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Acamma, Veril
this woman was one of the many military leaders who fled the Tallaga garrison, on the planet Sucharme, when the Trade Federation shut the garrison down, sometime before the Battle of Naboo. The Federation hoped to force Sucharme's government to repay an outstanding debt by invading the planet and taking control of its economy. However, a group of soldiers led by Acamma fled into the wilderness to regroup. Under Acamma's direction, a successful resistance campaign was initiated, which eventually drove the Federation from Sucharme. (GCG)

this dry, rocky planet is the second in the Elrood System. A small mining company, run by Radell Mining, Incorporated, extracts raw ores from the barren wastes. Radell owns the planet. (PG3)

this was Kee-Piru Computronics' version of the Mon Calamari aquatic computer. (GFT)

see Accarrgm (SWGAL)

this was a potent Wookiee liquor. (RD)

Acceleration Chair
this is the name of the g-force-absorbing seat used by starship pilots. (HSE)

Acceleration Compensator
a starship component which helps provide artificial gravity and dampens the effects of maneuvers while going at or beyond lightspeed. (SW)

Acceleration Couch
this was the name of the g-force-absorbing bench used by starship passengers. (HSE)

Acceleration Facility
this was the term used to describe the various facilities constructed by the hives of the Colony to assist with the process of turning another being into a Joiner. Many of these structures were found on the planets located in the Utegetu Nebula, after the Colony's hives were relocated there after the Qoribu Crisis. The primary beings brought to these facilities were criminals such as smugglers and pirates, who could be turned to work for the Gorog. (DN2)

this was the largest reptavian native to the planet Dagobah. Because of its size, it spent much of its life patrolling the upper levels of the jungle canopy, where it could fly freely above the trees and capture prey. (WSW)

Acclamator II-class Assault Ship
this ship was the second in the Acclamator series that was designed for the Old Republic's use during the Clone Wars. Whereas the original Acclamator-class ship was listed as a military transport or troopship, the Acclamator II-class vessel was a warship designed for planetary bombardment. (TCG10)

Acclamator-class Troopship
developed and manufactured by Rothan Heavy Engineering, the 752-meter-long Acclamator-class trans-galactic military transport ship was designed in support of the Army of the Republic. Measuring 752 meters in length, the Acclamator could carry up to 16,000 clone troopers, 320 speeder bikes, 80 LAAT/c or LAAT/i gunships, 48 AT-TE walkers, and 36 SPHA-T vehicles. The ship was created for the Republic, rather than the Trade Federation or the Separatists, after several Kuati officials were murdered by the Federation at the Eriadu Conference. The Acclamator-class ship was the first ship produced, and was designed to carry huge numbers of troops and support materiel into battle anywhere in the galaxy. What made them unusual for a capital ship was that the Acclamator-class could move through planetary atmospheres as well as the vacuum of deep space. This meant that separate dropships were not required. Each of these massive ships was armed with 12 quad turbolaser turrets, 24 laser cannons, and four projectile launchers. It was crewed by 700 officers, and was equipped with a Class 0.6 hyperdrive in order to get troops into battle arenas with maximum swiftness. The Acclamator was distinguished as the first ship capable of carrying out a Base Delta Zero order, something never seen in the Old Republic until the onset of the Clone Wars. In most design respects, the Acclamator was the predecessor of the Victory- and Imperial-class Star Destroyers. (X2, SWDB, SWI62, NEGV)

Accolux Township
this Yedagon city was supposedly attacked and destroyed by the Lords of Dismay Flightknife, during the civil war which broke out on Adumar due to Tomer Darpen's treacherous schemes. In reality, the flatcam reports of the battle were faked, in an effort to keep the Empire from learning that the Adumari had sided with the New Republic. The reports were meant to hold off any Imperial reprisal because of the Adumari choice until a New Republic fleet could arrive to defend Adumar. (SOA)

this was a form of repulsor chair, produced by Go-Corp during the early decades of the New Republic. (WOTC)

