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Rorn, Taska
this woman was a navigation officer aboard the FarStar during the search for Moff Sarne. Although unaware of it, Taska and her team discovered the presence of Velst Nay'sro and Bem Lyu'kij at the edge of the Kathol Rift, when they located a group of unmoving asteroids. (KR, E)

Roron Corobb
this Ithorian Jedi Master was once the Padawan of Yarael Poof, who helped develop Corobb's already strong mental skills. His unusual, stereosonic voice, coupled with his strong connection to the Force, gave Master Corobb incredibly powers of persuasion, especially against the weak-minded. He could also use the Force to literally throw his voice, creating a form of sonic assault on an unsuspecting foe. Master Corobb agreed to take on the rank of General during the Clone Wars, commanding a group of clone troopers in battle while also trying to train his young Padawan, Drake Lo'gaan. Master Corobb was part of the task force that was dispatched to protect Chancellor Palpatine when General Grievous launched his attack on Coruscant. Unfortunately, Grievous was able to kill both Master Corobb and Master Foul Moudama before taking Palpatine hostage. This character was named in honor of Ron Cobb, who created the original designs used for the Ithorian alien in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. (SWDB, ROF)

this muscular Mawan male was a tunnel worker during the years leading up to the Great Purge that destroyed the city of Naatan. Distinguished by his gelaming dark hair, Rorq was one of many Mawans known to Euraana Fall as willing to help re-establish a central government on the planet. His knowledge of the fuel supply systems beneath Naatan came from his former career as a fuel-supply system programmer. (JQ6)

this Wookiee, who lived on Kashyyyk some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, was one of a small number who wanted to sell his fellow Wookiees into slavery to the Czerka Corporation. When he explained his plans to Jaarak, Rorworr was unprepared for any resistance. Rorworr was later killed by Jaarak, in an effort to prevent the enslavement of the Wookiees. Jaarak, however, was eventually cleared of any charges, after the true nature of Rorworr's plans for the Wookiees was revealed. (KOTOR)

this Wookiee scout was part of the Naboo Underground resistance to the Trade Federation's invasion of the planet Naboo. Rorworr had been a student at the Royal House of Learning, employing a translator droid designated TD0-2 to communicate with his teachers and classmates. Rorworr was on Naboo with his father, who was on a diplomatic mission to Naboo at the time of the Trade Federation's blockade of the planet. Following the Battle of Naboo, Rorworr went to work as a scout for the Republic, but became disgruntled when his recommendations were ignored in favor of those from his human counterparts. Following the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Rorworr became a pilot for the Alliance. He traveled in a modified A-Wing, which was equipped with enhanced sensors that allowed him to hide in an asteroid belt and track Imperial ship and troop movements. However, he grew tired of fighting, and wished to simply "get away" from the politics and return to his life as a scout. For many years, Rorworr wandered aimlessly along the galactic rim, trying to forget the death of Sia-Lan Wezz at the Battle of Skorrupon. Eventually, after the Empire was defeated at the Battle of Endor, Rorworr was offered a scout's position with the New Republic. He became something of a scouting legend, traveling in a camouflage-painted Svelte-class shuttle and participating in a variety of famous escapades. (IOT, WOTC, GCG)

one of the survivors of the Battle of Hoth, Rory was evacuated on the Bright Hope. (TBH)

Ros Lai
this deformed woman, known as the Rancor, was the daughter of matriarch Zalem of the Witches of Dathomir. Zalem abandoned Ros Lai and forced her to work with the male slaves, as punishment for her ugliness. The other Witches often played practical jokes on her, and Zalem ignored them. When Quinlan Vos arrived on Dathomir, Ros Lai tried to help him. She was later shot and wounded by Yongti, during a raid of the slave pens. Ros Lai survived, but Zalem tried to kill her again, Zalem gave her a drink, after Vonya found her hiding after the raid. The drink contained a live artery worm, which Zalem hoped would consume Ros Lai's blood vessels. Despite these efforts, Ros Lai survived, and later helped Quinlan free the Kwi. Ros Lai also revealed that her deformities were actually the daughter of a Jedi Knight whose wife murdered him after using his Force talents for her own schemes. She later revealed to Quin that she was quite strong with the Dark Side of the Force, and had been maintaining her guise as "The Rancor" in order to gain the power of the Star Chamber for herself. She managed to escape from Vonya and return to her mother's side, claiming to deliver Quin as a way of "making up." In reality, Ros Lai used the ruse to get close enough to Zalem to kill her mother and avenge the death of her father. She then tried to kill Quin, but he managed to capture her and bring her to Coruscant to receive justice. Quin hoped to return her to the Light Side of the Force. (SWIE)

