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this Dug and his friend, Manoca, often met for lunch at Dex's Diner, during the years surrounding the Battle of Geonosis. (SWI63)

Redor Sauce
this tangy sauce is often served with nerf meat. (TPS)

this Venator-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Denn Wessex during the height of the Clone Wars. The vessel saw action during the Battle of Boz Pity. (SWI84)

Redoubt, The
this globular cluster of densely-packed stars was located deep in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Because of the density of stars in The Redoubt, navigation was virtually impossible without an extension knowledge of both the area and astronomical physics. Sensors were useless in the area, due to the intensity amounts of radiation and background noise generated by the stars. Comets and planetoids moved through The Redoubt on orbits that were continually altered by the changing gravitics of the area. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy, the Chiss had spent more than 200 years studying The Redoubt, trying to understand its mechanics, as a way to ensure their species' survival. Should the time ever come when the Chiss were overwhelmed, they planned to flee into The Redoubt and hide until such time as they could return to their worlds. The pace of their research was quickened during the last fifty years, after the destruction of the Outbound Flight Project. (SQ)

an Imperial-class Star Destroyer which was damaged in the Battle of Endor and moved to the Black-15 shipyards for repair. It was later captured by the Yevetha and converted for their own use. (BTS, SOL)

Redrish System
this largely uninhabited star system was located near Kuat, and served as one of the two main staging for passenger traffic which was inbound to the Kuat Passenger Port. (PSPG)

this was the term used during the Clone Wars to describe the members of the Red Guard who protected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The nickname came from their red cloaks and body armor. (E3N)

this man was one of the most notoriously dangerous swoop racers who competed on the planet Taris, during the height of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Redshift Runner
this Z-10 Seeker was purchased used by Elga Arbo, who spent every credit she had - and a few she didn't - on making it the fastest ship in the Corellian Sector. The Bureau of Ships Services once recognized it as the fastest commercial ship on record, a fact the Arbo used to promote her courier business. Unfortunately for Arbo, her indebtedness caught up to her. Her financeer, Gydio Lucone, threatened to seize the ship if she failed to pay off her loans. Arbo disagreed, and a firefight broke out. In the end, Arbo was seriously wounded, and her co-pilot, Maceb Joodsen, stole the Redshift Runner and fled the sector. (SS)

this plant, native to Joralla, produced a brilliant red fruit which was nearly half a meter across. This fruit was highly nutritious. (PG1)

this Yaka was one of the many smugglers who were captured in the wake of the Galactic Alliance's defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, and tried for their part in various crimes against the Galactic Alliance. Redstar, distinguished from other Yaka by the engraved skull of an Ithorian he wore on his chestplate, was captured by Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. He was later held for trial aboard the Maxsec Eight detention center. (DN1)

Redthorn-class Scoutship
a small, highly-maneuverable craft developed and manufactured by Tykannin Drive, the Redthorn-class had a needle-shaped cylindrical hull and stubby wings. It measured 24 meters in length, and was armed with a forward-mounted, light triple blaster. The Redthorn-class ship required a pilot, co-pilot, and gunner to operate, and could transport up to 10 metric tons of cargo. (THG, PG3)

this young Twi'lek male was a podracer of some small renown, who grew tired of the way in which the Desilijic Hutts skimmed the profits from the races. He was part of a growing faction of racers who also opposed the sentiment that the racers were "disposable," so long as the races themselves continued to be profitable. During the early years of the New Order, Ree went to work for Kaeline Ungasan as a race scout, searching out new locales in which to stage podraces to rival those of the Desilijics. It was Ree's explorations that discovered a vein of vonium on Ando Prime, leading Ungasan to set up a race there to cover up the mining activities. The plans of the Ungasan organization were thwarted when the Desilijic clans learned of the operation and convinced Jer and Gelune Blankuna to pose as his "parents," in an effort to launch and independent "rescue" operation. The agents eventually exposed Ungasan's ties to the Corporate Sector Authority, and Ungasan was imprisoned. Ree was also captured, and faced justice at the hands of the CSA. (GMR2)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "spear". (GCG)

