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Anti-Corr 113
this corrosion preventative was used to protect equipment from heat and environmental damage during shipment. It was developed by ColuChem scientists who wanted to transport equipment through the toxic environment of Clak'Dor VII, and soon found its way into galaxy-wide use. It takes decades to break down or evaporate, and can only be removed with powerful chemical solvents. It has the side effect of turning whatever it touches a dull shade of blue. (SWJ9)

Anti-G Couch
this was a full-body protection system used in the starfighters of the Old Republic, to protect pilots from the gravitational forces of sharp turns and high-speed maneuvers. (JT)

any device which counteracts the force of gravity, such as a repulsorlift. (SWN)

Antigrav Ball
this repulsor-fitted sphere is tethered to the ground by chains or thick ropes. Its primary use is as a plant holder, allowing non-native plants to grow above the harsh ground of terraformed worlds. (POT)

Antigrav Drive
any starship power plant which allows the force of gravity to be negated, allowing the ship to rise up and through the atmosphere. They are also called repulsorlift drives, and are used in-system, so that the effects of the hyperdrive are not brought on a planet's inhabitants. (SWN)

Antigrav Lifter
this cargo moving device is used to move heavy boxes and equipment from one place to another. The cargo must be first loaded onto the lifter, which acts like a hand truck. (POT)

Antikra the Egglayer
this was the most important of the Vashan deities. The luminous mandibles of Antikra were considered blessed by the Vashans, since it wsa from the mouth of Antikra that the Vashan people were born. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Antilles Maneuver
named after Wedge Antilles, this starfighter attack maneuver was devised at the Battle of Yavin, in an effort to save Luke Skywalker. In this maneuver, an attacking starship tries to kill an enemy who is in pursuit of a comrade. The attacker approaches the enemy while hidden in front of the comrade. The comrade's ship breaks off at the last moment, leaving the enemy in the sights of the attacker. A quick burst of blaster fire takes the enemy by surprise. (CCG9)

Antilles, Bail
this Old Republic politician was one of the three candidates named to succeed Supreme Chancellor Valorum, after Queen Amidala of Naboo moved for a vote of no-confidence in Valorum's abilities. However, Antilles and Ainlee Teem were both defeated in a general election by Senator Palpatine of Naboo. (SW1, IS1)

Antilles, Barzur
this man was a noted criminal who was incarcerated - and later died - in the Annaj House of Detention. He was one of the many treasure hunters who dedicated part of their life in search of the Tessent, and often answered questions about the artifact from his cell on Annaj. (GMR9)

Antilles, Corellia
this woman was a xenoarchaeologist who spent much of her career searching out potentially dangerous artifacts, retrieving them so that the New Republic could safeguard them. On one mission, Corellia uncovered what she believed to be an ancient Gree device in the jungles of Asation. She spent much of her time in the spaceports of Satikan, hoping to find a crew to help her recover the device from its hiding place. She was forced to hide it when a group of wild Gree attacked her after she took the device from their tribal city. She barely survived the trip to Satikan, and most of her survey crew was killed in the flight. A group of Te Hasan Gree managed to intercept her, and took the device - known as the Khoz'zhak - back to Te Hasa in exchange for credits and a lesser device. When a group of prisoners escaped from the facilities on Delrian, Corellia was among the many beings who were brought in to help handle the crisis. (SWJ8, SWJ14, GCG)

Antilles, Jagged
Wedge's father, Jagged owned the Corellian Inter-System Marketing Station and fuel depot on Gus Treta with his wife, Zena. He and his wife were killed when the Bonestar Pirates, trying to escape from Corellian authorities, purposely lifted off while the refueling lines were still attached to their ship. The resulting explosion threatened to destroy Gus Treta, but Jagged and Zena sacrificed themselves to limit the destruction to their depot. (XWPA)

