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this sluggish, avian creature was native to the polar regions of the planet Lurr. (CCW)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "powerful swimmer". (GCG)

this alien was one of Tatooine's best pod racers, although he invariably lost races to Sebulba. Rimkar's pod racer was unique among the pods, having a bubble shape instead of something more streamlined. This allowed glancing blows from an opponent's pod racer to slide off, rather than cause damage. However, on a preliminary podrace leading up to the Boonta Eve spectacular, Rimkar failed to properly compensate for the demands of Metta Drop, and destroyed his pod. Note that the Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide claims Rimkar was killed when Sebulba forced him to crash into the face of a cliff. (SW1, TPM, IG1)

this was a Core Worlds slang term for anyone who lived beyond the Inner Rim. Most natives of the Outer Rim took great offense at the term. (TFNR)

this planet was the site of riots and looting following the cancellation of a concert that was to be performed by Fitz Roi, who was deported for firing his ancient projectile pistols. (SWJ4)

Rimma 13
see Rimma 18 (DMS)

Rimma 18
this was one of many worlds in the Rimma System. During the last decades of the Old Republic, InterGalactic Ores used Rimma 18 as a stopover point for lommite barges moving from Dorvalla, in the Videnda Sector, to Eriadu. Note that this world is also referred to as Rimma 13 in Darth Maul: Saboteur. (DMS)

Rimma Trade Route
anchored by the planet Rimma, this hyperspace pathway connected the Core Worlds with the Colonies as well as the Outer Rim Territories and continued into Kathol Sector. During the height of the Clone Wars, Separatist forces planned to litter the route with proximity mines, hoping to cut off travel for the the Old Republic. The plan was thwarted when the Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport on Skor II was liberated by Jedi Master Mace Windu. Still, the entire Rimward leg of the Rimma Trade Route had eventually been cut off from Republic shipping concerns, after planets long that portion of the route joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (SS, PGT, SWI69, LEV)

Rimmer's Alley
this garrishly-lighted thoroughfare was located in the city of Baron's Hed, on the moon of Sulon. Known for the wide variety of vices which could be procured in its shops, Rimmer's Alley led directly to the base of Baron's Knoll. (RAG)

Rimmer's Delight
this bouncing tune was often played by lounge acts and cantina bands during the height of the New Order. (SFE)

Rimmer's Rest
located on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, this tavern was something of an institution among the locals. It was known as a place where any being - regardless of their race, religion, or preferences - could obtain their favorite alcoholic drinks. A collection of more than 1,200 decanters of liquor, along with a wide selection of stimulants and depressants, could be mixed and matched to produce virtually any concoction. Within the walls of the Rimmer's Rest were more than 100 private booths, many of which were configured to support the needs of a variety of alien species. (RAG)

this cybernetic implant is created by 'Geneering Corporation, and is the abbreviated form of Response iMprovement Package. The RiMPack is an extensive replacement of the body's nervous system with a fine neural web of reflex threads produced by the Poraskors of Betal. The neural net has a bio-interface which communicates with the recipient's brain. With a RiMPack, the individual's entire sensory system goes into hyperdrive. They receive incredible amounts of sensor data, and the bio-interface allows them to process it at incredible speeds. This intense sensory load often drives the recipient into intense spasms of paranoid irrationality. (CFG)

this small, Imperial scout ship was stolen by Halagad Ventor when he fled from Darth Vader and landed on Trinta. (DOE)

this Alliance freighter group was used to supply the Organarms facility. It was destroyed when the Empire attacked the Organarms platform and destroyed it. (TIE)

this was the name of Salla Zend's first smuggling ship. She acquired the ship after leaving her job as a tech on a corporate transport. It was a Gymsnor-4 light freighter, and was often referred to a resembling a mynock by Salla's friends. She and Han Solo flew their ships in the Kessel Run several times, and the Millennium Falcon beat the Rimrunner more often than not. In a fateful attempt to beat Han, Salla flew the Rimrunner in a microjump across the mouth of the Maw. The re-entry into realspace fried her instruments and lef the ship adrift among the black holes. Han managed to rescue Salla, but the Rimrunner was consumed in the Maw. The fact that she nearly died shook Salla quite hard. (THG, RD)

this Hutt transport ship crashed into the Jundland Wastes on Tatooine, many years before the Galactic Civil War. (IWST)

