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Daggath Darklighter
this Cerean male was a member of the Cularin Militia, serving as a fighter pilot during the height of the Clone Wars. He was distinguished by the floppy fur hat he wore, and he was noted for his outspoken disapproval of the Jedi Order and the Old Republic. Dag and his squadron mates were often found in the Crosstown bar, with Dag ranting about the fact that the Republic wasn't free and the Separatists were right to secede. He was forced to reconsider his position when it was learned that Separatist forces had attacked a military base on Cerea, destroying the base and much of the area surrounding it. Civilian casualties numbered more than a million, and Dag was forced to take back most of his rantings. (LFCW)

an Alliance transport assigned to pick up the defectors from the Bixby near Dellalt. (XW)

this Trade Federation starship participated in the Battle of Naboo. (OWS, SFT)

Dagger Combat Pistol
this was a slugthrower produced by Coruschal WeaponWorks during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

Dagger Thorn
this plant protected itself by growing large, wicked thorns along its branches. Each of these thorns secreted a venomous sap which could kill a man with just a scratch. Because of this, many gladiators used them in hand-to-hand combat. (MC20)

Dagger, The
developed by Mercevian Nagua - and often known as the Mercevian Nagua Manevuer - this pirate tactic involved the use of a saboteur to disable a target ship's hyperdrive at a specific time, bringing the ship out of hyperspace near a pirate fleet. It was a risky maneuver for the agent placed aboard the target ship, because being discovered often meant certain death. A variation of this maneuver had the saboteur actually seize control of the bridge and bring the ship out of hyperspace themself, delivering it to the pirate fleet. (PP)

this Imperial System Patrol Craft showed up suddenly in the Endor System, just after the Battle of Endor. It destroyed the Alliance Corvette Old Republic before escaping. (TBSB)

Dagger-class Fighter
this three-winged starfighter was manufactured during the last decades of the Old Republic, and found a following among pirates and mercenaries for its speed and maneuverability. In its form, the Dagger fighter resembled the Clawcraft of the Chiss, with the three wings enclosing the main fuselage. (STF)

this form of starfighter was produced by the Duros for police work within the Duros System. Built as part of a joint effort between the Duroi Defense Force and FreiTek, Incorporated, the Dagger-D measured 11.8 meters in length, and was equipped with Novaldex BlasterDrive sublight propulsion system. It was armed with a triple blaster cannon, and could carry up to two passengers - usually prisoners - and eight-five kilograms of cargo. (BP, CCW)

this predator is native to the jungles of Cona. (RF)

this small, beautifully-striped fish was native to the oceans of Naboo. They were prolific breeders, an evolutionary response to their short lifespan. Daggerts swam in huge schools, and were the most plentiful of all Naboo's fish. (GF, WSW)

Daggibus Scoritoles
this Givin represented him homeworld of Yag'Dhul to the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. As the Galactic Senate stagnated, Senator Scoritoles and Yag'Dhul seceded from the Republic, joining the Separatists in an effort to avoid the violence which was spreading throughout the galaxy. During the height of the Clone Wars, Scoritoles openly denounced the Republic's efforts to recruit sympathetic Givin to their ranks of astrogators and galactic mappers. His fear was that the Republic would be able to better hyperspatial calculations and better starmaps than those of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, giving the Republic the advantage of reaching far-flung destinations faster than the Separatists. (HNN5, SWI73)

Daghreb, Mar
this woman served as the Head Manager of the Dorumaa Resort management company during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A young woman in her late twenties, Mar was outwardly accommodating and cordial to her guests and customers. However, she was known to be a harsh, unyielding boss to her employees, and could be brutally honest if needed. (LFC)

Daglear, Tovir
this Imperial Governor was a noted playboy who never failed to miss a party or event during the height of the New Order. He was particularly fond of the Spira Regatta Open, and made a regular journey to Spira each year to attend the pre-race parties. (GCG)

the primary world in the Dagobah system, this swamp planet was home to Yoda in the years following the Jedi Purge. It was located in the Sluis sector, some 50,250 light-years from the galactic core. Several colony ships tried to establish settlements on Dagobah, but the swamps proved too dangerous or inhospitable to support colonization. A few survivors managed to eke out an existence in the swamps, though. Near the end of the Bpfassh Dark Jedi Insurrection, one of the fleeing Dark Jedi hid on Dagobah. No one knows what happened to the Dark Jedi, but it was surmised that he died there. Furthermore, his knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force caused the planet to be bathed in Dark Side energy. This might also explain why the Jedi Master Yoda was able to hide on Dagobah during Palpatine's purge of the Jedi, since his Light Side strength would have been masked by the amount of Dark Side energy on the planet. The planet's day lasts 23 standard hours, and its year is 341 local days long. (ESB, HTTE, HTSB, NEGC, IWST)

