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this MC40a was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Reactant Agitator Injector
a device which captures fission byproducts in a starship engine and thermochemically agitates them, recoverting them into catalyst material. (SWSB)

Reaction Drive
a primitive sublight powerplant. (LCF)

Reactivate Switch
the master circuit breaker in a droid's power supply, it is basically the on-off switch. (SW)

Reactive Composite Armor
developed by Rothana Heavy Engineering for use on the TX-130 fighter tank, this laminated armor plating was lightweight without sacrficing strength or durability. Traditional metal plating was laminated with prototype carbon fibers, creating a durable material that maintained the structural intergity of the metallic layers under stress. (OWS, WOTC)

Reactor Core
many individuals claim that this alcoholic beverage should only be available via prescription. It is made from Spice Liquor and Blue Tonic. (GG9)

this was another term for a datapad, especially when the datapad was programmed with software to analyze data and display it graphically. (HSR)

Reader Tape
this technology was used during the height of the Old Republic, as a way to preserve documents and information. It was put to its best use some 400 years before the Battle of Yavin, when the jedi Knights stored a wealth of information on reader tapes aboard the training ship Chu'unthor. (PJSB)

Reading the G's
this phrase us used by starship pilots to describe the ability to fly a ship by tactile feel, rather than by instruments. (VP)

this was the term used by Sullustan females to indicate their breeding years. Until the point of Ready, many Sullustan females were active members of the community. As the time of Ready approached, females began making their choice of husbands. (MJH)

Ready Rations
this was the name given to the prepackaged food that was developed to provide the Grand Army of the Republic with easily-transported sustenance. Species-specific forms of Ready Rations could be created, so that the ingredients included all the essential nutrients a species required. However, the reconstituted pap that formed the basis for Ready Rations was basically a carrier, and provided only the minimum of proteins and carbohydrates needed to sustain a being. Because of this, many field messhalls took advantage of local fruits, vegetables, and meats to augment the diets of their troops. (MBS)

this was a common name given members of Trianii society. (WOTC, UANT)

Realm Beyond
this was the Sakiyan term for death, indicating a belief in some form of afterlife. (MBS)

Realm of Death
this was one of the many Yuuzhan Vong warships which was called to the planet Coruscant - remade into a new version of the planet Yuuzhan'tar - just before the alien invaders launched their all-out attack on the Galactic Alliance's stronghold on Mon Calamari. (UF)

the normal space-time continuum in which all of the Star Wars galaxy resides. The normal laws of physics apply here. Realspace is coterminus with hyperspace: every point in realspace has an entry or exit point to hyperspace. Due to the physical laws governing realspace, travel is very slow compared to that which can be achieved in hyperspace. (SWSB, OS)

Realspace Compensator
this hyperdrive component is used to bring the power needs of the hyperdrive back into alignment with the sublight engine's needs during the reversion from hyperspace to realspace. (OS)

this young Sullustan once caught a reeho bird in the house of T'laerean Larn. Unfortunately for T'laerean, his mind was still controlling the bird, and could not return to his body. (SWJ14)

this Super-class Star Destroyer was assigned to Moff Ardus Kaine. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, Moff Kaine held the Pentastar Talks aboard this ship, eventually muscling business and political figures into agreeing to the formation of the Pentastar Alignment Treaty. He used it to patrol the Pentastar Alignment about three years after the Battle of Endor. After Kaine was killed during Operation Shadow Hand, the Reaper was absorbed into Admiral Pellaeon's fleet. (SWJ3)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Reaper's World
this planet became the de facto capital of Nilgaard Sector during the New Order. It was first colonized some 5,000 years before the Battle of Hoth, and was at the time an idyllic world of green oceans, blue mountains, and a variety of lifeforms. However, over the millennia, Nilgaard Bioprocessing used up the planet's natural resources, and when the planet could no longer sustain the corporation, Nilgaard moved to the Corporate Sector. In part because of its environmental destruction, Reaper's World fell into an ice age, and now its surface is dominated by glaciers and urban cityplexes. (ND)

Rearing Spider
another name for the Endorian spider. (ISU)

Rearqu 10
this Mid Rim world was the tenth planet in the Rearqu System. (JQ5)

