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this young man was a native of the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was one of the many youths Amee had a crush on, after Anakin Skywalker left Mos Espa for the Jedi Temple. (TG)

this was a noted individual from Frozian history. (UANT)

a planet near the Roche Asteroid Field. It was the base for Ackbar's Project Shantipole. (XW)

Roche Asteroid Field
this area of the galaxy contained what was believed to have been the remnants of the homeworld of the Verpine race, although many xenoarchaeologists claimed it was simply colonized by the Verpine nearly two hundred years before the formation of the Old Republic, The asteroid field itself was located near Barab I and Kubindi, and was a breeding site for mynocks and space slugs. The Roche Asteroid Field was a collection of asteroid belts orbiting a small yellow sun. The native Verpine made their homes within the asteroids, carving out living areas, hangars, and factories from the rock. During the months following the Qoribu Crisis, much of the economy and industry of the Roche Asteroid Field was brought to a standstill when the Verpine became increasingly dependent upon black membrosia. The inebriated Verpine were unable to perform their duties, and many simply failed to show up for work. (DFR, DA, SFS, GG4, DN2)

Roche Corporation
see Roche Industries (FTD)

Roche G42
an asteroid in the Roche Asteroid Field, is was the site of a Verpine colony. (XWN)

Roche Hive Mechanical Apparatus Design and Construction Activity for Those Who Need the Hive's Machines
this was the full name of Roche Industries. (EGD)

Roche Industries
this was the name given to the small group of Verpine technicians who produced several varieties of droids during the height of the New Order. Many of their original designs, such as the J9-series worker drone, were not accepted by human droid buyers, but several later designs - like the Siak-series - sold quite well. (FTD)

Roche Lobe
a term used to describe a section of a black hole. (JS)

Roche System
another name for the Roche Asteroid Fields. (COTF)

Rock Boots
produced by Malik Technologies, Rock Boots were specially-designed and reinforced footwear created for use in the harsh environments found near volcanoes. (GSE)

Rock Dragon
this small reptile is native to the planet Dathomir. It has rough, mottled skin which helps it blend into its surroundings. The rock dragon is an egg-laying species, and they build nests among the rocks in which to lay their eggs. They then use their bodies to warm the eggs, with their natural camouflage helping to hide the nest. They eat mainly insects and plants, but have a defensive poison that they inject with a small stinger to protect themselves. The poison is strong enough to kill a full-grown rancor. (SHA)

Rock Dragon
this Hapan passenger ship was owned by Tenel Ka, but was constantly being upgraded by Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. The ship was a present from Tenel Ka's parents, following her wish to have her own ship. Much of the influence on her parents came from her grandmother, Ta'a Chume, who felt that her granddaiughter needed adequate protection while at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 - especially in the wake of the Shadow Academy's attacks. The ship was by no means on the leading edge of technology, and was cleaned of any Hapan markings so that Tenel Ka could travel in anonymity whenever necessary. The name of the ship was given by Tenel Ka, and refers to the small reptile native to Dathomir. It also alludes to the Hapan custom of naming their starships "dragons." Jaina used it to rescue Zekk, Raynar, and Bornan Thul from Boba Fett, in much the same way her father bought Luke Skywalker an extra minute during the Battle of Yavin. She came at Fett with the blazing light of a star behind her, blinding the bounty hunter to her approach. (ROM, TEP, SHA)

Rock Dwellers
this was another name for the Treka Horansi. (PG1, AE)

Rock Glue
this was the common name given to the secretions of the female shear mite. This cement-like ooze was found to be among the strongest natural adhesives in the galaxy. (GORW)

Rock Hornet
this swarming insect was native to Tatooine. (MC17)

Rock Ivory
a valuable and controlled mineral that is often smuggled. It is used commercially in antigrav units. (COJ)

Rock Lizard
this reptile was native to the planet Tatooine, and was smaller than a dewback. (EGA)

Rock Mouse
a small rodent found in desert or rocky terrains. (GOF6)

Rock One
this callsign became the New Republic standard for the first Yuuzhan Vong warship encountered in a space battle. (DTO)

Rock Palace
this remarkable rock formation, located outside Mos Espa on the planet Tatooine, was known for its alabaster pinnacles. (TG)

Rock Shrew
this small creature was the favored food of many predatory avians. (MJH)

