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Amethyst Shipping & Storage
this warehouse was located in the city of Ilic, on the planet New Cov, during the early years of the New Republic. Tav Breil'lya was tracked to the warehouse by Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, during their investigation into Borsk Fey'lya's accusations against Admiral Ackbar. The warehouse was actually a front for Garm Bel Iblis' operation on the planet. (DFR)

this is a recreational planet. (SOL)

a group of Alliance heavy lifters destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Amgris, Joodiel
this man, a native of Varonat, established Great Jungle Outfitters on Varonat. (SWJ1)

this club is known throughout the Outer Rim for its fine selection of spirits, as well as its entertainment. (GG9)

Amidala, Padme'
this native of the planet Naboo was born with the name Padme' Naberrie, and took the royal name Amidala when she was elected Queen. She was just fourteen standard years of age when she was voted into office as the Queen of Naboo. However, she was already a seasoned veteran of the planet's political scene, having served for two years as the ruler of the capital city of Theed. Note that issue 6 of the Star Wars Kids magazine claims Amidala was elected Queen at the age of twelve, not just city leader. She was born to humble parents who live in a remote, mountain village, but quickly became enamored of the glamorous life of the city after visiting with her grandmother, Winama. Although this worried her parents, they also saw that she was quite special, and allowed her to continue her political training. After becoming Queen, she trained under Captain Panaka in the martial arts, and also agreed to use deception when necessary to ensure her safety. To this end, she favored heavy theatrical facepaint and an incredibly ornate wardrobe, but this was mainly for practical purposes. The facepaint and clothing helped mask her true appearance, which closely resembled that of her handmaiden, Sabe'. In times of crisis or danger, Sabe' often took the place of the Queen, while Amidala pretended to be a simple servant using her given name Padme' Naberrie. Shortly after being elected Queen, she was thrust into the galactic forefront during the rise to power of Senator Palpatine and the crisis with the Trade Federation. She showed why she had been elected during the conflict, standing tall against the Neimoidians and traveling to Coruscant to petition her case to the Galactic Senate. However, political maneuvering was outside her scope, and she often deferred to Palpatine's judgement. This led her to fall into Palpatine's plan to discredit Chancellor Valorum, as she felt that the only way to save Naboo was to force Valorum out of office and replace him with a stronger figure. However, her experiences on Tatooine with Shmi and Anakin Skywalker had reduced her faith in the Old Republic anyway, and Valorum's lack of backbone in condemning the Neimoidian invasion only served to support her agreement with Palpatine's plan to remove Valorum from office. During her stay on Coruscant, Amidala realized that Jar Jar Binks - and the Gungans in general - were greatly misunderstood by the Naboo. With Binks' help, she devised a plan to remove the yoke of Neimoidian control. Once her plea had been heard, Amidala returned to Naboo and forged an alliance with the Gungan leader Boss Nass, and together they were able to repel the droid armies of the Trade Federation and free Naboo from its blockade in the climactic Battle of Naboo. Following the completion of her two terms as Queen, Amidala stepped into the role of Senator to the Old Republic. She served Chommell Sector, including Naboo and its 35 neighboring star systems, after Palpatine was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Senator Amidala was one of the loudest voices in opposition to Chancellor Palpatine's call for a military solution to the growing movement toward secession from the Republic, forming the Campaign Against Republic Militarization in an effort to stave off full-scale war. However, two assassination attempts on her life took her back to Naboo, under the safekeeping of a more mature Anakin Skywalker. They then discovered, much to their dismay, that they were falling in love. After surviving the Battle of Geonosis, Padme' and Anakin were married on Naboo, and were forced to keep their marriage a secret from everyone but themselves. The duplicity of their actions took its toll over time, as Anakin became more and more angry about having to hide their relationship. This anger spread to other aspects of Anakin's life, and Padme' began to see him slipping toward the Dark Side of the Force. She eventually confided in Obi-Wan Kenobi about her marriage, shortly after telling Anakin that she was pregnant with their first child. Obi-Wan agreed to help, but asked Padme' to try and keep Anakin from falling any further. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Anakin confided in her that he had done something terrible, and that he was going to travel to to Mustafar to destroy the Council of Separatists. Anakin said that it would finally bring them the peace the galaxy needed. Padme' was distraught enough to follow Anakin, hoping to prevent any further violence or change in Anakin. Obi-Wan took the opportunity to stow away aboard her ship, in an effort to bring Anakin to justice. When Anakin discovered Padme', and then Obi-Wan, had followed him, he immediately became angry and jealous. Grabbing Padme' by the neck, he accused them of plotting against him. Anakin and Obi-Wan shouted at each other, with Obi-Wanb trying to explain that he was not involved with Padme', just worried about them. Anakin refused to believe them, and tossed Padme' aside in order to confront his former Master. Padme' was then taken back aboard her ship by C-3PO, and Obi-Wan later returned to take them back to Coruscant after defeating Anakin. After landing at Polis Massa, Padme' was rushed to a medical facility, where it was discovered that she was physically fine, but was nonetheless dying. It was also discovered that she was pregnant with twins, who were removed from her womb just before she died, seemingly from a broken heart. In order to ensure that the twins grew up in secrecy, Padme's body was returned to her family on Naboo, but was made to appear still pregnant. All that was said of her death was that she died at the hands of the Jedi. In following with Naboo tradition, the identity of the father was not revealed, as an investigation would only serve to blemish her reputation. Note that the Star Wars: Episode III Visual Dictionary indicates that Padme's family was not told of the pregnancy. (SW1, TPM, JQA, IG1, SWK, OWS, SWDB, HNN4, VD2, X2, AOTC, VD3, IS3, E3N)

