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this pro-Imperial mineral and fuel refinery operation was based on the Grande Hyet island of Esseles. (SWJ9)

Dynamic Automata
this corporation was a minor player in the galactic droid marketplace, until its owner and founder - Metron Besk - was able to obtain a contract to supply the Empire with parts and subsystems. This allowed Dynamic Automata to grow into one of the Velcar Free Commerce Zone's most powerful corporations. Their slogan, "We Care, So You Don't Have To," gave the corporation a friendly attitude despite its military association. (SESB, SWJ3)

Dynamic Hammer
this was a special form of hammer that was developed for military use during the last decades of the Old Republic. It used a vibration system that was similar to that of a vibroblade to move the head of the hammer as it struck an object. This gave the hammer an almost explosive impact, causing much more damage than a normal hammer. (RCHC)

Dynamic Synergetics, Incorporated
this corporation established a hyperbaride processing plant on the planet Marca, shortly before the downfall of the Old Republic. The Empire nationalized the plant, and wiped all records of Marca from existence, in order to keep the plant operating despite the potential hazards to the native Sekct. (POM)

an old Jedi training tool built from precisely-poised levers and wheels. The purpose of the dynamitron was to have the student use the Force to set the dynamitron in motion. It involved a series of complex mental manipulations. (COJ)

this was the term used by the Noghri to describe a clan leader. (DFR)

this modified Corellian YT-1210 light freighter was owned and operated by Axtor Bridgeman. The ship's weapons consisted of a single, turret-mounted laser cannons and a pair of concussion missile tubes. (GG6)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this manufacturer produced sublight engines for starships, during the last years of the Old Republic. (X1)

this man served the Old Republic as a Captain in the Intelligence agency, during the height of the Clone Wars. Captain Dyne was placed at the disposal of Jedi Master Mace Windu during the search for Darth Sidious, after the mechno-chair of Nute Gunray proved the existence of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Dyne worked with a group of clone troopers and commandos who were led by Captain Valiant, and took up the investigation after the mechno-chair was returned to Coruscant. Republic cryptologists were able to finally decipher the encryption used by the high-ranking members of the Confederacy of Independenr Systems, which allowed Dyne and his team to intercept and understand several transmissions that were sent to Gunray via the mechno-chair's holonet transceiver. Among the transmissions was General Grievous' orders to hide the Confederacy's leaders on Belderone. Other information gathered from the mechno-chair, along with information discovered by Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during their search for Gunray, led them to a seemingly abandoned warehouse in the The Works of Coruscant. There, they discovered evidence of Count Dooku's meetings with Sidious, as well as secret passageways that linked the Senate Rotunda and 500 Republica to the warehouse. Their investigation nearly exposed the true identity of Darth Sidious, but was cut short when General Grievous attacked Coruscant. In the midst of the battle, Dyne was able to penetrate the deepest parts of Sidious' lair, only to be killed just as the penetrated the facility. Sidious had been prepared for being discovered, and unleashed a Force-assisted blast when they entered the facility. Dyne and the members of Aurek Team were thrown violently against a wall, their bones and insides crushed into pulp. As Dyne lay dying, we was able to get a glimpse of Sidious himself, and instantly recognized him as Chancellor Palpatine. Unfortunately, Dyne died knowing that he was the only being who know of Sidious's true nature. (LEV)

Dyne 2577
this Corellian Engineering Corporation radial sublight drive was used in the construction of the AA-9 Freighter. (SWI61)

this woman, along with her date, were invited to the party held by King Arno and Queen Leonie on Zeltros, celebrating the Alliance's victor at the Battle of Endor. (MC104)

this name was common among members of the T'surr race. (WOTC, UANT)

this gawky, gangly man worked with Hoke as the repair and maintenace team of the Q'Maere Research Facility, during the time Moff Sarne used the facility as a penal colony. (KR)

this young girl and her older brother, Taan, lived with their father on Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Their mother had been killed aboard a transport by the Thaereian Military, and the family came to hate the Thaereians as much as any Cularin natives. Thus, when the Cularin Militia was able to defeat the Thaereians and restore freedom to the Cularin System, Dyrla and Taan were among the thousands who lined the streets of their home city to witness a parade honoring the heroes of the Thaereian Conflict. Unlike her father and brother, seven-year-old Dylra adored Osten Dal'Nay. She was also something of a prodigy with electronic devices, and her abilities made both Taan and her father proud. (LFCW)

this Twi'lek clan was chosen as the source for much of the sales force that worked out of Siener Fleet Systems' office in Kala'uun, on the planet Ryloth, during the early years of the New Order. (GORW)

this Imperial Colonel was in command of the scout training facility located on the planet Moorja, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He tracked a team of Alliance agents to Tatooine, after they stole a Lambda-class shuttle from the Moorja facility, but he was unable to recover the ship. (GMR2)

a species of grazer native to the moon Yavin 8. (GG2)

