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Darktrin, Finn
this man was an undercover agent who worked for the Empire during the height of the New Order. He held the rank of Commander in the Imperial armed forces at the time of the Battle of Yavin, and was often under the supervision of Darth Vader himself, working to infiltrate the ranks of the Alliance and learn the whereabouts of Alliance bases and personnel. One aspect of his double agent role was to make contacts in the criminal underworld, and Finn was able to earn the respect of the Feeorin pirate Nym. About a year after the Battle of Yavin, Finn was assigned to recover the holocron which had been left behind at the Alliance base on Dantooine. In order to complete the mission, Finn insinuated himself close to Leia Organa, and was able to earn the mission as an Alliance agent. He needed someone who could handle Dantooine's varied ecosystem, and was able to recruit Dusque Mistflier to the Alliance's cause. Unknown to Dusque, Finn accomplished this by having her partner, Tendau Nandon, executed on suspicion of being an Alliance supporter. Finn then preyed upon her emotions, knowing that she would want to avenge the death of her friend. His hunches proved accurate, and they set out on their mission. During the trip to Dantooine and the struggle to find the ancient Jedi base, Finn and Dusque began to fall in love, although neither would admit to it. Finn was at odds with himself over the emotion, since he knew that he would have to either convince to rejoin the Empire or kill her at the end of the mission. On Dantooine, Dusque was able to help him recover the holocron. However, as he tried to download its contents and transmit them to his nearest contact, Dusque discovered his actions and destroyed the holocron. Unable to allow her to return to the Alliance with the knowledge of his betrayal, Finn stabbed Dusque in the chest and then fled. He returned to Vader with only a few of the name hidden on the holocron, and expected to be executed for his failure. Vader, however, sensed a growing anger in him and allowed him to live. Finn retained a place in his heart for Dusque, however, and grudgingly refused to give away the location of the Alliance's base on Corellia. (ROD)

Darktrooper Team Two
squadron assigned to search Shug Ninx's starship garage and discover information on the Millennium Falcon. (DE2)

elite stormtrooper squads assigned to Operation Shadow Hand, they had been specially trained to use the Dark Side of the Force. (DE2)

this species of tree grew to immense sizes, populating lush jungles. (WSV)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. An archaic name, its meaning translated into Basic as "duelist". (GCG)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "strong diver". (GCG)

this woman was a native of Alderaan. She was part of a group of Alderaanians who traveled to Yavin 4, following the destruction of the first Death Star, to meet with Princess Leia Organa. She was extremely loyal to Leia, and was adamant about restoring the memory of Alderaan. Leia later learned that Darlen was romantically involved with Tolok, and they implicated in the theft of computer data from the Massassi Base. (IS)

a planet. (HNN5)

Darlonn Sector
this sector of the galaxy was known for a casino which was based on a mobile space station. (SWJ5)

Darlyn Boda
this jungle-covered planet, located in the Anoat Sector of the galaxy, was known for its criminal underworld. The droid 4-LOM sold the Ankarres Sapphire to a fence on this world. Later, the droid and his companion, Zuckuss, brought the ninety survivors of the Bright Hope to the Alliance underground on the planet. Darlyn Boda is a damp, swampy world covered with dark, muddy forests. During the New Order, the planet was controlled by the Empire but had a strong Alliance cell working within the underground. (TBH, WO33)

Darm, Umolly
this Newcomer lived in Ruby Gulch, on the planet Nam Chorios, and was one of the freedom fighters aligned with Seti Ashgad against the Oldtimers and Therans. She had a small affinity for the Force, and was quite successful in locating Spook crystals. This made her a valuable part of Dzym's plans. It was Umolly that helped Luke Skywalker verify that Callista had indeed arrived on Nam Chorios. (POT)

this was the nickname of one of the four clone troopers in the Delta Squad of commandos, which participated in the Battle of Geonosis. Officially designated RC-1136, Darman was the only member of the squad to survive the fighting. A demolitions expert, Darman was noted for his use of a Wookiee bowcaster on missions. In the wake of the fighting on Geonosis, Darman was reassigned to Omega Squad, and dispatched to Qiilura to locate Ovolot Qail Uthan. In order to infiltrate the planet, Omega Squad flew in on a renovated Narsh crop-sprayer, but the vehicle caught a bird in one of its engines and plummeted to the ground. Although the rest of Omega Squd landed safely, Darman was thrown several hundred meters from the crash site. He sustained several injuries, including severe damage to his right leg, but was able to recover. As he made his way to one of the pre-assigned rendezvous points, he met up with Etain Tur-Mukan. Given his military training and Etain's Jedi training, Darman was surprised to learn that the two were attracted to each other. He liked her presence, and made every effort to support her and protect her as they made their way back to the rest of Omega Squad. He was also fascinated by her lightsaber, but realized that she needed more melee combat skills. He located two poles and sparred with her in combat, honing her lightsaber skills while enhancing both their fighting skills at the same time. During the final assault on Uthan's facilities, Darman was forced to admit that he was apprehensive about confined spaces, when he and his teammates were forced to enter the facility through a series of gdan tunnels. After the succesful capture of Uthan and their extraction to a rendezvous point, Darman was surprised to learn that Etain had arranged for him to stay behind on Qiilura to help with the clean-up efforts. Darman had to refuse, however, opting to remain with Omega Squad and levaving Qiilura behind for another battle. (RCHC)

Darme, Kaleb
this man was a member of the Indu Council's police force, during the early years of the New Republic. After he was discovered to have shot and killed Tev Aden, Darme was revealed to be a staunch supporter of the New Order. He had once beena bodyguard to Imperial Governor Ekam Ouwray, and worked behind the scenes to strengthen Ouwray's positionon Indu San, despite strong public opposition to his rule. When Ouwray fled Indu San, he asked Kaleb to remain behind and "pave the way" for his eventual return. In order to ensure the job was done correctly, Kaleb arranged for the murder of Shek Barayel shortly before the leader of Indu Council was to sign an agreement to join the New Republic. It was Kella Rand who first discovered Kaleb's treachery, giving the Galactic News Network the scoop on the reporting of the incidents. (SWJ6)