Rimrunner, Lira
this woman was the Governor-General of Dalos IV during the height of the New Order. She was a convicted criminal, but was elected because she was honest about her past. She used the slogan "At least I'm honest about being a crook" to defeat her opponents, and her sharp wit and charismatic personality ensured her election. Before turning to politics, Lira made a living as a smuggler and gunfighter. (ND)

a native of the planet Agamar, this man was a Captain in the New Republic Navy, and was in command of the Corusca Fire during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. He had been ordered by the Republic's High Command to stay away from Dubrillion and Belkadan, a change that kept him close to Agamar. He later took the Corusca Fire to Dantooine, where is served as one of the leading ships in the defense of Dantooine against the Yuuzhan Vong. It was responsible for protecting the refugees fleeing from Dubrillion to Agamar, and nearly destroyed a Yuuzhan Vong worldship in the battle. The only reason it was at the battle in the first place was because Rimsen had learned that Leia Organa Solo had petitioned Agamar for help when the New Republin turned a blind eye to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Rimsen ignored his patrol orders and flew to Dantooine, saving the refugees from almost certain destruction. (DTO, NJOSB)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

this was the phonetic name given to a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit, or RMSU. Each RMSU on a given planet was numbered sequentially, with RMSU-1 being the primary base of operations for all other RMSUs. (MBS)

Rimsoo Five
this was one of the dozen Republic Mobile Surgical Units established on the planet Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was located about ninety kilometers south of Rimsoo Seven during the early stages of the Jasserak Engagement. (MBS)

Rimsoo One
this was the term used to describe the ground-based medical headquarters of the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. A Rimsoo One facility was constructed on each planet with an active battlefront, and all other Republic Mobile Surgical Units - RMSUs - were erected on subsequent areas of combat. All other Rimsoos were numbered sequentially, starting with Rimsoo Two, for ease of identification. (MBS)

Rimsoo Seven
this was one of many Republic Mobile Surgical Units that were established behind the battlefields of the planet Drongar during the Clone Wars. The facility was attacked during the height of the Jasserak Engagement, an action that went against most accepted military conventions. Up until that point, neither side had purposely attacked the other's medical facilities, in an effort to preserve life wherever possible. However, Rimsoo Seven was overrun in short order, leading to the deaths of many patients and at least one doctor, Zan Yant. The facility was eventually relocated eighty kilometers southeast of its previous position. (MBS)

Rimsoo Three
this was one of the many Republic Mobile Surgical Units that were established on the planet Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars. Rimsoo Three was located near the Sea of Sponges. (MJH)

this was a term used by law enforcement officers from the Core Worlds who had to track down a criminal who had fled beyond the Inner Rim. The mission to recover the felon was known as a "rimstint." (TFNR)

a generic term used to describe the various planets within the galactic rim. (CSWDW)

Rin Assid
this legendary adventurer and businessman was known in his day as Assid the Lucky. His exploits during the fourth millennium of the Old Republic became the stuff of myths and legends. A jovial fellow, Rin was fond of food and drink of all sorts. A wealthy man, Rin suddenly went bankrupt after donating much of his wealth to needy people and charities. During his heyday, Assid developed a line of cargo transports that were still in production during the New Order. (CSA)

Rin Assid Bulk Hauler
one of the designs of Rin Assid that have recently been produced by Eobaam Shipping Lines, the bulk hauler measured 350 meters in length. It was manned by a crew of 15, and could accommodate ten passengers. The design of the craft was over 700 years old at the time of the New Order, and could accommodate up to 100,000 metric tons of cargo. The navicomputer could handle up to four unique jump coordinates. The bulk hauler had minimal shields, and was not armed. Many of these transports were used by the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA, PP)

Rin Hawaz
this New Republic Intelligence Major spent time investigating the appearance of battle-site scavengers and the effects of the Historic Battle Site Preservation Act and Operation Flotsam. (CTD)

Rin Shuuir
this being was an ancient Sith sorcerer, active nearly 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (TOJC)

