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Alliance Veterans Victory Association
this brotherhood of retired Alliance veterans was more than a retirees' club, but something less of an armed forces reserve. The AVVA publishes the newspacket Fleet Watch. During the Black Fleet Crisis, the AVVA was led by Bren Derlin. (TT)

Alliance War Bond
this bond was issued by the Alliance, and was guaranteed to mature between five and twenty-five years after the end of the Galactic Civil War. While it was a risky investment at best, the bonds allowed the Alliance to obtain badly needed credits. (RASB)

Alliance War Museum
this Imperial City monument held the various military artifacts retrieved by Operation Flotsam and the Historical Battle Site Preservation Act. The HBSPA funded the museum, which was open to the public. The Museum's curators desperately wanted to obtain the original Millennium Falcon, but Han Solo wouldn't allow it. (BTS, HT)

this Lord served as the owner of a wondrous casino found on the planet Qiaxx. He was an unusual being, with a huge, bulbous body supported by four short legs. His upper torso was tiny on comparison, and was attached to the front of his body. Two small arms allowed him to manipulate objects. Allic's ovoid head was dominated by two wide, thin eyes. (MJEH)

Allie, Stass
this Jedi Knight accompanied Tassida Judrelle to Cona, during the break-up of Lojrak Shrag's slat smuggling ring, just before the Battle of Geonosis. A relative of Adi Gallia, Stass Allie adopted many of the same fashion styles of her kin, including a Toloth headdress. Stass Allie was known as a competent fighter and field agent, but focused much of her training in the area of the healing arts. After the Clone Wars broke out, Stass Allie - who had only been promoted to the level of Jedi Knight prior to the Battle of Geonosis - was one of the many Jedi who were promoted to Jedi Master, and she was appointed a position on the Jedi Council. During the final months of the Clone Wars, Allie led a group of clone troopers on a mission to Saleucami. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu. He then sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. Upon hearing the order, the troops serving under Stass Allie tried to open fire on her. She took off on a speeder, but was unable to shake her pursuit. A few well-placed shots caused Allie's speeder to explode, utterly destroying the Jedi Master. (HNN5, SWDB, OWS, IS3, SWDB)

Allied Grain and Roughage
known simply as AGR, this huge agro-combine was founded on the planet Corellia during the Old Republic. (NEGC)

Allied Tion
this was the middle of the three sectors that made up the Tion Cluster, and was located between the Cronese Mandate and the Tion Hegemony. The capital world of the sector was Jaminere, and the sector included the worlds of Lianna, Lorrad, and Cadinth. (ML, GORW)

Allied Tion Historical Society
this organization was founded to record and preserve the history and culture of the Tion Hegemony. (HNN4)

according to reports by the double-agent Quinlan Vos to the Jedi Council, Count Dooku and the Separatists were using the planet Alliga as a staging area, during the build-up to the First Battle of Coruscant. (RDR)

Alliwon Electronics
this corporation produced a wide range of time pieces during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Allor Vybb
this being was a Professor of metallurgy and energy physics at the University of Byblos during the early years of the New Republic. When a group of prisoners escaped from the facilities on Delrian, Professor Vybb was among the many beings who were brought in to help handle the crisis. (GCG)

All-Species Replica Droid
originally conceived of by the scientists who worked for ODT, the All-Species Replica Droid was the logical evolution from human-replica droids. With modifications to the droid body itself, and with certain adjustments to the entechment process, ODT believed that they could provide non-human bodies for a number of alien races, providing their members with a form of immortaility. (SWI75)

All-Terrain Advance Raider
see AT-AR (IWST)

All-Terrain Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
see AT-AA (FC)

All-Terrain Aquatic Transport
see AT-AT Swimmer (SWI81)

All-Terrain Armored Transport
see AT-AT (ESB)

All-Terrain Attack Pod
see AT-AP (VD3)

All-Terrain Ion Cannon
see AT-IC (NEGW)

All-Terrain Open Transport
see AT-OT (SWDB)

All-Terrain Personal Transport
see AT-PT (DFR)

All-Terrain Reconnaissance Transport
see AT-RT (OWS)

All-Terrain Scout Transport
see AT-ST (EBS)