Darmic, Maranne
Haber Trell's partner, she served as the co-pilot aboard the Hopskip. Born on Coruscant, she was the daughter of Dreja Darmic, and developed her love of starships while watching him work on Imperial ships. After his arrest, she fled Coruscant aboard the Hopskip, and developed a friendship with Haber Trell. In the two years before the Battle of Yavin, she and Haber began secretly supporting the fledgling Alliance. (TFE, SWJ12)

a Yevethan term for 'retinue' or 'close followers.' (BTS)

this Dug served as one of Balck Sun's vigos during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, serving under Alexi Garyn from his personal space station in the Outer Rim. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Darnada was invovled in a meeting with Hath Monchar, who had planned to sell information on the upcoming blockade of Naboo to the highest bidder. Darnada, whose business was more inclined toward the sale of spice and other drugs, could not believe the wild tale of the Neimoidian, and sent him back to the Trade Federation. Unfortunately, Hath Monchar was telling the truth, and Darth Sidious was unable to allow even Darnada to survive after hearing it. Darth Sidious sent his apprentice, Darth Maul, to clean up any loose ends caused by Hath Monchar's duplicity. Maul killed Feen Fenoob, who owed Darnada a huge sum of credits, in order to be captured and brought before the Dug. His passivity was cast aside upon meeting with Darnada, and Maul executed almost everyone aboard the space station, including Darnada himself. Maul then destroyed the station, thereby eliminating any possible ties back to his master. (DM)

this senior Alliance officer posed as Bria Lavval's - a.k.a. Bria Tharen - manager, Renkov, when she traveled aboard the Queen of Empire. He was killed by Boba Fett when the bounty hunter laid his trap for Bria aboard the luxury liner. (RD)

this Jawa worked as an informant for the Empire, slinking around the streets of Mos Eisley on Tatooine and ferreting out informationon rebel activity. (CCG12)

this green-skinned humanoid was a native of the planet Solem, and was part of the rebel underground that sprang up during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Yolan Bren was one of the few survivors of Imperial Governor Malvander's subjugation of Solem. He brought down an Imperial combat craft on his own, then later donated blood to help Yolan Bren survive his injuries. However, when Boba Fett set out to capture Yolan Bren, Daron gave his life trying to protect his leader. (SWES)

a planet. (RESB)

this planet was the primary world in the Dar'Or System, located in the Jospro Sector of the Outer Rim Territories, Dar'Or was a low-gravity forested world known to Imperial astrogators as OM973. Dar'Or was the homeworld of the species known as Ri'Dar. It was also an Imperial Species Preservation Zone, because it was home to a number of endangered and dishomed species, including the elix and indola. Water covered about sixty percent of the planet, with the land masses being composed of sub-tropical forests of waza trees. (GG4, SWJ10)

Darou, Merik
this gregarious man was the primary aide to Senator Lavina Wren of Cularin, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (LFCW)

this was the true, given name of the youth known as Tomcat. When Tomcat embraced the Dark Side of the Force and killed Lord Charny, he abandoned the nickname Tomcat and took up his true name. (JVS)

Darpa Center of History at Calamar
located in the city of Calamar, on the planet Esseles, this museum was dedicated to the preservation of artifacts and documentation on the history of the known galaxy. (HNN4)

Darpa Sector
this area of the galaxy was located in the Core worlds, on the border between the Core and the Colonies region. (SWJ5, SWJ7)

Darpa SectorNet
this is the primary news agency of Darpa Sector, and was pro-Imperial in bias during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ9)

Darpen, Tomer
this man, a native of the planet Commenor, served the New Republic as a councilor and liaison to new worlds. Prior to being a diplomat, Darpen served with the Tierfon Yellow Aces, but his skills as a pilot were minimal. He was always running sabacc games and selling liquor, but never seemed to do anything truly illegal. He was given the nickname "Ejector" by his squadron-mates, including Wes Janson, during a mission on a low-gravity moon. Darpen's Y-Wing was shot up and had lost most of its flight controls, but he managed to land it on the ground. When the fighter came to a stop after rolling several times, the ejector seat on the Y-Wing finally activated, sending Darpen into space. The moon's low gravity couldn't hold him, and he achieved escape velocity and had to be rescued by a shuttle. He was given the honorary rank of Ace for surviving the crash. Starfighter Command gave him the opportunity to look elsewhere for a role, and he was tapped by the Diplomatic Corps. Upon the discovery of the world of Adumar, Darpen was selected to be the liaison between the Adumari government and the New Republic diplomat to Adumar, which turned out to be Wedge Antilles. However, Darpen was operating on his own agenda, rather than that of the New Republic, when he started dealing with the Adumari. Darpen wanted to ensure that the planet and its people joined the New Republic at any cost, rather than assessing the pros and cons of their admission. When the Adumari opened up negotiations to both the Republic and the Empire, Darpen was forced even further from New Republic policies in order to gain the trust of the Adumari. When Wedge refused to play by the Adumari rules and shoot down every pilot who challenged him, Darpen became furious. When Wedge's tactics of using low-powered lasers in starfighter combat - allowing the Adumari to learn from their mistakes, and starting to modify the Adumari mindset - Darpen became irate. Darpen began working with the perator of Cartann, Pekaelic ke Teldan, to establish a world government, but pushed the perator down a path which had Cartann as the center of the government. He urged the perator to take control of the planet, with out without the consent of the other nations. Wedge opposed this new form of government, adn refused to abide by Darpen's rules. Darpen then told the perator of Cartann that Wedge was acting on his own, and was no longer worthy of consideration. The perator ordered Wedge's execution, which forced Wedge and the other pilots with him to flee to the Yedagon Confederacy in order to prepare for the war Darpen had instigated. In the end, Hallis Saper revealed that she had evidence of Darpen's schemes, which forced the perator of Cartann to re-evaluate his position. Unable to face the dishonor he had perpetrated at Darpen's insistent, the perator abdicated in favor of his son, who promised to implement a fairer model of world government. Darpen was arrested by New Republic Intelligence agents and imprisoned for his treachery. (SOA)

this was one of the many city-states found on the planet Yarrv. It wsa ruled by Baron Karin during the Galactic Civil War. (GMS)

Darr, Hanos
this miner was part of the group which traveled to the rubble left behind after the destruction of the planet Alderaan, several months after the Battle of Yavin, in an effort to locate ores. Darr was also one of the few beings who "saw" the Royal Palace of Alderaan hidden in the asteroids. When he realized that it was just a story meant to lure Leia Organa back to Alderaan, Darr decided to warn the Alliance. He and Zaz Haqmiroz managed to get aboard the herdship Bazaar and transmit a message. However, before he could deliver the message, Darr was killed by the assassin droid XS3. Before he died, he passed on Hamiroz's name to a team of Alliance agents. (GA)

Darr, Horzao
this man was the Captain of the Sky-Dreadnaught Maxion, serving in the Exocron Airfleet. His career started when he was twelve, after stowing away on a sky transport. He was discovered, and was indentured to the ship's captain to pay for his passage. After graduation from the Airfleet's academy, he commanded the relief ship Loristar during several key supply runs during the unification wars that rolled through Exocron. His valor and command skills earned him the appointment to the Maxion, and many feel that he would be the best candidate for the supreme commander of the Airfleet. However, Darr resisted any promotion that meant he would not be able to command a ship. (KO)

this youth was a native of the planet Brentaal, although he longed to break out of his life of luxury and see the galaxy. One of many sons of a wealthy shipping family, his early childhood was spent herding his siblings and cousins to their classes at the Brentaal Commerce Academy. When he finally couldn't stand it any longer, sometime after the Battle of Yavin, he stowed away aboard Platt Okeefe's Last Chance and ended up on Cloud City. Platt believed he was a spy for either the Imperial Security Bureau or BoSS, but eventually came to believe Darrik's story. She agreed to help a fellow native of Brentaal in exchange for his labors. In return, Darrik became something of an apprentice. While on Cloud City, Darrik was able to shoot the Rodian bounty hunter Tolga before he could kill Platt, earning her trust and admiration. The pair then defeated Beylyssa before traveling to Tatooine to meet up with Tru'eb Cholakk. It was Darrik's quick thinking that helped them free Tru'eb from Major Birket, allowing them to complete their deal with Tharrand. Platt agreed to keep Darrik on as an apprentice. (IDC)