Dagobah Python
this huge, reptilian predator was native to the jungles of the planet Dagobah. These snakes draped themselves over the lowest branches of the jungle, and waited for their prey to wander by. The average python was virtually all stomach, and could consume up to fifteen times its own body weight in one feeding. (WSW)

Dagobah System
located in the Sluis sector, and contained the planet Dagobah. It doesn't appear on any of the Alliance's charts, when Luke tries to search out Master Yoda, even though it was involved in the Dark Jedi uprising which began on Bpfassh. (ESBN)

Dagobah Tech
a school, set up by the Alliance on Mount Yoda on Dagobah, it is where the youth of the Alliance can go to get technical and other forms of training. The Jedi Prince Ken attended classes there. (MMY)

see Dagobah (P)

Dagobian Swamp Cough
this hacking disease was caused by a virus found on the planet Dagobah. (EVC)

Dagore, Winfrid
this native of Teth was a commander in her planet's armed forces during the early days of the Alliance and the resistance against the Empire. She met with Bria Tharen to discuss her planet's open rebellion, but she felt that Teth was "safe" because of its location in the Outer Rim. She was later captured on Teth by Dace Bonearm and IG-72, and was turned over to the Imperial authorities for the bounty on her head. (RD, WOTC)

one of the four moons orbitting the planet Onderon. (TOJC)

this remote world was a noted agricultural center during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Much of its surface was set aside fro the growing of various grains, including sargheet, although several deep rift canyons split the surface in many areas. Some two years into the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered a secret Separatist base on the planet. With the help of his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, he was able to infiltrate the base and discover the development of crawl-carriers. They were able to destroy the base, and also located the only crawl-carrier that managed to escape. (SWI76, SWI77)

this planet was the site of an early skirmish of the Clone Wars, in which Jedi Master Shaak Ti defended the populace against Separatist forces led by Artel Darc. Note that early information from the novel Escape from Dagu indicated that Dagu was the homeworld of the Rybet race. (SWI66)

Dahk, Fonker
according to the alien known as Squishmael, this being was a noted Kessel Bird marketeer, working on the planet Rangorah during the early years of the New Order. Han Solo was to meet with Dahk at the Event Horizon cantina to present the Kessel Birds he acquired on his famous "Kessel Run". Dahk would then verify his logs and validate his time during the run. However, when Han arrived at the Event Horizon, he discovered that Dahk was simply a bartender, and that he had been set up by Marshak, Lando Calrissian, and their co-conspirators. Squishmael later explained that Marshak and Lando had been playing an expensive joke on young Solo, as part of Lando's revenge for losing the Millennium Falcon. (T16)

Dahlomad Tkhii
this being was a member of the Viis Empire, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Tkhii also served as a spokesbeing for the Aaroun warriors. (HNN5)

d'Ahndole, Parsol
this man was an adventurer and hero of the early days of the Old Republic. His exploits were later the fodder for several holofeatures. (CRO)

this female Twi'lek made her home on Nar Shaddaa during the years following the Mandalorian Wars, and spent a great deal of her free time playing pazaak. (KOTOR2)

this Alliance Nebulon-B frigate was destroyed when the Empire attacked the Organarms facility during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this was the original name for the planet Necropolis. After the planet and its surrounding system were opened up to the rest of the galaxy, the name Necropolis was coined by many visitors in reference to the Necropolitans' reverence for their dead. Over time, the original name of Dahrtag was all but forgotten, remaining only on military starcharts. (ANT)

little is known about this planet, which is located in the Rayter Sector. (CRO)

Dahvil-Fodro Hyperspace Promenade
this starship race was run annually, and required racers to travel from Dahvil to Ord Dorlass, then to Tintel, Azna, and then Fodro. (CRO)

