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Darillian, Zurel
this Imperial Navy Captain was a native of Coruscant. The house that he and his wife lived in was destroyed when Ysanne Isard extricated the Lusankya from its underground berth, and his wife died in the destruction. He was the Captain of the corvette Night Caller until the ship was infiltrated by Wraith Squadron. When Voort saBinring tried to disrupt the crew quarters by blasting them with a laser bolt, he was firing into what was actually the bridge because the of the ship's extensive modification from normal CR90 specifications. The laser blast ripped through the bridge, killing Darillian and plastering his remains on the ceiling of the bridge. The rest of the crew was so stunned, they could not mount a defense against the Gamorrean and surrendered. Garik "Face" Loran then assumed the identity of Darillian while the Wraiths continued to answer Zsinj's orders. He embellished the story of Darillian's wife's death by claiming that Darillian was actually in love with Isard. (WS)

this man was one of the first beings to understand the threat of the Metatheran Cartel to the people of Cularin, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He was taken into custody by a group of the Cartel's thugs, who had stolen the uniforms of House Hirskaala in order to appear legitimate. (EOS)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Darin indicated memory, music, or honor. (GCG)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (TIE)

Daring Way
this darkly-lit thoroughfare was considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic, especially where it crossed Vos Gesal Street in the upper reaches of the Uscru district. (LEV)

Darius Squad
this group of Alliance troopers was part of the security force protecting the outpost on the planet Taul, shortly before it was destroyed by the Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominator. (SWJ1)

Darius, Edric
this man was the Captain of the Imperial torpedo sphere which was stationed near the planet Tallaan, during the Empire's occupation of Tapani Sector. (LOE)

Dark Armor
this was a generic term used to describe any form of body armor developed and used by the Dark Jedi and Sith of the galaxy. It often incorporated cortosis ore woven into the material, and was usually imbued with some measure of Dark Side energy. (NEGW)

Dark Book of Imperial Justice
a book used by Trioculus to learn the laws of the Empire, he selects a passage from it for his wedding to Princess Leia. (QE)

Dark Eye
this was the name used to describe the small, black patrol droids produced by Arakyd Industries some years before the Clone Wars. Officially designated the DRK-1, this droid had "eyes" consisting of a pair of camera lenses, a sophisticated communications package, and moved about via a compact repulsor drive. Weaponry could be mounted in a number of configurations. In many respects, the DRK-1 Dark Eye was a predecessor to the Imperial probe droid used during the Galactic Civil War. In addition to the basic probe droid package, the dark eye was plated with energy-absorbing stealth armor, which allowed it evade most sensor scans. These droids were armed with a laser cannon, a stun blaster, and a dart gun. Among the most notable utilization of the Dark Eye droid was that of the Sith apprentice Darth Maul, who sent three of them to scout the primary settlements on the planet Tatooine for any sign of Queen Amidala of Naboo, just prior to the Battle of Naboo. (SW1, IG1, DSSB, AEG)

Dark Eye
this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Dark Eyes, Warm Thoughts
written by Erik Lauderslag, this was a dusk song played by the band Far Cry on the planet Tuttin IV, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Underneath the bassline of this song, Ryley Ancum coded a message to Keth Beamis and the Alliance abound an Imperial shipment of metals for a new warship project. (GMR6)

Dark Force
this was another name for the Katana Fleet, due to their dark coloration and lack of interior lighting. (DFR)

Dark Force Nebula
this nebula was located in one quadrant of the Dathomir System. It was interdicted by the Empire, following the Battle of Yavin, after Imperial forces established a base of operations behind the rings of asteroids that surrounded the nebula. (SWGAL)

Dark Grahn
one of the galaxy's most notorious mercenary leaders. (GMS)

Dark Holocron
this was the name given to the Sith Holocron captured by Jedi Master Odan-Urr some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Several decades before the Clone Wars, this Holocron was taken by Lorian Nod and later by Count Dooku. It was lost during the Clone Wars. (NEGW)

Dark Jedi
term used to refer to those Jedi Knights who have fallen from the Light Side and become seduced by the power and ease of the Dark Side of the Force. Many of them were masters of the Sith arts as well, drawing strength from both sets of lore. (DLS, DE1, HTTE, TLC)

Dark Jedi Conflict
this was the name given to the era of history within the Cularin System, during which time Kibh Jeen controlled the system through his connections to the Dark Side of the Force. His reign of terror began more than 150 years before the Battle of Naboo, and lasted for seven years before the forces of the Jedi Knights could locate and destroy him. (LFC)

Dark Killer, The
this was one of the many nicknames used to describe Kaox Krul. (GMR5)

Dark Lady of the Sith
see Lumiya (GMR1)

Dark Lizard
a three-meter-long reptile which was corrupted by the Dark Side nexus on the planet Trinta. Unlike the dreambeasts of Halagad Ventor, the dark lizard caused real physical damage when it attacked. (DOE)

Dark Lord of Beldarone
the title used by Flint after his training under Darth Vader. (EGC)

