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this alien race, native to the Outer Rim world of Maya Kovel, was characterized by its blood-chilling voice. As a people, the Ayrou were known to be strong-willed individualists, committed to maintaining a peaceful existence of barter and negotiation. Most Ayrou regarded any form of combat as a juvenile approach to resolving a situation, preferring to use their brains to determine a suitable outcome. Because of this, the Ayrou were known to debate on a topic for generations before abruptly changing societal customs to meet their needs. This also instilled in the Anyrou a hoarding mentality, with each individual holding onto anything they could find, on the off-chance it might prove useful one day. The average Ayrou stood two meters in height, and was distinguished by their long limbs and milk-white skin. Their startling eye colors were matched only by the bright plumage the Ayrou had instead of hair, and many Ayrou were continually preening themselves to ensure their best appearance. The fingers on their hands were tripled-jointed, allowing the Ayrou to grasp and bend their hands into unusual positions. (SOP, UANT)

Ayrou Tessent
this was the term used to describe the version of the Tessent that was attributed to the Ayrou race. Like the Alaskan Tessent, the Ayrou Tessent resembled a large bird which had the head of a felinx. The Ayrou Tessent was supposedly part of the vast horde of treasures that were accumulated by the ancient hierarchs of the Il Madri religion. When the Il Madri religion was abandoned, the treasures were supposed hidden somewhere in the Kuna systems of the galaxy's Moddell Sector, although the Ayrou Tessent was believed to have been hidden on Ast Kikorie, as it contained the coordinates of the hidden treasure trove. (GMR9)

Ayrvn, Garim
this man was once the warden of an Imperial prison, until the Alliance raided the installation and freed the captives. Garim resigned in disgrace, and took up bounty hunting as a way to get back at the Alliance. He joined House Tresario, and vowed to recover all the prisoners who escaped with the Alliance. (GG10)

Aythar Desh
this was the name of a noted Thakwaash individual. (UANT)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "wind in the leaves". (GCG)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "star" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Ayy Vida
this Twi'lek female frequented the bars and nightclubs of Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She was unusual among Twi'leks because her yellow skin was striped with orange, rather being a solid color. A consort working for Hat Lo, Ayy Vida dreamed of being rescued from servitude, but feared that Tas Kee would eventually hunt her down. During the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, Ayy Vida was a known associate of Achk Med-Beq. She hoped that his association with Dannl Faytonni would allow her to meet the man, whom she believed to be an officer of the Old Republic who might be able to free her from enslavement. (OWS, SWDB, IWE2, SWI75)

this was the designation of Incom Industries' heavy-weight, armored droid leg system. (DWK)

AZ 7-62
this was a freighter owned by Twin Suns Transport Services. (XWA)

this Huttese adjective translated roughly into Basic as "hazardous." (E1A14)

this arid, terrestrial world was the fourth planet of the Zug System. It was located just inside the asteroid belt known as The Coins of Gauha, and was orbited by a pair of moons. (PH)

Azaria 66
this propulsion unit was manufactured by Alkherrodyne Propulsion. It was engineered in accordance with their corporate "programmed obsolescence" mandate, and was poorly designed. When it started exploding in the field and lawsuits started rolling in, Alkherrodyne falsely accused Klaus Vandangante of being negligent in his engineering. Both Vandangante and Alkherrodyne were bankrupted because of the failure of the Azaria 66. (CSA)

an Imperial General killed on Lafra when the CSPL-12 projectile launcher one of his troops was using jammed. An official investigation later revealed that the trooper was in error. (ISB)

sister of the Singing Mountain clan on Dathomir. (CPL)

Condren Foreck's home planet. (AC)

Azerbaz Region
this was one of the northernmost of Tatooine's habitable regions. (T20)

this immense Imperial starship resembled the basic design of the World Devastator, although it predated the super weapons by several years. It was originally commanded by Admiral Mir Tork, who was serving under Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta, and resembled two huge cube connected by a thick shaft. Four engines, the lower two of which could swivel downward, propelled the ship in atmopsheres. The interior of the ship was refitted to house laboratories and slave holds, as Admiral Tork and his partner, Doctor Leonis Murthe', spent much of their careers subjugating and destroying alien civlizations. The Azgoghk was defeated in battle by the New Republic and abandoned, but it was later recovered by Admiral Tork and transported to Malicar 3 for repairs. The ship was badly disabled when Boba Fett arrived on Malicar 3 to execute Tork and Murthe'. (AOD, SWI66)

this infamously paranoid pirate was captured by Morturr Heth and the surviving Disac pirates, shortly after Ket Maliss wiped out the Disac. His identity was later used by Morturr Heth to get back at Black Sun. His ship, the Rampaging Ranat, was also usurped by Heth's gang. (SSR)

