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this New Republic Majestic-class heavy cruiser was part of the Fifth Battle Group, and was outfitted with multiple redundant shielding systems. It was placed on the point in the training exercise at Bessimir, in order for it to take the brunt of the hypervelocity gun's assault while the K-Wing bombers took out the gun. The multiple shields were powered by energy shunted from the engines, leaving the Resolve powerless to escape once the shields were activated. (BTS)

Resonance Torpedo
the Sun Crusher's primary weapon. When shot from the Sun Crusher's torpedo bay, it homes in on a star's core and rockets into the gases surrounding it. It then uses a proximity alert to trigger a modulated resonance discharge. This causes the gases in the star's core to become hyper-activated, aging the star and causing it to destroy itself as a supernova in a matter of hours. The star's planets are then destroyed as two intense waves of radiation are blasted into space. (JS, COTF)

this was the largest of the three continents found on the planet Corulag. (CCW)

Resorts, The
this was the name given to the 500 or so bases established by pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries who lived on Ord Antalaha. (PP)

Resource Reconnaissance Speeder
designed by SoroSuub for use by the mining industry, the RRS measured five meters in length and was operated by a pilot and co-pilot. It could transport up to two passengers, and could carry up to 70 kilograms of cargo. The RRS was developed to analyze locations for the presence of ores, metals, or crystals. Many mining operations used the RRS as the mobile command base for a fleet of MEMD-2 mining droids. (FBS)

this was one of the Imperial cruisers blockading the ThonBoka when Lando Calrissian returned to help the Oswaft, during the early years of the New Order. The Respectable was the first ship to intercept Lando. When Lando boarded it, pretending to be a simple merchant, its cooped-up sailors welcomed Lando's cigars and ice cream with open arms. They provided Lando a wealth of information on the blockade, as well as contacts on other ships. Lando used these contacts as stepping stones, in order to get closer to the mouth of the StarCave, peddling his wares from ship to ship. (LCS)

this medical frigate was part of the Old Republic task force that was dispatched to Praesitlyn, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. (JT)

this smaller of the TaggeCo escape pods in the Respite series, the Respite-4 could transport up to four passengers,and had enough power to maintain life support for three days. (HAS)

this was a model of escape pod produced by TaggeCo during the New Order. As the name suggests, this escape pod had room for eight passengers,and had enough power to maintain life support for two standard days. (HAS)

Response Package
this was a generic term used to describe any cybernetic implant that heightened the nervous system of a being, giving them enhanced dexterity and sharper performance reactions. The only known drawback to the use of a response package was an irregular twitch in certain muscles. (KOTOR)

Response Time
this learning game was played in the Learning Circle on Kegan, during the last decades of the Old Republic. During the game, the first student to react to a topic flashed across their computer screen was required to recite all known information about the topic. (FFT)

RES-Q Airspeeder
developed by Ubrikkian, this 12-meter-long speeder was designed as a medical relief vehicle. It's oval shape allowed it to transport up to four medics and ten patients, as well as two metric tons of supplies. It was unusual among non-military speeders in that it was shielded, in order to better protect its patients during transport to a hospital. (LOE)

Ressl River
this was the longest river found on the planet Carida. (EGP)

this chemical manufacturer was noted to its synthetic byrothsis, which was used in Imperial heat sensors. (CFG)

Rest, The
this was the name given to the members of a race of aliens who had existed for eons in the depths of space. Having descended from a race of intelligent, organic machines created by an extinct culture that was destroyed by a supernova, their race had closer to a state of perfection than any other race in the galaxy. In appearance, The Rest appeared to be fifty-kilometer-long starships that were ovoid in shape and covered with polished silver plating. Nevertheless, they were semi-organic in composition, and they were entirely sentient. However, because of their desire to remain separated from the rest of the galaxy, these beings and their society had grown stagnant by the time of the New Order, and they longed for excitement and risks. One such risk, many millennia earlier, became a problem for them, as it caused violence and destruction, and they were forced to recover it. The One, though, foresaw that continued isolation and safety would eventually lead to the death of their civilization, so he created Vuffi Raa and sent the droid out into the galaxy to learn more about its peoples. (LCS)