this plant produced sweet berries that were often used in making jams and jellies. (LCF)

meaning "pure", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this man was a shipmate of Benchar and Carewa, and a companion of Cecil the Wookiee. They often hung out while on shoreleave, playing sabacc in the local bars. Note that this is a reference to the baseball player Pete Rose. (SWJ11)

this exquisite, flying insect formed the final step in the lifecycle of the peggelar. (BP)

this common, though archaic, Zabrak surname meant "builder", although it referred to individuals who built either edifices and machines. (GCG)

Rosheed, Pippa
this Doctor of Biology worked for the Fernandin Scouting Expedition, and spent a great deal of time on Yavin 4 determining whether or not the moon was suitable for habitation. She was responsible for isolating the infectious disease which was brought to Yavin 13 inadvertently by the Expedtion, and developing a cure which saved both humans and Gerbs from the disease's effects. She was known as a loner, distrustful of strangers and rarely emotional. (GG2)

this man served as a Commander in the Army of the Republic, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Commander Roshton was assigned to accompany Kinman Doriana to Cartao, about a year after the Battle of Geonosis, to secure the facilities of Spaarti Creations for the manufacture of modern cloning cylinders. When the Separatists discovered the plan, they launched an attack on Cartao. Roshton found himself between two conflicting orders: defending Spaarti Creations from being captured, and ensuring the continued production of cloning cylinders. Faced with challenge of opposing 5,000 battle droids with just 900 troops, Roshton initially chose the former: he troops would hide inside the manufacturing facility, using it as cover despite the incredible damage a firefight inside the facility would cause. After being contacted by the Jedi guardian on Cartao, Jafer Torles, Roshton realized that there were other options he could take. He ordered his troops to move below-ground, taking the tunnels that led away from the main plant to establish positions from which they could harass the rear flanks of the Separatist forces. Roshton himself assumed the guise of a landscaper, so that he could plant remote-activated landmines around the grounds. His plans nearly worked, until his forces were trapped in an access tunnel when Separatist forces collapsed its exits. Doriana and Torles launched a daring mission to free them, only to see Spaarti Creations destroyed by a Republic gunship supposedly under the command of the Jedi Knights. (SWI68, SWI69, SWI70)

Roshu Sune
this Gotal guerilla group rose to prominence in the months preceding the Battle of Antar 4, in an attempt to force the planetary government to secede from the Old Republic. It was the terrorist attacks of the Roshu Sune which led to the bloody Battle of Antar 4, but which did not obtain the desired result. Several months later, Roshu Sune agents kidnapped Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz, and simply issued the Articles of Secession to the government of Antar 4, instead of any formal demands. Roshu Sune later announced that they would free Nirrelz in return for a signing of the Articles. (HNN5)

this man served as a Captain at the Imperial labor colony on Kalist VI, during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. He was known as a no-nonsense officer who demanded the best from his subordinates. (SWEWW)

Rosie's Joint
this was one of the many establishments found in Teguta Lusat, on Rafa IV, which provided live entertainment for its patrons. A regular revuew was popular with the natives during the early years of the New Order. (LCM)

this Imperial Navy Lieutenant served as Joak Drysso's Chief Navigator aboard the Lusankya. (BW)

Rosit, Anjavay
this man was a member of the Blue Guard, during the months leading up the Clone Wars. Shortly before the vote on the Military Creation Act, he was knocked unconscious by a horde of rioters who were protesting the possible passage of the Act. His fellow officers managed to extricate him from the mob. (HNN5)

this Imperial Navy Commander served under Captain Soontir Fel aboard the Pride of the Senate. (THG)

Rosk 102
this Khommite, the 102nd clone of Rosk, was distinguished in the history of the planet Khomm. (UANT)

this woman was one of the many settlers who were transplanted from Sulon to Ruusan by Morgan Katarn, after the Empire took control of Sulon. She struggled to board the Cyclops to escape Imperial persecution, worrying about where her three small boys were. Katarn himself helped Roskin get her family aboard the transport ship. (RAG)

this man was the owner and operator of the Sontor Skipper, and made regular runs to Baralou for the Alliance. (PG1)

