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a brown dwarf star in the Koornacht Cluster. The Astrolabe was destroyed near it. Note that Shield of Lies describes Doornik-1142 as a planet. (BTS, SOL)

this planet, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was inhabited by a colony of Corasgh until it was exterminated by the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

the New Republic designation for the Kubaz world of Morning's Bell. The Yevetha know it as Preza. (BTS, SOL)

Doornik-628 System
this planetary system, located in the Koornacht Cluster, contained a number of habitable planets. The fifth planet was known as J't'p'tan to the Fallanassi. It was exterminated by the Yevetha. (SOL, TT)

this gas giant was the innermost planet in the Doornik-628 System. It was orbited by three moons. (WOTC)

this unusual planet, a core surrounded by acidic clouds, was the second planet in the Doornik-628 System. It was orbited by a single moon. (WOTC)

this unusual planet, a core surrounded by acidic clouds, was the third planet in the Doornik-628 System. It had no natural satellites. (WOTC)

see Pehzehvar (WOTC)

see J't'p'tan (WOTC)

this gas giant was the sixth planet in the Doornik-628 System. It was orbited by eleven moons. (WOTC)

this gas giant was the seventh planet in the Doornik-628 System. It was orbited by thirteen moons. (WOTC)

this world of barren, rocky wastes was the eighth and outermost planet in the Doornik-628 System. It had no natural satellites. (WOTC)

this planet, known to the natives as Kutag, was the site of an Imperial factory farm usurped by the Yevetha. (SOL)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "watchful" or "alert". (GCG)

a game of chance played in many backwater casinos. (SWJ14)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "skilled diver". (GCG)

this was the Huttese word for the number two (2). The Hutts used a base-eight numbering system, since their hands had just four fingers each. (GMR5, TF)

Dopa Boga Noga
this was a Huttese command, used to ask a bartender to supply a glass of Huttese ale. (MBS)

Dopa na rocka rocka?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "Does this cause brain damage?" (GMR5)

this man was a member of the mercenary band that settled on the Khoonda Plains of Dantooine, in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

this New Republic Navy K-Wing pilot was killed during the unsuccessful blockade of Doornik-319. (SOL)

Dopo mee gusha?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "Do you feel lucky?" (GMR5)

this creature is often kept as an exotic pet. (VOF)

Doppler Compensator
this unit is part of a starship's navigational control system. (RM)

Doppraymagno Scanner
a multifunction scanning device that used doppler imaging, X-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging to "see inside" a living being or other construct. (SE, EGW)

this young man was a member of The Young. He was in charge of medical issues, as part of the new government established after The Young defeated the elders of the Daan and Melida. (UP)

this planetoid was the fourth, and outermost, world in the Endor System. Many historians believed that Dor's presence in the system was what drew Imperial forces to Endor, since its crust and mantle were exceptionally rich in pure metals, alloys, and crystals. Astrophysicists argued for many years about how the small planetoid could have become so rich in natural materials, including phobium, doonium, zersium, neutronium, iron, gold, and crystallized lommite. However, independent prospectors found it nearly impossible to penetrate the thick crust, and many small mining operations failed to turn a profit while trying to mine Dor. The Empire, however, used a massive concentration of firepower to crack Dor's crust open. Once spherical in shape, Dor was reduced to a ragged, unstable world that lacked any sort of structural integrity by the excavations of the Empire. (GMR9)

Dor Gal-ram
this ancient Sith warlord sided with Naga Sadow following the death of Marka Ragnos, although he believed Luda Kressh had the best interests of the Sith in mind. Working with Horak-mul, he became one of Kressh's secret agents, and was instrumental in uncovering Sadow's treachery in assuming the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. They later led the attack on Sadow's fortress on Khar Delba, which was a decoy base. The lack of retaliation made Dor Gal-ram overconfident, and ordered further attacks. It was at this point that several of Dor Gal-ram's crewmen - still loyal to Naga Sadow - mutinied and killed Gal-ram. This marked the end of Kressh's attack on Sadow, leaving Sadow firmly in command of the Sith Lords. (GAS)

Dor Nameth
this planet is the homeworld of a tall race of dextrous travelers. (CCG9)

Dor, The
see Splendor Tavern (JQ)