Resta Shug Hai
this grizzled X'Ting fighter was one of the recruits who joined the Desert Wind terrorist group to fight against the Five Families during the height of the Clone Wars. A farmer by trade, Resta and her husband worked hard to eke out an existence in the desert near Kibo Lake. When the Five Families raised energy prices to the outlying areas - a move meant to ensure that their secure bunker was properly protected - Resta and her husband were unable to survive without extra income. Her husband went to work in the mines, but died from exhaustion. Rather than stand by and lose her farm, Resta answered the call sent out by Jedi Master Kit Fisto and the ARC trooper known as Nate. After training with them for several weeks, she joined Desert Wind to strike back at the Five Families and their control over Cestians. She was the only X'Ting to survive the training process with the clone troopers, but she fought for the same thing her comrades did: equal rights and freedom for the workers of Ord Cestus. She earned the respect and gratitude of the AFRC trooper known as Jangotat, after he was brought to the Zantay Hills to recover from injuries sustained during a raid on the Desert Wind encampment. When Jangotat launched a desparate mission to root out the Five Families from their secret bunker, Resta refused to remain behind, even though Jangotat gave her the A-98 Tac Code 12 phrase to receive compensation from the Republic. The only way Jangotat got her to stay behind was to incapacitate her in a swift sleeper hold, rendering Resta unconscious before she could protest. (TCD)

Restful Nights Hotel
this hotel was located on the planet Faldos. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the innkeeper of the Restful Nights Hotel tried to capture Han Solo, in the hope of collecting the bounty on his head. Solo had been on the planet to rescue Grubba the Hutt. (MIS5)

Restful Sleep in Danger
this Jedi technique allowed the Jedi Knights to get much-needed sleep while a corner of their consciousness remained alert and aware of his surroundings. This meant the Jedi could rest while dealing with a potentially dangerous situation. (HP)

Resti Kel
a planet. (SWJ2)

Restimar Mining Corporation
this was one of the many corporations which established a presence in the Cularin System during the last century of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

Reston, Nia
this woman and her partner, San Herrera, were Force-sensitive individuals who made conscious decisions not to train with the Jedi Knights on Coruscant. They didnít want to deal with the demands of discipline and isolation imposed by the Jedi, and decided to remain on their homeworld of Cularin in order to help the Tarasin people. San and Nia funded a large relief effort, mainly by themselves, in order to ensure that the Hiironi Irstat was able to feed and defend itself from the predations of the Metatheran Cartel and other human intrusions. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, San and Nia began working on Life's Memories, a treatise on death which earned them a small amount of notoriety after they were interviewed by Yara Grugara. Years later, during the Clone Wars, they took up the cause of droid rights. In a detailed treatise dispatched to Cularin's newsnets, they argued that droids were sentient beings - more appropriately called synthetic persons - who needed to be set free. They argued that the Clone Wars was actually a struggled between two different kinds of synthetic persons - the droids of the Separatists and the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic - then provided four key recommendations for ensuring synthetic persons can exist as free beings, in parity with organic beings. The pair then shocked the Cularin System during the final months of the Clone Wars by posting a document to the HoloNet that questioned the loyalty and safety of the clone troopers used by the Republic. They argued that the source of the genetic material used for the clones was inherently flawed, that the clones were capable of independent thought and might eventually revolt against their superior officers, and that the cloning process was inexact and open to tampering. Herrera and Reston ended their posting by citing the various droid revolts in the history of the galaxy, and feared that there was a danger of something similar happening with the clones. They also wondered what would happen to the clone troopers after the war was ended. When the government of Cularin decided to officially join the Old Republic, Herrera and Reston both tried to rally the public around a plan to keep Cularin free. Their plan backfired, however, when it simply incited a riot that caused damage to much of the city of Gadrin. The pair were forced to flee the city and hide from law enforcement officials. (EOS, LFCW)

Restoration Day
this New Republic holiday celebrates the formation of the New Republic. (SOL)

this Imperial Interdictor cruiser was supporting the Imperial-II Star Destroyer Subjugator, during its attempt to prevent the Alliance from helping a group of dissidents defect from Imperial service. The Restrainer was destroyed in the battle, forcing the Subjugator to let the defectors go free. (XWA)

