic for the starship Hawkbat. (WS)

Dewback Storage Warehouse
located in Coronet City on Corellia, Corran Horn and Riij Winward hid Captain Niriz' cargo here during their travels with Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was disguised as Jodo Kast. (TFE)

Dewback's Burden
this Gallofree Yards medium transport was part of a merchant fleet hired by the New Republic to carry supplies to planets which were rebuilding in the wake of the Battle of Endor. The Dewback's Burden served as the lead ship in the convoy which was dispatched to bring supplies to Bhuna Sound, but was attacked by the TIE Interceptor pirates hoping to free Air Marshall Von Asch. (T5)

Dewes, Olan
this man served the Empire as a Colonel in the armed forces, during the height of the New Order. He was the Imperial liaison aboard the Ithorian herdship Tafanda Bay, which placed him nominally in charge of the vessel. Many years earlier, Dewes had been saved from assassination by the bounty hunter Dengar, when a rival Colonel tried to obtain a posting that Dewes was also competing for. His posting on Ithor was, some of his peers believed, the result of his respect for the lives of the beings he controlled, as Dewes was often more worried about obtaining results while reducing the loss of life. When the native Ithorians retook the Tafanda Bay, Dewes was captured but not killed. Instead, the Oracle decided to leave Dewes on the planet's surface, where the abundance of life would either kill him or turn him into an ally of the Ithorians. (MIS7)

this was the term used to describe the flaps of skin that surrounded the mouth of a Sullustan individual. (MJH)

this flowering plant was native to the planet Bellassa. (LJ1)

this 600-year-old female Wookiee joined Garris Shrike on the Trader's Luck as a chef, following the exiling of her husband, Isshaddik. Known to her friends as Dewlanna, she befriended Han Solo, and kept watch over him. It was this love that Han never forgot, and eventually led to his association with Chewbacca. Dewlanna was the one who discovered that Han's last name was Solo, during one of Shrike's fits of drunken bragging. When Solo attempted to escape from the Luck and start his own life, Dewlanna gave him a bagful of credits. When Shrike caught Solo, Dewlanna stepped into make sure Han got away. She killed Larrad Shrike before taking a blaster bolt from Garris. The injury proved fatal, and Han promised that her death would not go in vain. Note that The Unifying Force indicates that Dewlannamapia survived the blast, and was present many decades later at the dedication of a portrait of Chewbacca at the Thiss landing pad. (TPS, UF)

a thick-growing jungle plant native to Dathomir. (CPL)

this man was part of the team dispatched to Corellia to capture or kill the Jedi Master Eelysa and any other Jedi they found. Dex worked for Roxi Barl during the mission. They ran into Han and Leia Organa Solo at the medical facility that was treating Eelysa, and were forced to flee or be shot by the Solos. Unfortunately for Dex, he was shot and killed in the firefight. (REC)

Dex's Diner
this small restaurant, located in Coruscant's CoCo District during the last years of the Old Republic, was owned by Dexter Jettster. Dex's Diner was once known as Didi's Café, and was sold to Dex by Didi and Astri Oddo. Known for its slogan, the Diner claimed to have "the best eats in the CoCo Town streets!" (HNN4, JQ2)

Dexsrti Skin Pox
despite its name, this parasite attacked its host from the inside, lodging in the digestive system until fully grown. Then, they migrated into the bloodstream and lodged themselves in the subcutaneous tissues of muscles. Once there, they resembles rosy lumps on the skin, giving them their name. The infection of Dexsrti Skin Pox was treatable with medication. (TBSB)

Dexter Jettster
amale Besalisk with a heavy-set body and four thick arms, Dex was a mechanic who worked for various oil-harvesting operations during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Note that Star Wars Gamer #10 indicates that Dexter was a member of the Ojum race. He developed a love for cooking during this time, although many of his fellow crewbeings wondered how much of "special recipes" were imbued with lubricants and oils found on the worksite. After spending many years as a smuggler and gunrunner, Dex retired to Coruscant, where he purchased Didi's Café from Didi Oddo when the previous owner retired. Dexter was introduced to Obi-Wan Kenobi at this time, and served as an invaluable source of information for the Jedi Knight. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates that Dexter first met Obi-Wan on the mining world of Ord Sigatt. Obi-Wan discovered that Dex could be an incredibly loyal friend, who would kill if necessary, as well as give his life for those beings he cared about. (OWS, JQ2, AOTCN, VD2, SWDB, GMR10)

homeworld of Kyp Durron's parents. It was a terraformed world, with raft cities anchored in manmade lakes, located in the Anoat System. It was once a successful fish-farming colony, aquaformed to make the most of the fish. Located near the Ison Corridor and the Corellian Trade Spine, it was within easy access of many Old Republic supply lines. The colonists ruled themselves under the auspices of the Old Republic, but the rise of the New Order saw widespread misuse of the farming facilities. The Empire polluted the waters and killed off the fish, eventually forcing the settlers to abandon the planet altogether. Since the fall of the Empire, Deyer has become just another backwater world. Its days lasts 28 standard hours, and its year lasts 389 local days. Note that the Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin indicates that Deyer's day lasted 20 hours, and its year lasted 300 local days. (JS, JASB, WOA33)

Deyer Colony
see Deyer (NEGC)

this planet was the homeworld of the Enu race. Shortly before the Clone Wars, the planet was infested with stone mites, but the damage proved to be minimal before the mites were eradicated. (WBC, HNN5)

Deysum III
this planet, located in the Trax Sector, served as the Imperial sector capital shortly after the Battle of Yavin. A huge naval installation was erected on the planet. At the time of the Battle of Yavin, Deysum III had been abused by corporations and urban sprawl, and much of the planet was covered with swamps of deadly chemicals and toxic waste. The inhabitants of the planet were forced to erect huge domes to cover their cities and keep out the toxic gases the built up over the centuries of misuse. (GMK, SWJ7)

this was a common name among the Snivvian race. (UANT)

this Imperial Security Bureau agent was assigned to the first Death Star, leading the group of agents monitoring the station. He had the ability to be inconspicuous when it suited him, but he was also ruthless and cunning to a fault. (DSTC)

an Imperial Lieutenant, Dezon worked a pit officer on the Interdictor-class ship Constrainer. He had been conscripted into the Empire against his will, but grew to at least honor the Empire he worked to restore. (HTSB)

this man was a Captain in the Imperial armed forces during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. He was outwardly loyal to Emperor Palpatine, but was actually allied with Grand Moff Trachta. By remaining a member of the Imperial Navy's command structure, Dezsetes was able to provide Trachta with detailed reports on the movement of the Imperial fleet. He arragned to be assigned to the Star Destroyer Mathayus, when the ship was provided for Darth Vader's mission to hunt down a supposed Jedi Knight on Dargulli. After Vader eliminated the pretender, who claimed to be a disciple of the Sith, he returned to the Mathayus and confronted Dezsetes. When Dezsetes revealed the plot to assassinate Emperor Palpatine, Vader cut Dezsetes in half with his lightsaber. (SWEB)

this was a common name among the Snivvian race. (UANT)

this unit of measure is used by weapons manufacturers, and describes the range (in kilometers) over which a single tube charge loses eight percent of its energy. It was initially developed by the Sumrias race, and says that the weapon loses half its charge at 8 Df. (ISB)

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