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Republic Fleet Systems
this Old Republic starship manufacturer was founded during the midpoint of the Old Republic. Its primary mission was to produce long-range starships to help combat the rise of Sith magic and violence in distant corners of the galaxy. RFS served the Old Republic for 15,000 years until it was disbanded by decree of the Senate just prior to Palpatine's rise to power. (EGV)

Republic Historical Database
this extensive database was maintained by the Old Republic as a way to document the incredibly vast and complex histories of the various civilizations of the galaxy. (SON)

Republic Holding Facility
this was the generic term used to describe an prison facility that was maintained and monitored by the Old Republic. During the height of the Clone Wars, several of these facilities were emptied of convicts and used as safehouses for certain Senators and other government officials. (LFCW)

Republic HoloCommunications Commission
this branch of the Old Republic was established during the last decades of the Old Republic to ensure that shadowfeeds and other illegal HoloNet services were quickly stopped from transmitting their signals. (SWI71)

Republic HoloNet News
this news agency was among the many who clamored for data on the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI81)

Republic Intelligence
this branch of the Old Republic and its military was assigned to monitor the galaxy for vital information. During the onset of the Clone Wars, Republic Intelligence also investigated the value of the clone troopers produced on Kamino for the Army of the Republic. (SWI65)

Republic Measures and Standards Bureau
based in the city of Mennaa, on Mrlsst, this was the Old Republic organization charged with controlling all systems of measurement throughout the galaxy. Their control included the maintenance of the galactic calendar and time systems. (HNN4)

Republic Military Benefit Association
this independent association was charged by the Old Republic with making sure that the various troops deployed during the Clone Wars were adequately compensated for their efforts. Among the many activities undertaken by the assocation was the lining up of concerts and shows by HoloNet Entertainment. (MJH)

Republic Ministry of Internal Security
this branch of the Old Republic was established by Supreme Chanceller Palpatine during the height of the Clone Wars. Ostensibly created to protect the lives of Senators and other governmental officials, the MIS converted several Republic Holding Facilities into safehouses. Despite evidence to the contrary, the MIS refused to acknowledge that the destruction of the facility in which Senator Lavira Wren was being held was the result of foul play, causing many observers to question the true nature of the MIS's activities. (LFCW)

Republic Mobile Surgical Unit
this was the name given to the field hospitals that were established by the Grand Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars. Each RMSU - Rimsoo, for short - was staffed by military officers, surgeons, medics, nurses, and their supporting personnel, creating a complete hospital location that could be moved close to a battlefront. The primary mission of each RMSU was to patch up the Republic's casualties of battle, in an effort to keep attrition to a minimum in the face of the massive and easy-to-replace troops of battle droids that fought for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As the name suggested, each RMSU could be packed up and ready to move within an hour's notice, in case the tide of the battle indicated the unit's current position might be overrun. (MBS)

Republic Navy Transmission System
this was the proprietary communications network developed for use by the Old Republic's fleet of starships. Early R2-series droids were given programming which allowed them to communicate with the RNT system, so that the astromechs could work with Republic starships. With the advent of the New Order, the RNT became the Imperial Navy Transmission System. (SWJ7)

Republic News
this news agency was active during the Old Republic days, but was stripped down and reorganized to suit the needs of Emperor Palpatine and the New Order. It was then renamed Imperial HoloVision. (GG9)

Republic Office of Criminal Investigation
this branch of the Old Republic investigated crimes and infractions which affected the activities of the Republic. (SWI67)

Republic Office of Xenosociology
this branch of the Old Republic (known as ROX) was concerned with the identification and understanding of the various sociological characteristics of the Republic's constituent races. (SON)

Republic Outland Regions Security Force
this military force was commissioned by the Old Republic, in an effort to establish some form of law and order in the Outer Rim. A division of the Repubic Security Force, the RORSF was formed shortly after the Battle of Naboo, after the reports from Tatooine from Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Wilhuff Tarkin started out his military career with the RORSF, and served as a Commander during the period shortly after the Battle of Naboo. (RP, BH)

Republic Peace Officer
see Republican Guard (SWRPG2)

Republic Plaza
this vast, open-air walkway surrounded the Senate Rotunda, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (E3N)

Republic Protector
this was the term used to describe any soldier or military officer who was assigned to protect a Senator or other Old Republic government official. (LFCW)

Republic Regions Security Force
this Old Republic police force was formed in response to the growing threat of the Separatists, several years before the onset of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

