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Raw Deal
this PLY-3000 luxury yacht was used by one of the smuggler captains recruited by the Alliance to supply arms for the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Rawd, Mij
this man served as the Vice-President of Marketing for the Ardees Beverage Company, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Shortly before the onset of Clone Wars, Rawd pulled something of a coup by signing grav-ball player Deme Tryshyn to become a spokesbeing for Ardees' products. (HNN4)

this devious serpent was distinguished by the frill of skin that surrounded its neck. Rawls were known for their ability to camouflage themselves and lie in wait for their prey, which they dragged into their nests to consume. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Doctor Relan Smiff discovered that the rawls were growing to immense proportions, and were using the fans on their necks to assist in swimming. (ROD, SWGAL)

Rawl, Boo
this freight hauler, a native of the planet Hazzard, was an independent spacer until the Empire started to dictate how the galaxy - and the individuals in it - should be managed. He chafed against Imperial control until he saw only one viable option: join the Alliance and fight against the Empire. He keeps an extensive collection of hard-core music in his barge driver, the Long Run. Most of the music was banned by the Empire, which was all the impetus Boo needed to listen to it. His collection was believed to be the largest - and loudest - in the Alliance fleet. Boo Rawl assisted Deen Voorson in retrieving a Colony Class 23669 power generator from the Kuat Drive Yards, only to find that Deen's nine-year-old cousin Shannon had stowed away on his ship. The pursuing Imperials left him without options, and the three sped away to an Alliance base with the generator. (SWJ9)

this is corporate slang for raw materials. (SWJ9)

one of Ranulf Trommer's wingmen assigned to the Ravagor, Rawst was killed in action over Aguarl 3. One of his wingmen's first names was Seth. (ROC)

a species of winged, mammalian creatures which inhabited Bespin's upper atmosphere, rawwks were named for the distinctive screech they made while hunting. This screech served to disorient their prey. The body of a rawwk was covered with feather-like fur, giving them a sleek, aerodynamic form. (JS, WSW)

this Alliance soldier accompanied Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo to Kiva, in an effort to exposed Project Starscream. Unfortunately for Rax, he was consumed by the biological weapon known as Eppon. (GOF6)

this was the first RAGOC missile emplacement produced for military use by Oryn Engineering. (HAS)

this female bounty hunter paired up with Krestock in an effort to hunt down Philo Taal, although neither realized that there was no official bounty posted. They disagreed over how to split the bounty, so they agreed to each take one of Philo's legs and pull until he split like a wishbone. In the end, though, Raxine simply shot Philo dead. Raxine and Krestock never received payment, except for the fact that Philo's brother, Reglis Taal, hunted them down adn executed them for their parts in Philo's death. (GG10)

Raxsus Nuli
this ancient pirate tried to take over several star systems in the wake of the Great Sith War, believing that the Jedi Knights and the Old Republic were too busy with the Great Hunt to notice "smaller" criminals. However, Nuli was eventually apprehended by the Jedi, however. They discovered that Nuli had been stockpiling Verpine technology and defense systems, as part of his plan for planetary conquest. (KOTOR)

Raxus II
this ball of frozen rock and ice was the second, and outermost, planet of the Raxus System. (WOTC)

Raxus Prime
Count Dooku reappeared on this planet, some years before the onset of the Clone Wars, after having left the Jedi Order to further his own agenda. The innermost planet of the Raxus System, Raxus Prime was known as the galaxy's junkyard, having been set aside for the disposal of all sorts of materials. This created pools of toxic sludge and piles of radiated debris, and gave the planet's atmosphere a toxic undertone. With the construction and operation of a Sienar Fleet Systems refinery and reclamation facility on Raxus Prime, any remaining hospitable conditions were eliminated. Much of the planet's water was polluted, and that which was not evaporated and became acid rain. Nevertheless, Dooku maintained a luxurious abode beneath the scrap, which he used to hide from the rest of the galaxy in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. Dooku also spend a large sum of credits excavating the surface of the planet, looking for the Force Harvester. Note that the reference to Sienar Fleet Systems comes from the Star Wars Databank, indicating that the transformation of Republic Sienar Systems took place well before the institution of the New Order. The average day on Raxus Prime lasted about 22 standard hours, and its year encompassed 388 local days. (HNN5, BF1, WOTC, SWDB, BF2)

this planet was one of the member worlds of the New Republic. (TT)

this was one of the many species of scalefish which inhabited the oceans of Naboo. The rays were long-bodied fish that appeared to be all head. The large head of the ray was dominated by its tooth-filled mouth, which could distend to hold its prey. The tail of the ray was crescent-shaped, making the ray a strong swimmer. Gungans and Naboo alike considered the ray an excellent sportfish, because it put up a strong fight and often made spectacular leaps from the water. (IG1)