Dark Lords of the Sith
any of the most powerful students of the Sith teachings were candidates to become Dark Lords of the Sith, the equivalent of an all-powerful Jedi Master. The original Dark Lords descended from true Jedi Knights many millennia before the Great Sith War. They were cast out for their forays into the use of Dark Side magic, and exiled on the planet Korriban. There, they interbred with the native Sith race, growing stronger and more powerful as a result of the genetic combination. They expanded their realm into several nearby systems, and individual factions grew out of the isolation. The laws of the Sith dictate that only one Dark Lord can rule at any time. A ritual of ascension was performed, with the candidate being subjected to the bites of three deadly insectoids. If the candidate survived - through the use of intense Sith magic - they were declared the next Dark Lord of the Sith. They were forever marked by the bites, with a flaming sun scar on their forehead. Naga Sadow was one of the first Dark Lords to break away from the established ascension rituals, claiming himself Dark Lord after the death of Marka Ragnos without the consent of the other ruling Lords. Several centuries later, Freedon Nadd was unlucky enough to begin learning the Sith teaching under a young Dark Lord, and yearned to take the position from him. It is for this reason that Nadd went to Onderon. The ancient remains of the Dark Lords before Exar Kun were entombed on Korriban. Darth Vader is thought to have been the last of the Dark Lords. (SW, TOJ, DLS, TSW, GAS)

Dark Man
this was the Psadan phrase used to describe Emperor Palpatine. (GMR10)

Dark Man
this was the Myneyrshi name for Joruus C'baoth. (EGA)

Dark Melody, The
this cantina was located on level 35 of the cityscape that covered Nar Shaddaa. During the early years of the New Order, The Dark Melody was known as a steady source of tempest spice. The Dark Melody lived up to its name, being a dingy place were the air smelly oily and the patrons preferred to wear hoods over their heads to hide their identity. Many of the lesser tempest dealers obtained their spice from beings at the Dark Melody. (TF)

Dark Nebula
this Imperial Star Destroyer once tried to blockade the planet Ergeshui. (PG2)

Dark Nest
this was the term used to describe the Gorog hive of the Colony. The term was coined by the new Jedi order, since the Gorog seemed to exist outside the notice of the rest of the Colony, yet was unconsciously controlling the activities of the other hives. (DN1)

Dark Nest Membrosia
see Black Membrosia (DN2)

Dark Night
this term was used on the moon Yavin 4 to describe the period of nightfall that occurred following twilight night, when the moon faced away from both the sun and the gas giant Yavin. It was during dark night that the surface of Yavin 4 was completely dark. (PJSB)

Dark Nova
this low-price, low-class bar was located on the southern continent of the planet Marotan. (SWJ12)

Dark One, The
this was the name used by the Kamarians to describe Han Solo, after he fled Kamar when he stopped showing the holovid, Varn, World of Water. This name was endorsed by the smuggler Sonniod, who began replaying the feature in order to make money off the ignorant Kamarians. (EGA)

Dark Rangers
this was another name for the Renegades, those Kilian Rangers who succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force. (RESB)

Dark Reaper
this ancient Sith weapon was believed to have been lost, until Count Dooku - known to the Sith as Darth Tyranus - was dispatched by Darth Sidious to locate it, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The forces of the Old Republic were able to learn of Dooku's mission and intercept him, preventing an possible recovery of the weapon. The Dark Reaper itself was created during the time of the Great Sith War, and was most likely the idea of Ulic Qel-Droma and his fellow Sith. The Reaper itself was a saucer-shaped weapon that required a separate power source - the Force Harvester. Thousands of years later, when the Dark Reaper was to be actived by Dooku, the spirit of Ulic appeared to Anakin Skywalker on Thule. Ulic's spirit explained to the young Jedi how to destroy the device, a task that involved harnessing the Reaper's own energy without being corrupted by it. With Ulic's guidance, Anakin was able to destroy the Dark Reaper, ending the threat it posed to the rest of the galaxy. (OWS, TCW)

Dark Revenge
this modified Corellian gunship was Dharus' command vessel. It was heavily armed, and once defeated an Imperial Star Galleon-class warship. (GG9)

Dark Riders, The
this swoop gang was formed by Lieutenant Irlyn Resk on Stend VI, in response to the government's request for assistance in suppressing the violence of other swoop gangs. The Empire funded the recruiting of a team of Storm Commandos for the group. They traveled on modified Ikas-Adno XR-10 speederbikes, and patrolled the major urban areas in an effort to reduce swoop gang violence. (WSV)

Dark Rituals
this was the name of a collection of forbidden magic known to the Ewok shamans. (SWDB)

Dark Romance
this wildly popular holovid was directed by Ch'been, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (HNN4)

Dark Side Adepts
the reborn Emperor's New Imperial Council is made up of several of his fellow Dark Side followers. These individuals are known as the Dark Side Adepts, and they served the reborn Emperor in many ways. He planned to have them dispersed throughout the galaxy, to spread his new regime. (DE1)

Dark Side Compendium
the reborn Emperor's book of Dark Side lore, it was supposed to have hundreds of volumes when completed. Only 3 volumes completed when the reborn Emperor was defeated by Luke Skywalker. (DE1)

Dark Side Daiquiri
this mixed drink was popular during the last years of the Old Republic. (MJH)

