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the shortened term used to describe stormtroopers who were specially trained and equipped for operations in radiation zones. The armor of the radtrooper was based on the armor used by standard stormtroopers, but was impregnated with a lead-polymer substrate that allowed the radtrooper to operate for extended periods in lethal radiation zones. Radtroopers were most often used when the Empire needed to subjugate a planet quickly. Using atomic weapons or neutron bombing runs, any armed resistance on the planet was quickly eliminated. The radtroopers were dispatched almost immediately into the warzones, to mop up any surviving resistance on the ground. (GG9, SWDB)

Rae Vixe
this Gran was the patriarch of the Vixe family, and the father of Cera and Boe Vixe. (IA)

this being served under General Wedge Antilles, as Commander of the Mon Mothma, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FP)

this planet, located near Bellassa, maintained its connections to the planet after the Empire took control of Ussa and the other Bellassan cities during the early months of the New Order. Representatives from Raed-7 were allowed to travel to Bellassa, because of a pre-existing pipeline project they were working on. (LJ1)

Raef, Koedi
this member of the Alliance was a starfighter pilot. She was part of the squadron assigned to facilitate the liberation of Vilosoria from Imperial control. Raef was the recipient of data provided by the droid R2Z-DL, which detailed the flight plans of the Fireclaw in the sector. Raef used the data, and the link back into Imperial databases, to keep the Fireclaw delayed in its patrol, and shifted the Imperial garrison's work schedules to pin the stormtroopers down while Alliance forces swept into the system and liberated the planet. For her bravery and valor in the battle, Raef was given the Rohal Cross. She refused to accept the award, and deferred the commendation to R2Z-DL. (CRO)

this Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "graceful." (GCG, WOTC)

Raek, Ute
this Dathomiri witch was a member of the Singing Mountain clan during the early years of the New Republic. (NEGW)

Raelli Ball
this annual event was held by House Melantha during the Capital Season. Note that it is also referred to as the Raeili Ball. (LOE)

Raen Sovra
known as the electrocution worm, this segmented creature is a member of the classification of creatures known as technivores. Its exoskeleton is composed of metallic elements, and the creature subsists by consuming electricity and metals. They were considered a threat to starships and vehicles because of their ability to sense the electricity and metallic content of space-going vehicles, which they attached themselves to and consumed over time, eventually weakening and destroying hulls and computer systems. In general, raen sovra were weak and dumb, but were able to defend themselves by shocking their attacker with a jolt of pure electricity. These creatures were originally discovered - and named for - Doctor Safford Raen, who encountered them in the Mis-Tenek System. Doctor Raen discovered that these worms lived in the root systems of vinna trees, consuming the electricity that is directed into the ground whenever the vinna trees were struck by lightning. (COG)

Raen, Karvinna
this plain-looking young woman was education in xenobiology, and worked for the Alliance Diplomatic Corps during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She served as the primary assistant to Doctor Elth Nardah, working as a researcher and scribe during negotiations with other races. She was shocked when Doctor Nardah was killed by the Karrans, after accepting Darryn Edalm's surrender, and tried to deny his death in her own mind. After overcoming her disbelief, Karvinna and her Alliance escorts discovered the remains of an alien starship. The ship's computer contained video and audio recordings of the alien's first encounters with the Karrans. The aliens themselves were also in the video images, and resembled motile trees. The video showed the Karrans attacking the aliens by themselves and with the help of swarms of insects. After witnessing the Karrans' ability to control the insects first-hand, Raen reported on their abilities to the Alliance. In the wake of Nardah's death, she was promoted and transferred to the investigative branch of the Diplomatic Corps. (SWJ1)

Raen, Safford
this Doctor was credited with the discovery of the raen sovra, during an ill-fated mission to the Mis-Tenek System to study the vinna trees. Several members of his team died from electrocution after coming in contact with the worms which lived near the trees. (COG)

Raf Othrem
this male Twi'lek served as part of Twin Suns Squadron, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FP)

Rafa Chabalrussa
this casino was located on Rafa V. (BHSW)

Rafa III
this was the the planet of the Rafa System. An extensive deep-bore mining operation was located on the planet during the early years of the New Order. (LCM)