Reasonable Doubt
this was the name of one of the many barely-serviceable cruise ships maintained by Kut-Rate Kruises, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Previously known as the Stardust, the Reasonable Doubt was of Verpine manufacture, so was more spaceworthy than most of Kut-Rate Kruises' ships. The Reasonable Doubt was converted to a refugee ship during the Clone Wars, transporting beings to and from Coruscant on a regular basis. The ship's crew was fond of reminding passengers that only the most expensive accommodations received regular maintenance, and lesser rooms received repairs only if something was broken "beyond all Reasonable Doubt." Each corridor and level of the ship was denoted by a specific color, to help passengers find their way around. This was the ship used by Jedi Masters Jai Maruk, Maks Leem, and Yoda to begin their journey to Vjun, some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis, in an attempt to bargain with Count Dooku for peace. (YDR)

Reassignment Council
this group of Jedi Knights was responsible for organizing work for those apprentices who were not chosen to be an apprentice or a padawan by a Jedi Knight or Master. The worked within the northeast tower of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (IWE1, PJSB)

this Yuuzhan Vong frigate-analog was the first ship to first on Coruscant, when the alien invaders launched their Battle Plan Coruscant attack, some twenty-seven years after the Battle of Yavin. The resulting battle became known as the Second Battle of Coruscant, and left the New Republic without a centralized government. (SBS)

Rebaxan Columni
this Chadra-Fan corporation manufactured various MSE droids, including the MSE-6 Mouse droid. (ISB, DFRSB)

Rebel Alliance, The
the popular name given to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (SW)

Rebel Assault Frigate
these highly-modified Dreadnaughts were used by the Alliance as mid-range attack ships. At 700 meters in length, the Assault Frigate was reworked so that automation replaced more than two-thirds of the 16,000 crewmen required by the original Dreadnaughts. Assault Frigates were not equipped with onboard docking facilities, but were given umbilical connections for their support craft. A single assault shuttle was also moored atop the frigate. Each frigate was armed with 15 laser cannons, 20 quad-laser cannons, and 15 turbolaser batteries. (RASB)

Rebel Blockade Runner
this was the name given to those CR90 corvettes which were used to break through planetary or interstellar blockades. It was first coined by Imperial authorities to denote those ships owned by the Alliance and modifed for breaking through Imperial blockade lines. (SWN, DARK, CHRN)

Rebel Dream
Leia Organa's personal flagship, this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was originally the Imperial warship Tyrant, until it was captured at Thyferra in the wake of the Bacta War. The ship remained under the Republic's control until it was retaken by Imperial forces at the Battle of Storinal. The ship later appeared near Borleias, in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, and was refitted once again for use by the Republic. The ship was later assigned to the home defense of the planet Mon Calamari, during the final stages of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. (CPL, ECH, EL1, UF)

Rebel Four
this underground serial was a popular form of comic developed by supporters of the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The stories centered on four rebels - Falaem Onn, Grimgrim, F4-MF, and Soo Rcharrz - who battled the forces of the Empire on any number of worlds. They were vanquished on the planet Vatleria by Darth Vader, whose rage was later turned to redemption at the hands of Luke Skywalker. (T9)

Rebel Heroes
this was one of many pro-Alliance holo-vids produced by No-Holds-Barred during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WSV)

Rebel Medical Frigate
this was the common used to describe any Alliance Nebulon-B frigate used as a medical ship. (ESB, ROTJ)

Rebel Rock
a stone outcropping high above the Cilpar jungles. The rebels on the planet lured Imperial TIE fighters there, flying through the spires and trying to draw the Imperials with them. When the Cilpari ships were clear, Cilpari resistance fighters hidden in the Rock open fire on the TIE fighters. (XWRS)

Rebel Routers
this Imperial armed forces squadron was part of the Imperial ground forces on Draenell's Point, during the construction of the Bissillirus Resupply Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GMK)

Rebel Star
one of the New Republic escort frigates which were sent to help Han Solo and Leia Organa-Solo rescue Luke Skywalker and the Liberator. When the small fleet emerged from hyperspace near Coruscant, the Rebel Star impacted a drifting Star Destroyer and was severely damaged. (DE1)

Rebellion Blaze
this was one of the most famous gunboats operated by the Alliance, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

Rebellion Blaze
this area of open space was located near the planet Lok, which was the home of the Alliance's primary base in the area. The area was named for the noted gunship, the Rebellion Blaze. (SWGAL)