Antilles, Jon
this Jedi Master was one of the many students trained by the Dark Woman. No one in the Jedi Order believed that Jon Antilles was his real name, since many of his missions involved the infiltration of enemy territory. After attaining the rank of Jedi Master, he refused to take a Padawan learner, choosing instead to roam the galaxy wherever the Force guided him. After each of his missions, which included gainined access to the Bounty Hunter's Guild and bringing known Jedi-killers to justice, the Jedi Temple feared he was dead. Master Antilles, however, always seemed to find a way to return unharmed. Unfortunately for the Jedi Order, Master Antilles died during the early stages of the Clone Wars. He had been part of the team dispatched to recover the antidote to the swamp gas used to destroy life on Ohma-D'un, and had attacked the bounty hunter Durge as soon Master Diath was killed. His attack bought Obi-Wan and Master Fay enough time to track down Asajj Ventress, but Durge was too strong. He forced Master Antilles into the lave, drowning him and burning his body instantly. (RBR)

Antilles, Myri
this girl was the younger daughter of Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri. Myri was barely a year old at the time when Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade were married. (U)

Antilles, Raymus
a starship Captain working for the Organa family, Antilles was in command of the Tantive IV for many years as a Captain in the Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet. His tenure extended back to the Clone Wars, when he piloted the ship to Polis Massa after Chancellor Palpatine revealed that he was Darth Sidious and took control of Courscant. Antilles was related to Alderaan's queen. Years later, along with his friend Bail Organa and his daughter, Princess Leia Organa, Antilles was also a supporter of the Alliance. In the wake of the Clone Wars and the birth of twins by Padme' Amidala, Antilles was given ownership of C-3PO and R2-D2, and told to wipe their memory banks clean. Antilles only managed to erase C-3PO's memory, an action that he did often to ensure that no information would ever reveal that Princess Leia was in fact the daughter of Anakin Skywalker. These memory wipes later helped hide that fact that R2-D2 contained the stolen plans to the first Death Star. Antilles was killed by Darth Vader on board the Tantive IV when he refused to divulge the location of the stolen Death Star plans. Vader physically strangled him, in a show of brute strength. Note that in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, Antilles' name was Colton. (SW, SWRN, SWR, JPL, OWS, VD3, E3N)

Antilles, Syal
this woman is better known as Wynssa Starflare, one of the most popular holodrama stars of the New Order. She grew up with her family - which included her younger brother Wedge - in the Corellian System, but was not enamored with the life of a starship mechanic. She longed for more, and before her twentieth birthday, Syal left her family and moved to Coruscant to pursue an acting career. Wedge was seven at the time, and he never got a chance to know her. She changed her name shortly after the death of her parents, and went on to become famous. During a party on Coruscant, she met Soontir Fel, who had been stationed on the planet shortly after the Battle of Yavin. They fell in love almost immediately, and Syal was forced to admit to Fel her true name and relationship to Wedge Antillies. Fel told her that it didn't matter, and they were eventually married. When Fel was tested by Ysanne Isard and was lost at the Battle of Brentaal, Syal fled Coruscant and hid from Imperial reprisal. Fel spent the rest of his career trying to find her. They were reunited shortly before the re-emergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and together they gave birth to five children, including a baby boy, whom they named Jagged. After the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy, the couple retired to the Chiss homeworld of Csilla, where they felt it was safer to live among the Chiss. After many years on Csilla, Syal became much like her Chiss hosts, distrustful of the rest of the galaxy. When Luke Skywalker arrived on Csilla during the search for Zonama Sekot, she openly questioned the motives of his expedition. Her attitude only hardened when her son, Jagged, left Csilla on a fact-finding mission and chose to remain with the New Republic. When Coruscant fell to the Yuuzham Vong, Syal came to believe that the Republic was doomed, and she did not want her family to go down with them. (XWM, HXW, DTR, FH1, FH2)

Antilles, Syal
this young girl was the first daughter of Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri, and was named for Wedge's sister. (U)

