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C Plus
this modified light freighter was owned and operated by Kalar Opense during the height of the New Order. (SPG)

C Tea
a nickname given to a Calamarian tea brewed from ocean plants. (XW)

C00-series Droid
this was a series of starship cookdroids produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. These droids were roughly humanoid in shape, and could perform virtually every duty required of them in the cramped galleys of starships. (VD2)

this was the model number of SoroSuub's personal comlink, developed for use by the Imperial military. (EGW)

C-1 Series
this is the first of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

this was a form of stun grenade produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the New Order. (AEG)

Industrial Automation's rapid response droid, the C-10-L was built as a man-sized battle droid which could be deployed quickly to support larger missions. Each C-10-L is 1.5 meters tall, and is armed with a turret-mounted blaster cannon. (SN)

the so-called "Grandfather Gun," this is the designation of Speizocs heavy sruface-to-surface bombardment cannon. It was essentially a huge ion cannon designed to attack shielded urban centers. Huge and unwieldy, the C-136 was eventually made obsolete by improvements in shields and lasers. A C1-36 was used by Trioculus on Kessel to blow up a dam and drown troublesome villagers. (ISB, EQ)

this was the designation of one of Merr-Sonn's stun grenades. It was originally developed for Imperial Munitions, and was engineered so that it could be thrown, recovered, and recharged. However, many of these weapons fell into the hands of the Alliance, and were later used against Imperial forces in battle. This led to the development of the C-14A grenade. (AEG, WOTC)

this ws the designation of the second generation of the Merr-Sonn C-14 stun grenade. Equipped with a clublike handle, the C-14A was also given a speciallized reactivation system that required a secret code to open. This helped prevent Alliance forces from recovering the C-14A and using it against Imperial forces. (AEG)

this was a form of grenade that was used during the last years of the Old Republic and into the era of the New Order. This may be a typo, representing the C-16 fragmentation grenade. (LJ1)

this was the designation of Merr-Sonn's typical fragmentation grenade. It was one of the most popular weapons of the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (AEG)

designation of Princess Leia's transport ship at the Alliance's Echo Base on Hoth. (ESBN)

C-2 Series
this is the second of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

this was the designation of Merr-Sonn's glop grenade. (WOTC)

this was the model number of Merr-Sonn's flame projector carbine. Note that this number is shared with the Merr-Sonn fragmentation grenade. The C-22 was used extensively in the Corporate Sector for riot control. The designs for the C-22 were licensed to Czerka, which marketed the weapon as the CZ-22 Flametongue. (EGW, AEG)

this was the designation of Merr-Sonn's fragmentation grenade. Note that this number is shared with the Merr-Sonn flame projector carbine. Unlike earlier versions like the C-16, the C-22 was equipped with a low-power magnetic grapple that allowed it to be secured to a vehicle. (EGW, AEG)

a group of Alliance containers used to supply Admiral Harkov and the defecting Protector fleet in the Ottega System. (TIE)

an agri-droid motivator. (GG9)

this is the model number of Aratech's "Power-Spread" power dispersion unit, used on Imperial Sky Swoopers. (CFG)

a droid who approached Wuher in the alleyways of Mos Eisley, seeking asylum from the Jawas just before Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker booked passage aboard the Millennium Falcon. C2-R4 was originally produced by a Squib consortium, and was an example of typical Squib resourcefulness. C2-R4 resembled an R2 unit in its basic shape, but was covered with various bulbs and box-shaped appendages. Two whip-like extensors and two armatures sprout from the droid's central section, and much of its dome has been replaced with a toothy grill. It was modified over the years to perform a number of household and kitchen tasks, but was abandoned on Tatooine. The Jawas wanted to take him apart for scrap, but Wuher rescued him after seeing Greedo killed in the Mos Eisley cantina. Wuher had just gotten the idea to use Rodian pheromones in the liqueur he was brewing Jabba the Hutt, and he asked C2-R4 to help him brew it. (TME, EGD)

this was a series of barrel-shaped automatons. (JE)