Accu, Paddy
this man, a native of the planet Naboo, was known as a respected pilot and warrior. After he retired from active duty, Paddy Accu served the royalty of Naboo as a pilot and boat captain. He later took on the position of caretaker at the Varykino resort, in Naboo's Lake Country, working for the Naberrie family. When Senator Padme' Amidala returned to Naboo after as assassination attempt, just prior to the vote on the Military Creation Act, Paddy Accu took Senator Amidala and Anakin Skywalker to the Lake Country. (AOTCN, SWDB)

this is part of the ignition system used on the sublight engines of many capital ships. (CFG)

this was the brand name of a stun gas developed by Locris Syndicated Securities. (AEG)

this Ghtroc Industries Class 720 freighter was owned and operated by Kal-tan-shi, and was obtained when the Tiss'shar acquired a bounty from the Lesser Plooriod Cluster during his tenure with House Paramexor. The ship proved to be quite durable, which was a blessing for Kal-tan-shi because he was not a terribly gifted mechanic. He worked hard to ensure that the ship wasn't damaged during a hunt, but he never stopped to worry about the ship. It was armed with a double-laser cannon and a turret-mounted laser cannon. (AIR)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer served the Empire as a patrol ship during the period leading up to the Battle of Endor, monitoring the shipping lanes for criminals and members of the Alliance. Under Imperial duty, the Accuser was in the Tatooine System when Boba Fett arrived with the frozen body of Han Solo. Darth Vader gave the Star Destroyer and the rest of its fleet the order to stand down and let Fett deliver Solo's body to Jabba the Hutt. Tycho Celchu was assigned to the Accuser during his first stint of Imperial duty. He was talking to his family on Alderaan when the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. Unfortunately for the Imperial fleet, it was later one of the first Imperial-I class Star Destroyers the New Republic captured after the Battle of Endor. In a bold and reckless action, Han Solo and Lieutenant Page literally talked their way onto the bridge of the ship, and Solo himself - dressed in a stolen officer's uniform - relieved the ship's commander of duty and took control of the ship. It was later renamed Emancipator. Note that X-Wing: Isard's Revenge claims the Accuser is an Imperial-II class ship. (DE1, MTS, WG, IR, CCG11, TBSB)

manufacturers of various models of worker droids and droid parts. AccuTronics was a former subsidiary of Industrial Automaton. (RASB, DWK, SWJ13)

this was a model of podracer engine that was developed by Gruber & Paly during the early years of the New Order. (IWST)

the man was the leader of the swoop gang known as the Afterburners, who protected the general populace of the Nexus City spaceport and the area known as the Overhang, on the planet Entralla, during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ4)

Ace Entertainment Corporation
this corporation owned a number of upscale gambling establishments, including the Ace of Sabres on Kluistar. (WSV)

Ace of Sabres
located on the planet Kluistar, this gambler's paradise was owned by Ace Entertainment Corporation, and boasted 99 different levels and 1,001 different amusements. (WSV)

Ace of Staves
this roughneck was the unofficial leader of the Bartog Syndicate, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known as a conman as well as a man who could get his hands on anything you wanted, and he developed a wide network of forgers and thieves to operate within Zirtran's Anchor. (SWJ5)

Ace Ring
this was one of the rings found within the sport of Ringer, played on Stassia during the height of the New Order. Putting a ringer disk through the Ace was extremely difficult, but gave the tosser more points with a single throw. (SWJ6)

Ace Squadron
Pash Cracken's A-Wing squadron, it saw extensive duty at the Battle of Thyferra. (BW)

this Cybot Galactica combat droid brain was used by Sienar Fleet Systems in the TIE/D Fighter. (EGV)

this modified protocol droid was used by the Alliance as an information gathering system. A-Cee was dispatched to Sulon with Candice Ondi, in the year leading up to the Battle of Yavin, to chronicle the rebel uprising on the moon. A-Cee had been given specific programming which activated a plitex nine bomb whenever it saw an Imperial officer. It nearly self-destructed the first time it encountered Kyle Katarn, while traveling with Jan Ors aboard the Star of Empire after the death of Candice Ondi. A-Cee was later captured by Dol Donar II, during Kyle and Jan's escape from the liner. Hoping to turn the droid into the Imperial authorities, the Donars activated it to see what sort of data it contained. Upon seeing Nathan Donar's Imperial uniform, A-Cee activated its bomb and exploded, destroying the Donar's starship and killing all aboard. (SFE)

this heavy alloy was used by the Trade Federation to protect the chest of their super battle droids. The acertron plating was cryogenically tempered to add strength, but it could also flex slightly in stress to prevent breakage. (VD2)

this being was a lock-picker and all-around thief who worked in the CoCo District of Coruscant during the years leading up the Clone Wars. Acey was a good friend of Dexter Jettster, and often helped Dexter move vehicles that were illegally parked near his diner. (JQ9)

