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this Radnoran youth was part of the team hired by Nonce to pillage the homes of those Radnorans who were evacuated from their homeworld, some five years after the Battle of Naboo. The evacuation came after a plague was unleashed in the city of Aubendo, part of a plan hatched by the Avoni to take control of Radnor. Ruuin and his pals were unaware of the larger picture, having been hired to bring their loot to a warehouse for later retrieval. They were promised safe passage off Radnor, but Ruuin was intercepted by Anakin Skywalker, Ferus Olin, and a group of Jedi Padawans. (JQ1)

this Trade Federation functionary served Lord Toat on the planet Maramere, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. After Toat was killed by Sol Sixxa, Ruuk was thrown overboard and their cruiser Syren was scuttled. However, Ruuk managed to survive, and became the nominal ruler of the planet. He continued to work toward exploiting the stygium crystals found on Maramerer in the development of cloaking devices for Trade Federation warships, unaware that both Sixxa and the Feeorin mercenary Nym were hunting down the Federation. Once he learned of their efforts, Ruuk tried to lure them into a trap. Unfortunately, Ruuk and the Trade Federation were unprepared for Nym's insane tactics. The Feeorin rammed the Sunrunner into Ruuk's cutter, destroying both ships and killing all the Neimoidians. Ruuk perished in the explosion. (CRBN)

this was a common name among the Togorian race. (UANT)

it was on this moon, which orbited the planet Sriluur, that Sora Bulq established his base of operations in the months following the Battle of Geonosis. Ruul was the only one of Sriluur's five moons that could sustain life, and was a lush world that was covered with primitive forests. (J1, SWDB, GORW)

Ru'up Benpo
this Twi'lek male served on the Benpo head-clan in his home city of Kala'uun, on Ryloth, during the early years of the New Order. A master of some ten languages, Ru'up was a shrewd businessbeing, but preferred to remain subordinate to the head-clan's leaders. In this way, Ru'up maintained a position of power without the possibility of assassination or other trouble. He was never seen without his Wookiee bokyguard, Urrooogh, and was often seen in the company of several Twi'lek females. Ru'up was also known for his hatred of the Hutts, but this came out only when he was in the company of his head-clan. (GORW)

this elegant, complex lanugage was used by the Ruurian race. While the spoken form was comprised of a wide range of vocalizations, the written form consisted of complicated swirls of lines, all drawn at various angles. (UANT)

this planet, located in the Corporate Sector of the galaxy, was the homeworld of the Ruurian race. It was a humid, jungle-covered world known for its institutions of higher education. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Ruuria was overrun during the second wave of attacks. (HSL, HT, UANT)

this unusual alien race was native to the planet Ruuria and its 143 colonies. The caterpillar-like Ruurians passed through three unique stages during their lives. First, they were hatched from eggs into a larval stage, when they resembled multi-legged caterpillars. Six stubby legs supported the Ruurian's body, while ten spindly arms allowed a Ruurian an incredible range of dexterity. Each of the legs had four mutually-opposable fingers, with the exception of the rearmost pair of legs, which ended in a blunt "foot". They also had fine, wide antennae on top of their heads, and large, multifaceted red eyes. The larval Ruurians were the most creative and intelligent of their race, and performed the various tasks required to run their planet. The second stage of life was a pupal stage, in which the larva spun a cocoon around themselves and transformed themselves in beautiful, though utterly mindless, chroma-wing fliers. This was the third and final stage of Ruurian development, but it was also the most stagnant. The chroma-wing fliers only existed to eat, fly, and mate. They were single-minded creatures with no inclination to work. Thus, it fell to the larval members of Ruurian society to tend to the chroma-wing fliers and protect the pupae, in order to preserve and perpetuate their race. (HSL, EGA, UANT)

this Tusken Raider sniper was part of a small group which lined the racecourse during the Boonta Eve Classic podraces, hoping to take out the loud vehicles and their alien drivers, during the last decades of the Old Republic. RuuR'Ur worked with Urror'Ruur during the race which was won by nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker. (YJC6)