Ree Duptom
famous for being the only individual every kicked out of the old Bounty Hunters Guild, Ree Duptom was a bounty hunter as ugly as his reputation. With his ship, the Venesectrix, he scoured the border territories of the galaxy's central section for work. Among his specialties was the dissemination of misinformation, sometimes even working for the Empire, in spreading lies which helped himself and his employer. Several years before the Battle of Yavin, Duptom was hired by Kud'ar Mub'at to perform a job for Nil Posondum, although the two parties had never met. Duptom was to kidnap Kateel of Kuhlvult, erase her memories, and then lose her somewhere in the galaxy. The kidnapping was successful, but the memory Duptom had done was cruel and - ultimately - incomplete. During the final transport of Kateel, Duptom suddenly disappeared. When his ship was discovered by Boba Fett, floating and adrift near the Core, Fett discovered that the Venesectrix has suffered a partial meltdown of its engine's reactor core. The resulting radiation had killed Duptom and caused several damage to the body. However, it left intact the load shifter droid and the only passenger on the ship, Neelah. Fett took both aboard the Slave I and left the Venesectrix in space. (HM)

Ree Shala
this female Twi'lek was a smuggler who operated her business from the Outer Rim moon known as Jaresh. Originally a spice smuggler, Ree Shala managed to develop a sizable organization spread across Corva Sector during the last years of the New Order. (SWJ6)

Ree, Shantee
this famous holovideo star was perhaps best-known for her "Save the Stohl" campaign. Shantee owned a specially-trained attack stohl named Needla, which bit an overzealous fan during an autograph session. The media portrayed the attack as an assault, but Shantee wuickly responded by explaining that the attack stohl had been trained to protect her. The result of the media coverage was that the attack stohls were hunted for the thrill of it, until Shantee launched her campaign to save the species. (COG)

this Inner Rim world was a stop-over point for Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, during a trip to meet with Lando Calrissian and check out Lando's Folly, just before the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy. While he was there, Han also took some time to find out more about the actions of Kyp Durron and his vigilante Jedi Knights. The planet was home to a small group of smugglers, until the New Republic Navy took command of the planet and used it as a rear base by Admiral Traest Kre'fey. As the Yuuzhan Vong began to move on Coruscant, the New Republic believed that the alien invaders would attack the capital world from Bilbringi, and so Reecee was left relatively undefended. However, the Yuuzhan Vong had been massing in the nebula surrouding the Black Bantha, and planned to conquer Reecee for use as a primary base from which to launch their assault on Corucant. This plan was smashed when New Republic forces fleeing from Borleias arrived at Reecee and pummeled the Yuuzhan Vong ships. After a pitched battle, the Yuuzhan Vong force had been eliminated, and Reecee remained part of the New Republic. (VP, SBS, NJOSB)

this narcotic was created from plant materials grown on the planet Polmanar. Profits from the sale of reedug caused the Empire to take notice of Polmanar and establish a garrison on the planet, until the farmers began to rebel. They received assistance from the Alliance, until the Empire abandoned their garrison in the wake of the Battle of Yavin. (WOA33)

Reef Fortress
located on Hapes, this secure stronghold is used as an emergency retreat by members of the royal household. It is located near the ocean, and looks out over the Dragon's Teeth. (L)

Reef Home
this Alliance MC80 cruiser fought in the Battle of Endor. It was named in honor of Reef Home City, on Calamari. It was used to clear out booby-trapped Imperial probe droids left behind in the Endor System. (TBSB)

Reef Home City
another floating city on Calamari, it was the primary attack point for Daala's Star Destroyers during the second Battle of Calamari. It was reported that the city was destroyed in the attack, but the Mon Calamari and the Quarren were able to rebuild it. (DA, COTF)

Reef, The
this was the name used by the Menahuun to describe the asteroid belt that surrounded the Lamaro System. It was believed that the asteroids were formed when the system's original two outermost worlds collided with each other. (GMR7)

this Dresselian boy was one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's best friends, during the time he spent in training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Reeft was constantly hungry, and would clean all of his friends' plates and still be hungry afterward. He was later chosen to further his training as the padawan of Binn Ibes, and traveled the galaxy for many years. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Reeft was dispatched to Brentaal IV to capture Rotar Lopani. He returned to Coruscant with Lopani's body, as well as that of a bounty hunter named Tosinqas. Tosinqas had actually found Lopani first and attacked him, just before Reeft found Lopani. Both parties were startled by the presence of the other, and Reeft drew his lightsaberin reaction. Tosinqas charged Reeft, but cut himself in half when he misjudged the blade of the lightsaber. The two deaths raised the ire of both the Galactic Senate and the Bounty Hunter's Guild. (RF, CT, JAD, HNN5)