Antilles, Wedge
born on Corellia, Wedge spent much of his childhood working for his parents on the last planet in the Gus Treta system. Note that the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope indicates that Wedge was a native of Tatooine. His parents, Jagged and Zena, owned a fueling station there, and Wedge became proficient at starship systems. He also gained a great deal of piloting skill there, and was ready to go to the Academy when a pirate ship, the Buzzzer, under the command of Loka Hask, got spooked at the fuel depot when a Corellian Security Force fleet arrived. Hask ordered them to lift off, but the crew forgot to unhook their refeuling coupling before blasting away. The resulting fuel leak was ignited, and Wedge's parents were forced to eject the fueling station in order to save the rest of the station. Note that Star Wars Screen Entertainment software indicates Wedge was away at school when the accident happened, that the accident was caused by smugglers, and that the smuggler's ship was destroyed in the resulting explosion. Both of Wedge's parents were killed in this effort, and Wedge - who was with Booster Terrik at the time - went after the pirates in an old Z-95 Headhunter. Although he managed to destroy the Buzzzer, Wedge's lack of funding led him to start taking all kinds of odd jobs, and was getting nowhere as a smuggler when he decided to join the Alliance. He quickly demonstrated his abilities as a fighter pilot, and also ran a number of reconnaissance and escort missions before being tapped as one of the X-wing pilots in the Battle of Yavin. Since then, Wedge's growing skills have earned him a number of distinctions, the greatest of which came when he was named squadron leader of the famous Rogue Squadron. While with Rogue Squadron, Wedge assisted Lando Calrissian during the Battle of Endor, and helped destroy the incomplete Death Star being built there. He remained as Rogue Leader through the restructuring of Rogue Squadron, and his squadrons provided invaluable support in the battles against Ysanne Isard and Grand Admiral Thrawn. It was during this time that Wedge also developed the idea of Wraith Squadron, which he successfully implemented and modified into a crack infiltration unit. After turning down two promotions, Wedge was promoted to the rank of General about a year before the defeat of Thrawn, and was offered the command of the Star Destroyer Lusankya. He also chose to remain with the Rogues, but was assigned, along with Calrissian, to command the captured Star Destroyers Emancipator and Liberator when Emperor Palpatine's clone emerged from Byss. He fought bravely at Coruscant and Calamari, although the Emancipator was destroyed on Calamari. He later returned to Coruscant, where his primary role in the New Republic was changed from pilot and warrior to General and clean-up supervisor following the near-destruction of the planet. This was a short-lived assignment, though, for his desire to pilot a starship quickly outweighed the ease of being a supervisor. When that effort was launched, Wedge wanted to get back into piloting. He became the escort for the ship which dropped the Eol Sha colonists off at Dantooine, and then was named Qwi Xux' bodyguard. During this time, Wedge began to fall in love with Qwi, while also returning to Rogue Squadron and assisting the Republic in the assault on the Maw Installation. Wedge was assigned to the Lusankya, which served as his base of operations, for the purposes of commanding a special task force. However, after several years of war, Wedge began to realize that he had grown apart from Qwi. What he didn't know was that she felt they had grown apart as well, so they both agreed to end the relationship and go their separate ways. Wedge decided to take a vacation and figure out what to do with his life, when he was chosen by Airen Cracken to lead the delegation to Adumar. Wedge's diplomatic skills were not the greatest, but his gut instincts proved more valuable in swaying the Adumari to join the New Republic. During the mission, he also discovered that he and Iella were in love with each other, and he quickly proposed to her. Iella accepted almost as quickly. Shortly after peace was negotiated between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant, Wedge retired from active duty, and he and Iella set to work starting their own family. Wedge was eventually succeeded by Gavin Darklighter, although the former pilot provided assistance to Gavin during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Wedge served as Rogue Alpha during the struggle against the Vong, piloting a reconnaissance X-Wing to gather data. Shortly after the Battle of Garqi, Wedge discovered that he was not only a father but an uncle as well, after meeting Jagged Fel for the first time. Wedge was eventually promoted to the rank of General, and was given the command of the Mon Mothma during the final stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong. He barely survived Operation Trinity after the Yuuzhan Vong managed to destroy much of the HoloNet, and returned to help plan the defense of Mon Calamari and the Galactic Alliance's final assault on Coruscant. With the surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong at Coruscant, Wedge and many of his contemporaries vowed to retire from the military life once and for all. Note that Marvel Comics' Star Wars series, issue 78, claims that Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles were both natives of Tatooine, and were the oldest and best of friends. (SW, SCRE, ESBR, HTTE, JS, DA, COTF, XWN, CCG4, WS, SOC, IR, SOA, DTO, DTR, MC78, FP, UF)