Restraining Bolt
a device used to limit the functions of a droid, it is welded to the droid's exterior and controlled by a caller or owner device. It also contained a remote control shutdown switch that allowed the caller to cut off the droid's main power converters. (SW, WS)

Restraining Collar
this was a speciallized device that was used to limit the functions of a droid. Unlike a restraining bolt, which was welded to a droid's plating and could cause damage when removed, a restraining collar was a large device that was slipped around the droid's body to keep it from moving around. These devices worked well for astromech and other droids that moved about on wheels, and lacked arms or other mechanisms for detaching the collar. (HTTE)

Restraint Capsule
this was a large, room-sized version of a force cage. (GG10)

this was the second settlement established on the moon Rori. It was located across a wide bog from Narmle, and was originally established after the population of Narmle was decimated by an outbreak of brainworm rot. Restuss served as a quarantine center for many decades, until it could be ensured that the brainworm rot had been eradicated. (ROD, GQRG)

Restwell Sleep Station
located within the Outsider Citadels of Cerea, this was a hostel-like grouping of low-cost berths where individuals could sleep for the night. The berths were nothing more than beds and a small refresher station. (PTR)

this Imperial shuttle was the personal transport of Lord Dixton. The shuttle was damaged in a fight with an Alliance starship, and Dixton was forced to land on Masterhome to repair it. While on Masterhome, Dixton and the Resurgence were captured by Alliance forces. The Resurgence was a standard Imperial cargo shuttle, measuring 54 meters in length and armed with a single, turret-mounted heavy blaster cannon. It could transport up to 50 passengers or troops, and up to 1,000 metric tons of cargo. (SWCP)

Resuun, Lobax
this man was the Imperial Governor of Tamarin Sector during the last years of the New Order. He struggled to maintain control of the sector after the Battle of Endor. (POC)

this Barabel was a hatchmate of Saba Sebatyne, and planned to have her coming-of-age ceremony a year or so after Coruscant was lost to the Yuuzhan Vong. Saba returned to Barab I for the ceremony, only to find that the Yuuzhan Vong had destroyed the planet. Reswa was lost in the attack. (FH1)

this heavy-bodied race of humanoids was native to the planet Gelefil. Distinguished by their reptilian features and smooth skin, the Ret were peaceful race of beings who led long lives. Their society was shattered some 322 years before the Battle of Yavin, when the Annoo-dat conquered the planet Gelefil, taking control of the planet. The peaceful Ret eventually adopted much of the Annoo-dat society into their own, and the two races merged into a single society. After many decades of peace, the planet Gelefil was renamed Annoo, in honor of the original homeworld of the Annoo-dat. The Ret came to refer to themselves as Annoo-dat as well, forcing xenobiologists to designate them as the Annoo-dat Blue, in order to avoid confusion with the lizard-like Annoo-dat Prime. (DCAR, DM111)

Ret, Engar
this Imperial Captain is in command of the Tempay lunar base. He was constantly at odds with Ulbrek Gostech, for Ret coveted Gostech's position of Imperial Governor. He had planned to discredit Gostech by turning the governor's soft-hearted ways against him. (PG2)

this Star Destroyer was guarding the Project Orrad base on Venaari. The Retaliator was unable to capture Shandria L'hnnar when she stole the plans to the project and fled the planet with Sienn Sconn. (SWJ5)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was dispatched by the remnants of the Empire to assist the Agonizer in subjugating the world of Adumar, after the Adumari had sided with the New Republic. (SOA)

Retep III
Imperial starfighters attacked a Habassan freighter group near this world, during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Retep IV
Alliance forces drove off Imperial starships that were attacking Habassan convoys near this planet. (XW)

this territory of the planet Baralou was controlled by the Krikthasi. (PG1)

