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an Aratech airspeeder popular in the Outer Rim. (TFE)

one of Aratech's landspeeders, the Arrow-23 was designed for use by adventurers and guides who needed to get into the wilderness. It was protected by military-grade armor and blast-resistant windows. Despite these measures, the 8.1-meter-long Arrow-23 was surprisingly comfortable, and was one of the fastest civilian speeders on the market during the height of the New Order. The Arrow-23 was also easily customized, with a wide range of options for communications, comfrot, and weapons. The Alliance modified these craft extensively, adding a laser cannon and a concussion grenade launcher to move up to 5 troopers into a hot battle zone. (RASB, AEG)

Arroway, Cheln
this man worked for Tern Ashandrik as hired muscle, protecting Ashandrik's interests on the planet Seregar. (ND)

an Alliance Lambda-class shuttle used to evacuate key personnel from Briggia, when it was attacked as part of Operation Strike Fear. (XW)

this Twi'lek woman was the chosen companion of the Najib Lathaam, until he mistakenly angered Adalric Brandl by not allowing him to leave the planet Najiba during its passage through the surrounding asteroid belt. Brandl used the Dark Side of the Force to strangle Arruna and kill her without touching her. (TFE)

Ars Fivvle
this Ugnaught, a member of the Isced tribe, worked as a reporter for Action Tidings on Cloud City, during the height of the New Order. Fivvle had been with the network for nearly a century at the time of the Battle of Hoth, and was known for his ability to snoop out good stories. He was also known for his self-love, and many other reporters often said that he was the unofficial president of the Ars Fivvle fan club. He seemed to have a way of making himself the center of any story, although his reporting was generally considered to be in-depth and informative nonetheless. He was leaked information about the Ugnaught rebellion against Imperial Governor Treece, in the wake of Lando Calrissian's flight from Cloud City, some months after the Battle of Hoth. Fivvle and his team planned to record the eventual destruction of Cloud City, as a testament to the fortitude of the Ugnaught people. Note that Marvel Comics' Star Wars series, issue 57, depicts Fivvle and his team hiding out on the surface of Bespin, which was a swampy marsh filled with liquified gases, while waiting for the bombs to explode. Several years after the Battle of Endor, Fivvle retired to the Ugnaught outpost of Ugnorgrad, although he remained the most popular figure of Action Tidings. His holodocumentary, Ugnaughts' Progress, was so popular on Bespin that it was eventually picked up and distributed to newsnets across the galaxy, and earned him a great many honors from broadcast agencies. This, of course, only added to his self-described legend. (MC57, PH)

Ars Opus
an Imperial freighter which was carrying a cargo of R2 astromech droids, it was overtaken by pirates but later captured by the Alliance. In what appeared to be a planned maneuver, some of the R2 units were programmed to be remotely controlled. When they were used by Alliance starpilots, they suddenly lost control of their ships and were captured. (XW)

developed by the Jedi Knights, this salt-like material was used to counteract the adhesive effects of blorash jelly. (SBS)

a planet. (SWJ10)

Art Beyond Dying
this was the name of the "glorious conception" honorable Blood Carvers could experience after their physical bodies died. Once the physical body was killed, the Blood Carver moved forward into the afterlife, reborn in a more wondrous form. Many heinous crimes, especially those which bring dishonor to one's family, result in a warrior's exclusion from the list of those allowed to experience the Art. (RP)

Art Galaxy Roundup
this was one of the many newsfeed articles written by Pertaal Shenvehr. Like his other columns, it contained coded messages and phrases that allowed him to pass information to Alliance field agents. (CRO)

Art of Movement
this Jedi training exercise put a student into an obstacle course filled with lines of light, as well as a multitude of bouncing points of light. The idea was to move from one side of a room to the other, avoiding the various lights which kept moving around the room. The goal was to hone the student's reflexes while enhancing their agility. (JQ3)

Art of the Small
this technique of utilizing the power of the Force was discovered and refined by the Fosh Jedi Knight, Vergere, during her five decades of imprisonment with the Yuuzhan Vong. Vergere's personal study and introspection transcended the traditional definitions of a light side and a dark side to the Force. Instead, she found a wild form of the Force and a more controlled form. This definition, which simply stated the the Force exists and can be controlled, led her to the discovery of the Art of the Small. Using this technique, Vergere could make herself "small", in such a way that she was barely recognizable within the Force. This allowed her to fool her Yuuzhan Vong captors into believing that she was not, in fact, a Jedi Knight. It also allowed her to manipulate individual molecules within her body to affect tiny chemical changes. Thus, Vergere could alter her own tears to become healing fluids or poisons. (WOTC)

an Imperial Security Bureau agent who worked with Wallace Fisk on Demophon. (SN)