this planet, the third world in the Hoth's Brand System, was located in the Colonies region of the galaxy. The planet, which was orbited by three moons, was the site of the decisive battle between Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness and Lord Hoth and the Army of Light, during the last stages of the New Sith Wars. The struggle, known as the Battle of Ruusan, ended with both armies being obliterated by the Sith thought bomb. Only one being survived, the Sith Lord Darth Bane. Much of the planet's surface was destroyed by the intense Force battles waged by the combatants, and the damage took many centuries to repair itself. By the time of the New Order, Ruusan was a forgotten world which served as the base of operations for many independent spacers and merchants. It was orbited by three moons, known as the Triplets. In the years that followed the Battle of Ruusan, an unusual form of sentient life evolved on the planet. Resembling large, rubbery balls, the natives had specialized flaps of skin that allowed them to catch the wind and help change the direction of their movements. A collection of tentacles were held close their bodies when in motion, but could be unfurled for use in catching food and for stopping their movements. While these bouncing creatures could understand languages, their only form of communication was written, using their tentacles to manipulate a stylus to scribe words in the sand. Note that the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook claims Ruusan was located in the Mid Rim. (ECH, JVS, RAG, PJSB, WOTC)

Ruusan Crystal
this strange crystal was found on the planet Ruusan. Ruusan crystals were imbued with the Force, and were often used by the ancient Jedi Knights as a focusing object, to help them make contact with the Force and channel it through their bodies. (KOTOR2)

Ruusan Prophecy
this was the term used to describe the belief among the Jedi Order that a knight would one day free all the souls trapped in the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan, thereby restoring balance to the Force on the planet. The spirits of both Sith and Jedi were trapped in the Valley during the Battle of Ruusan, when the Sith Lord Kaan set off his thought bomb. The prophecy was ultimately fulfilled by Kyle Katarn, after he defeated the Dark Jedi Jerec and his minions before they could access the Valley and use its power for evil. (WOTC)

Ruusan Reformation
this was the name given to the point in galactic history, a thousand years before the onset of the Clone Wars, when the Republic Measures and Standards Bureau reset the galactic calendar. The outcome of the Reformation produced one of the most accurate depictions of galactic time known to the Old Republic. (HNN4)

this was the name given to the race of near-humans which settled the planet Ruusan during the height of the Old Republic. Their history showed that they believed they could feel the "rhythm of the planet", although the Jedi Knights discovered no connection in them to the Force. In the aftermath of the Battle of Ruusan, many Ruusanians survived the blast of the thought bomb unleashed by the Brotherhood of Darkness, thanks to the efforts of Lord Hoth and the Army of Light to shield them from the blast. Note that the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook claims that it was the Ruusanians who prophecied the coming of a Knight to free the souls trapped in the Valley of the Jedi, not the Bouncers, despite what was chronicled in the Jedi versus Sith comic series. (PJSB, JVS, RAG)

this nutritious grain was grown on the planet Moorja. (SWJ8)

this was a common name among the Celegian race. (UANT)

this was one of the many Bothan colony worlds. (DN2)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. This was the female form of Rek, meaning "intelligent". (GCG)

this was a common name among the Ortolan race. (UANT)

this male Ryn was considered the leader of Ryn City, on the planet Ruan, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. R'vanna himself had been working in the Tion Hegemony when a Yuuzhan Vong assault force uprooted him. The Ryn were approached by two men, known simply as Tall and Short, who wanted to secure their services are forgers in order to create seemingly official documents which would allow high-paying refugees to obtain passage off Ruan. Gaph used his skills at line drawing, which R'vanna used his calligraphy skills, to create the document. In return, the Ryn were to be transported to Abregado-rae. Although the Ryn made it off Ruan, they missed Droma and Han Solo, who arrived shortly after their departure and were arrested for the forgeries. R'vanna and his group ended up on Duro, where they were accepted as part of Romany's small clan. R'vanna himself became Romany's chief lieutenant. (JE, BP)