Ross, Rosco
this man accompanied Jan Ors aboard the Star of Empire, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Rosco was known for his hand-to-hand combat skills. He and Ris Waller apprehended Kyle Katarn aboard the ship, and brought him to Jan for questioning. (SFE)

Ross, Thaddeus
this Corellian pilot and freighter owned the battered YT-1300 Kierra, which he had outiftted with a sophisticated computer he nicknamed Kierra. Thaddeus himself was a former bounty hunter who returned to the smuggling occupation which had been in his family's blood for many generations. As the computer in his developed its own personality, they developed a mother-son kind of relationship, with Kierra constantly nagging Thaddeus and making sure he was okay. Kierra filled a void in Thaddeus' life whiich had been formed when Saahir Ru'luv broke off their three-year relationship. Later, while smuggling weapons to the Alliance from Merich's Bend, Saahir died in Thaddeus' arms. The Empire had discovered the base, and raided it before all personnel could be evacuated. When he took a job transporting Adalric Brandl to Trulalis, Ross got caught up in an Imperial operation to recover the Dark Jedi. They were ambushed on Trulalis by Menges, and Ross fled the planet with Brandl. They were intercepted just outside of Trulalis by Imperial Captain Grendahl, who had been sent by High Inquisitor Tremayne to recover Brandl. Grendahl held Ross for questioning, but eventually let him go with a 10,000 credit "reward." (TFE, SWJ4, SWJ15)

Rossi, Todrin
this former Imperial Captain was a native of the planet Coruscant, and served under Warlord Zsinj during the period following the Battle of Endor and the breakup of the Empire. (IF)

this Imperial Captain was assigned to accompany Tavin Notsil to New Oldtown in order to recover Gara Petothel. However, when she refused to join Tavin and return to Warlord Zsinj, both Tavin and Rossik were shot by Myn Donos and Lara Notsil. (IF)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

this despicable creature is native to Togoria. The Togorians often refer to smugglers and pirates as rossorworms, because they despise such trash with a passion. (GG4)

Rosswell, Stant
this Imperial governor was placed in charge of the planet Indu San. He was known as a lenient man, and often cut favors for native businesses. For this reason, the natives tolerated Rosswell; it could even be said he was popular. Unfortunately for Indu San, Rosswell was later replaced by Ekam Ouwray. (SWJ6)

Rost Mountains
this was one of the most rugged chains of mountains found on the planet Ragoon-6. (JQ2)

Rostat Manr
this Sullustan male served the Alliance during the last years of the Empire, flying Y-Wings into battle. He also served the New Republic, but a year after the Battle of Endor, he resigned his commission and went to work in the private sector. He had tired of war, and believed that he had acheived his goals. He took a position as a pilot with Event Vistas, and within a year was promoted to chief pilot aboard the Nebula Queen. However, on a short leave, he was kidnapped and brainwashed by agents of the Imperial warlord Zsinj as part of Project Minefield. A trigger phrase was implanted in his head which, when activated by a phrase dealing with the existence of Ewoks in his nose, would cause him to crash the Nebula Queen into a planet. The code phrase contained the planet Coruscant, and Rostat would have succeeded in crashing into the planet if not for two things. The first was intervention of his counterpart, Nurm, who stunned Rostat and rendered him unconscious. The second was that Wraith Squadron had already determined Zsinj's actions, and had warned the Republic of the potential for a Sullustan to be brainwashed in the manner Tal'dira and Nuro Tualin were. Rostat was arrested and detained by New Republic Intelligence. (SOC)

Rostek, Tisha
this woman served the Alliance at the base on Dantooine, where she fell in love with Harovan Toth. They married and had a daughter, named Samona, but Tisha was killed in the Battle of Thovinack. (SWJ11)

this was one of the many nomadic Korunnai tribes, known as ghosh, which were native to the planet Haruun Kal. The Rostu were one of several small tribes which allied themselves with the Windu ghosh for protection. (SHPT)