Rin, Obo
this staunch Imperial supporter worked for Darth Vader himself as a sentientologist, collecting information on the galaxy's many intelligent, non-human races. Rin also developed a "universal definition of life" for use in identifying the difference between living and nonliving creatures. While his work helped expand the information known about many unusual races, Rin's intensely pro-human stance led to several incorrect theories about several species. He made a number of harmless species out to be cold-blooded killers, including the Proteans and Ugors. He also made vocal claims that the planet Mon Calamari had first been discovered by Imperial scouts, which contradicted decades of Old Republic history. (GG4, GG8, SWJ12, GORW)

Rina Fio
this Vulptereen female served as the President of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She was removed from office when Arakyd Industries launched an assault on VSIS headquarters on Vulpter, in response to VSIS' theft of the plans for probe droids. Rina Fio and her directors spent their entire security budget on hiding the development of the XPLR-R droid, leaving the corporate security force at minimal strength. They were no match for Arakyd's AAD-4 assault droids. Rina Fio was removed from her position as President, but remained an employee for Arakyd after the takeover. (HNN5)

a two-meter-long, mountain-dwelling predator native to the planet Carosi XII. The rinacat can track its prey for weeks, and can survive without water for a month. It uses its sharp teeth to hold and tear at its prey. (PG2)

this was a common name among the Snivvian race. (UANT)

this planet was under Imperial control during the height of the New Order. (SWJ15)

this petite alien race was characterized by their eight-fingered hands and their singsong voices. (EVE)

this man, a small-time criminal from the planet Umgul, was once captured and detained with stun cuffs. (GUN)

Ring Defenders
a title given to those Jensaarai Defenders who maintained a vigilant watch for incoming ships to the Suarbi System, and especially Suarbi 7. After Leonia Tavira obtained control of the Jensaarai, the Ring Defenders also used their Force powers to divert attention away from the Invidious, which was hidden in Suarbi 7's asteroid belt. (IJ)

Ring Drive
this was one of the main engine systems located on a podracer. The ring drive required constant lubrication during operation, or else it could become overheated and seize up. (ETM)

Ring Lake
located near the High Castle on Jomark, this natural lake was formed in the crater of the ancient volcano housing the High Castle. The castle itself was situated nearly 400 meters above Ring Lake, affording a spectacular view of its brilliant, blue waters. It was named because the waters of the lake surrounded a single island, creating a ring of water in the crater. This small island served as the base of operations for Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial forces, sent to Jomark to protect Joruus C'Baoth during his attempt to capture Luke Skywalker, some five years after the Battle of Endor. (DFR)

Ring, The
this small nebula was considered part of the Twin Nebulae, located in the Greater Javin area of the galaxy. The Ring was actually the last cloud of radioactive gases being given off by the star that exploded eons ago, creating the Twin Nebulae in the intervening millennia. The star at the heart of The Ring was now a black dwarf. (WOA33)

Ring, The
this was one of the major skyways found within the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It circled the Westrex district of the city, and carried passengers to the Efavan Port spaceport. (GORW)

Ring, The
this was the name given to the innermost circle of buildings and hovels that surrounded the LH-3010 freighter that became the center of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. The Ring was originally settled by those indentured beings who were imported to Lamaredd to work for Hugo Bartyn's illicit seafood harvesting business. Many of the beings who were brought to Lamaredd balked at being virtually enslaved, and were set free in the middle of the planet's oceans to survive on their own. (GMR7)

Ringali Nebula
a spectacular purple gas cloud located within the Ringali Shell. (SWJ7, E1A1)

Ringali Shell
named for the Ringali Nebula which fills its boundaries, the Ringali Shell was an area of the galaxy that contains space in the Core Worlds outward to the Colonies region. It encompassed Darpa and Bormea Sectors, and served as the wellspring of the Perlemian Trade Route. (SWJ7, FOP)

Ringali Shell Security Force
this largely civilian security force patrolled the Ringali Shell during the Galactic Civil War. The RSSF was given the mission to provide emergency assistance to disabled ships, and could deal with minor smugglers and criminals without requiring Imperial support. They had jurisdition in both Darpa and Bormea Sectors. The RSSF was formed early in the history of the Ringali Shell, and was the premier security force in the area before the Old Republic expanded its borders and left behind a small fleet. (FOP)

