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this cybernetic link is used by the Aruzan race. With a data port located behind their ears, the Aruzans can commune and share emotions via the Attanni. When two Aruzans decide to bond for life, they can share their intimate thoughts and dreams through the Attanni. The Attanni strips away emotion and lays bare the knowledge and memories of both parties. (TBH)

this Hoover lived in Jabba the Hutt's Tatooine residence. (CCG7)

this immense, six-legged vehicle was the forerunner of the Imperial AT-AT. Known as an All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, the AT-TE provided the Army of the Republic with a formidable vehicle for bringing troops into the midst of battle. The original designs for the AT-TE were developed as a mining vehicle, but it was swiftly adapted to military uses. Measuring 12.4 meters in length and standing just over five meters tall, the AT-TE was armed with six anti-personnel laser turrets and a heavy projectile cannon. It could transport twenty clone troopers into battle, and carried an IM-6 medical droid for remote battlefield treatment. The crew of an AT-TE was made up of a pilot, a spotter, four interior gunners and a gunner for the exterior projectile launcher. The armor plating of the AT-TE was shielded from ion attack by built-in electromagnetic shields. Capable of speeds near 60 kilometers an hour over ground, the AT-TE was deployed onto the battlefield by an LAAT/c gunship. The AT-TE was commisioned by the Kaminoan cloners who were employed by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, so that their clone troopers could safely be deployed into battle. The Kaminoans contracted Rothana Heavy Engineering to build these vehicles, steering clear of any corporation with ties to either the Trade Federation or the Separatists. Due to the timing of the clandestine development of the clone troopers and the development of the AT-TE, the armor design created for the clone troopers produced by the Kaminoans was not finalized when the AT-TE was first developed. Thus, the driver and spotter working in the AT-TE were forced to squeeze themselves and their armor into the cramped cockpit. In the wake of the Battle of Geonosis, when the AT-TE series first saw duty, they were often deployed in swarms to take out as much of the enemy's holdings as possible in a short period of time. (TCG1, X2, SWDB, SWI64, LAWS)

Attention to the Moment Gives Knowledge
this was one of many Jedi training exercises used by the students of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, before they were chosen as Padawan learners. The students were required to close their eyes and, using only the Force, observe their surroundings in great detail. (HP)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "Father", "Mother", or "first", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this great, gray Wookiee was the father of Chewbacca, who often went by the nickname Itchy. At the time of the Battle of Yavin, Attichitcuk was nearly 350 years old, and had been one of the leaders of the Wookiee people during the Old Republic. He was a skilled hunter and warrior, and was known to have killed and entire pack of twenty katarns which attacked him in the jungle. He also represented Kashyyyk when the Old Republic started negotiations for colonization rights to Alaris Prime. He was awarded the honor of being part of the initial colonization force as a reward for his work during the negotiations. However, on Alaris Prime he discovered that the Trade Federation had illegally set up its own base of operations. Attichitcuk was forced resort to battle, working with his fellow Wookiees to drive the Federation off. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, were dispatched from Coruscant to help settle the conflict. During the Clone Wars, Attichitcuk was too old to actively fight, but served as a gunner and weapons expert aboard an Oevvaor jet catamaran during the defense of Kachirho. Years later, after Chewbacca was freed from Imperial slavery by Han Solo, it was Solo who gave Attichitcuk the nickname Itchy. (WSB, TT, GB, GBC, X3)

this female Wookiee and her child, Froera, were members of the Myyydril tribe, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWGAL)

this Trianii female was born to a life of comfort and peaceful contemplation on the planet Trian. She had no dreams of becoming a Trianii Ranger, until she fell in love with Keeheen. They were soon married, and Atuarre began training as a Ranger. Atuarre became pregnant during her training, and had to break it off when she gave birth to Pakka. The family moved to the Trianii colony world of Fibuli, where their services as Rangers were needed. However, this idyllic family life was quickly shattered when the Corporate Sector Authority moved in and annexed the Trianii colony worlds, including Fibuli. Keeheen resisted with every ounce of his being, and he and Pakka were taken prisoner and sent to prison to ensure their silence. Atuarre, bereft of her family, began to concentrate on becoming the best Ranger she could possibly be, and quickly was elevated to Ranger status. She then set out to find her husband and son. Atuarre managed to rescue her son during a prisoner transfer in Authority space, but could not find her mate. Pakka's traumatized state hardened her resolve to defy the Authority and find Keeheen. She joined Rekkon's team in order to discover his whereabouts, working as an apprentice agronomist. She later helped Han Solo break the secret of Stars' End by impersonating Madam Atuarre, the leader of a band of entertainers sent to Stars' End by as a replacement for another act. At Stars' End, Atuarre, Pakka, and Han were able to free the prisoners who were being held at the facility, thanks in large part to Atuarre's quick thinking during the destruction of the facility. Once away from Stars' End, she was reunited with Keeheen. They returned to Trianii space, where Atuarre became a physical trainer for the Ranger cadets. Atuarre was distinguished by her striped pelt, yellow and green eyes, and her meter-long tail. (HSE, CSA)