Artery Worm
this tiny, vicious worm was native to the planet Dathomir. During the Old Republic, the Witches of Dathomir raised artery worms to feed to their victims. When ingested, an artery worm will burrows through its host's veins, turning them to molten fire as it digests them. (SWIE)

Artesian Space Collage
an art form which consists of hanging objects suspended around a central point of interest. (TNR)

this planet was originally colonized by the Ithorians, but was not governed by the Ithorians. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, it was believed that the terrorist group known as The Flail was going to launch a major operation on Arthon. (WOTC)

Articles of Secession
this was the formal documentation package which was developed shortly before the Clone Wars, for use by those planets which chose to secede from the Old Republic in order to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (HNN4)

Articles of the Hawk-bats
this ficticious set of by-laws supposedly governed the actions of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force. (IF)

Artificial Gravity
most often used in spacestations and starships, artificial gravity is produced by special gravity generators to create the illusion of gravity where there exists no gravitational force, such as in deep space. (HSE)

Artillery Remote
this device is used by military field personnel to remotely fire heavy artillery weapons. (CCG3)

Artistic Integrity
this musical compilation by the band The Emperor's New Clothes featured a song that was also entitled Artistic Integrity. It was written to goad the band Red Shift Limits, who released an anti-Imperial cover of the TENC song, Totally Patriotic. (GG9)

Artom's Crest
located on the molten moon of Rennokk, this was the tallest spire of solid rock found on the moon. It was named for Reidi Artom, who discovered that the spire was the only permanent surface feature on Rennokk. (LFC)

Artus Prime
this planet was mined by several operations for a variety of ores and minerals, until Imperial forces took control of the planet. The Imperial forces garrisoned the planet and took control of the mines in an effort to supply raw materials for the work of Admiral Galak Fyyar. Kyle Katarn managed to infiltrate the operation shortly after the Battle of Endor, rendering the mines inoperable and temporarily halting Fyyar's work. Kyle also freed the prisoners who were being forced to work in the mines. (SWI69, JK2)

Artzam Hathan
this male Ugnaught was believed to have stolen secret plans and schematics from Sienar Fleet Systems, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. With the help of his colleague, Alby Ermad, Artzam made off with several disks worth of documentation and fled to the Outland Transit Station. However, a bounty had been placed on both Ugnaughts' head for their arrest and return to Sienar. Jango Fett collected the bounty on both of them. (BH)

Aruden Kej
this Jedi Knight was a noted starfighter pilot, and was part of the task force assigned to the Monitor III during the attempt to smash a band of Iridium Pirates which was harassing Old Republic shipping convoys near Vuchelle. After the Monitor III took heavy damage from a blast of the pirates' power gem, Aruden Kej and his fellow pilots took to space in the Aethersprite-class fighters designed for the Jedi. However, Kej was killed in the battle to save the Monitor III. (HNN4)

Aruk Besadii Aora
this Hutt was one of the most powerful members of the Besadii clan. A sibling of Zavval, it was Aruk who placed his nephew Kibbick in control of the Ylesian spice processing facility. Almost 900 years of age at the time of the inception of the New Order, Aruk was so corpulent that he was unable to perform simple movements. Aruk and Jiliac were the two most wealthy and powerful Hutts of their age, and they were continually striving to outdo each other in terms of profits. Aruk gave birth to the disfigured Hutt called Durga, and raised the child in the face of opposition from many other Hutts. When Jiliac realized that Aruk was going to cut off the supply of spice and slaves from Ylesia, he contacted Teroenza. The two devised a scheme in which poisoned nala-tree frogs - a favorite delicacy of Aruk's - were fed to the old Hutt. Aruk consumed the frogs with abandon until his system could no longer take the abuse. Aruk died form the continual poisoning, and his nephew, Durga, suspected foul play. Durga had Aruk's body frozen and sent to Coruscant for an autopsy, where the poison was identified and isolated. (THG, RD, NEGC)

this was a distniguished member of the Pacithhip society. (UANT)

