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the Ssi-ruuvi process by which a human is cleansed of any resistance to the aliens, and in which new thoughts and emotions are implanted. (TB)

the process by which the Syndicat that controlled the planet Phindar could wipe clean the memories of a Phindian, leaving them without any idea of who they were or where they came from. This process was used to eliminate any Phindians who posed a threat to the Syndicat's control of the planet. Sometimes, the memory-wiped Phindian was placed on another planet, and the Syndicat would bet on how long they could survive. Sometimes, just to be cruel, the Syndicat would release the "renewed" Phindian on Phindar, and they would be unable to find there way home. (HP)

Renewal Ceremony
this Gupin ceremony celebrated the rebirth of their spirit, and signified the point at which most young Gupin received their wings. The Guniepal Chest is opened during the Renewal Ceremony, providing the life-energy necessary to fly and change shape. (ECAR)

this planet was the site of an Alliance base prior to the Battle of Yavin. Note that this planet might also be known as Renforra. (CCG, SWJ4)

this planet was the site of an Alliance base, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Note that this planet might also be known as Renforia. (SWJ4, CCG)

a transport ship used by the Alliance to assist the Stimsenj'kat in recovering the contents of the Xi. cargo ships. This is a reference to Ren Hoek, the chihuahua featured in Nickelodeon's Ren & Stimpy cartoon. (XW)

a legendary ritual performed by an unverified race called the Delorf, renik was performed to cleanse the hostility and treachery from a villainous person. Once the ceremony was completed, the person was a member of the Delorf race in mind, if not in body. (ISB)

this Imperial Intelligence counterintelligence agency was an instrumental part of the Death-Hunter project. This was due mainly to the influence of Moff Jesco Comark, who took control of the agency after being ousted from the governorship of Chandrila. Comark redirected the funds which should have maintained Renik into his pet project, the Death-Hunter cyborg. Renik personnel were used to kidnapped the various human subjects required to create the lethal cyborgs. (SWJ9)

this legitimate front was used by the Empire on Jaemus. Renikco ostensibly was a starship maintenance operation, but the Empire was using Renikco to modify Plexus courier droids to serve as transport modules for Death-Hunter cyborgs. (SWJ9)

Renillis System
this star system was under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War. (GG11)

Renkel, Zazana
this woman, living on Tarhassan during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, fell in love with Edbit Teeks. Despite his work for the Old Republic's Intelligence agency, Teeks also fell in love with Zazana. His sudden disappearance took the Republic by surprise, and the rookie agents dispatched to rescue him set out to locate Zazana for questioning. The team, led by Cherek Tuhm, latched onto the possibility that Zazana might have betrayed him, and brought her in for questioning. Their bureaucratic style grated on everyone's nerves, especially Joram Kithe and Mapper Gann, who quickly understood that Zazana was innocent. In an effort to get the team back on track, Joram and Mapper agreed to "eliminate" Zazana after interrogating her further. They both agreed to drug Zazana and leave her in a remote location to recover, then set out to locate Teeks themselves. (SWI73)

Renko Losa
this was the name of a noted individual from the Nautolan race. (UANT)

this was Darnov's alias when he accompanied Bria Tharen aboard the Queen of Empire. Renkov was Bria Lavval's manager. (RD)

Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild
led by the sister team of Jalindas and Gratina Renliss, this guild only accepted female members. (GG10)

Renliss, Gratina
this woman was one of the two sisters who founded the Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild. The sisters were part of an Imperial deep-cover security team, until their cover was broken and the band assaulted by Alliance forces. The Renliss sisters left for dead - their primarily male leaders fleeing before they could be killed themselves - and Jalindas was forced to drag Gratina out of the battle alone. A female bounty hunter found them and agreed to help them. They survived until the Alliance forces were called to another battle, and made their way back to civilized space. The sisters changed their names and started their guild, attracting only female hunters. The Empire eventually discovered their true identities, but chose to employ them as hunters rather than prosecute them for desertion. Gratina maintained a staunch vigil over her sister's life, taking it as a personal mission to hunt down anyone who threatened Jalindas' life. (GG10)