Ray Shield
a defensive shield used to block or absorb light waves. They use electromagnetic and ultraviolet fields to capture light and drain its power. Thus, they can be used to protect a ship from lasers. They consume more power than particle shields, but serve a much different purpose. (SW, SWSB)

Ray Shield
this small, handheld shield resembled nothing more than a metllic disk. However, it was equipped with a tiny power source which provided a measure of protection against low-powered blaster weapons. Ray shields were often used in gladiator fights, where they could be used in a defensive manner, or to deflect bolts toward unsuspecting foes. (MC22)

Ray, Elena
an employee of the old Shankti Drive Works company, Elena was known as the "Black Manta," and was secretly the leader of the G'uotr Network. She worked her way up in part of Shankti's research and development branch, and earned her nickname from her corporate battle tactics. She was working to set the G'uotr Network up on a new planet, complete with data from both Shankti and Tumleh Navigation, and had been subverting the D'larah police in order to obtain much of what she needed. (SN)

Rayc Ryjerd
Rycar Ryjerd's son, he was heavily indebted to Jabba the Hutt for the ship he owned. He was considered even more of an idiot that his father. (CCG7)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

this evil Imperial Doctor discovered the power of the Sunstar, some years before the Battle of Endor. He dispatched Admiral Kaaz to transport a fleet to the Forest Moon of Endor to recover it. Unfortunately, Raygar's plans wre smashed by the efforts of the Ewoks and Admiral Kaaz's droid, PD-28. (ECAR)

a city located on the planet Darkknell. (TFNR)

Booster Terrik assumed this alias during the assault on the Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor. Commander Raymeuz was intended to be Captain Nalgol's second-in-command. Led by Garm Bel Iblis, the raid was designed to obtain a copy of the Caamas Document. However, the Star Destroyer Errant Venture had been modified to appear to be the Tyrannic, since the New Republic hadn't seen the Tyrannic in months. Moff Disra, present at Yaga Minor after anticipating the attack, was able to see through the ruse and thwart the initial assault. Grand Admiral Thrawn, portrayed by the conman Flim, demanded that Terrik and Bel Iblis cease their raid or be destroyed. (VOF)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this rugged woman owned Rayne's Dune Sea Outfitters, based in Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. A native of the Core World of Brentaal, Rayne "retired" from Brentaal's Wayward Children, where she had been a route coordinator, and traveled to Tatooine to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. She used her network of contacts within the Core Worlds to establish Dune Sea Outfitters in order to ensure she always met her customers' expectations and needs. Her desire to keep the contents of her warehouse a closely-guarded secret - Rodian guards patrolled at all hours, and no one was allowed into the warehouse - meant that Rayne was the subject of many rumors, despite the outward legitmacy of her business. Much of the merchandise hidden within the warehouse was acquired for shipment by Brentaal's Wayward Children. (GMR7)

Rayne's Dune Sea Outfitters
this warehouse was located in the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, and catered to the needs of the local scouts and explorers. Casual visitors were discouraged from entering by a group of Rodian guards employed by Rayne, but any being who identified Rayne was allowed to enter. No one was allowed into the warehouse itself, as Rayne chose to keep its contents a secret. She maintained a complete inventory on a datapad, and could call up any item in minutes. Spacers could also store their cargoes in the warehouse for a small fee, but Rayne insisted the her Rodian guards load and unload the cargo. The reason for the secrecy and security was that much of Rayne's business was with various criminal and smuggling operations in the Outer Rim, as well as the shipment of goods for Brentaal's Wayward Children. Hidden behind a jumble of shipping crates Rayne kept a hyperwave transmitter, used to make sure she was up-to-date on her customers' needs and shipments. (GMR7)