Darrin Arkanian
this Sullustan Jedi Knight was an idealist and a dreamer. He cherished life above all else, and strove to be a model of peace and contemplation. Arkanian and a small team of Jedi were dispatched to the Lahara Sector, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, to rescue the crew of the Iron Tether. The ship had been attacked by Separatist forces and driven into the Cowl Crucible. The Jedi found that the ship's crew had survived, and returned them to Coruscant. When Emperor Palpatine began hunting down the Jedi, Arkanian went into hiding, and took Corwin Shelvay as an apprentice. They were branded as outlaws and fugitives, and they roamed the Outer Rim in searching of surviving Jedi Knights. When Corwin was captured by High Inquisitor Tremayne, Arkanian infiltrated Coruscant to rescue his student. He was caught by Tremayne, and they engaged in a lightsaber duel. Arkanian lost, and was fatally injured before Shelvay could rescue him. Arkanian died a few days after they escaped from Coruscant. (SWG8, GG9, HNN5)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Darron, Vict
this former Imperial Navy officer threw in his lot with Delak Krennel, when Krennel fled Imperial service and took control of the Ciutric Hegemony. Commander Darron was given command of the Direption in order to secure the borders of the Hegemony, but on the condition that he raze the village on Liinade III which the ship's former commander, Captain Rensen, refused to destroy. Darron believed that the loss of life was as vile as Rensen did, and arranged for the inhabitants to evacuate the village before the bombardment occurred. Darron managed to survive Krennel's wrath by explaining to Krennel that the dishomed villagers would do more to spread the word of Krennel's supremacy than dead villagers would. In a twist of fate, Krennel dispatched Darron and the Direption to protect Liinade III from attack by the New Republic, when the clone of Ysanne Isard warned him of the attack. Krennel's forces, under Darron's command, nearly defeated the New Republic's fleet until the Freedom arrived to save the Republic fleet. Darron was forced to surrender or lose his ships. (IR)

this small-time bounty had an acquaintence who was captured by the Empire because he used an SC-4 blaster as one of his weapons. The other bounty hunter had been given the SC-4 as a gift, but the "gift" was actually a tracking device. (GUN)

this was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located on one of the largest islands in the Swamplands, between the Inner and the East Washes. (GORW)

D'Arsan, Kual
this elderly man was a member of one of Desevro's Thirty-Seven Families, and had been around for decades before the onset of the Galactic Civil War. He was known as one of Maslovar's best infochants, and was known in certain circles as one of the city's best spies and slicers. Over the decades of his life, Kual had gathered a wealth of information on each of the families, and he maintained the security of his databases through a number of failsafes. Because of the knowledge he possessed, many of the Thirty-Seven Families worked to ensure Kual's safety, out of fear of what he might reveal about them. (GORW)

this wrinkled, blue-skinned Nautolan represented his homeworld of Glee Anselm in the Old Republic Senate, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The Senator later served on Chancellor Palpatine's Loyalist Committee. (HNN4, AOTCN, VD2)

this was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual. (UANT)

this was the name of a backwater world. (MJEH)

Darsk Ristel
Corran Horn's alias when he infiltrated Coruscant as part of Rogue Squadron, Darsk Ristel was a Kuati telbun owned by Ris Darsk. (WG)

this was the codename used by Alliance agent Yom Argo during the Galactic Civil War. (GMR1)

Dart Carbine
developed and manufactured by Czerka, the dart carbine resembled a blasfter rifle, but fired small darts at extremely high velocities. (SWGAL)

Dart Flower
native to the swamps of Dromund Kaas, the dart flower was named for the way it could eject needle-like quills when jostled. This was a defensive mechanism that protected the flower from being trampled by the creatures that lived in the swamps. (MOTS)

Dartessex IV
a planet. (GG10)

native to Bimmisaari, this small fish was the favored prey of the tiga loreng. (EGP)

Darth Andeddu
this ancient Sith Lord placed a wealth of dark lore into a Sith holocron, which was entombed with him on Korriban when he died, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. The holocron was later recovered by Quinlan Vos and Tol Skorr, who were vying for the favor of Count Dooku at the height of the Clone Wars. From inside the holocron, Dooku extracted a blood-red crystal that was once part of Darth Andeddu's lightsaber. He gave this crystal to Quinlan Vos, shortly before dispatching Vos to Coruscant to assassinate Senator Viento. (RSS)

Darth Bandon
this former Jedi Knight abandoned his old Master and the teachings of the Jedi, then fled to the Sith-controlled world of Korriban during the height of the Great Sith War. On Korriban, Bandon caught the attention of Darth Malak, who later selected Bandon as his lone apprentice in the wake of Darth Revan's apparent death. For the remainder of the war against the Old Republic, Darth Bandon slaughtered his opponent with ruthlessness and cruelty. Distinguished by the high-collared, black body armor he always wore, Darth Bandon was noted for his bald head and pale, white skin. He was eventually killed during the hunt for the Star Forge, when the Jedi Knights finally discovered its location. Bandon was on Korriban at the time, and was defeated in combat when the Jedi managed to infiltrate the Sith academy. (KOTOR, SWDB)

Darth Bane
this ancient Sith Lord was the last of his kind to survive the Battle of Ruusan, a catastrophic struggle that consumed his order some 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Bane was a tall, bald man with heavy muscles and an intimidating gaze. He had trained under Lord Qordis, but never actually completed his training. He was an evil man, and gathered strength from killing young children before their parents' eyes, then murdering the parents. During the Battle of Ruusan, Darth Bane had not agreed with Lord Kaan's to use a thought bomb. He managed to escape its devasation and flee to Onderon's moon, Dxun, haunted by the specters of his former master as Lord Kaan. On Dxun, he discovered Exar Kun's Sith holocron, which he secured after being beset and infected by orbalisks. The orbalisks saved him from the attack of a skreev, while Bane's own strength in the Dark Side of the Force allowed him to control it. He later used the skreev to escape to Onderon. Recognizing that the Sith order was doomed to fail if it became too large, Bane waited until all the other Sith were destroyed by their brethren or the Jedi Knights, then established a set of rules that were dominated by the pretense that there could only be two Sith active in the galaxy at any time: a Master and an apprentice. Eventually, Bane took his own apprentice, and set his new order in motion. Future Sith Lords were taught the virtues of patience, planning, and secrecy, and each was to take on the title of Darth. (TPM, ECH, GMR3, JVS, NEGC)

