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this woman served as an Imperial Navy Admiral (the only female in any Imperial command position), and was in charge of the Maw Installation during the height of the New Order. She was educated at the Academy on Carida, and excelled at everything her teachers could throw at her. Unfortunately, being female in the Imperial Navy meant that she was constantly overlooked for promotions and awards. This angered her, but she struck back silently, creating an alter ego for herself in the Academy's computers. Her alias quickly became known as one of the Empire's brightest naval minds, and even Grand Moff Tarkin took notice. When he arrived at Carida to take this military prodigy under his wing, he was stymied by the fact that the physical person did not exist. He dug deeper into the computer records and discovered Daala's ruse. Though he was Imperial to the core, Tarkin realized that her genius could not be wasted any longer. He took Daala with him as a personal attache, and promoted her in the field. Her promotion to Admiral was presented by Grand Moff Tarkin, and Palpatine may have been unaware of it. She was placed in command of the small fleet guarding the Maw Installation, where she stayed for ten years, cut off from the outside galaxy. When the Maw Installation was discovered by Han Solo and Kyp Durron, she was forced into action against a vast, unknown enemy and with limited, outdated resources. Her initial strikes against the New Republic were tactically successful, but she lost three-quarters of her fleet in the process. She fled to the deep Core Systems, hiding from the New Republic while trying to unite the various Imperial warlords who also hid there, squabbling amongst themselves. Much of her "Empire" was made up of pirates and thugs, and those Imperial officers who chose not to follow Admiral Pellaeon Rimward to form another "Empire." She eventually met up with Pellaeon, and the two of them executed the warlords in a summit meeting that was supposed to bring them all together. The mass executions were Daala's last resort, but she chose to do it. She took command of the combined Imperial fleet, and set out to eliminate the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. She also arranged for part of her fleet to take out a number of important New Republic locations. Her plans nearly succeeded, but the combined might of the Jedi Knights and the New Republic proved too much for her fleet. The seventeen ships under Pellaeon were physically flung from the system; Cronus' ships were dispersed on secondary missions; and her own flagship, the Knight Hammer, was sabotaged by Callista before she could claim ultimate victory. Daala evacuated the ship as it plunged into the core of Yavin, and was rescued by Pellaeon's ships at the fringes of the system. Once aboard Pellaeon's ship, Daala resigned her rank as Admiral and turned the fleet over to Pellaeon. She re-appeared on Cybloc XII, shortly after the Death Seed plague had wiped out the New Republic forces there. She found R2-D2 and C-3PO among the decomposing bodies. She had been retired on Pedducis Chorios, but was offered an advisory position by the piratical warlords that ruled the planet. She hoped that the droids would reveal information on the battle in the Meridian Sector, but was dismayed to learn that Moff Getelles was among the combatants. She detested his condescending ways, and agreed to help out the New Republic by attacking Getelles. In the aftermath, she was reunited with Liegeus, and the two returned to her outpost on Pedducis Chorios. Daala made another series of attacks on the New Republic after the Black Fleet Crisis was resolved, having gathered a small force of Imperial defectors upon her return to the Deep Core. Her efforts were once again thwarted, and Daala was forced to blind-jump her starship Scylla into hyperspace.
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