Amidala's Beach
this idyllic stretch of sandy beach was located on the planet Naboo, and was named for the former Queen and later Senator, Padme' Amidala. (GQRG)

this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. It referred to a species of luminous kelp that was native to the oceans of Mon Calamari. (GCG)

this was a species of luminous kelp that was native to the oceans of Mon Calamari. (GCG)

Amira Nasrabi
this female Mon Calamari was the owner and operator of the Illuminated Aquean casino, located on Streysel Island on the planet Vaynai, during the height of the New Order. She was often seen walking through the casino, talking to clients and gathering information like an infochant. She didn't sell the information, but she kept choice data to use for her own profit. Amira was also a stickler for security, and maintained dossiers on nearly all of her regular customers. What most beings didn't know was that the aquariums which lined the walls of the Illuminated Aquean contained marine life which created a wealth of natural poisons and toxins, which Amira used for formulate especially deadly mixtures. These poisons were not for public sale, but used by Amira to manipulate others into positions which gave her the most profit. (GMR8)

this Ruurian was the daughter of Skynx, and she grew up to become the leader of the Unified Ruurian Colonies. It was Amisus who pledged the support of the Ruurians to Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Empire, some fifteen years after the Battle of Endor, when the Hand of Thrawn was discovered. (ECH)

Amisus Funti
this famed Ruurian ecologist taught and did his research at the Garqi Ag University, on the planet Garqi, during the height of the New Order. (GORW)

Amithest, Mari
this young girl was a member of the Bear Clan training class, learning about the Force from Master Yoda himself during the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (OWS, SWDB)

this is the capital city of the planet Bacrana, and the capital of Brak Sector. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, a demonstration protesting the construction of the Imperial shipyards was broken up by Imperial forces under the command of Moff Lesan Ramier. The protestors were routed, and Moff Ramier was able to solidify his position. Amma was laid out in seven primary sectors, with two residential areas, a governmental sector, an industrial sector, a resort sector, the new city, and the Imperial sector. (SWJ8, FBS)

meaning "strong", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this Imperial Moff, in charge of Portmoak Sector, was a contemporary of Abran Balfour. (GG9)

this planet was originally colonized by settlers from Thokos. There were seven colony ships that arrived, and the descendants from each ship formed the basis for Ammuud's seven major clans. A series of savage clan wars broke out, and lasted for nearly 10,000 years. About 100 years before the Galactic Civil War, the clans agreed to a cease-fire, and developed a governmental system based on the Ammuud Code. Years later, the planet was annexed by the Corporate Sector Authority and placed under its jurisdiction, but the governmental duties were subcontracted to the clans. Each clan leader, or Mor, then ruled as part of the planet's government. This coalition was very shaky, as the clans tended to play against each other in a perpetual power struggle. There were even aspects of the Ammuud Code that were used among the clans to ensure some level of fairness. The planet itself was heavily forested, with large oceans and two immense polar ice caps. Ammuud's day was slightly shorter than a standard day on Coruscant. (HSR, CSA)