this Bith Vehicle Voice Lock was produced by Cassillis Electronic Defenses, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this was one of the many public information channels maintained in the city of Rwookrrorro, used for communicating information to the Wookiees who lived in the city. (GMR4)

this was one of the few Wookiee subspecies, characterized by their red, brown, and chestnut fur. Chewbacca was known to have been a rwook Wookiee. (RD)

this tree-city was Chewbacca's home village on Kashyyyk, and one of the planet's most metropolitan centers of activity. It was a kilometer-wide platform built in a tangle of huge wroshyr trees. One huge branch had been hollowed out by the Wookiees for use as a hangar, and smugglers routinely evaded Imperial patrols to deliver supplies and weapons to the Wookiee underground. (HTTE, RD)

RWStar A/P Transceiver
this standard piece of equipment was used by various Imperial systems to communicate with Sector Plexus PDVs or in-system communications conduits. (ISB)

this RX-series pilot droid, simply referred to by its sentient comrades as Rex, was assigned to Star Tours Flight 45 near the end of the Galactic Civil War. Rex's first flight, as captain of a ship on the Endor Express, was full of mishaps, and landed him in the middle of the Battle of Endor with a full load of tourists. Rex's voice was provided by Paul Reubens. (ST, BTM)

RX-24 (b)
this was one of the earlier RX-series pilot droids employed by Star Tours. (ST)

this Trianii Ranger Patrol Ship was designed for long-term patrol of Trainii space. It was not designed for combat. Measuring 33 meters in length, the RX4 was manned by a crew of two, with two gunners and room for six passengers. It was used in space and in atmosphere, travelling up to 850 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. It was armed with a pair of twin turbolasers and an ion cannon. (CSA)

this assassin droid was dispatched by CUTH-BRT-92-X3 to eliminate the crew of the FarStar, during their layover on Gandle Ott. It attacked the command crew during a performance of the Madra Teene at the Theatre Danske, but was disabled before it could kill anyone. (DARK)

designation of a Damorian ion engine. (EGV)

a highly poisonous gas, RX-8 was the preferred "weapon" of the assassin Kyr Laron. (WBC)

RX-series Pilot Droid
this series of pilot droids was developed by Reubens Robotic Systems, and was designed to interface with and operate the Starspeeder 3000. (ST)

a planet. (AIR)

Ryad, Iran
this woman was an eccentric Imperial supporter and politician who had a love for starships and fighters in particular. During the height of the New Order, she spent huge sums of credits on her "hobby," training as a starfighter pilot aboard the TIE Defender. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, she stepped down from her political position to become a starfighter pilot for the Imperial remnant, leading the Red Star Squadron on runs into the Core. She flew in her own, personal TIE Defender, and ship she dubbed the Red Star I and which was heavily modified from its stock condition. However, Countess Ryad soon took matters into her own hands, attacking ships in Imperial-held space without direct orders. She was labeled a traitor and was hunted down and killed by Baron Soontir Fel. (WOTC)

Ryannar N'on Dikasterar
this Elomin was a member of the underground rebellion on Elom, during the height of the New Order. He was a miner by trade, and was one of the first Elomin to discover the Elom civilization living below the surface of the planet. He became good friends with Kav Dryfus, and fought alongside the Elom during many battles. (EGA)

Ryanthi Products
this corporation was based on Rydonni Prime, and was a primary subcontractor in the development of Imperial AT-ATs, AT-STs, and many combat vehicles. (FOP)

this synthetic, bio-engineered compound is used in cardio-muscular repair and enhancement operations. The rybcoarse is wrapped around muscles - including the heart- and lungs, providing additional reinforcement and added strength and stamina. (CFG)

this was the name given to the native language of the Rybets, a language that consisted of grunts and croaks. (ANT, UANT)

a small, squat alien race with unusual green and tan coloring, the Rybets were amphibian in appearance. They have overlarge, lanternlike eyes and wide, suction-cupped webbed fingers, and consumed primarily insects. In their larval stage, they are blind but perfectly formed and able to move about. Note that Jedi Search indicates that the Rybets have four arms, but this may simply be a result of their larval development. The Rybet people believed that they originated on the planet Varl, but were forcibly evicted when the Hutts took control of the planet in a devastating war. The Rybet people believed that they would one day rise up against the Hutts and repay them for their treachery. By the time of the Battle of Endor, it was estimated that fewer than one billion Rybets existed in the galaxy, a fact attributed as much to their solitary nature as to the males' hatred of their females. As a people, Rybets were generally considered to be sly opportunists, and well-adapted to a nomadic lifestyle. Note that early press for the novel Escape from Dagu indicated that the Rybets were native to the planet Dagu. (JS, ANT, UANT)