Rostu, Nick
this Korunnai man was one of the many who joined the Upland Liberation Front, during the height of the Clone Wars. When Jedi Master Depa Billaba began leading the ULF, Nick was the person she dispatched to Pelek Baw to intercept Mace Windu, should the other Jedi Master come looking for her. Rostu missed Windu several times before eventually rescuing him, then escorted the Jedi Master into the jungles. Nick earned Windu's trust by displaying Master Billaba's own lightsaber as evidence of his fealty. Despite his obvious association with ULF, Nick maintained that he was fighting the war for the money he could earn. Although he acknolwedged his Korun ancestry, he proclaimed to want nothing more than to leave Haruun Kal and explore the galaxy. This was, of course, mainly talk that Nick used to distance himself from his own feelings. Deep down inside, he wanted to see the Korunnai regain control of their planet. He later revealed to Master Windu that he had helped Depa Billaba and Kar Vastor set up the gruesome message of death that had been discovered by the Old Republic, and that he himself had provided the tip to the Republic's Intelligence agency. Later, when Vastor attacked a group of Balawai prospectors under Windu's protection, Nick agreed to take four of the Balawai children under he protection. When Master Windu witnessed Nick's bravery in defying Vastor to care for the children, he decided to invite Nick to join the Army of the Republic, bestowing the rank of brevet Major. Nick then assisted Master Windu in the attempt to capture Pelek Baw so that they could defeat the Balawai and their Separatist supporters. While defending the droid control bunker from attack by Kar Vastor's Akk Guards, Nick suffered a devastating chest injury from Iolu's vibroshields. Despite the injury, Nick managed to save Master Windu from an attack from Depa Billaba, who had been trying to free the Korunnai through sheer willpower. When Depa tried to slice Windu with her lightsaber, Nick managed to grab a blaster and shoot the lightsaber from her hand. His luck continued to hold, as Nick was rescued from Haruun Kal and brought to Coruscant for treatment. Master Windu made sure that his brevet Major rank was confirmed with the Army of the Republic, and submitted that Nick be awarded the Medal of Valor for his part in ending the Summertime War. (SHPT)

Rot Crow
this small scavenger was native to the jungles of Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

Rot Mite
this scaly, scavenging insect was native to the planet Talus. (GQRG)

the Ewok word for food. (EA)

Rotan, Detta
this woman was one of the Alliance' primary operatives on the planet Gotida, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

Rotary Plug
this form of power plug, used pod racers and other high-speed ground vehicles, used a series of small power sources which were tapped in a regular order. However, only a single source was active at any time. It was the predecessor to a cluster plug, which used power from all sources at once. (RAC)

Rotas V
this planet saw battle during the Clone Wars. The natives who fought back against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems wore a skirt woven of strong material, which served as both protection and identification. The use of these skirts was later adopted by the ARC Troopers and clone commanders of the Grand Army of the Republic, after Republic military officers came to understand its protective capabilities. (VD3, SWI84)

Rotfurze Wastes
this was one of the most barren locations found on the planet Drongar. Exploration into the region showed that the blight that affected the Wastes was ecological in nature, not caused by modern technology. (MBS)

Roth, Dengar
an underworld toughguy killed by Mara Jade on Rishi. (DFR)

located in the Kuat Sector of the galaxy, Rothana was one of the most industrialized planets in the sector. The primary world in the Rothana System, it served as the base of operations for Rothan Heavy Engineering, a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards, during the last century of the Old Republic. Its proximity to the Kamino System meant that Rothana was chosen by the Kaminoans as the construction site for many of the war machines employed by the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic. (X2, SWDB)

Rothana Heavy Engineering
a division of Kuat Drive Yards, this was one of the largest manfacturing corporations found in the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Rothana produced the Acclamator-class military transport and several other ground-based vehicles in support of the Army of the Republic. (HNN5, X2, SWDB)

Rothana HR
see Rothana Heavy Engineering (SHPT)

Rothingham, Lucius
this Imperial agent was assigned to the planet Kuat and the Kuat Drive Yards during the height of the New Order, where he was in charge of eliminating the outlaw techs and shipwrights who threatened to provide Imperial secrets to outside influences. He made a virtual career out of trying to abduct Marcus Sione, but the youth always managed to escape. An engineer by training, Rothingham was known for his annoying habit of using technical metaphjors in everyday conversation. (CCW)

this ancient Wookiee was infamously known as the chieftain who broke Bacca's Ceremonial Blade. Rothrrrawr underestimated the ferocity of a beast in the Shadowlands, and was forced to stab it with the sword. The blade broke off in the beast's hide, and Rothrrrawr was forced to return to his home with just the hilt. This hilt became the symbol of the chieftain's power, and was passed down for many generations before it was re-attached to the blade by Zaalbar. (KOTOR)