Republic Registry of Corporations
this registry, formed by the New Republic, documented those companies which upheld the right of the New Republic to control the galaxy, and agreed to abide by the Republic's leadership. Corporations applying were often scrutinized for Imperial involvements, in order to ensure that the scattered Imperial forces were not inadvertently armed with weapons and supplies. (POT)

Republic Scout Service
this exploration outfit was funded by the Old Republic, many centuries before the advent of the New Order. (PG3)

Republic Scout Service Database
this immense data repository was created and maintained by the Republic Scout Service, and contained information on virtually every known settlement in the galaxy. Information was kept on full planetary civilizations as well as mining outposts and small colonies. (SON)

Republic Security Force
this was the primary police force maintained by the Old Republic. The mission of the RSF was to assist local jurisdictions in investigating crimes that affected multiple systems, to eliminate any legal wrangling that would impede a swift resolution to a crime. (BH)

Republic Senate
see Galactic Senate (E3N)

Republic Senate Seal
this seal was used on various communications dispatched by the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic, and served as the legal authorization for the terms or actions described in the message it protected. (LFCW)

Republic Shipyards
this branch of Republic Fleet Systems created many well-armed starship designs during the last century of the Old Republic, including the Jedi Justice Cruiser. (PJSB)

Republic Sienar Systems
this Old Republic starfighter manufacturing company was very successful, having been founded more than fifteen thousand years before the Galactic Civil War. It was the first of the major corporations later owned by Santhe/Sienar Technologies, and was the parent company of Sienar Design Systems. Some of the corporation's designs and ideologies led to the production of the first of the TIE Fighters. When Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy, RSS was nationalized and renamed Sienar Fleet Systems. (EGV, NEGW)

Republic Spacelane Bureau
this operating committee was formed during the Expansionist Period of the Old Republic, to ensure that hyperspace trade routes were all marked and easily accessible to space travellers. (PGT)

Republic Special Tactics Force
this elite military unit was part of the Old Republic's armed forces, and was the precursor of the Special Forces units of both the Alliance and the Empire. (RP)

Republic Tax Collection Agency
this Old Republic agency was charged with the daunting task of collection income tax from every wage-earning being in the galaxy. (HNN4)

Republic Xenological Database
this database was maintained by the Old Republic as a means to catalog the wide variety of sentient life in the galaxy. Each subdirectory in the database was set up to contain information on the physiological, societal, and cultural aspects of each race. It was tied to the Republic Xenosociological Database. (SON)

Republic Xenosociological Database
this database was maintained by the Old Republic as a means to catalog the communal and social characteristics of the sentient life in the galaxy. Each subdirectory in the database was set up to contain information on the social and personal aspects of each race. It was tied to the Republic Xenological Database. (SON)

Republican Guard
this is the name of the armed forces in charge of keeping the peace for the New Republic. (SOL)

Republican Security Organization
this was the primary security force established to protect the Galactic Senate of the Old Republic. In the wake of several terrorist attacks blamed on the Separatists, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine ordered sweeping changes in the RSO's membership, to root out any spies or double agents. (HNN5)

this was the name given to those Selonians who, during the rise of Thrackan Sal-Solo to power on the planet of Corellia, believed that the planetary repulsors should be used a bargaining chip in negotiations with the New Republic for Selonian sovereignity. They also hoped that they could persuade Han Solo, by rescuing him from Sal-Solo, to help them in these negotiations. Eventually, the part of the Absolutists in the Corellian Crisis allowed the Republicanists to achieve control of their homeworld, when the New Republic dissolved the Absolutists. The Republicanists then set to work to mend their relationship with those Selonians who supported the Sacorrian Triad. (AS, CCW)

Republic-class Cruiser
the Republic-class cruiser was developed and manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards during the early decades of the New Republic, just prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (Y, DW)

Republic-class Star Destroyer
this battle ship was a smaller version of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, and was designed for use by the New Republic. It first saw duty during the latter stages of the Black Fleet Crisis and the battle against the Yevetha, although production was limited to a few ships. The Republic-class was designed to be the follow-up to the Victory-class destroyer, and was developed by Walex Blissex himself. They were designed to be cost-efficient replacements for the Imperial-class destroyer - two Republics could be manufactured for the cost of one Imperial, with twenty percent of the crew complement and twenty percent more firepower than the Imperial-I class destroyer. The Republic-class ship measured 1,250 meters in length, and was crewed by 8,168 crewers with 260 gunners and up to 3,200 troops. They were armed with 40 heavy turbolaser batteries, 40 heavy turbolaser cannons, 20 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. It also transported a full wing of starfighters. (SOL, CTD)

see Republicanists (CCW)