Darth Malak
this was the title adopted by the former Jedi Knight Malak, after he learned to wield the Dark Side of the Force from his friend and mentor, Revan. As they led the Sith forces into battle, Darth Revan and Darth Malak conquered a number of star systems before the Jedi Knights were able to launch a counterattack. In a bold move, the Jedi managed to trap the pair without the support of their troops, and Darth Revan was believed to have been killed in the struggle along with many Jedi Knights. History has hidden the exact details of the battle, and it was unclear whether Darth Revan was killed by the Jedi or by his own apprentice. Some historians believed that Malak was the stronger of the two Sith Lords, and either survived because he was stronger or smarter or more devious than Darth Revan. It was later discovered that Darth Revan had been captured by the Old Republic, and was given a memory wipe to remove any traces of his allegiance to the Sith. Regardless of the exact details, Darth Malak took up the mission of his former master and continued to wage war against the Old Republic. He was distinguished by the unusual face shield he wore, an apparatus that was required after he lost his lower jaw in a lightsaber battle. His speech was assisted by a vocabulator, and his voice had a distinctly metallic sound to it. Unlike the prior Sith forays led by Darth Revan against Republic systems, Darth Malak destroyed worlds rather than capturing them, ensuring that vital resources were no longer available to either side of the battle. In the tradition of the Sith, Darth Malak took Darth Bandon as his apprentice, and the pair worked from a base on Korriban for many years. His forces were believed to have been armed by Czerka Corporation, although such a link was never verified. It was eventually learned that much of his war machine was produced in the holds of the Star Forge, which he had usurped from the Rakata and modified to produce Sith Fighters and other weapons. Darth Malak powered the Star Forge with captive Jedi Knights, drawing on their powers to augment the massive input of the Unknown World's sun. With the defection of Admiral Saul Karath, Darth Malak acquired the Leviathan, which served as his personal flagship, and he appeared to be invincible. In an epic battle, the Jedi Knights and the forces of the Old Republic set out to destroy the Star Forge and eliminate the threat of Darth Malak. The battle waged for a long time, until Darth Malak was killed in battle and the Star Forge was destroyed. (KOTOR, WOTC, SWDB)

Darth Maul
this Sith Dark Lord was a member of the Zabrak species, and was the apprentice of Darth Sidious, the mysterious force behind the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo. Sidious explained to Maul that he found him as a baby on the planet Iridonia, and took him in when his parents disappeared. Note that other sources describe him as an Iridonian. Over the years, Sidious discovered that Maul's inner self was full of anger and fury, and trained the youth in the ways of the Sith. Sidious used sensory deprivation and other unusual punishments to harden Maul's anger into a solid core that grew stronger when it touched the Dark Side of the Force. Whenever Maul failed to remain alert, or showed any kind of mercy, Darth Sidious punished him severely. Maul later consrtucted his own two-bladed lightsaber much like Exar Kun did some 3,950 years earlier, although Maul's lightsaber was actually two lightsabers fused together. Each had its own separate components, allowing him to use a single blade if the weapon became damaged. Darth Maul was obvious by his heavily tattooed, horn-studded face, piercing yellow eyes, and rotting teeth. In his first true mission without his Master's help, Darth Maul was sent to Dorvalla to destroy both Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ores, in an effort to obtain access to the lommite mines for the Trade Federation. After Hath Monchar fled the Federation in an effort to sell information on the Federation's plans to blockade Naboo, Maul tracked the Neimoidian down and executed him, cutting off any chance of the information reaching the Senate. Sidious later dispatched Maul when he learned from the Neimoidians that two Jedi Knights had been dispatched to negotiate a settlement to the blockade. When the Jedi - Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi - fled with Queen Amidala to Tatooine, Darth Maul followed at a safe distance. He nearly defeated Qui-Gon, but was unable to control him before they fled for Coruscant. Not to be outdone, Sidious then sent Maul to capture them on Naboo. There, while Queen Amidala's forces attempted to capture Nute Gunray, Darth Maul confronted both Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon in the Theed palace's power generation station. In a fierce battle, the three swordsman battled to a draw before they were separated by the station's laser defense systems. When the defenses dropped, Maul and Qui-Gon were left alone to battle, and the Sith Lord defeated the Jedi with a quick jab of his blade. However, his victory was short-lived. When Obi-Wan was able to escape the laser system, he attacked with a renewed sense of purpose. His exuberence nearly cost him his life, when Darth Maul forced the young Jedi over the edge of a power shaft. Obi-Wan recovered and, using the Force to recover Qui-Gon's lightsaber, caught Maul off-guard. The Jedi sliced his lightsaber through Maul's midsection. The fatally injured Sith Lord toppled into the shaft and was lost forever. Darth Maul was acted by Ray Park and voiced by Peter Serafinowicz in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. (SW1, IG1, JDM, SWK, DMS, DMSH, OWS)

Darth Millennial
this Sith Lord was one of the few who survived the Light and Darkness War and the Battle of Ruusan. However, he abandoned the Rule of Two and set out on his own, hoping to preserve the Rule of the Strong that was maintained by Lord Kaan. Darth Millennial established his base of operations on the remote world of Dromund Kaas, and his followers eventually became known as the Prophets of the Dark Side. (WOTC)

Darth Nihilus
this was one of three surviving Sith Lords, along with Darth Traya and Darth Sion, who survived the Jedi Civil Wars and fled to Malachor V. Darth Nihilus was noted for his ability to literally consume the Force energy of his victims, which was used to sustain his own life energies. It was rumored that he could consume the Force energy of an entire planet. His early history is unclear, and many historians wondered if was was actually a Sith Lord before he arrived on Malachor V. It was believed that he might simply have been a survivor of the Mandalorian Wars who ended up being stranded on Malachor V. What was know for sure was that he was taken in by Darth Traya and trained in the ways of the Sith, until he had attained enough power to earn the title of Darth Nihilus. From the depths of the Trayus Academy, they planned to finally wipe out the Jedi and take control of the galaxy for the Sith. It was Darth Nihilus and his student, Visas Marr, who discovered the existence of The Exile, and Nihilus recognized the threat that the formet Jedi posed to the Sith. He ordered Visas Marr to bring The Exile to him, but she chose to join The Exile rather than betray him. In the meantime, Darth Nihilus led his Sith forces from his flagship, the Ravager, drawing more and more power from worlds that he blasted into ruin. It was on the mission to destroy Telos that Darth Nihilus was finally confronted by The Exile and his team. Although Darth Nihilus managed to stun The Exile, he was unprepared for the devotion of his former pupil, Visas Marr, to the young man. Visas tried to exchange her life for that of The Exile, giving the former Jedi time to recover from his lapse. Together, they confronted Darth Nihilus. The Sith Lord was no match for their combined might, and he fell in battle to them. As he died, Darth Nihilus' body seemed to melt away into nothing. (KOTOR2)