C3 Computer
built by Comar for use in the Tri-Tracker, the Countermeasures Compensation Computer attempts to account for the jamming and evasion devices used by its targets. The C3 extrapolates the target's continued trajectory and feeds that into the targetting device. (ISB)

C-3 Droid
a series of droids built to replace APD-40s. (COJ)

C-3 Passenger Liner
a 400-meter long, needle-shaped pleasure ship. It has been rated at 18 MGLT top-speed, and has 160 SBD shields and a 100 RU hull. (TIE)

C-3 Series
this is the third of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

this computer relay unit is required to activate a starship's power train. They are also used to power some droid models. (CSWDW)

C3-DD NeuroNet
this Karflo Corporation droid brain was produced for labor droids. It provided only enough intelligence to allow the droid to carry out its assigned tasks. (GSE)

Busurra's protocol droid. (RASB)

C-3PO (See-Threepio)
this Cybot Galactica 3PO-series protocol droid was originally manufactured on Affa more than 100 years before the Battle of Naboo. Over time, the original was dismantled, but the frame remained intact and turned up on Tatooine. There, C-3PO was rebuilt from spare parts by the nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker, although the finished product was virtually indistinguishable from a manufactured version. The droid's presence was a secret, as Anakin didn't want him taken away by his master, Watto. The number 3 in the droid's name was Anakin's attempt to indicate that the droid would be the third member of his family, beside himself and his mother. According to A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, C-3PO was activated around 95 PE. By the time Anakin was freed from slavery by Qui-Gon Jinn, C-3PO was nearly completed. All C-3PO lacked was an outer skin and minor modifications. After young Anakin left to train with the Jedi Knights, his mother Shmi took it upon herself to complete the droid, since it had become practically a member of her family. Shmi kept the droid as an assistant, and she eventually gave him a battered outer skin, just after she married Cliegg Lars. Just prior to the Battle of Geonosis, C-3PO was reunited with the astromech droid named R2-D2, whom he had met when Anakin met Qui-Gon Jinn, when Anakin returned to Tatooine to rescue his mother. After Shmi died, C-3PO was taken by Anakin to Geonosis, during an attempt to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi. C-3PO was caught in the droidworks on the planet, and his head was replaced with that of a Battle Droid. R2-D2 was later able to repair C-3PO, and the pair of droids served as the only witnessed to the marriage of Anakin and Padme' Amidala. When Padme' presented Anakin with R2-D2 as a show of affection, Anakin returned the favor by turning C-3PO over to Padme'. He claimed that he simply wanted her to keep an eye on the droid, but hoped that she would help her with her Senatorial duties. In the wake of the Clone Wars, C-3PO was turned over to Raymus Antilles, and his memory was wiped to eliminate any information the droid might have retained by Padme's death during the birth of her twins, Luke and Leia. To prevent any possible recovery of information, the droid was also given deeply-hidden subroutines that prevented him from revealing information about any past experiences. Once they were deemed ready, the droids were sold off as a pair. With C-3PO acting as a translator for the astromech, the pair had many adventures avoiding Olag Greck in the Kalarba System. C-3PO was the victim of tampering by Movo Brattakin, who inserted an initiative submodule in his leg to help expose Greck and Jace Forno on Boonda the Hutt's moon. After these adventures, the droids were once again split up, and it was rumored that C-3PO was for use in the Imperial Senate, translating the proceedings for a number of alien ambassadors. It was during this time that he was again reunited with R2-D2, who had been working as one of the Navy's astromech droids. Even though they had separate functions and programming, they maintained their version of friendship. Note that, despite what the Droids comics say about their meeting, the Star Wars Radio Drama infers that C-3PO and R2-D2 didn't meet until C-3PO was assigned as R2-D2's translator during routine labor assigning on the Tantive IV. While the exact truth has been lost over time, what was known was that the Alliance took Threepio under their domain and assigned him to mediate the various agreements between the Alliance and alien worlds. Note that Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope indicates that C-3PO was either still owned by Antilles during this time, or was reacquired by Antilles. One such mission led him onto the Tantive IV, where he was again working with R2-D2. When the spunky astromech suggested they escape from the ship in an escape pod, Threepio followed him, fearing that the Empire would only melt him down. Unknown to Threepio, Artoo carried the plans to the first Death Star, and had been ordered by Leia Organa to deliver them to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine. Arriving on Tatooine, the droids were purchased by Owen Lars and his nephew, Luke Skywalker. Owen planned to use them on his moisture farm, but R2-D2 tricked Luke into removing a restraining bolt and fled the Lars homestead. C-3PO was damaged when Luke took him to recover the astromech droid, and they were beset by Tusken Raiders. This was fortuitous, however, as they were rescued by Obi-Wan. It was during this time that some of Threepio's hidden programming was forced into activity. When Anakin Skywalker's old lightsaber was presented to Luke by Obi-Wan, this programming forced Threepio to enter a shutdown mode, to prevent the droid from revealing information about Anakin's true nature. Luke became C-3PO's forty-third master when Owen and Beru Lars were killed by Imperial stormtroopers, and remained by Luke's side for many years. It was C-3PO who helped Luke, Leia, and Han Solo escape from the trash compactor on the first Death Star, allowing them to survive and return R2-D2 to the Alliance personnel at Massassi Base on Yavin 4. IN the wake of the Battle of Yavin, C-3PO served the Alliance on Hoth and other worlds, always working with R2-D2 as translator and sidekick. On the Forest Moon of Endor, C-3PO found himself an object of by the Ewoks, who believed him to be a god. This allowed Threepio to gain the trust of the Ewoks, an act which ultimately helped the Alliance win the Battle of Endor and defat the Empire. During the early years of the New Republic, C-3PO was used by Luke, Leia, and Han in a number of missions, acting as translator and actor as needed. It wasn't until the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy that C-3PO started to wonder about his own mortality, as the alien invaders began destroying any droid they found as an abomination. Despite these overwhleming odds, C-3PO continued to serve Luke and the Republic, even assisting in the translation of the Yuuzhan Vong language. When the Yuuzhan Vong finally surrendered at Coruscant, Threepio and Artoo-Detoo found that there was another battle they needed to confront: obsolescence. The two droids agreed that they would meet this and any other challenge just as they always had, with each other. Note that The New Rebellion states that C-3PO was three models out of date, some seventeen years after the Battle of Endor. This was unusual, given that C-3PO is supposedly well over 120 years old at the time. (SW, SWR, ESB, ESBR, ROTJ, SGL, DRO, TNR, SW1, SWRPG, OWS, AOTC, AOTCN, VD, UF, IWST, E3N)