the primary planet in the Reegan System. (SWJ7)

a Ranat trader working in Mos Eisley, Reegesk encountered Het Nkik as the young Jawa was preparing to execute some Imperial stormtroopers. Known as a shrewd, but fair, trader, Reegesk offered Het a bantha-horn Sand Person talisman. Het wanted it for strength, but he'd spent all his credits on his blaster. Reegesk asked to see the blaster in return for letting Het has the talsiman on credit, and slipped the power cell from it before returning the weapon to Het. Unfortunately for Het, when he attacked the Zeta squadron of troopers, he was gunned down when his weapon didn't fire. (TME, CCG2)

Reegian System
this planetary system was used by the Alliance as a secret fuel cache in deep space. (RASB)

this species of heavy-billed avian was native to Gelgelar. Reehos were distinguished by their bright orange feathers. (SWJ14)

originally native to the the wilds of Ylesia and maintained in great ranches on the Codian Moon, this immense, reptilian herbivore was distinguished by the three heavy horns which surrounded its mouth. The horn atop its nose was used for attack, while the two horns at each side of the mouth were for defense. The long, front legs of the reek allowed it to raise its head quite high, while its short hind legs provided a stable base. The coloration of the reek was mainly gray, although the specimens found on Geonosis had red coloring along its back, neck, and head. This coloration was due to the high percentage of meat in its diet. Reeks were prized by those beings who staged gladiator fights during the last years of the Old Republic, because their hide was incredibly thick and hard to damage. Many fighters discovered that a reek could be best attacked while riding on its back, where the creature's skin was so thick that it couldn't sense the rider's presence. (OWS, TCG1, VD2, SWDB)

Reek Paynees
this male Gran and his brother, Neek Paynees, were noted criminals who worked for Sebolto during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was issued for his capture by an anonymous individual, who simply wanted the "worthless scum" off the streets. The bounty was claimed by Jango Fett, when the bounty hunter traveled to Malastare to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

this was a common name among the Iskalonian people. (GMR1)

this species of feline, named for its unusual odor, was native to the planet Corellia. (REC)

Reekeene, Lens
this woman and her husband, Mikka, worked with Santhou Lazith'chika to form Reekeene's Roughnecks. She was known as an efficient mercenary, and was employed by the Sartran Corporation until the Empire disbanded it. Her entire team was imprisoned as traitors, and only Lens survived to be released. The other members of the group died or were executed in prison. Upon learning this, Lens joined the Alliance and formed the Reekeene Roughnecks to assist the Alliance in its struggle against the Empire. She was fifty-five years old at the time of the Battle of Yavin. She was shot down while on a secret rendezvous with the Alliance's commanders in Fakir Sector, and forced to land on Flankers. She was rescued by a team of Alliance agents before the planet's star exploded. (SWCP)

Reekeene, Milla
this man and his wife, Lens, worked with Santhou Lazith'chika to form Reekeene's Roughnecks. Milla was a brilliant mechanic working for the Sartran Corporation when he met Lens, shortly after the Empire nationalized the corporation. They first met in prison, and were married soon afterward. When Lens joined the Alliance, Milla followed along with her, although he chose to remain neutral during the Galactic Civil War. (SWCP)

Reekeene's Retribution
this HT-2200 freighter was purchased by the Alliance, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and issued to Reekeene's Roughnecks. Modified with the addition of a pair of retractable FireStorm missile racks, the Retribution was outfitted to help the Roughnecks defeat Moff Sakai. Unfortunately, Sakai called in the Venom Guard, and the Roughnecks were nearly wiped out. The Reekeene's Retribution was lost, presumably with all hands aboard, and was believed to be adrift in deep space. (SS)