Rafa IV
this was the fourth planet of the Rafa System. Although it had no natural satellites, Rafa IV was home to an ideal life-crystal orchard, due to the planet's temperate climate. The air was warm and breathable, but moist with humidity. It was also home to Duttes Mer's prison facility. When Lando Calrissian first visited the Rafa System while hunting for its treasure, he arrived on Rafa IV to pick up Vuffi Raa, the Class 2 droid he won from Osuno Whett in the Oseon System. (LCM)

Rafa System
this star system of eleven planets was extensively settled by the ancient Sharu race, which disappeared eons ago without a trace. They left behind huge buildings and monuments that indicated they had a growing technology. The system was famous for the life-crystals which were grown there, and only on those planets that accurately imitated Rafa's climate, as well as the life-orchards in which the crystals grew and Sharu ruins. During the era of the New Order, the Rafa System was also home to a penal colony where a life sentence meant certain death. It held many of the galaxy's worst criminals and politicians. The system was located near the Oseon System. (LCM)

Rafa V
this planet was the fifth world of the Rafa System, an arid world covered with reddish sand. A cold world which barely supported a small life-orchard, Rafa V was believed to have been the world on which the Sharu evolved. It was also where they supposedly hid the Mindharp. The planet had two moons and a thin, breathable atmosphere that was dry and cool. Rafa V was ringed with a debris field that was created from the remnants of the Sharu's first attempts at spaceflight, including ancient rockets and small craft of unknown origin. Lando Calrissian and Mohs located the Great Pyramid on the planet, during the early years of the New Order, and used the Key to enter it and recover the Mindharp. After entering the Great Pyramid, Lando and Mohs were given a history lesson on Rafa V, showing them that the planet had once had oceans and snow-covered mountains. Then, the ancestors of the Sharu had arrived and settled the planet. As their technology increased in complexity and scope, the Sharu began turning the Rafa System into their own set of gardens, covering large parts of the planet with plastic domes to protect them. The environment, however, did not want to be controlled, and eventually the ancient Sharu found themselves struggling to maintain their gardens. It was as if the planet rebelled against the unnatural containment of the gardens, and eventually reduced itself to desert wastes in order to "escape." (LCM)

Rafa XI
this was the smallest and outermost planet on the Rafa System. Because of its distance from the system's primary, Rafa Xi supported a minimal population that worked at a research facility and a helium processing plant located on the planet. During the early years of the New Order, Lando Calrissian sent Jandler and his team to Rafa XI after escaping from them on Rafa V. The planet was covered with icy slush. (LCM)

this was the name used to describe the humans inhabitants of the Rafa System. The Rafans arrived in the Rafa System around the time that the Toka did, during the early years of the Old Republic, and both of them were affected by the life-crystals. The humans, however, had not suffered from the loss of the Sharu as have the Toka. Instead, the life-crystals altered their physiology. The Rafans evolved into short, squat humans that were often compared to weathered tree-stumps. (LCM)

this Yuuzhan Vong served as the battle tactician, under the command of Tla, during the assault on Obroa-skai and the planned mission to infiltrate Elan into the Jedi Knights. Raff was outspoken for a mere tactician, but his insight and analytical abilities were often valuable to his commanders. He was considered quite small for a Yuuzhan Vong, and was extremely thin-bodied. His ritual scarring and tattoos were no less horrific than those of a warrior, however, for Raff was a devote follower of Yun-Yammka. The skin of his enlarged cranium was tattooed with swirls and patterns denoting the incredible brain within. Raff opposed the initial plans to have Elan play the part of a defector, citing the incredible loss of a yorik coral warship and its crew just to make it appear her defection was legitimate. (HT)

Raffaan, Keval
this ancient Jedi Knight was a native of the planet Chandrila, and was a student at the Diplomatic Institute on Coruscant before joining Jedi Master Ma'tien and taking up the study of the Force. He was dispatched to resolve ti disputes which arose between the human colonists of Muzara and its native sentient race, the Muza, about 1,000 years after the fall of the Sith Empire. (TOJC)

