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this winged, reptilian creature was used as a mount on its native world of Utapau. The dactillion species was belived to have been one of the first to evolve on Utapau, as ancient records from the Utai and Pau'an civilizations both describe attacks by the dactillion on their earliest settlements. These four-legged, avian creatures were solitary hunters that consumed small creatures or carrion from the grottoes and pools of water at the bottom of Utapau's sinkholes. Dactillions were also known to raid the nests of the varactyls, taking eggs or hatchlings. Because of the planet's strong winds, dactillions only ventured out into the open during calm periods. Utai historians show that the dactillions were tamed as mounts shortly after the varactyls, by clever individuals who lured dactillions into cages with offers of fresh meat. Over time, trained dactillions allowed the Utapauns to travel swiftly beyond their sinkholes, to explore the surface of their homeworld. Dactillion-mounted Utai also became part of the planet's primary defense force, and were instrumental during the Clone Wars in securing their cities. The average dactillion measured some six meters in height when standing upright, and had a wingspan of twenty-four meters. The long beak of the dactillion was tipped with two sharp spikes, which it used to spear its food as well as for defense.
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