All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer
see AT-TE (TCG1)

this ore was the primary component used by the Mandalorians to create their unique body armor. (SWGAL)

a Ferroan stringed instrument. (RP)

this planet was discovered shortly after the Battle of Yavin, during an exploration mission funded by Radell Mining Corporation. Its ownership was disputed by the Scourge, a pirate gang who tried to claim it as their own. Radell had sent the Gray Griffins to follow up their exploration activities, but they were captured by the Scourge and held for ransom until a group of Alliance agents rescued them. Alluuvia was an ocean world whose waters were desne with metals and minerals that made it toxic to off-worlders. Alluuvia was also the homeworld of the Anguilla. The Empire's Imperial Mining, Limited, tried to establish a mining outpost on the planet, recognizing the concentrations of alanium, doonium, and zersium were enough to fund any operation. The Anguilla, led by Anyar, opposed the Imperial occupation, and with some help from the Alliance, they were able to drive off the Imperials. Anyar eventually agreed to allow Radell Mining Corporation to mine the planet, so long as the Ithorian Iych-thae were able to oversee their work. (OE)

Alluvial dampers
the part of a ship's hyperdrive system responsible for regulating the emission of thrust-generating ion particles. (ESB)

All-World Games
this collection of sporting events brought together the best athletes from all the Senali clans, as contestants vied to win the prestige of being the best on the planet. (SP)

a rogue Jedi Knight, Allya was exiled by the Jedi Order some 600 years before the Clone Wars and sent to Dathomir. After finding herself among other outcasts and exiles, Allya used her connection to the Force to assume a position of leadership on the planet. She was the first being to train the native rancors as mounts, and was responsible for showing the first Dathomirian women how to use the Force. In this way, the Jedi Order's plans for Allya backfired, as she managed to create a new sect of Force users. Allya was generally given credit for writing the first Book of Law, although subsequent leaders and even other clans have modified the Book of Law for their own use. (CPL, CTD, GORW)

Allyan Magic
this was the term generally used to describe the usage of the Force taught by the ancient Jedi Allya to the women of the planet Dathomir. It referred to the essentially good use of magic. Like all forms of Dathomirian "magic," Allyan Magic employed spells to gather the presence of the Force to a woman. She then channeled it and used its strength to create the desired effect. (CTD)

Allynic E'kles
this Caamasi Jedi Master served the Jedi Order during the Golden Era of the Jedi. Master E'kles was a respected investigator, and had extensive knowledge of the criminals and pirates of his age. A great deal of this knowledge, along with Master E'kles' personality and his knowledge of the criminal mind and investigation techniques, was stored in a Jedi Holocron for future Jedi to explore. Much of Master E'kles' memnii were also stored in the Holocron, although the Holocron was unable to project these into the mind of its user. The personality of Master E'kles could, however, assist in telepathically projecting a specific memory into the mind of a telepathic Jedi. (PJSB)

Darth Vader, in an effort to discover the Alliance's primary base, sent probe droids to planets in all sectors of the Outer Rim Territories, including Allyuen. He also sent droids to other worlds in the Anoat System, including Hoth and Tokmia. Allyuen itself was an inhospitable world of frigid deserts, and was mined for its meager veins of chromite. (ESBR, WOA33)

this was the name given to the twelve priests of the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry who reported directly to the Third Prophet. (AIR)

this planet was the homeworld of the Leffingite race. (SWDB)

Almakar System
a planetary system. (RPG)

this temperate world is the primary planet in the Outer Rim's Almanian System. The planet supported two sentient races, the Je'Har and humankind. The Je'Har were a powerful people, and subjugated many human tribes. Among the humans that suffered under the Je'Har were the family of Dolph, who later adopted the name Kuellar and destroyed the Je'Har in revenge. Almania has three moons, one of which is called Pydyr, and was a rival of its parent world. Almania had a meager economy under the yolk of the Je'Har, while Pydyr prospered. (TNR)

this minor world is the primary planet in the Almaran System. Located in the Elrood Sector, much of the planet was dedicated to the tourist trade. When the Empire invaded the sector, the Alliance was able to erase the data files in the central computer of Almar Upside, the planet's primary city. Dummy corporations were set up, and the planet remained outside of Imperial control. The Alliance then set up a number of listening posts on the planet, in an effort to obtain information on the Imperial forces nearby. Almar is a pleasant world, covered with tropical beaches, jungles, and wide plains of unusual orange grasses. (PG3, TBSB)

Almar Downside
this is another name for the planet Almar, in reference to the pace station Almar Upside. (PG3.)