Ac'fren Spur
this side-path of the Sisar Run connected to the run at a shadowport that wasn't on any known map. It connected the Si'Klaata Cluster with Sriluur by way of Ques. Much of the Spur was harassed by the Disac pirate gang, until Ket Maliss wiped them out. Sprax believed that a cluster of pirates survived, and hid on an unspecified planet along the Spur. (SSR)

this was the Ewok word for "okay". (BTRKS26)

this planet was located in a star system near Deneter. Like Deneter, Acherin had been devastated during the Clone Wars. Acherin was the homeworld of a race of humanoid beings. Much of the planet's surface was open land, and there were only three cities located on Acherin. (LJ2)

this was the name given to the humanoid natives of the planet Acherin. During the final years of the Old Republic, the term came to embrace any being who fought for the freedom of Acherin. (LJ2)

one of the primary worlds of House Cadriaan, this planet was located in Tapani Sector. It was located along the Shapani Bypass, giving it a great deal of trade. Achillea was a world of semi-tropical beauty, with shallow seas and three continents. (PGT, LOE)

Achillea Great Market
this vast, open-air market was located in Cadriell, on the planet Achillea, and was the largest such market in Tapani Sector. (LOE)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this stealthy predator was native to the forests of the planet Tepasi. (GORW)

Achtnak Station
this space station, developed by Silas Tagge and built by his brother Orman, contained an immense turbine that was to be used in the atmosphere of a gas giant. The idea was that the turbine would create a vortex in the clouds, which would allow starfighters to launch from a base that was hidden in the atmosphere. Named for a predator that was native to the Tagge homeworld of Tepasi, Achtnak Station was built in low orbit around the gas giant Yavin, in an effort to establish an Imperial presence in the Yavin System following the Battle of Yavin. (GORW)

Acib, Y'ull
this man took control of Black Sun's criminal organization, in the years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. At the urging of Grappa the Hutt, he developed a group of clones of Xandel Carivus, in an effort to place a puppet in his place on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He also poisoned General Immodet to help cover his tracks. Their plans backfired when the clones were defeated on Ord Cantrell, and were traced back to Black Sun. When Macus Kayniph's cloning facilities were destroyed by the New Republic, Acib began to feel that Grappa's plans were falling apart. His fears were realized when Grappa was captured by the Zanibar and taken to Xo as a sacrifice. (CE2, HCE)

Acicular Defender
this was a subspecies of the herbivorous paralope, which was native to the planet Corellia. The acicular defender was noted for the fact that its primary duty was to defend a herd from predators. (GQRG)

Acid Beam Rifle
this unusual rifle was developed to shoot a thin stream of acid at a target. The entire weapon was formed from high-density metals and ores, so it could stand up to the acid it fired. The muzzle was designed to prevent overspray, thereby protecting the user. (GQRG)

Acid Droid
this was a specialized form of crawl-carrier, that carried a payload of building-collapsing acid within its body. When it infiltrated its objective, the acid droid literally sacrificed itself by dumping its payload, destroying itself as well as the surrounding structure with the powerful acid. (SWI77)

Acid Lizard
according to urban legends, the acid lizard lived beneath the sands of the plante Tatooine. The acid lizard resembled a large alligator, with a heavier body and longer legs. It excreted a form of acid from its skin, which it used to create a vast system of tunnels beneath the dunes. (MDCAR)

Acid Rat
this was a species of vile rodent. (MDCAR)

Acid Root
a dangerous plant native to Wayland. (TLC)

