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Ramunee, Vici
this ancient Jedi was a native of Alderaan, and was the third of eight children who grew up on the shores of Lir Lake. She was well-known to many children because of the Vici of Alderaan stories. At the age of 16, she rescued her younger brother, Veni, from a 20-legged dragon, although the Jedi histories revealed that the dragon was none other than the Master Willm Lywin. Vici was trained by Master Tannis, who tried to control Vici's eagerness while allowing it to bolster her spirits and keep her on the path to the Light Side. She made her trip to the Cave of Truth with her brother, and was supported by the presence of Master Lywin. Within the Cave, Vici faced several unusual tests which challenged her impatience, her greed, the physical limits of the world, and lastly fear before discovering that she had actually faced her worst enemy: herself. (SWJ9, SWJ11)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Ran, Lanish
this Alliance undercover agent once posed as a repair technician at the Imperial repair facility on Dosha. He eventually traveled to Holast VII, where he managed to infiltrate the criminal organization of Glorga the Hutt. During his tenure with Glorga, Agent Ran was exposed to the conceited demeanor of the assassin Nakaron. When the Trandoshan tried to expose Ran as an Imperial agent, based on data he had gathered during the Second Hollastin Insurrection, Nakaron was exiled from Glorga's court. Nakaron went crazy, killing Glorga and Ran in an intense firefight. (SWJ4)

Great Queen of ancient Duro, she ruled during the planet's Golden Age. This era produced many beautiful artifacts, many of which were stolen later by Kadann for display on Scardia. (MMY)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "dark cloud". (GCG)

this Jedi Knight was known for her piloting skills. It was Rana who transported Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Ragoon-6, when the pair decided that a physical test on the remote world would help them regain their focus. (TTB)

Rana Halion
this female humanoid was a charismatic political figure on her homeworld of Ieria, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was easily distinguished by her tall, lanky frame and her white hair, which was cut short and worn in twisted spikes. Her eyes were a pale blue color that was nearly colorless. She fought vocally for Ieria to be given better trade routes and more recognition, since her believed her homeworld was relegated to lesser status by the government on Andara. She also argued that Ieria deserved its own seat on the Galactic Senate, and pushed Senator Berm Tarturi to recognize her position. Behind the scenes, Halion employed a band of mercenary students - unknown to her, it was led by Senator Tarturi's own son, Gillam - to cause disruptions which helped rally her people to her cause. When small actions failed to bring the desired results, Halion employed the young mercenaries to strafe an Andaran military landing platform, to force Tarturi to negotiate. Unknown to Halion, however, Gillam Tarturi planned to use live fire in the mission, as way to have himself "killed." He planned to ensure that Anakin Skywalker was killed in the mission, damaging the body enough so that it could pass as Gillam. (JQ5)

Rana Mas Trehalt
this ancient Duros Queen, born some 180 years before the formation of the Old Republic, was one of the first planetary monarchs in Duro's history. (GMR2)

known as the City of Ashes, this ancient city was located on the planet Duro. It was named from Queen Rana Mas Trehalt, and served as the royal capital for many centuries. Few of the buildings in the city survived the ecological holocaust that swept Duro. (GMR2)

Ranadium Ulstance
abbreviated RU, this is a measure of a hull's ability to deflect space debris or weapons fire. (XW)

a small, rat-like race which was originally native to the planet Rydar II, Ranats appear at first to be a harmless race of rodents. They are, in fact, an intelligent race of ruthless killers. The name Ranat was given to the race by the humanoid Rydans, but they prefer to call themselves the Con Queecon, which means "the Conquerors." Several hundred years before the Galactic Civil War, Ranats were found to be stealing and eating Rydan infants. They were all but wiped out on Rydar, but three Ranats managed to stow away on a smuggling ship. The starship crashed on the planet Aralia after the three Ranats devoured the crew, and the Ranats were left there. They eventually consumed much of Aralia's native lifeforms, including the porcine roba. Ranats don't understand the concept of surrender, and will fight an opponent to the death. Any Ranat defeated in battle and left alive will return to its home and organize a vengeance party, attacking its attackers in order to restore its honor. They often sabotaged the construction of the Project Aralia amusement park, digging tunnels beneath support pylons and destroying buildings and attractions. The Empire attempted to eradicate them by hiring "pest controllers," but environmentalists protested that this violated Imperial laws against harming sentient races. The Empire decided to add the Ranat's to a list of semi-intelligent species, which meant that they had no rights to property and could be killed in self-defense, and made is illegal to arm a Ranat. However, the Ranats were never destroyed, and several Ranats found their way to Tatooine, where they took over Jabba's palace following the Hutt's demise. At one time during the New Order, Palpatine drugged Ranats with hallucinogens, then made the visions permanent with the Dark Side of the Force, and used the paranoid creatures as vicious guards. This freed up stormtroopers for more secret operations. More scientific experiments were also conducted by the Imperial Military to determine a way to use the Ranats against the Alliance. (DA, COJ, GG4, SWJ6)