Dark Side Dragon
see Hssiss. (TOJ, TOJC)

Dark Side Elite
this was the name given to the seven warriors trained by Emperor Palpatine in the ways of the Dark Side of Force. The origins of the Dark Side Elite were found in Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium, which described a group of Dark Jedi who were totally immersed in the Emperor's will. Known by the title of Executor, each of the seven Elite was believed to have been utterly loyal to Palpatine. Their leader was Sedriss, and among their ranks were Vill Goir, Zasm Katth, Baddon Fass, Krdys Morid, Kvag Gthull, Tedryn-Sha, and Xecr Nist. Only one member of the Dark Side Elite was known to have deserted his service to the Emperor and returned to the Light Side of the Force. This individual was Kam Solusar. With the death of Emperor Palpatine on Onderon, and the destruction of his stronghold on Byss, the members of the Dark Side Elite were also eliminated. A second incarnation of the Dark Side Elite was nearly completed when the Dark Jedi Jerec assembled six followers and trained them in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. This new incarnation of the Dark Side Elite was eventually defeated by Kyle Katarn, before they could gain access to the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan and obtain unspeakable power. (NEGC, WOTC)

Dark Side Familiar
this was the name given to any creature which had a basic connection with the Dark Side of the Force, but the link was too limited to use it. These beasts often accompanied those beings who wished to use the Dark Side of the Force in some way. A powerful Sith Lord could have a familiar, as could a lowly crime lord, as the familiar acted as a channel for the Dark Side energies. (TOJ)

Dark Side Nexus
any point in the spatial continuum that contains a great deal of Dark Side energy. These places were often guarded by Jedi Knights, so that the energies did not seduce passersby. Such a nexus was located on Dagobah, and Yoda forced Luke Skywalker into it, to confront his heritage. (DESB)

Dark Side of the Force
The Force, being an energy field, has opposing sides which normally balance each other. The Dark Side of the Force is the more seductive of the two, for its power and strength are easily obtained by the apprentice. However, the Dark Side is a cruel master, for in return for its ease of initiation, it continually drains its servants' life-energy. Among the highest achievements in the mastery of the Dark Side is the succession from student to master. While this is also true of the Light Side, the Dark Side requires that the student utterly destroy his master to prove his abilities. (SW, ROTJ, SWJ8)

Dark Side of the Planet, The
this was perhaps the most popular cantina found in Nuba City, on the planet Nubia. It was owned by Tul Bulba during the height of the New Order. (CCW)

Dark Skinwing
a modification of the natural skinwing of Trinta, the dark skinwing was corrupted by the Dark Side nexus on the planet. (DOE)

Dark Star
this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Dark Star
this modified bulk freighter was the flagship of Mahk'khar's small fleet. It was armed with a pair of laser cannons. (SWJ6)

Dark Star Hellions
a notorious swoop gang operating in the Outer Rim Territories, the Dark Star Hellions were named for the Moshaw Dark Star found in Sesswenna Sector. They were known to raid a planet over a period of several days before returning to their home base. (DFRSB, PP)

Dark Sun
this minor crime syndicate was active during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that agents of Dark Sun established a base on Yavin IV, within days of the destruction of the first Death Star, and began secretly salvaging important pieces of the wreckage as well as several unconfirmed Sith artifacts. (SWJ15, SWGAL)

Dark Temple
this was the name of the obsidian pyramid that was erected on the moon Yavin 4 by Exar Kun. Kun used his skills with ancient Sith lore to imbue the Dark Temple with the Dark Side of the Force, and it was here that he eliminated the Massassi in order to gain enough power to store his soul in the temple for some four thousand years. (GORW)

Dark Tongue
an alien creature native to the planet Trinta, the dark tongue was a huge, black lizard which had been corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. It was named for its dark black tongue, and it had a mouth filled with stiletto-like teeth. (DOE)

Dark Trooper
the creation of Imperial General Rom Mohc, the Dark Troopers were specially-enhanced, fully-automated troopers. There were three stages of darktrooper development. Stage 1 involved a droid frame wearing just the protective exoskeleton, equipped with knife-like armor and an arm-mounted shield. Although primitive, Stage 1 dark troopers were nonetheless relentless in their pursuit of a target. Stage 2 dark troopers were to be the standard combat unit, using the same exoskeleton with additional armor plating, but were armed with assault cannons and rocket packs. Stage 3 dark troopers were never fully developed. Rom Mohc was the only known user of the Stage 3 design, which incorporated enhanced shields. The Dark Trooper project was smashed by Kyle Katarn when he infiltrated the Arc Hammer manufacturing facility, defeated Mohc in combat, and destroyer the Arc Hammer. (DF, EGD, SWDB)

Dark Underlord
this ancient warlord was defeated in combat by the Mandalorian Mercs, during the era known as the New Sith Wars. Historians discovered that the Dark Underlord was a master of the Jar'Kai style of combat, and prefered to use Sith swords rather than lightsabers in combat. (SWI80, WOTC)