Ringed Moon Shadowmoth
this species of moth was native to the planet Coruscant. It was noted for its incredibly beautiful wingsong, a form of music created when the moth beat its wings in the night skies. Shadowmoths were nocturnal, so beings who wanted to hear their song had to wait up for it. What was unusual about the shadowmoth was its silicate-based cocoon. This cocoon was incredibly tough, and was seemingly too strong for the larval shadowmoth to break through. However, each infant moth was equipped with a speciallized beak with which to crack the cocoon. In the struggle to break free, the shadowmoth's own body was strengthened, so that it could survive once it had evolved into a moth. Many beings felt that the cocoon was too strong, and often assisted the shadowmoth in getting free. While the intentions of these individuals were good, the shadowmoth was not forced to break free on its own, an activity which strengthened its wings and developed a stronger body. Because they could not fly, these shadowmoths often died because it was unable to survive. (T)

ringer was a sport popular on the planet Stassia during the Imperial occupation of the planet. Entire tournaments are set up for it, culminating in the week-long Sweepstakes each year. All participants, known as tossers, were required to use the same equipment: small metallic disks which could be thrown through the air. Each contestant stood behind a line, facing an open area filled with rings. Each ring was different: some were held in place, while others swayed on lines or floated on tiny repulsors. The goal for each player was to toss their disk through as many rings as they could, gauging the direction and force of each throw to pass through the maximum number of rings. Among the rings was the Ace Ring, which was worth more points than the others, and could help a tosser quickly gain points. It was difficult at best, though, to put a disk through the Ace. (SWJ6)

Ringneldia II
this planet, the second world in the Ringneldia System, was the manufacturing center of the Centrality. The natives of the planet were known to have developed a measuring system that was based on the sizes of its indigenous legumes. Lando Calrissian and Vuffi Raa bought some replacement shield components there, to beef up the Millennium Falcon's shields before aiding the Oswaft in breaking the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka, during the early years of the New Order. (LCS, GMR5)

Ringneldia System
this star system, located in the Centrality, was known to have a measuring system that was based on the sizes of various legumes that grew on Ringneldia II. (LCS)

this thin-bodied Skrilling was one of the miners who worked for the Banvhar Combine during the final years of the Old Republic. He was also a slicer, although he was the first to admit that his skills were often inadequate to break the more modern encryptions. When General Grievous attacked the asteroid mining operations of the Combine, Rini and his team were able to steal three Trade Federation probe droids, which he was able to reconfigure for his own needs. These droids were later placed at the disposal of Flynn Kybo, during the yougn Jedi's search for Grievous. (SWGG)

Rinit, Nir
this Imperial Security Bureau agent was assigned to seek out Alliance activities in the space surrounding the planet Naalol, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known to have employed a variety of mercenaries and other goons to do his dirty work. Among Rinit's best operatives was the bartender, Aveton Prit, who was able to glean all sorts of information from the customer's at Prit's Free Pit. (GMR5, WOTC)

this remote, Outer Rim planet was the homeworld of the Tin-Tin Dwarves. (EGA)

Rinn, Denglass
this man was installed as the Imperial Prefect of Kallistas simply because he couldn't cause any harm to the Empire there. He was a paranoid man who suffered from a series of delusions, many of which he developed to explain his slow progress up the Imperial power ladder. He maintained a set of long, jet black mustachioes and beard. He chafed at the preceived "lack of respect" he received from Governor Linrec, and was openly defiant about many trivial matters. He plotted with the Mantis Bounty Hunter Syndicate and a minor Imperial official on Revkinn to destroy Linrec's career, hoping to take over Kallistas for himself and reaping the profits from the sales of gemstones and radioactive isotopes. Rinn began importing weapons, with the help of Tarquin Zian, and started stockpiling the isotopes in order to manufacture bombs. After arranging for the capture of Pallas Quintell, and upon hearing of Cressis Linrec's plans to marry Jondrell Inx, Rinn offered a bounty for Inx's capture. The bounty hunters nearly captured the pirate, but had to settle for returning Cressis to her father. Unfortunately for Rinn, the bounty hunters also discovered Rinn's plans to unseat Governor Linrec. He fled the planet, and went into hiding somewhere in the Outer Rim. (GG10, GG11)

this was the Rodian word for the finest hunters of a Rodian clan. In the Basic tongue, it meant "protector," as these Rodians were charged with protecting their clans from the predators of the planet. (SPG)