Rybettian Shac
this was a culinary delicacy favored by the Rybet race. (FTD)

Rycar Ryjerd
this Bimm trader was also an efficient starship weapons smuggler. He'll do business with anyone, and willingly takes on apprentices. He has also mastered the Jawa language. He was also reckless and considered to be borderline psychotic, and has been known to fly through dense asteroid fields to evade capture. He was once captured in the Obana Asteroid Belt, but managed to avoid being imprisoned for any length of time. After the Battle of Hoth, Ryjerd joined up with his friendly rival, Nabrun Leids, to smuggler goods along the Sisar Run. Both used their own ships in the enterprise, with Ryjerd manning the Tower. Note that the Wizards of the Coast website indicates Rycar was a human, not a Bimm. (CCG, CCG4, SSR, WOA11)

Rych Ha'andeelay
this unusual Nikto was born on Nar Shaddaa, and was noted for having the characteristics of two Nikto races. He was outcast from his people, since he lacked a definitive allegiance to one race or another. (EGA)

this independent spacer was once boarded by pirates who used modified Stiletto security droids as weapons platforms. (FTD)

this alien race was native to the planet Novor XXIII, and developed after Novor Major expanded into a red giant. (SSR)

a bovine creatures raised by Twi'leks as a food source, rycrits have been exported from Ryloth as source of food for many generations. However, their nasty temper led many farmers to abandon them to the wilderness, and populations of feral rycrits have developed on planets like Talasea. (SWSB, JS, PSPG, EGP)

this humanoid race native to the planet Rydar II. (GG4)

Rydan Beer
an alcoholic brew. (TME)

Rydar II
the second planet in the Rydar System, Rydar II was the original homeworld of the Rydan race and the Ranat species. When it was discovered that the Ranats were fond of eating Rydan babies, all but three were exterminated. This occurred several hundred years before the Galactic Civil War. (GG4)

this was another name for the Rydan race. (EGA)

this Trandoshan and his brothers, Xydge and Stydge, served as chiefs of security for the band Distraction, during the early years of the New Order. They all wore full-body armor, as well as a blaster at each hip. (WOA28)

this star is the central body of the Namaryne System. (SWJ9)

Rydonni Prime
this is the only habitable planet in the Namaryne System. It has enjoyed the wealth of the Empire for a number of years, primarily because of the contributions of Rythani Products to the Imperial war machine. Even after the death of Emperor Palpatine, Moff Caerbellak continued to employ the planet, in his quest to wrestle power from the New Republic. The wealth of the planet is vast, and its pro-Imperial feelings run deep throughout its society. The planet has been ruled by the K'ntarr monarchy for several generations, a situation which continued with the ascension of Kalieva K'ntarr to the throne. The temperate planet has an average day which lasts 22 standard hours, and its year encompasses 370 local days. (SWJ9)

this is the capital city of the planet Rydonni Prime. (SWJ9)