this was the native language of the Ranat race. (UANT)

this man operated the shadowport on the moon of Syvris, until it was destroyed by the Empire. Rance died in the attack. (SWJ13)

any of the huge, floating ships that roam the seas of the planet Chad, herding bildogs or proop. These boats are operated by families who live on the ocean, and are often found in small fleets for protection. (SWJ10)

part crustacean, part aranchid, the rancor stands about 8-10 meters tall, and has wickedly-clawed hands and rows of sharp teeth in its pudgy face. A creature that was warm-blooded and gave birth to live young, the rancor did not suckle its young. In this way, the rancor was considered a reptomammal. It was covered in knobby, natural armor and bony headplates. These beasts are native to over a dozen planets in the galaxy, although a subspecies native to the planet Dathomir have been trained by the Force-sensitive women there and used as mounts. The rancor have been indebted to the witches since Allya came to Dathomir and rescued a sick rancor female. They are easily trained to do a number of tasks, including climbing and carrying riders. Jabba the Hutt had a rancor caged in his palace on Tatooine, which he kept starved. He then dropped anyone who displeased him into the rancor's pit, and the denizens of the palace looked on as the rancor tore the hapless victim to pieces. Despite their fearsome, crab-like appearance, most varieties of rancors generally dislike water. (ROTJ, CPL, CCG7, GOF4, CTD, WSW)

Rancor Alderaan Niner
this was the codename for the Old Republic Navy's primary starfighter attack pattern, used during the siege of Saleucami, near the end of the Clone Wars. (RSOS)

Rancor Base
this was the codename of Imperial Warlord Zsinj's base of operations on, and in orbit around, the planet Dathomir. (WS, CPL, GORW)

Rancor Hunter
a game of strategy and skill found in may up-scale casinos. (WSV)

Rancor Pit
this was the name of a specialized obstacle used in swoopchasing. The Rancor Pit consisted of three solid barriers in sequence. The first and third walls were standard barriers which rose from the ground. The second wall, in between the other two, was inverted and held above the ground. Thus, a swoop racer had to fly over the first wall, under the second, the over the third in order to escape the obstacle. (BSS)

Rancor Ribs
this fast-food meal was popularized by the restaurant known as the Rib Hutt, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (T9)

Rancor Rising
this movement of the teras kasi martial artform brought a warrior from a squating position up into a standing position in a single, fluid motion. (DMSH)

Rancor Squadron
this Alliance squad was stationed at the base established on the planet Taul. They fought bravely on th eground, but were unabel to stop the Imperial orbital assault from the Dominator. (SWJ2)

Rancor's Den
this tavern was located on Andasala. (GG11)

Rancor's Nibblepit
the underground news agency, the Galactic Weekly NewsStack, once reported that Jabba the Hutt was going to start a fast-food chain by this name. (GG9)

Rancor's Tooth
this CR90 corvette was owned by Orax Tazaene during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Tazaene loaned the ship to the Alliance during the establishment of Echo Base on Hoth. (JKG)

Rand Ecliptic
the ship Biggs Darklighter signs on with after getting his commission from the Imperial Academy, the Rand Ecliptic was a Class II frigate which was commissioned by the Empire just before the Battle of Yavin. Biggs was assigned as the ship's first mate, while Derek "Hobbie" Klivian was named its second mate. Unknown to both men, each was planning to mutiny and defect to the Alliance, as was a third party. Biggs and his team got out first, but Hobbie's team was generally credited with defeating the Imperial forces onboard and taking control of the ship. After Biggs and his men returned to the ship for supplies, their combined forces brought the Rand Ecliptic to the Alliance's base on Yavin 4 for refitting. Note that Star Wars: Empire #12 portrays the Rand Ecliptic as a craft similar in appearance to the Acclamator-class troopship. (SWN, SWED)