Acid Sword
this unusual sword was developed during the height of the New Order. The acid sword resembled a long knife or sword, with a series of deep notches along one side of the blade. These notches were continually filled with acid from a pump located in the hilt, thereby covering the blade with acid. When a fighter scored a hit on an opponent, this acid was deposited in the wound, causing intense pain and burning in addition to the physical trauma of being sliced open. (SWGAL)

this root vegetable was grown on the planet Vjun, and was often cooked as a side-dish to other meals. (YDR)

the innermost world of the Cularin System, Acilaris was barely large enough to be considered a planetoid. Nevertheless, it had enough gravity to hold an atmosphere, albeit one which was laden with sulfur, carbon, and boron. The surface of Acilaris was very hot, and was believed to be rich in natural minerals and crystals. However, the temperature prohibited mining activities. (LFC)

this Mon Calamarian served the Alliance as a Navy Admiral, and was later promoted to the position of Commander-in-Chief of the New Republic. He was serving as an officer in the Mon Calamarian Navy until he was captured when the Empire took over Calamari, and was presented to Grand Moff Tarkin as a personal slave. He followed Tarkin around everywhere, all the while collecting information about the Imperial war machine, in hopes that he could escape and provide the knowledge to the Alliance. He gained limited knowledge about the Death Star in this fashion, enough to make him fear for the safety and future of the galaxy. When Tarkin decided to move to a permanent post on the Death Star, Ackbar was to be brought along with him. However, Tarkin's shuttle was attacked by an elite force whose goal was to assassinate Tarkin. They failed only when an Imperial Star Destroyer arrived to drive off the attackers, but they managed to rescue Ackbar in the attack. From that point on, Ackbar served the Alliance faithfully, using his knowledge of Imperial doctrine wherever possible. He was in command at the Battle of Endor, guiding the space battle over the second Death Star and drawing fire from the ships that were to destroy the space station's central power core. Following the formation of the New Republic, Ackbar became one of the Republic's ruling members, until Councilor Fey'lya used incriminating evidence against him - planted, unknown to Fey'lya, by Grand Admiral Thrawn - in an effort to discredit Ackbar. When Fey'lya's plans were revealed, Ackbar was reinstated as a New Republic dignitary and the Commander of the Navy. He was away from Calamari when the reborn Emperor Palpatine attacked the planet, and survived the assault on his homeworld. Later, when he and Leia were on a diplomatic mission to Vortex, his shuttle was sabotaged, causing it to crash into, and destroy, the Cathedral of Winds. This was part of Furgan's plan to bring down the New Republic from the inside, and severely degraded Ackbar's self-confidence. He returned to Calamari to help rebuild what was still unrepaired from the Emperor's attack, and was on the planet when Admiral Daala chose to attack Calamari. He and Leia were able to rally the minimal Calamarian defense, stalemating Daala's attack until help from the New Republic arrived. Ackbar chose to remain on Calamari until Furgan attempted to finalize his plans by kidnapping baby Anakin Solo on Anoth. He then left the planet and arrived at Anoth in time to rescue baby Anakin. This demonstration of the Empire's desperate attempts to regain control of the galaxy helped to crystallize Ackbar's resolve, and brought him out of his self-imposed shell and back into the New Republic's government. He remained a vital asset to the Republic throughout the Black Fleet Crisis and the negotiation of peace with the Empire, but when Borsk Fey'lya was named the New Republic's Chief of State, Ackbar decided to retire from active duty and return to Calamari. Ackbar was kept informed of the progress of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, and used his time to investigate a way to defeat them. As his health flagged, Ackbar was assisted by Winter, who had traveled to Calamari while her husband, Tycho Celchu, rejoined the military. Admiral Traest Kre'fey and a small faction of commanders convinced Ackbar to come out of retirement, and lend their support to the war effort. Ackbar was reinstated to his rank of Admiral, and assisted Admirals Kre'fey and Sovv in developing new tactics to use against the alien invaders. His plans involved the use of dead-end hyperspace routes through the Deep Core, and eventually developed into the tactics used at the Battle of Ebaq. Unfortunately for the New Republic, as well as the fledgling Galactic Alliance, Admiral Ackbar died at his home on Calamari shortly after the abortive Yuuzhan Vong attack on the planet, since five years after their initial invasion. (ROTJ, HTTE, DFR, DA, COTF, MTS, VOF, VP, Y, DW, SWI65, UF)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "selfless servant". (GCG)