Raffin, Vanter
this man, a native of the planet Ession, was the chief of security for the planet's government. He was also an Imperial supporter, and worked with warlord Zsinj to make sure Ession was properly aligned. However, Raffin was getting on in age, and Zsinj hoped that he would be replaced by his second-in-command, Paskalian. (WS)

a forested planet that was the site of an Imperial garrison that was eliminated during the Galactic Civil War. The Alliance later placed a base there. (SWJ3)

Raflkind Industrials
this corporation produced a number of radiation detection and removal devices, from personal devices hidden in jewelry to larger systems which protected buildings and starships. (ROE, GFT)

Raftican, Tura
a former reporter for the HoloNews Network, Tura joined the Alliance as an Intelligence agent shortly before the Battle of Hoth. She was part of the team assembled yb Arhul Hextrophon and Voren Na'al, investigating the history of the Alliance and its struggles against the Empire. (AIR)

Raftin, Velpar
the Imperial Planetary Commandant in charge of Sevarcos during the Galactic Civil War, Raftin was an arrogant man who believed the New Order was the ultimate in political structures. Formerly a member of the Imperial Sector Plexus, Raftin worked hard to ensure that Imperial rule governed Sevarcos, much to the chagrin ans consternation of the local spice lords. Raftin went so far as to rig several local elections so that his own cronies were elected to public positions. (SWJ2, SWJ12)

this was term used to describe the floating shanty towns established by the Selkath, during the Imperial occupation of the planet Manaan. (PH)

a silver-colored Mon Calamari who served the Alliance and the New Republic. As a Naval Admiral, Ragab used the captured Star Destroyer Emancipator as his flagship. (XWN)

Ragan Ten
this bounty hunter was based on the planet Taul, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

this Barabel individual was famous in the history of Barab I. (UANT)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this Lancer-class frigate was assigned by the Empire to patrol Darpa Sector and provide support for space station 1B6/Green during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

Rage of the Shadow Warriors
this ancient, epic anthem that was based on a poem about the Taungs, and became part of the Mandalorian culture. It was recited for generations, and was eventually adopted by the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic as an anthem of brotherhood. (OWS)

this man led the rebellion against the pro-Imperial government on the planet Solay, just weeks after the Battle of Endor. Raggold himself had been fighting against the oppressive government for more than fifty years before Luke Skywalker arrived on Solay and provided aid to the rebels. Unfortunately for Raggold, he was shot and killed by a traitorous member of his own rebellion, just before he entered the governmental palace to put an end to the governor. Members of the rebellion claimed that Raggold had been assassinated by a traitor, and Luke set out to find him. However, what Luke learned was that Raggold himself was the traitor, having sold out both the rebels and King Blackart to the Empire. Raggold couldn't reconcile his actions in his own mind, however, and took his own life in the final moments of the rebellion. (MC89)

Raging Banthas
a swoop gang that patrolled Gallisport, on Shesharile 5, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Raging Banthas tried to join forces with the Spiders in order to take over parts of the city which were held by the Rabid Mynocks. (SWJ6)

Raglath Nur
this Yuuzhan Vong warrior was assigned to a squad which hunted down any remaining Jedi on the planet Coruscant, shortly after the alien invaders captured the planet from the New Republic. After Viqi Shesh was captured trying to leave Coruscant, she was assigned to Raglath Nur's detachment, when a variety of reports of Force-wielding beings began to trickle into Yuuzhan Vong command posts. Raglaht Nur and his party were killed when they encountered Irek Ismaren, now known as Lord Nyax, deep underneath Coruscant's surface. (EL2)

Ragna III
this forested planet was the homeworld of the Yuzzem race. (EGA)

Ragnar Bounty Hunter Syndicate
based on Ragnar VIII in the Ragnar System, Ragnar was one of the largest professional bounty hunting syndicates of the Outer Rim Territories. As a recognized member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Ragnar's prowess and reputation spread throughout the galaxy. The Syndicate allowed its members to perform freelance hunts, but required that an experienced hunter always take a rookie with them in order to continually teach new hunters the tricks of the trade. Most hunters who of this guild were considered little more than mercenaries, and other hunters were often disdainful of Ragnar's membership. During the height of the New Order, the Ragnar Syndicate was led by Reshton Severindas. (GG9, GG10, HG)

Ragnar VIII
this remote, defendable planet was the primary world in the Ragnar system, located in Merel Sector. (GG9, GG10, SWJ15)