Ammuud Code
this was the name given to the set of rules and tenets which were used by the seven major clans on Ammuud as a set guidelines for their interaction. The Code kept the clans working as a coalition while it prevented them from killing each other outright, in bids for power and control. No one was above the Code, not even the clan Mors. The Code even contained several rules about duels among clans, and forbade any clan member from taking a duelist's place. However, offworlders and outsiders could be hired as a champion, in the event that a clan member was unable to meet the challenge of the duel. Note that Hand Solo's Revenge also indicates that there were only six Ammuud clans. (HSR)

Ammuud Height
this was the tallest mountain found on the planet Ammuud. (EGP)

Ammuud Swooper
this battered, sky-blue YT-2400 freighter was part of the New Republic focrces which regrouped at Borleias, in the wake of the Battle fo Coruscant. When the Yuuzhan Vong finally retook Borleias, the Ammuud Swooper took damage in the evacuation but was escorted out by General Wedge Antilles. (EL2)

Lando Calrissian suggested to Niles Ferrier that this planet was a possible source of stolen warships, since the Cavrilhu were using it as a base during the early years of the New Republic. (DFR)

this was the alias adopted by Nom Anor, when he first joined Vuurok I'pan's small group of Shamed Ones living below the surface of Coruscant. Shortly after I'pan's group was executed by Yuuzhan Vong warriors, Nom Anor stopped using the alias, for fear that it had been compromised. (FH1)

an amphibious assault vehicle used by the New Republic on Calamari, the Amphibion was designed and built by SedriMotors. Based on the Incom XM-21, the Amphibion is a quiet surface floater. Its low profile and quiet repulsorlifts allow troops to quickly and safely enter an aquatic battlezone. The Amphibion is lightly armored, and not equipped for heavy combat duty. This made them easy to produce in large quantities. If the Amphibion was required in combat situations, it was usually supported by other craft. The Amphibion measures 7.3 meters in length, and is armed with a single antipersonnal gun mounted in the rear. Hand-held weapons are stored in lockers inside the ship. The Amphibion can be mounted with an Atgar 1.4 FD P-tower. (DE1, DESB, EGV)

this species of ocean creature was native to the planet Varn, where it was harvested as a source of food. (HSR)

this unusual reptile was native to the homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong. Amphistaffs were literally grown in low groves, emerging in threes from a deep-rooted, leathery polyp. Even as juveniles, amphistaffs were strongly carnivorous, and their voracious feeding served to nourish the amphistaffs as well as the polyp on which they grew. Because their mouths were often smaller than their prey, amphistaffs used their teeth to tear the prey into small chunks. These chunks were small enough for the groundmouth of the polyp to consume as well, and the young amphistaffs often swept food into the groundmouth to help sustain the polyp. As the young amphistaff grew larger, it became too large for the polyp to support and broke itself away from the main plant. Wild amphistaffs then fed voraciously before rooting themselves int eh ground and transforming into polyps, repeatting their asexual reproduction cycle. If captured when they leave the polyp, young amphistaffs could be bonded to a Yuuzhan Vong warrior. A snake-like creature in its normal form, the amphistaff used a series of strange power glands to harden all or part of its body to the consistency of stone. This makes the creature a valuable form of spear to the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. It can also narrow its neck and tail before hardening, to form a kind of razor. This narrowing of the body results in an incredibly thin blade, which was honed even further by the life energies of the power glands being compressed around it. The edge of the amphistaff blade was measured in atoms, and it could slice through virtually any substance. The only known substance which could repel it was conduun crab armor. When relaxed, the Yuuzhan Vong warrior could use the amphistaff like a whip. The amphistaff was also highly venomous, and could accurately spit its poison into the eyes of an opponent twenty meters away. The poison blinds instantly, and causes a long, slow death if manages to seep into the target's pores. When hardened, the amphistaff was also impervious to the blade of a lightsaber. Later, in the campaign against the New Republic, the Yuuzhan Vong developed a species of amphistaff which could be implanted into a warrior's body for concealed transport. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that amphistaffs and many other bio-engineered weapons simply reverted to their animal forms and fled into the forests. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence. (VP, DTO, HT, T, UF)

this planet was in the Chorios Systems. It was against Ampliquen that Seti Ashgad instigated a series of pirate attacks, in order to draw New Republic forces away from Durren and Nam Chorios during Dzym's bid to gain control of the galaxy. This attack nullified the uneasy truce that existed between Ampliquen and Budpock, although this was part of Dzym's plans. Investigation into the riots found many links to the Loronar Corporation, which had been sowing dissent among the worlds of the New Republic in an effort to gain power. (POT, NEGW)