R'yet Coome
this Exodeenian served as one of Exodeen's junior Senators to the New Republic, serving under M'yet Luure. He was actually the second junior Senator, but the explosion of specially-modified droids inside the Senate Assembly Chamber on Coruscant killed Luure and the first junior. R'yet then became the senior Senator, and was highly supportive of Meido during the investigation of the bombing. R'yet also questioned Leia Organa-Solo's role in the bombing. He was later elected to the Inner Council, following the series of elections which were to fill in those Senatorial positions left vacant by the bombing. (TNR)

this was a Jedi Master, working at the Temple on Coruscant during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Ry-Gaul was known as a quite and thoughtful Jedi, and was well-respected by his peers for his knowledge of the galaxy. Ry-Gaul rarely spoke unless it was important, a trait which made him something of a mystery to students of the time. A tall man with an imposing figure, Ry-Gaul was often able to forestall a fight by sheer intimidation. Ry-Gaul accompanied Tru Veld and a group of other Jedi Knights to Korriban, several years before the Battle of Geonosis, on a mission to apprehend Granta Omega. When the Clone Wars broke out, Ry-Gaul accepted the rank of Senior Jedi General and was placed in command of the 2nd Sector Army. However, Master Ry-Gaul was among the many Jedi Masters who were killed during the Clone Wars. (JQ1, JQ10, LJ1, SWI84)

Rygelli, Denis
known as Reggie to his friends, this young man joined the Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He was known as a techie, and a whiz with anything that needed to be fixed. This allowed him to be part of something he believed in, but kept him out of the primary action. (GMK)

these noodles were a stable in the Rodian diet. (GMR8)

this was the name of a noted member of the ZeHethbra race. (UANT)

Ryhl, Angrail
this man was one of the galaxy's most noted xenoarchaeologists, primarily because he wasn't a treasure hunter and simply wanted to preserve the ancient wonders he discovered. He often waged a sort of war-like rivalry with Nardo Sau, and sometimes was forced to resort to the same kinds of underhanded tactics Sau used in order to reach a site before him. Ryhl spent his career searching the most obscure and remote Outer Rim worlds for surprisingly wonderous finds, like the Ch'hosk Cave Drawings of Antmuel VI or the Skull of Thalemute. One of Ryh's major disadvantages was his lack of corporate sponsorship, something Sau used to get past the Imperial bureaucracy to obtain licenses before Ryhl could. (HR)

Ryko, Max
this man was a member of the Coruscant police force during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. As an officer who worked a beat in Coruscant's financial district, Ryko was known for his underhanded enforcement of the law. His access to secret documents allowed him to obtain sensitive information on Senators and businessbeings, and he used this information to blackmail his targets for huge sums of credits. Because of this, an anonymous bounty for Ryko's capture was issued shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Jango Fett claimed the bounty sometime later, when he apprehended by Ryko and his fellow officers. Fett had just killed the Twi'lek Senator Trell, and Ryko's gunship was the first to arrive on the scene. Fett managed to disable the gunship and take control of the police officers who survived. (BH)

this Koodan was Bar-Kooda's older brother. Ry-Kooda operated from a base on Rutal 4. Ry-Kooda had a flatter head and more spots than his brother, but was no less mean-tempered. When he discovered that Boba Fett had captured and killed his brother, Ry-Kooda launched his own attack on Fett and his employers, Gorga and Orko. He tracked them to Skeebo, and got caught in the middle of the Skavers' kidnapping of Gorga's bride, Anachro. Ry-Kooda was able to corner the bounty hunter on Skeebo, but Fett launched a concussion missile in the Skeendo Tunnels, trapping Ry-Kooda in the resulting rockslide. The hulking creature did not die, however, and began to exact revenge on Orko and Boba Fett. He started by hunting down Orko in his palace, removing all the guards, killing and then eating Orko to repay the death of Bar-Kooda. Ry-Kooda then set his sights on Arachno, but Boba Fett intervened. Ry-Kooda nearly killed the bounty hunter in one-on-one combat, but Fett managed to lure Ry-Kooda into a toxic waste dump. There, Fett set the waste ablaze, consuming Ry-Kooda in the flames. The Koodan exploded from the extreme heat. (BF)

this was one of the many dialects spoken by the Twi'lek people of Ryloth. (GMR3)

this remote world was located in the Outer Rim Territories, just off the Manda-Roon Merchant Route. (WOTC)