Arunskin 32
a cargo skiff manufactured by GoCorp. It was tougher than the Bantha II skiff, without sacrificing cargo capacity. It measured 17.2 meters in length. (TME, GG7)

this ancient Jedi Master was teaching Set Harth when Lord Hoth rallied the forces of the Jedi for the Battle of Ruusan. Rather than take his apprentice to Ruusan, Aru-Wen chose to leave Set Harth on Coruscant. Unfortunately, Aru-Wen was killed when Lord Kaan set off the Sith thought bomb. (DSSB)

this planet, the homeworld of the Aruzan race, was subjugated by the Empire. It had five moons. (TBH)

this fair, blue-skinned race of humanoids was native to the planet Aruza. The Aruzans had rounded heads covered with blue hair so dark it appears black. They had a form of group mind, which was accessed via an access port implanted behind their ears called an Attanni. They also were incapable of performing violence, and were easily subjugated by the Empire. Certain members of the race were taken to COMPNOR Redesign camps. There, their brains were heavily modified by surgical, chemical, and cybernetic techniques to turn them into a slave race of warriors. The Aruzans hired Dengar to eliminate Sinick Kritkeen, in an effort to remove the Imperial yoke. (TBH)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was a common name among the Talz race. (UANT)

Ar'wa Nonshik
this Aramandi mercenary worked for the Antar Band during the height of the Galactic Civil War. A former member of the Cirra akia, he was a longtime friend of Ujin Voli. During his career on Aram, Ar'wa was a guard for a low-level bureaucrat, and was never quite sure what his employer did for a living. After his boss was found dead, Ar'wa was approached by Ujin Voli and offered a position with the Antar Band. He remained loyal to Voli and the Band throughout their rivalry with Sprax and Black Sun. (SSR)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Arwen Cohl
this notorious Mirialan pirate was hired by the militant wing of the Nebula Front, during the last decades of the Old Republic, to harass Trade Federation convoys. He controlled the pirate group from his modified Tempest-class gunship, the Hawk-Bat. Cohl was a native of the same planet as Luminara Unduli, and bore facial and hand tattoos similar to those of the Jedi Master. He was known on his homeworld as a freedom fighter who made many sacrifices to help his people gain their independence. However, soon after his people gained their freedom, Arwen was accused of conspiring against his people, and sentenced to prison. He managed to escape from prison with the help of some friends, and vowed to have his revenge against those who imprisoned him. He became a mercenary and avenged himself quite strongly before setting out as a pirate. Many years later, Captain Cohl and his crew managed to infiltrate the Trade Federation freighter Revenue shortly before the Battle of Naboo, capturing the freighter's load of lommite and aurodium ingots. Unknown to Cohl, his actions were being tracked by the Republic and the Jedi Knights. After securing the aurodium ingots from the Revenue, Cohl and his infiltration team faked their own destruction by flying toward the explosion of the Trade Federation ship and hiding near the pole of Dorvalla. It was believed that Cohl's actions were actually part of Darth Sidious' plans to garner sympathy for the Federation within the Republic. Cohl and his crew tried to reach Dorvalla, but were shot down. Cohl himself managed to return to Asmeru, but the rest of his crew had either been killed or left the crew. Cohl was then hired by Havac to put together a team of assassins to help alter the course of events in the taxation of trade routes by the Republic by assassinating Chancellor Valorum on Eriadu. However, when the Jedi caught wind of Cohl's activities, Havac was forced to take action to avoid discovery of his own plans. Havac's forces intercepted Cohl's people on Eriadu, and a firefight broke out. Cohl was shot and left for dead by Havac in the melee, in an attempt to implicate Cohl in Valorum's death. With Boiny's help, Cohl was able to survive long enough to thwart Havac's plans. In another brief struggle, Cohl and Havac shot each other. Cohl died from the multiple blaster wounds. (OWS, COD, SWDB)

this was a common name among the Kilmaulsi race. (GORW)

Aryon, Kant
Tour Aryon's husband, Kant was a retired conman. He was born into the lap of luxury, growing up the son of rich parents on Bethars. When he met Tour, he decided it was time to settle down. He became completely devoted to her, and married her about eight years before the Battle of Endor. (GG7)

Aryon, Tour
this ebony-skinned female was the Imperial governor of Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War. She was a slave to fashion, and was always seen wearing the latest clothes. Her contributions to the planet Tatooine were mainly cultural, despite her sharp intellect and quick wit. She had little regard for Mos Eisley. Tour was a native of the planet Treylon II. (TJP, GG7)

this was the Snivvian word for "art." (HNN5)