Rand, Atton
this man was imprisoned on Peragus II during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Little was known about his history, but Rand was easily one of the luckiest men alive at the time. He seemed to be able to cheat death at every turn, and had survived more than his fair share of desparate situations. When not working to save his own life, Rand was a frequent patron of any cantina that offered pazaak matches to its patrons. Unknown to most of his casual acquaintences, Rand was a practitioner of the Echani martial arts. While he was imprisoned at Peragus II, Rand was oblivious the apparent murder of the entire mining colony and its support staff, which was brought to his attention by The Exile. When they learned of the plot to reawaken Darth Sion, Rand and The Exile set out to escape from Peragus II, and were joined in the escape by Jedi Master Kreia. When Kreia was injured while fighting Darth Sion, Rand questioned The Exile's callous treatment of the Jedi Master, forcing The Exile to talk to her and ensure her recovery. Rand's Echani skills were not revealed to The Exile until they were discovered by one of the Handmaiden Sisters on Telos. The rest of Rand's history was revealed on Nar Shaddaa, when he was recognized by a former soldier. Rand was forced to admit to The Exile that he had participated in both the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, and had deserted his forces after the Battle of Malachor. Recognizing that Darth Revan was a strong leader, Rand joined the Sith and learned of ways to defeat a Jedi Knight in combat. Then, as part of an elite unit, Rand captured as many Jedi as he could, and turned them over to Darth Revan. When a female Jedi confronted him about his Force sensitivity and predicted that he would be turned into a Dark Jedi, Rand killed her. However, he saw himself in the Force, and feared that the woman was right. When he realized that the woman had died to protect the secret of his Force-sensitivity, he deserted the Sith, but was eventually recaptured and taken to Peragus II. With his story thus revealed, Atton asked The Exile if it were possible for him to become a Jedi Knight. The Exile agreed to train him, and Rand eventually learned enough about the Force to become a Jedi. (KOTOR2, LAWS)

Rand, Kella
this woman worked as a reporter for the Galactic News Network during the early years of the New Republic. The daughter of parents who owned a refueling station, Kella discovered independence and self-reliance at an early age. She attended college on Corellia, majoring in diplomatic relations in the hope of learning more about other planets. However, she lacked the patience to deal with the nuances of diplomacy, and became an apprentice to a Corellian reporter in order to pay for her education. Upon graduation, she was hired by GNN, and once interviewed a childhood friend of Han Solo. After being given a column of her own, Kella was sent to Elom to cover a mining revolt, and was noted for her coverage of the investigation into the assassination of Shek Barayel on Indu San. She could covera any news event, from the fluff of the society pages to in-depth political analysis. (SWJ6)

this planet is covered in dense forests. (CSWEA)

Randa Besadii Diori
this young Hutt was the offspring of Borga the Hutt, and supported Borga's attempts to form an alliance with the Yuuzhan Vong. It was believed that the Yuuzhan Vong wanted Randa to offer assistance to the New Republic in helping transport refugees, thereby providing the aliens with a steady supply of prisoners. However, Randa was eventually convinced to use the alliance with the Yuuzhan Vong to his own advantage, and soon provided the New Republic with any information he received from the aliens. Unfortunately for the Republic, Randa unwitting supplied false information, which led to the debacle at the Battle of Fondor. However, Randa was rescued from the Yuuzhan Vong by Kyp Durron, who had been asked by Wurth Skidder to rescue the Hutt. Randa pledged his support to the New Republic, as a way of honoring the sacrifice made by Skidder. Like many other refugees, Randa was stranded on Duro, where he tried to bargain with the Yuuzhan Vong for the safety of Nal Hutta by trying to hand over a Jedi to the aliens. He tried to convince both Jaina and Jacen Solo that he was starting his own vigilante force, but neither wanted anything to do with the Hutt, despite his pledge to avenge Skidder's death. Randa told Jacen that he wanted to become a pirate chieftain, modeling his operations after Kyp Durron and the vigilantes known as Kyp's Dozen. The younger Solos proved intractible to the Hutt, but Randa later discovered that Leia Organa-Solo might prove easier to capture. Randa later revised his plans, hoping to turn Leia over to the Yuuzhan Vong's leadership, thereby gathering them on Duro so that the New Republic could capture them. When Tsavong Lah landed on Duro and discovered Randa's duplicity, he had the Hutt imprisoned for later sacrifice. Randa found himself in the company of Leia Organa-Solo, who refused to believe his support for the New Republic. Despite her rebuff, Randa ultimately gave his life to save Leia, Jaina, when they were presented to Tsavong Lah as sacrifices. Randa tried to kill the warmaster and his priestess, Vaecta, by smashing them with his tail. His diversion was meant to allow Leia chance to escape. Vaecta quickly sent a tkun to attack Randa, and the crimson-furred creature quickly suffocated the Hutt. Leia, however, could not escape, and was recaptured by Nom Anor. (JE, BP)