this augmented form of bacta was created by Qlaern Hirf's verachen shortly after the New Republic liberated Coruscant from Ysanne Isard. It was created from normal bacta that was infused with kor ryll from the planet Ryloth. It was vastly superior to normal bacta, and Hirf gave the New Republic its own license to produce rylca in large quantities. This helped the Republic break out of the grip of the Krytos virus and escape from the virtual lock on the bacta market formed when Isard took control of the planet Thyferra. It was first produced at the Alderaan Biotics facility on Borleias. (KT)

this species of tree was native to the planet Ganlihk. (COG)

a unique crystal that was found on the planet Demophon, rylith was unique in that it could collect and store solar energy. They had many technological uses, including weapons power sources. (SN)

this was a common name among the Toydarian race. (WOTC, UANT)

this type of spice was mined on the planet Ryloth, and was originally used in a number of medicinal ways. It was eventually smuggled around the galaxy for use as a recreational drug. In any form or usage, ryll was highly addictive and very dangerous. Most refined ryll had a blue color. Unlike rocks or minerals that grew in veins, ryll tended to bloom when it propagated, filling entire caverns with crystalline growth. This made mining ryll both easier and harder than its cousin, glitterstim. While the mines that contain ryll were often spacious and well-lit, they were also prone to cave-in due to the amount of space that was left behind after the ryll was excavated. Many ryll mines on Ryloth were large enough to accommodate entire cities in the excavated chambers, and these cities prospered as long as the ryll held out. (SWJ2, JS, GORW)

Ryll Beer
this fine lager was created with a touch of ryll spice. (GG9)

this body of water, known as the Quiet Ocean, was located on the planet Bothawui. (SPG)

a planet famous for its orbital factories. (COJ)

this planet, the second world in the Ryloth System, was the homeworld of the Twi'lek race. Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Ryloth orbited its sun in such a way that one side was perpetually lit and the other was locked in the dark. These Bright Lands, where the daytime temperature reached 300 degrees centigrade, were scoured by huge heat storms that whipped around the planet with winds in excess of 500 kilometers per hour. These storms eventually died on the night side, but not before warming the dark side up enough to support minimal life. It was a dry, rocky world with a thin, breathable atmosphere. The Twi'Leks who lived on the planet mined the mineral ryll for various legal and illegal uses throughout the galaxy. Ryloth was orbited by five, red-colored moons. Ryloth's location put it at one end of the Corellian Run, but many spacers noted that it was farther out in the galaxy than even Tatooine. The planet was originally located by Old Republic explorers some 10,000 years before the onset of the Clone Wars, and was one of the first worlds discovered by explorers in the Outer Rim. Note that Platt's Starport Guide indicates that Ryloth had a year that lasted 289 standard days, and that a "day" on the planet lasted some nineteen hours. However, Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds indicates that the year on Ryloth lasted 305 standard days, and that its rotational period was the same, thus being truly tide-locked. (SW, DA, SWSB, PSPG, GORW)

one of two New Republic assault transports used in the conquest of Coruscant, following the Battle of Endor. It carried 100 troops to the planet. (WG)

this New Republic CR90 Corvette was part of the force sent to liberate the planet Ciutric from the control of Prince-Admiral Krennel. It supported the flagship Emancipator, along with several other Corvettes and a trio of Nebulon-B frigates. (IR)

this star was the central body in the Ryloth System, which was located in the Orus Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

Ryloth Street
a thoroughfare located in Xakrea, on Darkknell. (TFNR)

Ryloth Ventures
this Ryloth-based industrial corporation was active during the last decades of the Old Republic. Headed by Has Doneeta, Ryloth Ventures made a fortune in trade. (J3)

this was another name for the Twi'leki language. (EGP)

this was a diluted for of ryll, often sold by crimelords to get a being addicted to pure more powerful varieties of ryll. (GMR5)

Rym Mountains
a range of dormant volcanoes that runs through the Doaba Badlands on Socorro, the Rym Mountains extend nearly 30,000 kilometers across the eastern hemisphere of the planet. (SWJ2, BSS)