Dark Veil Order
this matriarchal order of religious fanatics inhabited the Heart of Dathomir nebula during the height of the New Order. They regularly ambushed starships moving through the nebula to acquire sacrificial victims. These victims were sacrificed to assuage the powerful rage - known as Dathomir's Vitality - that they believed was present in the depths of the Heart of Dathomir. (SWGAL)

Dark Vendetta
this modified HT-2200 freighter served as the based of operations for the Tarnished Blades pirates. It was armed with a pair of pulse laser cannons, a pair of quad laser cannons, and a light ion cannon. It was supported on its missions by a pair of Preybird-class fighters. (FOP)

Dark Warriors
see Taung (SES)

Dark Wing
this was the name of the small pirate fleet established by Abin-Ral-Xufush during the New Order. It consisted of a bulk cruiser, three CR90 corvettes, and 20 assorted starfighters. Their ultimate goals were never known, but they had several tactics which made them stand out. They almost always freed the crews of the ships they attacked, unless the crew resisted capture. Then Abin-Ral-Xufush ordered his pirates to execute them immediately. Slave cargoes were always stolen by the Dark Wing fleet, although they were never seen again. Many believed the slaves were absorbed into the pirate fleet's crew. Note that this pirate gang is referred to as the Shadow Wing on the Wizards of the Coast website. (PP, WOTC)

Dark Wolf
this was a ferocious beast that was native to the planet Sriluur. Some Weequays have been known to tame one, and those individuals that could were considered among the strongest of their kind. Known as a raquor'daan in the Sriluurian tongue, the dark wolf was a nocturnal predator that lived in the southern hemisphere of Sriluur. The dark wolf hunted with its poisonous claws and a tail that was tipped with a stinger. The thick skin of a dark wolf protected it from attack, as well as from an inadvertent jab from its tail. The Weequay name for the dark wolf came from the god Ra'quor, who was known to roam the planet Sriluur in the form of a huge, obsidian-furred canine. (AIR, SWJ6, GORW)

Dark Woman
this mysterious Jedi Master was born with the name An'ya Kuro, but she shed the name - along with the rest of her possessions - when she became a Jedi Knight. It was the Dark Woman who discovered the existence of Ki-Adi-Mundi, when the Cerean was four years of age. Despite his age, she was able to convice the Jedi Council to train him, and he was eventually schooled by Yoda himself. The Dark Woman was also known for her inability to train Aurra Sing. Through no fault of her own, the Dark Woman could not get the future bounty hunter to become attuned to the Force, and carried Aurra's betrayal like a stone around her neck. The Dark Woman was distinguished by her silvery hair and strong features, and was known among the members of the Jedi Council for her highly unorthodox training methods, including the outright provocation of alien students. She visited Ki-Adi-Mundi on Coruscant, just before he left for Tatooine to seek out Sharad Hett, to warn him of the dangers she had forseen. Shortly afterward, there were rumors of her death, but she reappeared on Coruscant during A'Sharad Hett's training. The Dark Woman offered to take over the young Padawan's education from Ki-Adi-Mundi, in an effort to curb his anger over the death of this father. As the Old Republic began to crumble, the Dark Woman fled to the planet Cophrigim 5 to retire and allow the Force to guide her life. The Force drew her out of retirement during the Clone Wars, and the Dark Woman participated in several undercover missions. On a mission to Devaron to locate a Separatist base, she and Jedi Master Tholme were nearly killed by her former student, Aurra Sing. Aayla Secura managed to defeat the bounty hunter, and both the Dark Woman and Master Tholme were returned to Coruscant for treatment. During the Jedi Purge which was ordered by Emperor Palpatine, the Dark Woman was hunted down and executed by Darth Vader. Her body disappeared upon her death, however, and the Dark Woman became one with the Force. In the place where her body had died, a beautiful flower sprang up. Vader promptly destroyed the plant, confirming his embrace of the Dark Side of the Force. (PTR, IG1, SWO, T1, T2, ETM, HFAS, J3)

this green, reptilian beast, cloaked in red robes, was the physical manifestation of all the instinctual anger, fear, and hatred that the ancient natives of Arbra drained from themselves. These ancient Arbrans, long extinct at the height of the New Order, had attempted to rid themselves of negative feelings by trapping the negative energies in an underground cavern, kept from escaping by an unusual form of force screen. After these energies reached a certain "critical mass", they coalesced into the being known as the Darker. It lurked on the planet in a sort of hibernation for eons before the Alliance established Haven Base on Arbra. The Darker awoke and realized that the Alliance might have the technology necessary to free itself. Using a mental form of communication, it lured R2-D2 into its underground cavern and captured the droid. The Darker hoped to use its parts, along with the components of C-3PO, to deactivate the force screen and be freed. Chewbacca, who had accompanied C-3PO to locate R2-D2, tried to shoo thte Darker, but was thrown from the chamber. This allowed Chewbacca to voercome the negative thoughts used by the Darker, and the Wookiee returned to face the Darker. Chewbacca found himself aided by a small band of brave Hoojibs, and they managed to overcome the Darker's superior mental strength. C-3PO told Chewbacca that the Darker could be destroyed, and the Wookiee heaved the Darker into the force screen that had once contained it. This disintegrated the Darker, and also brought down the ancient force screen. (MC67, SWDB, PH)