a psychotic 3PO-series droid, C-3PX was originally owned by the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. Based on the Cybot Galactica TC-series protocol droid, the droid was designed to act as the primary security measure aboard his Sith Infiltrator, and had been infused with Dark Side energy through the mechu-deru skill. C-3PX had been constructed with no less than eighty-three different weapons, and Maul had also programmed the droid himself, so that it loyally followed his orders and could react suitably to almost any situation. Maul and C-3PX allowed themselves to be captured by Bartokk assassins on Ralltiir, during a mission to acquire droid starfighters for the Trade Federation. C-3PX feigned the whiny, worried tone of a protocol droid to further fool the Bartokks. After Maul learned that the Bartokks had been hired by Groodo the Hutt, he arranged for the destruction of the Ralltiir facility. It was believed that C-3PX was still inside when the building exploded. Maul had managed to escape, but C-3PX was left behind. The droid was partially dismantled when it was purchased by Olag Greck, who reprogrammed the droid to be an assassin. C-3PX evaded capture for a while, until it returned to Hosk Station. There, it was involved in a series of strange events when C-3PO's cranium was patched with an X-shaped marking. Both droids were taken for the assassin droid, and both ended up in Olag Greck's gladiator droid arena facing R2-D2. C-3PO survived, but C-3PX was destroyed by the power mallet mounted on R2-D2's Mandalorian battle armor. C-3PX had stun weapons and lasers built into its arms, and had a unique laser weapon built into the back of its head. (DRO, GMR3, E1A3, NEGC)