Arystul Yoci
this was the name of a noted Umbaran individual. (UANT)

this flightless, predatory bird is native to the planet Cerea. It was quite large in size, standing taller than most Cerean men. They are covered with white feathers broken by areas of blue and gray, and stride on the ground on long, thin legs. Aryx have a huge beak which they use to bite, hold, and tear their prey. The Cereans often domesticate the aryx for use as a mount, but they must always remember that the bird could turn on them if mistreated. (PTR)

Aryx Slash
this was one of the many attack postures practiced by the warriors who trained in the teras kasi martial arts. (HNN5)

this female Jedi Master was caught in the gravity well of the black holes that fill the Tyus Cluster. She eventually died there, but remained in the Cluster as a disembodied spirit. When she encountered Kinnin Vo-Shay in the Cluster, she recognized his Force-sensitivity and rescued him, then helped him escape the Cluster. She also taught him how to contact and control the Force, and accompanied Vo-Shay when he managed to break free of the Cluster. Vo-Shay, however, had no intentions of becoming a Jedi Knight. After Vo-Shay met the young man named Nyo, Aryzah realized that Nyo was also Force-sensitive, and agreed to help teach him about the Force. (TFNR)

a planet known for its macaab mushrooms, Arzid was the homeworld of the arachnor. It is also the site of a small Imperial outpost, where Grand Moff Muzzer was sentenced to serve for five years among the arachnors and tentacle-bushes. (PDS, EGA)

Asa Naga
this blue-skinned near-human worked for the Black Sun vigo Darnada during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Distinguished by three forehead tattoos and a scar across his left eye, Asa Naga and the Wookiee Gargachykk were sent by Darnada to hunt down Feen Fenoob and either obtain the credits that the Sullustan owed to Darnada, or bring in his body. They were unable to recover the money, and were resigned to bringing back the Sullustan's body when they discovered that Darth Maul had already killed him. The two thugs brought Maul back to Darnada, only to have the Sith Lord execute the entire assembly. Only Asa Naga survived, and he fled to Alexi Garyn's residence on Ralltiir to report on the execution of Darnada. Unfortunately, Maul followed him to Garyn's residence, and the Sith Lord killed him in an effort to eliminate any trace of his involvement. (DM)

Asaari tree
a tree native to Bimmisaari, it can move its leaves and roots, appearing to be somewhat mobile. (HTTE)

Asaari Wind
this modified PLY-3000 yacht was Ritinki's personal starship, which the Bimm purchased directly from SoroSuub after extensive upgrades were compelted. It was designed to be both a pleasure craft and a combat starship, with incredible speed and firepower. To this ebnd, Ritinki had a pair of military-grade Sienar Fleet Systems drive systems installed. The Asaari Wind was then armed with a pair of light laser cannons, a pair ofmedium ion cannons, two turret-mounted heavy laser cannons, and rear-mounted turbolaser. The ship could carry up to ten passengers and seventy metric tons of cargo. Cecil Noone took possession of the ship after surviving Ritinki's attack on Vop the Usurer aboard the Song of the Clouds, after the Borogove was lost. (SWJ15)

Asador Leen
this being worked at the Xizor Transport Services refueling depot on Karnst, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was the Crew Chief on duty when the Moulee-Rah Patogga made an emergency landing at the facility, only to be captured by law enforcement officials and Jedi Knights for carrying a hold full of ryll spice. (HNN5)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Essowyn. It was located on the continent of Sorontill. (PG1)

Asagov Raider
this modified Action IV transport was owned by Miktiss and the Des'maric Pirates. It was originally known as the Cekbar Servant until it was captured by Miktiss and renamed. The ship was armed with eight ion cannons and twelve double laser cannons, and was used by Miktiss to coordinate the actions of the three Skipray BlastBoats within the Pirates' fleet. (DARK)

Asair's Ribbon
this uncharted sector of the space surrounding the Dantooine System was first explored by the Empire, although no routes into or out of the Ribbon were ever discovered. Asair's Ribbon was later demarked on astrogational maps as the second quadrant of the Dantooine System. (SWGAL)