Republic's Return
this Alliance cruiser was part of the task force assigned to evacuate the personnel from the Massassi Base, following the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ11)

this New Republic Defender-class assault carrier served under the flag of the Fifth Battle Group, and led the initial blockade of Doornik-319 during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

this cybernetic prosthesis, manufactured by Control Zone, makes not pretense of being a real hand. It is a template which does not grow synthetic flesh, instead remaining metallic and mechanical. There are no nerve connections to the recipient's sensory systems, so there are no sensations transmitted to the brain. The hand is equipped with a repulsor-field generator which is used to parry weapons in melee combat. (CFG)

any anti-gravity device which uses electromagnetic force to levitate an object off the ground. It uses the available gravity as an opposing force, and actually pushes against that gravity. One of the primary sources of repulsor technology was the planet Bakura, which was usurped by the Empire about three years before the Battle of Endor. The Bakurans found ways to create repulsors of various sizes, and used them in chairs, cars, and cargo carriers. (SW, RPG, TB)

Repulsor Boots
this was the generic term for any footwear which came equipped with tiny repulsorlift engines, allowing the wearer to move through the air in short jumps. (RBJ)

Repulsor Chair
a piece of furniture built on the planet Bakura, a repulsor chair is a seat which has been equipped with a repulsorlift and stabilizers. (TB)

Repulsor Disk
a small, anti-gravity platform used to transport personal cargo around a small area. Developed on Bakura, these disks are pulled along by their owners via a short leash. (TB)

Repulsor Hitch
this device is a portable repulsor-field generator, which can lift up to 200 kilograms when attached to an object. This allows the user to move otherwise immobile objects with ease. (GG8)

Repulsor Scout
this small military speeder was built by Mekuun for the Empire. Armed with a single heavy repeating blaster, the Repulsor Scout required a pilot and could carry up to three troopers. It measured eight meters in length, had a flight ceiling of only two meters, and could attain speeds up to 300 kilometers an hour. (POM, GSE)

this unusual form of weapon was created by Tig Fromm. It was essentially a sphere of self-contained repulsor energy, which exploded with devastating force when it reached its target. (EGD)

this specialized broom used tiny repulsors to help trap and maneuver dust and debris into piles that could be vacuumed up. (JQ9)

this ancient form of anti-gravity parachute was used as an escape mechanism in atmospheric ships. (FOSE)

a part of a starship's hyperdrive system. (DE2)

this was the generic term used to describe any large, ground-based assault craft. (LCM)

this piece of equipment controls the use of repulsor energy to maintain a vehicle's "grip" on the ground below it. They found widespread use on pod racers, which required a reliable method for maintaining proximity to the ground at high speeds. (RAC)

a form of obstacle used in swoopchasing, this large wall of solid material was covered with a repulsorfield that used artificial gravity to pull swoop racers toward it at an accelerated rate. The effect was not unlike being caught in a tractor beam. A racer had to let off the thrust and concentrate on guiding the swoop over the wall, or else be drawn into a crash. (BSS)

an anti-gravity device used to lift an object. (HTTE, JS)

this device is a light source attached to a small repulsorlift which can be used in places where light is needed but cannot be held in place. (JS)

this swoopchase obstacle was the opposite of a Repulsor-In wall. Instead of using artifical gravity to draw a swoop racer toward the wall, a Repulsor-Out generated a field which repelled approaching racers. This meant that racers had to use their swoop's own acceleration to overcome the repulsing force in order to clear the wall. (BSS)

this unique implementation of repulsor technology was developed for ocean-going vessels more than 500 years before the Galactic Civil War. The sails of these vessels were woven with a network of tiny repulsorlift generators, which turned their anti-gravity fields perpendicular to the field of gravity. This caused pressure on the sails that was similar to the forces of wind, allowing a vessel to move about on the water with ot without natural winds. (GMR7)

this is the generic name for any repulsorlift cargo transport. They are often nothing more than a flatbed with a control station at one end. (SWSB)

Repulsor-trip Mine
this form of detonation device is used against repulsorlift vehicles. The mine's trigger is set off by the presence of the repulsorlift field. (SWJ9)

Request for Privacy
this is a New Republic regulation which allows the owner of a planet to keep certain information out the Library of Systems database. The request is often granted whenever a planet or system contains a military installation or research facility. (GG8)