Renliss, Jalindas
this woman, along with her sister Gratina, founded the Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild. The sisters were part of an Imperial deep-cover security team, until their cover was broken and the band assaulted by Alliance forces. The Renliss sisters left for dead - their primarily male leaders fleeing before they could be killed themselves - and Jalindas was forced to drag Gratina out of the battle alone. A female bounty hunter found them and agreed to help them. They survived until the Alliance forces were called to another battle, and made their way back to civilized space. The sisters changed their names and started their guild, attracting only female hunters. The Empire eventually discovered their true identities, but chose to employ them as hunters rather than prosecute them for desertion. Jalindas remained bitter toward the Imperial officers who abandoned them, and never forgave the Empire for the loss of her right eye in the battle. She had a cybernetic replacement put in to maximize her senses. (GG10)

this man was known as "Solo's Bane" to his companions on Selenius VII. A moderately-skilled bounty hunter, Renlo decided that he was going to capture Han Solo and return him to Jabba the Hutt for the bounty on his head. Renlo spent all his credits on a new ship, advanced weapons and technology, and even private combat instructions. In the end, however, his technology was no match for Solo's own skills. Renlo returned to Selenius VII without his ship, and bloodied and battered from battle. His friends jokingly called him "Solo's Bane" from that point on. (GG10)

this stocky, well-muscled woman served the Alliance as a member of Red Hand Squadron. (RD)

this female Sullustan owned and operated Renna's Transport Service, based in Gadrin on the planet Cularin, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Note that the official Wizards of the Coast Living Force website indicates that Renna was a Rodian. (EOS, WOTC)

Renna Strego
this smuggler captain owned the Star Traveler, and was based on Nar Shaddaa during the early years of the New Order. (THG)

Renna's Transport Service
this shipment and transportation service was based out of the city of Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. It was owned an operated by the female Sullustan Renna. RTS was the subject of a corporate and financial investigation shortly after the Battle of Naboo, as its business grew wildly, while other transport agencies showed less than a fifth the growth during a two-year periods. The Cularin authorities would not implicate RTS and Renna as being in colusion with Nirama or the Metatharen Cartel, but demanded that RTS open up their books and let the financial facts speak for themselves. (EOS, LFCW)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

this dark-skinned human was Jabba the Hutt's nerf-herder at his Tatooine palace. Despite his scruffy appearance, Rennek was a skilled soldier and a combat expert. (CCG7)

a small creature often preserved in sweet liquid and served as a candied delicacy. (TJP)

this was a noted Clawdite vaporer, best remembered for taking command of the Clawdite armies and overthrowing the Zolanders after the New Republic tried to establish a peace between them. (GMR10)

this man owned and operated the freight hauler Worldhopper with the help of his twin sons. The boys, however, were more interested in becoming fighter pilots, and didn't listen to everything Rennik ordered. He continually had to keep after the boys in order to keep the ship working. Rennik was contacted by the droids Whistler and Gate, through a series of remote contacts, in order to get the droids from their location in Imperial space to Oradin, on the planet Brentaal. The droids escaped the compound held by Ysanne Isard and Broak Vessery, and were trying to reach the Grand Oradin Hotel and meet up with Talon Kaarde. Rennik's boys welded flags to the droids and used them for target practive during the trip. Whistler stored digitized images of the two boys for later use, as the targets of one of the many practical jokes it had learned while serving with Corran Horn in the Corellian Security Force. (IR)

Rennimdius B'thog Indriummsegh
this former leader of the Elomin Council served as a Senator during the days of the Old Republic. He objected to Herylcha Baakos' order to define above-ground territories for the Elom race, since the Eloms dewlt underground. (GG12)