Dahz Thulaka
this notedly malevolent Twi'lek lived and worked deep in the bowels of Starlyte Station, where he performed a variety of dark experiments. Talandro Starlyte was aware that Thulaka captured unsuspecting visitors to the Station and used them in his experiments, but was somehow unable to stop it. Thulaka discovered, during his time studying to become a doctor, that he was sensitive to the Force, and dedicated most of his time to researching the mystical energy field. However, Thulaka lacked the patience to correctly develop an affinity with the Light Side of the Force. When the Dark Side called to him, Thulaka jumped in quickly and was shortly dominated by it. He began using his medical skills and his knowledge of the Force to try and create his own army of deformed creatures, capturing unwitting victims and performing strange and unusual experiments on them. These creatures often died quick, horrible deaths, since Thulaka lacked the power to maintain them. After settling on Starlyte Station, Thulaka found an abundance of "raw material" and set up a lab in the deepest section of the station. (WSV)

Dai Utrila
this Force-sensitive Twi'lek worked with his siblings as assistants to Popara the Hutt, during the early years of the New Order. Popara employed Dai Utrila to scrutinize visitors and identify any who might be Jedi Knights, or latent Force-sensitives who might try to influence his mind. After Popara's death, Dai and her sister Koya went to work for Popara's youngest offspring, Mika. The sisters believed it had been Zonnos - and not Mika - who had killed Popara. They were among the many beings Mika employed to protect the Tempest facility on Varl. However, the agents who had once been hired by Popara to locate the source of tempest were able to tell her the truth behind Popara's death, and turned Dai Utrila to their side of the conflict. Dai, in turn, convinced her sister of Mika's treachery, and the two sisters helped the agents destroy the Tempest. (TF)

Dail Sector
this area of the galaxy is located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

this was a race of chubby, equine beings. (JQ3)

Daine, Cubber
this Corellian served the Alliance and the New Republic as a starfighter mechanic. He was one of the chief mechanics at Echo Base on Hoth, and was later assigned to be Wraith Squadron's mechanic when that squadron was first formed. He was often described as just under average height and just over average weight. He was a family man, and had a six-year-old daughter stationed on Folor with him. (WS)

Daine, Zindra
this woman as a rookie starfighter pilot, serving the New Republic when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. In the wake of the Battle of Coruscant, Zindra was assigned to Luke Skywalker's Twin Suns Squadron, during the defense of the new base on Borleias. (EL1, EL2)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Daini referred to wine, drinking water, or sweet tea. (GCG)

a native of Algarian, Dainsom was an Imperial trooper who served aboard the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor, guarding highly-secure areas from unauthorized entry. He was promoted to the Executor after performing at a high level of service aboard the Thunderflare. (CCG5)

Dairkan Starliner
a luxury ship used to transport passengers between planets. (WG)

Benedict Vidkum's brother-in-law, Daiv worked for the construction company that build Prince Xizor's castle on Coruscant. (SE)

this was one of the most prominent families of the planet Brentaal, and was known as one of the strongest commercial leaders along with the Brentioch and Jo'uda clans. (SWJ13)

Dajus, Jessa
this woman was a member of the navigational crew of the FarStar. Jessa, a former tactical officer and pilot for Moff Kentor Sarne, had been imprisoned by Sarne on Kal'Shebbol after she was discovered trying to obtain information on the DarkStryder project. She was liberated from the prison by Page's Commandos, and signed up to crew on the FarStar as a way to exact revenge on Sarne. She was also implicated as having ties to the underworld by Gorak Khzam, when the Rodian defected from the crew on Uukaablis. During the FarStar's patrol of the Kathol Outback, she suffered strange headaches that suddenly appeared and, often just as suddenly, disappeared. The closer the ship got to the Kathol Rift, the stronger the headaches became. During this time, she also distanced herself from the crew, much to the consternation of Captain Adrimetrum. She also kept secret a good deal of information on Moff Sarne himself, which she discovered during several computer searches while in Sarne's service. When the crew of the FarStar located and recovered the Codex from an alien construct inside the Kathol Rift, Jessa experienced an intense hallucination about a spider-like creature consuming an entire planet before taking her inside its embrace. Unknown even to herself, Jessa was Force-sensitive, and her connection to the Force and her proximity to the DarkStryder technology began playing trickson her mind. After an intense dream, she slipped into a coma and could not be revived until the ship discovered the planet Demonsgate. Then, Jessa suddenly woke up and began ranting about knowing the location of the "DarkStryder Planet" and Moff Sarne's hidden base. Little did Jessa know that she was slowly slipping toward the Dark Side of the Force. When the FarStar arrived on Kathol, Jessa was regarded with awe by the Charr Ontee, who named her the "Sleeper." (DARK, KO, KR, E)