Rothwall, Gam
this man was one of Emperor Palpatine's many personal advisors. He was the target of several assassination attempts during a surprise inspection of the Imperial facilities on the planet Garnib. (GMS)

this is the orange star that is the binary of Ow, at the center of the Roti-Ow System. (GG4)

this grain was a staple in the diet of the Seratians. It was also consumed by tymps who have migrated into urban areas of the planet Serat, after the Seratians decimated the population of symers. The symers preyed on the tymps, keeping their population to a minimum. However, the Seratians killed off the symers in order to obtain their organs and appendages, which supposedly had mystical powers. This allowed the tymp population to explode, and virtually destroyed the roti crops on the planet. (COG)

Roti-Ow System
this binary star system, located in the Outer Rim Territories, was centered on the stars of Roti and Ow, and contained the world of Altor 14. (GG4, SWJ10)

this was the name given to the huge, legendary aplilid worm that supposed lived at the bottom of the Abyss, the deepest mine found on the planet Vasha. According to Vashan legend, the Rot-Maggot was the god of decay, who nested at the very core of the planet Vasha. (GMR9)

Rotsino, Esu
this woman served her homeworld of Abrion Major, as well as the entire Abrion Sector, in the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was Senator Rotsino who delivered Abrion Sector's Articles of Secession to the Republic, throwing her entire sector's wealth and agricultural resources to the Separatists. (HNN5)

Rotten to the Core (Empire's Crumbling)
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, first appeared on the compilation Advanced Explosives Handbook. It was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Rotting Disease
this was a type of disease which was carried by the tesfli piercer of Gorsh. Victims bitten by the tesfli piercer who do not get medical attention find the bitten limb suddenly swells, then turns black. The flesh then falls apart, rendering the limb useless. This disease is worst when a victim is bitten dozens or hundreds of times when they encounter a swarm of tesfli piercers. (PG1)

an aromatic plant that Wuher uses to create the perfect liqueur for Jabba the Hutt. (TME)

this was a species of dense, green ground cover which grew on the planet Athiss. (TOJC)

Roughskin Rat
this small mammal has coarse, abrasive skin. (SOL)

an Imperial freighter destroyed by Dev in the Senex System, during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Roundtree System
this planetary system is the home of a dark-skinned race of humans. (CSA)

Rout of Hensara
this is the name of the battle between Imperial forces on the planet Hensara III and the X-Wing Rogue Squadron. The pilots of Rogue Squadron were sent to rescue Dirk Harkness and his crew from the planet, and managed to do so without losing anyone. (XWN)

this was the title of the religious leader of the planet Ventooine. The Rov was in charge of protecting the shrine built to honor Han Solo and his defeat of the Shadeshine, thereby saving the natives of Ventooine. (LTA5, MCA2)

this was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual. (UANT)

Rova Zad
this was the name of a noted Iotran individual. (UANT)

this cold, frozen planetoid was captured by the Bramior star many millenia ago, and it is the only sizable body orbiting the star. (CRO)

this was a common name among the Toydarian race. (WOTC, UANT)

an Imperial utility tug operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

an Alliance transport group that participated in the attack on the Imperial station NL-1. (TIE)

Evazan's pet Meduza, Rover helped Evazan keep his Andoan castle laboratory clean. Rover gave his life to Evazan when he perished while trying to break Evazan's fall into the ocean. (TME)

this highly-sophisiticated tracking device was manufactured by Astroserver Industries, and was more effective than the TrailMaster. It could provide information on the range, direction, and speed of the target to which it was attached. (CFG)

this insectile predator inhabits the Davirien jungles, swarming in groups of millions and stripping the landscape of all vegetation. They also ate any small creature which was too slow to escape the swarm. (VOF)

Row, The
see Treasure Ship Row (SWI66)