a species of tree that was harvested for its wood, which was often used in furniture. (COJ)

a mining district found on the planet Waskiro. (JTH)

this desert-covered planet is the third planet in the Atrig System. It has two moons. (PG2)

one of the gods revered and adored by the Weequay, Am-Shak was the god of thunder. (MTSE)

this was one of the many repulsor-equipped war machines used by the Trade Federation during their invasion of Naboo. (GMR4)

this terraformed world was the third planet in the Genesia System. The surface of the planet was dominated by rocky canyons, which spoke of the water which used to run across the planet's surface. This made the terraforming project much easier. It was also rumored that several sponsors of the terraforming project were prominent crimelords based on Genesia. When the terraforming was complete, Amthau became a favorite vacation spot for the wealthy inhabitants of Genesia. (FBS)

Amthau City
this was the only city formed on the planet Amthau, following its terraforming. Roughly seventy-five percent of the city's structured were located belowground, allowing the exterior city to be regularly patrolled. (FBS)

Amulet of Trust
this Gungan artifact was kept in the Gungan Sacred Place, until Jar Jar Binks was named to be a special representative to the Galactic Senate, in the years following the Battle of Naboo. The Gungans bestowed the amulet to Jar Jar, and a symbol of his position and the faith the Gungan people had in his ability to represent the Gungans to the Senate. (VD2)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "faithful". (GCG)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "craftsman" or "master". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this was the only name Alex Winger knew for her mother, who died in the Imperial subjugation of Janara III. (SWJ1)

this Hutt was the daughter of Orko, a H'uun who was an enemy of Gorga the Hutt. Gorga wanted to marry Anachro, and placed a bounty on Bar-Kooda, who was pirating Orko's ships. He hired Boba Fett to bring the pirate back in one piece, so that Bar-Kooda could be served to Orko during an engagement dinner. This pleased Orko immensely, and he gladly gave Anachro's hand in marriage to Gorga. They were married on Tatooine, and honeymooned on the planet Skeebo. There, Anachro was kidnapped by the Skavers and Kaptain Voor, who hoped to gain a huge ransom for her. Gorga once again called on Boba Fett, who encountered Ry-Kooda as well as Voor, and managed to eliminate both of them. Anachro was returned to Gorga's side, and was soon found to be pregnant. She hoped that this would bring her father and her husband together, but events unfolded around her that left her father dead and herself under attack by Ry-Kooda. Boba Fett intervened before the Koodan could reach her, saving her from certain death. She gave birth shortly thereafter. (BF)

this decorative plant is used in flower gardens, where it provides bursts of color and intense aromas. (TT)

this dumbbell-shaped land mass is the larger of the two continents found on the planet Lianna. (ML)

Analysis Bureau
the division of the Imperial Intelligence which is responsible for gathering data from other divisions and searching for patterns or other relevant information. It employs some of the best decryption and encryption experts in the galaxy. (ISB)

Analysis/Encoding Computer
known as an A/E device, this form of computer was developed by the Empire in order to maintain the security of its data. The A/E computer took an incoming datafile, opened its encryption and read the data, then recoded the information for further transmission. These devices were developed and used in secrecy, and were deployed on Plexus Droid Vessels to ensure the integrity of their data. (SWJ10)

this was a common name used by the Abyssin race. (UANT)

this tropical world was located in the Yarith Sector of the galaxy, on the edge of the Ivax Nebula. Most of its lifeforms were ocean-dwelling creatures, the largest of which could fit into the palm of a human. The dominant lifeforms were shellfish. (WOA33)

Anapolla Musical Splash
this attraction of Lamuir IV's Priole Danna festival highlights a wide range of musical styles from some of the galaxy's newest artists. (SWJ3)

Anarak Four
this planet was ruled by a tetrarch during the last years of the Old Republci. It was said that the tetrarch, if he didn't like the food he was served at a meal, would have the chef boiled in his own kettle. (MJH)

this Kitonak was the lead jizz wailer for the band Hutt. He hired a group of freelance scouts to return him to his homeworld for the Great Celebration during the Galactic Civil War. Rather than fighting in most of the cantina brawls he participated in, Anarc would sit the combatants down and discuss with them the virtues of patience and understanding. (GMS)