Reth, Yakown
this man served the New Republic as a Navy Captain, leading the Blackmoon Squadron of E-Wing fighters during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Captain Reth and the Blackmoons were part of the forces which assembled at Borleias, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. As the struggle to maintain control of Borleias wore on, Captain Reth and his crew began to question the motivations and abilities of both General Wedge Antilles and Commander Eldo Davip. Reth wondered - without knowing the true reasons - how the two could allow the Lusankya to be destroyed bit by bit. (EL1, EL2)

a harmless material used by most industrial worlds. (TFE)

a metal which is molten at relatively low temperatures, it forms the core of the planet Bespin, and is mined for various uses. At slightly higher temperatures, rethin melts and eventually dissipates as a gas. It is very light in its gaseous form, and rethin is consumed by the beldons of Bespin to help them remain bouyant and float. The beldons then produce tibanna gas as a waste product. The unique space beldon, however, can produce its own rethin by digesting the interstellar gases of nebulae and gas clouds. (GG2, WOTC)

Rethin Sea
a name given to the molten metallic core of the planet Bespin. The inner core of the sea contained 30,000 kilometers of liquid metal rethin, while the outer section contained 22,000 kilometers of liquid rethin. (GG2)

this Ithorian was one of the most prominent criminal figures of the Mid Rim Territories. He has been known to fund rebellions against both the Empire and the New Republic, and has continued to gain more and more control since the Battle of Endor. His specialty seems to be the theft and transport of high-technology weapons systems and military materiel. Despite the high profile of his goods, Rethron has managed to maintain a low-key presence in the operation. His whereabouts have never been pinpointed, although his involvement in the illegal weapons market has been verified by captured operatives. (WBC)

this Toydarian salvage pilot was known to be a gifted talker and story-teller, although many of his stories centered on his own exploits. Nevertheless, Reti was also known as a good friend, and was always willing to help out another being in need. He proved his mettle prior to the Battle of Naboo, assisting Rhys Dallows in investigating the early stages of the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo. Reti performed his regular salvage operations from the cockpit of his personal ship, the Zoomer. (JSF, WOTC)

Retinal Combat Implant
this miniature form of combat implant was placed in a being's eye, to provide greater visual accuity and tracking capability. They were first developed several decades before the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Retinal Disguiser
this device resembled a set of visors or sunglasses. When worn and used by a being who is subjected to a retinal scan, the disguiser projects a false retinal pattern over the wearer's eyes. This pattern can be random or pre-set, and allows the being to bypass retinal-scan security systems. (GG11)

Retinal Lock
developed by the Bith, this computer security device used a complex series of retinal scans to identify users and encrypt datafiles. (GFT)

Retinal print
an identification method which reads the retinal pattern of an individual. (SME)

Retinol, Leito
this man once worked for Dynaic Synergetics, Incorporated, before joining the corporate staff of Karflo Corporation. The rest of his career was documented in highly-classified datafiles, giving rise to speculation on his past. During the height of the New Order, Retinol was named the Managing Director of Karflo's operations on Goroth Prime. His management team respected his abilities, but wondered if he was too clever for hisown good. (GSE)

Retrac, Sheltay
this Alderaanian woman served as Bail Organa's primary aide during the height of the Clone Wars. (VD3, OWS)

Retreat at Katraasii
this was one of the most painful and disgracing events of the Clone Wars, in which the forces of the Old Republic were routed when clone commander Jai'galaar was unable to affect an organized retreat to a safe location. Separatist forces were able to decimate the Republic's forces, and only a few managed to survive. (SWI84)

this Imperial Star Destroyer, part of the Qeimet fleet, served as the home base for the Scimitar Assault Wing. After the Battle of Endor, the Retribution was discovered to be part of the fleet controlled by Governor Lobax Resuun of Tamarin Sector. The Retribution served as Resuun's personal base of operations, allowing him to move around the sector at will. (ISB, POC)

this Marauder-class corvette was purchased by the Corellian underground resistance from the Corporate Sector during the early years of the Alliance. It served as Bria Tharen's command ship during her attack on the Helot's Shackle, during which she attempted to rescue Ylesian slaves. (RD)

this Daupherm Discril-class attack cruiser was stolen from the Daupherm military by Gorvam Shrulldike and his partner, Evram Darkmere. The two hoped to convert the ship into a smuggling craft, then make a living plying the shipping lanes. After Darkmere defeated Shrulldike in personel combat to take control of the operation, he began refitting the ship in order to make it more modern. Darkmere's reputation as a strong-willed captain allowed the ship to overtake its quarry without firing a shot. It was armed with six turbolaser cannons, four tri-particle beamers, two trilaser cannons, and a single tractor beam. (CRO)