Darth Plagueis
this was the Sith Lord who trained Darth Sidious in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Chancellor Palpatine related the story of Darth Plagueis to Anakin Skywalker, shortly after the First Battle of Coruscant. According to Palpatine, Darth Plagueis had the ability to influence the actions of the midi-chlorians, and could manipulate them in such a way as to keep those beings closest to him from dying. It was even said that Plagueis had the ability to create life. Ultimately, however, Plagueis became blinded by the pursuit of power, and was killed in his sleep by his apprentice. As Palpatine retold the story, which he referred as a legend called The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise, it was ironic that Plagueis had the power to save others from death, but not himself. The story of Darth Plagueis was one of the primary reasons it was believed that Anakin chose to ally himself with Palpatine, since the young Jedi Knight was having visions of the death of his wife, Padme' Amidala. It was later theorized that it had been Plagueis who caused Anakin to be brought to life, since Shmi Skywalker was known to have never married or had conjugal relations with a man before Anakin's birth. This was never proven, however. (LEV, IS3, E3N, SWDB)

Darth Revan
this was the self-bestowed title used by the former Jedi Knight Revan, during his campaigns against the Jedi and the Old Republic during the Great Sith War. As Darth Revan, he took his friend and former Jedi Malak as his apprentice, and they quickly began conquering star systems throughout the galaxy. The Jedi Order dispatched a group of agents, led by Bastila Shan, to lay a trap for the Sith Lords, and Darth Revan was believed to have been killed in battle. History clouded the details of the battle, and it was unclear whether Revan was killed by the Jedi or by his own apprentice. In actuality, Revan was simply captured by the Jedi and held for reconditioning. After a complete memory wipe, Darth Revan ceased to exist. (SWI67, KOTOR, SWDB)

Darth Rivan
this ancient Sith Lord built a fortress on the planet Almas, despite its inhospitable atmosphere. He created the kaluthin grass to modify the planet's landscape and atmosphere, and managed to survive for many decades on the planet before being driven off Almas by the Jedi Knights during the Sith Wars. He later perished in the Battle of Ruusan. Analysis of the fortress performed shortly after the Battle of Naboo revealed that the dome on the fortress was well over 1,000 years old, indicating that Rivan himself was of a very advanced age at the time of its construction. This led many Jedi scholars to believe that Rivan was not of human origin. (LFC, WOTC)

Darth Ruin
this Dark Lord of the Sith was active in the galaxy some 1,000 years before the Battle of Ruusan. (OWS)

Darth Sidious
this Dark Lord of the Sith was the driving force behind the Trade Federation, during the time it tried to subjugate the world of Naboo. He had control of specific elements of the Galactic Senate, and with the assistance of some 200 years of preparation by previous Masters - including his own mentor, Darth Plagueis - put in motion an intricate set of schemes to take control of the galaxy. Sidious had trained his apprentice, Darth Maul, and was ready to bring his plans to fruition when Chancellor Valorum dispatched two Jedi Knights to Naboo to negotiate a settlement. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi thwarted his initial plans, and forced him to send Darth Maul after the pair. Meanwhile, Sidious continued to manipulate the Neimoidians, pushing the situation at Naboo as far as he could. When Queen Amidala returned to Naboo to deal with the situation herself, Sidious saw his carefully laid plans fall apart as the Neimoidians were defeated and the planet freed of its blockade, and Darth Maul was killed in battle by Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, Sidious was never worried about these events, as he had several contingency plans. Among these plans was the recruiting of Count Dooku to serve as his new apprentice. Dooku, known as Darth Tyranus to the Sith, arranged to manipulate large numbers of star systems to secede from the Old Republic under the guise of the Separatist movement. Tryanus also began working with the major business guilds - such as the Commerce Guild and the Trade Federation - to re-establish a droid-based war machine. When the Battle of Geonosis was completed, the most important of Darth Sidious' plans had come to fruition: the acceptance of a huge army of clone troopers by the Old Republic miltary. The onset of the Clone Wars allowed Sidious' alter ego - Chancellor Palpatine himself - to gain unprecedented control over both the Galactic Senate and the Grand Army of the Republic. During the prelude to the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku was even so bold as to tell Obi-Wan Kenobi that the galaxy was under the control of a Sith Lord, but Obi-Wan refused to believe it. Despite his own beliefs, Obi-Wan brought this revelation back to the Jedi Council. The possibility of Sidious' existence served to divide the attention of the Jedi Order, pulling it further apart. Some members felt that Sidious was a real threat, while others believed that Darth Sidious was Count Dooku's alias. Obi-Wan's evidence of Darth Sidious' existence was borne out nearly three years later, when Nute Gunray's mechno-chair was captured on Cato Neimoidia. Recordings of the Neimoidian's conversations with Darth Sidious explained many of the Dark Lord's machinations. The Jedi began an intense search for Sidious, starting with the craftsbeings who devised the mechno-chair's systems, and leading them to an abandoned building in The Works district of Coruscant. However, the investigation was cut short when Coruscant was attacked by General Grievous, allowing Sidious to "escape" momentarily. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Palpatine revealed himself to be Darth Sidious to Anakin Skywalker, after drawing the young Jedi into his schemes. Later, Mace Windu arrived with three other Jedi Masters to arrest Palpatine. Sidious was finally able to fully reveal himself, and cut down Windu's deputies before confronting the Jedi Master himself. They were evenly matched for a short time, until Windu managed to deflect Sidious' lightsaber and corner him. Anakin arrived at this time, defying Master Windu's orders to remain at the Jedi Temple, and tried to stop Windu from killing Palpatine outright. When Windu hesitated, Sidious unleashed a horrific blast of Force lighting, which Windu blocked with his lightsaber. The reflected energy hit Sidious full in the face, causing an unusual transformation. All of Sidious' corruption and evil boiled over, and his face changed from that of a calm politician to that of his true self: an old, twisted, evil being who had been fully consumed by the Dark Side of the Force. After the so-called Jedi Rebellion, Palpatine assumed control of the entire galaxy, combining his two personae into the role of Emperor. He could then shed the ancient magicks he used to maintain his politician guide, claiming that the disfigurment had come at the hands of Mace Windu. (SW1, AOTC, LEV, GC, SWI83, SWMW)