C3-series Droid
this was a model of Imperial labor droid. (MC75)

this reddish protocol droid was acquired by Valance Serth during the months just prior to the Battle of Yavin. Serth found himself the target of several attacks by agents of the Black Sun organization, who wanted to recover C-3TC. After Valance was shot down on an unknown world, C-3TC lost contact with its master and wandered aimlessly through the jungles. Unknown to the droid, Valance was trying to get rid of it, at the same time he was trying to escape from the Black Sun agents. (SWGAL)

C-4 Series
this is the fourth of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

a group of Imperial container ships captured by the Alliance. (XW)

a mobile ion field gun. (TME)

once programmed for protocol and etiquette, this ancient droid was discovered by Operation Cracked Crystal beneath the surface of the planet Tilnes. Rather than politely asking the survey team to leave, C4KO began attacking them, speaking the entire time about how impolite it was for the team to be on Tilnes. Even an electromagnetic pulse wasn't enough to stop C4KO's attacks. Holographic recordings recovered from the exploration site revealed that C4KO believed that the survey team actually a tour group that was infringing on the property of the Verga Mer Mining Corporation by stealing different types of crystals. The droid's words indicated that it believed it was acting as a tour guide, and had to resort to physical punishment to prevent further theft of the crystals. Eventually, the survey team buried the droid with rocks and debris. (LFCW)

this series of litigation droids was designed and manufactured by Caldrahlsen Mechanicals during the New Order. The C4LR found widespread acceptance among the members of the Imperial legal system, primarily because of the flawless memories and high reliability. (FOP, FTD)

a series of bartender droids built by LeisureMech Enterprises. The C5 was equipped with five arms, a single optic scanner on a stalk, and a single wheel for locomotion. (TJP)

C-5 Series
this is the fifth of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

a group of Imperial container ships captured by the Alliance. (XW)

this silver protocol droid served as the operator of a droid shop on the planet Bastion. Han Solo, Lobot, and Lando Calrissian ducked into C-5MO's store while they were being pursued by Imperial forces, hoping to break the contact the Imperials had with Lobot's impant and Moegid. They got a number of R8 astromech droids to communicate on Imperial search frequencies, blocking Lobot's link and allowing them to return to the Lady Luck. (VOF)

this was the designation of one of Atgar's batteries, used to power the 1.4 FD P-Tower laser cannon. Although the C-6 held just enough power for eight shots, it could be quickly replaced on the battlefield. The problem, as the Alliance found out at the Battle of Hoth, wsa ensuring that a steady supply of C-6 batteries was always available. (NEGW)

C-6 Series
this is the sixth of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

this was one of the many droids used by Vogga the Hutt at his primary warehouse on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. (KOTOR2)

C-7 Series
this is the seventh of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

C-73 Tracker
this outdated starfighter was produced by Subpro before the Z-95 Headhunter. Most of them had been relegated to museums at the height of the New Order, but a few were maintained in credit-poor pirate fleets. The C-73 measured 11.5 meters in length, and was armed with a front-mounted double laser cannon. It was short-range fighter, lacking a hyperdrive. (PP)

this was one of the many droids used by Vogga the Hutt at his primary warehouse on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. (KOTOR2)

this administrative droid was assigned to the Alliance's Team 19, and worked under the direction of Sergeant Whumparrin. (ROE)