Asajj Ventress
a native of the planet Rattatak, this woman was a ruthless and cunning adversary, known for her military expertise and her corrupt mastery over the Force. Her parents were murdered by Osika Kirske when she was young, and might have died if not to the sudden appearance of Jedi Master Ky Narec. Master Narec was stranded on Rattatak, and discovered her connection to the Force. Cut off from the Jedi Order, Narec took it upon himself to train Ventress. After Narec was killed by Kirske, Ventress used her considerable powers to gain power and authority on her homeworld, and eventually killed Kirske. She believed that the Jedi Order had abandoned her teacher to his fate, and she hated them for it. This hatred gave her a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force, which she tapped to kill off the twelve warlords who controlled various parts of Rattatak. A black tattoo stripe was draw on her bald skull for each warlord she killed. She was discovered later by Darth Tyranus, and was instrumental in his plans to lead the Separatists to victory. Despite the fact that she was never trained in the Sith arts, she became one of his most trusted Commanders, and wielded a pair of curved-handled ligthsabers which were similar to Tyranus' own weapon. However, each of Ventress' lightsabers could be attached at the base, creating a double-bladed lightsaber with blades that extended a slightly different angles. This made the weapon harder to deflect and counter. When it was learned that Jedi Master Mace Windu was traveling to Ruul to meet with the dissident Jedi Master Sora Bulq, Tyranus ordered Ventress to go to Ruul and kill the dissidents. If cornered, she was to explain that she had been hired by Master Windu, to help ensure that there would be no dissention among the Jedi. She managed to injure Master Bulq and kill Mira, and she openly stated that she hoped Master Windu would be pleased with her work. She then turned her attention to destroying Master Bulq's followers, hoping to ensure that the Jedi Order was discredited. She was unable, however, to defeat Master Windu in battle, and opted to flee Ruul and fight another day. Ventress later was teamed with the bounty hunter Durge, during the Separatist attack on the moon of Ohma-D'un. They had hoped to launch a second attack on Naboo, after Ohma-D'un was destroyed, but Republic forces led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker interrupted their plans. As Durge tried to reach Naboo, Obi-Wan and Ventress battled with their lightsabers in the swamps. Their battle ended in a draw, with Anakin arriving with clone troopers just as Durge arrived to help Ventress escape. They fled to Queyta, where they were ordered to secure the antidote to the swamp gas poison used on Ohma-D'un. Once again, Obi-Wan and the Jedi Knights confronted them, but Ventress was in control of the antidote by then. She tried to flee, but was pursued by Obi-Wan and Master Fay. It was Master Fay who used the Force to hurl shards of glass and metal at Ventress, catching the Dark Jedi in the throat. Ventress had no skills in healing, and surrendered the antidote to the Jedi. She didn't die, however, and stabbed Master Fay as they were fleeing. Once again, Ventress and Durge fled the Jedi to return to Count Dooku. As the Clone Wars ground on, Ventress issued substantial bounties on 82 members of the Jedi Order, all of them without the consent of the Republic Office of Criminal Investigations, which allowed every bounty hunter in the galaxy to try and capture them. This served two purposes. First, it helped eliminate many of the Jedi Knights. Second, it kept the rest of the Jedi Order busy defending themselves from bounty hunters while they were trying to bring an end to the conflict. She nearly killed Anakin Skywalker on Yavin 4 before escaping with her life, then captured Obi-Wan Kenobi on Jabiim, hoping to present the Jedi Master to Count Dooku as a gift. However, Obi-Wan managed to escape, taking Ky Narec's lightsaber with him. The loss of the weapon, which had been a symbol of Ventress' only guiding example, left her with a broken sense of loyalty. Near the end of the Clone Wars, Ventress guided the capture of the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, only to lose control of it to Anakin Skywalker's daring rescue operation. Ventress then began pleading with Dooku to take her as his apprentice, but Dooku refused. He knew that she would surpass him someday, and her skills only got more powerful the more she tried to impress him. Her loss of the Last Call and her failure to capture Yoda on Phindar did little to improve her standing in Dooku's eyes. After the escape of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos from the wreck of the Titavian IV, Ventress turned to desparate measures to regain favor with Dooku. She abandoned Tol Skorr at the wreck and followed the Jedi to Coruscant. There, after learning the truth behind Skywalker's relationship with Padme' Amidala, Ventress tried to kill the young Jedi Knight. However, Anakin's tactics put Ventress off-guard, and he was able to bind her with a set of electrical conduits, before throwing her off the top of a building. She was not seen again, although rumors of her came to Obi-Wan Kenobi through several channels. He continued to chase down every rumor, until even Anakin Skywalker became concerned that Obi-Wan was obsessed with killing her. Even after they discovered that it was Durge who killed Drama Korr, Obi-Wan still believed Ventress was still alive. He obtained information from Durge's pilot droid of a trip to Boz Pity, and there Obi-Wan discovered that Ventress' was being held in a form of stasis. Rather than eliminating her, Obi-Wan tried to redeem her, believing that she was not fully corrupted. He might have had a chance, after Dooku abandoned her on Boz Pity, but Dooku also ordered his MagnaGuards to shoot her dead. The blast only injured her, and as Obi-Wan tried to save her, Ventress lashed out at him with a jagged piece of metal. Anakin intervened, slicing into her chest with his lightsaber before she could harm Obi-Wan. The Jedi believed her to be dead, especially when she begged Obi-Wan to guard Coruscant from Count Dooku with her "dying breath." However, Ventress had used a Sith meditation technique to drop her vital signs to near-dead levels. After her body was loaded onto the medical shuttle Bright Flight, she forced the pilots to take her to a remote hospital facility for treatment, and she was never seen again. (OWS, J1, RNFW, RBR, SWI73, SWDB, RHF, YDR, NEGW, RDR, O)