Retribution, The
see Rite of the Retribution. (BSS)

this was a strong liquor that was popular in the Outer Rim Territories during the early years of the New Order. Retsa was often imbibed by Lando Calrissian during a sabacc match, because he could nurse the drink all night long. (LCM)

RetSpan Audionics
this small corporation produced a variety of sound slugs which were stolen from other artists, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Many music producers began using combat droids and other sensor-equipped automata to prohibit the piracy of music. (HNN5)

an Imperial frigate operative during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this was the largest, and least populated, continent on the planet Draenell's Point. It is made up of rocky mountains and populated by a number of predatory animals, contributing to its sparse population. (GMK)

Rett I
this is the first planet in the Rettna System, and is the site of a Jante mining colony. It was the only Jante holding in the system following an attack by their sector neighbors, the Freda. During the New Order, the decades-old feud between Jante and Freda erupted into full-scale war as each sabotaged the other's mining operations. Imperial forces were called in to put an end to the hostilities. (SWJ9)

Rett II
this is the second planet in the Rettna System, and was the site of a Jante mining colony. It was attacked and captured by the Jante's sector neighbors, the Freda. During the New Order, the decodes-old feud between Jante and Freda erupted into full-scale war as each sabotaged the other's mining operations. Imperial forces were called in to put an end to the hostilities. (SWJ9)

this bookie was a native of the planet Andasala. (GG11)

an Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Return of the Jedi
according to the Journal of the Whills, this was the title of Episode 6 of Star Wars. Return of the Jedi won an Academy Award for Special Achievement for Visual Effects (Lesley Dilley). Return of the Jedi was also nominated for the following awards:

  • Best Sound (Ben Burtt)
  • Best Sound Effects Editing (Richard Burrow, Teresa Eckton, Ken Fisher)
  • Best Original Score (John Williams)

Returning, The
this was a ritual for the survivors of the destruction of Alderaan. Returning involved making a pilgrimage to the asteroid field created by the Death Star's blast, and leaving behind something to honor the dead. A profitable business formed around the production of Memory Capsules in which the survivors could place gifts. The Capsules were then deposited in the asteroid field. (BW)

this native of Ralltiir served with the planet's defense forces during the early years of the New Order. Unlike most natives of Ralltiir, Retwin was sympathetic to the Empire's ideals. He joined the Imperial Navy shortly after Ralltiir was subjugated by the Empire, and was known as a highly-skilled saboteur. He served as a Chief aboard the Executor during the garrisoning of Cloud City. (CCG5)

Reubens Robotic Systems
this droid manufacturer was best-known for its development and production of the RX-series pilot droid. (ST)

Reug Yucon
this Bothan male was a scientist, specializing in the fields of trans-system and galactic atmospherics, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He was part of the team, led by Doctor Fort Turan, which traveled to Haariden to investigate the effects of a volcanic environment on the planet's atmospherics and ecosystem. (JQ4)

Reugus, Morrina
this woman was the daughter of parents who owned a respectable shipping business. However, the Empire accused them of smuggling weapons and other treasonous activity, and had them executed. Morrina was sent to Brentaal live with relatives, and decided to join the Alliance and strike back at the Empire in any way she could. She eventually was employed by the government of Brentaal as a starport traffic controller. She worked her way up the ladder as far as she could while still remaining a controller, where she could maintain direct contact with the starships that passed through the starport. In this way, she could monitor incoming traffic for specific code phrases that identified Alliance starships. She arranged for these ships to be berthed where they could be left alone, and worked with Sarchen Snyle to ensure that their cargoes weren't inspected. (CRO)

Reuss Corporation
the industrial giant which is headquartered on Reuss VIII, it virtually enslaved the entire population of the planet. (GG9)