Anarid Cluster
this area of the galaxy contains the planet Kelada. (SWJ2)

this Kitonak name was common across Kirdo III. (UANT)

this huge, unkempt man served under Major Grau on Alashan, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Chosen mainly for his brawn, Anarine was a Fleet Sergeant who also acted as Grau's second-in-command on Alashan. He was distinguished by his bald head and long, pointed fingernails, and his overall appearance was more animal than human. Anarine and Grau were invited to join the Alliance, after surviving the mission to Alashan, but both refused and returned to the Empire instead. (MCI6, MC7)

this strange pit is located in the Shadow Forest of Kashyyyk, near Rwookrrorro. Wookiee legend says something fell out of the sky and crashed into the forest, creating a deep pit-like scar through the trees and deep into the ground. The planet, according to the legends, did not heal the wound to the forest, deciding instead that the pit would be the home of the katarn. Located at the very bottom of Anarrad is the Well of the Dead. (TT)

Anavill Smuggler's Guild
this Mid Rim criminal organization established a foothold on the planet Bridin Anchorage, shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It became part of an overall alliance known as the Mandroxan cartel, along with Manliss Enterprise and the Droxian Traders League. (GG11)

Anavus Svag
this grim-faced near-human Jedi Master was one of many who commanded the warships which defended the planet Coruscant during the Great Hyperspace War. His personality, as well as his expertise in the weapons, ships, and military tactics of his era, were collected and stored in a Jedi Holocron. (PJSB)

this was a Core Worlds planet. Known as the Defender of the Core, Anaxes served as the primary naval base for the Old Republic fleet that protected the capital. (WOTC, SWI64, CCW)

Anaxes Citadel
this was the primary governmental building found on the planet Anaxes. It was built more than 700 years before the Battle of Yavin, allowing the Old Republic to station its largest defensive force in the Solis Axum System. Roughly a third the size of Couscant's Imperial Palace, the Anaxes Citadel was nevertheless more impressive to most naval officers, for it was here that the Navy's highest honors were bestowed. (CCW)

Anaxes Station
this space station was located at the fringes of the Axum System, near the planet of Anaxes. (CCW)

this was the term used by most inhabitants of the Core Worlds to describe the human population which was native to the planet Anaxes. (CCW)

this was a common name among the Falleen. (UANT)

this was a common name among the Filordi race. (UANT)

this Imperial Major was in charge of the interrogations which took place on the Deathblock of Tol Ado's prison facility, during the height of the New Order. (JH)

one model of Fabritech's Tracking Computer used on starfighters. (SCRE)

Ancathia Funge-flower
an exotic plant grown by many Ho'Din. (SESB)

Ancher, Karl Mathieu
this smuggler often worked with Drake Paulsen. They were imprisoned together on Omman, but escaped with the help of Tait Ransom. Karl retired to the planet Socorro, where he established the Black Dust Tavern. Ancher was also one of the three primary owners of the Ethra Brewery on Socorro. The escape from Omman left Ancher with a cybernetic leg. After his retirement, Ancher was considered one of the fathers of modern smuggling on Socorro, but was also considered one of the most honest businessbeings on the planet. (SWJ2, SWJ3, BSS)

Ancher, Toob
this smuggler spent most of his time in the Ottega System. He was permanently disfigured when a bounty hunter's thermal detonator exploded in his face. His left eye was completely blown away, and his right had to be replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. After contracting the Black Winter disease, he was taken to Redcap by Drake Paulsen to serarch out Saylor Marjan and recover a debt owed to Saadoon-Kauldi. It was on Redcap that the disease finally took Toob over the edge, and he set out to attack the Aremin, believing that he had to escape an Imperial ambush on his smuggling ship. Drake Paulsen was forced to shoot Toob out of the sky, in order to avoid a greater conflict. (SWJ2, SWJ5)

Ancher, Toob
this smuggler worked for the crimelord Saadoon-Kauldi, and collected debts from Saylor Marjan on Arapia. The brother of Karl Ancher, Toob was the more reckless smuggler, and grew tired of his brother's intellectual pursuits outside the arena of starships. When a bounty hunter's thermal detonator went off in his face, Toob's face was badly damaged in the blast. He retired shortly afterward, but contracted Brekken Vinthern, the Bitter Winter disease, and slowly lost his mind. (SWJ5)