Antilles, Zena
Wedge Antilles's mother, Zena was killed near Gus Treta when she and Jagged attempted to limit the firestorm caused by the Bonestar Pirates to their own depot. This effort saved the rest of the station, but ultimately killed them. (XWPA)

Anti-magnetic Polarization Ray
this energy beam was developed to disrupt the magnetic forces holding certain materials together by polarizing individual molecules so that they repelled each other, rather than attracted one another. (MC49)

Anti-Matter Pod
this unusual weapon was part of the arsenal used by the unusual entity known simply as Ship. When ejected from its interior, anti-matter pods drifted outward toward the enemy. When the anti-matter pod came into contact with solid matter, the resulting explosion nullified everything in its blast radius. (MC38)

Antin, Adem
this young boy was the son of Doctor Amie Antin, and a native of the planet Bellassa during the lasyt years of the Old Republic. After the Empire took control of Bellassa, Inquisitor Malorum threatened to kidnap the ten-year-old boy if Doctor Antin didn't cooperate with the Imperial forces on the planet. Adem was eventually placed in hiding through the efforts of the Eleven, so that he was protected from harm. (LJ1)

Antin, Amie
this woman was one of the most respected experts in the field of neurotoxins, during the last years of the Old Republic. She worked from a facility on her homeworld of Bellassa. (LJ1)

Anti-orbital Ion Cannon
an ion cannon modified to knock out targets in orbit around a planet or moon. (ZHR)

Antiox Breath Mask
this was brand name of the breath masks produced to allow Kel Dor individuals to travel away from their homeworld of Dorin. The unusual method of attachment, coupled with the isotopes produced by the antiox mask would kill a non-Kel Dor being in a short period of time. (UANT)

Antipose IX
this planet was one of the many worlds visted by the star yacht Arleen, according to the navigation droid Lando Calrissian rented in the Oseon System to help him pilot the Millennium Falcon. It was part of the Antipose System, and was known for its beautiful, violet skies. (LCM, GMR5)

Antipose XII
this was the twelfth planet in the Antipose System. (LCF)

this is the Ugor term for anything evil in their world, in contrast to the good exemplified by High Prophet Botiv. The Ugors claim that the Squibs were formed from pseudopods of the Anti-Prophet. (SH)

Antiques by Dumas
this small shop was located in Imperial City, on Coruscant, during the last years of the New Order. It was run by the antique weapons collector Plumba, until he was killed by one of Ysanne Isard's agents. (XWMR)

this backwater world was known to be extremely boring, by even the most primitive of space-going cultures. Antiquity was covered with mudflats and shallow seas, broken here and there by sheer mountain ranges. The planet was best known for the teggi fungus which grew in the mud. The average day on Antiquity lasts 23 standard hours, and its year encompasses 372 local days. (POC)

any device which was capable of undoing the recording of a transaction maintained in a transfer register. They were outlawed on many planets, because they could be used to negate important transactions or - worse yet - modify transactions to transfer ownership to another party without payment. (HP)

Antisepsis Field
developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, this specialized energy field was used to sterilize the area around a surgical patient, thereby minimizing the risk of infection. In essence, the antisepsis field killed any cellular body that came into contact with it. This included blood cells and bacteria, as well as any number of viral contagions. (MBS)

a drug administered to counteract the effects of physical shock or trauma. (COJ)

Antistatic Generator
this devised was required when an individual needed to work on or near sensitive circuitry or electronics. It ensured that no static energy built up in the immediate area, thereby eliminating the possibility of an electrostatic discharge that could ruin the equipment. (AQ)

Antmuel VI
this planet was famous for the xenoarchaeological finds it yielded, such as the Ch'hosk Cave Drawings discovered by Angrail Ryhl. (HR)