this was the First day of the Tapani local calendar's week. (PGT)

Aturi Cluster
during the Galactic Civil War, this section of the galaxy was a hotbed of Alliance support until the White Death Scimitar Assault Wing took out much of the Alliance's resistance. (ISB)

a pittin Leia Organa had as a childhood pet on Alderaan. She named the pale pink creature an All-Terrain Attack Vehicle. (COJ)

this Rendili StarDrive commercial hyperdrive was a moderately expensive way to back up a starship's basic hyperdrive. It was rated about a fourth the speed of a stock hyperdrive. (GG6)

developed by the Old Republic for used during the Clone Wars, the All-Terrain Experimental Transport walker was considered the predecessor to the modern AT-ST scout. They were developed as smaller counterparts to the AT-TE tank, for deployment into cramped battle arenas. However, because the designers at Rothana Heavy Engineering were continually revising its design, the AT-XT never saw full production. Many of its systems and design aspects were later reused in the development of the AT-ST walker. The basic AT-XT was to have been armed with a heavy laser cannon and a proton missile launcher. (SWI68, KOTOR, NEGV)

A-type Droid
this was an outdated model of droid, often found in early Alliance units. (SFE)

this temperate planet was part of the trail Akanah followed, in her search for the Fallanassi. She and Luke Skywalker went to Atzerri after they failed to locate the Fallanassi on Teyr. The planet is the site of a shipyard at which Lando Calrissian was shown the damage that occurs to a ship's systems due to entry and exit from hyperspace. Atzerri was one of the member planets of the Free Trader Worlds. Later, Atzerri was one of the first worlds overrun by the Yuuzhan Vong. (SOL, HT)

this is the name of the style of music performed by jizz bands. (ROJR)

this young girl eked out a meager existence as a thief on the planet Korriban, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She found a makeshift residence in the Sith monastery beneath Dreshdae's plateau, a place where very few other beings chose to visit. Auben earned a few credits selling various items that she had stolen, usually from visiting starships. When Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin approached her, during their mission to apprehend Granta Omega, they were pointed to Auben as a source of information. She agreed to help them, but they found themselves pursued by the droid armies of the Commerce Guild. Auben led them to the lowest levels of the monastery, where an ancient hangar bay provided the only escape route. Unfortunately, the Sith Lord who was on Korriban to meet Granta Omega discovered her in the hangar and killed her when she got in his way. (JQ10)

this was one of the two major cities, along with tacto, found on the planet Radnor. Together, they were considered the Twin Cities. Some five years after the Battle of Naboo, Aubendo was also known as the Isolation Sector, when a plague was unleashed in the city. The two cities were isolated from each other, in order to minimize the spread of the plague. (JQ1)

Aubro Ahntanda
this Sullustan male was a noted slave lord. (WSV, UANT)

Aucellis Park
this immense amusement park, owned and operated by Emo Aucellis, was created as an homage to his former career as an explorer and historian. The attractions and shows were meant to represent events in his career which were momentous, although many regarded the attractions as much more exciting than Aucellis' own life. It was also a widely-held belief that Aucellis Park was nothing more than a tourist trap, filled with thousands of ways to separate a visitor from their credits. Unknown to most visitors, however, Aucellis Park was also a cover for a large-scale, Imperial re-education facility. The rides and attractions were designed to place beings in a more impressionable state of mind, while the food and beverages were laced with chemicals to reduce inhibitions and keep people open-minded about what they saw while visiting the Park. The underlying theme of the park revolved around the notion that exploration was good, so long as it was done in the name of the Empire. Thousands of security cameras swept the grounds, looking for people who spoke out against the Park's ideals or, more specifically, the Empire. These individuals were quickly escorted to an area beneath the part for re-education. The perimeter of the park was continually monitored by no less than 312 security droids and six destroyer droids which served as squad leaders, and additional security cameras were hidden in nearly every sign found throughout the park. (WOA27)