Renno, Dav-Wes
this Jedi Master served the Order as a spokesman to the various news agencies that served Coruscant and the Old Republic, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this was the innermost of two moons which orbited the planet Cularin. It was a molten wasteland, with lava seas broken by magnificent spires of rocks. From space, Rennokk seemed to glow with the heat of its molten surface. There were many rumors which suggested that a lifeform lived in the lava seas, but no information has substantiated this rumor. (LFC)

Rennta, Egalla
this woman served as the media relations representative for Xizor Transport Services, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ14)

Renoren, Kylie
this woman was a field scientist who was noted for her work with the Kamarians, during the height of the New Order. (EGA)

this Quarren was a frequent patron of the Outlander Club, during the years surrounding the Battle of Geonosis. Ren-Quar was distinguished from other Quarren by his facial tentacles, which were grooming in such a way as to curl upward at the ends. (OWS, SWI75)

this Imperial Moff was so impressed with the cooking of Vimran Trell and the service aboard the Star Destroyer Adjudicator, that he requested the starship be promoted to be the flagship of his sector fleet. (CRO)

this Imperial Academy cadet was a contemporary of Tycho Celchu, and was at the Prefsbelt IV academy when Celchu laid out Cadet Laine. Soontir Fel ordered Rens and Biggs Darklighter to take Laine to the infirmary. (MBF)

this former Imperial Navy Captain joined Prince-Admiral Krennel, when the rogue warlord broke away from Imperial service and took control of the Ciutric Hegemony. However, when Krennel ordered him to destroy a village on Liinade III - the home of a person who attempted to assassinate Krennel - Rensen refused. He felt the loss of life was too severe a punishment. Krennel disagreed, and had Rensen executed. (IR)

an Alliance freighter destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this planet was once the site of an Imperial base. The Alliance planned to attack the base, but learned that it had been deserted. The Alliance's High Command eventually sent a team to investigate the abandoned base, under the command of Hov Windell. (MBC)

Rentallian Cairnhound
see Cairnhound. (MBC)

Renthal, Drea
this woman was one of the most influential pirate captains who worked the trade during the early years of the New Order. She was hired by the Hutts to assist in the defense of the moon after Moff Sarn Shild decided to level the civilization there as an example to other smugglers. Although the ultimate outcome of the battle went in favor of the residents of Nar Shaddaa, Drea's ship Renthal's Fist was destroyed in the combat. She later hooked up with Lando Calrissian, and the two traveled as pirates for a while aboard her new ship, Renthal's Vengeance. Lando parted ways with her shortly before the great sabacc tournament on Coud City, claiming that pirate life was too "coarse" for his tastes. Drea eventually had the Renthal's Fist rebuilt, although is was never the same ship again. She used an asteroid to drag the Queen of Empire out of hyperspace shortly after Boba Fett captured Bria Tharen and Lando Calrissian. In a brilliant set of negotiations, Drea bargained for their freedom and won it from the notorious bounty hunter by paying Bria's bounty from the spoils of the Queen of Empire. (THG, RD)

Renthal's Fist
this CR-90 corvette was Drea Renthal's command ship. It was one of the many casualties of the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, but was eventually refitted for use. (THG, RD)

Renthal's Vengeance
this Carrack-class cruiser was restored to service by Drea Renthal, after the loss of the Renthal's Fist. (RD)

this Corellian thug was a student of an ancient Force-sensitive who tended to twist the Jedi Code to his own designs. Like his fellow students Kym and Ulbert, Renthor had no connection to the Force, but adhered loyally to his teacher's twisted version of the Code. His favorite tenet was "Peace through pieces," which was supported by the law "There is not motion, there is only pieces." Renthorn and his buddies lived aboard the Mynock 7 Space Station, and often harrassed the patrons of the Farrimmer Café. (SWJ11)