Reuss VIII
this planet, the primary world in the Reuss System, is located in the Portmoak Sector of the Outer Rim. It was once a lush, green world filled with beautiful vistas and a mild climate. It was a major food producer for the Outer Rim Territories. However, the industrial revolution that swept the planet left it a toxic, polluted wasteland under the control of Torel Vorne. Vorne has managed to turn Reuss VIII into Portmoak Sector's industrial juggernaut, at the expense of its environment. Reuss VIII's day lasts 20 standard hours, and its year lasts 210 local days. (CRO, GG9)

the near-human natives of the planet Reuss VIII. (GG9)

this Najib was a bounty hunter before he retired to his homeworld. He had fled his homeworld when the Empire subjugated the planet, and killed his wife and three daughters in the process. After retiring, Reuther established the tavern he called Reuther's Wetdock. He was a good friend of Thaddeus Ross, and often addressed the pilot in Old Corellian. (TFE, SWJ4, SWJ15)

Reuther's Wetdock
a popular Najiban tavern located in the planet's main spaceport. It was owned and operated by the Najib named Reuther, a good friend of Thaddeus Ross. (SWJ4, TFE)

Rev Terrel
this being was a Captain with the New Republic's Intelligence agency, and was responsible for documenting Luke Skywalker's role in the Black Fleet Crisis and the Battle of N'zoth. (CTD)

this was the nickname given by an unknown Gungan to his blaster rifle, during a pro-Cularin rally staged by San Herrera and Nia Reston in the city of Gadrin during the final days of the Old Republic. The two humans had been calling for Cularin to cut off its ties to the Republic, fearing that interference from the Galactic Senate would cause more problems than the Thaereian Military. Their speech, however, only served to incite the crowd - including the gun-slinging Gungan - to demand Cularin's freedom. In the resulting riot, Herrera and Reston fled the scene, hoping to avoid arrests. (LFCW)

this ancient Jedi Knight was one of the many which participated in the defense of the Old Republic during the Great Sith War, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Revan and his fellow Jedi Knight, Malak, put down a Mandalorian uprising in the Outer Rim during the war, but were brought into contact with the Dark Side of the Force. Revan began to study the Sith lore, and eventually named himself Darth Revan, a Dark Lord of the Sith, with Malak as his apprentice. The two set out to wage their own battles against the Jedi Knights and the Old Republic, until Revan was captured in battle. Malak took up his master's mission and set out to continue the war against the Jedi. Meanwhile Revan was given a complete memory wipe by the Jedi Council, which eliminated the taint of the Dark Side and returned him to the ways of the Jedi. To ensure the transformation was complete, Revan was paired with Bastila Shan on a mission to locate Malak and the Star Forge. After the pair was captured, along with Carth Onasi, and held by Darth Malak aboard the Leviathan, Revan was given information about the truth behind his return to the Light Side of the Force. He couldn't comprehend the duplicitous act, and nearly fell in battle during an escape attempt. It was Bastila's brave attack that deflected Malak's attention, allowing Onasi and Revan to escape aboard the Ebon Hawk. Eventually, the group managed to destroy the Star Forge and Darth Malak with it, but the Jedi Order continued to struggle with schisms in its ranks. Revan himself recognized the nature of the galaxy, and left the Jedi Order to take the fight to the Sith. A large number of Jedi Knights followed Revan into battle, abandoning their training to fight the growing evil. Over time, the Jedi Order lost touch with Revan, and he was never seen again. (KOTOR, SWI67, SWDB, KOTOR2)

this person served as an aide to a planetary governor during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Revel Mallinor
this was the name of a distinguished Khil individual. (UANT)

this young girl was the central character in the holo-drama Revella's Journey: A Story of a Girl and Her Droid. (GFT)

Revella's Journey: A Story of a Girl and Her Droid
this holo-series chronicled the adventures of a young girl and her Guardian-class droid, Seti. Many business experts credit the series for the popularity of the Guardian-class droid, as the largest segment of owners were also families which regularly watched the serial. It was produced by Millennium Entertainments. (EGD, GFT)

