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this Twi'leki female was one of the first of her species to attend Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. As a child, she was orphaned when her mother was enslaved, and she spent a lot of time in starports, talking to pilots and learning how to exist outside society's mainstream. Daeshara'cor never forgot the loss of her mother. After joing the praxeum, she struggled mightily with her training, though she believed that Luke's trainings were being lost on Kyp Durron. Daeshara'cor, however, still harbored anger over the loss of her mother, which eventually led her down a path toward the Dark Side of the Force. Shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong first invaded the galaxy, Daeshara'cor was given the mission to determine if any data files from the Maw Installation survived its destruction. After learning how the Yuuzhan Vong enslaved other beings and turned them into mindless slaves, she chose not to board the ship and began her own search for a superweapon to destroy the Vong. She planned to travel to Vortex, hoping to lead the Jedi away from her path. However, Anakin Solo and Chalco located her on Garos IV. Daeshara'cor was forced to capture them and hold them ransom. Anakin, with Chalco's help, managed to escape and capture Daeshara'cor, and they returned her to the Jedi gathered on Ithor. She apologized for her actions, and was eventually forgiven by Master Skywalker. She later fought side by side with Anakin in the Battle of Ithor, but in the end she was mortally poisoned by the bite of a Yuuzhan Vong amphistaff. Anakin despaired that he could do nothing to save her. As her life expired, Daeshara'cor gave herself up to the Force, and her physical form disappeared.
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