Dora Prefecture
a city on the planet Bethal. (SWJ4)

this Duros starship captain worked for the Empire as a shuttle pilot, transporting passengers within the Inner Kuat Transfer Zone during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Although loyal to the Empire, he was known to trade information about the Kuat System and its industry for news of the Alliance and the galaxy at large. (PSPG)

this planet is covered with dense jungle. (SESB)

this ancient Jedi Master served as the Jedi enclave on Dantooine, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Master Dorak was known for his skills with a lightsaber, and his knowledge of their construction. Master Dorak personally handled the assignment of crystals to the apprentices at the enclave, matching stones to their new owners' abilities. He was also known for his knowledge of galactic history, especially that of the Jedi Order. (KOTOR)

this aquatic creature was once native to the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. The giant dora-mu was maintained as a living source of scutes, which were implanted onto other creatures for form a living suit of armor. (NEGV)

Doran Spaceways
this was the false owner of the "passenger" shuttle Doran Star, when Kell Tainer landed the shuttle in Revos to intercept the crew of the Hawkbat. (WS)

Doran Star
this was the false identification of the shuttle Narra, used when Wraith Squadron infiltrated the planet Storinal shortly before the Night Caller was to rendezvous with the Hawkbat. The Doran Star was a passenger shuttle owned by Doran Spaceways. (WS)

Doran, Kell
this man was the son of Kissek Doran. Like his father, Kell eventually joined the Alliance. However, Kell changed his last name to Tainer, in order to avoid any direct comparison with his father. (WS)

Doran, Kissek
this Alliance starfighter pilot was one of the original Tierfon Yellow Aces, and served with Wes Janson and Jek Porkins. A former freighter pilot from the planet Alderaan, Kissek went into a panic attack when a routine mission became a dogfight with the Yellow Aces outnumbered two-to-one. Janson and Porkins were forced to chase him down because of their proximity to Imperial space, fearing that he might compromise the mission. When Kissek wouldn't listen to reason and turn around, Janson took a shot at him. The laser blast cracked Kissek's cockpit, venting all atmosphere and killing him. Kissek's widow found out about his death before the Yellow Aces could talk to her, and she blamed them for his death and for ruining the family name. She changed her name,and that of her children, to Tainer and moved from their hometown, hoping to rebuild their lives. Kissek's son, Kell, eventually joined the Alliance himself. (WS, SWI59)

Dorat, Chel
this Imperial Admiral retired to the planet Jerrilek, and lived in an estate near Graleca. He had been a noted military leader whose outspoken criticism of the Old Republic's internal corruption earned him the notice of Emperor Palpatine. However, over the years after he retired, Dorat became more and more vocal about the Empire's methods. He was later arrested for treason, but was rescued by a team of Alliance agents. His own daughter, Preela, assisted in making sure he was captured, but the Alliance agents managed to free him despite her efforts. Admiral Dorat then pledged his full support to the Alliance. (SWJ4)

Dorat, Preela
this woman was the daughter of Chel Dorat. She lived in the city of Graleca, on Jerrilek, and took her father into her home when he became too feeble to handle daily life. Even in middle age, she was a spoiled aristocrat, hostile with visitors until they can prove their social position was equal to her own. She grew up spoiled, especially after her mother died in a speeder crash when she was young. Over time, she grew to love the Empire, even after her father began to denounce its methods. When the timing was right, Preela actually turned her father over to the Imperial forces on Jerrilek, but a team of Alliance agents managed to rescue him. (SWJ4)

Dorax Dog
a ferocious beast used as a guardian. (TFE, SWJ7)

Dorchess Valley
located on the planet Pakrik Minor, this is one of the primary farming areas for tallgrain. (SOP)

a planet (SWSB)

this alien species is native to the planet Dordolum. (SOP)

this planet was the site of one of the first riots sparked by Klif and Drend Navett, shortly after the revelation of Bothan involvement in the destruction of Caamas. (SOP)

Doreenian Ambergris
this substance was used to make a heady perfume. The strength of its aroma made it a favorite among spice smugglers, who hid shipments of the illegal material inside or among boxes of ambergris perfume. (TPS)

this planet, located in the Freeworlds Region of Tapani Sector, was part of a group known as the Three Ellas. Along with Sorella and Pernella, Dorella had a liberal government that was more receptive to smugglers and criminals than other worlds. (LOE)

Dorellia System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Mecetti during the New Order. (LOE)

Dorenian Beshniquel
a musical instrument, often referred to as a Fizzz, the Dorenian Beshniquel was a short, single-reed wind instrument. (TME)

this as a species of herd animal which had been domesticated by the Ansionians. (APS)

Dorian Club
this bar, located on Narigus III, was where Sam was supposed to meet up with Lauren, after the two stole the Kubaz Insect from Rock'co and were separated during their escape. Sam never showed up, because he had been captured by Rock'co and killed. Sam sent the statue to Lauren by courier. (GMS)

Dorian Passion Fruit
this tasty, juicy fruit is found only on the planet Dantooine. (GMS)