Rebellion Remnants
this was the poetic name given by Sonal Serore to a space station that was built by the fledgling Alliance in the Naboo System, several years before the Battle of Yavin. The station was eventually abandoned, and served as a testiment to the might of the Empire. However, durign the height of the Galactic Civil War, a handful of Alliance operatives re-established their presence on the station, using it as a place to gather information on the Empire's travels in the area. (SWGAL)

Rebellion, The
this was the term often ascribed to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, although it was most popular in the Empire. (SW)

this was the Imperial name given to the members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It had a very derogatory connotation. (SW)

Rebel's Pride
this New Republic freighter was assigned to the convoy sent to Thyferra to transport bacta to Coruscant, during the height of the Krytos crisis. The convoy's mission profile and timetable was leaked to Warlord Zsinj, who attacked and destroyed it in the Alderaan System. The Rebel's Pride was destroyed in the ambush. (KT)

Rebeton Kl'ian
this droid manufacturer was one of the largest corporations of the Old Republic, until Industrial Automaton became more powerful. (SWJ7)

Rebirth Architecture
this was the name given to the forms of architecture that sprang up on Coruscant, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Most of Coruscant's original structures had been utterly destroyed by the terraforming of the alien invaders, who had sought to recreate their long-lost homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. When the Reconstruction Authority chose to relocate the seat of the galaxy's government back to Coruscant, they chose to erect sweeping buildings made of simple shapes. Construction materials were chosen to be both sturdy and natural, with stone facades fronting many buildings, in order to blend in with the underlying structures of the Yuuzhan Vong. (DN1)

this was a common name among the Ortolan race. (UANT)

a planet in the Hapes cluster, refered to by Ta'a Chume when she has dinner with Luke Skywalker on Coruscant. In an effort to distract Luke from his search for Han Solo and Princess Leia, Ta'a Chume tells Luke that a group of 50 Jedi ran a small academy on the planet, before it was sealed up by Darth Vader, with the Jedi inside. The planet has a harsh, mostly uninhabited environment. (CPL)

Reborn, The
this was the name given to the Dark Jedi who were trained by Desann, during the early years of the New Republic. Most of the Reborn were tainted at the Valley of the Jedi on Rusaan, but Desann had other plans for gaining converts. He allied himself with Admiral Galak Fyyar, hoping to use Fyyar's unusual technology to twist beings to the Dark Side of the Force. However, with Desann's death at the hands of Kyle Katarn, the Reborn were left without a leader and a direction. The surviving members - those that chose not to fight back - were rounded up and held for questioning about Desann's activities. (JK2)

an Imperial Moff who once worked for Imperial Machines, but left because he didn't like the infighting that went on. After the plans to the first Death Star were stolen by Kyle Katarn, Rebus hid out in the Anoat System. Katarn eventually captured him in Anoat City. (DF)

this was one of the Imperial cruisers sent to blockade the ThonBoka and starve the Oswaft, during the early years of the New Order. The Recalcitrant was the first ship to fire on The One when he and The Rest arrived at the ThonBoka. The One returned her fire with much greater force, destroying the cruiser and killing all aboard. (LCS)

located on the planet Rimma, the city of Recardeon was noted for the many shantytowns that were formed when the Empire took control of the planet's government and economy. (SWJ3, GCG)

Rece, Ina
this Alliance pilot was Merrick's cousin, and used her dry sense of humor to relieve stress during battle. She was killed when, as part of Ace Merrick's Rascal Squadron, a squadron of Imperial V38's ambushed them. (RA2)

Recham Fortep
this Yuuzhan Vong bio-engineered organism was developed to assist in the decaying of organic matter while capturing methane for later use. Entire colonies of recham forteps were used to cleanse the maw luur of Yuuzhan Vong starships, thereby sustaining the ships over many centuries. (EVC, EVR)