C-8 Series
this is the eight of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. (TNR, EGD)

this droid belonged to Elise and her husband, who were living on the planet Dantooine some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. When her husband died, Elise became emotionally attached to C8-42, since the droid represented her noly remaining link to her husband. C8-42 found this attachment strange and somewhat stifling, as Elise doted on the droid and refused to interact with her fellow humans. In order to escape, C8-42 fled to the Jedi enclave, but Elise tracked it down. C8-42 pleaded with the Jedi Knights to destroy itself, so that Elise could be free again. The Jedi reluctantly agreed, and C8-42 was dismantled. (KOTOR)

C-9 Series
this is the latest of the new wave of protocol droids designed by Cybot Galactica and produced on Telti. Among their improvements are heati and motion-sensitive detection devices added to their normal visual detection systems. Also, their feet were smaller than those of previous series. (TNR, EGD)

this was the model number of Hoar Chall Engineering's landing craft. Built for the Neimoidians who controlled the Trade Federation, the C-9979 resembled a huge letter I when viewed from above. The four lobes of the craft held the various components of a Federation invasion force: 11 MTT transports, 114 AAT battle tanks, 28 droid troop transports, and the complete compliment of battle droids needed to control these smaller ships. The C-9979 required a crew of 88, and the Neimoidians used droids for all crew positions. The transport were deployed from the lobes by a complex system of tracks and lifts that channel them through the central section, which hangs down below the I-shaped wings. Complete deployment of all forces takes about 45 minutes. The overall wingspan of the C-9979 is 340 meters. It is lightly armed, with a pair of laser cannons mounted on the forward wingtips and four turret-mounted laser cannons spread around the main section. It lacks a hyperdrive, being purely a landing craft, but has a maximum atmospheric speed of 587 kph. (X1)

this copper-colored protocol droid was captured by the Red Knights of Life, shortly before Leia Organa Solo was scheduled to meet with Nom Anor. C-9PO was quickly dismantled by the Knights. (VP)

this new-model protocol droid was purchased and modified by Brakiss for use at his manufacturing facility on Telti. (TNR)

this droid was programmed to drive a racing swoop by Lupo, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. Based on Lupo's programming, C9-T9 used any means possible to defeat any opponents, and his perfect record led many patrons of Lupo's bar to wonder if the swoop races he staged weren't, in fact, staged. C9-T9 was eventuall defeated by The Exile, ending a winning streak that stretched for months. (KOTOR2)

this was the Morishi name for the planet Caamas. (SOP)

this was the second planet orbiting the star Cirius, located in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Caamas, once covered with marshlands, was one of the first worlds completely destroyed by the Empire. The event happened before the Death Star was created; in fact, the royal library on Alderaan contained a great deal of information on the attack that burned every living thing off its surface. However, it was attacked in the early days of the New Order, and never became the focal point that Alderaan did. The destruction remained a mystery, though, because Caamas was protected by a strong planetary shield. No one discovered how the shield was dropped until some ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Several datacards found near Mount Tantiss, on Wayland, implicated a group of Bothans in the attack, directly stating that they helped bring the shields down. The records of the actual Bothan clans involved were destroyed. The planet was wracked by intense firestorms for several years after the attack, which wiped out any living thing that might have survived the initial attack. The planet measured some 15,540 kilometers in diameter, and had a day which encompassed twenty-five standard hours. The year on Caamas lasted 375 local days. It was estimated that only 200 Caamasi survived the bombardment of the planet. Much of the planet's surface was altered by erosion which took place after the bombardment, caused by the destruction of virtually every form of plantlife. Only a dense clump of jungle grew on the planet, rumored to have been planted by alien visitors. In fact, the jungle was created when an Ithorian herdship crashed on Caamas. The plantlife inside the ship simply adapted to life on Caamas and began to grow outward at a fantastic rate. (SOP, WOTC, SWI68)