Anton Standish
this New Republic Naval Admiral was the Sector Fleet Commander for the Kalinda System. (TSK)

this Bakuran technician was assigned to help Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo activate the Drall repulsor during the Starbuster plot. He had a reason to help, since his aunt lived on the planet Bovo Yagen, primary planet around the third star listed on the Starbuster agenda. After the Sacorrian Triad was brought down, Antone remained aboard Centerpoint Station as a technician. It was Antone who discovered that the Station's repulsors would be inoperable without Anakin Solo's help, since every system on board had imprinted itself with his fingerprints, DNA, and brainwaves. (SC, JE)

this man was a vigo to the criminal organization Black Sun, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A bounty was placed on his head by Dreddon the Hutt, and Jango Fett was hired to capture or kill him. Despite his security measures, Antonin was captured and killed by Fett. Unknown to Fett, Antonin himself had placed a bounty on Dreddon, a job which Zem Wesell completed shortly before Fett could be paid. Both bounty hunters were unable to obtain payment for their respective jobs. (JF)

Anto's Star
this Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 was on its twelfth voyage when it was stolen from the hold of a larger transport and turned over to Drek Drednar. It was heavily modified, and later renamed the Sable III. (SWJ5)

Antruse, Eppie
this was the maiden name of Eppie Belden. (TBSB)

this planet was the primary world in the Anturus System. (LJ1)

Antyll, Dom
this human owned and operated Docking Bay 92 at the Mos Eisley Spaceport. His clothes were always dirty and covered with grease, as if he'd just come from making major repairs to some huge piece of equipment. (GG7)

this was a species of insect that was native to many planets in the galaxy, although they grew to huge sizes on the planet Kubindi. (MIS6)

Anub Byus
this Sullustan male served as the sub-director of the Black Hole Team, working for the SoroSuub Corporation on his homeworld of Sullust during the final years of the New Republic. Byus was one of the charter members of the Black Hole Team, and was one of the most knowledgeable Sullustans in SoroSuub, at least when it came to knowing what was going on in the corporation. Byus himself was not listed in the corporate directory, and he never revealed who his superior officers were in SoroSuub. He also never seemed to be busy, but maintained a high level of secrecy about what he was actually doing. (GORW)

Fabritech sensor package used on the B-Wing. (XW)

this Old Republic Acclamator-class assault transport was one of the many ships that were destroyed at Duro, during the height of the Clone Wars, when the Separatist forces in the system launched Operation Durge's Lance. (SWI74)

this was one of the Alliance's Nebulon-B frigates, destroyed during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Anvon Trig
this was the name of a noted Iotran individual. (UANT)

Anwis Eddicus
this being was a noted former Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic. Chancellor Eddicus was honored by Bisquit Baron for his contributions, with a commemorative holocube that documented his history being included in many QuickSnack and QuickSnackLite meals. The meals and holocubes were available shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this was the native language of the Anx race. It was made up of spoken words and low-frequency tones produced by the sinus cavities in the Anx headcrest, which could be heard across great distances. There was also a written version of the Anx language. (UANT)

native to the planet Gravlex Med, this race of tall humanoids was distinguished by their unusual skull structure. A tall bony ridge extended nearly a meter in length from the back of their head, and their lower jaw also jutted outward with a bony ridge. Anx were exceptionally tall and lanky, standing about four meters in height, with a muscular tail that helped them keep their balance. This physiology pointed their ancestory, as the Anx were descended from herbivores that fed from the chiliox trees. Anx continue to exist as vegetarian ruminants, as each individual processed their chewed cud in no fewer than three separate stomachs. The skin of an Anx was capable of changing color, and the areas around the crest were especially adaptable. The color changes expressed by an Anx's emotions were basic enough that other races and species could understand them, a fact that meant many Anx were poor sabacc players and negotiators. Many politicians took to wearing crest cloaks in order to hide their true emotions. As a species, the Anx were known to be courteous, serene beings who rallied around whatever group they were a part of. Many millennia before the Clone Wars, the Anx discovered interstellar flight, and colonized many of the star systems in their sector. They left behind many small colonies of Anx, some of which eventually died out or were abandoned. One of these settlements, on the planet Shusugaunt, was discovered by xenobiologists of the Old Republic, who believed that the skeletons they found were of an aquatic race of creatures. Further investigation eventually led the Old Republic to discover the Anx on Gravlex Med. During the era of the New Order, Gravlex Med was used as a dumping ground for much of the Empire's toxic waste, and the planet was reduced to a devastated wasteland. The native population of Anx was decimated, and the few survivors fled to the colony worlds established by the Anx millennia before. (SWDB, DW, UANT, GMR7)