Flandon Sweeg's starship. (SWSB)

this backwater world was the site of an intense struggle to recover the plans to the first Death Star. It was here, in the city of Xakrea, that Garm Bel Iblis managed to beat Ysanne Isard in a race to locate the stolen datacards. (TFNR)

Darkknell Defense Agency
this was the primary police force which protected the planet Darkknell during the height of the New Order. Their vehicles were painted red and white, in an obvious pattern to denote their location. (TFNR)

Darkknell Special Security
a branch of the Darkknell Defense Agency, Special Security dealt with undercover operations and other missions that required stealth. (TFNR)

the berries of this plant, native to the planet Gorsh, were highly poisonous to most humanoid species. (PG1)

one of the survivors of the Battle of Hoth, Darklighter was evacuated on the Bright Hope. (TBH)

Darklighter Cave
this cave, located beneath the land owned by the Darklighter family on Tatooine, served as a warehouse for their goods during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The cave itself was hidden in the rocky mountains of the desert, and provided a naturally cool and dry environment to store anything from foodstuffs and medicine to equipment and technology. Just after the Battle of Yavin, a group of Desert Demons thugs managed to bully their way into the cave, and they controlled it for a short time before an Imperial spy eliminated them while searching for a missing cargo. (SWGAL)

Darklighter Farm
owned by Jula and Silya Darklighter, this Tatooine moisture farm was one of many that sold their water and produce commercially, during the early years of the New Republic. (TG)

Darklighter Spin
named for, and developed by, Biggs Darklighter, this X-Wing maneuver was proven effective at the Battle of Yavin. By putting the X-Wing into a spin about the axis of the fuselage while firing all four lasers at once, Biggs found that a pilot could take out multiple targets on a single strafing run. (CCG9)

Darklighter, Anya
this young woman was the only daughter of Jula and Silya Darklighter. It was Anya who discovered Shmi Skywalker's personal journal in the mushrooms under a vaporator, during a routine inspection of the Darklighter Farm's equipment. Anya turned it over to her parents, who had planned to give it to their son Gavin to bring to Luke Skywalker. When Leia Organa Solo arrived on Tatooine to recover the Killik Twilight moss-painting, Silya gave it to Leia instead. (TG)

Darklighter, Biggs
a boyhood friend of Luke Skywalker's on Tatooine, Biggs was born into a wealthy family of food merchants on Tatooine. His father gave him everything he wanted, except love, and Biggs struggled to fit in with the other young adults at Anchorhead. He became good friends with Luke Skywalker, however, when Luke saw through the rich-boy image to the real person inside Biggs. When Biggs' father's position and wealth provided a chance for him to attend the Academy, Biggs was hardly in a position to decline. He said goodbye to his friends and went off to the Academy, graduating with honors receiving a commission aboard the Rand Ecliptic. Biggs served under the Evader squadron aboard the Ecliptic, along with Hobbie Klivian, under Captain Heliesk. Both of them had contact with the Alliance, and helped Biggs became aware of the atrocities of the Empire. After a brief stop-over on Tatooine to say goodbye to Luke and his other friends, Biggs, Hobbie, and some others mutinied at Bestine and jumped ship to join the Alliance, with the help of Captain Heliesk. When the time came to do battle with the Empire at Yavin, Biggs was named one of the X-wing pilots in Red Squadron. On Yavin 4, he was reunited with Luke just prior to the battle. In the Alliance's final run at the Death Star's polar trench, Biggs was killed while protecting Luke's back from the onrushing Imperial TIE Fighters. (SW, SWR, MTS, CCG)

Darklighter, Dera
this young woman was Biggs Darklighter's younger sister. She worked secretly on the planet Tatooine, using her charisma and her skills in oration to inspire others to join the Alliance. (SWI65)