Rock Spitter
this was New Republic starfighter pilot slang for the plasma cannons and magma launchers of the Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers. (UF)

Rock Squadron
one of the Tri-fighter flight groups of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv Survivors, it wasn't as prestigious as Bolt Squadron. Corran Horn, under the alias Jenos Idanian, was admitted to the Survivors as a pilot in Rock Squadron. (IJ)

Rock Sucker
this species of flat-bodied mollusk was native to the planet Mytus VII. One of the only creatures which could survive on the planet's surface, rock suckers feed on the minerals of the planet's crust by exuding an acidic secretion from the suckers on their underside. The secretion begins to break down the rocks, and the rock sucker then draws the raw minerals into its body. (EGP)

Rock Tabbit
an easily-frightened creature. (TME)

Rock Viper
this poisonous serpent was native to the rocky deserts of the planet Ord Cestus. (TCD)

Rock Wart
a vicious, slug-like creature found on the planet Tatooine, the rock wart was a worm with large eyes and a gaping, fang-filled mouth the opened vertically. The bite of the rock wart delivered a potent neurotoxin which could kill a human in a short period of time. Once a rock wart had killed its prey, it consumed as much of the prey as it could, then burrowed inside the body to lay its eggs. (SWIJ, SOT)

Rock Wizard
this unusual being lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. Many years before the Battle of Yavin, the Rock Wizard controlled the Jindas, who farmed his lands. When the Jindas angered him with their mistakes, the Rock Wizard banished them from his kingdom, forcing them to wander the surface of the moon in search of a new home. Many years later, when Logray attempted to break the curse that kept the Jindas on the move, the Rock Wizard reappeared and tried to punish the Ewok for meddling. However, Logray managed to banish the Rock Wizard and free the Jindas. (ECAR)

Rock Workers
this was a branch of The Workers faction, based on the planet New Apsolon some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. The Rock Workers were miners by trade, working in the quarries of their homeworld to harvest wondrous stone and ores. During Balog's attempt to take control of New Apsolon, the Rock Workers allied themselves with the Tech Workers. When the Aboslutes who were working with Balog attacked the Rock Worker settlement, they killed every living being they encountered. They wanted no witnesses to their theft of weapons, explosives, and supplies, and even killed the children of the Rock Workers. They only survivor had been Yanci, who had been sent out to ask for assistance from Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yanci later returned to the base and buried the dead. (DOH)

this vicious insect was native to the planet Tatooine. (SWGAL)

this box-shaped prospecting scow was owned by operated by Gideon Smith. (JH)

this slimy character lived on Narigus III, and was the original owner of the Kubaz Insect. The statue was stolen from him by two small-time criminals called Lauren and Sam, and Rock'co tried to get it back before they could leave the planet. Rock'co caught Sam, but he had already mailed the statue to Lauren, and he died under Rock'co's interrogation. Rock'co later teamed up with Jorkatt the Render and captured Lauren. They fought over the Insect, but soon discovered that Rock'co's statue was a fake. (GMS)

Rocker Pose
this was one of the many meditative body positions practiced by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. (MBS)

this ancient, Zim Systems personal rocket pack was a bulky forerunner to the modern jetpacks. (TOJC)

Rocket Cart
similar to rocket planes, rocket carts were outdated vehicles that used fossil fuels to propel the craft into the air. (DN1)

Rocket Grass
this woody plant grew on the plains of Usean II. (TBSB)

Rocket Pistol
this ancient weapon relied on a gunpowder charge to expel a bullet or other projectile at a target. (HSL)

Rocket Plane
this was a simple form of transport that was used on many backwater planets of the galaxy. These ships were essentially rocket-propelled gliders that used fossil fuels to reach altitude and move forward. Very few could actually travel above the atmosphere into sub-orbital flight zones. (DN1)

Rocket Trooper
this speciallized Imperial stormtrooper was trained to move into and out of military actions via a simple rocket pack that was integrated into the standard stormtrooper armor. Because the pack was part of the armor, it had limited usage, being capable of just twenty total seconds of flight before requiring recharging. Each rocket trooper also carried an M-SMS missile system. (WOTC)