this was a common, though archaic, name given to Zabrak males. Its original meaning was lost over time. (GCG)

Dak Vesser
this being was a xenoarchaeologist who was investigating the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. He had become tainted by months of close proximity to the Dark Side of the Force, and was suspicious of the Jedi Knights who tried to infiltrate the Sith academy. The Jedi were on Korriban to search for information on Darth Malak, and Vesser became angry at their constant intrusions. When the Jedi tried to question him at a cantina in Dreshdae, Vesser became angry and attacked them. He was killed in the fighting that ensued. (KOTOR)

Da'k, Winslau
this former Jedi student was on his way to a bright future, until he passed within the presence of Darth Vader. From that time on, Winslau sought to learn more about the Dark Side of the Force. Winslau outsmarted his Jedi Master and imprisoned him on Morcanth, using his prowess with the Force to obtain wealth and luxury. When a group of New Republic agents and Jedi students infiltrated Morcanth, Winslau was defeated in combat. The agents released his old master, who was frail and dying but able to escape. (GMS)

Dak, Zebulon
this man was the owner of the Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation during the early years of the New Order. He was on Boonta, for the Boonta Speeder Race, when Thall Joben drove the White Witch to victory. He then offered jobs to Joben and his friends, Jord Dusat and Kea Moll. However, he would not allow their droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, to accompany them. (DCAR)

this alien managed the hangar bays on Exis Station, nearly 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Dakar had solid-black eyes and a series of folds where his nose and mouth should be. He was a friend of the scavenger Hoggon, and gave him information on where the Jedi Knights were meeting during the Exis Convocation. (TOJR)

Dakerno Incorporated
founded by Crat Dakerno, this small corporation produced a number of board games based on non-human passtimes. (GUN)

Dakerno, Crat
this Imperial strategist was part of the task force sent to quell the continual uprisings between the Waroot and Farang tribes on the planet Ab'Bshingh. He studied the complex customs and rituals of the two factions, and used this knowledge to create the board game B'shingh. Crat later made a small fortune selling B'shingh and other games through his own business, Dakerno Incorporated. (SWJ8, GUN)

this elderly Bothan information dealer was the owner and operator of the Jaded Jawa, at the Kothlis Starport, during the height of the New Order. He was distinguished by his dark fur and the scar over his left eye, which gave him a permanent squint. He owned the bar in order to further his information business, and made more money buying and selling data than from selling drinks. A patron who needed information had to order an Antakarian Fire Dancer, then asked their question. Dakkar accepted payment first, then brought the information on a datadisk used as a coaster for the drink. If the information was available, Dakkar served up a Ragnook Spring Water and walked away. A patron who wished to sell information asked for the Ragnook Spring Water and commented on the subject of the information, and Dakkar then suggested another drink, quoting its price as the price for the information. (SPG)

Dakkar the Distant
an unpleasant Mos Eisley cantina owner who employed Shaara as a dancer. (TJP)

this Ortolan term was a complex phrase, literally meaning "You're very wise" in Basic. (3D3)

Dakot 7
this planet was known as a center of academia in Mortex Sector. (BI)

Dakot Tech
one of the multitude of schools found on Dakot 7 at the height of the New Order. (BI)

this was an obscure, alien language. (GMR9)

this planet was located in the Barma Sector of the Colonies of the galaxy, and was a hotbed of rebellion during the New Order. It served as Barma Sector's capital world during the New Order. (SWJ5, SWJ7, WOTC)

this planet is the sister world of Verkuyl, and was planned to be used as a secondary alazhi plantation. These plans were implemented by the Empire, and were placed on hold after the Battle of Endor. (SWJ13)

this red giant is one of four stars that are located at the center of the Opiteihr System. (TSK)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this city was located on the planet Rondai-2. (SOJ)

this Bith musician worked his way up the ladder on the planet Tatooine, during the early years of the New Republic. D'al was not adverse to using his kloo horn as a weapon, if the crowd got too rowdy. (GUN)