Reciprocating Quad Blaster
known as a Cip-Quad, this unusual weapon was developed for the Grand Army of the Republic by Merr-Sonn, during the height of the Clone Wars. Designed to be an anti-personnel weapon, the Cip-Quad was worn in a special harness that fitted over the chest of a clone trooper, with the dedicated power pack attached to the back. Each barrel of the weapon was fitted with a pair of emitter nozzles, providing double-barreled fire from each round. The individual weapons could be fired on at a time, in pairs, or in a rotating pattern defined by the clone trooper. In this way, the weapon's output could be regulated, depending on the situation. The Cip-Quad was cooled by a dedicated liquid-cooling system, and targetting of the weapon was accomplished by a special heads-up display coupling the fed directly into the clone trooper's helmet. The power of the Cip-Quad was incredible, with a single weapon being capable of taking out an MTT transport with the right application of firepower. (SWDB, CWC3)

Reckless Abandon
this Gallofree Yards Medium Transport was part of the small New Republic fleet which assembled at Borleias, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. The Reckless Abandon arrived from Taanab laden with foodstuffs and other supplies for the base on Borleias. (EL2)

this Imperial-II class Star Destroyer served as Prince-Admiral Krennel's flagship. Krennel was given the command of the ship by Ysanne Isard, during her hunt for Sate Pestage, and he used it to pummel the planet Axxila. As he grew in power, Krennel planned to launch the Reckoning against Coruscant just as the New Republic launched its attempt to liberate the planet Ciutric. Krennel was trapped by Admiral Ackbar's use of the Thrawn Pincer, and the Reckoning was destroyed by the combined firepower of the Selonian Fire and the Corusca Fire. Krennel was killed when the ship exploded under a barrage of laser fire and concussion missiles. (XWM, IR)

this modified transport measured 22.5 meters in length, and was armed with a heavy laser cannon. (GA)

Reclamation Fleet
this was the largest of the Squib garbage collection agencies. To be hired by the Fleet was a great honor for a Squib. (HR)

Reclamation Services, Incorporated
this smelting and incineration operation was owned by Ukert, and was located on Kothlis. RSI collected the waste materials from all over the planet, and recycled them into reusable metals, plastics, and silicates. (PSG)

this species of large spider was native to the planet Null. The web material exuded by the reclumi spider was incredibly strong, and could stop a fast-moving landspeeder without snapping. The reclumi was not poisonous, and relied on its strong, sticky web to snare its prey. (LOJ)

Recognizer Lock
developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, this small security device allowed suitcases and other personal containers to be locked with a thumbprint, rather than an access code or a key. This ensured that only the owner could gain access to the container. (MBS)

Reconciliation Council
this branch of the Jedi Council of the Old Republic was charged with supplying aid to those member worlds which suffered incredible natural or man-made disasters. It was a five-member body whose membership was rotated often to avoid partiality. (COD)

it was believed that this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was once the flagship of Grand Admiral Nial Declann, although no record of its existence was ever found. (OWS)

Reconnaissance Troop Transporter
developed by Sienar Fleet Systems, this 6.4-meter-long speeder was designed for use by the Empire during the height of the New Order. The primary mission profile for the Reconnaissance Troop Transporter was to move patrols to their assigned locations, although many elite units used them for search-and-destroy missions. A twin light blaster cannon was the only weaponry on the speeder, which required a pilot and gunner to operate, and could transport up to six troopers and their gear. The pilot and gunner worked in a shielded cockpit, while the troopers were carried in "racks" on the side of the speeder. These "racks" were spring-loaded, and could open with the push of a button for ease of deployment. (WOA32)

this was the name used by historians to refer to the years immediately following the Galactic Alliance's victory over the Yuuzhan Vong, in which entire planets and civilizations had to be relocated or rebuilt. The Yuuzhan Vong destroyed or terraformed a large number of planets, and several races were forced to flee their homeworlds in the face of this destruction. The Galactic Alliance established the Reconstruction Authority to monitor the rebuilding of the galaxy. (DN1)