this shipping corporation was a major rival of Xizor Transport Services, during the Galactic Civil War. RenTrans was owned and operated by the family of Dash Rendar, and serviced much of the Core Worlds during the height of the New Order. However, during the height of the New Order, Stanton Rendar's transport ship suffered a catastrophic loss of control systems while in orbit over Coruscant. Stanton could not handle the ship, which crashed into one of Emperor Palpatine's museums. The museum held a wealth of ancient Sith artifacts and lore, and the Emperor was very angry. He terminated all relationships with RenTrans, black-listed the Rendar family, and transferred all shipping accounts with RenTrans over to Xizor Transport Systems. (SESB, SWDB)

Renxis Dielle
this Padawan Jedi apprentice, along with Jedi Knights Plessus Ghon, Nygreena Clo and Ixian Rovieda, was killed on Kabal during a series of riots broke out when the Trade Federation overtaxed the planet for shipping. The taxation occurred just before the onset of the Clone Wars, and led to massive food shortages among the Kamarian people. The Jedi had been called in to quell the riots, when a fleet of supply ships loyal to Count Dooku and the Separatists began to drop food supplies to the populace. A scramble to obtain food ensued, and the Jedi were killed while trying to maintain the peace. (HNN5)

this Imperial Lieutenant was the leader of one of the Empire's finest legions of troops. He was always on the look-out for rebellious activity. His troops were placed at the disposal of Colonel Dyer during the garrisoning of the forest moon of Endor, while the second Death Star was under construction. Renz's forces captured Han Solo and his strike team after the Alliance commandos had infiltrated the shield bunker, but they were later captured by the Ewoks in a surprise attack. (CCG10)

Renz, Tyneir
a native of Jiaan, this Jedi Knight held the rank of Colonel in the Old Republic military, and was a veteran of the Clone Wars. He had been a student of anthropology, and studied at Alderaan University, where he met his wife. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power, Renz went into hiding with his family. He also joined the Alliance, staying one step ahead of the Empire while helping to bring about its downfall. Renz later assisted his daughter, Padija Anjeri, during her archeaological excavations. He still carried his lightsaber, using it to protect his daughter. He was injured when Imperial forces tried to block Padija's attempts to return the Nercathi clan's crystallite skulls to them, but soon recovered. (SWJ12)

this skinny man worked as a waiter at the café owned by Didi Oddo and his daughter, Astri, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (DH)

this man served as a Lieutenant Commander in the engineering corps of the Galactic Alliance's military, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Reo served aboard the Admiral Ackbar about a year after the Qoribu Crisis, but was killed when a swarm of Gorog assassin bugs infiltrated the ship. (DN2)

this was a desert world located in the Inner Sphere. (COG)

Reopi Sand Crusher
this predator was native to the equatorial deserts of the planet Reopi. (COG)

Rep Been
this respected member of the Gungan military served as part of the Rep Council, which worked for Boss Nass as the ruling body of Otoh Gunga. He was also responsible for maintaining the records of Gungan history, as well as preserving the ancient records of Gungan civilization. Because of his position in Gungan society, and for personal reasons, Rep Been chose not to participate in the competitions of the Festival of Warriors. (YJC1, IG1, E1A9, E1A11)

Rep Council
usually referred to as the Gungan High Council, this was the governmental body which supported the Boss of the Gungans, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (E1A9, GBC)

Rep Slarm
this Gungan, one of the many who served on Boss Nass' Rep Council, was known as the best bubble wort engineer in Otoh Gunga. (SON)

Rep Teers
this Gungan served on the Rep Council, the governmental body that ruled the underwater city of Otoh Gunga, serving under Boss Nass. Teers was appointed to her position by Boss Nass, and was in charge of all the city's power supplies. (IG1, E1A9, OWS)

this planet was located near the Cron Drift. The government of the planet quickly capitulated to the Empire during the years following the Clone Wars. However, after the Crimson Aces disrupted the relationship between Repea and the Empire, the Imperial forces in the area decided that Repea was actually a hotbed of Alliance activity. The planet was bombarded from orbit, with many cities being destroyed as a reminder of the Empire's power and might. (GMR9)