Ragnook Mountains
this mountain chain was located on the main continent of the planet Kothlis. (SPG)

Ragnook Spring Water
this refreshing water was captured from springs hidden in the Ragnook Mountains of the planet Kothlis. (SPG)

this planet was located on the border of the Unknown Regions, and served as a major hyperspace jump point for vessels that were traveling from the Galactic Alliance into the Unknown Regions during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

Rago Run
this was one of the many hyperspace travel routes that were formed during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, linking the Outer Rim with the planet Rago in the Unknown Regions. The Galactic Alliance traced the presence of black membrosia to the Rago Run, but was unable to determine exactly which planet was the source. (DN1, DN2)

RAGOC Missile
developed by Oryn Engineering during the New Order, this was a Repulsor-Assisted Ground-to-Orbit Concussion missile. (HAS)

this was the name of the alien race which was native to the planet Ragoon-6. The Ragoons refused to allow any off-worlders to colonize their planet, and in their isolation a sickness began to decimate their population. Some five years after the Battle of Naboo, only a handful of Ragoons survived. (JQ2)

Ragoon VI
see Ragoon-6 (RDR)

this planet was part of a cluster or remote worlds which were famous for their rugged beauty. Ragoon-6 was noted for its high mountains and sheer cliffs. There were no cities on Ragoon-6, nor was there any form of industry. Thus, the environment of the planet was extremely pure and clean, and everything seemed brighter and clearer than on most other worlds. This was mainly due to the stubborn reluctance of the native Ragoons to allow any kind of colonization of their planet. However, certain groups - like the Jedi Knights - were given special dispensation to land on the planet. The Jedi used the planet as a kind of training ground, allowing Master-Padawan teams to go to Ragoon-6 to train together. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi traveled to Ragoon-6, shortly after Obi-Wan's sixteenth birthday, in an effort to re-focus their thoughts and get back in touch with the living Force. Unfortunately for Qui-Gon, he received a disturbing vision of Tahl's death while on the planet, which clouded his mind until her death on New Apsolon. Years later, Obi-Wan and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, survived an assault by bounty hunters who had been sent to Ragoon-6 to capture the Jedi. (TTB, DOH, JQ2)

Rags, Mat
this bald man lived in the city of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

this New Republic Navy Lieutenant was a member of the Venture's Bravo Flight of ferry pilots. He served under Lieutenant Bos during the war against the Yevetha. (TT)

Ragtag Gang
this gang of orphans and misfits was active on the planet Corellia during the Galactic Civil War. (GQRG)

Rahama Club
this is one of the Outer Rim's most popular clubs. (GG9)

this is the name given to a unit of ion density, used to indicate the strength of an ion pulse. (TT)

Rahn, Qu
once a native of the planet Socorro, this former Jedi Knight spent the twilight of his career searching for the lost Valley of the Jedi. Rahn had been a member of the Jedi Temple's Katarn Clan, and trained under the guidance of Jedi Master Yoda. Rhan had survived the Jedi Purge, but only after escaping from the treachery of Halagad Ventor. After tracking down Yoda on Dagobah, Rahn learned of the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan. Yoda then promoted Rahn to the rank of Jedi Master and sent him away with information on the location of the Valley of Souls. Rahn seemed to be one step ahead of the Dark Jedi, Jerec, who was also searching for the Valley. He feared the Valley was only a myth until Morgan Katarn discovered its whereabouts. Rahn immediately sensed the connection to the name Katarn, since it had been the name of his clan at the Jedi Temple. Looking inward with the Force, Rahn discovered that Morgan was quite sensitive to the Force, and saw that his son, Kyle Katarn, would someday figure in the locating of the Valley. Rahn also foresaw his own capture. He entrusted his lightsaber to Morgan, to pass on to Kyle, then tried to defeat Jerec himself. However, Jerec captured him on Dorlo and executed him aboard the Vengeance, but not before learning of Morgan Katarn's knowledge of the Valley. (DF2, RAG, WOTC)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (GMR1)