this Bothan name was given to newborn females. It was an alternate spelling of Asyr. (GCG, WOTC)

this man was one of the many beings who settled onto the Khoonda Plains of Dantooine, after Darth Malak destroyed the Jedi Enclave on the planet and laid waste to much of the surrounding area, during the Jedi Civil War. As a mercenary, Azkul and his gang of thugs were always looking for a quick credit, and they believed that they had finally hit the jackpot when they captured Jedi Master Vrook within the Jedi Enclave. They took him to a secret place in the Crystal Cave, and planned to transport him to Nar Shaddaa to collect the bounty on his head. However, they were tracked there by The Exile and his party. Azkul refused to turn Vrook over, and The Exile was forced to trick Azkul into letting his "fix" the force cage in which Vrook was being held. The Exile then freed the Jedi Master and fled the cave. Azkul then pursued the Jedi back to the Khoonda Administration Center, where he confronted them again. This, to prove he was more than ready to fight, he killed Administrator Terena Adare in cold blood, then challenged The Exile. However, the sudden appearance of Jedi Master Vrook turned the tables on Azkul, and he and his mercenaries were killed when they tried to fight their way free. (KOTOR2)

this was one of the repulsorlift-equipped, floating cities found on the planet Rordak. (PG1)

a nondescript planet in the Rayter Sector. (CRO)

Azook of Denden
this was one of the many Swokes Swokes caliphs who ruled the planet Makem Te during the height of the Old Republic. It was rumored that Azook's marker in The Tract covered a hidden cache of firegems, although no evidence was ever found of their existence. (GORW)

this ancient Falleen managed an antiques store in the Southern Underground of Coruscant. In reality, Azool was portrayed by Xizor's niece, Savan. (SEE)

Azool's Antiques
this artifact dealership was owned by the old Falleen Azool, and was located in the Southern Underground of Coruscant. (SEE)

this blue-skinned, Wroonian woman was entertained by Han Solo while he and Chewbacca were trying to keep the peace on Aduba-3. She was dating the alien Warto at the time, and he jealously attacked Han. (MC8, GMR4)

this man was strong in the Force when he was discovered by Emperor Palpatine, shortly before the institution of the New Order. Palpatine used Azrakel as an experiment, forcing him to experience the full power of the Dark Side of the Force for days on end. Palpatine hoped to see how long it would take for Azrakel's mind to break. Azrakel proved resilient, and Palpatine soon tired of the experiment. Azrakel was recovered by Supreme Prophet Kadann, but his mind had been wiped clear. Kadann trained him to be a living weapon, and to hate both Palpatine and Darth Vader. Over time, Azrakel came to hate Kadann as well, and set out on his own to the Corporate Sector and Wild Space, in the wake of the Battle of Endor. (DSSB)

this cool, forested planet was one of the worlds colonized by the Mugaari, before they made contact with the Old Republic. It was originally part of the area of the galaxy known as Mugaari Space, which later was renamed to be the Javin Sector. Atzubek was known as the headquarters for many of the Greater Javin's corporations. The native population was among the wealthiest in the Outer Rim Territories, despite its backwater location. (WOA33)

this Tusken Raider was badly injured when he encountered a mole serpent in the desert of Tatooine, some time before the Battle of Yavin. The mole serpent had been brought to Tatooine by Ranon Djelkh, but the bounty hunter who was transporting his had to crash-land in the desert. A-Zulmun managed to survive his encounter with the worm by shoving his slugthrower rifle into the mole serpent's mouth. Shortly afterward, his dying body was found by a group of smugglers who had inadvertently come to possess the Tirginni Cologne Djelkh had imported. Although he distrusted them with every fiber of his existence, A-Zulmun eventually began to talk to the smugglers. When they agreed to help move the bounty hunter's ship - the Star Stalker, which was blocked the entrance to the cave used by A-Zulmun's tribe - he showed them the way to the ship. When Ranon Djlekh and his thugs showed up to retrieve the mole serpent, A-Zulmun managed to injure the crimelord with another rifle, giving the smugglers a chance to defeat the crimelord. Once the remains of the Star Stalker were moved, A-Zulmun thanked the smugglers and began to restore his tribe's home. (SOT)

this wayward planet was not part of any star system, and wandered a small patch of space in the Mid Rim. It even lacked any moons, making it completely alone. Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, the Old Republic established a secret base on Azure, to monitor Separatist communications and movements during the war. After Talesan Fry agreed to turn over his codebreaking device to the Republic, it was brought to Azure for investigation. However, Helina Dow had managed to install a tracer in the codebreaker, alerting the Separatists to its location on Azure. After the base was discovered, Azure saw a great deal of combat during the later stages of the Clone Wars, as the Separatists captured the planet and then fought to control it. (MJH, SOJ)