Repeater 3Z
one of Merr-Sonn's heavy field blasters. (HTSB)

Repeater Display Panel
an old display tool. (DFR)

Repeater Rifle
a blaster weapon used by stormtroopers, the repeater rifle can fire a single energy bolt or three bolts at once, in a triangle pattern. (DF)

this was a specialized fabric that was developed for use in hospitals and other medical facilities during the final decades of the Old Republic. It had the unique property of being able to repel microscopic, airborne debris. When used to cover a patient who was being prepared for surgery, repelfab helped defend the patient against unwanted infection. (SWI83)

Repellent Signal Emitter
this was a device, developed by the Trade Federation, that sent out an encrypted signal to force attack droids to stand down in its presence. Whenever a being used the emitter, the droids - such as the Fastlach-class defense droids - were programmed to view the being as a non-threat and not fire on them. (TAE)

Repka De
this Jedi Master was an instructor in lightsaber combat more than 800 years before the Battle of Endor, when Yoda was still a Jedi Knight. Master Repka De stressed the importance of accepting defeat, especially if the cost of winning was greater than the cost of losing. "It is better to lose well than to win badly," Master De was quoted as saying, "and it is always better to end a duel peacefully than to win or lose." (PJSB)

this was one of the many corporations that rose to power in the wake of the Galactic Alliance's defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, some thirty years after the Battle of Endor. RePlanetHab's mission seemed humanitarian enough, as they were chartered to seek out uninhabited worlds that would either provide raw materials for rebuilding the galaxy, or living space for the many dishomed races and refugees. Many government officials, and the new Jedi order, feared that corporations like RePlanetHab were growing too powerful, and were slowly becoming profit-hungry entities that cared little for the peoples they were supposed to be helping. It was even said that many of these corporations were secretly paying off certain Senators for the rights to new systems. The simple fact that the Reconstruction Authority was giving preference to larger corporations with more resources when it came to administering claim rights was proof enough to many independent explorers, including Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo. (DN1)

Replar Splint
this medical device was used to immobilize a broken limb. (FOP)

this was a sophisticated repulsorlift engine produced by zZip Product Concepts during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

a synthetic furniture covering which resembles a variety of animal skins. (TFNR)

this was the brand name of BioTech's line of prosthetic replacements. They are sold in template form, with a metal cap that can be fitted to the recipient's body. Neural jacks must be grown for the recipient as part of the operation which "installs" the prosthesis, and they are created in a rejuvenation tank. The entire operation proceeds within the tank, with periodic checks to verify the acceptance of the prosthesis. Synthetic flesh is later grown over the prosthesis, using actual genetic material from the recipient. In addition to hands, arms, and legs, BioTech also produces eyes, ears, hearts, and lungs as part of the Repli-Limb line. (CFG)

this synthetic material could be made to resemble virtually any natural wood. (WSV)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Repness, Atton
this New Republic Colonel was in command of a starfighter training group known as the Screaming Wookiees, but was also involved in the selling of stolen starship and parts on the black market. He would use the pilots with the least potential to help him steal ships, promising them a chance to redeem themselves if they would "lose" a starfighter on a mission. His team would later recover the ship and sell it on the black market, after the New Republic listed it missing in action. If the pilot proved to be incorruptible, Repness would either blackmail them into his plans or threaten them with expulsion. If they still refused to help, Repness would backdate progress reports which would indicate the pilot's inability to adapt to the Republic's regimens, and have the pilot ousted from any kind of service. He was also quite paranoid about being discovered, and scanned potential pilots with a comlink-like device that prohibited recording. He also used it when he was working alone, as he tended to talk in his sleep. He was Tyria Sarkin's commanding officer, and when she refused to be part of his plans, he got her blacklisted from the pilot ranks. She later joined Wraith Squadron, and told her comrades about Repness' schemes. This prompted Garik Loran and Ton Phanan to propose a plan to expose Repness to Wedge Antilles, who grudgingly agreed with their plan. They convinced Lara Notsil to be their "bait," but Lara - the former Gara Petothel - proved to be more skilled than they hoped. She stole much of Repness' own records after slicing into them, including the records of all the fighter pilots he had "washed out." She then sent an anonymous message to General Cracken, detailing Repness' entire operation. Repness caught her, and would have beat her senseless if Cracken's forces hadn't arrived to arrest him. In the end, Repness was relieved of duty and brought up on several charges. As an ironic twist, Lara was assigned Repness' X-Wing and his astromech, which she named Tonin. (WS, IF)