Reekeene's Roughnecks
this group of Irregulars was founded by Lens and Milla Reekeene, along with Santhou Lazith'chika. The mercenary group was not officially part of the Alliance's military, but Lens Reekeene ensured that the missions undertaken by the Roughnecks were against decidely Imperial targets. They pestered Imperial convoys in the Bakchou arm and Fakir Sector during the height of the New Order, provided cover and assistance to the Alliance whenever possible. The Roughnecks were confederates of the multitude of mining operations which controlled the Sarnikken Asteroid Belt, and helped the miners by scaring off Imperial forces which attempted to take control of the Belt. The base of operations for the Roughnecks was the modified Tsukkian water freighter Home. (SWCP)

this starship was owned and operated by Suz Tanwa, during the early years of the New Order. The ship was equipped with a variety of sensors and systems that were used in her work as a treasure hunter and, later, as a xenoarchaeologist. (PH)

this was the name of a species of thick-bodied, predatory snake native to the moon Yavin 8. These reptiles were covered with purple scales, and were classified as constrictors, squeezing their prey until it could no longer draw enough breath to survive, then ingesting it whole in one continual motion. They were often attacked and eaten by the avrils, and were favored by the Melodies for their flesh. (LW, P)

Reelo Baruk
this obese Rodian was one of the many crimelords who worked from a base on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, during the early years of the New Republic. He maintained a legitimate garbage processing operation on the moon, mainly as a front to cover up his less-legitimate operations. He allied himself with Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar for several months, supplying Fyyar with sources for raw materials in exchange for certain concessions. He was approached by Kyle Katarn some ten years after the Battle of Endor, and was forced to reveal his information on Fyyar's activities. (JK2)

Reelov Hooth
this Twi'lek male served as a high-ranking official at the Kala'uun Spaceport's customs facility during the early years of the New Order. Despite his position, Hooth was also a noted bookie who used his connections to the government to improve his chances of winning. He regularly maintained an office pool to "hide in plain sight," betting with his co-workers on the ships and crews that passed through the spaceport. (GORW)

this black-haired man was one of the many slaves who worked for Clan Mother Mintinee, during the height of the New Order. It is unknown which clan owned Reen, since Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds indicates that Mintinee was alternately the leader of the Great Canyon Clan and the Misty Falls Clan. As a male, Reen was virtually ignored by his owners, which allowed him to slowly establish a far-reaching information network among the slaves of various clans. In his duties to Clan Mother Mintinee, Reen was often dispatched with messages to other Clan Mothers, which allowed him to make regular contact with the other members of his network. (GORW)

this was a common, given name among the Vratix race. (UANT)

Reen, Meeka
this native of Jerne led the largest group of guerilla forces which opposed Imperial control of the planet. She captured Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa from the control of Ryko Vant, and planned to ransom them to the highest bidder. However, she agreed to help the locate the Eternity Crystal, and took them to Adony Station. She hoped to kill them once they gained the stone, and rule the galaxy herself. She was killed in the explosion caused by Luke and Leia trying to open the vault which contained the crystal. The explosion had been rigged by Darth Vader to kill Luke and Leia. (CSWDW)

this planet, located in Tapani Sector, was the seat of power for House Reena. Reena was a temperate world of many small continents separated by warm shallow oceans. It was known for its prestigious universities, and much of its usable land mass was covered with urban cities. The planet had a somewhat friendly competition with the planet Mrlsst, to see which planet could have the most affluent school system. The planet was orbited by a single moon, on which were stationed a trio of Hex turbolaser batteries that protected the planet from orbital attack. (PGT, LOE)

Reena University
this school was located on the planet Reena, and was one of the most prestigious universities in Tapani Sector. (PGT)

Reena, Trinn
this woman owned and operated Reena's Interstellar Shipping, and was hired by certain Rodian govnernmental officials to smuggle weapons to the Grand Protector's forces on Rodia. She was forced to hire additional spacers and transport captains in order to handle the volumes. (SPG)

Reena's Interstellar Shipping
this small, independent cargo transport company was founded by Trinn Reena. (SPG)

Re-Engineered, The
this was the name used by the Arkanian people to denote those individuals in which genetic manipulation failed to produce good results. A Re-engineered individual could be of any race, and the Arkanians showed no favoritism in their experiments. The natural Force energies of the living creature to be Re-engineered was altered dramatically after thei procedure, and remained tainted for the rest of the individual's life. (PH)

Reenogga Personal Services, Cubed
based in the Delta Sector of Zirtran's Anchor, this operation was founded by the Reenogga sisters within the confines of the staterooms of the old Death Mark. For a large enough fee, the sisters would execute bounty hunts, security and protection services, and even corporate assassinations. (SWJ5)

