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this was the second planet orbiting the star Cirius, located in the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Caamas, once covered with marshlands, was one of the first worlds completely destroyed by the Empire. The event happened before the Death Star was created; in fact, the royal library on Alderaan contained a great deal of information on the attack that burned every living thing off its surface. However, it was attacked in the early days of the New Order, and never became the focal point that Alderaan did. The destruction remained a mystery, though, because Caamas was protected by a strong planetary shield. No one discovered how the shield was dropped until some ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Several datacards found near Mount Tantiss, on Wayland, implicated a group of Bothans in the attack, directly stating that they helped bring the shields down. The records of the actual Bothan clans involved were destroyed. The planet was wracked by intense firestorms for several years after the attack, which wiped out any living thing that might have survived the initial attack. The planet measured some 15,540 kilometers in diameter, and had a day which encompassed twenty-five standard hours. The year on Caamas lasted 375 local days. It was estimated that only 200 Caamasi survived the bombardment of the planet. Much of the planet's surface was altered by erosion which took place after the bombardment, caused by the destruction of virtually every form of plantlife. Only a dense clump of jungle grew on the planet, rumored to have been planted by alien visitors. In fact, the jungle was created when an Ithorian herdship crashed on Caamas. The plantlife inside the ship simply adapted to life on Caamas and began to grow outward at a fantastic rate.
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