Rayno Vaca
this Tarnab worked as a taxi driver on the planet Coruscant, during the Battle of Naboo. He was known to be unscrupulous, willing to do anything to trick a customer out of another credit. It was Rayno who transported Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker to Senator Palpatine's residence, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. (YJC4, CCG15, SWI75)

Raynor Mining Enterprises
this Old Republic corporation mined ores, minerals, and crystals from a number of planets. Raynor was known for its tactics of purchasing a planet, stripping it of allsable resourcesm, then moving on. (SPG)

Raynor, Dominic
one of Cloud City's owners after Ecclessis Figg, Raynor was an inept manager and a worse sabacc player. Despite his poor playing skill, he nevertheless lured Lando Calrissian into a high-stakes match after witnessing Lando's defeat of Barpotomous Drebble. Note that Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin indicates that Raynor was lured into the game by Calrissian. Raynor was recognized as an incompetent by Lobot, who assisted Calrissian in winning the match and claiming ownership of Cloud City from Raynor. Lobot also revealed that the workers and inhabitants of Cloud City had raised more than five million credits, which they donated to Lando in an effort to help him defeat Raynor and rid Clouc City of his ineptitude. (GG2, EGC, T3)

Raynor, Tag
this man was hired by Hahz Fallone to pose as a Clog-dweller, who claimed that his father stole the Black Sphere from Fallone years ago. Fallone employed Raynor in an effort to throw off pursuit. (ND)

Raynor, Ymile
this voluptuous woman was the wife of Dominic Raynor. She pretended to be robbed by Zlato and his partner, in order to lure Lando Calrissian into a high-stakes sabacc match. After Dominic lost Clouc City to Lando, Ymile agreed to leave the station with her husband, claiming that she had a desire to travel and see the galaxy. (T3)

this was one of the access codes used by the designers of the Intellex Four droid brain to lock off certain areas of memory, to secure whatever was stored in the astromech's core. This access code worked only once, before it was confusingly altered and became unusable. In this way, portions of secured memory could be accessed only once, unless the user knew and understood the transformation of the access codes. If an access code was incorrectly entered, the file it accessed was destroyed. Whenever three such files were destroyed, the entire memory core was destroyed to prevent further access. Alema Rar provided this code to Luke Skywalker, about a year after the discovery on holographic recordings of Padme' Amidala and her husband, Anakin Skywalker, that were hidden within the memory core of R2-D2. Alema hoped to prove to Luke that she was not lying about her version of the truth behind the death of Daxar Ies, claiming that the code had been provided to her by Eremay Ies. (DN2)

Raystel, Halcor
this man was a Dean at the Alderaan University, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. His appointment was originally met with charges of nepotism, given that he had a lackluster reputation as an educator. Some ten years after the Battle of Naboo, he was suspended by Provost Dalus Othona after there were complaints that his lectures had become offtopic and erratically-presented. Further charges of Raystel's offering course credits for personal relationships with female students compounded his problems. An investigation revealed that Raystel had alse been abusing ryll spice during his tenure. Raystel became a recluse during his trial, staying in his home on Delaya. (HNN4)

this smuggler was the go-between used by Kavil to get Princess Leia Organa off Eiattu, after Leonia Tavira arranged for Leia's capture. Rayt was intercepted by Han Solo and Soontir Fel at Starforge Station, but was unaware of the true nature of his cargo, and coudn't give them any information about where they were going after he delivered them. He flew with a Verpine co-pilot who kept immaculate logs, and Han Solo was able to steal a datacard from the Verpine with information on the whereabouts of Rayt's contacts. (XWM)

Rayter Sector
this area of the galaxy was known for its starship races. (CRO)

Rayter Sector Broadcast Services
this operation was responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the subspace relay network used in the Rayter Sector Subspace Broadcast Network (RSSBN). (TA)

Rayter Sector High Advisor Council
this body of governors was formed from representatives of the major planets in Rayter Sector, and was responsible for overseeing the management of resources in the Sector. (TA)

Rayter Sector Law Enforcement Information Network
known as RaSLEIN, this network was created during the Imperial occupation of the sector. Using dermatoglyphic identification databases, RaSLEIN was able to quickly and accurately monitor incoming and outgoing individuals at any starport in the sector. (TA)

Rayter Sector News Central
this primary information source in Rayter Sector. (TA)