Rinou, Shella
this woman was the youngest of Malcolm Dallory's daughters. During the height of the New Order, she rose to power as the Captain of a large smuggling fleet, with the help of her good friend, Kelric. She gained a great deal of respect from her father and his name, which helped keep her business growing. (SPG)

this Gupin, the only member of his clan without wings, was blamed for the illness that befell the Ewok Deej, some time before the Battle of Endor. Wicket and his brothers, Willy and Weechee, discovered that Rin-Rin was not responsible, and freed him. Rin-Rin and the Ewoks then sought out the herbs and plants that could be used to create a cure for Deej. (ECAR)

Rintatta City
this city, located on the planet Exocron, was the site of a secondary spaceport. Talon Karrde landed here, during his search for Jorj Car'das. It was primarily a military outpost, and was nestled against a range of short mountains. (VOF)

this planet was the primary world in the Rintonne System. (HNN5)

Rintonne System
this star system was located in Lambda Sector. It was controlled by Imperial Governor Serdis Tount during the early years of the New Republic. (WBC, HR)

Rintonne's Flame
this Bayonet-class light cruiser supported the Thunderflare and the Stalker in Moff Andal's fleet patrolling the Elrood Sector. It was commanded by Captain Dongal Tezrin. (OE, PG3)

this small world was one of the outermost planets in the Dorvalla System of Videnda Sector. It was blanketed by a perpetual mantle of snow and ice. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Toom Clan maintained a staging base on this world, to deflect attention from their main base on Dorvalla itself. (DMS)

Riome Seasnake
this ribbonlike reptile was native to the oceans of the planet Riome. (CCW)

this was the capital city of the planet Junction 5, located along the banks of a wide, blue river. (LOJ)

this tropical paradise world was the home of Tana's Resort until the Empire, represented by Captain Bzorn, used the Ionic Ring to turn it into a frozen wasteland. Bzorn suspected that Alliance cells were growing on the planet, and chose it as a target. (CSWEA)

this Corellian man was one of the leaders of the rebels on the world who opposed Imperial rule. Rion was Bria Tharen's main link to the rebel leaders, and she worked at the Imperial headquarters on Corellia so that she could obtain information for him. (THG)

this planet is the homeworld of the Riorian race. (WBC)

this insectile race of humanoids is native to the planet Rior. Their large heads are dominated by a drooping cranial sac, and they lack noses and mouths. In their place is a series of chitinous gills that protect the Riorian's respiratory organs and ingestion tissues. The average Riorian has large, red eyes. They are a peaceful species. (WBC)

Riot Gun
any large laser weapon used to subdue a crowd. (HSE)

Rip da slippity
this was a phrase used by Gungan bongo racers to indicate and daring, high-speed maneuver that resulted in reaching the finish line fastest. (GMR4)

a SoroSuub autochef. (GG9)

this predatory beast was known to feed on nerfs, although certain populations of nerfs learned to ram the ripclaw in the chest to prevent being eaten. (GMR5, OWS)

this Imperial Star Destroyer was dispatched to Delphon to eliminate the Black Hole Gang, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. (GMR6)

a group of starships destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this planet is the homeworld of the Ripoblus culture, and is located in the Sepan System. (TIE)

native to the Sepan System, the Ripoblus culture was locked in a bitter civil war with the Dimoks until the Empire intervened, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. The Ripoblus tended to welcome the added Imperial presences, but changed their minds when the Empire impartially defeated both sides in numerous battles. The Ripoblus joined forces with the Dimoks, but their combined might was not enough to overcome the Empire. (TIE)

this Mobquet speederbike was produced for the civilian market during the final years of the Old Republic. Its basic design served as the basis for the development of the BARC speeder used by the Grand Army of the Republic. (SWI83)

one of Captain Huba's thugs, Ripter was a large, red-skinned humanoid with a wide body and pointed ears. He lost a vump-shugga race with C-3PO and R2-D2, when a vynock attacked him. Ripter tried to remove the small beast, but lost control of his skyhopper and crashed into a rocky spire. Ripter managed to survive, and returned to the pirates' hideout in time to disarm Olag Greck, who had come to kill Huba and his chefs. (DRO)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this technology was invented during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