Dorian Quill
an alcoholic beverage aged 12 years or more. (TME)

Doriana, Kinman
this man was one of Senator Palpatine's closest advisors, and continued to serve Palpatine after his election as Supreme Chancellor. One of his first missions for Palpatine occurred a year after the start of the Clone Wars, when Doriana was dispatched to Cartao to secure the assistance of Spaarti Creations in manufacturing modern cloning cylinders He found himself torn between his duty to the Old Republic and his allegiance to Darth Sidious, who wanted Doriana on Cartao to ensure that the ravages of the Clone Wars came to the planet. It was during the time of the Outbound Flight Project that Doriana became Palpatine's most trusted aides, when he accompanied the task force sent to eliminate the Jedi. Instead of a quick assault, the Imperial fleet was decimated by the Chiss Expansionary Defense force under the command of Thrawn. Thrawn destroyed all but one of Doriana's warships before Doriana could plead for an audience. When he did, he managed to convince Thrawn of the dangers of the Outbound Flight Project. Thrawn's forces wiped out the Jedi, and Doriana returned to Coruscant and described to Palpatine the events he witnessed. (VOF, SWI68)

Doriella's Mystress
this bulk freighter was owned and operated by RenTrans during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

this planet, located in the Expansion Region, was the homeworld of the Kel Dor race. The planet's atmosphere was very unusual in that it supported life with just the barest traces of oxygen. This required that Kel Dor travelling away from Dorin must wear anti-ox masks to filter out oxygen. Much of the planet's industry was based on technology. Its location was unusual in that it was situated between two blackholes, which meant that travel to and from Dorin was quite dangerous. Thus, Dorin and the Kel Dor were considered mysterious and menacing by many of thegalaxy's inhabitants. (IG1, IWE1, WOTC, NEGC)

an alien species. (IWE1)

Dorin Venithon
this Ithorian and his twin brother, Denuab, were among the most vicious pirates of the New Order. This made them a great aberration to the normally placid Ithorian people. Formerly members of such notable groups as the Fivaran Organization, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, and the Yarnak Gang, the Venithon Twins joined the Hy'thor Pirates shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Twins left the Fivaran Organization after a failed raid on the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI, and fled to the Hy'thor gang, where they quickly established themselves as cruel leaders. They were even made special ambassadors to Safonne Pendon's gang. Where Denuab was somewhat reasonable, Dorin was belligerent and vicous, with bullying attitude. (AIR)

Dorin, Mika
this shady character lived and worked in Dreshdae, on the planet Korriban, during the era of the Great Sith War. Dorin was a regular pazaak player, who could be found in one of the city's many cantinas. (KOTOR)

Dorion Discus
this inconspicuous tramp freighter was Roark Garnet's personal ship, inherited from his sister Neena. Upon receiving the ship, Garnet used his old ship - the Moldy Crow - as payment for a debt he owed to Grappa the Hutt. (RPG, SWJ3, WOTC)

Dorits, Laslo
this man was the spokesman for the Stark Veteran Assembly, just before the onset of the Clone Wars. Shortly before the Clone Wars, Dorits and the Assembly denounced the peace rallies which were held by Senator Padme' Amidala of Naboo, who said in her speeches that "warfare is the product of cowarice; only the bravest of beings can resolve conflict peacefully." (HNN4)

an elderly Imperial Navy Captain under Grand Admiral Thrawn, he was the commander of the Relentless. He came from a family of starship commanders from the planet Coruscant, being the seventh in a long line of naval officers. He was granted command of the Relentless prior to the Battle of Endor, although his cautious style of command has often been questioned by other Captains. He was with Pellaeon following the Battle of Endor, and although he agreed with the decision to retreat, he did not approve of Pellaeon's assumption of command. Dorja's lack of initiative at the Battle of Endor meant that he was relegated to a secondary position in Grand Admiral Thrawn's Navy, and this rankled even more. Dorja stayed on, though, in hopes that he could one day assume command of the fleet and return the New Order to its rightful position in the galaxy. Dorja survived the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the series of defeats the Empire suffered to the New Republic, and was one of the thirteen Captains who remained in control of their Star Destroyers ten years later. He was then called upon by Moff Disra to intercept Admiral Pellaeon at Morishim, but Dorja was not given the specifics of the mission. At the same briefing, Dorja was stunned to see Thrawn join the discussion. Masterfully portrayed by the con artist Flim, Thrawn seemed resurrected, and Dorja was completely fooled by the performance. He agreed to go to Morishim and intercept an Imperial courier, which turned out to be Colonel Vermel's ship en route to extend a peace treaty to Garm Bel Iblis. (DFR, DFRSB, SOP)