Rayter Sector Resource Analysis Committee
this Imperial body was put in place after the Empire discovered useful worlds in Rayter Sector. They were responsible for analyzing the various worlds and their possible contributions (including minerals, ores, biotechnology, and food) to the Imperial war machine. (TA)

Rayter Sector Subspace Broadcast Network
this small communications network was designed by the Rayter Sector's High Advisory Council, in an attempt to replicate a small part of the galactic HoloNet. Known as the RSSBN, is used sixty-four subspace relay stations to continually disperse data. Although much slower than the HoloNet, the RSSBN was significantly less expensive. Of the sixty-four relay stations and the multitude of planets in the Sector, only six planets and eight relay stations were capable of originating broadcasts. The rest were simply relays. (TA)

this small speederbike manufacturer produced some unusual designs during the last decades of the Old Republic. (AEG)

this Tynnan was elected to served as Tynna's leader just months before the onset of the Clone Wars. When the Tynna Central Government Building collapsed due to an infestation of stone mites, Razelfin called the collapse an act of terrorism, and blamed the Jedi Knights for not being there to prevent it. Razelfin then threw Tynna's future in with that of Count Dooku and the Separatists by seceding from the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Razers, The
this swoop gang rosse to power on Stend VI in the wake of the departure of the Skulls, and maintained the reign of terror that their predessors established. They specialized in the theft and fencing of vehicles and parts. (WSV)

Razi Khan
this being was a Seyugi Dervish. (WOTC)

Razian Psycho-storm
an incredibly-intense weather pattern. (CSWEA)

this Alliance Special Forces soldier was a member of Team Razor. (HAS)

Razoor Mountains
this was a rugged mountain range found on the planet Socorro. (T11)

this was the monicker used by the bounty hunter Tendin Vought. (LFCW)

this Alliance CR90 corvette was part of the group dispatched to evacuate the base on Kothlis, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer patrolled the space near the planet Tallaan, maintaining Imperial law after the Battle of Hoth. (TSIA)

Razor Coast
this was one of the many coastlines found on the planet Jabiim. It was here, during the Battle of Jabiim, that Alto Stratus concentrated his troops for one massive attack on the forces of the Old Republic. (RBJ)

Razor Fern
this fern, native to the planet Dorvalla, in the Videnda Sector, was known for its sharp fronds. (COD)

Razor Grass
native to many different planets, razor grass is a sharp-bladed plant which grows in clumps. While the blades look supple, they are extremely sharp. The blades are capable of inflicting vicious lacerations if grabbed or trampled. (AC, CRO)

Razor Moss
a tenacious plant that survives among the rocks on the planet Tatooine, razor moss has corrosive roots that break down the crystalline structure of the sandstone outcroppings to extract the moisture contained within. (ISU)

Razor Net
this vicious device was used by cruel bounty hunters to trap their targets. The razor net was formed from strong cording that was studded with small, razor-sharp barbs. When thrown or lowered over a target, the net slowed the target down while inflicting wounds whenever the target moved against the barbs. This cutting action served as a further deterrent to trying to escape. (SWGAL)

Razor Penitents
this was the name given to the rank-and-file members of the Temple of the Beatific Razor, a fanatical cult of Swokes Swokes that opposed the Congress of Caliphs during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (WOTC, GORW)

Razor Reed
species of black-bladed grass native to the planet Trinta, razor reeds are named for its extremely sharp blades. It grows in dense clumps. (DOE)

Razor Starfighter
this three-winged starfighter was commonly found in independent security fleets as well as pirate fleets. Designed and manufactured by Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks, the Razor had a long, cylindrical fuselage and was armed with a pair of laser cannons, two light ion cannons, and a pair of concussion missile launchers. (XWA)

Razor Wire
see Slicewire (SWGAL)