Randal's Rentals
this was one of the many speeder rental facilities located on Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (T10)

Randle Clanse
this near-human Brosin was known to be the leader of the Brosin Underground, during the height of the New Order. A native of Shoengen, she and her lieutenant, Vuraj Marn, did their best to harrass the efforts of the Corporate Sector Authority. (AIR)

Random Sabacc
a combination of all 5 major forms, with the rules changing at different intervals according to the moderator. (DA)

Random, Sarl
one of Lando Calrissian's assistants on Cloud City, Sarl was the person responsible for revealing the treachery being wrought by EV-9D9 aboard the mining colony. Lando had promoted her to security chief on the spot, relieving EV-9D9 of those duties. (TJP)

one of the key components of a sabacc table, the randomizer sent out electronic pulses that changed the value of cards not already in the interference field. (RD)

a planet which holds its females in high regard, Randon was known for its unusual carousels and amusement-park rides. (SA, KB)

Randon, Teck
this man was a soldier in the Old Republic military, and was the leader of the task force dispatched by Colonel Jir Tramsig to recover the head of the protocol droid L80-RC. Teck tried to negotiate for the head with Ginder the Bimm, but was interrupted by Jubieck and his Trandoshan thugs, Orix and Dimogog. A fight broke out, and the head was eventually obtained by a group of freelance mercenaries. (WOA4)

this was the race which was native to the planet Randon. Known as traders and merchants, the Randoni history was filled with stories of incredible treasures. It was rumored that the very first Randoni merchants hid their treasure in a vast chamber, and many a Randoni was lost while searching for its location. (VF)

Randoni Yellow Plague
a strong brew created on Randon and copied at cantinas throughout the galaxy. It is best served chilled. (SA)

Randorn 2
this swamp world was the home of the Mizx race and the ibliton. (COG)

this young Ewok was a friend of Wicket and Teebo, during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. (ECAR)

this Imperial Admiral was executed on the job for making a tactical error. (TFNR)

this was the name used by the New Republic military to describe the large, ground assault vehicles of the Yuuzhan Vong. The name came from the fact that the vehicles resembled mountain ranges. Like the smaller vehicles used by the Yuuzhan Vong, ranges moved about on cilia-like appendages on the bottom of the vehicle. They were protected by spiked, bony plates of armor, and used several of the Yuuzhan Vong's bio-organic weapons: dovin basals, plasma guns, and projectile launchers. Weapons were mounted on bony spikes that studded the spine and flanks of the range, making it look like a huge slug. It was later discovered that the Yuuzhan Vong referred to these vehicles as rakamats. (DTO, EL1)

Range Dog
a creature native to Vinsoth. (TJP)

Range Squadron
this ground assault team was led by Kapp Dendo during the Battle of Ithor. It assisted the Jedi Knights in fighting against the Yuuzhan Vong ground assault force. (DTR)

this is a model of starship built by the Kuat Drive Yards. (TT)

this was the pseudonym of a smuggler who had an extensive knowledge of droids and their use to smugglers. Ranger was based on the planet Chandrila. (SWJ13)

this was the name of a subspace transceiver developed by Sienar Fleet Systems for use aboard Imperial Star Destroyers. It was capable of sending and receiving communications signals across a distance of 100 light-years. (EGW)

an Imperial CR90 corvette escorting the Invincible's supply convoy near Dellalt. (XW)

an Imperial system patrol craft group protecting the NL-1 outpost in the Pakuuni System. (TIE)

this was the Centax-class heavy frigate that was assigned as Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon's flagship during the Old Republic's mission to liberate Praesitlyn from the Separatists, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. The Ranger was equipped with the latest in weapons and auxiliary systems technology, and was one of the fastest frigates in the fleet. Its primary armament was a pair of MG1-A proton torpedo tubes, which were supplemented by a full complimentof laser cannon batteries. However, the Ranger and her crew were unprepared for the tactics of the Separatists, who used skirmisher vessels to breech the hull of the Ranger and several other ships. These skirmishers then disgorged battle droids into the boarded vessels. Only the timely actions of Jedi Master Halcyon saved the crew, defeating the battle droids and allowing the Ranger to limp away to a safe location to begin repairs. (JT)