Ackbar Slash
this desperate starship maneuver was developed by the Alliance's Admiral Ackbar. The slash involved sending your warships directly through the line formed by your opponent's ships at top speed. If done correctly, and if the Force was with you, this maneuver resulted in two things. First, any of the opponent's ships who missed your ships actually shot up their own ships. Second, it scattered the opponent's ships, breaking their line. (WS)

this Mon Calamari was a Commander in the New Republic Navy some twenty years after the Battle of Endor. He was in command of the cruiser Mediator, during the time when it was dispatched to Rhommamool. His appointment to Commander was met with some discontent by the New Republic's elite, not because he was one of the few remaining Mon Cal in the Navy, but because they believed he was given command of the Mediator simply because he was Mon Calamari. Ackdool was forced to act when Nom Anor launched a series of warheads against the city of Osa-Prime, an attack he claimed was initiated by Rhommamoolian officials. (VP)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "mighty". (GCG)

this large, crustacean predator was considered vicious by any definition of the term. Originally native to the verdan plains of Vendaxa, the acklay had six legs which ended in a sharp claw, and there were three clawed fingers at each knee joint. The neck of the acklay was protected by a tall, bony crown, and its jaws were filled with sharp teeth. Many acklays were exported to the planet Geonosis, for use in the gladiator arenas as fighting animals. Many of these vicious creatures escaped, wiping out entire hives of Geonosians before being hunted down. Those acklay that survived eked out an existence on the briny shores of the Ebon Sea, where they were slowly mutated by the chemicals that leeched out of the Golbah Pit. (OWS, SWI60, VD2, SWDB, GORW)

Acklay Chopper
this was the only name used to describe one of the most notorious Geonosian slavemasters of the last decades of the Old Republic. A former petranaki fighter, Acklay Chopper nearly died in the arena when an acklay severely injured him. Rather than giving up, he took his picador's spear and drove it through the roof of the acklay's mouth. As the creature crashed to the ground, Acklay Chopper gathered his strength and cleaved the acklay's head from its neck, thus earning his new name. He then presented the head to Hadiss the Vaulted, who named the warrior the fight manager of the arena. (GORW)

this Mon Calamari male spent most of his time in the cantinas of Mos Taike, on the planet Tatooine, during the early years of the New Order, claiming that the alcohol he consumed was the next best thing to the waters of his homeworld. Ackli often claimed to have seen krayt dragons first-hand, which attracted the attention of a pair of Zabrak treasure hunters. Dusque Mistflier happened to overhear their conversation, and wanted to follow them during one of her early missions with Tendau Nandon. She hoped to obtain tissue samples of one of the large reptiles, and managed to convince her Ithorian partner to spent a day attempting to locate one. They set out to trail Ackli and the Zabraks, but the three treasure hunters apprehended them and left them to die. Before they could obtain any of the dragon pearls used by the krayts to aid in digestion, the trio was attacked by three krayt dragons and forced to flee for their lives. (SWI74)

this woman worked as the night-shift bartender at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (IWST, SWH)

this Chagrian owned and operated the largest vehicle sales facility in Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. An energetic being who was known simply as Crazy 'Bala, Ackrahbala sold and leased a wide variety of land and sea vehicles, and was always willing to cut a deal in order to close out a sale. (GMR7)

Ackrahbala's Swoops & Speeders
this establishment was located in Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. Owned and operated by Ackrahbala - who was known to his friends as Crazy 'Bala - the operation sold and leased a wide variety of land and sea vehicles. (GMR7)

Jesmin Ackbar's alias, while serving as a member of the Night Caller's crew. (WS)

popular Alliance rumors held that this Imperial Star Destroyer was badly damaged because a problem with the tractor beam generators. The original generators were too complex for a standard stormtrooper to operate, and the operations team made several errors which caused the two ships to collide. Subsequent tractor beam generators, such as those on the first Death Star, were greatly simplified. (T4)