a Nharwaak container group destroyed by the Empire when it raided the Nharwaak base. (TIE)

this was one of the many meditative positions used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. In the Repose position, a Jedi sat on the floor with their legs crossed and knotted, the ankles over the thighs. The back was kept straight, and the hands rested palms-up on the knees. Breathing was essential to maintaining the meditative state, with air being drawn in through the right nostril and expelled through the left. (MBS)

Representative Council of Citizens
this was the name of the planetary government which provided leadership for the planet Aargau, during the height of the New Order. (PH)

this was one of the Alliance's medical frigates. It was used to support the Talasea base established for Rogue Squadron. (XWN)

this ship was a Dreadnaught-class warship serving under the Warlord Zsinj, during the early years of the New Republic. It participated in the protection of Levian Two, and was later the point ship in the defense of Comkin Five. However, the ship took a heavy amount of proton torpedo fire from Wraith Squadron, and was destroyed in the battle. Squeaky, the quartermaster droid of Wraith Squadron, remembered that the Reprisal had also been part of the Imperial fleet stationed near Kessel, during the last years of the New Order. (SOC)

this was one of the many Imperial-class Star Destroyers that formed the Imperial Navy during the months following the Battle of Yavin. Darth Vader, after returning to Imperial service, took command of the Reprisal during his search for the new Alliance base. The ship was commanded by Navy Commander Demmings during this time. (SWEMO)

this Guardian-class light cruiser was owned by House Pelagia. It came to the rescue of the Bright Seeker, which was under attack by the Knife's Edge while trying to recover the hibernating bodies of Trad and Verinia Paddox. (TSIA)

REPSUB Carrier
produced by Aratech, this repulsor-equipped submersible vehicle was designed to move troops into position in areas surrounded by water. It required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could insert up to twenty troops into a water-filled area. The REPSUB was armed with a light laser cannon. (TSIA)

Reptile Bird
a creature native to Yavin 4. (HTF)

Reptilian Flier
this species of reptavian was native to the planet Dathomir. (GQRG)

this was the New Republic term used to describe those members of the Chazrach race which were enslaved by the Yuuzhan Vong and used as killing machines. (WOA13)

this scaled, cold-blooded creature was native to the planet Gabredor III, and was used as a mount by the Karazak Slavers who maintained a transfer station there. They ran on two legs, and stood slightly taller than a man. (TFE)

Republic Armed Forces
this was the generic term used to describe the collection of military forces mustered by the Old Republic for participation in the Clone Wars. Included in the Republic Armed Forces was the Grand Army of the Republic and the Jedi Knights. (LFCW)

Republic Bureau of Exploration and Colonization
this branch of the Old Republic was responsible for locating and cataloguing new star systems for use by the Republic. Any new star system documented by an explorer or scout was required to be validated by the Bureau, in case a prior claim was already in force. (LFC)

Republic Charter
this was the name given to the legal documents created by the Old Republic during the early stages of the Clone Wars, giving individual systems the right to defend themselves under the auspices of the Republic. This helped the Republic by ensuring that star systems would remain loyal despite the lure of the Separatists, while it allowed Republic military resources to be moved into important battles zones while local militia protected their sovereign systems. (LFCW)