Reenogga, Adri
this woman, a former student at the Skine Bounty Hunter College, formed the Reenogga Personal Services, Cubed, operation aboard Zirtran's Anchor with her siblings, Kara and Vella. Adri was the company's best pilot and repair technician, and worked to keep the RPS gear intop condition. (SWJ5)

Reenogga, Kara
this woman, a former student at the Skine Bounty Hunter College, formed the Reenogga Personal Services, Cubed, operation aboard Zirtran's Anchor with her siblings, Vella and Adri. Kara was best-known for her fiery temperment and stubborn nature, and was often found at Chabak's, trying to outdrink the patrons. (SWJ5)

Reenogga, Vella
this woman, a former student at the Skine Bounty Hunter College, formed the Reenogga Personal Services, Cubed, operation aboard Zirtran's Anchor with her siblings, Kara and Adri. Vella was the company spokeswoman and business manager. (SWJ5)

Reeor Bufaali
this was the name of a noted Ruurian individual. (UANT)

Reeos, Ngyn
this man was the captain of the Helot's Shackle. He attempted to apprehend Han Solo when he escaped from Ylesia in the Talisman, and even had the ship in a tractor beam until Jalus Nebl shot through the beam with the Ylesian Dream and broke the contact. (TPS)

a Alliance military transport used during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this Wookiee was born on Kashyyyk, but was taken away at an early age and forced to work in the spice mines of Kessel. While on Kessel, Reerookachuck was raised by human slaves, and thus never learned the Wookiee traits of loyalty and honor. Reerookachuck became a dirty, underhanded fighter and schemer, doing whatever it took to maintain his life and his freedom. When he was captured by the slavers of the Sord Montok and taken away for relocation, Reerookachuck saw his chance to escape. He instigated a riot aboard the ship, which resulted in the deaths of twenty slavers and the scuttling of the Sord Montok near the Minos Cluster. Reerookachuck fled into space. Sord Montok placed a bounty on Reerookachuck's head, hoping to bring the Wookiee in to be held accountable for his actions. (GMR6)

Rees Alrix
this Jedi Knight was the first Padawan of Maks Leem. Rees was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight just before the Clone Wars, and led a mission to Sullust some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis. (YDR)

Reesa On
this scientist had been an associate of Jenna Zan Arbor's, and was invited to the party she held at Didi Oddo's café. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Astri Oddo discovered that the name Reesa On was actually an alias used by the bounty hunter Ona Nobis. The words "reesa on" were from Nobis' Sorrusian language, and literally meant "catch me." Obi-Wan surmised that Nobis used the name to egg on any of her pursuers. (EVE)

one of the seven ruling clans of Ammuud, and the chief contender to the Glayyd clan for the control of the planetary government. During the early years of the New Order, the Mor of he Reesbon clan was approached by Zlarb and his slavers, and offered the chance to supply ships and transfer services in exchange for a large profit. The Mor Glayyd heard of the proposal and became angry at being cut out of the deal, and decided to expose the slavery ring to Odumin. When the Reesbon clan discovered his treachery, they conspired to poison the Mor Glayyd, forcing the more-pliant Ewwen to assume the rank of Glayyd. (HSR)

an Alliance Lieutenant. (RASB)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "metalsmith". (GCG)

Reess Kairn
this Twi'leki was, at one time, a Jedi Knight. However, when he returned to Ryloth and found his betrothed in the arms of another male, he went berserk and killed them both. Reess Kairn than fled the planet and hid out in the Outer Rim for several years. The Dark Side of the Force consumed him, along with a steady supply of ryll spice. He emerged years later as a pirate, and was known to prowl the Gamorr Run during the last decades of the Old Republic. He once invaded the planet Lorahn, stealing a wealth of religious artifacts and killing four Ffib priests. Shortly afterward, he disbanded his pirate crew and returned to hiding. In order to ensure his safety, he convinced a trio of Shi'ido brothers to live their lives in his appearance. The Daugthers of the Ffib employed Aurra Sing to hunt down Kairn and eliminate him and his Shi'ido accomplices. One Shi'ido fled to Hoth, the other to Tatooine. Both were killed by Aurra Sing, who then went after Kairn himself on Bespin. At Bespin, she discovered that Kairn had employed a third Shi'ido, which had insinuated himself into a troupe of thranta riders. The bounty hunter eliminated him as well, then returned to Endor to discover that Kairn had undergone reconstructive surgery to make himself resemble a female. He then infiltrated the very Daugthers of the Ffib who swore to kill him. Aurra Sing discovered that it was Kairn himself who actually made the deal with her. The bounty hunter, not happy at being so carefully duped, executed Reess Kairn upon her return to Endor. (BHAS)

