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Rondel, Zeke
this man was the Commander of the Alliance's base on Berrol's Donn, following the Battle of Yavin. He initiated the mission which rescued the Shashay Crying Dawn Singer from the hands of the Farool brothers. Rondel was noticeable by his thick, curly black hair and gruff demeanor. Note that Cracken's Rebel Operatives spells the name Rondell. (TA, GMH, CRO)

this man, a member of the crew of the Hawkbat, was the ship's unarmed combat instructor. (WS)

this man was one of the guards who was employed by the Corporate Sector Authority, during the early years of the New Order, to protect shipments of medicinal spice to the planet Endregaad. The spice was destined to treat those beings afflicted by the Endregaad Plague, and Rondo and his fellow officers were dispatched to keep bandits and thugs from stealing the spice. Rondo was among the guards who often accompanied Simol Toc and his caravan to the Temple Valley. It was on one of these missions that Rondo was killed, after he wandered away from camp one night and was attacked by a group of oasis children. (TF)

Rone Mothin
this New Republic Commander was placed in control of the outpost on Sheris. His troops guarded the shield generators protecting the Marter An spaceport, and were pressed into active duty when Imperial forces attempted to gain control of Bhir'Khi Pass. (SWJ9)

Ronet Coor
this being represented his homeworld of Iseno in the Old Republic Senate, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The Senator later served on Chancellor Palpatine's Loyalist Committee. Unfortunately, Senator Coor was blamed - along with Senator Onaconda Farr - for the loss of the planet Duro and its shipyards to the Separatist forces under General Grievous, during the height of the Clone Wars. Investigation by the Senate Bureau of Intelligence discovered that warships had been dispatched from Iseno to protect Duro, but had been rerouted to protect Rodia instead. Initial thoughts were that the rerouting was a mistake, but the investigation clearly pointed to Senator Farr's role in trying to protect his homeworld. Senator Coor was forced to resign amidst the scandal, tendering his resignation and returning to Iseno in shame. (HNN4, SWI76)

this planet, the eighth planet in the Empress Teta System was maintained by Empress Teta and her judicial advisors. The worst sorts of criminals were shipped to Ronika to terraform the world for future use as a penal colony. Jori Daragon was sent here, upon her return from the Sith Empire, for punishment based on her outstanding debts and actions. When Naga Sadow attacked the Koros Systems, Empress Teta laucnhed her own counterattack. Part of her reinforcements were the prisoners from Ronika. They agreed that fighting for Teta's worlds was more preferable to certain death at the hands of the Sith masses, and fought with all their might to repel the Massassi warriors. (FOSE, PH)

this was a race of dark-skinned humans. (T20)

a vicious carnivore native to the planet Cilpar, the ronk is a compact, lion-like creature. The male ronk is considered a delicacy by the locals, while the female is fatally poisonous. (XWRS)

Ronnie the Rocketpack Rodent
this comical character was the mascot of Galaxy Ways theme park. (GMS)

Ronse, Deakis
this man was a noted Professor of Cosmology at the University of Sanbra, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Doctor Ronse and his team were the first note that the star Demophon was approaching supernova phase. (HNN4)

this man was one of the Peacekeeperrs who protected the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (SQ)

this Meerian man ran the Agricultural Corps base on the planet Bandomeer, during the time when the Corps was working to overcome decades of damage done by mining operations. RonTha spoke in a monotonous drawl, and could ramble for hours on the most meaningless subjects. (DR)

a huge sauropod beast of burden, the ronto was actually a mammal which resembles a long-necked brontosaur. Its small head was crowned with two pair of ears and a knobbed, calloused dome. The smaller pair of ears gave the ronto excellent hearing in the high-frequency range, while the larger pair provided low-frequency hearing as well as body-heat dissipation. They have a keen sense of smell, which makes up for their poor eyesight. Many of them were transported to Tatooine, as they seemed to adapt well to the dry climates. A trader from Tatooine donated one to Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, to assist in repairing the Great Temple after the battle with the Shadow Academy. (SWSE, SHA, CCG9, EGA, WSW)

this was the name of one of the constellations visible in the night sky above the planet Corellia. The Ronto was split by the constellation known as Drall's Hat. (REC)