Reconstruction Authority
this branch of the Galactic Alliance was formed in the wake of the Galactic Alliance's defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, to monitor and drive the rebuilding of the galaxy. The Reconstruction Authority dealt with many of the interstellar aspects of the rebuilding, including the restoration of habitable planets and the relocation of dishomed refugees and races. This put the Authority in the position of monitoring the claims of a new breed of planet hunters: corporate entities that spent more time jumping the claims of independent explorers than they did actually exploring. Many of these independent explorers were dismayed when the Reconstruction Authority mandated that, whenever two parties made claims to the same world, the party with more resources was given preference. Thus, operations like RePlanetHab only had to submit a claim to a planet at the same time as an independent operation, in order to acquire the rights to the planet. Laws and regulations such as this made many believe that the Reconstruction Authority was being bribed by the exploration corporations. The Reconstruction Authority also was placed in charge of prosecuting pirates and criminals who attempted to turn a profit from any activities that caused problems or delays in the rebuilding effort, which often put them at odds with Luke Skywalker's new Jedi order. The Jedi felt that they were being used as a police force by the Reconstruction Authority, since they were often called upon to bring in a noted pirate or crimelord. As the rebuilding effort continued, the Reconstruction Authority sought to return the seat of the galaxy's government to Coruscant, despite the damage and ecological transformation it had experienced during the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. To help speed up the process, the Authority presented Skywalker with a new Jedi Temple, hoping that he would move the new Jedi order's base of operations from Ossus to Coruscant. (DN1)

Reconstruction Police
this was the name of the galactic security force that was under the control of the Galactic Alliance's Reconstruction Authority, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Reconstruction Police were charged with maintaining order across the entire scope of the Authority's rebuilding efforts, from ensuring the security of supply convoys to investigating smuggling rings. However, the ranks of this force were woefully inadequate to handle all the demands of a galaxy-wide effort, and the Reconstruction Authority often turned to the new Jedi order to assist with the policing efforts. (DN1)

this star was the central body of the Recopi System. (CCW)

this planet, located in the Core Worlds, was known for its unusual environment. Small island plateaus rose from poisonous oceans, and the atmosphere was laden with gaseous sulfur. It was the fourth planet in the Recopi System, and was orbited by a trio of moons. The average day on Recopia lasted 20 standard hours, and its year lasted 286 local days. Recopia was settled many thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, when explorers eked out an existence on any remotely habitable world. The settlements on Recopia remained viable as layover points along other hyperspace routes, until advances in hyperdrive technology made it easier to travel long distances. The planet faltered until the Empire took control and subjugated the planet. During the Imperial occupation, the many city-states which existed on the planet joined together to form a loose, planetary government. After the Battle of Endor, this government quickly abandoned the Empire and joined the New Republic. (SWI64, CCW)

this was the name used to describe the human natives of the planet Recopia. (CCW)

Record Time
this New Republic armed transport ship was originally an independent spacer's craft owned by Captain Birt. Measuring 170 meters in length, the Record Time had two main cargo pods connected by a narrow tube. She had been pressed into troop transport duty when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, and had been "loaned" to General Wedge Antilles during the evacuation of Coruscant. The New Republic troops she carried were later dropped off at Borleias, after the planet was retaken from the Yuuzhan Vong. During the struggle to retake Borleias, the Record Time took moderate damage from plasma weapons, but arrived at Borleias and was repaired to minimal working status. The ship was then used as the insertion mechanism for the strike force - led by Luke Skywalker - that later infiltrated Coruscant. However, the ship was sacrificed as part of the mission, so that the infiltrators could arrive under cover of this ship's destruction. (EL1, UF)

Recorder Rod
a small, plastic device which can be used to record events. It effectively captures audio recordings, playing them back as words that move across its outer surface. It is also capable of capturing two-dimensional images of low quality. (SME)

Recovery Act
see Derelict Planet Reclamation Act (DN1)

Recovery, The
this was the Basic term used to describe the rebuilding of Gorothite civlization during the millennia following The Scouring. (GSE)

see Treaty Recording System. (SWJ1)

this Fabritech communications and sensor array features active/passive scanners, jamming systems, ship-to-ship transmitters, and short-range targetting capabilities. The Millennium Falcon had one of these dish-like packages attached to its upper hull. (CCG2)

this was the name used by Christoph Jam to describe his teams of hired mercenaries. Each team was provided with information on unpunished crimes, and dispatched to remedy those situations. (CCW)