Anchor Blue
this immense Houk was one of the gladiators who was fighting on Rattatak when Assaj Ventress submitted her name as a combatant, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis. Anchor Blue fought well enough on his own, although he once lost his right hand in battle. The Rattataki warlord who owned him had it replaced with a vibroblade, but he also had a pain-causing device implanted in the blade's hilt. This allowed the Rattataki to remotely cause Anchor Blue to experience and intense jolt of pain, which drove the Houk into a fighting rage. When the fighting was over, the same device pumped sedatives into Anchor Blue's bloodstream, calming his down enough to be returned to his meager cell. Unfortunately, Anchor Blue was among the combatants who stepped into The Cauldron with Asajj Ventress, and the lightsaber-wielding Rattataki made quick work of dispatching him. (SWDB)

a major city, by Tatooine standards, Anchorhead was a major source of supplies for the settlers and moisture farmers on the planet. Luke Skywalker and his friends often gathered there, at Tosche Station. Located on the Great Chott, Anchorhead's average population was about 700 beings, and it was located several hundred kilometers southwest of Mos Eisley. During the height of the New Order, Anchorhead was the only one of the original settlements established on Tatooine to continue to exist. It was originally founded some 4,200 years before the Battle of Yavin, and was re-established during the second wave of colonization, some 4,100 years later. (SW, GG7, SOT, TG)

Anchorhead Volunteers
this was a collection of small businesses, based in the city of Anchorhead on Tatooine, which performed search and rescue operations in the desert. They were particularly busy after sandwhirls and other sudden storms, when travelers were lost of badly hurt. In operation during the height of the New Order and during the early years of the New Republic, Anchorhead Volunteers was actually a front for Alliance supporters who were smuggling agents and supplies beneath Imperial patrols. (TG)

this planet, located in the Corellian Sector, was supposedly the site of Garm Bel Iblis' death during the height of the New Order. Later, Talon Karrde established a listening post on the planet. (DFR, TLC)

Ancient and Honorable Union of the Tion Hegemony
this was the full name of the Tion Hegemony. (ML)

Ancient Corellian
this was one of the oldest forms of the Corellian language. (PH)

Ancient Order of the Pessimists
this cult grew quietly on the volcanic world of Maryx Minor. The Order always believed that the worst would happen, regardless of the situation. They were forced to hide Abal Karda, during the fugitive's flight from the Empire. Karda killed at least one of the brothers, Mabob, believing the young man was spying on him when Mabob was simply bringing his meal. He killed another brother during Mabob's funeral, claiming their chants were too loud. The Order was then dismayed to learn that both Boba Fett and Darth Vader were tracking Karda, and they believed that their end was near. However, Fett and Vader fought to a standstill and left the planet, and their struggle only killed four of the Order's brothers. The leader of the Order declared that this was an omen, which meant that they needed to start looking for the worst in every situation. He declared that the order should begin looking toward the brighter side of any situation. Several of the Order's older members declared this a heresy, and they were proved correct. Vader felt that the Order had witnessed too much, and ordered their destruction. Several turbolaser barrages from Vader's Star Destroyer leveled their hermitage and destroyed the Order. (EOE)

Ancient Order of the Whills
this was an ancient order of Force-sensitive beings, who supposedly died out generations before the birth of the Old Republic. It was believed that the shamans of the Whills could attain a unity with the Force that transcended death, allowing the shamans to influence the living world from beyond the grave. The ability could only be attained for oneself, and only through great compassion. Qui-Gon Jinn managed to discover the technique, and his spirit returned from dead years later to transfer the knowledge to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. (IS3, LJ1)

Ancient Quarter
this was the oldest section of the city of Otoh Gunga, on the planet Naboo. It was relatively uninhabited. (IWE1)

Ancient Republic
a song written and played by the band Deeply Religious. It was first released as part of the compilation Emperor of Air and Darkness, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Ancient Tokens of Legendary Ewok Heroes
eight sacred artifacts from Ewok history, they have been handed down from priest to shaman to priest over the generations. Most recently, they were in the possession of Logray. The tokens are the White Wings of Hope, the Red Wings of Courage, the Blue Wings of Strength, the Candle of Pure Light, a magic walking stick, the Sook rock, a magic crystal, and an ivory tooth. The tokens are bestowed upon the members of a great undertaking, as was the case when Deej and his sons escorted the Towani children on a mission to rescue their parents from the Gorax. The crystal was carried by Deej until it was obvious that it belonged to Kaink, the Ewok priestess, who used it to divine the intent of the mission and to influence the animals of Endor. The walking stick was given to Wicket, for it allowed the gullible little Ewok to see through the false surface of the magic pool, and aided him in rescuing Mace from the pool's depths. The ivory tooth was part of an ancient jawbone which was possessed by Chukha-Trok, who joined the mission after befriending Mace. (EA)