Darth Sion
this ancient Sith Lord was one of the most unusual of his kind, as his unusual body appeared to be pieced together from various human remains. In reality, Darth Sion's skeleton and body had been completely shattered and reformed using the Dark Side of the Force, and was held together by pure force of will. He was in a continual state of agony, and existed only because of his hatred and his devotion to the Dark Side. In order to fully return to life after his body was damaged, Darth Sion was forced to enter into a healing trance, an act that was to be performed regularly, as the effort needed to keep his body together nearly killed him. Only a loyal group of Sith devotees ensured his survival. Darth Sion's early training in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force brought him to the call of Darth Malak and Darth Revan, and he led several devstating campaigns during the Jedi Civil War with Darth Nihilus. However, after the defeat of Darth Malak and the defection of Darth Revan, Darth Sion fled to Malachor V, where he received further training at the Trayus Academy, under the tutelage of Darth Traya. In order to reanimate him after a particularly strenuous attack that captured the Harbinger, Darth Sion's attendants set out for the Peragus Mining Colony. At Peragus II, Darth Sion was able to restore his own strength by drawing on the life-energies of the miners, who were all executed by the Sith. There was one troubling thing, however. His Sith attendants had captured the Ebon Hawk, and Darth Sion was unable to detect the presence of the former Jedi known only as The Exile. This enabled The Exile to escape from Peragus II with Jedi Master Kreia. After the destruction of the Peragus Mining colony, Darth Sion set out to reach Korriban and regain his strength. After meditating within the Valley of the Dark Lords, he traveled to Malachor V to join forces with Darth Nihilus and Darth Traya, forming a powerful triumverate of Sith Lords and making plans to conquer the Republic. However, after Darth Nihilus was defeated on Telos, Darth Sion found himself confronted by The Exile in the Malachor Depths. Using a skillful combination of verbal and physical attacks, The Exile managed to defeat Darth Sion in four separate fights. Each time, The Exile began his attack with words, and eventually forced Darth Sion to believe that he was no longer of any use to his former Master. In their final fight, Darth Sion sacrificed himself in order to end his pain and join the Force in death. (KOTOR2, LAWS)

Darth Traya
this was the name adopted by former Jedi Master Kreia, when she turned to the Dark Side of the Force and joined the Sith, in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars. She didn't reveal her true self until after the Jedi Civil War, when she chose to adopt her former name in order to locate The Exile. After Kreia was exiled from the Jedi Order, she traveled to Malachor V to locate Revan. Once there, she trained at the Trayus Academy, and eventually became Darth Traya. She chose two of her students, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus, to form the base of power for the Sith on Malachor V, although they did not hold to her belief that a true Sith needed to understand the Light Side of the Force to be truly powerful. Historians believed that she was either exiled by her former students or betrayed by them, forcing her to set out on her own. She was able to sense the presence of her former student, The Exile, and discerned that he might be one of the last of the Jedi. She set out to locate him, and was forced to fight past Darth Sion in order to retrieve him at Peragus II. During the subsequent battles she fought with The Exile, Darth Traya maintained her appearance as Jedi Master Kreia, although she often let small suggestions of her true self come out in her actions. After The Exile traveled to Onderon and defeated General Vaklu and Tobin, Kreia realized that her "pupil" was now growing in strength, and would become a threat to her triumverate of power. She tried to kill him on Dantooine, where the surviving Jedi Masters had gathered, but was forced to flee before she could make sure that he was dead. Darth Traya returned to Malachor V and began to prepare to defeat her student. After the deaths of Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion, Darth Traya was the only surviving member of her order, and she was prepared to fight The Exile to the death. In the battle, she nearly fell to the younger man, but managed to use the Dark Side of the Force to fling three lightsabers at him. Forced to deal with this threat, The Exile lost sight of Darth Traya briefly, but defeated her lightsabers and returned to confront her. Defenseless without her lightsabers, she was unable to stop his advance. Before he killed her, The Exile demanded that she tell him something of the future, in an effort to decide what he should do next. (KOTOR2)

Darth Tyranus
this was the Sith title given to Count Dooku, after he became the apprentice of Darth Sidious. Very few beings knew of this relationship, although Jango Fett understood it. Dooku was surprised when he was approached by Sidious, who challenged Dooku to channel his feelings for the Old Republic and the Jedi Order into better uses. Rather than forcing Dooku into a lightsaber duel to the death, Sidious took Dooku under his wing and discussed their philosophies, ultimately coming to a point where they separate visions of the galaxy's future were melded into a single goal. Under the name of Darth Tyranus, the Count usurped the work of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, who had been a confidante of Dooku's at the Jedi Order. When Sifo-Dyas revealed that he had put the plans in place to create a clones army for the Old Republic, Dooku relayed the information to Darth Sidious. Sidious ordered Dooku to eliminated Sifo-Dyas and assume control of the clone project, as part of his final test of loyalty. After killing Sifo-Dyas, Tyranus recruited Jango Fett on the moons of Bogden, to serve as the genetic basis for their clone army. Working as Darth Tyranus some ten years before the Battle of Geonosis, Dooku made contact with the Kaminoan people. It was inferred that Dooku worked for Sifo-Dyas in arranging for the creation of the clone troopers who would later serve in the Army of the Republic, but this not the case. Darth Sidious, who was none other than Chancellor Palpatine, knew that Dooku and Sifo-Dyas had once been friends. It had been Sifo-Dyas' idea all along the build the clone army, hoping that it would aid the Jedi Order in turning back the growing tide of Dark Side influence. When Sidious learned of these plans, he realized that the clones could be used to his advantage. He then ordered Darth Tyranus to eliminate Sifo-Dyas - as proof of his loyalty to Darth Sidious - so that the Jedi Order and the Republic would not find out about the clones until Sidious was ready for them to know. Although Obi-Wan Kenobi's discovery of the clones on Kamino was unexpected, Sidious allowed Tyranus to continue to manipulate the Confederacy of Independent Systems as Count Dooku. Sidious then turned his attention to Anakin Skywalker, knowing that young Skywalker was much stronger in the Force than Tyranus. After arranging to be captured by General Grievous during the First Battle of Coruscant, Palpatine then ensured that Dooku would have to face Obi-Wan and Anakin in battle. Although Tyranus' powers were more than a match for Obi-Wan, he was unable to defeat young Skywalker. Tyranus remained resolute, however, believing that his Master would rescue him in the end. Sidious had no such plans, however, and went as far as ordering Anakin to kill Tyranus. The young Jedi managed to acquire Tyranus' lightsaber and swiftly beheaded the treacherous former Jedi. Palpatine then put into motion his plans to take Anakin as his new apprentice. (TCG1, BF1, AOTCN, SWI63, LEV, IS3)