Rocket-Jumper Elite Advance Unit
known most often as the Rocket Jumpers, this Old Republic military division was made up of short-range assault troops that deployed from floating fortresses while harnessed to a rocket backpack. The backpack allowed the soldier a full range of motion that was controlled via movements of the head. The mission of the Rocket Jumpers was most often to break stalemates and seize control of an area until regular units could advance and reinforce the area. They were one of the original SpecForce units, created shortly before the onset of the Great Sith War. (FNU, ROE)

this was one of Han Solo's nicknames for Fiolla, during the time they spent together trying to break up Zlarb's slavery ring. (HSR)

this large beast, native to the planet Roon, was domesticated by the natives of the planet and used in a variety or roles. Rockhoppers were best known as mounts, and rockhopper races were one of the primary events of the Colonial Games. (SWDB)

this hard-shelled fruit is grown underground by the Eloms. (GG12)

these rapidly-multiplying creatures are native to the planet Tatooine, where they built huge underground nests in the sand. (DESB, CSA)

this avian scavenger was native to the planet Utapau. (E3N)

this was the brand name of a type of boots made specifically for miners. The soles of Rockwalkers are studded with metal hooks that open and close with the user's pattern of walking, allowing the wearer to remain on the surface of an asteroid without the need for artificial gravity or magnetic plating. (SSR)

Rocshore Fish
native to the coastal waters of the planet Senali, this timid, spined fish had three large claws, which it used to catch its prey. The Senalis discovered that the rocshore fish would regenerate a claw if one was removed, and hunted the fish for their clawmeat. By spearing the fish in the tail, where there were no nerves to cause pain, the rocshore fish could be immobilized long enough to twist off a claw. The Senalis were careful to remove a single claw at a time, for the fish was unable to hunt with a single claw, and eventually died of starvation. The rocshore fish's clawmeat was a staple in the Senali diet. The Senalis learned that they had to hunt for rocshore fish underwater, for the fish were easily spooked by the presence of a boat. Whenever spooked, rocshore fish would bury themselves in the sand to hide. (SP)

this Balmorran Arms automaton was developed to address the security and defense needs of musicians and artists who were traveling the galaxy during the last decades of the Old Republic. In additon to being equipped with several sensor suites and advanced life-protection programming, each RO-D could be armed with lethal or non-lethal weaponry. They were also capable of moving heavy loads, and were designed to be used as roadies when not on active duty. Unlike most other droids, the RO-D was available in more than 70 different color schemes, allowing musicians to use them discreetly in virtually any stage set-up. (HNN5)

Roda Lem
this being was a noted member of the Advoszec race. (UANT)

this planet was the site of a mining operation that was invaded by the Empire. (SWJ13)

Rodan, Fyor
this man, a native of the planet Commenor, was a member of the New Republic Advisory Council. As a Senator, he opposed the formation of a new Jedi Council, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Many rumors spoke of Rodan's own ties to the smugglers that the vigilante Jedi led by Kyp Durron were taking out of business, and hinted that his dislike of the Jedi was based more on lost profits than anything else. However, these rumors were not true of Fyor, but his older brother Tormak. Later, Rodan threw in his support to Borsk Fey'lya, who argued for the defense of Bothawui when it was learned that the Yuuzhan Vong were going to attack either Bothawui of Corellia. Rodan believed that the Jedi had manipulated the information in order to force the New Republic into a poor position, which would leave the door open for the Jedi to take control of the galaxy. He went so far as to call the Jedi way a "quaint philosophy" in the presence of Luke Skywalker. Shortly afterward, Rodan was one of few members of the Advisory Council to reach Borleias, in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant. He joined the self-appointed Chief of State Pwoe in trying to take control of the Republic's future, but realized that Pwoe was really only in the game for his own personal agenda. When the remnants of the Republic called for a meeting on Calamari, Rodan abandoned Pwoe and returned to the rightful Republic. However, he held no more love for the Jedi or their efforts with the war, and made sure to take every public opportunity to belittle Luke Skywalker and the Jedi. His bid to become the Republic's Chief of State was thwarted when Cal Omas was elected, but Rodan grudgingly swore to work with Omas and the new Jedi High Council to help turn the tide of battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (VP, JE, BP, EL1, DW)