Razoral Reefs
this collecton of artificial reefs was formed in the ruins of Derem City, on the planet Kamino. Anchored by the city's sunspires, the Razoral Reefs provided a refuge for some of Kamino's aquatic lifeforms, especially those that were preyed upon by the ocean's larger predators. (GORW)

this large, thick-skinned mammal was native to the planet Tatooine. A porcine creature, the razorback was distinguished by its heavy tusks and the sharp horn that jutted from its lower jaw. (SWGAL)

this large, flat insect was bioengineered by the Yuuzhan Vong as a kind of weapon. The shell of the razorbug was extremely sharp and strong, and could cut through many substances. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior could throw the razorbug at a target, and the bug would fly at top speed until it hit something. If the warrior missed his thrown, the razorbug often was imbedded in the surrounding cover. They were expendable, and were easily killed if crushed underfoot. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that razorbugs and many other bio-engineered weapons simply reverted to their animal forms and fled into the forests. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence. (DTO, UF)

this was an early name used by the Ashern Vratix, during the period known as Alazhixazha. (PH)

Razor's Kiss
this was the name of the Super-class Star Destroyer Warlord Zsinj attempted to steal from Kuat Drive Yards, in an effort to augment his fleet in his struggle with the New Republic. He devised a plan in which several pirate groups would aid in the attempt, including the Hawk-bats of Wraith Squadron. Once his forces got the uge ship moving, several waves of pirates would swoop in and contain the Kuati security forces while Zsinj made off with the ship. However, the Hawk-bats relayed information of the attempt to the New Republic's command, and they sent in Han Solo and the Mon Remonda in order to stop Zsinj. In a series of daring moves, the Wraiths managed to severely disable the Razor's Kiss, leaving it nothing but smouldering scraps after Shalla Nelprin destroyed its shields and the Mon Remonda and Tedevium pummeled it with fire. After the battle over Kuat, Zsinj's forces recovered as much of the Razor's Kiss as they could, building a craft known to Zsinj as the Second Death. It was used at Selaggis Six to simulate damage to the Iron Fist as Zsinj once again escaped the Republic. (IF, SOC)

this was a vicious, two-bladed dagger developed for use by the Rodians. (GG10)

this otter-like, alien creature is native to the oceans of Sedri, and has a razor-sharp tail and armor-like skin. (BGS)

Razor-tailed Tiger
this feline predator was native to the planet Yurb, and was revered for its hunting skills. It made its home in the area known as the Dust Pits, preying on the creatures that sought water in the arid landscape. (MBS)

this Massassi served as one of Naga Sadow's top commanders during the Great Hyperspace War, some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Like Sadow's other commanders, Ra-Zyrth was altered by ancient Sith magic to become a monstrous warrior, then placed into a suspended animation capsule for transport to Coruscant. Once there, Sadow planned to release his commanders on the unsuspecting Old Republic and take the planet by force. The Sith forces were defeated in combat, but Ra-Zyrth was unaccounted for among the death. Modern rumors persist that his suspended animation capsule landed on Coruscant by failing to open, leaving Ra-Zyrth preserved for the millennia. Other stories claim his capsule opened properly, and he fought the ancient Jedi Knights to his death. This latter story isn't nearly as popular as the first, which was often used by parents to keep their children from exploring too deeply beneath Coruscan't surface, lest they accidentally open the capsule and release the Massassi warrior from his slumber. (CCW)

this woman was a friend and companion to Jango Fett, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Razzata was also a kind of conscience for Jango, who had lost much of his own conscience years before. Note that this might be a mistaken reference to the Toydarian, Rozatta. (SWI63)

Razzledy Croom
this musician was popular in the Core Worlds during the early years of the New Republic. (POT)

this was a series of maintenance droids produced for use by the Empire. The RB-1 series could perform a number of light-duty activities, and was equipped with four manipulator arms and a fire extinguisher. (POM)

Rbollean Petal-oil
this soothing oil was used in spas, for massages as well as in gentle showers. (DN1)

this was a series of labor droids that were designed to carry luggage to and from locations in a spaceport. They were often referred to as "redcaps." (MJH)

this was the official designation of the clone commando known as Sarge. (OWS)

this was the callsign of the clone commando who was part of the squad assigned to protect Lorca Oviedo to a conference on Aviles Prime, during the height of the Clone Wars. On the return trip from Aviles Prime, RC-1080 and his comrades became expendable when Oviedo tried to fake an attack by Separatist forces near Asturias. RC-1080 was the pilot of one of the escort ships, and was badly injured in the attack. Although Theta-288 managed to return with Oviedo under arrest, RC-1080 died from his injuries just before they reached Coruscant. (T22)