Aucellis Park: Your Ideal Vacation
this promotional brochure was designed to lure beings to Keriba VI, so that they could visit Aucellis Park. (WOA27)

Aucellis, Emo
this somewhat reputable explorer and historian created Aucellis Park, on the moon of Keriba VI, as a testament to his own life's work. While the Park provided visitors with many thrilling rides and attractions, they were much more exciting that Aucellis' own life. (WOA27)

this Lianna-class corvette was of the customs patrol fleet that worked in the Lianna System during the Galactic Civil War. When the Audacious discovered smugglers or pirates, it would herd their ships toward its sister ship, the Reliant, which remained just outside sensor range. Modified from the basic design, the Audacious measured 150 meters in length and was armed with six double turbolaser cannons. (ML)

Audio Drone
this small device is used by individuals who wish to mask the fact that they are no longer in a given location. These drones can record and playback any number of subliminal and barely audible bodily functions, including breathing and heartbeat. When set near a recording device or other surveillance system, they provide audio signals that make it appear as if the individual is still in the room, even when they are not. (MA)

Audio Performance Incorporated
this corporation produced a number of disruption bubble generators for use by bounty hunters and paramilitary organizations. (ROE)

this was an exceptionally sensitive form of droid listening technology developed by Chiang/Xi many decades before the onset of the Clone Wars. (YDR)

Audit Droid
any droid programmed for business or financial applications. (QE)

an Imperial IPV-1 patrol craft assigned to the Demophon system. (SN)

this Corporate Sector Authority figure observes the operation of the CSA and roots out corruption and inefficiency. The Auditor-General works at the direction of the Prex. (CSA)

Audo, Nile
this tight-lipped, unpleasant man worked for Mal Biron on Nwarcol Point, shortly before the Battle of Endor. He often met prospective smugglers at the station, providing information to supplement that found in Envelope, if the smugglers could give him the correct code phrase. (SSR)

this was a form of novel which was recorded for listening, rather than printed for reading. This allowed the reader to hear the story at their leisure, over and over again. (GG10)

this was a common name among the Lepi people. (UANT)

this was the third of seven seasons experienced on the planet Guiteica. (AE)

Aul Tarrus Vishav
this Bitthaevrian held the rank of Major-Guardian within the m'Yalfor'ac Order. Born a slave in the Upper Bal'ta'ran Cluster, he grew to incredible size due to the continual labor he was forced to do. The skin on his arms was striped, due to a bout with sinjaffe which seemed to slow him down for only a few days. This size and strength was perceived as a threat by his slavemaster, and was ordered to be executed. He managed to escape when his guards underestimated him, and his escape made him legendary among the slaves of the bal'ta'ran crystal mines. He entered the m'Yalfor'ac Order as a footsoldier, and worked his way upward until he became the personal bodyguard of Quaal Tavier Catharius. He proved his loyalty to Tavier when he singlehandedly defeated three attackers sent by the rogue Jael Ganton Farvash, thereby thwarting Ganton's attempt to assassinate Tavier. Tarrus was revered as a hero, and was considered by many to be almost an equal of Tavier himself. Tavier bestowed upon Tarrus the Ransar Rhal Insignia, which practically ensured his position as successor to Tavier's leadership. (AIR)

this woman was Aurra Sing's mother. Aunuanna was addicted to various forms of spice, and survived on Nar Shaddaa by eking out a meager existence selling Gizer Ale to passing beings. Aunuanna was believed to have been using spice while she was pregnant, which resulted in her daughter's connection to the Force. Years later, she helped Mace Windu and Depa Billaba located the source of the illegal akk dogs being smuggled from Nar Shaddaa. (ETM, OWS)

Aura Blossom
a bright, deep-blue, bioluminescent flower native to the forest moon of Endor. (ECAR)

this planet, the primary world in the Aurea System, was noted throughout the galaxy for the exquisite blown-glass artworks produced by its natives. The planet and its moons were located just a half-hour from Corellia via hyperspace. (CT, SWJ15)

this was one of the dominant written forms of communication used throughout the galaxy, and allows any race to write the phonetics used by the Basic language. Note that Specter of the Past indicates that the Aurebesh is a language that had a somewhat better ability to convey technical information that Basic. (SOP)

Aurebesh Soup
this was Imperial starfighter pilot slang for Alliance starfighters. (SWJ10)

this is the first symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "a". (SWM)