Revels, The
this is the name of the boisterous entertainment district of Talos, on the planet Atzerri. (SOL)

one of two Nebulon-B frigates under the command of Lumiya, following the Battle of Endor. (SWG3)

this ocean-going cruiser was Sol Sixxa's mobile base of operations, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Most of the Mere native to the planet Maramere believed that Sixxa was a ghost, and that the Revenant was nothing but a legend. This belief was augmented by the fact that Sol Sixxa installed an experimental cloaking device aboard the ship. The cloaking device had been stolen from Lord Toat and the Trade Federation cutter Syren. (CRBN)

this Trade Federation LH-3210 freighter was dispatched to Dorvalla, shortly before the Battle of Naboo, to acquire a full cargo of lommite. It was under the command of Daultay Dofine at the time, and was crewed by a variety of different species. After taking on a full cargo of lommite, the Revenue was attacked by the Nebula Front pirates. Captain Arwen Cohl and his crew managed to acquire the cache of aurodium ingots before escaping the ship, which they had rigged to explode. Dofine and his crew managed to escape before the Revenue tore itself apart, and they were later rescued by the Acquisitor. It was later revealed that the destruction of the Revenue was one of the opening moves in Darth Sidious' plans to maneuver the Republic to side with the Federation, especially when it came to arming their freighters with battle droids, droid starfighters and additional weaponry. (COD)

Reverend, The
this huge, bushy-bearded man frequented the LoBue casino, and was Torve's contact for smuggling food to the Gado hill clans. (HTTE)

Reverse Thrust
this song, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, first appears on the compilation Totally Patriotic. It was a beautiful instrumental, and was one of the few RSL songs not banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Reverse-Polarity Pulse Grenade
developed for use by the Army of the Republic, this highly-charged explosive didn't cause physical damage. Instead, it released an intense electromagnetic pulse that overloaded the electrical systems of droids and sensors within its blast radius. This weapon proved effective against the battle droids of the Separatists. (RDK)

a term used to describe the act of returning to realspace from hyperspace. (SWR)

Revessa Global Shipping
this was the largest of the Trandoshan-owned shipping concerns, carrying all manner of goods across the planet's surface during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

one of Jabba the Hutt's favored lieutenants, this male Rodian was recognizable by the cybernetic replacement of his left arm. The arm was lost during Revidjasa's rise to power as a gangster in the Mid Rim. Jabba recruited him, but only after eliminating all of Revidjasa's own underlings. The Rodian agreed to join Jabba, but chafed under the Hutt's leadership. Revidjasa was one of the many of Jabba's underlings who wasted no time in carving out his own piece of the Hutt's empire in the wake of his death on Tatooine. Revidjasa quickly made alliances with the Zygerian and Thalassian slaving guilds, building the largest slaving operation in the Mid Rim during the early years of the New Republic. (GG11, GG12)

this carnivorous mammal is native to the planet Gacerian, where they live in the rocky mountains on the fringes of the desert. The revir can grow to 1.5 meters in length, and they have nasty claws and teeth. The revir uses its ear-piercing howl to disable their prey. They howl can also be modified in pitch and duration as a form of communication between revirs. (PG2)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Coruscant System. (PH)

Revkinn V
this planet was the primary world in the Revkinn System. (GG10)

Revol Leap
located on the abandoned, floating city of Tibannapolis, Revol Leap was a leaning spire of metal which hung out into Bespin's atmosphere. Beings who scavenged the Leap risked falling into Bespin's atmosphere. (BF2)

any Targonnian who opposed the despotic rule of the Dictator-Forever Craw. They were led by Shay. (DRO)

Revolutionist Purist Council
this faction of Fishfaces held strongly to the ancient ideals of their people. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, they executed the patriarch of their people and his wife, and would have killed the princess Foolookoola if not for the efforts of Naradan D'ulin and Vilmarh Grahrk. (T3)

this city was the entertainment capital of the planet Storinal, and maintained its own starport. It was here that Wraith Squadron intercepted the crew of the Hawkbat before it was supposed to rendezvous with the Night Caller. It is connected to the nearby capital of Scohar via a featureless tunnelway that occasionally rose above ground. A number of large, repulsor-powered railcars travelled along the tunnels between the two cities. When the tunnels rose above ground, it gave the passengers spectacular views of Storinal's wonderful landscaping. (WS)

Revos Liberty
this hostel, located in the city of Revos on Storinal, catered to the crews of large ships on shore leave. (WS)

a small slug that is easily frightened. (SE)

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