Ancient Words
this was a form of epic poetry practiced by the Sekct. The Ancient Words took many hours to recite in their entirety, as the native language of the Sekct was very complex. (POM)

this was another name for the Pau'an race, referring to their long lifespans. (E3N)

Ancum, Jioie
this woman, a supporter of the Alliance, was a native of the planet Tuttin IV. Jioie was trained in her youth as a classical musician, and had soprano voice which brought many an audience to tears. She and her husband, Tendis, had a son named Ryley, who they were forced to leave behind when the Empire took control of Tuttin IV. In order to provide a cover for their duties with the Alliance, they accepted a posting off-planet with the Empire, leaving Ryley in the care of Shran Etison. Tendis had taken a promotion to become the foreman of a factory offplanet, while Jioie went along as his assistant. Ryley, when he was old enough, began to hate his parents because he believed that they had abandoned him to take positions within the Empire. When she learned that Ryley had been feeding information to Keth Beamis, Jioie arranged to be on Beltrix III for his audition. Ryley was stunned to meet his mother there, but kept a straight face in order to maintain Jioie's cover. (GMR6)

Ancum, Ryley
this youth, a native of the planet Tuttin IV, was a member of the local Alliance cell during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Ry played the bass vye in the band called Far Cry, and used the bass line from his band's music to secretly transmit messages to Keth Beamis about Imperial shipping plans. Ryley had grown up supporting the Alliance after he was led to believe that his parents had abandoned him to take up positions within the Empire. Ryley himself was left in the care of Imperial Governor Shran Etison, so that he could remain on Tuttin IV and continue his education. When he learned what the Empire was doing behind its massive propaganda machine, Ryley' hatred for his parents only deepened. His hatred of the Empire hardened when Beamis was killed while being interrogated. However, Ryley was still under the protection of Governor Etison, and thought he was helpless to act. His patience paid off, though, when Etison arranged for Far Cry to act as "bait" in a trap to expose the Alliance cell on Beltrix III. Ryley agreed to continue auditioning for the Holstrum Talent Agency, so that Etison could catch the Alliance spies. Ryley, however, used his bassline coding system to send ahead a warning of Etison's plans. The cell was able to destroy or hide its records, and Etison's agents found nothing but a legitimate talent agency. While on Beltrix III, though, Ryley met with the Alliance agents running the local cell. The agents turned out to be none other than his musical teacher, Tet Tramys, and his own mother. Surprised, relieved, and excited all at once, Ryley maintained a calm demeanor and did nothing to expose his mother's cover. His faith in his parents, however, had been restored. (GMR6)

Ancum, Tendis
this man, a supporter of the Alliance, was a native of the planet Tuttin IV. He and his wife, Jioie, had a son named Ryley, who they were forced to leave behind when the Empire took control of Tuttin IV. In order to provide a cover for their duties with the Alliance, they accepted a posting off-planet with the Empire, leaving Ryley in the care of Shran Etison. Tendis had taken a promotion to become the foreman of a factory offplanet, while Jioie went along as his assistant. Ryley, when he was old enough, began to hate his parents because he believed that they had abandoned him to take positions within the Empire. (GMR6)

this woman, a native of the planet Onderon, was one of the early supporters of Vaklu's bid to take over Queen Talia and the leadership of Onderon, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. She was not afraid to hire mercenaries and other hired guns to remove members of the Royalists, if she felt that they were getting in the way of Vaklu's efforts. (KOTOR2)

Andal, Villis
this Imperial Moff controlled Elrood Sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Andal was the son of a noble, well-connected Atrisian family, and spent much of his youth perfecting such archaic skills as marksmanship with a Kiliean bolt gun and riding the loirbnigg of the planet Frisal. An excellent student, he earned admission to the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. In return for an undisclosed favor to an Imperial Senator - rumored to have been a large sum of credits and the destruction of any evidence of the bribe - Andal was promoted to Assistant to the Moff of Elrood Sector. When the Moff died in a routine space accident, Andal found himself promoted into his place. He found himself unable to contain the rising tide of piracy and rebellion which sprang up after the destruction of Alderaan, even with three Imperial-class Star Destroyers at his disposal. When the Brazen was destroyed by Alliance forces while in drydock at the Derilyn Space Defense Platform, Moff Andal was removed from his position and re-assigned. (PG3, OE)

this near-human race was characterized by small, pointed horns on their heads and symbiotic grafts which attach to their skin. (TT)

this planet was a member of the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. (VD3)