Aurek Company
this was a division of the Imperial 501st Legion of stormtroopers, serving the Empire of the Hand during the years following the cease-fire between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Aurek Company was among the first Imperial forces dispatched to Kariek, after the United Tribes of Kariek requested Imperial assistance in removing the Warlord from power, some twenty-two years after the Battle of Yavin. Unit Aurek-Seven was assigned to act as the personal guard for Commander Chak Fel, when he accompanied the Chiss and Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, on a mission to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project. (FB, SQ)

Aurek Team
this was the name given to one of the teams of clone troopers and Old Republic Intelligence officers who led the search for Darth Sidious on Coruscant, during the final days of the Clone Wars. Aurek Team was led by Jedi Master Mace Windu, although its commander was the ARC Trooper known as Valiant. Aurek Team was supported by Bacta Team during the search. (LEV)

Aurek Trill 69/Cresh
this was the identification number of an amry transport deployed by the Old Republic to the planet Praesitlyn, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. (JT)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

Auril Sector
this collection of six star systems was located near the Tion Cluster. It included the Adega System and the Cron Drift. (GORW)

Auril Systems
this group of Core star systems was originally composed of nine unique systems. During the Great Sith War, three of the systems were destroyed, creating the area of the galaxy known as the Cron Drift. The remaining six systems remain intact, including the Adega System and the spaceport world Nespis VIII. Note that the Tales of the Jedi comics indicate that the Auril System were in the Core, but Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds places the Adega System in the Outer Rim. (TOJ, DE2, GORW)

Aurin, Madelein
author of Heroes of the Republic. (GG9)

this valuable ore was refined and used for currency by the Trade Federation, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Federation would only accept bribes in the form of aurodium ingots, since they could be easily moved about without interference from the Republic. (COD)

this metal was considered a valuable commodity during the last decades of the Old Republic, and a large ingot could command more than 300 million Republic credits. The metal, especially in ingot form, appeared to burn with an inner light which refused to have a definite color. (RP)

Aurora, Odea
this jewelry maker worked to make a living in the back of a landing bay on Cloud City, but was a member in good standing of the Parliament of Guilds. She was also an Alliance sympathizer, and acted as a contact point for Alliance agents traveling to Bespin during the Galactic Civil War. Odea was orphaned at the age of six, when her mother tried to go into business as a shipper on Cloud City. Toln ne Yerres had her executed when she mistakenly transported goods stolen from Jabba the Hutt, and Odea was told to never to return to her mother's ship. She was thirteen at the time of the Battle of Hoth. (GG2)

Aurorient Express
this immense, ray-shaped luxury cruiser was owned and operated by Clode Rhoden. The ship was a symbol of the alien's wealth and status, and made a perfect target for the eco-terrorist group known as the Green Forge. The alien named Buck insinuated himself into the Rhoden family by serving as Madam Rhoden's personal trainer. He then convinced her to destroy the ship and kill her husband, as part of a plot to aquire his life insurance policy. To cover his tracks, Buck created a diversion by making it appear that the Aurorient Express had been attacked by pressure pirates. Unfortunately for Buck and Madam Rhoden, the ship actually was under attack by pressure pirates, who used Fastlach-class defense droids to tear apart key sections of the ship. The various plans to steal the wealth of Clode Rhoden and the cargo of the Aurorient Express were thwarted by Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, after all parties decided to take their differences to the courts, Bouyardy and Waverton allowed a core bomb found onboard the Aurorient Express to explode as payback for all their troubles. (TAE)