Republic City
the ancient name of Imperial City, used during the 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It remained in use for many centuries, but was later renamed Galactic City. This name held until Senator Palpatine instituted the New Order, and renamed it Imperial City. (FNU, TPM)

Republic Civil Liberties Union
this civil rights union was the largest of its kind during the last decades of the Old Republic. The RCLU spent much of its time confronting the growing xenophobia that emerged during the leadership of Chancellor Palpatine, in the years following the Battle of Naboo. (HNN5)

Republic Commando
see Clone Commando (SWI84)

Republic Constitution
see Galactic Constitution (VD3)

Republic Core Base
this was the codename used by outposts of the New Republic to describe their home base of operations. (SWG2)

Republic Correctional Authority
see Galactic Correctional Authority (BH)

Republic Correctional Officers' Union
this union was formed by the prison guards and corrections officers who worked for the Galactic Correctional Authority during the last decades of the Old Republic. (BH)

Republic Cruiser
manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Coroporation, this ship was used by the Old Republic as the basis for its fleet of consular ships. The Republic Cruiser, which measured 115 meters in length and required a crew of eight to control, was built from the same basic design as the Corellian Space Cruiser. Note that The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that the Republic Cruiser is the Consular-class Space Cruiser. Its forward section resembled that of the later Corellian Gunship, while its aft section was dominated by three Dyne 577 radial atomizing sublight engines. This engine array gave the ship a top speed of 900 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. It moved through hyperspace with the help of a Longe Voltrans CD-3.2 tri-arc hyperdrive. Being designed as a purely diplomatic vessel, the ship had no weaponry, but did have 9 escape pods to handle its maximum of sixteen passengers. The communications array that was used on these ships dominated the aft section of the fuselage, and was capable of transmitting and receiving signals from other ships or ground-based installations, in thousands of languages recognized by the Old Republic. However, as the Clone Wars began to drag on, many of these cruisers were refitted with weaponry and armor plating to ensure their passengers could safely travel across the galaxy. (SW1, X1, OWS, SOG, TCG5, NEGV)

Republic Day
this was a major holiday celebrated on Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic. (COD)

Republic Defense Procurement Plan
initiated seven years before the Battle of Naboo, this Old Republic action called for the increase and/or modification of the Republic's warfleet. (RP)

Republic Diplomatic Corps
this body of the Old Republic was concerned with identifying and documenting the various cultural and societal policies of the member races of the Republic. (SON)

Republic Diplomatic Services Database
the Republic Diplomatic Corps of the Old Republic stored detailed information on the key diplomatic figures from every member world in this database. (SON)

Republic Enforcement Datacore
this huge computer system was where all legal bounties are posted for the taking, during the height of the Old Republic. Although bounty hunting was considered more or less illegal, it still had to conform to the laws of the Republic. (HNN4)

Republic Engineering Corporation
this starship manufacturer was founded in the early years of the New Republic, and was backed by several prominent Republic corporations. Their first design was the shieldship, used successfully by Lando Calrissina at Nkllon. Following the defeat of grand Admiral Thrawn, Republic Engineering been concentrating on new and useful technologies for starfighters and airspeeders. They were also responsible for the design and manufacture of the "new class" starships used by the New Republic, including the Sacheen-class escort and the Agave-class picket ship. (HTTE, COTF, EGV, CTD)

Republic Executive Building
this immense building, located on the planet Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic, was used by many Senators and politicians for their residences and offices. The edifice was distinguished by its many towers, rising high above the cityscape of Galactic City. (AOTCN)

Republic Expeditionary Medical Force
this was the name given to the medical branch of the Grand Army of the Republic, providing hospital facilities for the clone troopers during the height of the Clone Wars. (MJH)

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