Dal Forest
this densely-forested area was located on the planet Kinyen. (SWJ10)

Dal Jassano
this was the name of a noted Thisspian individual. (UANT)

Dal Quirz
this Kadrillian served as an unwitting liaison to the Empire, during the height of the New Order. Dal Quirz and his scientists agreed to grow kunda stones for the Imperials, despite her species' peaceful nature. Unknown to Dal Quirz, Darth Vader had ordered the kunda stones for use as natural filters of pacifog. She was easily subdued when Vader used a small sample of the pacifog on her, enhancing her natural gullability to make her believe the kunda stones were to be used for non-military purposes. (LAT3)

Dal, Rarta
this person owned and operated the Three Moons hotel, in Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. It was Rarta Dal who first hired Kitster Banai as a steward. It was Kitster who provided a complete recording of the Boonta Eve Classic podrace won by Anakin Skywalker, which Kitster planned to edit together with commentary from Anakin's mother, Shmi, and present to Anakin as a gift someday. (TG)

Dala, Tobbi
this man was rumored to have been one of the three surviving Mandalorian Protectors, along with Alpha-02 and Fenn Shysa, from an original group of 212 which was sent into battle during the Clone Wars. Popular rumor held that it was actually Boba Fett, not Alpha-02, who survived the fighting. Only Dala and Shysa returned to Mandalore when the fighting was over, as Alpha-02 was too shell-shocked from the war to be of use. Much of this backstory was dismissed as fabrication when Leia Organa traveled to Mandalore sometime after the Battle of Hoth, during the search for Han Solo. She discovered that Shysa and Dala had returned to find that their planet had been overrun by slavers, and both set out to destroy the slave trade and return contol of the planet to the Mandalorians. Tobbi was captured shortly before Shysa captured the bounty hunter Dengar, and the opposing sides agreed to exchange captives. However, Leia demanded to talk to Dengar, and the plan was thwarted. Tobbi was imprisoned by the Suprema, who displayed his Mandalorian armor in a trophy case. He was later freed by Fenn Shysa and Leia Organa, but was shot in the chest during their escape by the Suprema. Despite being fatally wounded, Tobbi managed to grab the Suprema's weapon, allowing the others to escape the slavers' office. In the ensuing chase, Tobbi managed to close the base's blast doors as a group of airspeeders launched to chase after Shysa and Organa. The airspeeders exploded, setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the base and killed every being inside. (MC68, MC69, SWI80)

Dalabar Micro-Electronics
this corporation produced a number of surveillance and detection systems during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this planet was the location of an Alliance base in the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

Dalastine IV
this gloomy moon orbitted the planet Dalastine. (GG9)

Dalchon System
it was believed that Adar Tallon faked his death in this star system, before hiding out on Tatooine. (TM)

Dalcretti System
this star system was the site of an intense battle between the Alliance and the Empire, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

Dalei, Brii'n
this man was a contemporary of Drake Paulsen. Like all other Socorran smugglers who died, Brii'n Dalei was given a funeral within the rock formation known as the Judges of the Dead. (BSS)

Dalesepp Survival Apparatus
this small corporation produced a number of devices used to overcome sensor systems. (GFT)

this Sullustan was a security officer for SoroSuub, until he could no longer reconcile SoroSuub's connections with the Empire and some of its policies. He joined the Alliance, and was happy to volunteer his services in the construction and management of a base within the volcano of Mount Deldarca. His dedication and energy earned him the respect of the base's personnel, and in turn they named the base 'Dalgeer's Rim.' (HAS)

Dalgeer's Rim
this was the name of an Alliance base located in the Mount Deldarca caverns. Since Deldarca was an active volcano, it provided a measure of protection against detection. The base of the volcano was riddled with tunnels and caverns left behind by flowing lava, which made the location ideal for the Alliance since much of the excavation work had been done naturally. Dalgeers' Rim served as a staging area and secondary fighter base for the starfighters in the system. Power for the base was developed by tapping into the incredibly hot lava flowing beneath the mountain, providing a virtually endless supply of geothermal energy. The base was named for its first commander, the Sullustan Dalgeer. (HAS)