Aurra Sing
this bounty hunter was, at one time, a student of the Force. Born to Aunuanna on Nar Shaddaa, Aurra Sing was taken from the degenerate moon by the famed Dark Woman and trained on Coruscant for a short time. As a Jedi trainee, she learned minimal control of the Force from the Dark Woman, but Aurra was captured on Ord Namurt by a group of Sennex Pirates, who later apprenticed her to Nooga the Hutt. The pirates told Aurra that the Dark Woman told them she was not strong enough to complete the early training of a Padawan and had been dismissed by the Dark Woman. This angered Aurra, and she hated the Jedi fiercely from that point on. Nooga apprenticed her to some Anzati assassins, who implanted a Rhen-Orm biocomputer in her skull to augment her mental capacity. After learning that she could use her minimal contact with the Force to hunt down others, she returned to Nooga, assassinated him, and set out to become a bounty hunter. Note that the story Aurra's Song claims Aurra Sing was purchased from the Sennex Pirates by Walla the Hutt, after the Dark Woman sold her to the pirates. She was noted for her ability to hunt down and kill the Jedi Knights, and she had several lightsabers in her trophy case to mark her prowess. After leaving the Jedi, she had a Rhen-Orm biocomputer implanted in her head, to help her in her hunting. She was the bounty hunter who eventually located and eliminated Reess Kairn on the Forest Moon of Endor. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Aurra was retained in an effort to locate and kill the secretive Jedi Master, Sharad Hett. Since she was familiar with the streets of Mos Espa, assignment was easy for her. Despite the efforts of Ki-Adi-Mundi, she was able to assassinate Hett. Aurra Sing was a female humanoid with pasty, white skin, three-jointed fingers, and thin limbs, she was quite striking in her appearance. She also had an antenna plugged into the left side of her top-knotted skull. This antenna seemed to give Aurra Sing some connection to her Anzati masters. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, Aurra sing was hired by Devaronian Senator Vien'sai'malloc to assassinate Elsah'sai'moro and protect the Separatist base on Devaron from attack. Eager to kill more Jedi, Aurra agreed to the job. She nearly killed both Jedi Master Tholme and her own former teacher, the Dark Woman, but she was apprehended by Aayla Secura. Aurra Sing tried to taunt the young Jedi, trying to use an advantage she could gain. However, in combat, Aayla managed to slice off the antenna on Aurra Sing's head, momentarily cutting her off from her anger. Aurra Sing was captured by the Jedi and sentenced immediately to imprisonment on Oovo IV. The lightsaber she had collected were returned to the Jedi Order for distribution to students of the dead. (YJC1, IG1, SWI57, BHAS, OWS, DSSB, ASNG, J3)

Ausar Auset
this aging Nikto was one of many Jedi Knights who participated in the Clone Wars. Auset was placed into a strange position during the Siege of Saleucami, when he was forced to fight against cloned Morgukai Warriors. Despite the fact that many of his comrades wondered how he could fight against the other Nikto, Auset explained that the Morgukai had always been aloof to other Nikto, and that he was a Jedi before he was a Nikto. Unfortunately, Ausar Auset was killed on Saleucami when he was caught in the explosion of a starfighter that crashed into the planet's surface. (RSOS)

Ausec Grogle
this Trandoshan trader was active during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (E1A4)

Austan Asteroid Cluster
many of the properties in this cluster of asteroids were owned by Meysen Kayson. (SWJ6)

this village, located on the southern hemipshere of the planet Rhinnal, was controlled by the Kieger clan. (CCW)

a Sovereign-class Star Destroyer that was under construction when the Emperor Palpatine was reborn on the planet Byss. (DE1)

Autem, Lissa
this girl was the younger daughter of Sagoro and Sula Autem. Much to her father's dismay, Lissa admired the daredevil antics of her older brother, Reymet. (RHD)

Autem, Reymet
this young man, the son of Blue Guard member Sagoro Autem, was twenty years old at the time of the Battle of Geonosis. He had been educated at the Leadership School on Andara, but as a scholarship student. This meant that he was snubbed by most of his wealthier classmates, and was something of a loner during his education. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, Sagoro sent Reymet to be trained as a Senate Guard, although Reymet chafed at the education. He wanted to spend his time racing through the garbage pits of Coruscant, risking his life for thrilling activities. This frustrated Sagoro, whose father and grandfather had both served the Senate Guard with honor and distinction, especially when there were a number of arrests during the illegal races. Reymet, however, had noble intentions while racing, hoping to earn enough credits to book passage for his girlfriend, Riao Siao, back to her homeworld of Felacat. When his uncle, Venco Autem, agreed to help get Riao back to Felacat, Reymet gladly provided his father's Senate Guard access codes to Venco, unaware that Venco was planning to use them for illicit actions. When the Senate Guard and the Jedi Knights implicated Venco in the murder of Jheramahd Greyshade and the attempted murder of Simon Greyshade, Reymet was forced to reveal his misuse of the authorization codes to his father. Sagoro managed to thwart Venco's plans, but began to realize that his family meant more to him than his loyalty to the Guard. Rather than allow Reymet to be arrested as an accomplice to Greyshade's murder, Sagoro sacrificed his own career to allow Reymet and Riao to escape Coruscant. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, Reymet was arrested for stealing the souped-up speeder of Senator Simon Greyshade, the man his father had been assigned to protect. After being arrested, the Senator's speeder was "stolen" by Anakin Skywalker, during his attempt to rescue his Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, from the ASN-121 droid which tried to assassinate Senator Padme' Amidala. After being released from prison, Reymet went underground, taking up the life of a smuggler until he reappeared in the disguise of the bounty hunter known as Evan Hessler. Using this alias, Reymet was able to save his father from being hunted down and killed by a group of bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader. He took Sagoro aboard his own starship and set off to reunite his father with the rest of his family. (HNN5, RHD, JQ5, RL)