Rodan, Tormak
this man was the older brother of New Republic Senator Fyor Rodan. Tormak was a smuggler who worked for Jabba the Hutt, and went solo when Jabba was killed on Tatooine. Tormak worked from a base on Nar Shaddaa during much of his career. The two brothers hated each other, taking opposite sides of virtually every issue. Tormak's exploits were mistakenly attributed to Fyor during his early Senatorial career, and rumors of his ties to smugglers led many to questions of his veracity. Fyor found that he couldn't admit to Tormak's smuggling, as the admission would damage his career almost as much as the rumors had. (DW)

this Corellian expletive was used to describe another individual, especially one who had just done something stupid. (DN1)

Rode to Ruin
this starship was owner by the spacer Fracca, and was based out of Orron III. The New Republic Ship Registry identified it as RN27-382992. (SOL)

Rodeo Thranta
this domesticated species of thranta was bred on the planet Bespin by the acrobats and daredevils of the Air Rodeo. These thrantas were originally brought to Bespin from Alderaan many generations before, and were prized for their ability to be tamed while maintaining enough spirit and intelligence to perform complex tricks. Individual rodeo thrantas were trained to respond to high-pitched whistles, allowing their riders to turn them as needed. These thrantas usually have about ten years of performing before they are "retired" and used as mounts or pets. Because of the thrantas' inability to survive without the correct atmosphere, the Air Rodeo rarely traveled away from Bespin. (WOTC)

this was the language spoken by the Rodian people. (WOTC)

the tropical home world of the Rodian race, Rodia was the second planet in the Tyrius System. Rodia was orbited by four natural moons. It was once a lush paradise teaming with life, but the hunters of the Rodians wiped out much of the planet's native life in search of food and dominance. Since then, it has become highly industrialized. Because of this industrialization, Rodia was subjugated by the Yuuzhan Vong, shortly after the alien invaders took Druckenwell and Falleen. The native Rodians fled into the wilderness, and continued to stage guerrilla raids on Yuuzhan Vong settlements throughout the remainder of the war. (SW, SCRE, GG4, BP, SPG, NJOSB)

Rodiak Ocean
this was the largest body of water found on the planet Rodia. (SPG)

this bipedal race with tapir-like face and multifaceted eyes is native to the planet Rodia, in the Tyrius system. The skin of a Rodian is green in color, and there is very little physical variation within the species. Thus, non-Rodians often cannot tell two Rodians apart. The Rodian race has ears that swivel in their sockets, allowing them to hear in several directions. There is a ridge of spikes which crests their skulls, and their long, flexible fingers are tipped with suction cups. They are a race of hunters by nature, and bounty hunting seems to hold a place of high esteem. As a race, they evolved are hunters, surviving their planet's tropical environment and establishing a series of war games which lasted for thousands of years. When an Old Republic scout team landed on the planet, the Rodians were there to meet them, armed to the teeth. They annihilated the scout team, and the Grand Protector declared that it was time to take their skills to the stars. Since then, they have not done as well as they had hoped. Many of the Rodians who make a living off-planet are working as bounty hunters for corrupt crime lords. Their weapon of choice is the thermal detonator, since a widespread explosion tends to kill more than a single blaster shot. Each bounty hunter is obliged to bring a valid record of his or her kill to the Guild on Rodia for logging in the record books. Others are making a living as Imperial lackeys. Rodians almost wiped themselves out as a race, during a time when the birthrate among females dropped below the level at which they were killing each other off. Harido Kavila, the Grand Protector at the time, devised a way for the Rodian people to funnel their violent tendencies through dramatic plays. The stories revolved primarily around violence, but had a well-defined plot and used the violence to magnify the emotional impact of the plays. The Rodian dramas became well-known throughout the galaxy, in part because they were strong dramas but also because they portrayed the full impact of violence on the perpetrator and his victim. When the Yuuzhan Vong subjugated Rodia, the surviving Rodians fled into the wilderness, preferring to stay alive and fight with terrorist-like attacks. The fact that these attacks continued with increasing violence caused the Yuuzhan Vong to admire the Rodian spirit, and many Rodians who were captured were given favored status as slaves. (SW, SCRE, GG4, NJOSB)

Rodian Ale
this was a fermented malt liquor produced on the planet Rodia. (LFCW)

Rodian Cryogenic Whip
produced by Sancretti Arms and Munitions, Interstellar, this whip produces a numbing, cryogenic freeze at the point of contact. (FOP)