Ronto-class Transport
this Damorian Manufacturing transport vessel was considered to be the slowest, ugliest, and least efficient transport model in the galaxy, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

this was the name used by Luke Skywalker to describe the eight- to ten-year-old trainees at the Jedi academy on Ossus, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

this large mammal was native to the planet Drongar, and was noted for its lerge, wide tongue. (SWI83)

meaning "willful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this planet was set aside by the rest of the galaxy as a junkyard for old droids. It has become covered with the parts of droids, but in a strange set of circumstances, the droid parts have fused together and created a large, single-minded entity that covers much of the planet's surface. The droids that roam free refer to the huge conglomeration as the Body of the Living God, and the free roamers refer to themselves as brothers of the Body. The Alliance learned that the Empire was going to melt the droids on Ronyards down for slag to reconstitute into the ores contained in it. They sent R2-D2 and C-3PO to warn the droids, who were led by Brother Fivelines. The Body of the Living God was aroused by the invasion of the Empire, and helped destroy the Imperial forces. (CSWDW)

this tree was harvested for its luxuriously-grained wood, which was used to create fine furniture. (DN1)

this term was used in the Elrood Sector to describe any being who was born and raised in the sector. (PG3)

this species of predator is known for its loud, howling, pack attacks. (XWWP)

one of many names used by Doctor Evazan. (SWR)

this Ithorian surname referred to an obstinate but hardy herd animal, according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this was the name given to a species of hardy, though obstinate, herd animal that was native to the planet Ithor. (GCG)

this Ithorian was the Captain of the herdship Galactic Horizon during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Roogak was unusually greedy for an Ithorian, but he was nevertheless loyal to his friends. Among those he most trusted was Dayla Kev, who allowed the Galactic Horizon to land on her jungle planet and participate in the safari expeditions she hosted. When he learned that Dayla had planned to kill Milac Troper aboard the Galactic Horizon, Captain Roogak did his best to distance himself from her plot. After her captured and arrest, Roogak had the gasnits and other creatures she placed on board jettisoned into space. (GMR6)

this grain crop was grown by the Taat on the moon Jwlio. During the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion to the galaxy, the Chiss destroyed much of the rooj crops with chemical defoliants, in an effort to get the Taat to leave their settlement on Jwlio and return to a world that was farther away from the border with Chiss space. (DN1)

this Ghtroc freighter was owned by Culan Brasli, Ral, and the Desilijic Hutts, who wanted Ghitsa Dogder eliminated. They sabotaged by hyperdrive on the Star Lady during a stopover on Chad, then followed the ship to Prishardia. (TFNR)

Rooker, Lye
this man defaulted on a "generous" loan from the InterGalactic Banking Clan just before the Battle of Naboo, prompting the IBC to issue a bounty for his arrest. The bounty was issued through the Jetters Bar, so as not to implicate the IBC in illegal seek and detain activities. Just after the Battle of Naboo, Rooker was apprehended on Coruscant by Jango Fett and turned over to the authorities. (BH)

Rookie One
this was the callsign of an unnamed pilot who flew with the Alliance during the struggles leading up to the Battle of Yavin. A native of the planet Tatooine, Rookie One later was instrumental in the destruction of the Empire's V-38 project. (RA, RA2)

Rookna Tree
native to the Forest Moon of Endor, this tree had unusual fungus-like bark. The bark was sharp, and could cut flesh if a creature got too close. (ECAR)

one of Ulic Qel-Droma's Krath starship captains. (TSW)

this Rodian clan was subjugated by Navik the Red and the Chattza clan, who later ordered their extermination. The surviving members of the clan were off-planet when the killing took place, and they remained in hiding lest Navik's agents seek them out. (SPG)

Room 030
this field-shielded room is located deep in the bowels of the Imperial Palace, and served as the primary meeting location for the New Republic's Council on Security and Intelligence. (SOL)

Room of a Thousand Fountains
this was one of the upper chambers of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Used for meditation and quiet study, the room was filled with fountains and waterfalls surrounded by a forest-like planting of flora from around the galaxy. (RF)

Room of Arches
this small chamber, named for its arched entryways, was located beneath the sands of the planet Tatooine. It was part of the underground complex that formed Jabba's Palace, and was located near the droid torture facilities of EV-9D9. For many years during the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Room of Arches was the home of an outcast clan of Jawas. (IWST)