Ranger X-1
this was a model of defense droid, produced during the last century of the Old Republic. The development of the X-1 series was predicated on the need for a galaxy-wide law enforcement agency, but it was scrapped in favor of the Intergalactic Law Agency. Roughly humanoid in shape, the Ranger X-1 stood almost two meters in height. (MDCAR)

this heavy-duty swoop was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic for use by scouts and explorers. The Ranger-5 measured just 3.3 meters in length, could attain speeds of 200 kilometers per hour, and had aflight ceiling of about ten meters. (GMR7)

Ranger-class Gunship
this New Republic warship was developed for use by the military shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (VP)

this small gamebird was rasied for its meat, which was considered a delicacy. (HSL)

this small yet vicious creature was once native to Barab I. The native Barabels hunted rangies for food, although the rangies were sometimes the ones who fed, as they weren't averse to killing and eating a Barabel hunter. (DN1)

this was the last planet on the "Kessel Run", at least according to Squishmael. According to the story he heard from Marshak, smugglers had to race to Rangorah and meet with Fonker Dahk, at the Event Horizon cantina, to verify their performance in the race. (T16)

Rani Quanic
this Sullustan female was the leader of the gang which stole a shipment of meleenium from the Qua'Tahc mines, on Af'El, during the early years of the New Republic. The group's actions earned them the ire of Mihalik, who vowed to bring the thieves to justice by himself. Rani and her partner, Ostan Atur, worked from a base hidden in the Minos Cluster. Rani was, at one time, a pilot who flew the Ison Corridor for a legitimate shipping outfit, but she soon discovered that running spice was a more profitable endeavor. She worked with Chordak for many years before setting out on her own, and was captured and imprisoned on Sullust for her criminal activities. She was pardoned by Sin Suub himself, but only on the condition that she work for SoroSuub as an undercover agent, disrupting Alliance supply convoys without attracting Imperial attention. After the Battle of Endor, she fled to the Minos Cluster and met up with Ostan Atur through a mutual friend, the Reigat Talak. Rani and Ostan traveled in Rani's modified freighter, the Lathien Leth. (SWJ10)

Ranis Quarter
this urban area was found on the planet Andasala. (GG11)

this male Ansionian, who lived in the city of Cuipernam on the planet Ansion, was the leader of the Unity of Community some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. Ranjyin was distinguished by the alternating black-and-white pattern of his mane. He was among the nine members of the Unity to vote in favor of Ansion remaining with the Old Republic, shortly before the Clone Wars. (APS)

Rank Cylinder
this small rod was issued to each and every Imperial officer. It contained coded information on the security authorizations and clearances of its holder. They were labelled by area of authority, level of security, and zone of clearance. (DSTC)

Rank Rule
this unwritten law seemed to govern most military organizations. In its pure form, the Rank Rule states, "those who have the rank make the rules." (ROE)

Rank, The
this was a dead area found in the vast oceans of the planet Lamaredd. It was rumored that any ships that ventured too close to The Rank mysteriously disappeared, and it was said that a Menahuun hunting party regularly patrolled the area, destroying any non-Menahuun vessel they encountered. It was later discovered that Guther Bartyn dumped the lees from his mining operations into the ocean near The Rank, after piping it through thousands of kilometers of underground pipelines. Because of the continual outflow of waste, The Rank continued to grow in size. The environmental damage caused by The Rank caused the Menahuun to launch sneak attacks against the Outer Rim Oreworks, in an effort to force Bartyn to stop the dumping. (GMR7)