Anx Minor
a planet. (NEGC)

Anx Space
this was the term used by the Anx to describe the collection of colony worlds and their star systems that had been populated by the Anx throughout the Raioballo Sector of the galaxy. (GMR7)

this city is located on the northern coast of Anai, on the planet Lianna. It supports a small starport used by private vessels and transport ships. (ML)

Anxarta-class Freighter
manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, this light freighter measured 28 meters in length and could transport up to 65 metric tons of cargo. This class of freighters went out of production about ten years before the Battle of Yavin. (SWJ11)

Fabritech's long-range sensor array. (EGV)

this sensor cluster was the follow-on model to Fabritech's Anx-y system, adding a lateral scanning array to the package which was used on the T-65 X-Wing. The Anx-y/2 was first used on the Z-10 Seeker. (SWJ5)

Fabritech's active sensor package. (SCRE)

Anya Karu
this Imperial Star Destroyer was once commanded by Aron Harcourt, during the early years of the New Order. The ship was scuttled, and Harcourt relegated to a position of obscurity, after a team of Alliance agents managed to infiltrate and sabotage the ship. The Anya Karu was abandoned by the Empire, rather than returned to drydock for repairs, so that no evidence of the Alliance's success could be exposed. (SWEW)

this Anguilla was the leader of the community which agreed to help a team of Alliance agents drive Imperial forces off the planet Alluuvia. However, when he learned that the Radell Mining Corporation wished to establish a settlement on Alluuvia, he became angry with the Alliance team and threatened them. The Ithorian, Iych-thae, intervened and agreed to oversee all of Radell's operations, to ensure that Alluuvia wasn't polluted as Dega was. Anyar reluctantly agreed to allow Radell on the planet, understanding that the planet would be better off with Radell than with Imperial Mining, Limited. (OE)

this ancient Rodian clan was the sworn enemy of the Chattza clan, but chose to remain isolated from much of Rodian politics on their clan holdings, the An'yettu Islands. Navik the Red ensured their isolation by keeping them from expanding beyond the islands. (SPG)

An'yettu Islands
this archipelago was located west of the Betu continent of Rodia, in the Wesessa Sea, and the traditional holdings of the An'yettu clan. (SPG)

Anywhere Room
located on Hologram Fun World, this amusement attraction claimed to be able to transport a visitor to any location in the galaxy. In actually, the Room generated a three-dimensional, fully-interactive hologram of the environment. (GOF4)

this star was the central body in the Abregado System. (CCW)

this incredibly ancient language was the native tongue of the Anzati people. It was unique to the planet Anzat, and although a written version was known to exist, no samples were ever seen away from the planet. (UANT)

this planet was the homeworld of the Anzat race of humanoids. Very little was known of this world, as most every explorer or scientist who traveled to Anzat never returned. The Anzati themselves only returned to the planet Anzat in order to reproduce. On many nights during the local year, Anzat experienced intense auroral lights in the sky, an event which many Anzati claimed was the manifestation of the Sea of Memory. (EGA, UANT, RT)

a race of humanoids that closely resemble humans, at least externally, the Anzati were more myth than reality to many of the galaxy's inhabitants. Although outwardly similar to humans, internally their composition differed greatly from that of pure human stock. The primary difference was that the Anzati have proboscii hidden inside their cheeks that could be extended out from their nostrils. These proboscii were used to consume the brain of the Anzati's victim. The Anzati placed his face nose-to-nose with its victim, and the proboscii were then extended into the victim's nostrils and then into the brain, where they consumed the brain and all its life energies. The Anzati referred to the brain and its energies as "soup," a reference to the Sea of Memory that was believed to surround the planet Anzat. They were creatures of no real biological rhythm; they simply existed. When they required rest, they dropped into a deep coma-like state. Certain feral species of Anzati also had the ability to exude long, rope-like tendrils that could be used to wrap up a victim and immobilize them for later feeding. It was unknown how long a member of the Anzati race could live, but it was believed that the average lifespan could be measured in millennia. (TME, TJP, GOF5, DRKN, RT, GMR1)