Rym, Ian
this man joined the starfighter group known as Kyp's Dozen, shortly before the planet Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. Unfortunately, the Dozen arrived at Coruscant shortly after the death of Borsk Fey'lya, and were immediately engaged by Yuuzhan Vong warships. Ian Rym was killed early in the battle, when his X-Wing got caught the crossfire of a Yuuzhan Vong warship. (DJ)

this volcanic world is the third planet in the Zelos System. It has a single moon. Both Rymm and its moon have been ravaged over time by their proximity to the Zelos System's gravity well. (PG2)

this species of humanoids was distinguished by their birdlike faces and the stiff hair covering their bodies. They had a slender, prehensile tail and a chitinous nose. The males had drooping moustachios and crests at their temples, while the females lacked moustachios and had slicked-back hair in place of the crests. Their noses were formed from a series of holes, making it appear to be a musical instrument, and the tips of their tails were sky-blue in color. They were known to be hard workers, but with a penchant for thievery and confidence games. The Ryn also had a distinct odor, which many other species found offensive. As a people, Ryn were highly superstitious, and had a number of rituals involving eating and bodily fluids. They were considered nomads, and those Ryn which were encountered most often were enslaved or being hunted down for some crime. Most xenobiologists were unable to discover the homeworld of the Ryn. The Ryn themselves had forgotten its name and location, but their histories showed that they were native to the Core and were driven from their homeworld long ago. Some Ryn believed that they were descended from a civilization of 10,000 musicians who agreed to move to a planet which was bereft of music. Others believed that their ancestors were warriors who were planted on other worlds to fend of a threat from the Inner Rim. This latter explanation was considered the most plausible, since the Ryn language contained a variety of military terms, including words for "non-Ryn" and "civilians." A large colony of Ryn settled in the Corporate Sector, moving from planet to planet. Some contingents of Ryn were quite fatalistic, claiming that they had been abused by the rest of the galaxy for so long that they often abused themselves whenever they were alone. When the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy began, many families of Ryn were suddenly split apart as refugees were shipped off to any planet which seemed to be on the far side of the invasion. Despite their separation, the Ryn maintained close contacts, and managed to create a tightly-knit web of information gatherers. They chose to blend into their environments, taking advantage of the way other races ignored them to insinuate themselves into their host culture, using these vantage points to collect information. Using secure channels, the Ryn began to anonymously provide their information to the Galactic Alliance, in the hopes that it could be used to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong. It was believed that the Ryn were led by a single individual, but no one knew who it was. Among the Ryn, it was rumored that this leader established the information network after learning about the Great River of the Jedi Knights. (HT, JE, FH1, FH2)

this was the native language of the Ryn people. Many xenolinguists decribed the spoken form of Ryn a a melodious collection of tones and inflections. (UANT)

Ryn 115
this was the codename of the Ryn who worked as part of the secret information network which sprang up during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Based on the planet Vortex, Ryn 115 worked with the rest of his race to unobtrusively gather information about the alien invaders and relay it to the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance. It was Ryn 115 who managed to infiltrate the prison camps of Selvaris and deliver a mathemetically coded message to Judder Page and Pash Cracken, who later entrusted Thorsh to carry it to the Republic. (UF)

Ryn City
this was the name given to the location on Ruan where thirty-two Ryn lived, after they were forced to leave their homes during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (JE)

Ryna, Tuner
this independent spacer discovered a teek aboard his starship, some years before the Clone Wars. The teek identified itself as Yeep, and Ryna discovered that the little furball was incredibly fast. Ryna later entered Yeep in the biped class of races in the "Mobquet Presents: Fastest Land Beings" series. (HNN5)

this woman was a Profex at the University of Sanbra, studying the ancient Sith and their affect on the galaxy. Over the years, Profex Rynalla had picked up a fair amount of sensitivity to the Force, mainly due to her secretive research of Dark Side magic. She traveled to Leritor to investigate the rumors that the Bracers of Najus were hidden beneath the Bleaks mountain range. However, she was unable to afford a real excavation crew, so she paid a team of slavers to capture Sauvax and human natives to dig at the site. Her efforts to locate the Bracers was cut short when a team of independent investigators, on Leritor to help settle dispute between the Sauvax and the settlers, stumbled upon her excavation. The investigators destroyed the site in a battle with Rynalla's bodyguards, and Rynalla herself was captured and held for trial. (GMR10)