Caamas Document
this was the name given to the datacard recovered from Mount Tantiss by Lak Jit, and which contained information which linked the Bothans to the destruction of Caamas. The datacard described how a group of Bothans were responsible for bringing down the planetary shields that protected Caamas, but the sections which named the Bothans was destroyed. Grodin Tierce managed to alter every copy the Empire had in its libraries, placing the names of many prominent Bothan clans in place of the true identities. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were given an altered copy by Flim, who was posing as Grand Admiral Thrawn. Garm Bel Iblis and Booster Terrik mounted an assault on Yaga Minor's Ubiqtorate base to locate a copy at the same time Admiral Pellaeon allowed Ghent to obtain it from the Ubiqtorate's computers. The only unadulterated copy the New Republic managed to find was recovered by Artoo-Detoo, who was helping Luke Skywalker rescue Mara Jade, during their escape from the Hand of Thrawn complex on Nirauan. (SOP, VOF)

Caamas Incident
this term took on two meanings about fifteen years after the Battle of Endor. First and foremost, it referred to the destruction of the planet Caamas during Emperor Palpatine's early days in power. Second, it came to describe the reaction within the New Republic to information which implicated the Bothans in the attack on Caamas. Because Bothans had been instrumental in the formation of the New Republic, many of the member races were outraged when immediate reparations weren't made after the information was discovered. The Caamas Incident served to bring to the forefront several long-standing feuds between member races, including that of the Ishori and Diamala. These squabbles quickly spread to other races, and ignited a series of battles that the New Republic seemed powerless to put down. The remnants of the Empire, under Moff Disra, used the Incident to their advantage. They placed specialized riot groups throughout the galaxy, fomenting the suppressed alien grudges and bringing chaos to the Republic. (SOP)

this peaceful race was native to the planet Caamas. Strong supporters of the Old Republic, the Caamasi calm wisdom and steadfast loyalty helped keep the Republic from completely disintegrating during its final years. The name "Caamasi" literally meant "friend from afar" in their native language. There were several thousand Caamasi off-world when the Empire attacked and destroyed the planet, leaving it a barren wasteland. They were powerless to protest the attack, given that it occurred during the early years of Emperor Palpatine's rule. Some of the survivors tried to establish a colonyon Alderaan's South Islands, hoping to someday rebuild their world. As a race, the Caamasi were covered in a golden, downy fur, highlighted on their faces by purple stripes. Their most striking feature was their blue-on-green eyes. It was believed that the ancient Jedi Knights traveled to Caamas to discuss the ethical use of the Force with the Caamasi, during the establishment of the Jedi Order. (SOP, IJ, VOF, EGA, WOTC)

this was the native language of the Caamasi people. (WOTC, CCW)

Caamasi Remnant
this was the name given to the various communities of dishomed Caamasi which dot the galaxy. (IJ)

this frozen ball of rock was the third world in the Cirius System. It was orbited by a single moon. (WOTC)

this tide-locked planet is geologically active. Both the frozen night-side and the baked day-side undergo regular tectonic movement, allowing subterranean gases, lava, and steam escape into the atmosphere. Along the terminator line between the night and day sides, this creates a thin habitable region, and it is here that the Ranth race evolved. However, very little other life has managed to survive of Caaraz, as it is continually destroyed. The planet was discovered by Imperial scouts. Two moons help provide illumination to the night-side of the planet. (GG12)

this was the native language of the Caarite race. (LFC)

this warm, steamy planet was located in the Outer Rim, and was the homeworld of the Caarite race. (LFC)

this was a species of short, wide-headed humanoids which was native to the planet of Caarimon. The average Caarite was similar in appearance to a Sullustan, and was a friendly, jovial being who had a penchant for underhanded dealings. The Caarites were one of three races, along with the Neimoidians and the Filordi, which controlled the Trade Federation during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. However, both the Filordi and the Caarites were unprepared for the Neimoidians' plans to blockade the Naboo System, and decided to break off their relationship with the Trade Federation. Together, the two races form the Metatheran Cartel, and begin making plans to wrest control of Cularin from the Federation if the blockade of Naboo should fail. When the Federation was defeated at Naboo and was faced with the loss of their trade charter, the Metatheran Cartell assumed control of Cularin. The average Caarite stood about a meter tall, and had pale pink skin that was translucent. Their hairless bodies were soft, and their upturned nosed gave them a pig-like appearance. (WOTC, EOS)

this was the native language of the Caarite people. (WOTC)