this young Zeltron was part of the detachment sent to the Forest Moon of Endor to meet with the leaders of the Alliance, most especially Leia Organa, in the wake of the Battle of Endor. Admiral Ackbar then placed the four Zeltrons in charge of protecting Leia, in order to simplify a delicate situation. Like most Zeltrons, Jahn had a strong hatred of the Nagai. He was among the first members of the Alliance forces on Endor to be attacked by the Maccabreee warriors dispatched by Knife to eliminate Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar, when the Nagai launched their bold attack on the Alliance. Rahuhl and his companions were personally escorted back to Zeltros by Leia Organa shortly afterward. (LTA6, MC95, MC100, MC103)

this Gektl served the Empire on Harix, where he was a Major in charge of rounding up the planet's teachers. They were suspected of sowing the seeds of rebellion on the planet. Rahz was defeated by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. (CSWEA)

Rai Unlu
this Sorrusian posed as a medic at the largest medical center on Sorrus, in an effort to assist Ona Nobis in capturing Obi-Wan Kenobi and Astri Oddo, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (TDR)

this thick-necked Imperial Army Colonel was a member of House Reana of Tapani Sector, but was loyal to the New Order above all other obligations. (TSIA)

this unusual creature, found on the Forest Moon of Endor, resembled a normal tree with hollow branches sprouting from its trunk. Using these branches, the raich could create sounds that lured other creatures to its location. It could then lash out and capture the creatures, which it then devoured. The being known as Gonster believed that the raich was an evil monster, and placed a magical cap over its branches to prevent it from calling any other creatures to their deaths. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Wicket W. Warrick mistakenly removed the cap and allowed the raich to send out is call. He later led a mission to restore the cap and silence the raich. (ECAR)

Raider Armor
developed by the Ubese, this was a form of protective body armor which employed high-tech sensors and a fearsome appearance to give the wearer an individualized form of protection. (GUN)

Raider Squadron
this was Crimson Jack's personal starfighter squadron, used to protect his amassed fleet. (MC15)

Raider, Samuel
a Captain in the Alliance, he was captured by the Empire and sent to Stars' End for detainment on the freighter Genue. He was friends with Cardacs, who petitioned the Alliance to rescue the prisoners. Raider was rescued by Keyan Farlander's assault team, but Cardacs was killed in the battle. He held a grudge against Farlander for some time during the Galactic Civil War, and spoke openly about Farlander's apparent lack of humanity. He later realized that this was Farlander's way of dealing with the loss of his fellow pilots, and reconciled his differences. (XW)

this was the term used to describe the small-scale battles between two Adnerem steri for power or to resolve a disagreement. The goal was not to annihilate the enemy, but to adjust the dynamic balance between steri. (AE)

this huge, muscular ZeHethbra was a bounty hunter during the height of the New Order. He was once hired by a rival of both Malkoi and A'jindre Skrigatov to find and kill Brinaloy N'Vaari. In addition to his immense size, Raije was distinguished by the Wookiee bowcaster he used as his primary weapon. He was known as a crazed, maniacal hunter who was relentless in his pursuit of a bounty, and was considered a rogue by his own species. (ND)

this Sullustan trader was known for his ability to quickly transport illegal cargo and passengers across the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. A former employee of SoroSuub Corporation, Rai-Kalei was fired after a run-in with Imperial forces and fled Sullust. He became a wanted being, and took up smuggling to make a living. He later joined the Alliance, helping out as a smuggler and informant, and using his personal ship - the Mayjeln to travel the galaxy. (SWJ4)

this was a common name among adult Codru-Ji. (UANT)

Rail Detonator
this weapon resembles a missile launcher, and is about the size of a riot shotgun. Instead of firing a single warhead like the missile launcher, the rail detonator fires a series of small, explosive devices at a target. (DF2)