Almar Upside
this space station, orbiting the planet Almar, houses the planet's central computer system. Considered to be the planet's capital city, Almar Upside was the only major city on or near the planet. (PG3)

this world was the fifth and outermost planet in the Cularin System. The Jedi Knights of the Old Republic discovered that the ancient Sith had established a fortress on the desert side of the planet, hoping to gather Dark Side energy from the Force-dense Cularin System. Analysis done in the years following the Battle of Naboo indicated that the fortress had been built 1,132 years prior, well before the Battle of Ruusan. One of Almas' moons also was known to be laden with unique crystals which the Jedi used in the creation of their lightsabers. The fortress on the planet had been established by Darth Rivan, who was generally credited with bringing the kaluthin grass to the planet. At odd intervals, and often when a starship passed over its location, the central tower of the fortress would eject a huge bolt of lightning into the sky. When Darth Rivan first arrived on Almas, the planet's atmosphere was filled with poisonous gases like phosphorus and methane, so he developed the kaluthin to help alter the atmosphere. The kaluthin was a success, given that all Almas' water was located underground, and continued to thrive after Darth Rivan was driven from the planet during the Sith Wars. Over the centuries, the kaluthin spread across the planet and created an atmosphere which was so high in oxygen it was almost toxic to humans. The grass also gave the planet a distinct aural glow, mainly from the phosphorus it consumed. This living growth was unusually countered by the Dark Side energy on the planet, which originated in the desert region and slowly spread. The Jedi of the Old Republic determined that the desert area would eventually consume the fertile kaluthin plains, utterly destroying the planet's surface. (LFC, LFCW)

Almas Academy
this was the name of the Jedi training compound established on the planet Almas 145 years before the Battle of Naboo. Its original founding was watched closely by the Jedi Council, which feared that its proximity to a source of Dark Side energy would be catastrophic to its student. However, Nerra Ziveri proposed that the schools' proximity to the Sith fortress on Almas would serve as a constant reminder to all students of the dangers of the Dark Side of the Force. The buildings of the Almas Academy were located in the very center of the city of Forard. As the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, the Almas Academy steadfastly refused to become involved, claiming that its place was in the Cularin System. The Academy's leader, Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk, obeyed nearly every order the Jedi Council gave him, but refused to have the Academy decimated by the war. When the Jedi Council officially ordered the Jedi Knights and Masters of the Almas Academy to report to Coruscant for assignment with the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Lanius and many of the Academy's teachers chose to invoke the Right of Denial, despite the fact that it constituted an act of treason. When Master Darrus Jeht returned to Coruscant with those Jedi who answered the call of the Council, he carried with him a cargo of surrendered lightsabers from those Jedi who invoked the Right of Denial. Many of those Jedi who remained on Almas were later armed with a lightsaber that had been crafter by Felanil Banks, in defiance of the true nature of the Right of Denial. (LFC, LFCW)

Almond-kwevvu Crisp-munchies
a small pastry favoried by many Squibs. (SWJ11)

Almost Authentic
this was the name of a Surronian L19 freighter stolen by a group of pirates from Imperial Moff Aricos Dreleene. He had hoped to obtain an L19a special edition, but discovered that his "bargain" was a run-of-the-mill L19. He invested a huge sum of credits to have outlaw techs refit the ship to appear to be a true L19a, including modification of the serial numbers and transpoder codes, and Dreleene was able to pass it off for many years. However, a band of pirates saw the First Edition and captured it, thinking they had acquired an L19a. After learning that it was a fake, the pirates turned the Moff and the ship over to the Alliance. The Alliance refitted the ship, and renamed it the Almost Authentic. The Alliance armed the ship with the stock twin blaster cannons as well as a turret-mounted ion cannon. (SS)

this slang term was used in the Elrood Sector to describe any being who lived on the planet Lanthrym during the Empire's control of the sector. The term referred to the fact that Lantrhym was almost, but not quite, located along the Elrood-Derilyn Trade Run. The natives of Lanthrym strongly resented the monicker. (PG3)

one of the seven clans of Ammuud. (CSA)

Al'Nasrl Sector
a section of the galaxy. (ISB)

one of Leia Organa-Solo's diplomatic aides, during her tenure as the Chief of State of the New Republic. (BTS, SOL)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Membership in the clan was denoted by the suffix 'lon added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

Aloo, Sim
this quiet, patient man served as Emperor Palpatine's senior political advisor during the period leading up to the Battle of Endor. Allo had first joined Palpatine's staff during the Clone Wars, along with Janus Greejatus. Aloo rarely spoke out loud, but was known for his remarkable wisdom and control. (CCG11, LEV)