Darklighter, Gavin
a native of Tatooine, Gavin was one of the most decorated members of Rogue Squadron. He was a cousin of Biggs Darklighter, and was just ten when Biggs died at the Battle of Yavin. He was only sixteen when Wedge Antilles suggested that he be allowed to join. He was responsible for creating the emblem of Rogue Squadron, which featured a twelve-pointed, red star surrounding the blue symbol of the Alliance. Radiating from the points of the star were X-Wing fighters. When the Squadron resigned its commission with the New Republic after the liberation of Coruscant, he painted his X-Wing to resemble a krayt dragon. As the Rogues liberated Ciruscant, Gavin found himself drawn to the Bothan pilot, Asyr Sei'lar, and they became romantically involved. Their relationship was nearly shattered when Gavin's X-Wing was damaged during the capture of the Xucphra Alazhi. He limped to Halanit, only to have the Corrupter and the Thyferran Home Defense Corps track the colony down. Erisi Dlarit made him believe it was his own flight that led the Imperials to Halanit, but it was really Ysanne Isard tracing the shipment of bacta to its source. Gavin assisted the settlers as much as he could, but he was unable to stop the destruction of their outpost. After several more battles and as their relationship deepened, Gavin and Asyr decided to get married and adopt children. Unbeknownst to Gavin, Asyr was blocked in her attempt to locate a Bothan child by Borsk Fey'lya. She resolved to bring about change to the Bothan society, but was unsure how to do it. When she collided with an enmy fighter over Corvis Minor Five, everyone believed she was dead, including Gavin. He mourned her deeply, but resolved himself to continue her noble ways. He was unaware that she survived the crash, but that was Asyr's wish. In the years that followed, Gavin grew more and more into a capable leader. Gavin eventually married Sera Faleur, and the couple adopted two boys who had been orphaned by the campaign against Grand Admiral Thrawn. Later, the couple gave birth to a daughter, a third son, and eventually a second daughter. Shortly after the birth of his second daughter, Gavin was chosen to succeed Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu as Commander of Rogue Squadron some twenty years after the Battle of Endor, and was in command of the squadron when the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy began. Despite his military background, Gavin found himself embroiled in a political struggle when Jaina Solo joined the Rogues. Her stature as a Jedi Knight put her at odds with many members of the Senate, and Gavin was forced to placed her on extended leave. He realized his mistake, however, and allowed Jaina to fly with the Rogues during the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong shipwomb near the remains of Sernpidal. As the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong intensified, Gavin and Rogue Squadron were called back to defend the planet Coruscant. Gavin found himself serving under the reinstated Colonel Tycho Celchu, as part of the Planetary Defense Force. In the wake of the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, Gavin promoted to Commodore and given command of the Star Destroyer Mon Mothma, and was serving under Nek Bwua'tu during the blockade of the Utegetu Nebula. (XWN, KT, BW, IR, DTO, EVR, SBS, NEGC, DN2)

Darklighter, Huff
Biggs Barklighter's father, Huff owned dozens of moisture farms on Tatooine, and bought water from other farmers at cut-rate prices. Some of the water he used in his own hydroponics facilities, while most was sold to other settlers at a high profit. He used his ability to locate water to become one of the planet's largest food magnates. In turn, he used his wealth to make sure Biggs got everything he deserved from life. Huff was not above bribing the local officials - both terrestrial and Imperial - to maintain his stature. He held his son in highest regard, and truly believed that Biggs was the only hero of the Battle of Yavin. Huff went so far as to say that Wedge Antilles was less than a hero for leaving the battle, despite the fact that Wedge was ordered out by Luke Skywalker. Huff tried to obtain ownership of the Lars moisture farm on Tatooine by initiating an alien landowner tax. The tax was geared toward breaking the alien Throgg's financial reserves, but Gavin's father intervened and bought the farm before Huff could enforce the tax. Huff's dealings with the Imperial prefect on Tatooine allowed him a greater latitude in his dealings, and he worked hard to keep his competition at bay. However, Huff wasn't perfect. He was tricked and swindled by Lirin Banolt, but managed to obtain an Imperial data disk containing information on the Eidolon Base weapons cache. The plans were stolen from his residence, but were eventually recovered by Rogue Squadron. The Essential Guide to Characters lists Huff's name as Hutt. (MTS, EGC, XWN, XWBT)

Darklighter, Jula
Gavin Darklighter's father and Huff Darklighter's brother, Jula was almost a twin to Huff in facial appearance. Jula, however, was a hands-on farmer who lacked the corpulence of wealth, and he did not have a moustache. He was unusually composed and restrained when in the company of Huff's lack of manners. During the early years of the New Republic, Jula and his wife Silya maintained the Darklighter Farm moisture farm, which included an on-site hostel for visitors. (BW, TG)

Darklighter, Laval
Huff Darklighter's third wife, she was Gavin Darklighter's aunt in two ways. She was actually his mother's sister, and married to his uncle. After Biggs' death, Huff wanted to make sure that he had heirs. Biggs' mother died shortly after he was born, and Huff's second wife didn't want any children. Laval, though, bore three children for Huff. (BW)

Darklighter, Rasca
this woman was Gavin Darklighter's sister. She opposed the military build-up created by the Bothans in the wake of the death of Thrawn and the Caamasi Incident. Her distaste for war and the military rose primarily from the fact that her husband had been killed during the battle against the Yevetha. She took her children and moved in with Gavin, originally just until they got their lives back together, However, Gavin and his wife Sera Faleur allowed them to remain as long as they wished. (DTO)

Darklighter, Silya
Jula Darklighter's wife, Silya was the sister of Laval Darklighter. They had similar appearances, but Silya was much more doting to her sons, especially Gavin. During the early years of the New Republic, Silya and Jula maintained the Darklighter Farm moisture farm, which included an on-site hostel for visitors. (BW, TG)

Darklighter, Trepler
this member of the Darklighter family of Tatooine owned and operated Docking Bay 86 at the Mos Eisley Spaceport. (GG7)

Darkmere, Colin
a New Republic Intelligence officer, Brigadier Darkmere was placed in charge of discovering any and all information about the Emperor's World Devastators. (DESB)