Recusant-class Light Destroyer
this needle-shaped warship was developed by the Commerce Guild for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Like other Separatist vessels, the Recusant-class light destroyer was designed to be operated by droid crews. These ships were designed and built by Hoersch-Kessel Drive and the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps, and measured 1,187 meters in length. A crew of 300 droids was required to operate the vessel, although it had storage space for up to 40,000 deactivated battled droids. The primary armament of the Recusant-class destroyer was a bow-mounted heavy turbolaser cannon, supplemented by four heavy turbolaser cannons and six heavy turbolaser turrets. Defensive weaponry included five turbolaser cannons, thirty dual laser cannons, twelve light laser cannons, and sixty point-defense laser cannons. Although a single Recusant-class destroyer could subjugate a planet on its own, they were more effective in numbers. Six of these vessels could outgun a Venator-class Star Destroyer, when properly arrayed against the target. Three huge ion thrust engines, mounted in a triangle at the rear of the vessel, provided sublight propulsions, while a Class 2 hyperdrive moved the Recusant-class destroyer across interstellar distances. Interestingly enough, the Recusant-class destroyer lacked any sort of hangar or docking bays, although droid starfighters could be held in a cargo area if needed. (TCG10, X3)

any device which is used to return a material to its original form. Most clothing is fully recyclable, and when dirtied or ripped, it can be tossed into a recycler for decomposition. (CS)

this bloated, one-eyes, spine-covered fish was native to the oceans of the planet Naboo. They were known to eat just about anything, and the Gungans used them to dispose of their organic garbage. (E1A10)

this was a nickname used to describe the astromech droid R5-D4. (SW)

this man, a native of the planet Atzerri, was a noted weapons collector during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this was an alias used by Leia Organa Solo during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. She often traveled abroad with her hair dyed red, to help disguise herself. (SBS)

Red & Black League
this criminal organization was led by Janstren Brell, and was based on Herstell V. They were famous for their exploits, which included the Perkell Sector Mining Fleecing and the Trancret Stock Exchange Swindle. Their name derived from the unique coloration of the currency of Herstell V. (HR)

Red Alpha
this was the codename of Andrephan Stormcaller's infiltration unit, first with the Alliance and later with the New Republic. (SWJ8)

Red Ball Organ
this was the type of keyboard played by Max Rebo. (CHRN)

Red Bush Grove
this was one of the many Ewok villages found on the Forest Moon of Endor, during the years leading up to the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, the entire village was destroyed when a lightning strike set off a massive forest fire. The only survivors of the fire were two brothers, Leektar and Keoulkeech. Leektar believed that he had been the cause of the fire, since he had been praying to the Leaf Queen for more importance in the village. (SWDB)

Red Claw
this Interdictor-class cruiser was part of the Imperial fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Red Claw
this Yapi clan opposed Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne's presence on the planet Kathol, and later helped the crew of the FarStar defat Sarne and DarkStryder. (E)

Red Dog
this Alliance Strike-class cruiser was destroyed during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Red Dragon
this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Red Dwarf
a potent drink. (CSWEA)

Red Eclipse
this band of slavers worked from a base on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Red Eight
Bren Quersey's callsign as a member of the Alliance's Red Squadron, during the Battle of Yavin. (CCG9)

Red Fang
this modified Incom A-24 Sleuth was owned and operated by the Twi'lek smuggler, Tarquin Zian. (GG10)

Red Feathers
this Imperial cargo carrier was dispatched to follow the Yellow Rover to the battle for control of the planet Ession. The Red Feathers was the primary contact ship for the Night Caller. The crew of the Night Caller initially mistook the Blood Nest for this carrier, as the old pirate ship had placed itself in a position to assist in the assault on Ession. The Blood Nest was actually full of three squadrons of X-Wings. It faked a break-up upon emerging from hyperspace, and set its self-destruct mechanism. As the ship disintegrated, the X-Wings fired up their engines and fell with the pieces of the ship, then broke away and attacked the TIE Fighters coming from the Implacable. (WS)

Red Five
Luke's callsign during the Battle of Yavin (SW)

Red Five
Pop's callsign during the Battle of Yavin (SWN)

Red Five
this was Anakin Skywalker's calllsign during the space battle that occurred during the First Battle of Coruscant. (E3N)

Red Flame
among the Chiss, the Red Flame represented an ideal state of perfection. According to Chiss lore, the Red Flame was the essence of courage, cunning, and discipline. It stood for a state of preparedness that was to be aspired to, although rarely achieved. Chiss leaders were often given red piping on their uniforms as a reminder of the Red Flame and what it stood for. (GMR7)

Red Flight
one of the K-Wing groups serving the 24th Bombardment Squadron at the blockade of Doornik-319. (SOL)

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