Darth Vader
when Anakin Skywalker came under the tutelage of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, he was unwittingly led down a path to the Dark Side of The Force. Despite the teachings of his friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin felt that the teachings of Palpatine led to quicker realization of the powers of The Force. Palpatine also twisted the truth of the situation to his needs, ensuring that every action of the Galactic Senate and the Jedi Order seemed to be part of a plot by the Jedi to take control of the galaxy. After the so-called Jedi Rebellion, Anakin gave in to Palpatine's urgings, and agreed to become Darth Vader, apprentice to the Dark Lord Darth Sidious. This forced Kenobi to confront Anakin on Mustafar, and in a lightsaber duel, Kenobi severed Anakin's arm and legs and left him to die near a river of molten lava. It was at this point that Anakin Skywalker was totally consumed by the Dark Side. He was rescued from the fire by Darth Sidious' agents, but had suffered incredible burns over much of his body. In order for Sidious to keep Anakin alive, medical droids had to create a life support system that encased his entire body. Prosthetic limbs replaced those that had been lost to Kenobi's blade, and replacement lungs were implanted to ensure his survival. At the Emperor's direction, the life-support suit was made as evil-looking as could be. The all-black body armor became Vader's main weapon, as it instilled fear in all who saw it. The Sith Lord also began training Vader in the ancient Sith lore, and Vader became the last of the Sith Dark Lords. As such, he became even more Palpatine's tool, able to create fear just by the mention of his name and the mysterious Sith teachings behind it. Early HoloNet news reports portrayed Vader as a hero of the New Order, having "stood against the rebellious leadership of the Jedi Knights, and nearly dying in order to protect the citizens of the galaxy." Palpatine sent Vader to support Grand Moff Tarkin during the time when the first Death Star was being readied for use. Vader oversaw the mission to recover the stolen plans, but was unable to get Princess Leia to divulge their location. He used the Millennium Falcon as a guide, and followed the fleeing ship to Yavin 4, only to lose the Death Star to the Alliance. Vader's ship was disabled during the battle, but he regained control. When the Emperor heard of the destruction of the first Death Star, he removed Vader's living right hand as punishment, and replaced it with a cybernetic prosthesis. Shortly thereafter, Vader went to Circarpous V to investigate the appearance of Leia Organa on the planet, as well as to locate the Kaiburr crystal. In an amazing duel with Luke Skywalker, Vader was hard-pressed to defeat Luke. Luke succeeded in defeating Vader, and even cut off the Dark Lord's right arm with his own lightsaber. In his dazed state, Vader fell into a sacrificial weel on the Temple of Pomojema and was lost. He survived, however, drawing on the Dark Side of the Force for support and strength. Once Palpatine was aware that Anakin Skywalker's son had survived and posed a possible threat to the Empire, he told Vader of the existence of Luke Skywalker, in an effort to completely gain control of any vestiges of Anakin Skywalker and convert them to Darth Vader. However, this plan backfired on Palpatine, as the remnants of Anakin began to surface. Following the relevation of Luke's relationship to Anakin, and the loss of Luke at Cloud City, Palpatine began to give Vader menial tasks, and tried to keep him away from Luke. He could not, however, and the part of Vader that was still Anakin continued to assert itself. The Battle of Endor was a turning point for Darth Vader. It was then that Luke Skywalker surrendered to Vader, and began to try and turn the Dark Lord back to the Light Side. The darker parts of Vader resisted, but Luke's love and devotion to his father strengthened the spirit of Anakin. When the Emperor was forced to kill Luke, Anakin was awakened, and with Vader's mechanized strength, he threw the Emperor into a power shaft, destroying Palpatine and the Empire. Darth Vader also ceased to exist at this point, as Anakin was able to return from the Dark Side. However, the struggle with the Emperor left the life support systems inoperable, and Anakin died before Luke could save him. (SW, SWR, ESB, ESBR, ROTJ, RESB, E3N)

Darth Zannah
this young girl was once known simply as Zannah. In the wake of the Battle of Ruusan, Zannah abandoned her brother on Ruusan and became the apprentice of Darth Bane. Years later, she returned to Ruusan to confront her brother, who had also grown strong with the Dark Side of the Force. Both of them were killed in the fiery confrontation. (WOTC)

Dartibek System
the planetary system which contains Moltok. (GG4)

Dartiss-5 Caravel
this Ubrikkian space barge was developed during the last century of the Old Republic. At fifty meters in length, it was designed for personal transportation. It required a crew of five to operate, and could accommodate up to sixty-five passengers and 150 metric tons of cargo. The Dartiss-5 Caravel was designed for in-system travel, and thus lacked a hyperdrive. (WOTC)

this was the term used to describe the tiny, dart-shaped fighter craft that were developed by the Colony. Each was capable of carrying a single pilot and little more. Dartships were produced in huge numbers by workers in the Colony, and could be launched into battle in massive swarms. The pilots of dartships relied on sheer numbers to breech the defenses of their opponents, as individual dartships lacked the power to punch through a starship's shields. (DN1)

this was the generic term used to describe any small, handheld weapon that could fire a small dart at its target. The dart could be modified to hold tranquilizers or poison, adding to its effectiveness. (HSL)

Darv, Lenri
this Imperial customs inspection officer was one of the more corrupt of his kind. He readily accepted bribes to look the other way and allow illegal cargoes to pass through his station. (GMH)

this woman was a native of the planet Biitu when the Empire subjugated the planet and took control of its fuel refineries. (DCAR)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Darven, Kade
this stocky, cigar-smoking man was a New Republic infiltration agent dispatched to Seikosha when it was learned that the Empire was trying to establish a presence on the planet, shortly after the Battle of Endor. He established a number of friendly relationships with the Seikoshans, and agreed to help them rid their planet of the Empire and the criminal element which had taken control of it. He greatly wanted to obtain the droid R1-T4 and provide its memory banks to the New Republic. In the end, the smugglers who brought the droid to Seikosha helped Darven recover it before it could fall into enemy hands. (POC)

this was a pseudonym used by a smuggler who had a great deal of experience with droids. Darvis was based on Mrlsst. (SWJ13)

this Snivvian word represented the number 8. (HNN5)

meaning "headstrong", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Darwikian Climbing Pad
this was a form of glove developed for explorers and daredevils who climbed mountains and cliffs. Each pad was formed into a wrinkled collection of grooves and ridges, which provided climbers with enhanced gripping ability. (TG)

Darys, Ameesa
this Imperial Inqusitor was once a student of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. She was chosen as a Padawan by the Miralukan Jedi Jerec, and he trained her until she achieved Knighthood. After Jerec was dispatched on a mission to the Unknown Regions, Darys found herself caught up in the midst of Emperor Palpatine's Jedi Purge. Rather than be killed, she agreed to join the ranks of the Emperor's Dark Jedi, and was trained as one of the Inquisitorius. Years later, it was Darys who captured Roganda and Lagan Ismaren on Belsavis during the Jedi Purge. Darys then executed Lagan while forcing Roganda to watch her brother's death. Darys himself was later killed, during an attempt to capture Arden Lyn, who had emerged from her millennia-deep trance. (GMR5, WOTC)

Darzu, Belia
this woman was one of the most fearsome Sith Lords who kept their cult alive during the years before the Battle of Ruusan. She wore a suit of heavy armor which she had imbued with Dark Side energies, giving her a form of invisibility as well as augmenting her personal strength. She was also known as the creator of the Technobeasts. (DSSB, OWS)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Das referred to strength or physical power, or to indicate a strong individual. (GCG)

Das, Skerrick
this Corellian pirate worked from a base on Nar Shaddaa, during the early years of the New Order. (WOTC)

this is a model of Mennotor electromagnetic projectile launcher. It is similar in design to the basic stormtrooper blaster, except that it fires projectiles instead of blaster bolts. The projectiles can be modified in many ways, to contain explosives or toxins. (CCG3)

the Ysanna word for anyone who uses the Dark Side of the Force. (DE2)

DA-series Droid
this form of automaton was developed by the New Republic and used as scavengers at battle sites. As directed by Operation Flotsam and the Historic Battle Site Preservation Act, these droids were used to gather information information from any recovered physical evidence from a battle site, prior to release for public viewing. These droids were often accompanied by SM-series scavenger droids, which collected the physical evidence for them. (CTD)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