Autem, Sagoro
this man was a Senate Guard, serving the Blue Guards under Commander Zalin Bey during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He refused to be promoted, preferring active duty to a desk job. He also felt a deep-seated hatred of his older brother, Venco, a former Senate Guard who had been taking bribes and payoffs to overlook certain evidence against Senators. It was Sagoro himself who discovered this, and he never forgave Venco for his actions. The decision to remain an active Guard came back to haunt him when Senator Jheramahd Greyshade was murdered, eight years after the Battle of Naboo. Sagoro and his partner, Isaru Omin, were assigned to investigate the murder of Greyshade, allowing the Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to protect Simon Greyshade. When it was discovered that Venco Autem was behind the assassination of Jheramahd Greyshade, Sagoro was taken off the investigation, and assigned to keep watch over Simon Greyshade. Upon returning home, Sagoro discovered that his son, Reymet, had provided Venco with Sagoro's own authorization codes. Rushing to the Senate Rotunda, Sagoro found that Venco had infiltrated Simon Greyshade's chambers and was planning to kill him. Sagoro was forced to shoot his own brother, killing him to ensure that Greyshade survived. When a full-scale investigation into Venco's actions was launched, Sagoro realized that family meant more to him that he thought. He sacrificed his own career to ensure that Reymet was able to leave Coruscant and avoid being implicated in Venco's plans. His own partner, Isaru, was forced to arrest him as an accomplice to Venco's plans. He was imprisoned on Brentaal, until Shogar Tok and his Separatist forces took control of the prison and began to use it as their base of operations. Sagoro led a team of insurgent prisoners - along with Lyshaa and Ryyk - in a revolt, only to be cut off by Jedi Master Shaak Ti and a squad of clone troopers. With the Republic's forces pinned down, Shaak Ti offered the three their freedom in exchange for helping the Jedi to destroy Tok's hold on Brentaal. They reluctantly agreed, seeing no better path to freedom. Autem agreed to accompany Quinlan Vos on a mission to destroy the weapons emplacements defending the fortress, which might allow the Republic's forces to gain access to the facility. Just before Vos could set the explosives, however, they were apprehended by Tok's forces. Unknown to the Separatists, though, was that Korto Vos and Sagoro Autem had planted a series of explosives. Many of the undetected explosives went off spectacularly, destroying much of the weaponry protecting Tok's fortress and allowing Vos and Autem to escape. After Shaak Ti defeated Shogar Tok in combat, they kept their end of the bargain and allowed Sagoro to go free. Sagoro later decided to join the Republic's military, serving as a Captain in the Navy during the final months of the Clone Wars. He was in command of the space-based forces of the Republic during the siege of Saleucami, working with the various Jedi Masters to bring down the Separatists' defenses once their planetary shields were disabled. After the Jedi Rebellion, Autem found himself forced to serve the newly-founded Galactic Empire, which went against his own beliefs. Although ostensibly loyal to the Empire, Autem was targeted for arrest for supposed collusion with rebel forces on Coruscant. He arranged to flee Coruscant with the help of Ch'ord Sy'fon, unaware that the Bothan later provided information on his location to Darth Vader himself. Vader dispatched a group of bounty hunters to track him down, but Sagoro escaped when Evan Hessler revealed himself to be Sagoro's son, Reymet. Note that this character is referred to as Saguro Autem in Star Wars: Jedi - Shaak Ti. (RHD, HNN5, J2, RSOS, RL)

Autem, Saguro
see Autem, Sagoro (J2)

Autem, Sula
this woman married Sagoro Autem, and was the mother of his children. When Sagoro's older brother, Venco, was implicated in the murder of Senator Jheramahd Greyshade, Sagoro threw his entire being into the investigation. Sula felt that he had abandoned his family for his loyalty to the Senate Guard, and threatened to leave him. After it was revealed that their son, Reymet, had provided Sagoro's authorization codes to Venco, Sula couldn't take it anymore. She took their daughter, Lissa, and left Sagoro. (RHD)