Cabal, The
this group was formed by the dreamer and prophet Deamos Na-Coth to search the outermost reaches of the galaxy for the legendary planet Exo. The used huge colony ships to travel across space at a time when hyperspace travel was still dangerous, and many colony ships were lost because of pirates, ion storms, mutinies, and hyperdrive malfunctions. One of the Cabal's ships, the Exocros Cabal, discovered the planet Exocron. (KO)

Cabal, The
this pro-Imperial faction rose to power in the wake of the Battle of Endor. It was opposed by the Imperial Council chaired by Sate Pestage and commanded by Ysanne Isard. Much of the Cabal had holdings on Brentaal IV, which was why Isard and Pestage tried to draw Rogue Squadron to the world. They hoped to "rescue" the Cabal and its holdings, thereby proving that the Cabal was unable to control its own holdings, not to mention an entire Empire. Isard retained Lon Isoto in the position of control, to guard the moon against attack from the New Republic, knowing that he was favored by the Cabal but largely ineffectual. (XWES)

Cabalia Sea
this ocean is located on the planet Garos IV. (SWJ3)

Caballa City
this city is the capital of the planet Exocron. It is located along the coast of the planet's primary continent, and was situated near a bustling harbor. The city was laid out, designed, and built by the Devisors, and proved to most people that the Devisors were quite technically advanced. (KO)

this Falleen was the head of security for InterGalactic Ores, during the era leading up to the Battle of Naboo. When he discovered that the Toom Clan was acting on behalf of another party, in an effort to destroy both IGO and Lommit Limited, Caba'Zan joined forces with his former enemy, Patch Bruit, in an effort to destroy the gang. On the planet Riome, the combined forces of LL and IGO destroyed the Tooms, leaving the clan in a bloody heap on the snowy battlefield. The battle was far from over, though, as Darth Maul appeared to eliminate the survivors in order to cover up his part in the deception. In a swift series of movements, the Sith Lord broken Caba'Zan's arm and neck, killing the Falleen instantly. (DMS)

this promising Imperial Lieutenant was trained at the Officer's Candidate School on Carida. He graduated just prior to the Battle of Hoth, and was assigned as the First Officer aboard the Tyrant. Cabbel was known to be an ambitious, ruthless, and efficient officer. (CCG3)

Cabet Lom
this Twi'leki male ran a starship repair aond outfitting business on Ord Mantell during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He lived and worked in a penthouse suite in the Pink Sky Casino. (SL)

Cabrool Nuum
this grey-green-skinned humanoid had a ridged cranium. Cabrool Nuum was a second-hand starship trader with asperations of being a slave trader. Cabrool Nuum specialized in moving his merchandise quickly. He had a base on the planet Smarteel, where Jabba the Hutt tried to contact him about unloading Princess Nampi's freighter. However, Nuum was slowly going insane, but no one in his household had the nerve to kill him. His treacherous children tried to overthrow the deal and kill Nuum as well as Jabba the Hutt, in an effort to gain notoriety. Jabba smothered Cabrool, with the help of some of Nuum's guards, elevating his son, Rusk, to the head of his organization. (JTH)