Darkmere, Evram
a native of Daupherm, this man was the son of a notorious female pirate, and was forced to raise himself and his younger brother, Garreck, when their mother was killed in a battle between the Daupherm Planet States and the Botor Enclave. Evram was conscripted into the Daupherm Merchant Space Fleet, and rose from being a cabin boy to an officer before being drafted by the Daupherm military. After his five-year tour of duty was up, he assisted his former Captain, Shrulldike, in stealing a Daupherm cruiser and setting out on their own. They named their new ship the Retribution and planned to become smugglers, but Shrulldike eventually turned to running slaves for a living. Darkmere chafed at this course of action, and eventually defeated Shrulldike in combat to take control of the ship. Evram decided to challenge Shrulldike after meeting Nelson Flin and Arsitta Kushoe. Kushoe convinced Evram to support the Alliance, and he found himself unable to continue running slaves. He reformed his crew, and began more respectable cargoes. He also passed on important information to Nelson Flin and the Alliance, using his underworld contacts to gather data on Imperial movements in the sector. (CRO)

Darkmere, Garreck
this young man was Evram Darkmere's younger brother. Garreck was forced to live in orphanages after their mother's death, being too young to be conscripted into the military. (CRO)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Darkness on the Land
a song written and played by Annadale Fayde. It was first released as part of a compilation of the same name, and has been rated scarlet by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Darknon Beacon
this ancient, hyperspace jump beacon was used in the early days of interstellar travel to guide spacers to Darknon Station and avoid the Itani Nebula. By the era of the New Order, the Beacon was little more than a piece of interstellar junk, stationary between the Station and the Nebula. (PSPG)

Darknon Station
this decrepit space station was originally a way station for travelers who were moving along the Itani Run. Over time, as the Itani Run became less and less used, Darknon Station evolved into a backwater haven for smugglers and independent spacers. At the time of the Battle of Yavin, only six of its eighteen docking bays were operational, and there were limited repair services and accommodations. There were a multitude of rumors that the space station was haunted, and the station's controller, Rexis Lovech, was mentally unstable. Most spacers believed that the Station was subsidized by the Empire, because an armed, monthly supply ship stopped at Darknon for many years. They unaware of the secret research lab hidden inside the Itani Nebula. (PSPG)

Darkon III
this planet was used as a stopover point by Dannen Lifehold, during his travels between Evas VI and Dohu. (SWJ1)

the name given to the modified Death Star design created by Bevel Lemelisk for Durga tha Hutt, the Darksaber station was an elongated version of the original. Durga used his pet taurills to help steal the plans from the original Death Star from the hidden computer files that were maintained by the New Republic on Coruscant. The Darksaber station was stripped of a number of unnecessary items, including TIE fighter hangers, crew quarters, AT-AT storage, and docking bays. Lemelisk rightly believed that Durga had no need of these; he just needed a superweapon with which to control the galaxy. The rounded cylinder of the Darksaber housed a longer, more powerful superlaser, which drew increased power from the station's existing generators simply because they didn't have to support all of the other systems. The superlaser was aligned along the longer axis of the station (much the way Umak Leth mounted the superlaser on the Eclipse-class Star Destroyer), and when activated the entire station and its beam resembled a huge, spaceborne lightsaber. Thus, Lemelisk dubbed the station "Darksaber." The Darksaber was constructed with the materials collected by the Orko SkyMine ships Durga had built. The living spaces of the station were designed to house hundreds of Hutts and their retinues. The project was beset with mishaps, due to the frugality of Durga, the ineptness of Sulamar, and the distractibility of the taurills who did the construction. Only Lemelisk's persistence kept it moving. However, when Durga finally took control of the ship, his frugality got the best of him. The station never made it out of the Hoth asteroid belt, as its superlaser failed to punch a path through the space rubble. The Darksaber was crushed between two huge planetoids and exploded. (DS)

this was the Basic translation of the Yuuzhan Vong term for hyperspace. (DJ)

this ancient Sith artifact was believed to have been the cause of the disappearance of the planet Cularin and the entire Cularin System, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Len Markus was observed removing something from the Cularin System's asteroid belt, an event which preceded the appearance of strange creatures hiding among the asteroids. Shortly afterward, the Cularin System disappeared for several years, before reappearing just as suddenly. According to ancient tomes unearthed on Almas, the Darkstaff was originally discovered by Darth Rivan, who had strange dreams about being called by the artifact. Rivan believed that it was the Darkstaff that drew him to Almas and the Cularin System, hoping to use him as a way to leave the system. Further investigation led Rivan to believe that the Darkstaff was not intentionally created, but was rather the byproduct of another experiment in which the Oblee race had nearly been destroyed in an effort to acquire power for the artifact. Measuring a meter in length and four centimeters in diameter, the Darkstaff seemed to consume any light around it. It also consumed any Force energy around it, literally feeding on the Force. The Darkstaff, according to Rivan's dreams, had already caused some ancient tragedy in the Cularin System, and had been hidden away to prevent any further catastrophe. The nexus of dark side power, he believed, was the aftermath of this event. The Darkstaff wanted to be discovered by Rivan so that he could use it as a weapon against his enemies, so it invaded his dreams. Its release would allow the Darkstaff to gain power, both for itself and over Rivan, until it eventually consumed Rivan himself. Rivan, however, refused to go in search of the artifact, fearing that its release would cause great damage to the galaxy. Millennia later, Darth Rivan's writings were discovered by the Jedi Knights who built the Almas Academy. Word of the Darkstaff reached the ears of Len Markus, who set out to locate it. Many believe that Markus actually found the Darkstaff, and that its release from captivity was the cause of the disappearance of the entire Cularin System, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. The eventual destruction of the Darkstaff returned Cularin to the normal galaxy and freed the Oblee, who were the unusual beings discovered in the Cularin System's asteroid field. (WOTC, LFCW)