Reeten, Jona
this famous actress hailed from the Adarlon system. The name Jone Reeten was actually pseudonym used by Rollo Morsai. She appeared in a large number of holo-vids and was quite popular outside the Minos Cluster. Jona Reeten traveled the Cluster in a beautiful and expensive Baudo-class yacht called the Gilded Lily, and her success was due primarily to her talent, although a little bit of luck always seemed to help. That is, until the Empire took control of the Cluster and Babel Torsh began cracking down on the holo-vid industry. Torsh discovered that Reeten had once portrayed a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars, and he immediately had her blacklisted. The career of Jona Reeten came to a sudden and abrupt end, as no one would hire her. She returned to using her real name, and converted the Gilded Lily into a transport ship. (GG6)

a Rodian bounty hunter who worked with Tirog. (RPG)

this was one of the larger Rodian clans, living on Rodia during the last decades of the Old Republic. They were bitter enemies of the Cairn clan, and were led into battle by Jannik the White. In order to ensure victory, the Reeven clan had hired the assistance of Nym and his mercenaries, and the Cairns were quickly dispatched. (CRBN)

a three-eyed, goat-faced alien from the Gran race, he was exiled from his homeworld of Kinyen for committing murder. His expulsion from Kinyen eventually drove him mad. After roaming the galaxy, Ree-Yees fell into Jabba the Hutt's entourage. This life didn't please him, and he soon became invovled in an Imperial plot to kill the Hutt. Imperial agents placed a small message module in the skin of Jabba's bubo, which they used to communicate with Ree-Yees. They then supplied Ree-Yees with shipments of goatgrass, in which were hidden the various pieces of a massive detonation device. However, someone managed to steal the detonator out of the last shipment, leaving Ree-Yees in a lurch. He blamed the death of Phlegmin, who seemed to be in the room when the detonator was stolen, on Ephant Mon, a creature he didn't trust. When Jabba tried to have Han Solo and Luke Skywalker fed to the Sarlacc, Ree-Yees discovered that Jabba had planted a thought-trigger in Ree-Yees' mind, a trigger that, when activated by a code phrase from Jabba, would compel him to set off a bomb that had been surgically planted in Ree-Yees' belly. When Leia Organa killed Jabba, the threat of an explosion was temporarily averted. However, when Jabba's sail barge exploded, it set off the bomb, killing Ree-Yees instantly. In the novelization of Return of the Jedi, Ree-Yees, ever belligerent, became involved in a fight with Ephant Mon aboard Jabba's sail barge as Jabba was preparing to put Luke Skywalker and Han Solo into the Sarlacc pit. It is believed that Ree-Yees died when the barge exploded. (ROTJ, ROTJN, MTS, TJP)

this was one of the many Mandalorians who were stationed on the planet Dantooine, during the height of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

born and raised on Coruscant during Palpatine's reign, Reezen was an Imperial Navy Corporal serving under Zsinj. He had a fairly non-descript, seven-year career in the Navy until he noticed the hit-and-run attacks Han had organized to draw Zsinj out. He had surmised that the New Republic was going to make a move at Dathomir, and sent Zsinj a message suggesting reinforcements. (CPL)

this planet, located near Orflon, was where the Alliance agents tried to escape from Imperial notice after rescuing Soron Hegerty. It was also a possible hiding place of a pirate treasure taken from Butler's Cove. (SN)

Refka Trell
this starship operator owned the Adela, and was based on Elom. (SOL)

this substance is used by many commando groups to plate their armor suits. Reflec has the natural ability to absorb the energy waves emitted by most sensors, effectively removing the substance from a sensor sweep. When coated with a fine mesh of reflec, personal body armor is virtually undetectable, as are the life signs of the wearer. Imperial Storm Commandos were among the prime users of reflec plating. (KO)