this continent, located on the planet Mutanda, was connected to Cel'Con by a thin bridge of land. (PG1)

Asamin System
this planetary system was located along the Essien Run. (AIR)

this was a common name among the Kushiban race. (UANT)

Asani, Wil
this man, a native of the planet Bellassa, was one of the original members of the Eleven, the underground resistance group that tried to stand up to the tyranny of Inquisitor Malorum and the Empire during the early months of the New Order. (LJ1)

one of the main worlds of the Gree Enclave, Asation is home to the crafters of the Gree race. It is also the gateway for visitors to the Enclave, as any being wishing to travel to one of the other Gree worlds must board the Rokak'k Baran there. It is a wet, high-pressure world covered with slimy wetlands and primitive jungles. It is believed that the Gree terraformed the world many millennia ago, using genetically-altered lifeforms to populate it. The Gree who are born to this world are much shorter than those Gree born on the homeworld of Gree. The average day on Asation lasts 18 standard hours, and its year encompasses 380 local days. (SWJ8)

an modular conveyor used to smuggle Imperial goods into the Sepan System, it was captured by the Empire during the Sepan Civil War. (TIE)

A-scale Rating
this measurement system described the proximity of a received starship transponder code to a match within the Bureau of Ships and Services database. The larger the number given in an A-scale rating value, the poorer the match. An A-1 match was considered a perfect match, while anything greater than A-3 was usually regarded as falsified. (CFG)

this is the outdated, Adumari form of a turbolift. (SOA)

Ascension Gun
this specialized version of the S-5 security blaster was often used by adventurers and scouts, although it had many other practical uses. Primarily developed by Captain Panaka, the ascension gun used a cylinder of compressed gas to project a heavy missile at a target. The missile could be tipped with a number of barbed points or attached to a grappling hook, depending on the method of ascension desired. Attached to the missile was a length of syntherope or other strong wire. The syntherope was then attached to a small but powerful winch located on the ascension gun's barrel. Once the missile was securley in position, the gun's user could activate the winch and be pulled upward to the missile. (TPM, IG1, NEGC)

Ascomycetous Pneumoconiosis
this disease, often simply referred to as fester lung, was a debilitating illness caused by the inhalation of certain mold spores. It was often accompanied by a high fever, and many victims often died from literally cooking in their own bodily fluids. The disease was often encountered on humid, jungle-covered worlds like Drongar. (SWI83)

this was the largest of three moons that orbited a remote Chiss outpost world in the Unknown Regions. (GMR7)

Asexual Professional Greenputt Tour
this was one of the primary series of greenputt matches held during the last decades of the Old Republic. Only those greenputt players who lacked sexual organs were allowed to compete. Many sports historians point to the formation of the APGT as the start of the sport's downward spiral into political correctness, as a wide variation of leagues sprang up afterward. (HNN4)

this genetically engineered creature is used by the Lurrians to burrow subterranean cities inside glaciers. (CSA)

this ball of searing rock was the second planet of the Belgaroth System. (CCW)

Ash Ore
a valuable substance (DRO)

this red-furred Ewok huntress was the elder daughter of Chief Chirpa and Ra-Lee. Asha was raised by the Corrina after she was separated from her sister, Kneesaa, when a hanadak captured her. Ra-Lee was killed in the attack, and Kneesaa was left alone with her father. (ECAR, SWDB)

according to Ewok legend, this was the name of a fierce huntress. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

a native of Eiattu, he was a Sergeant in the People's Liberation Battalion. (XWWP)