Alopia Rift
this deep-sea valley was located on the planet Mon Calamari, and was the site of several Quarren-staffed mining operations. (GORW)

this Twi'lek was Tavion's apprentice, learning the ways of the Dark Side of the Force as a member of the Disciples of Ragnos, during the early years of the New Republic. Alora was first encountered by Luke Skywalker at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, when the Twi'lek managed to infilitrate the temples and hack information from Master Skywalker's computer. When the cult was discovered by Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin, Tavion was able to capture on convert Penin to their cause. Jaden Korr remained free, and managed to track Alora to Hoth, where she had been following the trail of Master Skywalker to Dagobah. A brief fight ensued, but Alora was allowed to escape when Kyle Katarn prevented Jaden from killing her. Although Alora returned to the service of Tavion, she again encountered Jaden, this time on Taspir III. Alora initially chose not to fight Jaden directly, instead sending hordes of Disciples to confront him. Jaden was up to the challenge, however, and eventually reached the location where Rosh Penin was hiding. Alora then revealed that the entire situation was a trap to capture the Jedi, and forced Jaden to choose between his loyalties: he could either give in to the Dark Side of the Force and slay Penin for lying, or he could remain on the Light Side and give up his fight. Jaden chose the Light Side, which angered Alora. She killed Penin on the spot, then challenged Jaden herself. Unfortunately for Alora, she underestimated Jaden's strength, and the Jedi Knight was able to defeat her in combat. (JKA)

this planet, second in the Derilyn System, was a hot, rocky wasteland. (PG3)

Alou Asteroid Belt
this asteroid belt separates the first and second planets in the Baralou System. (PG1)

this dark-skinned man was a starfighter pilot who served the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Alph was part of the small team, led by Luke Skywalker, which piloted modified TIE Fighters in order to infiltrate Admiral Giel's armada in an effort to eliminate its threat to the Alliance. Despite the fact that their attack took the Imperials by surprise, Alph was shot down and killed early in the battle. (MC61)

this man was one of the slavers who worked on the planet Mandalore, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was known for his cruel sense of humor, always finding something fun in the mistreatment of the slaves. (LTA4, MC69)

this was the nickname used by Anakin Skywalker to describe the clone trooper designated A-17, during the defense of Naboo, during the Clone Wars. Anakin chose to call the trooper Alpha, since he seemed to be much more than a simple clone. During the Battle of Jabiim, Anakin use the Force to draw away the droid army protecting the Separatist base, so that A-17 could set of a huge explosion to destroy it, cutting off Durge's only way to launch an attack on Naboo. However, the explosion was bigger than A-17 had anticipated, and he was disabled in the blast. This allowed Durge to injure A-17 before Anakin could intervene, but Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to drive Durge and Asajj Ventress off Ohma-'Dun. A-17 continued to serve with Anakin during the Battle of Jabiim, but he began to chafe at the Jedi's orders to keep as many Separatists alive for questioning. A-17 began to openly question Obi-Wan's leadership on Jabiim, suggesting that the Republic's forces should simply kill every rebel and political leader, thereby ending the hostilities once and for all. Asajj Ventress managed to capture both Obi-Wan and Alpha on Jabiim, and she transported them both to Rattatak for interrogation. Ventress mercilessly tortured them while hoping to turn them over to Count Dooku as gifts. Kenobi and Alpha managed to escape, with some help from Ki-Adi-Mundi and Anakin Skywalker, before returning to Coruscant. Alpha was later recalled to Kamino, to serve as the instructor for a new batch of clone commanders. He agreed to take Anakin's suggestion of unique names for the clone to Kamino. During the initial attempt to retake Boz Pity, Alpha was badly injured when he confronted General Grievous. With his spine broken and his body badly damaged, Alpha asked Anakin for a weapon to fight until his death. (RNFW, SWDB, RHF, O)

Alpha 13
this was the key code used by the Alliance to verify that beings were allowed to use drop point Condor. (SWJ14)

Alpha Blue
the codename of the hidden New Republic military operation led by Hiram Drayson. Alpha Blue officially doesn't exist; it was created by Mon Mothma to work around the mechanisms of government and diplomacy when necessary. Alpha Blue served as another set of eyes and ears for the head of the New Republic, providing necessary information from discreet sources. (BTS)