this was the designation number of the clone trooper commando known as Taler. (RCHC)

this was the designation number of the clone trooper commando known as Darman. (RCHC)

this was the callsign given to the clone commando known as Boss. (LAWS)

this was the callsign given to the clone commando known as Fixer. (LAWS)

this was the callsign given to the clone commando known as Sev. (LAWS)

this was the callsign given to the clone commando known as Scorch. (LAWS)

this was the callsign of one of the clone commandos in Niner's squad, during the Battle of Geonosis. Unfortunately, RC-1304 was among the many clones who were killed in the fighting on Geonosis. (RCHC)

this was the callsign of the clone commando known as Niner. (RCHC)

this was the callsign of the clone commando known as Atin. (RCHC)

this was the callsign of one of the clone commandos who actually survived their tour of duty with the Grand Army of the Republic, then retired to the CF VetCenter on Coruscant. Although chronologically RC-5093 was just twenty-three years old at the time of this retirement, his biological age was actually sixty, a victim of the rapid development processes of the Kaminoan cloners. (RCHC)

this was the callsign of the clone commando known as Fi. (RCHC)

this was the designation of a clone commando who was decanted on Kamino for deployment in the Grand Army of the Republic, during the build-up to the Clone Wars. RC-8028 was part of the four-man squad that contained RC-8015 - known to his teammates as Fi - but was killed during a training in the Killing House before every seeing the battlefield. (RCHC)

R'cardo Sooflie IX
this Lannik served as the Crown Prince and ruler of the planet Lannik, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. His abrupt and terse nature earned him the ire of the Lannik people. Despite the fact that the Jedi Master Even Piell - himself a Lannik - saved R'cardo's parents from death at the hands of the Red Iaro, Prince Sooflie paid the Jedi little heed. In fact, Prince Sooflie was quoted as denouncing Piell's effort, claiming that he could have become Prince sooner if the Jedi hadn't interfered. Prince Soofliee even rebuffed his chief advisor, Hutar Zash, in the public forum of the peace negoations with the Red Iaro, on the planet Malastare, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. It was Sooflie's actions which forced the Red Iaro to alter their philosophy, and their terrorist activities were changed to ousting Sooflie in favor of the old regime. Sooflie was briefly captured by the Red Iaro, but was freed when the Jedi intervened. He left Malastare without a full treaty, and gruffly failed to thank the Jedi for his life. (ETM)

Rcharrz, Soo
this pale-skinned woman was a member of the Rebel Four. She was distinguished by her blonde hair, which had been shaven from the left side of her head. Rcharrz, along with the rest of her companions, was killed on Vatleria by Darth Vader. Rcharrz herself was obliterated by the Dark Side of the Force. (T9)

R-coil Crate
this form of sleight box was produced by Ecls Industries. (PSG)

this was the first version of Miradyne's starship flight avionics package. For many years, the RCS-1 served as the model on which other flight control systems were developed, since all sich systems had to be compatible with each other. When Miradyne went out of business, many manufacturers were left without replacement systems. (SWJ5)

Miradyne's avionics flight system, the RCS-6 was the last in a line of flight systems produced before Miradyne went out of business. (XW, SWJ5)

this Merr-Sonn grenade launcher was produced during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was part of the standard weaponry supplied to Separatist battle droids during the Clone Wars. (LAWS)

this flying creature was native to the planet Garqi. (TFE, SWJ7)

this model of racing swoop was developed during the last years of the Old Republic. The RDD-7 measured 4.3 meters in length, and could attain speeds near 480 kilometers per hour. (GMR7)

this was a series of rocket launchers produced by Locris Syndicates during the Galactic Civil War. The RDP series was cloned from the Merr-Sonn RPS-8 launcher, and included a number of sophisticated targeting systems and power controls. However, the RDP couldn't match the sheer destructive power of the RPS-8. (ROE)

this humanoid protocol droid was reprogrammed for espionage work, and was later known as NEK-072. (WOTC)

this Locris Syndicates rocket launcher was part of the RDP series, and could fire rocket darts or gas capsules. (GG10)

this astromech droid was red in color, and resembled a standard R5-series unit. It was placed in a training scenario by its builder, but its batteries ran down before it could complete the mission. The droid remained stuck in the bowels of Tosche Station. (DWK)

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