Rodian Dank
this was a disease that affected the Rodian race, and was highly contagious. It could be transferred via bodily fluids, or even by breathing in the same area as an infected individual. (GCG)

Rodian Death Blade
this ancient weapon was developed by the Rodians, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. (KOTOR2)

Rodian Flame Silk
this beautiful material is very expensive. (SWJ9)

Rodian Galactic Drama Troupe
this was the most famous of the theatrical groups based on the planet Rodia. (SPG)

Rodian Guilds
a set of governing bodies that guide the various Rodian occupations, including bounty hunting and other violent crimes. (SCRE)

Rodian Hunting Grounds
known as the Etyyy in the Shyriiwook language, this area of the planet Kashyyyk was located to the southeast of Kachirho. Comprised of several safari compounds established by various Rodian hunters who paid regular tazes to the Wookiees for the use of the land, the Rodian Hunting Grounds became the planet's primary proving grounds for big-game hunters of all species. However, the original ideals of the Etyyy - treating both the land and the hunt with respect - gave way to the accumulation of credits and the arrival of the Empire. The Imperial agents who subjugated Kashyyyk stripped the Wookiees of any income they were receiving from the Rodians, and then demanded that the Rodians pay a hefty tax to continue their hunts on the now Imperially-controlled land. The Rodians were more interested in the credits than their agreement with the Wookiees, and simply started paying taxes to the Empire to preserve their ability to hunt. The appearance of Chiss poachers was not welcomed by either the Wookiees or the Rodians, but the Empire chose to ignore the situation, causing even more damage to the environment of the Etyyy. (SWGAL)

Rodian Hunting World
this was the name of the place where all good Rodians went when the died, provided that they remained true to the Path of the Hunt. (GMR5)

Rodian Jungle-Rot
this was a disease, believed to have originated on Rodia, which affected the skin. (GMR6)

Rodian Kisses
this holovid, popular during the year leading up to the Clone Wars, starred Yari Cranna-Rapier. (HNN5)

Rodian Longrifle
this form of Rodian blaster rifle was created from an ancient slugthrower design. Longrifles were designed to be carried in the jungles of Rodia, and were necessarily lightweight and accurate. Modern versions use blaster components to fire bolts of coherent energy. (UANT)

Rodian Razor-stick
this bladed weapon was produced by the Rodians for use in hunting ghests. (AIR)

Rodian Swamp Lizard
a relatively docile creature native to the swamps of Rodia. (LOE)

Rodian Throwing Razor
a wickedly-sharp blade used by Rodian bounty hunters. It has an aerodynamic shape, allowing it to be thrown at a target with great accuracy. Certain models were equipped with a tiny repulsorlift engine, which enhanced the razor's range and accuracy. (TFNR, GFT)

Rodick Tag
this noted Iotran bounty hunter was a former Braceman and a member of the Granse Confederacy. After leaving the service of the Braceman Council, Tag decided to earn a living as a bounty hunter. He was known to have captured several Alliance agents and officers while in the employ of Moff Garret Callron, before he joined the Granse Confederacy as a full-time hunter. (GG12, AIR)

this remote planet was the homeworld of the Rodisar race. (SWDB)

this crocodilian race was native to the planet Rodis. They were a primitive people who seemed to be continually at war. (SWDB)

Rodmark Weapons
this Rodian weapons manufacturer was part of the holdings of the Roolek clan. The clan used the primary production plant as its based of operations. (SPG)

this diminutive Kadrillian served as an administrative aide to Dal Quirz, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Rodno was a very self-confident individual, although his knowledge was often incomplete. This was due mainly to his young age and lacked of experience, but it didn't stop Rodno from trying to learn more, as quickly as he could. When it was learned that the Empire was planning to subjugate the Kadrillians and the Nocivs in order to steal all the kunda stones on Kadirl, Rodno led Luke Skywalker and Han Solo into Nociv territory. There, he reunited with his chosen mate, Deerna, who had decided to remain with the Nocivs. Rodno's love for her remained strong, and he stepped in front of a blaster bolt meant for Deerna in the fighting. The wound was not fatal, and Rodno survived. Deerna agreed to marry him, and Rodno agreed to remain with the Nocivs. (LAT3)