Alpha Charge
see Alpha-plus Charge (LJ2)

Alpha Flight
this was one of the three main starfighter units of Naboo's Space Fighter Corps, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (NEGC)

Alpha Kentrum
Michael Tandre's starship, which he was forced to crash-land on Orellon II. The ruins of the ship eventually became the basis for the Temple of the Je'ulajists. (SWJ2)

Alpha Nonce
this space station served as a waypoint in the Mid Rim, somce 55 years before the Battle of Geonosis. (LOJ)

Alpha Outpost
this small Imperial base was captured by Sasnak Toxis and Thar'quan as a feint to mask the Alliance's activities on Ralltiir. (CRO)

Alpha Point Zero
this was the designation of the Shell Hutts' highest level of authority. (MA)

Alpha Premier
this was the political title given to the primary leaders of the Shistavanen people. (AIR)

Alpha Red
this was the codename of the experimental group created by the New Republic Intelligence agency, and charged with performing covert research into the Yuuzhan Vong biology. Led by Doctor Joi Eicroth and staffed by a group of Chiss scientists, Alpha Red was a logical spinoff of the Alpha Blue team. Primary among the goals for Alpha Red was the discovery of how the Yuuzhan Vong genetic structure worked, and what could be done to attack them at the physiological level. The formation of Alpha Red could be traced almost back to the point at which the Yuuzhan Vong captured Belkadan, and was aided by people like Danni Quee. After much research, Alpha Red learned that the Yuuzhan Vong genetic makeup was very similar to that of most beings in the galaxy. However, a unique strand of genetic material was found in the Yuuzhan Vong body that was shared with every known form of Vongformed life. This discovery allowed the Alpha Red team to develop an airborne pathogen that could attack this unique string of genes and infect the Yuuzhan Vong and their creations. The virus was believed to have been shelved after Vergere destroyed the original sample, but the blueprints for its creation were never erased. A new strain was devised and secretly unleashed on Caluula, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered at Coruscant. The strain proved effective in killing the Yuuzhan Vong and their bio-technology, but it also killed off swarms of flitnats and much of the winged-star population. For this reason, the Alpha Red project was ultimately scrapped. (DW, UF)

Alpha Red
this was the codename given to the biological pathogen developed by the New Republic Intelligence team, also known as Alpha Red, to work against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Alpha Red pathogen was an airborne killer that attacked only those forms of life which contained the unique genetic strand that was found in all Vongformed life. It had a latency of about five days, giving the pathogen a chance to locate the genetic target. Then, it attacked the host on a cellular level, breaking down cellular material until the body's tissues became liquid. This liquid was laden with the Alpha Red pathogen, which could then be passed on to other individuals. Dif Scaur and the NRI planned to deploy Alpha Red from the air, confident that it would selectively attack Yuuzhan Vong and leave the galaxy's own lifeforms alone. They reasoned that the use of Alpha Red against the Yuuzhan Vong was no different than the ways in which the alien invaders destroyed Ithor and Coruscant. They also believed that another Yuuzhan Vong attack of biochemical nature could be thwarted by the Alpha Red pathogen, before it could take hold on a target world. Their plan met with stern opposition from the Jedi Knights, but was supported and approved by Chief of State Cal Omas. The Fosh Jedi Knight Vergere had other plans, however, based on her fifty years of experience with the Yuuzhan Vong. She managed to steal the only viable sample of Alpha Red from its secured location - an action that many military people believe was abetted by Jacen Solo - and change it into something harmless. The genetic blueprint of the Alpha Red virus was maintained, however, and work began shortly after the Battle of Ebaq to rebuilt it. In a secret activity, the Bothan Intelligence agent Wraw was inserted into Team Meloque, with the specific mission to deploy the new virus on Caluula to test its effectiveness. The test worked almost too well, as the winged-stars which were native to Caluula died off, along with the Yuuzhan Vong and their bio-technology. For this reason, the Alpha Red project was ultimately scrapped after the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered at Coruscant, shortly after the test on Caluula. (DW, UF)

Alpha Team
this was a generic term used to describe the first survey group to determine a newly-found planet's resources and habitability. Usually, the Alpha Team was simply dispatched to gather technical and sensor information, and was restricted from actually making planetfall and gathering samples. This work was reserved for the Beta Mission. (HSE, HSL)