Rail Vorkan and the Space Pirates
this was a holovid series which was popular during the early years of the New Republic. (GG11)

this CR90 corvette was owned by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (XWA)

this Imperial Moff was in charge of the planet Bacrana. (SWJ8)

this was the only word used to describe one of the four humanoid, child-like droids discovered by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa on an uncharted world, while they were on a diplomatic mission to the Akuria System, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Rain was named for the fact that she could summon the rains at will. All four children were distinguished from humans by their glowing, yellow eyes. They were created by the Keeper to break the monotony of its millennia-long work of rebuilding the planet, and their special powers helped the Keeper in its reformation efforts. (PZZ1)

this young girl was Tomcat's younger sister, born with the name Zannah, although she displayed none of his Force sensitivity during her early years on Somov Rit. Shortly before the Battle of Ruusan, when the Jedi were trying gather as many Force-users as possible to fight against the Brotherhood of Darkness, Tomcat was chosen to train with Torr Snapit. Rain wanted to leave Somov Rit with her brother, and Tomcat used his own Force skills to allow Rain to accompany them. Upon arriving at Ruusan, Rain was lost when Torr's ship was shot down. She was believed to be dead, but the bouncers of the planet managed to save her life. Rain was happy until her rescuer, known as Laa, dreamed she would fall victim to the Dark Side of the Force. Rain believed she had no skills with the Force, but Laa managed to bring them out and help the girl. Rain tried to kill herself by jumping off a cliff, rather than turning to the Dark Side, but she vowed not to let a dream rule her life. She halted herself in mid-fall, and dedicated herself to helping the bouncers and the Jedi. Her resolve, however, was shattered when Laa was mistakenly killed by Petja. Rain swiftly grew angry and killed Petja, allowing herself to be consumed by the Dark Side. After she was rescued by Darth Bane, Rain abandoned the nickname and took up her given name, Zannah. She became Lord Bane's first apprentice. (JVS)

Rain Pillars
architectural supports used in many Bakuran mansions and office buildings. Special troughs bring the abundant rain water into the pillars, which are them illuminated from below to create beautiful displays of light. (TB)

Raina Quill
this female humanoid served as a commander in the resistance that sprang up to oppose the Imperial occupation of Acherin, in the wake of the Clone Wars. She was a former military officer who served during the Clone Wars, when her government had sided with the Conferedacy of Independent Systems. She was also trained as a medic. After the command was given to execute Order 66, the Acherins found themselves subjugated by the Empire, instead of negotiating a peace treaty with the Old Republic. Raina joined her commanding officer, General Toma, in establishing a resistance to the Imperials. Their efforts brought them into contact with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ferus Olin, who were trying to escape from Inquisitor Malorum. Toma and Raina agreed to help get the former Jedi off Acherin, using Toma's own starship to escape. (LJ2)

Rainbow Berries
a fruit found on the Forest Moon of Endor, the Ewoks harvested rainbow berries for their Harvest Moon Feast. (EGC)

Rainbow Comets
this was the name given to a collection of comets which passed through the Cloak of the Sith and orbited Roon's sun. The first mariners to arrive at the Cloak of the Sith discovered that the Rainbow Comets traced the only safe path into and out of the gaseous cloud. (EGP, WOTC)

Rainbow Fleet
this was the nickname of the fleet of Alliance starships sent to support the ground troops during the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

Rainbow Gems
found on Gallinore, these gems are actually silicon-based creatures which glow with an inner light while they are maturing. They mature after many thousands of years, and so the "gems" are long-lasting. They are extremely valuable; it is rumored that a single gem can buy a Calamarian Star Cruiser. It was also rumored that rainbow gems were bio-engineered by the ancient natives of the planet Gallinore. (CPL, GMR8)

Rainbow Labyrinth
this was perhaps the most famous Tasar Crystal, which was sold at auction for fifty million credits. (SWJ15)

Rainbow of Sunshine
this Caamasi festival was held on a regular basis, during the final decades of the Old Republic, as a celebration of the peace that existed across the galaxy. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the formation of the Galactic Empire, however, the celebration was canceled. (SWI84)

Rainbow Storm
this natural phenomenon occurs on the fourth moon of Yavin, when it comes out the the shadow of the planet Yavin following a long, dark night. When the light of the system's sun passes through the limb of Yavin's atmosphere, it is broken up and refracted by the ice crystals being swirled among the gases of the planet. The resulting display is a chaotic, scintillating, rainbow display of light. (COTF, ISU)

Rainbow Storm
this demonstration of the Light Side of the Force is not a martial art, like the Force storm. It is merely a display of the ability of The Force. The rainbow storm is created by taking available light and bending it into its component colors, creating a wild barrage of color. It takes a good deal of power to be able to manipulate the physics of light to produce the storm. (CPL)