A-class Bulk Freighter
this double-hulled transport ship was similar to the Gallofree Yards Medium transport in design. It used a pair of angled hull plates to surround the central cargo section, which could be modified to fit various configurations. The hull plates mounted on the sides of the A-class freighter, in contrast to the Gallofree ship, where they mount on the top and bottom. A pair of main drives was mounted vertically at the rear of the shell. Many pilots considered the A-class freighter to be a knockoff of the Action IV freighter. (HTTE, HTTEC)

A-class Fortress
this was a design of pre-fabricated defensive structure that was developed by Imperial engineers for deployment in the field, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It took a fair amount of time to set up an A-class fortress and establish a defensive perimeter, which limited its deployment to areas in which hostilities were at a minimum. (SWELM)

this Alliance Special Forces soldier was a member of Team Razor. (HAS)

Acme Droid Service
local Mos Eisley legend held that this droid repair shop was located in a back alley of the spaceport city, during the height of the New Order. It was here that C-3PO and R2-D2 hid from Imperial stormtroopers, while Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi hired Han Solo to take them all to Alderaan. The exact location of Acme Droid Service has never been found, and many historians believe the name was created by local merchants to help keep the stormtroopers away from their own places of business. (MDCAR)

Acoi, Rel
this man was the leader of the Oquan bounty hunter group, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He and the Oquan worked for the Empire whenever they could, since the Imperials always paid well for captured Alliance spies. (GMR5, WOTC)

this planet, the third in the Lazerian System, was covered in barren desert. It was the site of the system's penal colony, and was off-limits to non-authorized personnel. Captured dissenters and criminals were incarcerated on Acorvus. The planet has a marginally breathable atmosphere. (TSK)

Acoustic Disruptor
a device used in the Kessel spice mines to scrape off the top layer of rock and expose the spice below. (JS)

this Trade Federation freighter was one of the many ships which were refitted with weapons, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, to provide a measure of security from pirates and other attacks. Under the command of Nap Lagard, it was called to rescue the freighter Revenue when the Nebula Front tried to steal its load of lommite. Unfortunately, the Acquisitor arrived too late to save the Revenue. (COD)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'cra added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

Acre's Spaceport
this was the only publicly-accessible spaceport on the planet Mon Gazza. (RAC)

this corrupt Ongree served as the mayor of the Uscru District of Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic. His election was both sponsored and secured through the influence of Black Sun, and Acros-Krik used his position to acquire important political information to pass on to his benefactors. Although he gained a wealth of information simply because of his position as mayor, Acros-Krik also kept the Nalle sisters on retainer, to gather information from the less reputable sections of the Uscru District. Acros-Krik kept hiis connections to the Baath brothers and to Black Sun hidden behind the fašade of a boisterous, fatherly figure of a politician who seemed genuinely concern about the well-being of his constituents, although his benefactors in the Black Sun organization worried that he was simply attracting unwanted attention. (SWDB)

this was one of the largest cities found beneath the ice of the planet Csilla. (FH2)

this was a form of medical bandage that was produced during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. An actibandage was used to cover deep gashes or puncture wounds, where pressure needed to be applied in order to stop the flow of blood. (DN1)

Actinic Luminator
a high-powered light often used by smugglers. (COJ)

Action II Freighter
one of the first freighter models produced in the Action series by Corellian Engineering Corporation. Carib Devist used one to fly to Bothawui, during the build-up of warships following the Caamas Incident. Hidden inside the freighter was a squadron of TIE Interceptors. When Devist's freighter and the Millennium Falcon were caught in the tractor beams of the Tyrannic, Devist detonated the Action II, with a series of explosions that allowed his crew to blast away in the Interceptors. The explosion freed the Falcon from the tractor beam, allowing them all to return to open space and expose the Tyrannic. (VOF)

Action IV Freighter
a trapezoidal, medium bulk freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Action IV measures 100 meters in length and can carry 30,000 cubic meters of cargo with a maximum mass of 75,000 metric tons. Its inner holds can be individually adapted to various pressurization and climatic needs. It was sold with no weapons systems and no defensive shielding, but there were plenty of after-market systems which could be fitted to the Action IV's design. They require a dedicated crew of 8, and have no passenger facilities. Note that the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Issue 3 indicates that the Action IV is 110 meters in length, required a crew of ten to operate, and can transport up to 70,000 metric tons of cargo. (HTTE, SWSB, SWJ3, SOG)