Dorja, Vana
this woman was the daughter of Imperial Navy Captain Dorja, and continued to support and serve the Imperial Remnant in wake of Admiral Pellaeon's ceasefire agreement with Ponc Gavrisom and the New Republic. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy and took Coruscant, Commander Dorja was on Coruscant, ostensibly negotiating the purchase of harvester droids from Ulban Arms. The negotiations were tricky, since the droid brains were capable of controlling military-grade automata. After escaping the Battle of Coruscant, Commander Dorja fled to the planet Calamari, where the New Republic had set up its provisional capital. It was there that Leia Organa Solo agreed to take her back to Imperial space, since Leia was headed there already. (DW)

this Brubb worked for Barosa Warren at the Galactic Outdoor Survival School on OM813. Dorlar was an instructor and part-time recruiter for Warren, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this planet was subjugated by the Empire during the latter stages of the Galactic Civil War, despite the efforts of Jedi Knight Qu Rahn and his team to protect the civilian population. (RAG)

Dorlon II
this planet, located near Carida, served as a transfer station for traffic coming from and going to the Imperial Academy on Carida. Dorlon II itself was a barren world, dominated by volcanic activity and sulfurous deposits. The transfer station was located in an orbital facility. (SFE)

this woman owned Dorma's Café, a small restaurant located in the Cloud Lake district of Ussa, on the planet Bellassa, during the last years of the Old Republic. Like many of her fellow shopkeepers, Dorma fell on hard times after the Empire took control of the planet, shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. (LJ1)

this family moved into North 5, 26 Down, after the Fallanassi fled the city of Griann, on Teyr. They lived there after a massive cyclone nearly destroyed the city. (SOL)

Dorma's Café
this small café was owned by Dorma, and was located in the Cloud Lake district of Ussa, on the planet Bellassa, during the last years of the Old Republic. Like many of the stores in the area, Dorma's Café fell on hard times after the Empire took control of the planet, during the months following the end of the Clone Wars. Dorma's Café was located next door to the Olin/Lands Agency. (LJ1)

this woman was one of Queen Amidala's handmaidens, during the era following the Battle of Naboo. She continued to serve after Padme' Amidala became Naboo's Senator, providing Padme' with support and acting as an aide during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWI61, AOTCN)

this was a coma-like, natural reaction to severe trauma. An individual who has experienced a physical trauma often enters dormo-shock. (ESBN)

this is the fourth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "d". (SWM)

this young Bothan boy was a contemporary of nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, and was a slave in Mos Espa just like Anakin. The two were good friends as well. Dorn was owned by Jabba the Hutt at the time, and the Hutt was training him to be a spy. When Jabba learned that a group of Ghostling children had been stolen from Gardulla the Hutt, Jabba decided to have Dorn infiltrate Gardulla's slaves and locate them. If he failed, Jabba would kill him. What Jabba didn't know was that Dorn was one of the children who helped the Ghostlings escape. Dorn was nearly captured in the escape, but made it safely to Bantha Rock. There, he fled Tatooine with the Ghostlings and Pala aboard Rakir Banai's ship. (E1A5, E1A8)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Dorn Tlo
this was a noted Kel Dor individual. (SWRPG2)

this planet is the homeworld of the Dornean race. (BTS)

this alien race, native to the planet Dornea, are tall, leathery-skinned humanoids with specialized eyefolds. Their eyefolds and shoulders are studded with quills, providing extra defenses against attackers. In the Dornean society, the male is responsible for taking care of the children until he is needed to defend the family. (BTS, CTD)

Dornean Brandy
a fine, distilled liquor created on Dornea. (BTS)

this young man was 28 years old, ten years older than his counterpart Alex Winger, during the rebellion on Garos IV shortly after the Battle of Endor. He died in an Imperial ambush, during just his second field mission, near the Tahika Cliffs. (SWJ1)

Do-ro'ik vong pratte!
this was the traditional battle cry of the Yuuzhan Vong. It was a call for unbridled ferocity and the release of the most basic emotions and instincts of a warrior. Literally translated into Basic, it meant "woe to our enemies." (VP, JE)

this pirate makes his home base on the planet Lanthrym, where he is the prominent crimelord. (PG)

this Kubaz worked as a lieutenant for Moska the Hutt, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. When a group of freelance mercenaries, hired by Moska's rival Torga, discovered that Doronnar was the individual who hired Nomo Sliken to kill Nak Simm, they believed that it was Doronnar who ordered them killed. (WOA24)

this Hutt served as an Intermediary to the Old Republic Senate, representing the planet Sriluur shortly before the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Dorr indicated nature, forest, or woods. (GCG)