Rainbow Wood
this beautiful, variably-colored wood was once harvested on Alderaan. (CSA)

Rainbow-Eyed Enemy
this was the stylized name used by Nom Anor, acting as the prophet Yu'shaa, to describe the leadership of Supreme Overlord Shimrra and the Yuuzhan Vong. The Rainbow-eyed Enemy was also known as the Shadow, since it was believed to appear as a huge black shadow with rainbows shining from its eyes. Its hand were covered with the bloodstains of the Shamed Ones the Yuuzhan Vong had destroyed. According to The Message described by Yu'shaa, the true gods called upon the Jedi Knights to defeat the Rainbow-eyed Enemy and free the Shamed Ones. (FH2)

this man was an Imperial Counselor, working for Governor Egron on the planet Chibias during the early years of the New Republic. Counselor Raines was working with Security Officer Jayx to implicate Ghent in a weapons scheme, in order to expose a piece of documentation Raines had hidden in the youth's pocket. Mara Jade later discovered that there was no such person as Raines working for the Governor, and that Raines was actually the unofficial attache' known as Markko. He had tried to place the data into Ghent's pocket in order to blackmail him into working for free, in order to complete a task Markko himself was unable to complete. (GMR10)

this Imperial Army Major was one of the best AT-AT instructors to survive the Battle of Endor and the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He served under Admiral Pellaeon, stationed on the Chimaera, and was even the Admiral's simulator instructor. (VOF)

Raioballo Sector
this remote sector of the galaxy was located in the Outer Rim Territories, and contained the worlds of Gravlex Med and Shusugaunt. (GMR7)

this searing-hot planet was the innermost world of the Alderaan System. (CCW)

this man was the Imperial Moff of Parmel Sector shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GG10)

this nervous Chadra-Fan worked as a lookout for Voushon, wandering the streets of Mos Eisley. (MEAS)

a large, black, rodent-like predator native to the moon Yavin 8. They have bristly fur and thick, green, hairless tails. (LW)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this planet was the site of an important Imperial Academy location. (SWJ1, DA)

Raithal Military Academy
this was the proper name of the Imperial Academy campus located on the planet Raithal. (SWJ5, GORW)

Raithal, Hyndis
a General, she had a knack for rallying troops against any odds. (COJ)

this Tusken Raider, who lived on Tatooine during the era of the Great Sith War, was ntoed among his race for his ability to hunt and kill Jedi Knights. Unfortunately, the oral histories of his exploits were lost when his tribe was killed in a raid. (KOTOR)

this reptilian creature, native to the planet Tatooine, resembled a krayt dragon to the inexperienced adventurer. It had a scaly hide, a razor-tipped tail, and a wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, and was a highly territorial creature that viciously protected its hunting grounds. Beyond that, the resemblance to a krayt dragon is minimal. The average raivor measured about four meters in length as an adult, and was very quick and agile in the desert sands. The yellowish coloration of the raivor's scales allowed it to blend into the shifting sands, although a subspecies which livedin the mountains had a darker coloration that didn't blend into the rocky surroundings as well. Raivor hide was valued by the Jawas and the Sand People as a tough material for clothes and tools. (WOTC)

this was the title given to the leader of the Virujansi people. The Rajah's true identity was a closely-guarded secret, and the individual holdling the position was always anonymous beyond the title. For more than 6,000 years, the Rajah ruled from the Palace of Splendid Harmony. (SWI72, RC)

this Jedi Knight was one of Lord Kiel Charny's chief lieutenants, during the Battle of Ruusan. Rajan's back was broken when a huge tree trunk fell on him during the Sith's attack on the main Jedi camp, although he managed to survive the blow. Unfortunately, Rajan was killed when a second wave of Sith attackers arrived on swoops, killing any Jedi they could find who survived. (JVS)

this muscular woman, a native of the planet Typha-Dor, was a member of Shalini's resistance group during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When Mezdec claimed to have discovered Samdew transmitting the location of their base on TY44 to the Vanqors, Rajana admitted that she had heard the struggle and shot Samdew in the chest, killing him instantly. It was only later that the team discovered, with the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, that Mezdec was actually the traitor. (JQ7)

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