this was Tan Dicium's personal luxury yacht. (WOA32)

this Twi'lek smuggler and his partner, Gerthylament, worked together during the height of the New Order. (SWJ11)

this was a blue and yellow wildflower that grew on the plains outside of Keren, on the planet Naboo. (SWDB)

this Outer Rim Territories world was in the remotest sections of the outer arms of the galaxy. It is special in that six unique, sentient species evolved on the world, including the Lyunesi. The planet's continual seismic activity has meant that the world's atmosphere is always filled with volcanic ash, making life on the planet harsh and dismal. (MA)

this dour, morose-seeming Twi'leki female accompanied Hawker Bryce-Kelley on his travels througout the Outer Rim Territories, rescuing spacers who seemed to be in dire need of assistance. Her origins were unknown, but she rarely communicated in speech. Instead, she used her head-tails to speak, along with hand and body movements. Together, they traveled the galaxy in the Royal Mistress. (PSG)

this grain was a staple in the Bothan diet. (SPG)

Rysais Producers Co-operative
this farming cooperative produced rysais from their huge facility, located south of Tal'cara on the planet Kothlis. Run by the Ithorian known as Thanek, the cooperative produced huge quantities of rysais in an effort to feed the growing population of the planet. They barely turned a profit, and were subsidized by the government. (SPG)

a dark brown, Corellian sweetbread served for birthdays and other special occasions, ryshcate was made with vweliu nuts and Corellian whiskey. Note that the Wizards of the Coast website names this food rycate. (XWN, WOTC)

this Charon was one of the many members of the splinter group known as the Cult of Light. (UANT)

Rysken Mokksi
this was a noted Besalisk individual, prominent in the history of the planet Ojom. (UANT)

this Trandoshan scout often did odd jobs for Mika the Hutt, including the occasional assassination, during the early years of the New Order. (TF)

Rystall Sant
this humanoid female was one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite dancers, during the last years of the Galactic Civil War. Originally born on the planet New Bornalex, Rystall and her human mother, Cyl Sant, moved to Coruscant several years before the Clone Wars, in hopes of finding a better life. Unfortunately, Coruscant provided nothing better, and Rystall was abandoned by her mother, who hoped that she would be adopted by wealthier parents. Sadly, this was not to be, and Rystall was raised by Ortolan parents who were musicians. Rystall was easily distinguished by her flowing red hair and spotted skin. Her face had a unique structure in that it flowed from her nose and cheeks to her ears in a fan-like spread. Her feet were elephantine, being thick stumps with several thick nails. Although her mother was a human, Rystall never knew her father's origins. Note that the official Star Wars website indicates that Rystall's father was human while her mother was an alien. Living in the underworld of Coruscant, Rystall was eventually caught in the web of Black Sun after being approached by one of Xizor's vigos who offered her a deal: join him in one of his vacation houses, and he would provide a better life for her adopted family. Rystall agreed, hoping to provide more for her Ortolan family. However, the vigo locked her in a cell and forced her to dance for him, claiming that he would kill her family if she refused. The vigo captured her family and used them as slaves for over two years before the vigo hosted a sabacc tournament. Lando Calrissian took part in the games, and took a liking to Rystall. He eventually won the freedom of Rystall and her family, and they all fled Coruscant before the vigo could have them killed. Rystall and her family drifted to Tatooine, where her parents met an old friend, Max Rebo. The Ortolan band leader asked Rystall to join his band as a dancer, and she heartily agreed. After Jabba's death, Rystall was given the opportunity to join a band known as the Palpatones. In addition to incredible notoriety for her musical ability, her tenure with the Palpatones also brought her to Nar Shaddaa. There, she met Shug Ninx, and discovered that her father must have been among the last of the Theelin race. She left the Palpatones and set out to locate information on who her father was. (RJSE, CCG9, MTSE, SWDB, SWI67, VD3, OWS)

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