Action Tidings
this was one of the many species-specific newsfeeds available to the inhabitants of Cloud City, in orbit around the gas giant Bespin. Action Tidings was produced by and for the Ugnaughts who worked in the city during the height of the Galactic Civil War, although the corporate headquarters and primary studuio facilities were located in a tower in the city of Ugnorgrad, on the Ugnaught Surface. Its most popular anchorbeing was Ars Fivvle, whose holodocumentary Ugnaughts' Progress was distributed across the galaxy. (MC57, PH)

Action V Transport
another starship in the popular Corellian Engineering Corporation Action series, the Action V measure\d 115 meters in length. It required a crew of 10 to operate, and could hold up to 80,500 metric tons of cargo. In its stock form it was unarmed, and had minimal shielding. (DFRSB)

Action VI Freighter
another medium bulk freighter built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the Action VI measures 125 meters in length and can carry up to 90,000 metric tons. It has no weapons systems and minimal defensive shielding. It requires a dedicated crew of 10, and has no passenger facilities. (MMY, RASB)

Action-Keynne XII
this is a model of Corellian transport ship. They were designed to transport highly valuable cargoes, and were one of the most luxurious Corellian ships ever built. The Action-Keynne XII was also heavily armed, with multiple tiers of weaponry. (SOP)

this Drearian Defense Riot Shield was manufactured from layered metal and one-way, mirrored transparisteel. A small notch in the upper section allows a blaster to be aimed and fired from behind it. (CSA)

Actuating Blaster Module
this blaster component takes the excited gas from the Xciter chamber and converts it into a beam of intense energy and light. The energy and light are subsequently focused - a process called galvening - as it passes through the barrel of the weapon. (CFG)

this was the Mandalorian word for "son" or "daughter." Its exact meaning was taken from context, as the Mando'a language has no gender. Any Mandalorian individual over the age of three was considered ad. (OWS)

A'Daasha, Corinna
a native of the planet Corellia, Corinna and her twin sister, Kandria, grew up in a wealthy family and never had to struggle to attain anything. Corinna, unlike her sister, grew bored and restless in this existence, and used some of her inheritance to travel among the stars. However, despite the freedom and adventure she experienced, Corinna felt somehow unhappy without Kandria. When Kandria left Corellia to join her, Corinna's spirits immediately rose. The pair eventually settled on Adarlon - Kandria's choice, to which Corinna, quickly agreed - and they established the Glow Dome complex. Corinna often tended bar herself, using a portable holoprojection unit to alter her appearance. She was also sympathetic to the Alliance, having witnessed the news reports brought in by the underground unit No-Holds-Barred. Her attachment to the Alliance provided a sense of security and purpose, something which was missing in her childhood. (WSV)

A'Daasha, Kandria
a native of the planet Corellia, Kandria and her twin sister, Corinna, grew up in a wealthy family and never had to struggle to attain anything. Unlike her sister, Kandria thoroughly enjoyed the life of luxury, but became distraught after Corinna left Corellia to see the galaxy. She decided that she couldn't be without Corinna, and decided to join her in her travels. The pair eventually settled on Adarlon - Kandria's choice, to which Corinna, quickly agreed - and they established the Glow Dome complex. Shortly after the business took off, Kandria became withdrawn and moody, and it was later learned that she had been possessed by the Derriphan known as Ziakas. (WSV)

this was a common name among adult Codru-Ji. (UANT)

this was a noted member of the Yarkora race. (UANT)

this Victory-class Star Destroyer was sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to intercept Mara Jade at Abregado, some five years after the Battle of Endor. (DFR)

a New Republic bulk cruiser that was captured by Qorl over Coruscant. The ship was loaded with armaments and hyperdrive components, which Brakiss and the leaders of the Shadow Academy needed to help shore up the new Imperial Navy. It was on its way to Kuat, but was being inspected by Admiral Ackbar at the time. Qorl's forces disabled the ship's weapons and communications, but left its shields and engines operational. The ship was towed to the Shadow Academy, which was cloaked within Coruscant's system. Note that Jedi Under Siege claims the Adamant was attacked by the Shadow Academy at Kashyyyk. The Second Imperium used the hyperdrive cores and turbolaser batteries from the ship, as well as New Republic shield codes, to outfit their own ships. The resulting confusion allowed the Second Imperium to skip inside Republic defenses, until Ackbar used the shield codes against them and dropped all their shields. The Imperium's fleet was then decimated by Republic cruisers. (LO, JUS)