Row, The
this was one of the major thoroughfares found in Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. Travelers moved along The Row toward the area of the city known as Center Sphere. (GMR7)

meaning "flowery", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this Rodian teamed up with Krussk, in the aftermath of the breakup of the Bounty Hunters Guild, to work together to hunt down Alliance agents and spies for the Empire. Roweedu was the brains of the operation, using her knowledge of hunting lore to guide Krussk's actions. (RESB)

this Ferroan man, distinguished by his pale blue skin and gold-black eyes, was one of the first of his people to greet Luke Skywalker's Jedi Knights, when the Jedi located Zonama Sekot during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Along with his partner, Darak, Rowel was openly suspicious of the presence of the Jedi on the planet, despite the fact that Sekot itself allowed the Jedi to land. After Sekot had successfully tested the Jedi Knights to ensure that their mission was, indeed, a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong, the planetary sentience agreed to return to the galaxy and help the Jedi. Rowel and Darak both accepted Sekot's decision, and eventually decided that the Jedi were worthy of their assistance. When Zonama Sekot made a blind jump into hyperspace to avoid the sabotage of Nom Anor, the Ferroans were forced to flee underground to avoid the ecological damage that occurred on the surface. Rowel and Darak made many trips into the wilderness to look for survivors, often with the help of the Jedi. (FH3, UF)

an Imperial Lieutenant who served aboard the Victory-class Star Destroyer Sentinel, Rowan was once punished for publicly embarrassing his captain. As punishment, he was forced to work as an attache to the Imperial Customs office on Wroona, boarding and inspecting commercial and independent starships which passed through Wroona's spaceports. He was known as a bitter man who demanded adherence to the letter of the law, and who never - ever - took a bribe. Several spacers found that he could be sidetracked, though, by complaining about the law he was trying to enforce. Rowen would launch into a long-winded justification of Imperial law, and eventually would let the spacer go on with their business. (PSG)

this Galacian man married Tema. He was known as a healer, and many believed he was truly Elan's father. He raised her as his own, and Tema never revealed that her real father was King Cana of Galu. Rowi passed on his knowledge of healing to Elan before his death. (MOC)

this was one of the many Wookiee settlements found in the Wawaatt Archipelago, on the planet Kashyyyk. (SWDB)

this protocol droid, distinguished by its female personality, was one of the many protocol droids that were owned by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

Roy Teda
this short-statured Romin ruled the planet Romin with an iron fist, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Teda had been identified by the Galactic Senate as being in violation of many galactic laws, including torture, embezzlement, and unjust imprisonment of political and personal rivals. It was also believed that he had rigged the elections so that he would be chosen as Romin's leader. Once in office, he altered Romin's laws to make it impossible for offworlders to arrest or transport criminals from Romin. This allowed him to expand his personal wealth by offering Romin as a refuge for all manner of criminals. Distinguished by his multicolored robes, Roy Teda presented visitors and prospective homeowners with a personable demeanor that bordered on cloying condescension. In exchange for being able to live in relative peace on Romin, criminals agreed to pay Teda huge sums of credits, and allowed him to have security access to their properties. Teda then used droid armies to patrol the city of Eliior, ensuring that none of the workers entered the city without authorization. He preferred to be called by the title of Great Leader, but many Romins forced the name out only because it pleased Teda. However, his extravagant lifestyle and demanding leadership took its toll on his supporters, and many of his personal guards began to simply leave his services, several years prior to the Battle of Geonosis. He was forced to backfill them with guard droids, but he could only afford a handful of operative units. When the Citizens' Resistance launched their rebellion, Teda was forced to flee his palace and hide in a safehouse, well outside the city of Eliior, with Jenna Zan Arbor. They requested a meeting with the Slams, who were actually Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ferus Olin in disguise. It was at this point that Teda realized he was no longer in control of Romin, as Zan Arbor asserted herself as the leader of their group. However, their plans were cut short when Mace Windu and a group of Jedi reinforcements landed on Romin and captured them both. They were turned over to Joylin for sentencing, but Joylin simply allowed them to reach the real Slams and escape Romin, thereby solidifying his own position of leadership. Teda and his cohorts fled to Falleen, where they had been building the Blackwater Systems facility to test distribution methods for the Zone of Self-Containment. They were forced to flee to Coruscant when the Jedi followed them to Falleen, but they were able to gain an audience with the Senate through Bog Divinian. Roy Teda spoke eloquently against the Jedi Order, using subtle twists of the truth and outright lies to spin a tale of how the Jedi were behind his ouster. Unknown to Teda, however, was the fact that Granta Omega considered him expendable, an asset to be used and then thrown away. Teda realized this was Omega launched his Zone-laden seeker droids on the Senate, and one of the seeker droids targetted him specifically. Despite the efforts of Ferus Olin to protect both Palpatine and Teda, a seeker droid managed to get a clear shot, and killed Teda with a single blast to the chest. (JQ8, JQ9)