Alpha TR-8
this was the codename for the Imperial prison facility located on the planet Rordak. Alpha TR-8 maintained a perfect record of no escapes during the Galactic Civil War, although later inspection of the facility's plans revealed that escape was possible. At maximum capacity, Alpha TR-8 could hold more than 5,400 prisoners, all of which were forced to work in a nearby barthierum mine. (PG1)

this was one of the few aberrant clones of Jango Fett that was not reconditioned or destroyed by the Kaminoans, during the early period of the Clone Wars. Alpha-02, who became known as Spar to his fellow clones, was among the first 100 test subjects produced by on Kamino. Eight and a half years after his decanting, something happened to trigger the memories of Jango Fett that were hidden in the DNA of the clones, and Alpha-02 became obsessed with rebuilding the Mandalorian supercommandos envisioned by Jaster Mereel. Alpha-02 deserted Kamino and traveled to Mandalore, where legend held that Mandalore the First established the Mandalorian Crusaders. He managed to draw in the surviving members of the Mandalorian Death Watch, as well as some 200 soldiers from local ploice forces on Mandalore, to create a mercenary force known as the Mandalorian Protectors. After assuming command of the Protectors, Alpha-02 became known as Mandalore the Resurrector, reviving the ancient tradition of naming leaders after the first Mandalore. The Protectors joined the fighting of the Clone Wars, carrying out covert operations for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, until all but three of the Protectors were killed. Only Tobbi Dala, Fenn Shysa, and Alpha-02 survived the Clone Wars, but Alpha-02 was a broken shell of the man he once was. His team was attacked on Norval II while trying to eliminate Padme' Amidala, and Alpha-02 just barely survived. He wandered the galaxy for many years, unsure about his place, until he was apprehended by the Extrictarium Nebula by Ailyn Vel. Vel believed that Alpha-02 was actually Boba Fett, and murdered him in an act of revenge for her mother's death. She took his Mandalorian armor, and after learning that Fett was still alive, used to masquerade as Fett. (SWI80)

this was the designation of one of the Alpha-class ARC Troopers who trained subsequent generations of clones grown by the Kaminoans for the Army of the Republic, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. His success with basic training exercises made Alpha-17 a prime candidate to lead the training of the Advanced Reconnassiance Commandos, which were also known as ARC Troopers. (SWI74, SWI84)

Alpha-1733 Mu-9033
these were the standardized coordinates of Obi-Wan Kenobi's hut, located in the first quadrant of Tatooine. (SWR)

Alpha-3 Nimbus
see V-Wing Fighter (X3, SWDB)

this was one of the clearance levels developed by the Imperial Security Bureau, and denoted a high level of clearance. (POM)

this Imperial code denoted a higher level of security than Alpha-3A. (POM)

Alpha-class ARC Trooper
this was the name given to the first 100 clone troopers that were produced from the pure Jango Fett genome by the Kaminoans, during the early development of clones for Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. The Alpha-class troopers were developed from the lessons learned in the development of the so-called Null-class ARC troopers, whose existence was a carefully-guarded secret. (SWI84)

Alpha-class Gunboat
this is the class of warship that included the XG-1 Star Wing. (XW)

this was the term used by Kuat Drive Yards to describe the individual responsible for overseeing the various construction projects going on at the facilities in orbit near Kuat. The ?-foreman was supported by several ?-supervisors. (HM)

Alpha-plus Charge
this was a compact device that was filled with highly-explosive material, and was used most often in mining operations. Alpha-plus charges were incredibly powerful, and were used only when other, more conventional methods of excavating rock proved futile. (JAL, LJ2)

an alien race native to the planet Alpherides, these humanoids have a complex social structure built around a single queen. This 1,000-year-old queen is the sole female on the planet, and she mates with all the males when they reach the age of 150. She lives in a palace in the great Alpheridies Ocean. (FNU)

the planet that was home to the Alpheridian and Miraluka races, Alpheridies was located in the Abron System. It was first seltted by the Miraluka thousands of years before the fall of the Sith Empire, during their search for a new homeworld. Alpheridies was located on the spinward edge of the Expansion Region of the galaxy. (FNU, DLS, TOJC, UANT)

Alpheridies Ocean
this great body of water was located on the planet Alpheridies. (TOJC)

Alquono deg apprefaron
this was a Rodian expression of gratitude and thanks. (T15)