Dyshkava, Byrch
this former Jedi Padawan was headstrong and proud, traits that worried his Master. In order to teach Dyshkava a lesson about patience, his Master dispatched Dyshkava to moderate the negotiations at an importance conference, many years before the Battle of Naboo. When a group of terrorists attacked the conference and took hostages, Dyshkava found himseld cut off from his Master. Instead of thinking the situation through, he drew on the power of the Dark Side of the Force and began stalking the terrorists. Within a day, Dyshkava had managed to strangle all the terrorists with the Force, never endangering the hostages. This didn't sit well with the Jedi Council, however, and Dyshkava was forced to flee into the Outer Rim. He spent many years hiding from the rest of the galaxy, avoiding contact with the Jedi at all costs. In order to survive, he began ambushing supply ships owned by Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, and eventually made his way to Lamaredd. There, he was known as The Padawan, and his activities eventually earned him the ire of Chief of Security Ertine. A mission to capture Dyshkava failed badly, and the sole survivor of the mission - Mix Liddell - was named the new Chief. Liddell was able to lure Dyshkava out of hiding and captured him, but Dyshkava managed to escape. He was never seen again, and was believed to have fled Lamaredd as soon as he was free. However, the Padawan never actually left Lamaredd, and eked out a humble living in Bartyn's Landing under a series of disguises. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the dying, 104-year-old Dyshkava came out of hiding to end his life in a slugthrower duel. He accosted a group of newly-arrived freelancers, and challenged them to a duel. After being shot, Dyshkava's true identity was revealed to Liddell, and he told of his years of imprisonment at the hands of the Menahuun. (GMR7)

the middle of three continents - in terms of size - on the planet Algara II. It contains ths cities of Kel and Tauve. (PG2)

Dysk Moosea
this minor criminal worked for the Exalted Torcaigne on Attahox. (CSWDW)

Dyslogia Twang
this immense alien was a noted social reporter, working for Coruscant-based HoloNet news agencies during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Dyslogia Twang's style was abrasive at best, since anything that clashed with his "sensibilities" was roundly trashed in his reports. His vocabulary was filled with quirky and pandering phrases like "infratacky" (which meant that something was so tacky as to visible beyond the normal spectrum of light) and "splendiforous", and he often referred to his readers as "my darlings" and "sweeties." (HNN5)

Dyson, Harkin
this alias was used by Hiram Drayson when he met Joto Eckels on Coruscant. Eckels was returning with the remains of the Qella recovered by Kroddok Stopa and Josala Krenn, and Dyson was the collector to whom they were delivered. It was Dyson who had picked up the funding for Eckels' mission to Brath Qella, after both the New Republic and the Obroan Institute withdrew support. Drayson delivered them to Joi Eicroth for analysis, under the auspices of Alpha Blue. (TT)

Dystra, Myleena
this woman was a native of Coruscant, and was a member of a wealthy and influential family. She could attend the best schools, and lived in a grand estate, until her parents were arrested for being suspected Alliance agents. Most of the others were released, but Myleena never saw her parents again. An orphan, she was sent to a COMPNOR readjustment camp and forced to learn about the New Order. Little did she know that her parents were truly Alliance agents. She discovered this when an Alliance SpecOps teams liberated her from the camp and took her to a safeworld, where Alliance doctors reversed much of the Imperial brainwashing she had endured. She devoted the rest of her life to working toward the ideals of her parents, and eventually became an agent in the New Republic's Security Force. (HR)

Dyyz Nataz
a former police officer in his home system, Nataz was a tough cop who was sent out to deal with violent sociopaths. He became a Sector Ranger, and ran into Spurch Goa soon after. They worked together on a case involving a counterfeit credit ring, only to discover that Jabba the Hutt had set it all up to remove the Rangers. Gank Killers ambushed them and killed their other partner, Thaffe, before Nataz and Goa went berserk and killed the Ganks. The two then sent the Ganks' ship on a collision course with Jabba's palace asteroid, causing innumerable damage but missing Jabba in the attempt. This stunt earned Nataz the nickname "Megadeath." They were expelled from the Rangers and hid out on Nar Shaddaa, laying low to avoid Jabba and doing jobs on the side. Nataz and Goa worked for a while on Nar Shaddaa, hoping to gain an audience with, and a job from, a Hutt crimelord. It was on Nar Shaddaa that they met Greedo, who later accompanied them to Tatooine, where they hoped to impress Jabba the Hutt. (DE1, DESB, HFG)

this was a noxious creature, native to the planet Ansion. (APS)