Dorr Farms
this moisture farm was owned and operated by Sholh Dorr, on the planet Tatooine, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (TG)

Dorr, Sholh
this man was a native of the planet Tatooine, the son of a moisture farmer and part of a long line of farmers. Just before the Battle of Geonosis, Sholh accompanied his friend, Owen Lars, on a raid of a Tusken Raider encampment. Owen's stepmother, Shmi Skywalker Lars, had been captured by the Tuskens, and Cliegg Lars had roused the local farmers to rescue her. Sholh died in the attack, along with nearly every other member of the party. (AOTCN)

this city was located on the eastern hemisphere of the planet Derilyn. (PG3)

this Cerean elder was in league with Bron, Ephant Mon, and their pro-technology faction which was trying to gain a foothold on the planet Cerea. He was hoping to make a profit off the eventual sale of swoops and other high-technology items, and made a deal with the off-worlders to allow for certain items to be imported to help fuel the desire for more. On a tip from the Ortolan Ydde, elder Nar-Somo-Dali discovered Dorr's deceit and had him arrested for sedition. During his sentencing, Dorr told the elders that the swoops which were ridden by Kordren and Skeel were sabotaged. (PTR)

this planet was subjugated by the Empire during the New Order. (SWJ9)

Dorsal Killer
this modified YT-1930 was the first bounty hunter's ship to answer the call from NEK-072 to destroy the Lost Lady, during the attempt to kill Deggar Feps. The crew of the Lost Lady managed to drive the ship off, but other bounty hunters eventually answered the call. It was armed with a pair of turret-mounted blaster cannons and two pairs of fire-linked ion cannons. (WOTC)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Hal Horn had once tracked Moranda Savich to this world, but was unable to capture her before she was able to flee. (TFNR)

Dorsk 80
this Khommite was Dorsk 81's genetic predecessor. He frowned on his descendant's uniqueness. (DS, EGP)

Dorsk 81
this Khommite was the 81st member of a family which has been cloned from the same batch of genetic material. His cloning was flawed, however, and he gained the use of The Force. Dorsk is a native of the planet Khomm, and is a thin, smooth-skinned alien; he has no lips, and his skin is mottled with green and yellow. His nose is flat, and his ears lay flat against his hairless skull. After attaining the rank of Jedi Knight, he returned to Khomm, only to find his relatives and his race still stagnant and unwilling to accept his success. He and Kyp Durron left the planet and discovered Admiral Daala's fleet massing in the Core Systems. They fled the Core, racing back to Yavin 4 to warn the Jedi Academy. In a confrontation between the might of Pellaeon's seventeen Star Destroyers and the Force, Dorsk 81 channeled the combined strength of more than thirty Jedi and literally pushed the Star Destroyers out of the system. He was physically unable to withstand the great power of the united Force, and was burned from the inside out by the wave of energy sent against the fleet. (DA, COTF, DS, EGP)

Dorsk 82
this Khommite, a genetic descendant of Dorsk 81, Dorsk 82 was living on Khomm when Dorsk 81 returned there after becoming a full Jedi Knight. He had been trained to manage the cloning facilities on Khomm. Dorsk 82 showed some aptitude with the Force, and traveled to Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 in hopes of realizing his potential. He was befriended by Kyp Durron, who found Dorks 81's lightsaber and presented it to him. Shortly after joining the school, Dorsk 82 was influential in the defeat of the Leviathan of Corbos. Upon becoming a full Jedi Knight, Dorsk 82 was dispatched to the planet Ando during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, to scout the Vong's actions and assist in any evacuation efforts. Dorsk 82 found himself protecting the droids of Imthitill from destruction. He was stranded on Ando when the Aqualish destroyed his ship, and later killed when he refused to cooperate with the Aqualish. (DS, ROM, EGP, EVC)

Dorsk 83
this Khommite was the genetic descendant of Dorsk 82, who worked to ensure that the Force-sensitivity of Dorsk 81 was maintained for future generations. (EGA)

Dorthus Tal City
this city was located on Dorthus Tal Island, and was the ostensible capital of the planet Sacorria. (CCW)

Dorthus Tal Island
this island, located on the planet Sacorria, was the site of the Dorthus Tal Prison. (CCW)

Dorthus Tal Prison
a prison on the planet Sacorria, Dorthus Tal was located on Dorthus Tal Island. It was here that Thrackan Sal-Solo was imprisoned for eight years, for his part in the Corellian Crisis and the Starbuster Plot. (AC, JE, CCW)

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