Cabuloid Padhopper
this large creature has well-muscled rear legs used for leaping and jumping. (POT)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Cachi came from the term meaning "gentle". (GCG)

this was a legendary creature from Naboo folklore, which crawled from the underworld but were killed by the sunlight. (GMR2)

this alien race was native to the planet Veccacopia. Several decades prior to the Battle of Naboo, Finis Valorum traveled to this planet to mediate the admittance of the Cacops to the Old Republic. Prior attempts to mediate a treaty had failed, because several powerful crimelords were continuing to cause trouble on the planet. Valorum discovered that the Cacops had been hiring stand-ins to serve the sentences that had been handed to them, and that the previous Republic representatives had been unable to tell the Cacops apart. Valorum instituted retinal scanning to ensure the correct individuals were brought to justice, thereby breaking up a large corruption ring. (NEGC)

a low-growing plant with thick thorns, native to Tatooine. (QE)

Cactus Pulque
this was a form of nutritious beverage that was pressed from the cactus plants which were native to the planet Tatooine. (IWST)

this was the term used to describe the dean of the University of Coruscant. (CCW)

Cadaman, Tanner
this man represented his homeworld of Fenix to the Galactic Senate, during the final years of the Old Republic. He was also one of the many Senators who signed the Petition of the Two Thousand. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the establishment of the New Order, Senator Cadaman was among the sixty-three Senators who were arrested for allegedly supporting the so-called Jedi Rebellion. (SWI84)

Cadavine Sector
this sector of the galaxy contained the planet Zhar. (SESB)

Cademimu Sector
during the Galactic Civil War, Alliance operations in this area of the Outer Rim territories were believed to have been infiltrated by the Gand Findsman Lu'daal-ud. (AIR, WOA26)

this planet is a prosperous technology and business world located in the Trulalis System. (SWJ4, SWJ8)

this desert world was located within the Tion Hegemony. Like nearby Lianna, Cadinth's natural beauty was destroyed by intense industrialization. Sprinkled throughout the deserts of Cadinth were the ruins of prior civilizations. (ML, GORW)

Cadinth Oligarchy
this was the government which controlled the planet Cadinth during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Cadis Zak
an Imperial container group used during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

an Imperial tug operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Cadmir, Jerem
this young, Corellian man was a member of the ExGal-4 team on Belkadan, at the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was part of a scouting team sent out to locate a huge storm which had been detected on the outpost's sensors, but the party was astonished to find that much of Belkadan had become an ecological wasteland. Yomin Carr's dweebit beetles had begun an irreversible change, and the group realized that they didn't have enough oxygen to make it back intact. In the end, Jerem was the only member of the scouting party to survive the return trip, but the only being he found at the outpost was Yomin Carr himself. Jerem tried to understand how Carr could unleash the dweebits, but Carr wouldn't let him live that long. Carr told Jerem he would have a warrior's death, then the Yuuzhan Vong snapped Jerem's neck with a single twist of his hands. (VP)

this harsh, frigid planet was located in Catarlo Sector, and was the homeworld of the Snivvian race. Much of the planet was covered by sparse tundra. The planet was well-known for its artistic Snivvian transnovels. (ISB, GG12, SWJ11)

Cadomai Prime
this was another name for the planet Cadomai. (WOTC)

Maarek Stele's first wingman, he assisted Stele in performing picket duty near a waystation when they were attacked by Alliance starships. (TIE)

this was the capital city of the planet Achillea, located on the western coast of the planet's northermost continent. (PGT, LOE)

Cadwell, Dana
this woman was one of KatholNet's most popular reporters, and also worked as the Gandle Ott correspondent for TriNebulon News, during the early years of the New Republic. She followed the FarStar around Kathol Sector, hoping to report on the capture of Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne and attract the attention of one of the larger, galaxy-wide news providers. (DARK)

Caelli, Vance
this man, a native of the planet Socorro, was one of the two founders of the Caelli-Merced Syndicate. (BSS)

Caelli-Merced Syndicate
despite its name, this organization doesn't deal in crime. It does, however, supply much of the Socorran System with illegal weapons, starship upgrades, and small ground vehicles. Founded by Vance Caelli and Lee Merced, the Syndicate is well-known for its exquisite and well-made wares. (BSS)

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