Dasha Defano
one of the many gunners who served aboard the FarStar. A Wroonian, Dasha joined the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Endor and trained as a pilot. She served as a starfighter pilot during the New Republic's attempt to take down Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne at Kal'Shebbol, signed on with the crew of the FarStar in order to finish the mission. She became close friends with Ranna Gorjaye and Thanis Gul-Rah during the hunt for Moff Sarne, but strongly distrusted Krudar. She believed that her relationship with Thanis was more romantic than it actually was. (DARK, KO, KR)

this race of reptilian humanoids had smooth, dark skin and hairless heads. Their lipless mouths with filled with large, sharp teeth, and they had beady eyes. The Dashade were native to the planet Urkupp, and were believed to have died out some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin when the Cron System was destroyed in the Great Sith War. An ancient Falleen, who had 38 Dashade enforcers in his employment, cryogenically froze them for later use. One of the Dashade was revived each century or so, and put to use. The last known Dashade from this group was the shadow killer Ket Maliss, although investigation by the New Republic revealed other colonies of Dashade were raided for warriors to accompany the killers used by Emperor Palpatine during the Jedi Purge. Because of the original, harsh environment of Urkupp, the Dashade evolved into a people who ruled by strength, with only the most capable warriors leading their people. This social characteristic only enhanced the power of the Dashade, which were naturally resilient and able to absorb large amounts of damage. The ancient Sith also discovered that certain Dashade individuals were immune to the Force, and employed them as bodyguards during the Great Sith War. (SSR, SWDB)

this was the native language of the Dashade people. (ANT)

this city, located on the planet Ansion, was a favored trading center for the Qulun clan. (APS)

this man worked as a bounty hunter for the Hutts, during the height of the New Order. (GUN)

Dashta Eel
native to the planet Ord Cestus, these unusual, blind eels were generally classified as non-sentient, despite the fact that they had an incredible affinity to the Force. This combination of non-sentience and Force sensitivity made the dashta unique in the galaxy, as the level of Force sensitivity rivalled that of many humanoid races. Millennia before the Clone Wars, during the early history of Ord Cestus, the dashta eels fled the surface to live in the grottoes beneath the mountains, finding the gruesome struggle to survive a distasteful series of events. They remained hidden for millennia, until they were discovered by the settlers who began making their homes in the caves of the Zantay Hills. The Cestians believed that the dashta eels were given the gift of Force sensitivity by the Guides, those few eels which were fertilized and grew to maturity. The unfertilized eggs grew, but never reached maturity. The dashta eels were believed to have been named for their only known habitat, which consisted of underground pools and lakes found beneath the Dashta Mountains. In reality, they were named for their discoverer, Kilaphor Dashta. Because the eels were hard to raise anywhere else, the supply that was available for use in producing JK-series security droids was exceptionally small, being formed only from the numbers of unfertilized dashta eel eggs. The Guides gladly gave the unfertilized eggs to the Cestians, as a gift that would help the Cestians gain wider acceptance in the galactic community. This made the JK-series almost prohibitively expensive. When Count Dooku offered Cestus Cybernetics a supply of Gabonna memory crystals in addition to speciallized cloning facilities to produce neural tissue that matched the native Cestian dashta eel, Cestus Cybernetics readily agreed to supply JK-series droids to the Separatists. Unfortunately, the deal was all a sham, as cloning the dashta proved virtually impossible. Instead, the deal was maintained in an effort to draw the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights to Ord Cestus. Unknown to the Separatists, however, was the fact that the immature dashta eels used in the JK-series droid would go insane when placed on the battlefield, rendering the JK-series droids useless. The Guides, upon learning of the plans to use the JK-series droids in combat, lost a measure of trust in their Cestian companions. In the wake of the destruction of the Five Families, the Guides fled into the deeper caverns with the dashta eels, and were not seen again. (TCD)

Dashta Mountains
this range of mountains was located on the planet Ord Cestus. They were the only known habitat of the Force-sensitive dashta eel. The mountains were first mapped by the noted Cestian explorer Kilaphor Dashta, who mapped the mountains and the caves of the Zantay Hills some 400 years before the Clone Wars. The Dashta Mountains served as a holy place for the X'Ting for several millenia, before the first comings of humanity and the Old Republic. For most of the planet's human-inhabited history, the mountains served as a haven for smugglers and other criminals, who existed in the caves and niches without even being aware of the existence of the eels. (TCD)

Dashta Plain
this vast, open plain was located at the foot of the Dashta Mountains, on the planet Ord Cestus. Despite its location, the Dashta Plains were uninhabited, primarily to allow the dashta eels to evolve in privacy. (TCD)

Dashta, Kilaphor
this man was the first explorer to fully map out the regions of the Dashta Mountains and the neighboring Zantay Hills, some 400 years prior to the Clone Wars. Thus, the mountain range was eventually named for him, as were the nearly-sentient dashta eels that lived in the grottoes beneath the mountains. (TCD)

D'asima, Paloma
this old woman was one of the Eleven Elders of the People of Emberlene, in the years following the Battle of Endor. On the recommendation of Karoly D'ulin, Paloma travelled to Yaga Minor to meet with Moff Disra and Grodin Tierce to discuss an alliance between the Mistryl and the new Empire. Flim, disguised as Grand Admiral Thrawn, was also present, throwing Paloma off her guard. Both Disra and Tierce were aware that Garm Bel Iblis had planned to raid Yaga Minor for a copy of the Caamas Document, and had arranged for the meeting to take place during the assault. They hoped it would prove to Paloma that the Empire was serious about taking control of the galaxy. (VOF)

a planet. (GG11)

Dasobo Meats
this meat-shipping operation, based on the planet Yulant, was the regional distributor for the Salliche Ag Corporation, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Dasobo was sued by Salliche Ag for stealing the genetic secrets Salliche used to breed its gornts. A nanoscopic analysis of Dasobo's Finest Gornt Cutlets revealed Salliche genetic branding. (HNN5)

Dasobo's Finest Gornt Cutlets
produced by Dasobo Meats during the years leading up the Clone Wars, this preprocessed cut of meat was allegedly stolen from the Salliche Agricultural Corporation. Nanoscopic analysis of a cutlet revealed genetic branding which was oened by Salliche Ag. Dasobo was forced to stop production or face even more serious charges of corporate espionage. (HNN5)

Dasol, Matton
this man and his shipmates were ambushed by Eli Gand, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Gand stole their starship, then sold it for a hefty profit. Eli then convinced Matton that he was paying a debt that his former shipmates owed him, and forced Matton into servitude to finished repaying the debt. A passing Jedi Knight discovered one of Matton's droids, and learned of Eli's duplicity and exposed him has a fraud. Eli eventually freed Matton, and Matton took over his merchant duties. (KOTOR)

Dasoor Challenge
this was one of the Mid Rim's best-known podracing events, during the years leading up to the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Dassa Borkannits
this being served as the Director of Communications for the Jrade District, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI73)

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