Room of Morning Mists
this rotunda, located in the Varykino retreat in the lake country of Naboo, was named for the way in which the morning streamed through the windowed walls, illuminating the mists that rose from the lake. It was in this room that Anakin Skywalker and Padme' Amidala shared a meal, when Padme' returned to Naboo after her cruiser was destroyed on Coruscant. (IWE2)

this star was the primary body in the Roon System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. (WOTC, GORW)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "navigator". (GCG)

the primary planet in the Roon System of asteroids and moonlets, Roon orbited its sun at such a distance and with sufficient rotation to be tide-locked. One side was a lush, tropical paradise while the opposite side was a cold, dark wilderness that was only lit by the planet's single moon. The planet was first settled about 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, and stories of the remote world began to attract treasure-seekers and explorers. Rumors spread over the years that the planet held untold treasures, but no one ever found them. The planet's location within the Cloak of the Sith only added to its mystery. In reality, the planet was first settled by spice traders, who used the planet as a staging area for much of the spice that was exported from Ryloth. After the Battle of Endor, Roon became a haven for all manner of criminals, primarily smugglers who were working the Death Wind Corridor. (DCAR, WOTC, GORW)

Roon Comet
this was the name given to the most visible comet that orbited Roon's star. Its path was not a pure ellipse, and could not accurately be predicted. (MBS)

Roon Sea
this was the primary ocean found on the planet Roon. (EGP)

Roon Spice
this was the name given to the variety of spice that was exported from the planet Roon. Despite its name, much of the Roon spice found in the galaxy was actually mined on Ryoth, and was only on Roon for processing. (GORW)

Roon Tours
this travel agency was based on the planet Roon, and provided wealthy patrons with luxurious trips to many locations throughout the Outer Rim Territories during the height of the New Order. (IWST)

Roon Trade Guild
established in the wake of Governor Koong's death, the Roon Trade Guild provided the newly-freed provinces of the planet Roon with a centralized system of fair practices and exchange rates. The Guild also provided starships to patrol the Manda-Roon Merchant Route, protecting it from pirates and other criminals. (WOTC, GORW)

this world was a member of the Old Republic. (TPM)

this world was the fifth planet in the Bonadan System, located in the Corporate Sector. Han Solo and Fiolla boarded the Lady of Mindor there, on their way to the planet Ammuud to investigate slavery ring within the Corporate Sector Authority during the early years of the New Order. (HSR, XW)

this was the term originally used to describe the human settlers who inhabited the planet Roon. Over time, the term came to encompass the Duro and Sullustan portions of the population as well. (WOTC, GORW)

this alien was known for its squeak. (CPL)

this was a common name among the Lepi people. (UANT)

this was a variety of extremely rare, infinitely valuable crystal found on the planet Roon. First brought to light by Mungo Baobab, the Roonstones were covered with carvings and glyphs. However, the mining or export of Roonstones by offworld interests was strictly forbidden and punishable by any number of methods, since Roonstones were always retained for the benefit of the Roonan economy. (DCAR, SES, WOTC)

Roonyard Noon
this Sy Myrthian lawyer lost his wife and children when they were captured by Merson Slavers while aboard the Elegant Wake, shortly after the planet Sy Myrth seceded from the Old Republic. Noon's family was returning to Sy Myrth along with a shipful of other refugees when the liner was attacked near an asteroid field. It was Noon who started the barrage of lawsuits against Romodi Interstellar, claiming negligence on the part of the Elegant Wake's crew led to the ship's capture. (HNN4)

this young boy was the youngest of Bedran Veb's grandchildren. (TOJC)

Roopak Weelak
this was the name of a noted Pa'lowick. (UANT)

Roor Trevol
this was the name of a distinguished Kel Dor individual. (UANT)

this Wookiee was part of a small gang led by Meelo that operated on Cularin during the final years of the Old Republic. Because of this, he was considered the "founder" of the so-called Wookiee Liberation Front, or WOLF for short. Despite his strength, Roorrrwiir was a jumpy individual, and often reacted without any forethought to the smallest of distractions. Thus often led to nearly-disasterous results, and the formation of the Wookiee Liberation Front was a perfect example. When one of their members was captured and imprisoned by the Metatheran Cartel, Meelo led her inept comrades in a daring escape, which was bungled almost from the start. Roorrr had been given piloting duties for their speeder, despite the fact that he didn't know how to drive, and ended up crashed their speeder into the front window of the Metatheran Cartel's primary facility in Gadrin. In the resulting chaos, Meelo managed to rescue her friend, but the Jawa known as Keth-Keth decided that they needed to cover their escape. Screaming "Free Kashyyyk" as loud as his vocoder would project, Keth-Keth lobbed grenades at police vehicles while calling for people to rally around the Wookiee Liberation Front. Although it was a simple ruse, the Wookiee Liberation Front received a lot of press in the local holonewscasts, and eventually became a legitimate organization that funneled credits and supplies to help the Wookiees of Kashyyyk in their attempt to ousted the Separatist forces that were trying to take control of their homeworld. (LFCW)