Andal's Dream
this was the personal space yacht of Imperial Moff Nillis Andal. (PG3)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Ando System. (PH)

Andar Suquand
this ancient Ithorian revolutionary was known for the subtle ways in which he affected social and political change. His actions became known as "casting sand in the gears of the machine", since they caused great damage and instituted great change over a period of time. (MJH)

this planet, largest and most influential world of the Andaran System, was also the seat of the system's government. A lush, green world with a temperate climate that allowed agriculture and industry to exist side-by-side, Andara was considered beautiful as well as wealthy. (JQ5)

a planet which was a haven for criminals and other underworld operatives. During the early years of the New Republic, the planet was under the control of Valis Lorn. Andasala was originally a mining settlement established by Gesenix Mining. Promising because of the wealth of natural resources available, Andasala became a booming world by virtue of its proximity to Svivren. Its location also brought into direct contact with the Galactic Civil War, as both the Empire and the Alliance fought battles for control of the space lanes around it. These battles continued well after the Battle of Yavin, until Valis Lorn arrived. He nationalized the planet through the use of his criminal henchmen, establishing a "safe" world for its natives. The average day on Andasala lasts 25 standard hours, and its year encompasses 370 local days. (GG11)

Andasala Achievement News
this was the primary news agency on the planet Andasala. (GG11)

this independent spacer ran a small shipping business from a base on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWRPG)

Andes, Murton
a member of the Empire's Intelligence corps. He was stationed for a while on Tatooine. He developed a series of contacts with Jabba the Hutt, although he was forced to break these off when he was transferred to the Al'Nasrl sector. (ISB)

this gas giant was the sith and outermost planet in the Caridan System. It was orbited by twenty moons. (PH)

Andi's Hill
this low bluff was located near the town of Currahen Crossroad, on the planet Garos IV. (SWJ2)

this star, located in the Mid Rim, was the central body of the Ando System. (PH)

this water-covered, Mid Rim world was the second and primary planet of the Ando system, and was the homeworld of the Aqualish race. It was orbited by a pair of moons. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the planet was tightly controlled by the Empire. Ando was the sight of one of Thrawn's feint attacks in preparation for his attack on Ukio; the attack was led by the Bellicose. Ninety-five percent of the planet was covered by water and there was very little solid land mass, and the Aqualish have adapted by living in sailing ships or on the small islands. The islands themselves were often nothing more that hummocks in a swampy ecosystem, and were shrouded with an acrid, steamy mist. There was at one time a sister planet to Ando, but the Aqualish wars left it barren and blasted soon after they discovered space travel. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Ando was one of the first planets which were "spared" in return for a live Jedi Knight. Unfortunately for Dorsk 82, he was killed by the Aqualish when he tried to protect the droids which worked on the planet. Ando eventually fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. (DFR, TLC, GG4, MA, EVC, PH, FH3)

Ando Demilitarization Observation Group
this group of Jedi Knights, acting on a request from the Galactic Senate, oversaw the elimination of weapons and arms among the various Aqualish factions and races on the planet Ando, many decades before the Clone Wars. (DFR)

Ando Overland
this was one of the most famous podraces of the Old Republic, rivalled only by the Boonta Eve Classic. Like the Ando Prime Centrum, the Ando Overland took place on the frozen world of Ando Prime. Like the Boonta, the Ando Overland was sponsored by the Hutts of the Desilijic clan. Because of this, both races were postponed indefinitely when Zorba the Hutt was arrested on Kip, due to the lack of funding being provided by the Hutts. (GMR2, HNN4)

Ando Prime
this cold, frozen world was the third planet in the Ando System, and the site of a podracing course that challenged racers with a variety of icy, nearly frictionless surfaces. The planet's primary inhabitants were the Bendu monks, who lived and worked in the Andobi Mountains. More modern settlements sprang up to the south of the mountains, and the villagers built a huge water pipeline and pump system to bring mountain spring water to their growing cities. The podraces that began here were originally staged to entertain the laborers who were building the pipelines, which took nearly a decade to complete. (RAC, PH)

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