this New Republic escort cruiser supported the Borealis during Leia Organa-Solo's mission to meet with Seti Ashgad. The ship was one of the first to succumb to the Death Seed plague launched by Ashgad and Dzym, and was stolen by Ashgad's people and destroyed on a world far from Nam Chorios. Hand-held weapons from the crew were later used to arm the Newcomers on the planet, in the uprising planned by Ashgad and Dzym. (POT)

an aquatic planet. (AIR)

this man was one of the many beings who lived in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa, following the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. After he was taken prisoner by the Serroco thugs, Adana was rescued by The Exile. (KOTOR2)

Adannon, Alric
this noble of House Cadriaan placed second during the Vor-cal hunt which took place shortly after the Battle of Hoth. He was not chosen to represent Cadriaan at the Vor-cal shortly before the Battle of Endor, however, since Cadriaan had employed a team of Alliance agents to infiltrate the hunt and discover the motives of House Melantha. Adannon was livid at being passed over, and decided to set out for Vilhon on his own in order to take matters into his own hands. He was known as a loud, arrogant man with a fiery temper, but he was nevertheless loyal to House Cadriaan. During the hunt, it was learned that Adannon used a contact within Boss Tosk's organization to obtain access to Vilhon, a fact that doomed his political career and earned him the wrath of Boss Tosk. (LOE)

this Imperial Prefect controlled the planet Denevar during the Galactic Civil War. He accused Reson Nath of a variety of crimes, including abetting a known criminal and conspiring against him. The trial was presided over by Janq Paramexor, and overseen by Moff Gorliz. As was often the case in respect to the various guilds sanctioned by the Empire, Nath was subject to the rules of the Paramexor Guild of Hunters. Her punishment was to face her accuser in armed combat. Adar, a thin man without much physical training, realized that he would be killed in combat against Nath, and withdrew the charges. However, Moff Gorliz had already placed a bet with Janq Paramexor that Adar would last at least ten minutes in the battle, and ordered them to begin combat. (GG10)

this winged reptile evolved on the hostile world of Omiddelon III. Individuals could grow to lengths reaching three meters, and they hunted in large packs. Adars had long, scaled bodies which had a row of short spines along the dorsal ridge. Their heads resembled scorpions, with a flat skull surrounded by a pair of strong mandibles. Adars have high metabolisms, and stored water and food in their tails. When food was scarce and their internal reserves were too low to sustain activity, adars could go into a trance-like state and wait for prey to come to them. (COG)

this male Noghri served as Leia Organa Solo's bodyguard, during the period following the Battle of Duro. In the confusion that ensued when Coruscant was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, Adarakh and Meewalh tried to ensure that the Solos, along with the infant Ben Skywalker, reached the Millennium Falcon safely. They were fooled, along with the Solos, by the appearance of Welda and Tarc. When the combat droid YVH 1-507A revealed that Welda was actually Viqi Shesh, the rogue Senator lashed out with a powershiv and stabbed Adarakh in the ribs. The weapon punctured his heart, killing the Noghri almost instantly. Adarakh died bravely, giving the Solos a chance to escape the planet. (EVR, SBS)

Adare, Terena
this woman served as the chief administrator of the planet Dantooine, during the years following the Great Sith War. When the planet was virtually abandoned by the Old Republic after Darth Malak destroyed the Jedi enclave on Dantooine, Administrator Adare was faced with economic disaster until she opened up the planet to treasure-seekers and archaeologists who wanted to sift through the ruins. While these opportunists brought credits to Dantooine, they also caused many problems for the planet's native population. Among the worst of the mercenaries who arrived on Dantooine was Azkul, and it was Azkul who later killed Administrator Adare in cold blood, in order to goad The Exile into battle. (KOTOR2, LAWS)

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