Roos Tarpals
this Gungan warrior served Boss Nass as a Captain of the guard. A former criminal and thief, Tarpals later volunteered to join the Gungan Grand Army, where he was known for his physical skills, and regularly placed in the top ten positions in the Big Nasty Free-For-All. It was during his career as a thief that he first met Jar Jar Bink, and took the clumsy Gungan under his wing. Their friendship was cut short when Tarpals enlisted, however. Tarpals patrolled the city of Otoh Gunga, keeping the city safe and under control. When Jar Jar Binks returned from exile, Tarpals was forced to bring the outcast before Boss Nass. Much later, when Jar Jar brought Queen Amidala before Boss Nass, Tarpals was surprised to discover that the Gungan leader had promoted Jar Jar to the rank of General. Like many of the other army officers, Tarpals questioned Jar Jar's abilities but not Boss Nass's decision. In the Battle of Naboo, Tarpals followed General Ceel and helped lead the Gungan army against the Trade Federation's droid armies, and maintained the tide of the battle until the droids managed to destroy the Gungan shields. The battle was nearly lost until Anakin Skywalker disabled the droid control ship. With the droids powerless and adrift, Tarpals and Jar Jar quickly rounded up the automatons and took control of the battlefield. (SW1, TPM, E1A10, NEGC)

this condiment was used as a topping on meat pies. (SWJ11)

this Twi'lek clan established the small city of Lohema on their homeworld of Ryloth. Many other Twi'leks considered the Rooshan to be profiteers, working their miners hard and charging higher prices for their spice. (GORW)

this man was the older cousin to the youths known as Tomcat, Bug, and Rain, and was a native of the planet Somov Rit shortly before the Battle of Ruusan. Root recognized the Force sensitivity in Tomcat and Bug, and allowed the Jedi scout Torr Snapit to take the children to Ruusan, where they could augment the strength of the Jedi Knights massing there against Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. (JVS)

Root Oath
this Ewok oath was given by a warrior whenever they agreed to help another being. As the name implied, the Root Oath was a strong oath, anchoring itself in the swearer's person and growing outward. (SWJ1)

this blades of this thick grass were dried and used to steep a soothing kind of tea, which was especially enjoyed by the Hutts. (UYV)

this small beetle was native to the planet Naboo, and lived among the nola grass plains. It was known for its annoying screech, used to attract a mate. (GMR2)

a plant native to Dagobah, rootleaf was harvested and used as food by Yoda. He cooked some for Luke Skywalker, when the youth first arrived on the Dagobah. (ESB, IWST)

this is basically the family tree of each M'shinni clan, but it holds a much deeper significance that that. Each M'shinni can trace his ancestry along their Rootline to one of the Firstmothers, the extinct humanoids who first created the M'shinni race. (GG12)

this large grub was native to the Silver Forest of Dreams, on the planet Kubindi, and was often roasted as a snack-meat by the native Kubaz. (MIS6)

this Cragmoloid was a noted gambler made his home on Nar Shaddaa, during the years just prior to the Battle of Yavin. He defeated Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc, and would have killed the human when Lando failed to cover his debts, if Bib Fortuna hadn't intervened on Jabba the Hutt's behalf. Although Jabba paid Lando's debts in full, Rooty maintained a grudge against Lando for the rest of his life. When Rooty did travel away from Nar Shaddaa, he used a delapidated CRX Tug known as the Solar Grazer. (UYV, GMR6)

see Rooze (WOTC)

this germ strain was developed by Governor Koong of the planet Roon, during the early years of the New Order. He sprayed it over the Umboo Province in order to force them to submit to his will Unfortunately for Koong, he also managed to spray himself with the germ. Nilz Yomm eventually discovered a cure for the the germ, on the orders of Koong himself. (WOTC, SWDB)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Ropaga Sea
this vast ocean covers the planet Ropagi II, and isolates the two main continents of Forethought and Afterthought. (TSK)

this yellow-white star is the primary solar body in the Ropagi System. Its location in space anchors one end of the Kira Run. (TSK)