Azure Angel II
this was the name used by Anakin Skywalker to denote his heavily-modified delta-7 Aethersprite-class fighter, during the height of the Clone Wars. Among the primary modifications was the addition of a shipboard hyperdrive unit, which eliminated the need for a hyperdrive ring when traveling across interstellar distances. (JT)

Azure Dianoga
an Invisible Sector cantina located on Coruscant. (WG)

Azure Hammer Command
this was the primary Imperial stationed in the Imperial Center Oversector of the galaxy, defending Coruscant and a good slice of the Core Worlds during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The fleet's flagshiop was the Super-class Star Destroyer Whelm, which was supported by fifty-seven other capital ships. (CCW)

Azure Imperium
this ancient political body was headquartered on the planet Axum, during the millennia before the formation of the Old Republic. When Coruscant became the recognized center of galactic power, the Azure Imperium was absorbed into its sphere of protection. (CCW)

Azure Motorworks
this groundcar manufacturer was based on the planet Anaxes, and built exceptionally quiet and luxurious vehicles that conformed to the strict regulations of the planet's cities. (CCW)

Azure Overlook
this was a popular tourist spot, located on the coastline of Quantill City, on the planet Ando. It was situated in the Quara area of the city, opposite the city's starport to protect its pristene beauty. A wondrous rock garden covered much of its grounds, with a variety of aline plants and lichens being cultivated in its niches. (SWJ11)

Azure Sector
this was one of the wealthiest, and most crime-free sectors of the galaxy during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WOA34)

Azure Shield
this small Imperial fleet was separate from the Azure Hammer Command, and was specifically charged with the defense of the Azure Sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

Azure Spaceport
this spaceport was located on the planet Azure. The Old Republic maintained a base at the spaceport during the height of the Clone Wars, in an effort to keep the planet from falling into the hands of the Separatists. Although the Republic was forced to cede control of the planet during the Battle of Azure Spaceport, they continued to send forces to Azure in an effort to regain control. (SOJ)

Azure Walk
this was the name given to the central walkway of the Grand Piazza on Anaxes, which was created from azure marble flagstones. (CCW)

this valuable stone was mined on the planet Bandomeer. (GORW)

Azurite Society of Lords
this exclusive organization was formed from a group of socialites who were loyal to the New Order, and remained active for many years during the early stages of the New Republic. (WOTC)

Azur-Jamin, Daye
Tinian I'att's fiance' and a Force-sensitive individual, Daye worked in the research and development division of I'att Armament. He was close to Strephan I'att, and the two of them collaborated on an anti-blaster energy field during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. When Imperial Moff Eisen Kerioth decided to steal the designs for his own work, he executed Strephan and his wife, Augusta, in front of Daye and Tinian. Daye and Tinian's bodyguard, the Wookiee Wrrl, managed to get Tinian to safety. After making sure she escaped from Druckenwell with the plans to the energy field's technology, Daye destroyed the I'att complex. Unfortunately, he was caught in the resulting desctruction and was nearly killed before he could rendezous with Tinian. He was rescued by the local underground, and eventually recovered. However, he had many body parts replaced with cybernetic implants. Rather than endanger Tinian further, Daye remained with the underground and eventually joined the Alliance. He worked for the cell led by Una Poot, and was responsible for aiding the Sunesi in their battles against the Empire. When Daye met Agapos the Ninth, the Sunesi used his ability with the Force to see what was troubling Daye, and explained that he needed to find Tinian and let her know he was alive. Several years after the Battle of Endor, Daye and Tinian were reunited. They rediscovered their love for one another, and eventually were married. Daye himself traveled to Yavin 4 to discuss further training with Luke Skywalker, and became a field agent for the Jedi. Soon afterward, Tinian gave birth to a son, Tam, who himself grew into a Jedi student. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Daye provided reports from the front edges of alien-held territory, and was on Nal Hutta following the Battle of Fondor. However, Daye disappeared during the fighting, and was feared dead. The truth was much worse, however: Daye had twisted to the Dark Side of the Force by a renegade Dark Jedi. Daye was eventually located by Kyle Katarn, who held Katarn briefly hostage until Jan Ors found them. After Kyle was able to return Daye to the Light Side of the Force, Daye revealed the fact that a Force-sensitive Yuuzhan Vong female was loose in the remotest areas of the galaxy. The small group then set out to locate her. (TFE, TBH, SWJ10, BP, WOTC)