Rankin, Pek
this Balawai man led a search party to locate several lost children, including Terrel and Keela Nakay, just after their mission to destroy a ULF base was cut short by a counterattack. The adults had become separated from their children, and Terrel had decided to strike out on his own to return to their camp. The children were rescued by Jedi Master Mace Windu, who was forced to use the children as hostages in order to ascertain Rankin's motives. Rankin, despite his obvious disbelief that the situation was harmelss to his Balawai companions, nevertheless had to admit that Master Windu was acting in the best interest of the children. Their mutual trust was short-lived, when Kar Vastor and his Korunnai warriors burst into the compound and started killing everything in sight. Master Windu managed to save many people, but Rankin was killed in the fighting. (SHPT)

this plant was infamous for its noxious odor and frightful taste. (DMSH)

Rankwin Fopow
this being served as the leader of the Cadinth Oligarchy, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. As Prime Oligarch, Fopow maintained his support of the Old Republic only as long as the Jedi watchman, Bodis-Ker Vitan, maintained the peace in the surrouding space. After Vitan's death, Oligarch Fopow indicated that he was "firmly undecided" as to where his loyalties lay. (HNN5)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this city was one of the larger urban areas found on the planet Brosi. It was located on the northeastern tip of the Shoengen Coast. (AIR)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this fleshy fruit of this plant is often scraped of seeds and baked as a meal. (SWJ12)

this yellow-white star is the primary body in the Rannon System. (WBC)

this world is the third, and primary, planet in the Rannon System. A temperate world of forest-covered mountains and lush valleys, it was settled years ago by human colonists. They ruled the planet with a democratic system, with each settlement providing a representative to the overall governing body. Rannon has two moons. Its day lasts 20 standard hours, and its year encompasses 380 local days. (WBC)

Ranon Djelkh
this vicious Devaronian crimelord attempted to take control of Jabba the Hutt's operations on Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. Despite his best efforts to raid Jabba's storehouses and disrupt his operations, Djelkh could never gain any kind of foothold on Tatooine. He didn't endear himself to the local population of Mos Eisley, either, for civilians were often caught in the crossfire of his attacks on Jabba's holdings. In a last-ditch effort, Djelkh hired a bounty hunter to set a mole serpent loose in Jabba's palace, in an attempt to assassinate the Hutt. Djelkh then planned to present a gift of cologne - extracted from the scent glands of the mole serpent's favorite prey, the tirginni beast - to Jabba. His plans fell apart almost immediately, when the bounty hunter's ship crashed into the desert, then Harbo Wils tried to peddle the cologne to the highest bidder. When the cologne ended up in the ship of an unsuspecting group of smugglers, Djelkh wanted to part of their story that they were innocent. He went after the smugglers himself, discovering them near the wreckage of the Star Stalker, the ship which was transporting his mole serpent. Djelkh and his thugs set out to eliminate the smugglers, but he was unaware of the presence of A-Zulmun. The Tusken Raider managed to shoot Djelkh several times with a sligthrower rifle, badly injuring the Devaronian and distracting his forces. In the fight, Djelkh was also sprayed with the Tirginni Cologne, when its container was shot and destroyed. In a cruel twist of fate, Djelkh was swallowed whole by the mole serpent he had imported to Tatooine. (SOT)

this wild beast inhabits the A'driannamieq Mountains of Elom. These large felines prowled their lands in large, social packs, and would attack any outsiders to their territory. They preferred to feed on live prey, but would scavenge whenever prey was scarce. Their pelts were spotted and striped, giving them camouflage in their natural environment. The males had a short mane of fur around their heads. All ranphyx had wide, pointed ears and five horns on their faces: one on their forehead, one below each ear, and a pair on their chin. These horns provided both protection and additional attack capabilities. The leader of the pack was known to the Elomin as the kzenka, and every adult member of the pack helped in the training of the young. The tail of the ranphyx is something of a mystery, being forked and bare. Some scientists argue that it served to help dissipate heat, while others claimed it was for emotional displays. (GG12, COG)

Ransa, Bicon
this Old Republic Senator was one of the many who felt that the Jedi Knights were becoming too powerful. When the Senate was approached by Vox Chun to investigate the death of his son, Bruck, at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Senator Ransa was one of those asked to join the investigation committee. He silently approved of Sano Sauro's confrontational prosecution tactics. (JAD)

Ransar Rhal Insignia
this was the highest of the commendations given by the members of the m'Yalfor'ac Order, and virtually guaranteed its holder the position of successor to the current leader of the Order. (AIR)