Requiem for Alderaan
a chronicle of the wonders of Alderaan, written by Hari Seldona after the destruction of the planet, which was her homeworld. (ISU)

Requiem Scenario
this X-Wing training scenario invovles a recreation of the missions of the Redemption and the Korolev. It was given the name Requiem because very few trainees ever survived it. (XWN)

Requiem Squadron
this was the name of the experimental TIE Defender group led by Antar Roat, as part of Ysanne Isard's plans to infiltrate Ciutric and defeat Prince-Admiral Krennel. The squadron was made up of the surviving pilots of Rogue Squadron, piloting TIE Defenders supplied by Colonel Vessery. (IR)

this was the brand name of a medical supply. (FOP)

this Imperial Interdictor cruiser, under the command of Captain Voldt, intercepted the Messenger when it fled Coruscant on its way to Corialis. Taryn Clancy and Del Sato explained that they were making their normal courier run, but failed to elaborate on the presence of Jak Bremen. In the end, Voldt let them go. (TFE, SWJ7)

Rergo IV
this is a small power generator used by computer repair experts. It is small, but nonetheless useful for providing power to mem-stiks during transport. (CFG)

Reridan Reksiss
this being was one of the Old Republic's most popular holodrama actors, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this Old Republic HoloNet channel was used to air a variety of entertainment, primarily dramas and stage plays. (HNN5)

Resch, Harkan
this man was a native of the planet Naboo, and owned a starship transport business on his homeworld during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation and the subsequent battle that took place to break their blockade caused all manner of economic problems on Naboo, and Captain Resch was not immune to these effects. His business suffered greatly, and he was forced to sell his own ship, the Mystic Burn, in order to make ends meet. (GMR1)

a group of Alliance Lambda-class shuttles which assigned to missions geared toward rescues and abductions. One of the group's first missions was to rescue a group of Sullustans captured as slaves by the Empire. (XW)

Rescue One
this was the callsign used by the Chiss to identify the primary vessel in a search-and-rescue operation. (DN1)

Rescue One
this was the callsign used by Kyp Durron, when he took a squadron of X-Wing fighters into the Murgo Choke to locate and rescue Luke Skywalker and Han Solo from Woteba, about a year after the Qoribu Crisis. (DN2)

Rescue Riker
an Alliance Lambda-class shuttle group that docked with the Ars Opus and overtook the crew and captured the R2 units it carried. (XW)

Resdall Towers
this was one of the newest apartment buildings, erected on the planet Coruscsant during the height of the New Order. The owners and builders of Resdall Towers claimed that it was one of the most secure buildings on the planet, boasting of the many security cameras and scanning devices which ensured only residents and their guests entered the building. (WOTC)

this was the Fia word for the color green. (FH1)

Reseros Meh
this grumpy, female Chevin owned and operated Momma Reseros' Diner, located in Jugsmuk Station on the planet Gamorr. She didn't like the company of other Chevins, and cared little for most other races. Despite her gruff demeanor, Reseros was known as an excellent cook to the spacers who travel through Jugsmuk, and her mushrooms recipes were considered much better than standard Gamorrean fare. (SWJ14)

Reservoir-locking Valve
this hydraulic mechanism was used on many older starship models to raise and lower a vessel's landing gear. The valve ensured that they hydraulic fluid remained in a given reservoir, thereby keeping the landing gear in the retracted or extended position, depending on the situation. If this valve ever failed, a starship would be forced to make an emergency landing and get the valve repaired. (HSL)

this is the eighteenth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "r". (SWM)

Resh Sonax
this Sluissi was the sister of Hass Sonax. When the Empire requested maintenance workers to repair a damaged Star Destroyer, the sisters were accepted as applicants. However, they were treated as slaves by their pro-human workgroup leaders. When it was discovered that a faulty coil caused an explosion that set the repairs behind schedule, the on-duty Imperial officer executed Resh as an example. (SWJ15)

Reshad, Palejo
this Corellian smuggler made a large sum of credits selling spice at Jabba the Hutt's palace. He then used some of the profits to help fund the Alliance's activities. (CCG7)

this minor government official owed the loanshark Sires Vant a huge sum of credits, after several failed business ventures and some poor bets. He tried to flee to Dreve, but was cornered by officer Vexan and given two days to repay the debt. (GG11)

Resht VII
a planet. (GG10)