Dalhney, Hric
a native of Alderaan, Dalhney was the Deputy Minister of Security serving Bail Organa. He and Winter travelled to Cloud City to meet with Bria Tharen, to discuss whether or note Alderaan would join the growing rebellion and fight the Empire. Hric was a strong believer in Alderaan's pacifist position, and would support the rebellion but could not commit Alderaan to any combat. (RD)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Dali meant a speaker, lawyer, or politician. (GCG)

Dalisor Merchant Fleet
this intergalactic shipping conglomerate was destroyed by the Lortans, which spread the Reslian Plague throughout its ranks. (GG12)

Dalkash Ale
a flavorful ale brewed on the planet Lianna. (ML)

this Bothan name was given to newborn females. Translated into Basic, it meant "gifted" or "talented." (GCG, WOTC)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

a Hutt acquaintance of Han Solo on Coruscant, Dalla ran a casino in a building that was squashed beneath 90,000 years' worth of debris. (DA)

Dalla the Black
see Solo, Dalla (CPL)

Dallan, Hek
this crimelord was a native of the planet Stassia, where he maintained his small empire. After hiring Aalia Duu-lang, Dallan found himself on the wrong side of a power play, as Duu-lang curried the favor of law enforcement officers and businessbeings. She eventually eliminated Dallan and took over his entire organization. (SWJ6)

this YT-1210 freighter was owned and operated by the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, during the second decade of the New Republic. Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode flew it to Bimmiel to investigate the disappearance of an Agamarian xenoarcheology class. (DTO)

Dallin, Hal
this man served as part of the Alliance's Green Squadron of X-Wing fighters, out of Eyrie Base. (SWJ8)

Dallin, Jace
a native of Rendili, this man was a member of Ranulph Tarkin's command circle, during the era of the Stark Hyperspace War. Dallin was on board the Invincible when it emerged from hyperspace near Troiken, as part of Tarkin's plan to destroy the Stark Commercial Combine. Instead of seeing Tarkin back down from his tenuous position and admit defeat, Dallin witnessed Tarkin's madness. Tarkin refused to give up, even after the lost of the Invincible and poor field position in the Lycinder Plain where Tarkin's forces landed. Tarkin even blamed then-Senator Finis Valorum for all the problems perpetrated by Iaco Stark. Dallin, like many of his fellow officers and soldiers, began to question Tarkin's motives, and began to side with the Jedi Knights who came to rescue them. Dallin found that his own xenophobia was an extension of Tarkin's, and quickly shed any pretenses he might have had. Dallin, and many of his peers, refused to serve any longer under Tarkin's command. He later befriended a native Xexto named Billibango, who helped the remaining forces escape from Stark's soldiers. When Billibango threw himself in front of a blast meant for Dallin, Dallin realized that Tarkin's xenophobia was misguided. He allied himself with the Jedi, and worked to get the forces off Troiken. He suffered serious injuried to his head and face, injuries which he allowed to heal naturally. The scars, he later admitted, helped him to remember the War and how he very nearly fought on the wrong side. During the Clone Wars, Captain Dallin was caught between his loyalty to the Republic and his loyalty to his homeworld. When Rendili's leadership chose to side with the Separatists, Dallin was among the small number of military veterans who wanted to keep the Rendili Dreadnaughts out of the hands of Count Dooku. His willingness to negotiate with Jedi Master Plo Koon aboard his flagship, the Mersel Kebir, led to the mutiny of his subordinate officers. Dallin and Koon were held captive, and Mellor Yago threatened to kill them if the Republic's forces didn't leave. Ultimately, Plo Koon and Dallin were freed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos, and Dallin was forced to shoot Yago in order to prevent any further hostilites. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Dallin followed many other naval officers in being assigned commands within the newly-formed Imperial Fleet. However, he chose to openly question Emperor Palpatine's reports of the so-called Jedi Rebellion, earning him the attention of Darth Vader himself. Rather than allow Dallin to continue, Vader used the Dark Side of the Force to grab Dallin by the throat and fling him into the air. Dallin was dead before he hit the ground, and his death served as an deadly example to the other officers to keep their feelings to themselves. (SHW, RDR, RL)