Darkstar, Shannur
this Jedi Knight was part of the archaeological team which was assembled by Ermin Phin-Mar, some 3,000 years before the Battle of Naboo, to investigate the ancient Pelgrin civilization. It was Darkstar and her fellow Jedi who discovered that the Oracle at Pelgrin had a deep connection to the Force, and eventually brought the Oracle back to life by meditating in one of its upper chambers. As the Oracle surged to life, Darkstar had a vision of the future in which she foresaw a great battle between the Jedi Knights and a group of Sith adherents. Jedi historians later inferred that she had seen a vision of the Battle of Ruusan. (PJSB)

this traditional Kerestian weapon resembled a flat piece of metal about two centimeters thick, seven centimeters wide, and fifteen centimeters long. One end was rounded, while the other was squared off. This part of the weapon was the handle, and had a power stud located about midway along its length. When depressed, the stud activated the weapon, extruding a pure black blade of light that bent slightly as it projects outward. The activated weapon resembled a boomerang, and could be wielded in the hand or thrown. The deep black blade could cut through most any material, making it difficult to catch when thrown. Some Kerestians created darksticks that had hollow tips, in which they could place poisons or explosives. The name "darkstick" came from Kerestian legends that said a being's soul was resigned to eternal darkness upon the death of the body. Thus, the darkstick was used to deliver another being into the Great Darkness. Note that The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology indicates that the blade of a darkstick was forged from lightweight metals, which were impregnated with light-absorbing cells to literally create darkness around the blade. (GG12, NEGW)

this unusual form of technology was discovered in the Kathol Rift by Kentor Sarne, but he had no idea how it worked or what it did. This organic technology was originally created by the ancient Kathol, and had been maintained by the bio-engineered construct known as DarkStryder. DarkStryder had, in fact, managed to learn some aspects of the technology in the millennia which it had been gaurding the Lifewell, but was unable to fathom it all. Sarne spent Imperial resources - without reporting their true mission - trying to determine the operation of various pieces of DarkStryder technology, but teams of scientists and technicians were still unable to determine its use. In the end, the technology was lost when DarkStryder was killed during the Battle of Kathol. The fortress which DarkStryder had been protecting collapsed in on itself, unable to survive without DarkStryder's support. The technology hidden within the fortress was also destroyed. (DARK, KR, E)

this was the name used by Moff Kentor Sarne to describe the immense creature that was created by the Kathol, the original inhabitants of Kathol Sector, to protect the traces of their vanished civilization by guarding the Lifewell. The name given to DarkStryder by the ancient Kathol was virtually unpronounceable by modern species. An fifteen-meter tall, insectoid thing with thin-legged segments and a vicious skull, DarkStryder was fueled by an ancient technology that spewed violet light whenever it opened its mouth. DarkStryder was essentially a huge, bio-organic supercomputer, designed to be highly intelligent and able to react to any situation. It evolved over the millennia of its confinement on the planet Kathol, building a huge fortress and learning the Kathol's bio-engineering technology to create servants to help it run the fortress. Eventually, DarkStryder desired to leave the planet, wishing to explore the galaxy. To this end, DarkStryder agreed to help Moff Sarne gain power through the use of what became known as DarkStryder technology, in return for a working, hyperspace-capable ship. Sarne realized that this would be dangerous, and found new ways to hold off DarkStryder's departure. When the crew of the FarStar arrived at Kathol and tried to destroy Sarne, DarkStryder saw its chances of escape fading. It sent a variety of failed, experimental creatures against the New Republic's forces, but was unable to defeat them. In the end, Halbret managed to reopen the Lifewell and set the Kathol free, and DarkStryder was destroyed. When DarkStryder died, the fortress which it had built collapsed in on itself, utterly destroying any trace of the bio-techology of the Kathol. (E)

DarkStryder Campaign
see DarkStryder Incident (SWI74)

DarkStryder Fire Creature
this unusual apparition was formed by a piece of the DarkStryder technology, and resembled a living cone of flame. It could reach sizes of twenty meters in height, and was controlled by what appeared to be a coil of metallic cord. The bounty hunter Mist obtained control of the DarkStryder device, and attempted to use the fire creature against the crew of the FarStar. (KR)

DarkStryder Incident
this was the term used by the New Republic Intelligence Agency to describe the events which started with the Siege of Kal'Shebbol and ended with the Battle of Kathol. With the destruction of DarkStryder and the Kathol technologies, the NRI decided that it was in the best public interest to release no information on the events. They feared that the galaxy, which had barely survived the Galactic Civil War, would panic if it discovered that unknown technologies and powerful, ancient races were still at large in the galaxy. (E)

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