DZ 17X
this was the model number of Mili-Corp's Nemesis powered armor. All known suits of DZ 17X armor were believed to have been destroyed in the conflicts which tore the Old Republic apart, shortly before the advent of the New Order. (GUN)

this was the model number of one of Arakyd's DZ-series of fugitive tracker droids. Similar in shape to the IT-series of interrogation droids, the DZ-70 was a repulsor-equipped sphere. It was programmed to single-mindedly track its target, regardless of environment, population, or physical obstacles,and was given a wide variety of sensor mechanisms to monitor a target's progress. A group of manipulator arms - borrowed by the Viper probe droids - hung below the DZ-70's body, and the droid was armed with a stun blaster and a laser cannon. The only drawback to the DZ-70 was it high maintenance. Many of these droids were placed aboard the Eye of Palpatine, and remained hidden until that ship became operational. (EGD, AEG)

this model of shield generator was a low-power unit, providing the barest of protection for small ships. (TT)

this was one of the many family names used by the Bothan people. It translated loosely to "artisan". (GCG, WOTC)

this was a common name among members of the Ugnaught race. (UANT)

Dzass IV
a planet. (WSV)

Dzavak Lakes
this province of the planet Ansion was noted for the unusual and exotic perfumes produced by the Alwari natives who lived there. (APS)

Dznori Xam
this Polis Massan was one of the many members of the archaeological team that was investigating the ancient civilization of the sundered world of Polis Massa, during the last years of the Old Republic. (VD3)

DZ-series Tracker Droid
this Arakyd Industries droid was built as a tracker, to locate its quarry using any resources at hand. The DZ-series moved about on a repulsorlift engine, floating above the ground to avoid trouble with legs or treads. Each was armed with a blaser pistol and an electroshock probe, as well as a variety of sensors and scanners. (WOA24)

Dzundo-class Star Yacht
this was a model of personal starship developed during the early years of the New Order. (RESB)

this droch, a native of the planet Nam Chorios, was nothing more than an unremarkable member of his species before Zubindi Ebsuk tried to artificially grow drochs larger in order to please Beldorian the Hutt. The droch race already had some latent sentience, and Zubindi's chemical and genetic manipulations brought out a high level of intelligence in Dzym. For 250 years, Dzym grew strong and powerful, initially using physical contact to drain the lifeforce out of people before learning how to use other drochs to do the work for him. Realizing that he couldn't storm the galaxy without a fight, Dzym attempted to enslave members of the Chorian population in order to meet his needs. Beldorian the Hutt was his first choice, but the Hutt proved to be too weak. When Seti Ashgad was imprisoned on Nam Chorios, Dzym quickly stepped in and took control. Using the Force in a crude fashion, Dzym fashioned himself a human appearance and posed as Ashgad's secretary. Dzym used the human to incite the more recent inhabitants of Nam Chorios to revolt against the Oldtimers, especially the Therans, and eventually was able to make contact outside the system. Using Ashgad as his mouthpiece, Dzym forged an alliance with Loronar Corporation, providing Spook crystals in return for weapons and political backing. The true goal was for Dzym to get off-planet and spread the Death Seed. As Loronar began developing CCIR technology, Dzym continued to wield his influence. When Ashgad seemed to be beyond his years, Dzym began providing his with added lifeforce, and they devised a story that Seti Ashgad had a son to explain the human's rejuvenated appearance. The droch then realized, with the fall of the Empire and the rise of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa-Solo, that his time had come. He used Ashgad to lure Leia to Nam Chorios, where he hoped to detain her long enough for the New Republic's Provisional Council to squabble about her successor. In the meantime, Loronar began producign Needles and synthdroids, and provided Dzym with enough firepower to engage the Republic fleet. Using his subservient drochs, Dzym infected the New Republic's fleet by tarnsporting them on Ashgad's body, while creating panic and rebellion on worlds throughout the Meridian Sector. The droch's plan would have worked except for Leia's escape from captivity and the presence of Luke Skywlaker on Nam Chorios. Together, the discovered Dzym's plots and exposed them to the natives of the planet. Dzym and Ashgad tried to flee the planet and start their war on their own, but they were destroyed when Luke managed to communicate with the Spook crystals in the Needles. They turned on Dzym's ship and destroyed it. (POT)

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