this species of tree was native to the planet Belkadan. The average dalloralla was thirty meters in height, and they grew in dense, jungle-like groves. The entire dalloralla tree population was wiped out by the Yuuzhan Vong, when they destroyed the planet Belkadan in order to draw attention away from their base on Helska. (VP)

this strong, chrome-like alloy was used in the manufacture of specialized blaster weapons. Because dallorian could absorb and dissipate large amounts of heat, it allowed blaster manufacturers to use larger power packs to generate rapid-fire blasts of energy. This combination, which would melt or destroy a normal blaster, was tempered by the dallorian alloy. (VD2)

Dallory, Malcolm
this man ran a sizable smuggling entrerprise during the early years of the New Order, and helped his own daughter, Shella Rinou, go into business for herself. (SPG)

Dallows, Reeve
this man, a native of the planet Naboo, was a noted teacher and freighter pilot during the years prior to the Battle of Naboo. (GMR4)

Dallows, Rhys
this man was a native of the planet Naboo, growing up the son of Reeve Dallows, a school teacher and a freighter pilot. Rhys never saw much of his father, whose work as a pilot kept him offplanet more often than not. Nonetheless, Rhys grew up dreaming about flying among the stars. Shortly before the Trade Federation blockaded his homeworld, Rhys was learning how to fly the Naboo N-1 starfighter, as part of the small group of Naboo pilots who made up Echo Flight. He was something of a smart-aleck, and was friends with Dren Melne. However, his loyalties were to the Naboo, and when Dren tried to force Echo Flight to turn over their N-1 starfighters to Captain Sorran and the Velumina, Rhys came to the aid of Essara Till. For his actions, Rhys was promoted to a position within Bravo Squadron. He was thrown into battle when the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo, forcing Queen Amidala to flee the planet. Upon her return, Rhys and the rest of the pilots flew their starfighters against the Federation's Droid Control Ship during the Battle of Naboo. Note that this character is named Rhys Darrow in the final installment of The Starfighter Trap, on the LucasArts website. (OWS, SFT, STF, GMR4)

this Imperial escort carrier was part of the fleet which supported the Reisa around the planet Tallaan, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Dallust was also the primary ship in the fleet whenever the Reisa was assigned to patrol the Shapani Bypass. (LOE)

this man was a noted weapons dealer on Coruscant, during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Dal'Nay, Osten
a former member of the Thaereian Military, this man left Thaere to serve as a Commander in the Cularin Militia, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Commander Dal'Nay was placed in charge of readying the Cularin Militia to confront the Thaereian Military, which had moved into the Cularin System after the planet Cularin suddenly disappeared. Commander Dal'Nay was very outspoken in his dislike and disapproval of the Thaereian Military's presence in the Cularin System, and his attitudes toward Thaere only deepened as time dragged on. Thus, it was surprising when Dal'Nay joined forces with Broof Yurdel and allowed the Militia to simply fade into the background. This was not due to a lack of funding, but was actually a bold move on the part of the two Commanders to eventually launch a counter-assault on the Thaereians. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, they launched their assault - known as Operation False Horizon - using surprise to take control of several Thaereian bases throughout the Cularin System. They eventually defeated the Thaereians and freed Cularin, only to find themselves in the midst of the galactic upheaval that accompanied the Clone Wars. Rather than rest on his laurels, Dal'Nay took it upon himself to train the new recruits of the Cularin military, in case they were to be called up to duty by the Old Republic. (LFCW)

Dalonbian Sector
this remote sector of the galaxy contained the planet Belkadan. Because of its proximity to the galactic rim, it was the primary entry point for the Yuuzhan Vong, when they began their invasion of the galaxy. (VP)

Dalos IV
a planet located in Nilgaard Sector, Dalos IV is a hot, humid world covered with shallow oceans and a single continent. It was a small world, measuring just 7,000 kilometers in diameter, and was originally settled as a penal colony. During the early years of the New Order, many criminal families moved to Dalos IV to escape the persecution of the Empire. (ND)

Dalos Peninsula
this point of land, located on the planet Verkuyl, was the site of Verkuylian BactaCo's corporate headquarters. Much of the peninsula was cleared for use in housing the workers and residents of the planet. (SWJ13)

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