Autem, Venco
this man was behind the plans to influence the Financial Reform Act, some eight years after the Battle of Naboo. A former Senate Guard, Venco was the older brother of Sagoro Autem. He was expelled from the Guards for taking payoffs to overlook certain evidence, after an in-depth investigation by Sagoro himself. Venco was sent to prison, and was eventually released with time-off for good behavior. Venco claimed that he did what he did to help expose the corruption in the Senate, but Sagoro never believed him. It was discovered that Venco arranged for the deaths of many Senators prior to the vote on the FRA, including Jheramahd Greyshade, then ensured that appropriately conditioned replacements were elected to support his position. He tried to cover his actions by explaining to Sagoro that he was dying, which in fact was true. After contracting a terminal disease while in prison, Venco had nothing to lose, and decided to do whatever he could to further his ideals. When Sagoro proved intractable, Venco decided to become close to Sagoro's son, Reymet. When Reymet tried to get his girlfriend, Riao Siao, freed and returned to Felacat, Venco used his contacts to assist in her release. In return, Venco asked for Reymet's security codes, ostensibly to make contact with a Senator. Reymet's codes had been revoked when he was arrested for garbage pit racing, but he provided Sagoro's codes instead. Using his brother's codes, Venco infiltrated the Senate Rotunda and arranged to guard Senator Greyshade's platform. Using a feint arranged by Princess Tsian, Venco found himself alone with Greyshade, and was about to murder him when Sagoro discovered him. After exchanging angry words, Sagoro was forced to shoot and kill Venco to save Greyshade's life. (RHD)

this corporation produced a number flame weapons during the New Order. (GUN)

Authority Cash Voucher
created by the Corporate Sector Authority, this plastic data card denoted a certain sum of credits due to its holder. These cards were usually issued from Authority Currency Exchanges, where all manner of valuables could be exchanged for CSA credits. (HSE, SWDB)

Authority Court
this was the term used to describe the judicial system of the Corporate Sector Authority. Most of the major worlds within the Corporate Sector had an Authority court, where cases were tried against those who broke the laws of the CSA. (HSR)

Authority Currency Exchange
developed by the Corporate Sector Authority's financial division, an Authority Currency Exchange was an automated kiosk which took in various commodities, such as precious metals, gems, and non-standard currencies, and converted their value into the credit standard used throughout the Corporate Sector. It then issued the owner of these commodities an Authority Cash Voucher in return. (HSE, SWDB)

Authority Data Center
these facilities, such as the one located on Orron III, served as the Corporate Sector Authority's primary computer storage and operations centers, during the early years of the Empire. Each Data Center was a repository of the data necessary to keep the Authority in a position of power. (HSE)

Authority Merchant Marine
this was the name of the the Corporate Sector Authority's private shipping union, which was operated like an independent branch of the main navy, although it was focused on the shipment of goods throughout the Corporate Sector. (HSR)

Authority Starship Code Safety Regulations
known as "askers" by the outlaw techs of the Corporate Sector, these regulations define specific attributes that all starships operating in the Sector must adhere to. These regulations affect all aspects of starship modifications, including weaponry, shielding, hull plating, sensors, escape mechanisms, landing gear, power plants, communications, propulsion and braking, cargo space allocation, and passenger accommodations. Starships that didn't meet the code were impounded, unless the owner carried an Authority Waiver that noted those systems not up to code. (CSA)

Authority Waiver
this was the name given to the authorization provided by the Corporate Sector Authority that allowed certain inspections to be bypassed. They were most often issued to those starships under the Authority's control, so that they could bypass the normal takeoff, landing, and safety inspections that were performed on most other ships. Many smugglers used forged Authority Waiver forms that allowed them access to certain spaceports, despite their obviously-modified starships. (HSE)

Autin, Bront
this Imperial was a COMPNOR Art Group Monitor, serving under Kem Tija in Sanbra Sector. He discovered Tem Eliss was about to publish the University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life, and tried to detain Eliss. He was unable to capture Eliss before the academic escaped, and the Guide went into underground publication on student networks. (GG12)

this versatile technology had many uses. Essentially an automated system for the application of one material onto a solid body, autoapplicators were used in manufacturing facilities to lubricate assembled parts, but they were also used in many spas and resorts to apply emollients and lotions to the skin. (HSL)

this ancient weapon was the fore-runner to the blaster cannon. Like modern blasters, it produced a high-intensity packet of coherent light which could be shot into a target. Unlike modern weapons, the autoblaster simply let fly with a salvo of bolts that were hard to aim and of relatively low power. (SH)

