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a psychotic 3PO-series droid, C-3PX was originally owned by the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. Based on the Cybot Galactica TC-series protocol droid, the droid was designed to act as the primary security measure aboard his Sith Infiltrator, and had been infused with Dark Side energy through the mechu-deru skill. C-3PX had been constructed with no less than eighty-three different weapons, and Maul had also programmed the droid himself, so that it loyally followed his orders and could react suitably to almost any situation. Maul and C-3PX allowed themselves to be captured by Bartokk assassins on Ralltiir, during a mission to acquire droid starfighters for the Trade Federation. C-3PX feigned the whiny, worried tone of a protocol droid to further fool the Bartokks. After Maul learned that the Bartokks had been hired by Groodo the Hutt, he arranged for the destruction of the Ralltiir facility. It was believed that C-3PX was still inside when the building exploded. Maul had managed to escape, but C-3PX was left behind. The droid was partially dismantled when it was purchased by Olag Greck, who reprogrammed the droid to be an assassin. C-3PX evaded capture for a while, until it returned to Hosk Station. There, it was involved in a series of strange events when C-3PO's cranium was patched with an X-shaped marking. Both droids were taken for the assassin droid, and both ended up in Olag Greck's gladiator droid arena facing R2-D2. C-3PO survived, but C-3PX was destroyed by the power mallet mounted on R2-D2's Mandalorian battle armor. C-3PX had stun weapons and lasers built into its arms, and had a unique laser weapon built into the back of its head.
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