Ransen, Kyl
this Imperial Moff was in control of the Polith System during the early years of the New Order. After witnessing the virtual subjugation of the Vratix people on Thyferra as a youth, he vowed to help them when he grew older. After attaining the rank of Moff, he allowed himself to be "bribed" by the Ashern terrorist group, and allowed them to contaminate a shipment of bacta. Although he regretted the loss of life because of the tainted bacta, Moff Ransen did not regret helping the Ashern in their struggle for independence. (SWJ3)

Ranso Li
this Twi'lek and his partner, Cruva Lenda, worked for Nirama during the the early years of the New Order. They were dispatched to Nar Shaddaa to negotiate the sale of several used freighters from the Hutt crimelord, Popara. (TF)

Ransom, Tait
this smuggler learned everything he could from his mentor, Karl Ancher, and was a good-natured rival of Kaine Paulsen. Corellian by birth, Ransom was loyal and trustworthy, and measured himself by the integrity of his life. Tait left Socorro many years before the Battle of Endor, hoping to make a name for himself outside the shadow of Kaine Paulsen. Ransom later rescued Drake Paulsen and Karl Ancher from the jail on Omman, but was later arrested and sent to Vizcarra. Drake and his companion, Nikaede Celso, arranged a diversion and managed to get Tait freed before he could be carry off to jail. (SWJ3)

Ransom, Zan
this bounty hunter was active along the border between the Outer Rim Territories and Wild Space, during the height of the New Order. Aside from collecting bounties, Ransom was also known as an excellent scout and hunter, and often took work collecting rare and exotic animal species for eccentric collectors. He flew the modified YT-1930 freighter Wild Menagerie during this time. (WOTC)

this searing ball of rock was the innermost planet of the New Plympto System. (CCW)

this was one of the many mining settlements, or o'bekis, established on Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this was the native language of the Ranth race. The spoken form consisted of purrs, growls, and throaty grunts, while the written form was made up of clawlike marks that combined to form characters. (UANT)

a mammalian race native to the planet Caaraz, the Ranth are humanoid carnivores with bluish fur and flat muzzles. Their mouths are filled with short, sharp teeth. They live on the glacial plains of the dark side of Caaraz, hunting for food whenever conditions allow it. There are two distinct factions of Ranth: those that remain hunters and animal-like in their ways, and those that have become more civilized and have become integrated with the galactic community. They are a short-tempered race, and seem to have little knowledge of their own history as a species. Individual families, however, maintain detailed histories of their own. Each Ranth community, therefore, has its own versions of history, and a planetwide government was never established. This was quickyl changed when the Empire discovered Caaraz, which had come to take the eleton gas from the planet. The Ranth could initially put up no resistance, and the Empire later employed the more civilized Ranth as hunters and bodyguards, safeguarding the local garrison against the planet's predators. However, the Empire began dumping its waste and fouling the environment, and the uncivilized Ranth became angry. They began ambushing Imperial soldiers and raiding bases. The Imperials demanded that the civilized Ranth put an end to this, and they began to hunt down their brethren. This led to a number of small skirmishes between Ranth communities and the Imperial forces, and kept the Ranth from emerging onto the galactic scene with a large presence. With the death of the Empire in the wake of the Battle of Endor, the civilized Ranth began to take control of former Imperial outposts, turning them into overcrowded cities. They also pushed their uncivilized brethren further into the wilderness, continuing to deepen the animosity between them. (GG12, UANT)

Ranth, Sigit
this Imperial scientist was part of the team that created the defective clones of Emperor Palpatine on Byss, during the early years of the New Republic. For his part in creating the clones, Ranth was hunted down by Kir Kanos. Ranth was unaware of this attention, and traveled to Dathomir to investigate the Infinite Gate that was discovered there. However, when the Infinite Gate proved useless, Ranth left Dathomir altogether. (WOA30)