Ashaar Khorda
this Annoo-Dat Prime radical started a small rebellion on his homeworld of Annoo, shortly after the Old Republic thwarted his attempt to take power for himself. General Khorda, a strong-willed being who didn't take well to failure, tried to take control of Annoo using military forces he had usurped from the government, but the Republic managed to install its own leader. General Khorda then went underground, fomenting rebellion while searching for the Infant of Shaa. He proclaimed to be a freedom fighter, combatting the injustice and tyranny of the Old Republic, and managed to gather a large following. General Khorda nearly succeeded in destroying the Infant near Coruscant's central power core, but was killed in a struggle with Jango Fett and the Jedi Master, Yarael Poof. (ZW)

this female was the sister of Elinda, the original lead singer for the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio. When Elinda refused to sing at Davik Kang's estate, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Ashanda was hired by Gilthos Uksaris to replace her. (KOTOR)

Ashanda Ray
this modified MC-18 light freighter was owned by Kinnin Vo-Shay. The ship, with Kinnin at the helm, supposedly disappeared in the Tyus Cluster some fifty years before the Battle of Endor. The ship was designed and built by a Mon Calamari friend of Vo-Shay's, and was one-of-a-kind. Like all Mon Cal designs, the Ashanda Ray had an organic look to it, resembling an ocean-dwelling creature more than a starship. It was armed with a heavy triple-laser cannon, three proton torpedo launchers, and an ion cannon. (TFNR, SWJ13)

Ashandrik, Tern
this man was wanted by TaggeCo for a number of of offenses, including theft, trespassing, and murder. A bounty was placed on his head, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and he fled to Seregar. On Seregar, Ashandrik befriended the Marauders swoop gang, using them to deflect minimal interference from bounty hunters. He employed the Twi'leki huntress Lliandri to lure more stubborn hunters to the Trigdale refinery in the jungles near Storrd Township, where he had holed up. His knowledge of the refinery helped him outwit other hunters, whom he eliminated at his leisure. Ashandrik managed to evade capture for a long time. (ND)

Ashas Ree
this planet was located in what was once the ancient Sith Empire. Freedon Nadd fled to this planet, after killing Matta Tremayne and succumbing to the Dark Side of the Force. (TOJC)

this planet is covered with water. (BGS)

this man was rumored to have been the best mechanic on the planet Rafft, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ3)

Asher III
this Alliance maintained a staging base on this planet, until the Empire tracked them down and destroyed the base shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (SS)

this Vratix political party complemented the Zaltin and Xucphra factions of humans on Thyferra during the New Order. The Ashern were considered a terrorist group by the human factions, and was supposedly responsible for introducing contamination into a Xucphra bacta lot, at the direction of the Zaltin corporation. The origins of the Ashern could be traced back to the last decades of the Old Republic, during the early years of Alazhiaxazha, or the Thriving Season. Then known as the Razorclaws, these militant Vratix realized that their people would only be able to retain some measure of control over bacta production if they were able to understand and control the production of alazhi. To this end, the Ashern tried to develop a new strain of alazhi that would increase the effectiveness of bacta. This new strain of alazhi was destroyed about a year after it development, cementing the Ashern's role as terrorists rather than drivers of social change. Years later, Erisi Dlarit's uncle discovered a contaminate in lot ZX1449F, which was eventually traced back to the Ashern. The group was also known as Black Claw, in reference to the way in which they sharpened their foreclaws and painted themselves black to hide in the shadows. The Vratix became concerned about their human counterparts during the outbreak of the Krytos virus on Coruscant, seeing that the Imperial ties to the bacta cartels were becoming stronger. It was at this time that the Zaltin faction began supplying the Ashern with weapons and credits to maintain their attacks on Xucphra-aligned facilities. When they needed addiitonal help in planning their overthrow of Xucphra, they recalled Bror Jace from Rogue Squadron by falsely claiming his father was ill. They then arranged for Jace to "die" in an accident, making it possible for him to assist them without ties to any political body. They sent Qlaern Hirf to petition Wedge Antilles to champion the acceptance of the Vratix in the New Republic, in return for help in creating their own supply of bacta. Wedge agreed, but was unable to make a move when Ysanne Isard took control of Thyferra. (XWN, SWJ3, KT, BW, PH)

Ashern Circle
this body of Vratix leaders governs the Ashern society on Thyferra. (KT)

Ashes of Korr
this was the outermost of the two debris fields orbiting the remore star of Horuset. The planet Korriban was located between the Korriba Scar belt and the Ashes of Korr. (PH)

this Yuuzhan Vong was a high-ranking member of the Intendent caste, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was known to Nom Anor as a greedy and self-serving rival who rose to power after the fall of Coruscant. With the former capital world being reformed as a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar, Ash'ett grabbed territory and notoriety in an effort to gain more power for himself. He eventually became the leader of the Intendent caste on Coruscant. This made Ash'ett one of Nom Anor's first targets, after the former Executor had assumed the role of Yu'shaa, the Prophet who furthered the words of the Jedi Heresy. (FH3)