Reflection Blast
this phenomenon, experienced mainly on desert worlds such as Tatooine, occurred whenever a vast area was under continual bombardment by the energy of the sun. These areas, such as the Great Chott on Tatooine, absorbed and reflected great amounts of heat and light. This reflected energy created the reflection blast, which overpowered many types of sensors. (TG)

Reflection of the Essential Infinities
this was the Qella name for the strange orrery discovered by Lando Calrissian and Lobot aboard the Teljkon vagabond. The room contained strange, peglike structures which activated a huge viewscreen. The viewscreen depicted a vivid, lifelike image of the Qella home system, providing them with a vision of its existence prior to the cataclysmic loss of its moons. The orrery was destroyed when the Gorath and other ships from Foga Brill's fleet attacked the vagabond in the Prakith System. (TT)

Reflective Blanket
a blanket made of a material which holds in bodyheat and helps hide a lifeform from sensors. (CPL)

Reflex Amendment
this was the nickname applied to the Old Republic Senate's Emergency Amendment 121b, named for the effect it had in increasing Emperor Palpatine's ability to react to the battles being fought during the Clone Wars. (SWI71)

Reflex Races
this was a popular casino coin game, during the early years of the New Order. Note that Star Wars Adventure Journal #1 indicates reflex races were a physically-demanding game. (HSE, SWJ1)

Pepper Flarestream and her squadron were decimated by an Imperial attack while protecting a convoy over this planet, during the Galactic Civil War. The battle became known as the Last Stand at Refnar. (CRO)

Refrax Spaceport
this Imperial-controlled spaceport served as a stop-over point for ships travelling through Mortex Sector during the Galactic Civil War. (BI)

a room with a fully recycling shower, sink, and toilet. They come in various configurations, from small 'freshers for starships to large, ornate rooms in personal residences. (GG, RD)

Refuge City
located on the northern hemisphere of the planet Caamas, Refuge City was one of the few habitable locations that remained after the planet's destruction. Groups of ecologists and environmentalists used Refuge City as a base of operations, during their attempts to restore Caamas' natural state. Established by Elek D'Cel, Refuge City was a domed city created from the debris of surrounding locations. A central power generator provided the necessary electricity, and much of the city's lighting was in the form of biolum fixtures. A garden graced the main entry to the city, as a reminder of Caamas' former - and future - beauty. The city was home to the 200 or so Caamasi who survived the destruction of the planet's ecosystem, along with a group of Ithorians who were helping to restore it. (WOTC, CCW)

this starship was owned by Lorn Moonrunner, and he used it to carry his wife, Artis, to the planet Rhamalai. There, Lorn hid the ship deep in the Great Forest Valley, hoping to avoid attention but keeping the ship active in case he every needed to flee the planet. The Refugee was a modified 1550-LEX yacht from SoroSuub, and was armed with a turret-mounted laser cannon and two proton torpedo launchers. (SWJ13)

Refugee Facility 17
this was one of the many refugee camps on the planet Ruan, established by the Salliche Ag Corporation, to help those beings dishomed by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Melisma and Gaph were stranded here, during the search for Droma. Unknown to the refugees, as well as the New Republic, Salliche Ag was using the refugees as unwitting slave labor. They claimed that it was simply a way for them to claim their produce was "handpicked," but in reality the corporation was removing droids in anticipation of the Yuuzhan Vong taking control of the galaxy. It was built on the site of an abandoned junkyard, and the debris provided inventive refugees with a number of useful items. This camp was also located in sight of Noob Hill. Like most other of these refugee camps, Facility 17 turned into a mudpit whenit rained, and disease and famine were a constant danger. (JE)

Refugee Relief Movement
this was a Naboo-based, political movement which occurred shortly before Padme' Naberrie was elected to serve as the Queen of the Naboo. The Refugee Relief Movement acted to assist any people who were in need of food, clothing, and supplies, whenever the Old Republic failed to provide assistance of its own. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, the RRM was chaired by Celly Organa of Alderaan. A fundraiser held on the planet Alsakan raised some 75 million credits for the RRM, although critics like Brookish Boon questioned whether the funds would actually reach the refugees. (SWDB, HNN4, HNN5)