Alrym II
this plain-looking, thin man was the planetary governor of Lanthrym, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was perhaps best known for the six Gamorrean guards who traveled everywhere with him. (PG3)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

this planet was founded before the advent of the Old Republic. It was settled by the colonists who brought the Kuat Explorer to the Core. Over the years, the inhabitants have made war on each other with regularity and passion, in a series of battles known as the Alsakan Conflicts. The wondrous warships used in the battles were the design basis for the Invincible-class dreadnaughts. When Palpatine rose to power and formed the Empire, Alsakan supported the New Order. It surrendered quickly to the New Republic, however, when Ackbar came to recover the planet. (DESB, CSA)

Alsakan Circo-Menagerie
this was one of the Old Republic's most popular travelling shows, combining the entertainment of a circus with the thrill of an exotic animal menagerie. (CCW)

Alsakan Conflicts
a series of battles among the ancient inhabitants of the planet Alsakan, the first Alsakan Conflicts took place some 17,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (CSA, NEGC)

Alsakan Guard
this was the name of the primary police and defense force that protected the planet Alsakan. They used a stylized version of the Tessent as their emblem. (GMR9)

Alsakan Tessent
this was the term used to describe the version of the Tessent that was attributed to the ancient Kings of Archais who united the tribes of Alsakan. Like the Ayrou Tessent, it resembled a large farlus hawk with the head of a felinx. According to legend, the Alaskan Tessent was a representation of the guardian of Saml Previl and the ancient Kings of Archais, who united Alsakan under a common leader. The Alsakan Tessent was a symbol of patriotism, although many treasure hunters believed that it was also the key to unlocking an ancient storehouse full of riches. The Alsakan Tessent disappeared sometime later, and several legends and rumors of its final resting place were told throughout Moddell Sector. One rumor held that it reappeared in the possession of a member of the Guard of Aldera during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Guardsman was part of the team which estalished the orbital telescopes around Ast Kikorie, but was on a shuttle that was ferrying supplies from Ast Kikorie when it crashed back onto the planet. The Guardsman kept the Alsakan Tessent close to his downed ship, preferring to live in anonymity rather than revealing what he possessed. Another rumor claimed that the Alsakan Tessent was stolen in ancient times by Jilst Bindalin, who died on Sarafur with the Tessent in his possession. Note that Star Wars Gamer, issue 9, also claims that this particular Tessent was of Alderaanian origin. (GMR9)

Al'solib'minet'ri City
this was one of the primary starport cities found on the planet Galantos. (FH1)

Alta Ranga
this strange alien was a Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Alta Ranga, distinguished by his anvil-shaped head and long arms, wore a perpetual scowl on his face. (AAOTC)

known as "high-speed death on four legs" on its homeworld of Altora, this reptilian creature was a solitary hunter which stalked its prey with incredible stealth. When a target was decided upon, the altagak would lunge from its hiding place and attack. During these attacks, altagaks have been clocked running at more than 80 kilometers an hour. They were considered the apex predator on Altora, which gave them long lifespans reaching 28 standard years. (COG)

Altair 9
this dark world was covered with swamps, which were home to a number of predatory species of plant and animal. A minor skirmish was fought on the planet during the Clone Wars. (TCD)

Al'tanna Shimrra knotte Yun'o!
see Ai' tanna Shimrra khotte Yun'o! (UF)

Altar Moon
this Alliance modular conveyor group supported the Organarms factory, and was destroyed in an Imperial attack. (TIE)

Altar of Death
this chamber within the Charon starship Desolate was the primary temple of Charon worship. It represented the black hole which was consuming the Charon homeworld. In the center of the chamber was a huge, black stone monolith which seemed to consume the Force and any life energies near it. Any lifeform which is near the monolith is suddenly drained of its life force, in accordance with the Charon belief that all life must return to the Void. (OS)

Altar of Promises
this religious site was founded just outside Colony One, on Ylesia. Located at the foot of the Mountains of the Exalted, the Altar was the site of the daily devotions performed by the t'landa Til for the pilgrims which flock to the planet. This religious ceremony was actually a ruse perpetrated by the t'landa Til, who simply used resonant pouches in their necks to create vibrations which affect the sensory areas of the brains of other sentients. After the Yuuzhan Vong took control of Ylesia and turned it over to the Peace Brigade, Thrackan Sal-Solo planned to rebuild the site as a temple for the Yuuzhan Vong to worship their gods. (TPS, Y)

this planet was the homeworld of the night-glider species. (HSE)

this planet, located in the Corellian Sector of the galaxy, was the homeworld of the Corragut race. (CCW)

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