Ropagi II
the second and primary world in the Ropagi System, Ropagi II is remarkable in that the highest point on any land mass is no more than 20 meters above sea level. It also has a normal temperate of around 25 degrees Centigrade, making it a pleasant world for living. The planet is the homeworld of the Ropagu and Kalduu races. Its average days last 30 standard horus, and its year lasts 375 local days. (TSK)

this city is located on the continent of Forethought, on the planet Ropagi II. It is connected to Ebyl, as well as Torvane and Balarik, via monorail service. (TSK)

this delicate, peaceful race of near-humans was native to the planet Ropagi II. They are similar to humans in height, but they have wispy, black hair that sharply contrasts with their pale skin. Their tall, thin frames were the result of generation upon generation living in the low gravity of Ropagi II. The eyes of the Ropagu are a strange pink hue. Facial hair among males is regarded as a sort of badge of honor, although the Ropagu are a peaceful race by nature. This has not always been so, for 4,000 years before the Battle of Endor there were 45 different Ropagu nations battling with each other over which was superior. The intervention of the Kalduu race saved the Ropagu from destroying not only themselves, but their planet as well. Since then, the largest conflict the Ropagu have engaged in is a series of philosophical and theoretical debates in which the loser is encouraged to find a better argument and return to the debate. At the advent of the New Order, the Ropagu had no military whatsoever, instead turning their activity toward obtaining knowledge. The Ropagu are also excellent computer technicians, and can program nearly every programmable device in the galaxy. (TSK, AE)

a serpentine predator native to the moon Yavin 8, the ropedancer can reach lengths of nearly 50 meters. It was named for the side-winding motion it used to travel across the tundra of the moon, although the ropedancer preferred to live in the water. These huge creatures use their fangs to capture and hold their prey, which they swallow whole and alive. (GG2)

Roper Slam
this humanoid being was one of the founders of the criminal gang known as the Slams. He and Valadon founded the gang on their homeworld of Mamendin, with Slam's skills as a conman augmenting Valadon's skills as an identification theft expert. The gang was briefly imprisoned at the Greylands Security Complex on Tentator, but managed to escape about two years before the Battle of Geonosis. Slam was known as something of a fop, preferring extravagant clothing and luxurious appointments wherever he traveled. Several years before the Battle of Geonosis, Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonated Slam in an effort to infiltrate the planet Romin and located Jenna Zan Arbor. Slam and his gang had gone underground, but suddenly turned up on Romin at the same time as Obi-Wan and the Jedi. Obi-Wan hoped that the confusion of the revolt launched by the Citizens' Resistance would help cover their tracks, but the real Slam confronted them after locating Roy Teda's safehouse. After Teda was ousted from Romin, Roper and the Slams agreed to assist him in his work with Granta Omega, and traveled to Coruscant to help disrupt the ceremony in honor of the passage of the All Planet Relief Fund legislation. Roper and Valadon were disguised as Blue Guards during the event, which allowed them to gain easy access to the vertex crystal that served as the financial basis for the Fund. They were apprehended by Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker, and held for questioning. It was revealed that the real plan had nothing to do with stealing vertex, but rather the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine himself. (JQ8, JQ9)

this unusual weapon was popular among the Neimoidians of the Trade Federation, during the last years of the Old Republic. It was essentially a pointed spike that was attached to a length of cord, which could be thrown at an opponent in close combat. When used properly, the rope-spike could serve as a grappling line, a lariat, or a projectile weapon. (RCHC)

this was a form of Rodian entertainment. (DN1)

this bordok was the pet of the Ewok princess, Kneesaa, during her childhood. (ECAR)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "marsh", "hidden", or "swamp", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "strong" or "mighty". (GCG)

Ror Ithh
this Ithorian barhopper was a frequent patron of the Outlander Club, during the years surrounding the Battle of Geonosis. (OWS)

Rorak 5
this space station was located a half-day hyperspace jump from Nar Shaddaa. (JQ)

Roran, Isnal
this Alliance operative was stationed on the planet Lok during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. It was Roran who discovered Voria Sergar in the wilderness, and brought the girl back to his base to recover. (SWGAL)