Anzat Spaceport
this was the primary spaceport found on the planet Anzat, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was filled with a wide range of services for offworlders, since the Anzati were not hospitable to visitors. (RT)

this was the word used to describe the Anzat race as a whole, or to refer to multiple members as a group. (GOF4, TME)

this name was common among the Kerestian people. (UANT)

this was a misspelling of the droid Doc's designation (used in the last issues of Shadows of the Empire: Evolution). (SEE)

this was the original designation of Massad Thrumble's custom-built medical droid, which he later nicknamed Doc. (SEE)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "flower" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Aola Blen
this Twi'lek female and her sister, Mala, ruled the trading houses of Thaere Privo many years before the Battle of Naboo. Aola was the younger sister, and was viewed as the more subservient of the pair. Unlike her sister, Aola had a fear of hyperspace travel, and never traveled beyond the borders of the system. When Mala struck and alliance with Riboga the Hutt, Aola refused to meet with the Hutt unless his ships traveled deep into the system. Even then, Aola could not rbing herself to fully trust Riboga. Unknown to the sisters, Riboga played them both against each other, changing his allegiance from one to the other just to watch the balance of power shift in the Thaere System. This angered the Thaereian Military as well as Aola, for both parties hated to see the Hutts gain a stronger hold on the Thaere System. Both Mala and Aola were killed shortly after Riboga fled the Cularin System, and their deaths were characterized as "untimely" by the local population. (LFCW)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "grassy meadow". (GCG)

Aorala Sensor 100
this was BlasTech's original motion sensor device. (CFG)

this common Zabrak surname meant "animal herder". (GCG)

Ap Kormar
this alien played center for the Quent Assassins during the years leading up to the Battle of Hoth. After the Assassins defeated the Shad Furies 21-20 in overtime in a match in Imperial City, Ap was attacked and beaten to death by seven humans who claimed to be Furies fans. In reality, the seven were Imperial supporters, working for a distant Moff, who killed Ap as an example to other Alliance sympathizers . His death was nearly prevented by Ytavarg Aleema, but Aleema arrived too late to save Kormar. In anger, Aleema used his shockball equipment to kill the seven attackers. (CRO)

this was the model number of an Atgar Blaster Turret. (MBC)

see P127. This is a short description of the Astronav P127 C\course plotter. (IJ)

this Imperial attack droid was created by Arakyd, shortly after the Battle of Endor. These droids had a humanoid torso, but in place of a head the AP-1-C had a second torso armed with a repeating blaster and an array of sensors. These droids were developed to coordinate the activities of the AP-2 and AP-3 droids. (SWG2)

this humanoid attack droid was produced by Arakyd for the Imperial forces fighting the New Republic, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Like the companion AP-3 droid, the AP-2 was designed to receive orders from an AP-1-C droid commanding a pool of soldiers. Highly mobile, the AP-2 was armed with a light repeating blaster, a pair of heavy blasters, a pair of micro-grenade launchers, and a hand-held blaster pistol. A broadband antenna was used to receive command signals from the AP-1-C droid. (SWG2)

this barrel-shaped Imperial attack droid was developed by Arakyd during the early years of the New Republic. Designed to act on the orders of the AP-1-C commander, the AP-3 was armed with a blaster cannon, six rocket tubes, and a micro-torpedo launcher. A broadband antenna allowed it to receive signals from the AP-1-C series. (SWG2)

this was the model number of Kuat Drive Yards' Asteroid Prospector. At 350 meters in length, the ship was designed to swallow whole asteroids and partially refine them within its holds. The craft was crewed by 500 officers and 36 gunners, and could transport up to fifty passengers and 80,000 metric tons of ore. Because the ores it refined were at least twenty-five percent pure, the AP-300 was armed with eight laser cannons. Four tractor beam projectors assist in moving asteroids into position to bring them aboard. (PP)