Azur-Jamin, Tam
this Force-sensitive boy was the son of Daye Azur-Jamin and Tinian I'att, and later was a student at Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Luke asked Tam to travel to Nal Hutta and locate his father, who hadn't reported into the Jedi in several days. Tam later returned to the Jedi base on Eclipse and became a member of Saber Squadron. During the final stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, after the living planet Zonama Sekot agreed to help bring about an end to the conflict, Tam was one of several Jedi Knights were bonded to seed-partners and provided with Sekotan starships. Tam was ultimately one of the handful of Jedi Knights to survive the conflict with the Yuuzhan Vong. Note that Star by Star indicates, at one point, that Tam was a Duros. (BP, SWI57, SBS, UF)

Azuroth Khell
this Kalzerian was a native of the Kost province. He became part of the resistance that grew on Kalzeron shortly after the Empire subjugated the planet. Khell and his comrades fled Kalzeron in order to train and obtain weapons, but the Empire withdrew from the planet shortly after the Battle of Endor. When the members of the resistance returned home, they were branded cowards and traitors to their people. Outcast from his own world, Khell wandered the galaxy as a hired gun and mercenary, until he was picked up by Executive Results. The leaders of this corporation were so impressed with his skills that they brought him to the attention on Saujutta-Ok-Topii herself. Saujutta recognized his potential, and placed Khell in charge of the forces that were neutralizing the enemies of Syndicate One. (SWJ8)

a Mon Calamari light freighter. (SN)

Azzameen Station
this ring-shaped space station was owned and operated by Tomaas Azzameen and his brother, Antan. It served as the base of operations for Twin Suns Transport Services. (XWA)

Azzameen, Ace
the youngest of Tomaas Azzameen's three sons, Ace was eager to begin flying for his father's company, Twin Suns Transport Services. However, his brothers never wanted to admit he was ready, so Ace often flew with his sister, Aeron. She favored him over the other two boys, although her loyalty to the entire family never waivered. Ace learned how to fly transports with Aeron shortly after the Battle of Hoth, and was instrumental in helping the Alliance steal the shuttle Tyrdirium near Zhar. (XWA, NEGC)

Azzameen, Aeron
the only daughter of Tomaas Azzameen, Aeron was the family's computer systems expert. She was also an ingenous hacker, and could fly a transport with any of her brothers. During the last years of the Galactic Civil War, she became emotionally involved with Olin Garn, after the pilot contracted with Twin Suns Transport Services. (XWA)

Azzameen, Antan
this man and his brother, Tomaas Azzameen, cofounded Twin Suns Transport Services. His loyalty to the family ran deep, especially after he was caught on Hoth, assisting the Alliance with a supply delivery, when the Empire attacked. However, he grew to oppose his family's affiliation with the Alliance, and soon turned into a traitor. He tried to expose the family and turn them over to the Empire in a trap laid at Kessel Station, but Ace and the Alliance were able to thwart his plans. (XWA)

Azzameen, Emon
the middle of the three sons of Tomaas Azzameen, Emon was a skilled pilot with a hot streak. He was always around when a fight breaks out, and seemed to attract more trouble than one man ever could. Often, his temper got the better of his judgement, and he had to be rescued by his siblings. (XWA)

Azzameen, Galin
the eldest of the three sons of Tomaas Azzameen, Galin was known as a quiet yet brilliant man who was groomed to follow in his father's footsteps within Twin Suns Transport Service. He held strongly to his own beliefs on right and wrong, and was a background supporter of the Alliance. Galin and Tomaas Azzameen were both killed aboard the Vasudra, when it destroyed during a bacta delivery. (XWA)

Azzameen, Tomaas
this man and his brother, Antan Azzameen, cofounded Twin Suns Transport Services. The older of the two brothers, Tomaas served as the family leader during the period between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor. Like Antan, his loyalty to the family runs deep, especially after Antan was caught on Hoth, assisting the Alliance with a supply delivery, when the Empire attacked. However, Tomaas also felt that the Empire was morally wrong, and supported the Alliance as discreetly as possible. His skills in business have gotten the family into a rivalry with the owners of Viraxo Industries. Tomaas and Galin Azzameen were both killed aboard the Vasudra, when it destroyed during a bacta delivery. (XWA)

this man was a professor of Modern History at a university on Alderaan, during the early years of the New Order. He openly opposed the tyranny of the Empire's government, and even described the sport of wegsphere as a symbol of the Empire's oppression. Azzi failed Conn Doruggan in his class, after reading his essay on Human Expansionism. (TBSB)

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