Rodomon Family Farm
this was one of the many Tatooine moisture farms which sold their water and produce on a contract basis, during the early years of the New Republic. (TG)

this Imperial Navy Admiral was in command of the Super-class Star Destroyer Aggressor, during the last years of the Galactic Civil War. He was placed in command of the fleet which protected the shipyards of Corellia, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (SWJ2)

known as Firefather in the Gorothite language, this city was the site of the only major spaceport found on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this young girl was a member of The Young. She watched over the injured body of Tahl while Qui-Gon Jinn searched for Obi-Wan Kenobi in Zehva. Later, as The Young battled against their elders, Roenni and Obi-Wan disabled the five starfighters used by the elders to attack the children's base. She remained Obi-Wan's friend, even after he was exiled from The Young by Nield following Cerasi's death. (DOD, UP)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "crushes with his claws". (GCG)

this Gamorrean male was Vrokks' brother, and was the warlord of the Nudskutch clan. He demanded vengeance of Guth and Captain Ugmush after Vrokk's death, which he claimed to have been caused by an outlander from a starship. Rog challenged Guth to a duel, and promised to kill Ugmush as soon as he dispatched Guth. However, before the duel could take place, Callista Ming and Kufbrug discovered the plot set in place by Rog's wife, Gundruk, to kill Vrokk and assume control of Bolgoink. It was learned that Gundruk had ordered Rog to obtain a tiny homunculus-wasp and place it into the wax seal of the false challenge document given to Vrokk. Callista could only assume that Rog was just a pawn in the entire plan. Rog and Gundruk fled Gamorr, rather than face Kufbrug's wrath. (SWJ14)

this squat, six-legged creature was native to the planet Geonosis. The insectile roga moved about on its spindly, hose-like legs, and was attracted to sources of heat. Its mouth was surrounded by grasping mandibles, and a pair of feathery antennae sprouted from its head. Some Republic scientists who studied the species of Geonosis after the onset of the Clone Wars theorized that the Geonosians had actually evolved from an ancient form of roga. (OWS, AAOTC, SWI79)

a clan of Gamorreans on the planet Gamor. (MTS)

this loyal man was married to Tyerle, and they settled on the planet Questal to escape the threat of the New Order. Rogan became involved in the resistance for two reasons: first, because his brother-in-law Tiree was an Alliance agent; second, because the Empire installed Moff Bandor to rule Questal and control the production of ardanium. Rogan began establishing resistance cells, but was eventually caught in the waves of fear created by Bandor's hurlothrumbic generator. Rogan was sent to the Game Chambers, and was a mindless survivor when he was rescued by Alliance agents. He eventually recovered, once he was free of the influence of the generator. (GCQ)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

Rogar Farnoster
this being was the author of The Slug Named Grendel and Night Mynock. (SWSB, HNN4)

Rogar Garret
this New Republic Navy officer was the Sector Commander in charge of the Kalinda System and its surrounding space. He passed on the orders which implemented Project Second Chance to Admiral Ackbar. (TSK)

this was one of the Alliance's Nebulon-B frigates, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Roger Roger
this was the code for "affirmative" used by the Trade Federation's battle droids. (TPM)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this Grave Tusken was one of the tribal leaders who were exported to the moon of Sulon by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. Despite being the leader of his tribe, he scoffed at the idea that a leader had to actually lead his forces into battle. Rogg felt that this meant that leaders were killed quickly in battle, eliminating their expertise and knowledge before they could be put to good use. When Kyle Katarn returned to Sulon to recover his father's belonging, he was attacked by Rogg's forces near the homestead. In the confusion of the firefight, his second-in-command Bordo shot Rogg dead. (RAG)

Rogh'ma Ixsan
this Dug slaver was one of the many members of his species who joined the RavinsBlud crime syndicate during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. A bounty for his capture was issued by the Coruscant police force in connection with the transport of death sticks between Malastare and Coruscant. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty during his attempt to locate Sebolto on Malastare. (BH)

this plant, which produced a sweet-fleshed white fruit, was grown as a foodsource on the planet Zonama Sekot. (FH3, UF)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "wise pilot". (GCG)

man was one of the Alliance troopers who was assigned to the Massassi Base on Yavin 4. Rogor was a Lieutenant during the evacuation following the destruction of the first Death Star. (IS)

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