this was a series of general purpose mess-hall droids manufactured during the early years of the New Republic. Kir Kanos used one to fly a Scimitar Assault Bomber in orbit around Yinchorr, after he fled the planet Phaeda. General Wessel fell for the trick, and brought the bomber aboard the Emperor's Revenge. The bomber was rigged to explode upon opening, taking out the Star Destroyer just after Carnor Jax escaped. (CE)

this was a common name among the Saheelindeeli race. (GORW)

this young woman succeeded Jamillia as the Queen of Naboo when she was just thirteen, during the height of the Clone Wars. Despite her age, Apailana knew much of the history of the Old Republic, and respected its ways and the support it received from the Jedi Order. Thus, when she learned that Senator Padme' Amidala had been murdered by the Jedi during the Jedi Rebellion, she found herself unable to believe it. She secretly knew that something was wrong, especially after seeing Senator Amidala's body and its mysterious pregnancy. In response to the new Empire's demands, Queen Apailana only marginally agreed to support it. In her private chambers, however, she told her advisors that Naboo would welcome any Jedi who escaped the Order 66 command. Meanwhile, Naboo officials went out of their way to appear compliant, yet worked to thwart the Empire at every opportunity. Apailana herself refused to remove the word "Republic" from any government documentation, and never gave Inquisitor Malorum a straight answer to any of his questions. Her actions eventually caught up with her, however, when Queen Apailana's actions found their way to Darth Vader. The Sith Lord dispatched the Imperial 501st Legion to Naboo, where they quickly eliminated Apailana and her supporters. She was succeeded by a more compliant monarch, who was loyal to the Empire. (OWS, VD3, SWDB)

Aparo Sector
this area of the galaxy, with the Wyl Sector, formed the border of the Corporate Sector. It was ruled by Moff Wyrrhem. (CSA)

Apas Connector
this device is the primary electronic component activated by pulling the trigger of a blaster. The apas connectors signal the power flux dispersion unit that it is time to release a charge of gas into the Heter valve. (CFG)

APC Array Blaster
this blaster weapon, developed during the last years of the Old Republic, fired a cohesive collection of blaster bolts at a target, giving it a wider pattern of fire that had more power than a single blaster bolt. (RCHC)

APC Repeating Blaster
this was the favored weapon of Trandoshan slavers, during the last years of the Old Republic. (RCHC)

a droid produced in the years just prior to the Clone Wars, they were built from xylen chips and gold wiring, which became too expensive. They were replace by C-3 series droids. (RPG)

Apex Incisor
this was a one-shot, anti-vehicle missile produced by Golog-Bertum during the early years of the New Republic. It was a simple weapon to operate: simply point the nose at the intended target, allow the Apex Incisor to gather spectral analysis data, and them arm it. The weapon's internal drives are ignited, and it launched into the air to hunt down the target. The only drawback to this weapon was the intense heat generated at launch, which could severely burn the user if they didn't evacuate the launch area fast enough. (GUN)

APF Missile
this Old Republic missile, developed for use during the Clone Wars, was an anti-personnel fragmentation device that scattered shrapnel across the battlefield in an effort to cut down the droid armies of the Separatists. (SS2)

Aphidale, Tanu
this woman replaced Lanyss Gutierrace as the Personnel Director for the Old Republic's Judicial Department, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

a species of tree native to Belsavis. (COJ)

Aphran IV
this planet, located near Bilbringi, was the primary world in the Aprhan System. A relatively poor world, Aphran IV was a warm planet which lacked polar ice caps. The fact that no moons orbitted Aphran IV meant that there were no tides, so much of the planet's water supply remained static. The human natives of the planet were known throughout the galaxy for their exquisite woodworking. (EL2)

Aphran Planetary Exosecurity
this was the planetary security force which protected the planet Aphran IV, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EL2)

this species of small insect makes a loud humming noise when it swarms together. (VOF)

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