Rorand Zuzz
this Ugnaught served as a medical technician for the Old Republic, and was stationed at the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. It was Rorand who supplied information to Den Dhur about the inevitable mutation of the bota plant. Rorand had obtained the information from Rachott. (MBS, MJH)

this world was chosen as an Imperial penal colony for two reasons. First, it was under the control of an orbital nightcloak, which was used to keep the prison camps cold and prohibiting escape. Second, the native Viska are a ruthless race that was not affected by the nightcloak. Rordak was the only world in the Rordak System, and has a day which lasts 14 standard hours. Its year lasts 201 local days. The planet was once the outermost of four worlds surrounding the star known as Rordak, until the star expanded to become a red giant. The inner three planets were destroyed, and much of Rordak's surface was scoured with heat and radiation. Over the millennia, life returned to Rordak, and the Viska soon evolved. The surface of the planet was covered with volcanoes which constantly reshaped the planet. (PG1)

this red giant star was the central body in the Rordak System. The system originally had four planets, but the inner three were destroyed when Rordak expanded into its red giant state. Only the outer planet, also known as Rordak, survived. (PG1)

Rordan, Bren-Aarica
this is the pseudonym used by Aarica Vost, during her undercover work while on the planet Kirima. (TSK)

Rordan, Bren-Jules
this small, rat-like man was a native of the planet Kirima, and grew up during the Imperial occupation of the planet. He joined COMPNOR at an early age, and served loyally in order to foster his own position. Bren-Jules was a greedy, selfish, manipulative man, but at the core he was vastly incompetent. He gained favor in COMPNOR by being a yes-man, and was eventually promoted to the position of head agent on Kirima. From his cover as the proprietor of B.J. Rordan's Collectables - a cover which was never truly complete, due to his own incompentance - Bren-Jules kept an eye out for Alliance activity in the starport. (TSK)

Rordan, Bren-Nevin
this man was the proporietor of Rordan's Galactic Exotic Art, located in the city of Verena, on the planet Kirima. A skinny, balding, non-descript man, Bren-Nevin was also an undercover Intelligence officer for the New Republic. Born on Kirima, he joined the Alliance after the destruction of Alderaan. He made his way off Kirima for training, then returned to assist in keeping tabs on the Imperial and Corporate Sector Authority forces at work in the Kalinda System. (TSK)

Rordan's Galactic Exotic Art
this establishment, located in the city of Verena on the planet Kirima, catered to the exotic tastes of art lovers on the planet. It was also the front for its owner, Bren-Nevin Rordan, who used it to monitor the activities of the Corporate Sector Authority and Imperial agents int he city. Alliance - and later, New Republic - agents could make contact with him when they asked about certain pieces of art he currently did not have in stock. (TSK)

Rordan's Spaceship Parts and More
this sand-colored building is owned and operated by Bren-Aarica Rodan, in the starport sity of Verena, on Kirima. The display area is a large, roomy affair which holds every conceivable starship part and tool available. (TSK)

Rordis City
this city, located on the planet Nubia, was the site of Industrial Automaton's primary R5-series droid production facility dring the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

this was a common name among the S'kytri people. (UANT)

this planet was inhabited by immigrants from a wide variety of other planets. The elite class of beings wore a turban-like head wrapping to distinguish themselves from the more common folk. (CTV)

this moon, one of several which orbited the planet Naboo, had a terrain which was vastly different than the idyllic settings of Naboo, with twisted forests and knotted vegetation covering much of the ground. The Naboo established a small outpost on Rori, managing to eke out a living during the height of the New Order. However, no one could agree on who actually established the first settlements on Rori, nor could any agreement be reached on which parts of its flora and fauna were native to the moon. Some people believed that the Naboo first tried to colonize the moon, but found it too inhospitable. Other thought that a group of spice miners tried to establish a base on Rori, but abandoned it when no spice could be found. (SWI65, SWI66, SWGAL, ROD)

Rori Spice Mining Collective
this was the only licensed group that was allowed to mine spice from the moon of Rori, during the height of the New Order. They were often at odds with the Kobola guild, which was run by the Hutts. (SWGAL)

this man served as a crewman aboard the luxury liner captained by Quasar, during the years following the Clone Wars. (MC24)

this large creature was native to the planet Pallaxides. It had a wide, flat body, measuring up to 300 meters in length, up to 100 meters across, but standing just 10 meters tall. Their heads were dominated by wide mouths, which were used to graze on the plateaus of the planet. A pair of small eyes helped them see, and two gas-filled wings ran along the length of their body. These wings helped the limbless rormaro move about, and they could transport several tons of material on their backs. Most rormaroo acquire a covering of plant material over their lifetimes, appearing from above to be floating islands. Because of their size, these docile creatures had no known predators. (ND)

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