this old style of weapon resembles a longbow, but has automatic loading mechanisms as well as assisted tensioning. (POT)

this ancient, repeating crossbow weapon was produced by Drolan Plasteel. (TOJC)

this was the generic term for any automated food preparation unit installed on a starship. (GG9)

this speciallized device was used to rapidly chill down liquids, and was a common fixture in many cantinas and taverns across the galaxy. (MJH)

any automated medical station. (COJ)

any pre-programmed vehicles assigned to a specific task. On the planet Kegan, during the last decades of the Old Republic, autohoppers were remotely-controlled skyhoppers which were used to monitor the activities of every Keganite citizen. (HSL, FFT)

this was the generic term used to describe any global positioning system used by scouts and explorers to map out unexplored worlds. This device was roughly the size of a datapad. (IA)

Automata Galactica
this Old Republic droid manufacturer took over and merged with Industrial Intelligence to form the mega-corporation Industrial Automaton. Never a huge corporation, many senior members of Industrial Intelligence wondered how Automata Galactica developed the economic power to execute the merger. (SWJ7)

this newsnet was created to provide access to the latest news and information on the galaxy's multitude of droids and automata. (FTD)

Autominer Mk IV
this was Akin-Dower's version of a MechMiner, produced for use during the height of the New Order. The Autominer found great acceptance in the Tasar Crystal mines of the planet Tasariq. (SWJ15)

this was a generic term used to describe any automated cargo-moving vehicle. (HSR)

any self-motivated transport vehicle which can be programmed to move materials from one place to another. (HSR)

Autonomic Crust-piercer
this piece of mining machinery uses a huge, cone-shaped gouge to break through a planet's crust in order to reach the ores below it. The crust-piercer is essentially a long, solid pole. The cone is studded with durasteel teeth, and the entire machine is moved about on huge treads. This configuration allows it gain a great deal of momentum before plowing into the earth, at which time the grinding of the cone makes quick work of the surrounding strata. (SLS)

any automated defense system that uses remote sensors to detect the presence of an intruder. These systems are often employed around satellites and space stations, to allow them extra time to prepare for an attack. (VOF)

developed by the Corellian Security Force, this was a model of fixed-emplacement weapons detection system. (GUN)

this was a model of treaded locomotion system developed for droids during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWJ6)

this medical device is used to stop the flow of blood from a limb by compressing the vessel with a force field. (ESBR)

this was the brand name of SoroSuub's droid-mounted global positioning system (GPS) module. The AutoTracker allowed a droid to monitor its position and generate an automatic map of its immediate surroundings, ensuring that the droid and its owner were never be lost. (FTD)

this was a generic term used to describe any powered, wrench-like hand-tool that supplied additional torque via an internal power source. (LCF)

Autumna Planitia
an expanse of land near Margess Base. (RPG)

this moon was the second which orbited the planet Almania. The inhabitants of the moon were wiped out by Dolph's remote-detonation droids following his attack on Pydyr. (TNR, EGP)

produced by GTU, this was their basic suit of power armor. It was portable and sturdy, and provided good protection for most light-duty applications. GTU went on to produce three derivative suits of armor for specific applications: the AV-1S for scouts and explorers, the AV-1C for combat soldiers, and the AV-1A for assault troops. (GFT)

this was a military suit of assault armor, which found its way to the black market during the height of the New Order. Manufactured by GTU, the AV-1A was the most sophisticated derivative of the basic AV-1 suit of power armor. It was the bulkiest AV-1 suit, requiring fifteen minutes to fully don, but it also provided twelve hours of operating time before requiring replenishment. Like the AV-1C, the AV-1A came equipped with a repulsorlift engine for maneuverability, and was given enhanced imaging and communications systems. It also provided superior life support and strength augmentation facilities. (SWJ14, GFT, AEG)

developed by GTU from the basic AV-1 suit of power armor, the AV-1C was designed for combat use. It was equipped with a comprehensive weapon integration and targeting system, which allowed the user to link two weapons to the suit's onboard battle computer for easier use. Like the AV-1S, this suit was equipped with a small repulsorlift engine to greater maneuverability, as well as a suite of imaging systems spanning visible and infrared spectra. (GFT)

this derivative of GTU's AV-1 suit of power armor was equipped with sensor systems and survival tools for use by scouts and explorers. The AV-1S was also given a repulsorlift engine, to help the wearer move about in rugged or hostile environments. (GFT)

this landspeeder was produced during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

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