Ris Darsk
this was Eriri Dlarit's alias when she infiltrated Coruscant. Ris Darsk was the Kuati master of the telbun Darsk Ristel, played by Corran Horn. (WG)

this young woman was a princess, and the daughter of King Cleroff, who ruled the daylight side of her homeworld. Risa and Prince Gil were pursued by a band of brigands when Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon suddenly appeared from an energy disturbance and crashed into their planet, some months after the Battle of Endor. She became enamored of Han when he saved them from the brigands, but Han knew he could never return her affections. In order to escape this sticky situation, Han arranged to have Prince Gil kidnapped by other brigands, so that King Cleroff could pay his ransom and make Gil's family indebted to him. In this way, Cleroff could demand Gil's marriage to Princess Risa as recompense. Risa's reaction was exactly what Han had hoped for: she called him all manner of names and demanded that he get Prince Gil back unharmed. Han's plans were nearly thwarted by Marius, but Han had anticipated his treachery and outwitted him. (MC101)

this planet was located in the Tion Hegemony. (HAS)

primary star for the planet Rishi. (DFRSB)

this was one of the most common names used by the Farghul people. (UANT)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "young" - or, more literally, "youthful appearance". (GCG)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Rish Who Slew Vahgar the Drunken Houk
this was the name of a Jenet who was famous in the history of the planet Garban. (UANT)

Rish-ek olgrol immek'in inwey
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase was often used by the members of the Shamed Ones, to plead that they were nothing in the eyes of their masters. It indicated an individual's lowly status, but its exact meaning was never fully comprehended. (FH1)

the third world orbiting the star Rish, Rishi was the backwater world where Talon Kaarde tried to hide from the Empire following the discovery and infiltration of his base on Myrkr. It was the homeworld of the Rishii, and was known as the base for the religious sect called the H'kig. The native Rishii allowed offworlders to visit the planet, so long as they didn't break the religious laws. Of the habitable land found on Rishi, much of it was swampland that had to be drained in order to provide a stable building platform. Over time, this created large sinkholes, and the colonists who settled the planet were forced to relocate their homes inside these sinkholes. The rest of the planet was carved by deep canyons. Rishi's crust has a few marketble metal ores which were mined by the native humans. The planet had an orbit of about 268 local days, each of which lasted 20 standard hours. (DFR, DFRSB, SWI80)

Rishi Maze
although many beings who first hear of this name come to think of the Rishi Maze as a remote trade route that was located beyond the Outer Rim Territories, in reality the Rishi Maze was a irregular dwarf galaxy that was completely contained within the known galaxy. The Rishi Maze was gravitationally locked in place, and the multitude of stars and planets caused all manner of trouble for hyperspace travel in the area. Thus, the name Rishi Maze came about, because any hyperspace routes through the Maze were incredibly snarled. (AOTCN, SWI80)

Rishi Rift
this interstellar deadzone was located near the planet Rishi. (GMR4)

this species of small, flying creatures was native to the mountainous regions of the planet Rishi. These primitive, feathered creatures have human-like hands located at the joint in their wings, which they used to manipulate their tools. These hands were also used to wield primitive slings while hunting. They prefer to live in nests located in the tallest trees and on mountains, and have a great capacity to learn languages. The Rishii considered the offworlder who settled on their planet to be curiosities, not understanding their need to live in the lowlands. The Rishii were very interested in the "shiny rocks" used by the settlers - their spaceships - because they allowed species without natural wings to fly. (DFR, DFRSB, AE, EGA)

Rising Meditation
this meditative technique was developed by the Jedi Knights, and involved using the Force to rise off the ground while maintaining a meditative position such as Repose. (MBS)

Rising Moon
this hotel was considered the most luxurious of the three establishments in the town of Corestrike, on Chrona, and catered to the needs of visiting executives and wealthy gamblers. (SWJ12)

Rising Path, The
this was the Basic translation of a Wookiee term, used to describe the decision by a young Wookiee to leave Kashyyyk and explore the galaxy. (GB)

Rising Star
this was the name of Raabakyysh's skimmer. (TEP)

this native of the planet Nordra served the Alliance as a Colonel on the planet Baskarn, commanding Advanced Base Baskarn during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "inquisitive" or "curious." (GCG, WOTC)

this man was a noted Corellia pirate, who maintained his crew's loyalty and behavior by carrying a Duelist vibrorapier. During the last years of the Galactic Civil War, Rislar and his crew signed on with the Alliance as privateers. (GUN)

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