Rantine Space Station
this outpost was located in Tamarin Sector during the early years of the New Republic. (POC)

this forged steel sword was the traditional weapon of the Unfyr Warriors of the Ka'hren. Its blade measured 1.2 meters in length, and was attached to a wooden hilt about a third of a meter long. Each side of the hilt was studded with a dagger-like crossguard. It could be wielded with one or two hands, and was equally deadly no matter how it was used. (AIR)

see OM812 (AIR)

this clustering plant was considered a food source by the Hutts. (TF)

this being, a former native of Mos Espa, was an acquaintence of Kitster Banai and Wald. Rao was known for the incredibly fast and dangerous Novastar rocket swoop she used to travel across the desert. She often loaned it out to other beings who needed to get somewhere in a hurry, but after a sixth rider died in a crash, she refused to loan it out anymore. When Leia Organa Solo and her husband, Han Solo, petitioned Ulda Banai for a swoop, she provided Rao's Novastar only after Han proved he could ride it. (TG)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "kin" or "noble". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this young, Jazbinan male was a member of the underground resistance which sprang up after Jazbina aligned itself with the Empire. He was captured when Luke Skywalker discovered their cell, after being tricked into believing Syayna had been kidnapped. Luke thought Raol was a kidnapper, and tried to kill him. Raol harbored Luke plenty of ill-will and when Syayna rescued Luke from her father, Raol pestered him and played jokes on him. He was jealous of Luke, for he was in love with Syayna. However, after Syayna stood up to Darth Vader and maintained Luke's freedom, she declared her only love was for Raol. (VQ)

Raort, Romort
an Irith spice-jacker, Romort Raort grew up as the local bully. After turning to spice-jacking, his demeaner has changed very little. He was hired by Elaginn, and when Elaginn committed suicide, Raort took over the gang. They worked out of Nar Shaddaa, where he continued to cultivate his contacts. When they heard of a load of spice moving through, Raort would hit the transport ship with is ion cannon. The gang then descended on the ship, hijacking its cargo and rounding up its crew for sale on the slave market. (DE1, DESB)

this Tarasin male worked as an assistant to Yara Grugara during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "golden" or "made of gold". (GCG)

Raph-Elan, Yoshi
this young man was a Padawan of the Jedi Knights in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Shortly after Obi-Wan Kenobi was raised to the level of Jedi Knight, Yoshi himself was admitted to the ranks of the Jedi Knights. On his first mission, he was shot down over a dusty planetoid by an unknown attacker. His ship was destroyed in the crash, and his lightsaber was badly damaged. He found himself in the midst of the machinations of Lord Gar-Oth, where the natives of the planetoid believed him to be The Foreseen. In an effort to help free Princess Lourdes, Yoshi claimed that he had married her, and was forced into battle against Gar-Oth's huge droid, The Goliath. While Lourdes defeated Gar-Oth in combat, Yoshi managed to jump on The Goliath's back and obtain the parts needed to repair his lightsaber. In a swift slash, Yoshi destroyed The Goliath's head and rendered the droid inoperable. It was later revealed that The Foreseen could only be a woman, who turned out to be Princess Lourdes herself. Yoshi was later rescued, but Lourdes asked him to grow up and return to her. (SWS)

Rapid Cloning
this process was developed by the Empire, in a secret laboratory located beneath some Jedi ruins on the planet Dantooine. The cloning facilities themselves were built by the Jedi. The goal of the lab was to process clones in just under two weeks, rather than the year it normally took to produce a viable clone. Darth Vader himself oversaw the project, which started by using genetic material from dead members of the Alliance. Vader was able to clone many races with the facilities on Dantooine. The technique tended to be imperfect, with the resulting clones having only basic memories and lacking any of the original's imagination and technical knowledge. Vader overcame this problem by collecting mindscans from various subjects and impressing them onto the minds of his clones. When the mindscan proved successful, Vader tried to take the project one step further. He hoped to clone the Dantari and create an army of cloned warriors which would have no qualms about killing anything in its path. After the labs were discovered by Tash and Zak Arranda, and their uncle Hoole, Vader learned that there was a clone of himself running the facility. The clone even had some mastery of the Dark Side of the Force, but not enough to survive the real Vader's powers. It was later revealed that the real Vader had not known of the facility until he found it, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, while searching for the Alliance's hidden base. The clone was created from a tiny sample of blood left behind when Vader activated the facility's defenses. (GOF11)

Rapid Repetition Defense Measures
known in the computer world as RRDM, this was an Imperial anti-slicing system which constantly scanned a computer, looking for patterns that were alien to the standard operation of the system. The RRDM system allowed operators to quickly identify when slicers were trying to gain access to a system. (CFG)

RapidProgram Module
developed by Industrial Automaton, this droid programming module allowed the owner of the droid to quickly reprogram it for a variety of duties. (FBS)

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