Refugee Resettlement Coalition
this collection of planets agreed to open up their spaceports and certain rural areas to refugees who were caught off-planet when their homeworlds seceded from the Old Republic, during the Separatist crisis which occurred just before the Clone Wars. Under the direction of the Refugee Relief Movement, planets such as Naboo, Cerea, and Monastery opened their ports to any being seeking political refuge. When it was first discussed, as many as twenty-five planets agreed to assist with the resettlement efforts, but the number was reduced to ten planets in order to facilitate the distribution of supplies and food. (HNN5)

Refugee Sector
this sector of Nar Shaddaa's vast cityscape was set aside to house refugees from the Great Sith War, nearly 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Regal Bothan Hotel
this upscale establishment was located on the planet Bothawui. (SESB)

Regal Destiny
this House Pelagia starship disappeared during the Mecetti Purge. It was rumored to have been carrying a hold full of valuables from House Pelagia, but supposedly was lost in the deepest regions of space. The Regal Destiny was discovered by the crew of the Bright Seeker shortly after the Battle of Hoth, which was fleeing an ambush sprung by the Knife's Edge under a Letter of Marque from the Alliance. The ship's hull had been breached by several crimson slugs. The crew of the Bright Seeker discovered that the Regal Destiny had been betrayed by a House Mecetti spy who had posed as a crewman and poisoned the ship's air supply. They also discovered that the treasures being carried by the Regal Destiny were Trad and Verinia Paddox, the true heirs of Theus Paddox and House Pelagia. (TSIA)

Regal Heirarchy
this was the primary government of the planet Ilimardon. (WOTC)

Regal Suites
this luxurious suite of rooms was set aside for the wealthier clientele of the Pearl Island Casino, on Pavo Prime, during the early years of the New Republic. Hidden from the more regular customers, the Regal Suites were believed to have been built to complement the ten boasa statues obtained by the casino's owner, Ludlo Lebauer. (SWI67)

this Rodian modified a MacroMotionMonitor sensor array, placing it on a small hovercam and using it for a security and early-warning system. (GUN)

Regallis Engineering
this small corporation produced a variety of tools, as well as a number of flitter suits and vacuum suits, for use by independent spacers and starship owners. Note that The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology denotes this corporation as Regalis Engineering. (PSG, EGW, GFT, NEGW)

Regar I
the fifth planet in the Garos System. (SWJ1)

Regar II
the sixth planet in the Garos System. (SWJ1)

Regatta Week
this was the name given to the week-long period that surrounded the running of the Spira Regatta Open. (SWJ5)

Regdo's Clan Catalog
this unusual collection of plasticine sheeting was created by an anthropologist during the last decades of the Old Republic, and documented extensive information on the many Rodian clans. Included with the entry for each clan was information on its formation and history, along with cultures and customs that set each clan apart. (GMR7)

this was the term used to describe the interim leadership of the planet Ord Cestus, after the majority of the native X'Ting were wiped out in a series of plagues. The Regency was ostensibly in charge of the planet, although it was actually little more than a puppet leadership that was controlled by the Five Families. The X'Ting who was named Regent served the position for life. (TCD)

Regency Spires Imperial Trust
this was the largest of the Imperial financial holdings on the planet Ralltiir. It was one of the few Ralltiiri institutions to survive the Imperial subjugation of Ralltiir, especially when it offered substantial rewards for Imperial investors. (CCW)

Regeneration Bandage
any form of bandaging which provides nutrients and medication directly to a wound. These bandages allow the wound to heal faster, while at the same time allowing the injured party some freedom of movement. (CS)

this was a form of tissue-regeneration drug that was popular during the last decades of the Old Republic. With the use of regen-stim, doctors could minimize scarring from operations. The drugs stimulated the regeneration of skin tissue, allowing new tissue to form over wounds before scar tissue could form. (MJH)

Regg Kuuga
this male Draag was a known pirate and starship thief, living in the industrial district of Coruscant during the years following the Battle of Naboo. It was believed that Regg was working for Groff Haug at the time. He was wanted by the Coruscant police for the theft of several medical frigates, which he scrapped for parts that were used to build his pirate fleet. The fleet, consisting of heavily-modified cruisers, was used to attack tourists on their way to Coruscant. Regg was eventually captured by Jango Fett. (BH)

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