Roy Teda Colored Fountain of Lights
this beautiful fountain, which seemed to bubble and flow with light, was created in the city of Eliior, on the planet Romin, under the direction of Roy Teda. (JQ8)

Royal Academy
this was the school at which the young nobles of Naboo were trained to become governmental leaders. (IWE1)

Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet
this volunteer defense organization was formed on the planet Alderaan, to ensure the safety of the planet's inhabitants, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (E3N)

Royal Alderaanian Court
the ruling classes of the planet Alderaan and its hierarchy. (DFR)

Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah
this Hapan weapons manufacturer was the only known source of the weapon called as the Gun of Command, which was produced exclusively for use by the Hapan military. (SWJ15, PH)

Royal Carriage, The
this was the name of Dustini's starship. (MMY)

Royal Casino
this Cloud City casino was owned by Jacc Maldelbrot. (GG2)

Royal Chalcedony Shield
this award was presented by the govenrment of Alderaan to those Alderaanians who were "champions of civic virture and held uncompromising moral convictions." Bail Organa presented this award to the Senator Horox Ryyder, when the Anx retired from politics shortly before the Clone Wars. It was believed that Senator Ryyder was the only non-Alderaanian to ever receive the award. (HNN4)

Royal Court of Naboo
this was the name given to the royal household of the elected leader of Naboo, during the Old Republic. (SON)

Royal Families of Kashyyyk
this was the Basic translation of the name given to the group of Wookiee leaders who ruled the planet Kashyyyk, during the final decades of the Old Republic. (VIS)

Royal Flower
this custom-built pleasure yacht was part of the small fleet maintained by the royal family of Mindabaal, during the early years of the New Order. It was later stolen by Jericho Donovan and modified to serve as a smuggling craft. It was renamed Jericho's Pride. (SWJ5)

Royal Galaxy Hotel
this hotel was located in the tallest building in the city of Curamelle, on Corulag. (SWJ12)

Royal House of Learning
this prestigious school was located in the city of Theed, on the planet Naboo, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (IOT)

Royal Hutt Hotel
this noted hotel was located near several rowdy and disreputable cantinas, which detracted from its appeal. (SWRPG)

Royal Icqui Aquaria
this large aquarium was located on the planet Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. It was known for its collection of exotic and dangerous ocean life from across the galaxy. Located in the Hirkenglade Prefecture, the Royal Icqui Aquaria was one of the few facilities that was allowed to draw its water supply directly from the polar pipelines. (WOA21, CCW)

Royal Imperial Guard
red-armored protectors of the Emperor, these servants are specially-trained stormtroopers who met certain physical and emotional characteristics. No one has ever discovered exactly how many guards made up the Royal Guard. They were trained on the barren world of Yinchorr, where they learned that deadly art of Echani and often fought to the death against their fellow trainees in order to prove their loyalty to Emperor Palpatine. Their red armor is based on two unique designs: that of the Mandalorian Death Watch and the Thyrsus Sun Guards. Following the death of Emperor Palpatine in the Battle of Endor, the Royal Imperial Guard made a change to their robes. A hem of black was added to the bottom of their robes, indicating that they were mourning the death of Palpatine. Even after the mandatory year of mourning had passed, the black hem remained as an homage to the dead Emperor. When Palpatine reappeared, in body of one of his clones, on the planet Byss, the Royal Guard returned to his side. When the clones were destroyed by the New Republic, many of the Guards were killed as well. The survivors gathered on Yinchorr, and were told of Carnor Jax's treachery against Palpatine's clones. Jax then attacked the Yinchorr compound, eliminating all the Royal Guards except for Kir Kanos and Kile Hannad. Hannad died, fighting back Jax's troops so that Kanos could escape to plan revenge for Jax's treason. (ROTJ, ISB, XWN, CE)

Royal Imperial Shockball League
this was the foremost profession shockball league operating during the New Order. The best shockball players in the galaxy played for more than eighty teams in this league, such as the Shad Furies and the Quent Assassins. Many of the teams were based on Core Worlds. (CRO)

Royal K Casino
a gambling establishment found on Kwenn Station, it was owned and operated by Kassar Kosciusko during the height of the New Order. (CRO)

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