Residual Heat Trend Directionalizer
a tracking device which can detect the residual heat from its surroundings and calculate the path a certain heat trail took. It allows the user to follow an warm-bodied target by determining the target's pathway from the heat it left behind. Q9-X2 had one of these sensors added to himself just before the Solo family arrived on Corellia for the Trade Summit. (AC)

this Jillsarian bartender worked on Reuss VIII. In his youth, Resik worked as a professional wrestler, where he was known as the Kessel Krusher. When he was named in the will of a fan, Resik found out that he had inherited a tavern on Reuss VIII, and retired from the sport. However, the Imperial presence on Reuss VIII unfairly forced him out of business several times. When an Alliance operative warned him of an impending raid, allowing Resik to escape without being captured, Resik decided to join the Alliance. He allowed his establishment to serve as a safehouse and hideout for Alliance agents on the run. (CRO)

Resinem Entertainment Complex
located on the planet Borcorash, this casino was bombed by a rival casino shortly before the Battle of Endor. Over the years, the Resinem managed to remainin business, and the damage - confined to the western wall - became a form of artwork. Natural erosion and the beautiful Borcorash sunsets made it an all the more attractive. Inside, the Resinem is a high-tech complex, with multiple floors and sections that allow all manner of entertainment and meeting places. (SOP)

this Corellian Engineering Corporation Gunship was part of the Bothan Combat Response Element, during the early years of the New Republic. (E)

Resistance Communicates
this small news agency was one of the early backers of the Alliance, and was among the first anti-Imperial newsfeeds to carry information on the Battle of Yavin and the events that occurred in the Yavin System after the destruction of the first Death Star. (SWGAL)

this man was an Imperial officer, who served under Commander Dorin Millavec aboard the Crucible during the Galactic Civil War. Resjic was one of Millavec's closest confidantes, and was surprised to learn of Millavec's plans to destroy Nas Ghent and defy Darth Vader himself. (T21)

Resk, Irlyn
this Imperial Lieutenant was the commander of the Dark Riders swoop gang. He relished the chance to take care of the more violent elements of Stend VI's criminal underworld, but he also believed that he could link the swoop gang violence to Blizz Pinnix. (WSV)

Reskan, Trep
this man was the Alliance's commander-in-chief of the Brak Sector, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He held the rank of General at the time. Prior to his service with the Alliance, Reskan was the Commander of the Bacrana System Defense Force. He knew that the Empire would never allow Bacrana remain totally free, and when Moff Lesan Ramier wiped out a group of protestors in Amma, Reskan had had enough. He took those members of the BSDF who would accompany him - virtually the entire force - and fled to the Tel System. From there, Reskan devised several offensive missions against the Empire before attracting the attention of the Alliance. When the Alliance asked him to join, Reskan and the remaining members of the BSDF joined them. (FBS)

this Imperial major, a native of Grandeel, was in charge of the salvage crew which deployed to analyze the wreckage of the first Death Star. Reskik was known as a ruthless, yet fair, leader who liked to have every decision go his way. (GG2)

Reslian Purge
this infamous genocide of the Tunroth race was perpetrated by the Lortan fanatics about ten years before the Battle of Yavin. The Lortans killed everything they found in twelve systems, including the Jiroch System. The Tunroth were saved from extinction by the intervention of an Imperial fleet. The Imperials wiped out the Lortans. Note that The Making of Baron Fel calls this the Resalian Purge. (GG12, MBF)

this Imperial Navy Commander was ordered by Admiral Heggel to root out and destroy the Alliance cells in Trax Sector, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (GMK)

this Invincible-class Dreadnaught was part of the military fleet maintained by the Corporate Sector Authority during the early years of the New Order. When a plague broke out on the planet Endregaad, the Resolute - under the command of Angela Krin - was dispatched to blockade the planet, in order to ensure that the plague didn't spread to other worlds in the Tion Cluster. Captain Krin and the Resolute intecepted the freighter Shadowfire, which had been dispatched by Popara the Hutt to rescue his offspring, Mika, who was stranded on Endregaad. (TF)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this Venator-class Star Destroyer was one of the first of its kind, produced for the Old Republic during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Some two years after the Battle of Geonosis, the Resolution was dispatched to Drongar to escort the Republic's personnel back to Coruscant, after the Battle of Drongar. (MJH)

this Alliance cruiser was under the command of Admiral Cov during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

this Epoch-class freighter was the personal ship of the Svivreni, Mihalik. It was given to him as a gift for a favor he performed for Caleb Hctaqsas, and was equipped with state-of-the-art Koensayr and KapriCorp thrust packages. This combination gave the Resolve an unheard of lift/mass ratio. (SWJ10)

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