Ashgad, Seti
this political contemporary of Senator Palpatine was one of the future Emperor's main opponents. In political circles, he was known as the Golden Tempter, a tribute to his persuasive voice and charismatic speeches. He came from the hyperdrive design division of Incom Industries, where his major contribution was the design of the Z-95. During the height of the Clone Wars, Ashgad was a Senator himself, and suddenly disappeared after he argued against a measure to install surveillance cameras in the Senate buildings. Ashgad was sentenced to a prison term on the world of Nam Chorios, where he came to power by filling in the void left when the Hutt Beldorion failed to maintain his hold on the populace. As Ashgad rose to power, he was subverted by the droch Dzym, who used Ashgad as his figurehead. Dzym kept Ashgad alive for many years beyond his natural lifespan by continually "recharging" his life energy, and a story was developed that Ashgad had a son. Then, still lively and youthful, Ashgad appeared as his own son and took control of the Rationalist Party on Nam Chorios. He arranged a meeting with Leia Organa-Solo, at the behest of Dzym, in order for the droch to launch his own assault on the galaxy. Organa-Solo was captured, and specially-created holo-vids dispatched to indicate she left Ashgad in good hands. Ashgad held her in his own complex on Nam Chorios until she escaped. Dzym took Ashgad and tried to flee the planet after the natives rose up in revolt, but their ship was destroyed before they made it out of the system. (POT, LEV)

this was one of the many names given to male Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "big-hearted." (GCG, WOTC)

Ashka Boda
an elderly Jedi Master who was murdered during the Jedi purge, Ashka Boda was perhaps best-known for his work investigating the appearance of Count Dooku in the Gree Enclave, just before the onset of the Clone Wars. He was the holder of a Holocron, of which Vodo Siosk-Baas was the Gatekeeper, at that time. Following Master Boda's death, Palpatine took control of the holocron and stole its secrets. (DE1, HNN5)

this young, female Togruta was a member of the Bear Clan of Jedi students, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (SWI65)

this was the name used to describe the Force on the planet Tython, during the early years of the Old Republic. (PJSB)

Ash'nagh vruckuul urukh
this was a Yuuzhan Vong phrase used when mocking an opponent. (FH3)

this Socorran term literally translated to the phrase "hidden hive," and was used to warn travelers of nearby nests of chiru. (BSS)

according to Ewok legend, this bird spirit always appeared in large groups to eat unattended food. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

this stern, Gotal female served the New Republic as the Commander of the Esfandia Long-Range Communications Base during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. More than twenty years earlier, Ashpidar had been living on Antar 4, where she fell in love and planned to have a family. Her mate, a commercial interpreter, died in a mining accident, and Ashpidar left Antar 4 to escape her grief. She never returned, and eventually sought employment with the New Republic. (FH3)

one of the four main tribes of nomads which evolved from the original settlers of the planet Socorro, the Asilyr were considered to be excellent scouts. They were also known to be the most amiable of the four major tribes, and they believed that the sun, Sokor, was their personal enemy. (BSS)

Asilyr Tribal Lands
located on the planet Socorro, these territories were on the western edge of the Doaba Badlands near the Adsila Rifts. The nomadic tribes which lived in the area were considered the best scouts and guides on the planet. (BSS)

this gas giant was the fifth planet in the Chandrila System. It was orbited by nine moons. (CCW)

Ask Aak
this Gran Senator from the planet Malastare represented his homeworld to the Old Republic after Aks Moe was killed in a speeder accident. During the height of the Clone Wars, Senator Aak was a vocal opponent of the Jedi Knights, wondering aloud about their ability to lead the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic. He questioned the ability of a group of "peacemakers" to act as generals in the military, a stance he loudly reiterated after the defeats at the Battle of Jabiim and on Parcelus Minor. With the destruction of the Star of Iskin and the death of Finis Valorum, Senator Ask Aak found even more ammunition for his stance, which allowed him to speak eloquently in favor of the Security and Enforcement Act. (SWDB, HNN5, RDE)

Ask Argothil Anything
this was one of the many newsfeed articles written by Pertaal Shenvehr. Like his other columns, it contained coded messages and phrases that allowed him to pass information to Alliance field agents. (CRO)

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